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at Staffordshire University 2010/11

     One of the major decisions you will need to make about your life
     as a student at Staffordshire University is where you want to live.

     Whether you decide that a Hall of Residence, flat, bedsit or shared house is
     the right choice for you, both Stoke and Stafford offer a wide range of options
     in all of these categories.

     Finding somewhere to live can be a daunting prospect without the correct
     information. This brochure aims to give you a starting point.

     This brochure details the accommodation provided by the University and how
     we can help you find safe and secure accommodation in the private sector.

     The staff in the University’s Accommodation Offices will be happy to assist you
     with your enquiries about our Halls of Residence and the private rented sector.

    halls of
    On campus                                                        Off campus
    First year students and some postgraduate students live          Liberty Court is operated by Liberty Living plc. All rooms are
    on campus at Stoke. The Leek Road campus offers en-suite         en-suite and have internet and telephone facilities. Liberty
    accommodation and two types of standard accommodation;           Court is a five minute walk from the College Road campus.
    traditional corridor based Halls of Residence and student
    houses.                                                          Caledonia Court has 82 bedrooms with shared facilities and
                                                                     is a 10 minute walk from the College Road Campus. This
    Just across the River Trent, opposite the Leek Road campus,      accommodation is equipped with both Keycom and ResNet
    there is en-suite accommodation at Clarice Cliff Court.          facilities.
    Here, everyone has their own shower and WC. Kitchen
    facilities are shared in flats 4 – 7.

    There are 519 single study bedrooms and 34 shared rooms
    on the main campus in Leek Road Halls, where students
    share kitchen and bathroom facilities in flats of 12-14

    There are another 191 single study bedrooms in Leek Road
    Houses where six students share kitchen and bathroom

    All on campus study bedrooms are equipped with a room
    telephone on the Keycom network and internet access via
    the University’s residential network ResNet. (For full details
    see page 8).

                                                                                                         Leek Road
                                                                                                         Halls and Houses

On campus
Stafford Court has 264 en-suite single study bedrooms and 290
single study bedrooms with shared facilities. Grouped in flats
of between three and seven study bedrooms, sharing catering
facilities, the accommodation includes 19 specially adapted
rooms for disabled students.

Another 51 single study bedrooms are provided in Yarlet,
a traditional Hall of Residence on three floors, each
accommodating 17 residents who share a kitchen, dining room
and four shower rooms. Each room is fitted with a Keycom
telephone and ResNet access port (see page 8).

In addition, the Aston Common Room has a communal social
space and the opportunity to arrange more formal social events
through the Hall Committee.

Off campus

At Beaconside Village, 54 semi-detached houses arranged
around an attractive green provide 161 good sized bedrooms
just 1km from the teaching campus.

These properties do not have Keycom or ResNet facilities at the
time of printing.

    How to apply                                                         and agree your specific accommodation needs.
                                                                         Disability Services - t: 01782 294973
    You have to fulfil three basic requirements to qualify for
    consideration for University managed accommodation.                  In some circumstances, the eligibility criteria described
                                                                         above can be waived but it must be noted that accessible
    ONE: Staffordshire University must be your first firm choice         accommodation is limited in its availability due to the large
    University.                                                          number of disabled students we cater for.

    TWO: You must be applying for your first year of study at            Information for Care Leavers
                                                                         As a care leaver, if you apply for accommodation, we will
    THREE: Your Accommodation Application Form must be                   provide you with university managed accommodation for the
    received by the Accommodation Office on or before                    duration of the period you remain enrolled at the university
    30 June 2010. It’s wise to return the enclosed                       including holidays. The named contact for care leavers within
    acknowledgement card so that we can confirm receipt of your          Staffordshire University is Elsa Heffernan, Employability and
    accommodation application.                                           Student support.
                                                                         t: 01782 294517
    If all three of these requirements are satisfied, your application
    will be successful. But don’t worry if you don’t satisfy one or      Information for international students
    more - You should apply anyway. There is a strong likelihood
    you’ll be successful.                                                As an international student, you are guaranteed a place in
                                                                         University-managed accommodation provided that you have
    What happens?                                                        returned a completed Accommodation Application Form to
                                                                         the Accommodation Office on or before 1 September 2010.
    Your accommodation application will not be processed until           You must also have received and accepted, on or before 1
    you have firmly accepted an unconditional offer of a place at        September 2010, an unconditional offer of a place on a full-
    the University in writing to the Admissions Office. For most         time course of study (lasting for one academic year or more)
    of you this will be after your examination results have been         and this year must be your first year of study at Staffordshire
    published in July or August.                                         University.

