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									Utah State Tax Commission

Clear form
TC-824 Rev. 6/93

Motor Vehicle Defective Title or Insufficient Evidence of Ownership Bond (Surety Bond)

Please be advised that the surety bond must be completed in its entirety, including a bond number, the name, principal's address, doing-business-as, etc. When a power of attorney form is used, it must be attached to the surety bond. Photo copies of the bond form will not be accepted. KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENT, that ___________________________________________________________________________________, of _________________________________, as Principal and ________________________________________________________, as Surety, are held and firmly bound unto the State of Utah and to the Utah State Tax Commission, for the purpose of indemnifying any person or persons who might subsequently establish legal ownership or interest to the vehicle hereinafter described, in the penal sum of _________________________________________________ Dollars ($________________), lawful money of the United States of America, being double the reasonable value of said vehicle, for which payment well and truly to be made and performed, they do hereby bind themselves jointly, severally, and firmly by these presents. Applicants Applying Where Motor Vehicle Has A Defective Title WHEREAS, ___________________________________________________, is the applicant for a transfer of motor vehicle title under the laws of the State of Utah for that certain motor vehicle being described as ____________, ______________________, _____________________, ____________________,
(Year) (Vehicle Identification Number VIN) (Make) (Model) (Body type)

_____________________________________, under which former certificate of title was issued, the same being State Title Number __________________, said transfer of title to be made in the name of __________________________________________, and the Principal and Surety herein are desirous of complying with the Regulation of the State Tax Commission of Utah relating to the posting of bond where it is impossible for applicant to furnish a certificate of title to any motor vehicle endorsed as provided by law. Applicants Applying Where Unable To Furnish Sufficient Evidence Of Ownership Of Motor Vehicle WHEREAS, the Principal herein has made application to the Utah State Tax Commission for the registration of and the issuance of a certificate of title for a ____________, ______________________, _____________________, _____________________, ______________________________________, and
(Year) (make) (Year) (Model) (Body type) Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

presently bearing ______________ License Number _________________ issued by the State of ___________________________________, and said Principal has not been able to furnish a prior certificate of title nor evidence of the ownership of said motor vehicle sufficiently to clearly establish his right and title thereto, not clear evidence as to the existence of any lien or encumbrance thereon. NOW THEREFORE, the condition of this obligation is such that if the Principal named herein shall well and truly pay and indemnify any person, firm or corporation who may subsequently establish legal ownership or interest to the aforesaid motor vehicle at the time of transfer of title certificate, as aforesaid, in full (but not to exceed the principal amount hereof) for all damages actually sustained or suffered by reason of the issuance of the aforesaid title certificate, then this obligation shall be void, otherwise the same shall be and remain in full force and effect for a period ending seven years from date hereof. BE IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Principal and said Surety have hereunto caused this instrument to be executed at ______________________________, this ___________day of __________________, 20______.

By (Surety Seal) By


Bonding Company's Bond Number: ______________
Local agent's name

Agent's address

Affidavit of Qualification For Surety Companies STATE OF _________________) County of __________________) _____________________________________________, being first duly sworn, on oath deposes and says that he is the ___________________________
(Officer or Agent)

of said company, and that he is duly authorized to execute and deliver the foregoing obligations; that said company is authorized to execute the same and has complied in all respects with the laws of Utah in reference to becoming sole surety upon bonds, undertakings and obligations.

(Notary Stamp)

(Signature of officer or agent)


(Surety Seal)

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