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Appointed   Status   Description   Goals   Progress   Members
Date Appointed   Status Description
                            Delta Q vs. 50% Leak
    25-Mar-08    Complete

                            Ducts Inside

     1-Jul-08    Complete

                            Marginal Line Losses

     1-Jul-08    Complete

                            Small Compressed Air
    30-Nov-08    Complete

                            PTCS Subcommittee

                      Irrigation Hardware

7/7/2009   Complete
This study will compare the effectiveness and cost of the new Delta Q test with the
standard duct pressurization test. The purpose of the subcommittee is to determine
whether any organization is interested in expanding the sample size or otherwise
investing in the study.
Develop specifications for ducts inside in new construction. Have specs to review by
Aug RTF meeting.

Determine whether marginal line losses (I2R) should be accounted for differently than
average line losses.

Review the calculator in detail; make recommendation to RTF whether calculator
should be allowed in lieu of M&V

1. Quality Assurance: Refine the sampling requirements for quality assurance. Is 10%
2. Review PTCS Ducts Inside Spec: get consensus w/ EStar NW Technical Review
3. Update PTCS Duct Specifications (a. turn into a spec document rather than a
training manual, and b. incorporate updates to the spec)
4. Review HSPF requirement for commissioning/controls only measures
Review and update agriculture irrigation hardware measure savings assumptions
Progress                                     Members                                Lead
Met May 16, 2008 - funding from BPA and      Bobbi Wilhelm, Bruce Manclark,     Bruce
EWEB for more sites. Bruce needs to          Lauren Gage and Mark Johnson(BPA),
follow up.                                   Bob Lorenzen (EWEB), ETO

RTF approved specs at Aug 2008 meeting.      David Hales, Bruce Manclark, David     Adam
Group met July 31st, finalized draft spec.   Baylon, Brady Peeks, Adam Hadley,
Note: Group re-met Jan 29, 2009 to refine    Mike Lubliner, Bryan Boe, Vern Rice,
the specification (add allowance for some    Chuck Murray
ducts to be outside)

Group met Sept 3 - consensus to use factor Jim Lazar, Tom Eckman, Michael          Adam
of 2.                                      Schilmoeller, Jeff Harris, Adam Hadley,
Group met August 1st - no conclusion made Bob Fletcher, Kip Sikes, Gurvinder
                                           Singh, Pete Catching, David Gilman,
                                           Curtis Michael, Gary Russel

Presented at Jan 2009 meeting. Received   Jeff Brooks, Chris Helmers, Tom         Adam
approval. Subcommittee met 12/18/08.      Osborn, Paul Warila, Eric Brateng,
                                          Greg Kelleher, Joel Jackson, Al Fraser,
                                          Dave Baylon, Gary Johnson, Bill Welch,
                                          Adam Hadley
Presented at April 2009 meeting. Received Mark Johnson, Ottie Nabors, Bruce       Mark
approval for revised duct specifications. Manclark, Andres Morrison, Bob
Presented at March 2009 meeting.          Davis, David Hales, Gary Curtis, Jeff
Received approval for ducts inside spec   Harris, Mark Jerome, Bruce Cody,
revisions and PTCS Service Provider       Adam Hadley, David Baylon, (and
standards revisions.                      Energy Star Homes Technical Review
Presentated at May 2009 meeting: ARI      Committee)
requirement for Commissioning and
Controls measures approved.
1/27/10 update: Group's proposed savings        Dick Stroh, Tom Osborn, Quenten       Adam
method approved by the RTF. Group to            Nesbitt, Bruce Cody, Jim Williams,
review state-by-state savings once they're      Hallie Gallinger, Danielle Gidding,
developed (very soon).                          Adam Hadley, Ted Light, Brad Miller,
Jan 3 2010 update: Group met a few times        Mike Darrington, Dennis Merrick, Rick
in December. Will present to RTF in Jan.        Rumsey
Nov 2009 update: Group met in October
and November. We've discussed the
engineering calculations for the deemed
savings and are in the process of looking for
existing studies to correlate the inputs to.
The group plans meet one more time in
December in preparation for a proposal to
the RTF in January on approving deemed
Date Appointed   Status Description
                 Dormant Small Commercial HVAC
                         Incremental Cost Assessments -
    3/25/2008       ?