    The Accommodation Office will allocate accommodation on a            An offer of accommodation will then be made to you which,
    strictly first come, first served basis and will attempt to match    upon receipt, you must accept or decline in writing, by email
    your preferences to accommodation available at that time.            or by fax. You must also notify us of your intended arrival
    Then we’ll send you a letter outlining our offer.                    date.

    Once an offer of accommodation has been made to you, you             A small number of international students require
    will have to return your confirmation of acceptance within           accommodation for just one semester. The Accommodation
    seven days. The offer of accommodation will be withdrawn             Office will attempt to accommodate such students and will
    and allocated to another student if we have not received your        liaise closely with your course tutors.
    confirmation within that seven day period.
                                                                         The University does not have accommodation for married
    What about special accommodation                                     couples and families, so if you intend to bring your family, you
    requirements?                                                        are advised to travel alone and arrive at the University one to
                                                                         two weeks before the start of your course. This will give you
    If you are a student who has a physical disability, a sensory        time to look for a house or flat in the private sector.
    impairment or a medical condition, which you think might             As previously mentioned, the Accommodation Office has lists
    affect your accommodation needs, you must, in the first              of property available to rent in the private sector, although
    instance, contact the Head of Disability Services to assess          most are for single students, but you can look in local papers
                                                                         and visit estate agents and letting agents.

How do our accommodation fees compare?                                      Catering meals package
In short...extremely favourably. Many of our fees for next year will        A meal package is available for the first term. Please contact
be lower than this year’s averages shown below.                             the catering department for details on 01782 292730.

According to the 2009 annual survey of the College and
University Business Officers (CUBO) the national average for en
suite licence fees in 2008/09 was £3,347.50 for the academic year
and for standard accommodation £2,938.79.

In 2009/10 Staffordshire University’s accommodation fees are
£3,240 for en suite and £2,448 for standard and appear in the
lower quartile, nationally.

Regionally, we compare just as well. In the North West of
England fees for en suite rooms average around £3,347 and in
the West Midlands £3,590.

Fees for standard accommodation in the North West average
£2,783, whilst in the West Midlands, fees average £2,842.

To make budgeting easier for you we have shown our licence fee
both weekly and as a total for the academic year over 36 weeks.

licence fees 2010/11
Halls of Residence                   No.of        On          En-      Shared       Single    Twin            Weekly           Annual
                                    Rooms      Campus        suite     facilities   rooms    rooms        Licence Fee       Licence Fee

                                                                                                       Twin      Single     Twin   Single


Clarice Cliff Court                   297          Y           Y          N           Y         N                £95.00            £3420

Leek Road Halls                       528          Y          N            Y          Y         N                £70.00            £2520

Leek Road Houses                      190          Y          N            Y          Y         N                £70.00            £2520

Liberty Court                         100         N            Y          N           Y         N                £99.00            £3,564

Caledonia Court                       82          N           N            Y          Y         N                £55.00            £1,980


Stafford Court                        264          Y           Y          N           Y         N                £95.00            £3420

Stafford Court                        290          Y          N            Y          Y         N                £70.00            £2520

Yarlet                                 51          Y          N            Y          Y         N                £68.00            £2448

Beaconside Village                    162         N           N            Y          Y         Y      £44.00   £60.00 or   £1584 £2160 or
                                                                                                                 £65.00            £2340

    When do you pay?                                                        Accommodation Starter Pack
    University Financial Services can offer students, parents or any        Each resident receives a complimentary Accommodation
    third party two payment options:                                        Starter Pack. This will be in your room when you arrive.
    •	 Pay	the	full	amount	by	19	September	2010	and	benefit	
        from a 5% discount. Students who will be joining us for             The pack contains: duvet, pillow, duvet cover, pillow case,
        the January 2011 intake will need to pay the full amount by         one sheet (all of which comply with current fire regulations),
        7 January 2011.                                                     bath towel, hand towel, drinking glass, chopping board,
    •	 Pay	by	Direct	Debit	in	three	termly	instalments.	This	               microwaveable oven dish, slotted spoon, vegetable knife,
        option requires a UK bank account, or in certain cases a            teaspoon, knife, fork, spoon, plate, side plate, bowl, mug,
        building society account.                                           frying pan, saucepan, washing up liquid, scouring pad, dish
                                                                            cloth, tea towel, washing powder and, of course, a tin-opener
    Students who are applying for courses that have a duration              and corkscrew.
    of less than 2 semesters will have separate payment options.
    More information will be detailed in your accommodation                 Keycom telephone network
    offer letter.
                                                                            The majority of rooms in Halls of Residence are fitted with
    What do you get for your money?                                         a telephone connected to the Keycom network. Residents
                                                                            must register with Keycom to activate their handset and can
    All accommodation is offered for the full academic year and             subscribe to the service if they wish to make external calls.
    you will be expected to sign a licence agreement for this               Registration and internal calls are free.
    period on collection of your keys. Our rooms are costed on
    the basis of a 36 week occupancy: it is therefore not possible          ResNet access
    to reduce minimum lengths of stay in accordance with each
    individual’s circumstances. However, specific contracts for             Access to the internet is available from most study bedrooms
    postgraduate students and students on single semester                   in Halls of Residence. This service is included in the
    courses are available. All on campus rooms have access points           accommodation licence fee. Registration can be arranged with
    for telephones and internet.                                            IT Services after your arrival, subject to availability.

