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					                         Department of Community and
                         Family Medicine Newsletter
AUGUST 24, 2006                                                                               VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3

The Department of Community and Family Medicine is a diverse collection of patient care, education and
research programs focused on the common goal of improving the health of people in their communities.
Through this newsletter, we hope to celebrate our diversity by sharing the accomplishments, innovations
and goals of the faculty and staff of CFM.

Learning Together: Promoting Health in Durham and Beyond!
                                              On April 8th, 2006, from 10am until 2pm, the Division of
                                              Community Health’s Learning Together program participated in
                                              Orange County School’s 1st annual system-wide health fair. The
                                              health fair was located at Cedar Ridge High School in
                                              Hillsborough, North Carolina. It was a great opportunity for the
                                              entire family to learn about various aspects of health and
                                              fitness. Among the festivities at the health fair were free
                                              healthy snacks, massage therapy, yoga, body mass index
                                              indicators, and stress reduction education. Tia Simmons, MPH,
                                              and Kim Nichols, MA, who coordinate the Learning Together,
                                              collaborated with faculty from the Division of Family Medicine,
                                              Dr. Maggie Gradison and Dr. Tanika Day, to recruit learners and
supervise the development of a nutrition education booth. Learners who participated included Hope Mitchell,
a 1st year Family Medicine Resident, Ayanna James, a 1st year Physician Assistant student, and Christine
Jolley, a Master of Public Policy student and Division of Community Health intern. The activities presented
by the learners included calorie education in the form of a game, computer technology that showed parents
and teens how to make healthier food choices, and bags of healthy snacks and prizes for the kids. Age-
specific handouts on nutrition, and information that showed ways that families can incorporate healthier
eating were also available.

Learning Together is a program that provides community health service opportunities for health professional
learners. Learning Together provides training, supervision, and resources for Duke learners who are
interested in developing and participating in community-based opportunities in the greater Durham area,
and beyond, to promote healthier lives and communities. For more information about the Learning Together
program and available opportunities, please contact Learning Together at (919) 681-8365 or go to

Do You Know of Any Learners Who Want to Know More about Community
Health? Have No Fear… the Community Health Interest Group is Here!
There is now an interest group for health professional students who wish to convene and share ideas about
health promotion and disease prevention as they relate to communities – CHIG! During its inaugural year,
CHIG held 4 sessions including shared sessions with FMIG (Family Medicine Interest Group) and PIG
(Pediatric Interest Group). On April 18th, 2006, CHIG members gathered in the community at the Lyon Park
Community Family Life and Recreation Center to speak directly with the clinicians who provide care to the
community. Katie Granda, PA, George Kroner, PA-C, and Rakhee Pelakar, MD, took time to speak with
medical students and PA students about their roles in their respective clinical settings, what types of skills
they employ while working with diverse populations, and to give an overview of a “typical” day in their work.
Dr. Tanika Day, CHIG’s sponsoring faculty member, also added her insight about the population and clinical
issues at Southern High School Wellness Center, where she is the supervising physician. CHIG is primarily
composed of medical students, but open to all health professional students interested in community health.
CHIG welcomes new members, and you can find out more about CHIG by contacting Kim Nichols, Program
Coordinator, at (919) 681-8365.

Devdutta Sangvai, MD, MBA, Elected to American Medical Association Position
                     Devdutta Sangvai, MD, MBA, Medical Director of Duke Student Health, was elected
                     Member-at-Large of the American Medical Association Young Physicians Section (AMA-
                     YPS) at the AMA’s annual meeting in Chicago in June.

                    Representing a quarter of all practicing physicians, the AMA-YPS focuses on the
                    concerns of those physicians under 40 years of age or within the first eight (8) years of
practice. The AMA-YPS’ major goal is to strengthen the value of AMA young physician membership by (1)
enhancing young physician practice of medicine, (2) facilitating the participation of young physicians in
policy development, and (3) promoting young physician leadership throughout organized medicine. The
Member-at-Large assumes primary responsibility for service-oriented issues of the AMA-YPS.

HIV and AIDS in the Deep South
Kathryn Whetten, PhD, MPH, Jane Leserman, PhD, Kristin Lowe, BS, Dalene Stangl, PhD, Nathan
Thielman, MD, PHD, Marvin Swartz, MD, Laura Hanisch, PsyD, and Lynn Van Scoyocet, BA,
published the following article in the June 2006 issue of the American Journal of Public Health; “Prevalence
of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Physical Trauma in an HIV-Positive Sample from the Deep South”. The writers examined the prevalence and predictors of
trauma among HIV-infected persons in the Deep South using data from the Coping with HIV/AIDS in the
Southeast (CHASE) study.

Please Welcome Our Newest Team Members:
Kensaku Kawamoto, PhD, Assistant Professor, Track V, Clinical Informatics
Kristen Kucera, PhD, Assistant Professor, Track V, Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, MD, Assistant Professor, Track IV, Family Medicine
Douglas Myers, PhD, Assistant Professor, Track V, Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Annamarie Streilein, MHS, PA-C, Clinical Associate, Physician Assistant
Harry Stafford, MD, Clinical Associate, Family Medicine
Gloria M. Trujillo, MD, Clinical Associate, Family Medicine
Karen Alley, Accounting Specialist, Physician Assistant
Wendy Elwell, MSOM, Staff Specialist, Physician Assistant
Cleoanne Estera, NP, Physician Extender, Student Health
Diane Gifford, Research Analyst, CFM Research
Claudia Graham, Project Coordinator, Community Health
Kacey Hanson, Project Coordinator, Community Health
Phyllis McClain, Clinic Interviewer, Student Health
Melissa Micol, NP, Nurse Practitioner, E. K. Powe Elementary
Precious Nazario, Administrative Secretary, Physician Assistant
Margaret Pendzich, Research Analyst, CFM Research
Christina Steward, Clinic Service Coordinator, Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Steve Taxman, PA-C, Physician Extender, Student Health

New Grant Awards

Kathryn Pollak, PhD, Prevention Research
“Obesity as a Barrier to Patient-Physician Communication”, National Institutes of Health, $1,160,831, 36

“Race Effects in Oncologists’ End-of-Life Communication”, National Institutes of Health, $154,000, 24

Joellen Schildkraut, PhD, Prevention Research
“Meningioma: Risk Factors and Quality of Life”, National Institutes of Health, $1,300,717, 60 months.

Susan Yaggy, MPH, Community Health
“COPD Disease Management Program”, NC Foundation for Advanced Health Programs, Inc., $30,500, 24


New MC Engineering and Operations Online Web Request-3232 Trouble Calls

MC Engineering and Operations launched its online trouble call system, 3232 Web Request, on Monday,
August 14, 2006 at 7:30 AM. Anyone who has access to Internet Explorer will be able to enter their
corrective maintenance calls from their desktops. Those who do not have access to the internet will still be
able to call 684-3232.

If you are reporting an urgent maintenance situation, i.e., water leaking, power outage, elevator failure or
any other situation requiring an immediate response, please call 684-3232 to report the situation. If it is a
general request, it can be handled through Web Request.

Complete Web Request instructions can be found by going to the Engineering and Operations website at and clicking on E&O 3232 Maintenance Requests in the bottom left-hand corner
of the main webpage.

Other News: Do you have items you would like included in the next newsletter? Please send them to Rob
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