                           Commercial Best Practices
                           (formerly Commercial
    3/25/2008       ?
                           Incremental Cost Assessments)

                         M&V for CVR w/Large Ind.
    3/25/2008    Dormant Motors

                         New Commercial Buildings:
    3/25/2008    Dormant Prescriptive Retail

                           Food Service Measures
                           PTAC - Hotel Motel
                           Grocery Store Subcommittee
                           Vending Machines

                           Residential Lighting Time of Use
    1/6/2009     Dormant
                      End Use Load Data Research

3/25/3008   Dormant
How to quantify benefits of increased productivity from energy efficiency
measures (lighting in particular).
Deemed Calculation Methods
Kick off meeting end of May. Finished by December. Subcommittee to help
oversee the project??? (This project will be done by region, starting with PSE. It
was decided that there is not a lot of benefit to doing a larger regional study since
the contractors are regional and their pricing varies by region. The hope is for PSE
to lay the groundwork of study design, for others to follow.)

Subcommittee to help oversee the project???

Report to RTF: Is protocol reliable in industrial setting?

Have prescriptive path vetted by October 1, 2008

Get deemable numbers for calculators for food service and packaged refrigeration
and beverage equipment
Studying savings from PTAC Heat Pump Units

1. Refrigerator Gaskets, strip curtains, and autoclosers - Studying savings in a lab
Provide recommendation on refirbished equipment to RTF.

Develop statement of work, select contractor, oversee work
Finalize Budget and Scope by Nov meeting (incorporate NEEP requirements),
select a contractor, oversee contractor
dormant - lack of data

dormant - lack of data
PSE welcoming additional funders.
Scope of work put together, contract coming very soon (PSE and Summit

RFP will be sent soon

Meeting postponed to October to wait for data

Sub-subcommittee met 9/12/08: doesn't look c/e, but looking at lighting
savings and costs, DCV may be good retrofit measure. Presented
Ice-makers completed. Refrigerators/freezers awaiting cost data.

Waiting for data.

Results in - presented at Sept 2008 RTF meeting, gaskets and autocloser
savings approved at Nov 2008 RTF meeting
Phase 2 underway. Field-testing savings from refirbishment packages.

Upcoming meeting
Phase 1 work finished - report at Sept RTF mtg. Need to determine next
steps for Phase 2.
8/3/09 update: KEMA finalizing report. Plan to present at next RTF
7/5/09 update: Draft report and catalog are complete and out for
comment. Comments due back Fri July 10th.
6/1/09 update: Contractor progressing with prioritizing studies and
performing follow-up work with high priority studies.
4/6/09 update: Web survey results are in. Somewhat low participation.
Next steps are for contractor to define study characteristics and begin
defining usability metrics by doing in-depth interviews with users.
Subcommittee will continue oversight and help with metric
3/1/09 update: Contractor developing a web-based survey to find
1/4/08 update: RFP issued, closed, and contractor selected. Work to
start early January.
Presented SOW, budget, and scope to RTF 5/27/08 - approved.
Members                                               Lead

Bobbie Wilhelm, Debra Tachibana, Rich Arneson,        Bobbi
Eric Brateng, Jill Steiner, Gary Cullen, Mark
Jerome?, Jim Maunder?, Steiner, and Daniel

same group as residential                             Bobbi

Jim Williams, Ken Keating, Charlie Grist, Bob         Nelly
Fletcher, Dennis Bounds, Gill McCoy, Jeff Brooks
at ID.
Rich Arneson, Eric Brateng, John Jennings, Dave       Mira
Baylon, Charlie Grist, Mira Vowles

Chris Helmers, Steve Cofer, ETO, Puget, Ryan          Adam
Greg Stiles, Bruce Manclark, Reid Hart, Tim Steele,   Greg
Will Miller, Jack Callahan
Eric Brateng, Jack Callahan, Ken Keating, Ryan        Tim
Fedie, Tim Steele, Steve Cofer
Bruce Cody, Charlie Grist, Phil Degens, Eric          Charlie
Brateng, Jeremy Litow, Ken Keating, Spencer
Moersfelder, Tim Scanlon
David Baylon, Eric Brateng, Rich Arneson, Jim         Rich
Williams, Anu Teja, and Adam Hadley
Jim Lazar, Phil Degens, Rich Arneson, Ken Keating, Adam
Dannielle Gidding, Jim Williams, Jill Steiner, Bill
Hopkins (PSE), Pam Sporborg, Massoud Jourabchi,
Adam Hadley, Tom Eckman, Gillian Charles, David
Baylon, Jeff Cole, Jeff Harris, Reid Hart

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