    All the licence fees are fully inclusive of utility bills eg heating,
    lighting etc. However, charges for calls made from room
    telephones are not included.


    Personal Possessions Insurance up to £3,500 is included in the
    licence fee. Details of cover will be available when you arrive.

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If you prefer to live in private sector accommodation, the Accommodation
Office has contacts with a network of private sector landlords, who can provide
you with a house, or a room in a shared house, in which to live for the year.

The University operates a Registration Scheme in conjunction with Stoke-on-Trent City
Council and Stafford Borough Council for private sector landlords, which tries to ensure that
landlords comply with certain legal standards and other requirements deemed necessary by
the University by specifying certain information and minimum standards are provided. The
Registration Scheme offers landlords an advisory handbook but, the issuing of the handbook
or membership of the Scheme, should not be treated by a student as a guarantee of the

Only properties registered with the University are advertised to students by the University
through the Landlord Register and we strongly recommend that you only view properties on
this list. The list is updated regularly and can be obtained from the Accommodation Office.
If you request it, a copy of the list can be posted or faxed to you. Alternatively, you can
search the database online at

Accommodation advertised by the University includes shared student houses or flats and
rooms in an owner’s own home which can be either self-catered or catered. If you require
accommodation for you and your family, the University has contacts with local Housing
Associations and other landlords who can provide more suitable accommodation.

Whatever form of accommodation you take up, the University is not able to guarantee, and
has no control over the actual condition of any private sector accommodation. You should
therefore, inspect the property carefully before signing up to a contract because if there are
any problems you will need to take these up with the landlord in the first instance, and not
with the University.

Contact details are given at the back of this booklet.

Average rents change over time but for a registered shared house for three to four students
the average weekly rent in July 2009 was £45.00 per person in Stoke and £51.00 per person
in Stafford. This does not include gas and electric bills, although landlords will often pay the
water rates for the property. Under current laws, student houses are exempt from paying
Council Tax.

Tenancies are usually let on a 52-week contract and landlords may also ask for a retainer over
the summer, typically half rent, which is often not returnable, and a damage deposit which is
returnable. You can often negotiate different levels of deposit etc with the landlord.

Most landlords want to provide good quality accommodation to students who respect their
property. Should you experience any problems with your property, report them to your
landlord, in writing if practicable, as soon as possible.

If you require further assistance the University and the Students’ Union Advice and
Information Service may be able to help you. You should bear in mind, however, that the
Registration Scheme is only intended to assist students in finding suitable accommodation.
Whilst the University will do what it can to assist students, it is not liable for the condition of
private sector accommodation and students should always talk to their landlord first.

Useful contact numbers

Stoke                                      Stafford
Accommodation Office                       Accommodation Office
Staffordshire University                   Staffordshire University
College Road                               Beaconside
Stoke-on-Trent                             Stafford
Staffordshire                              Staffordshire
ST4 2DE                                    ST18 0AD
t: 01782 294217/8/9                        t: 01785 353592/353563
f: 01782 294220                            f: 01785 353407
e:        e:

Citizens Advice Bureau                     Citizens Advice Bureau
13 Cheapside                               131 North Walls
Hanley                                     Stafford
Stoke-on-Trent                             Staffordshire
t: 01782 219427                            t: 01785 258673

Stoke-on-Trent City Council                Stafford Borough Council
Civic Offices                              Civic Offices
Glebe Street                               Riverside
Stoke-on-Trent                             Stafford
Staffordshire                              Staffordshire
ST4 1RJ                                    ST16 3AQ
t: 01782 234567                            t: 01785 619000

Staffordshire University Students’ Union   Staffordshire University Students’ Union
College Road                               Beaconside
Stoke-on-Trent                             Stafford
ST4 2DE                                    ST18 0AD
t: 01782 294629                            t: 01785 353311

Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Centre         Beaconside Sports Centre
Staffordshire University                   Staffordshire University
Leek Road                                  Weston Road
Stoke-on-Trent                             Stafford
Staffordshire                              ST18 0AD
ST4 2DF                                    t: 01785 353286
t: 01782 294124                            f: 01785 353569
f: 01782 294924
                                                                                      M2303 RAL 2.10

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