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									12 Stocking Stuffers
Author: Beverly Barton
Author: Heather Graham Pozzessere
Author: Catherine Spencer
Author: Diana Hamilton
Author: Maggie Shayne
Author: Anne Stuart

Get out the mistletoe! Twelve days of Christmas…twelve stories filled with the magic of holiday
romance…perfect reading for a snowy winter’s day. Bundle includes Faith, Hope and Love, The
Christmas Bride, Christmas Passions, A Seasonal Secret, Return of the Light, Star Light, Star Bright,
Naughty or Nice?, Christmas Fantasy, A Christmas Marriage Ultimatum, A Prince for Christmas, The
Millionaire’s Christmas Wish and Merry Christmas, Baby
Author Bio
Beverly Barton
A born romantic, Beverly fell in love with The Beauty and the Beast epic at an early age, when her
grandfather bought her an illustrated copy of the famous fairy tale. Even before she learned to read and
write, Beverly’s vivid imagination created magical words and fabulous characters inside her mind. Movies
fascinated Beverly, and by the time she was seven she was rewriting the movies she saw on television
and at the local theater to give them all happy endings. By the age of nine she’d penned her first novel.
She wrote short stories, TV scripts, poetry, and novels throughout high school and into college. After her
marriage to the "love of her life" and the births of her two children, Beverly continued to be a
voracious reader and a devoted moviegoer, but she put her writing aspirations on hold until her children
were teenagers. In her mid-30s, she returned to her former passion   writing  as a hobby, but before 40,
she decided that she wanted to make writing a full-time career.Beverly believes she has had it all, just not
all at the same time. She devoted herself to her husband and children and considers herself one of the
many selfless "supermoms" who put their family’s needs first. At every age of their lives, from
infancy to adulthood, Beverly’s children have been a true joy to her. And when Beverly rediscovered an old
dream   of becoming a published writer  no one was more supportive of her aspirations than her family.
Her children are her greatest cheerleaders and her husband is her biggest supporter. After writing over 40
books and receiving numerous awards and nominations, as well as having books on the USA Today list
and consistently on the Waldenbooks bestseller list, Beverly’s career is indeed a dream come
true.Having a fantastic family and fabulous friends, as well as making a living doing the one thing she has
loved doing since childhood, Beverly considers herself truly blessed.Readers may contact Beverly by
writing to her at:

Heather Graham Pozzessere
Heather grew up in Dade County, Florida, and attended the University of South Florida at Tampa,
majoring in theater arts and touring Europe and parts of Asia and Africa as part of her studies. After
college, she acted in dinner theaters, modeled, waitressed, and tended bar. After the birth of her third
child, she was determined to devote her efforts to her writing: her dream. She sold her first book in 1982.
Today, this author's success is reflected not just by reader response and the over 20 million copies of her
books in print, but in many other ways. In addition to being a New York Times bestselling author, Heather
has received numerous awards for her novels, including over 20 trade awards from magazines such as
Romantic Times and Affaire de Coeur, bestseller awards from B. Dalton, Waldenbooks, and BookRak,
and several Reviewers' Choice and People's Choice awards. Heather has appeared on Entertainment
Tonight, Romantically Speaking, a TV talk show that aired nationwide on the Romance Classics cable
channel, and CBS Sunday News. She has been quoted in People and USA Today, been profiled in The
Nation, and featured in Good Housekeeping. Her books have been selections for the Doubleday Book
Club and the Literary Guild. She has been published across the world in more than 15 languages and has
published over 70 titles, including anthologies and short stories. Somehow, this prolific author manages
to juggle it all -- family, career, and marriage -- while reaching a level of success to which few can aspire.

Catherine Spencer
Catherine Spencer fell into writing by happy accident. Approaching menopause and ready for a change of
career while she could still walk and chew gum at the same time, she eavesdropped on a conversation
about writing for Harlequin and decided this was too good a challenge to pass up.With the blithe
ignorance of a non-swimmer leaping into a shark-infested pool, she resigned from her job as a high
school English teacher and fired off her first submission to Harlequin Mills & Boon's editorial staff.
Although her first two submissions were rejected, the third effort made the grade.Since then, she's sold
over 25 books; 24 of them to Harlequin and most of them selected for the Presents Line. The Loving
Touch, her third novel, was a short contemporary finalist for the Romance Writers' of America's
prestigious RITA Award.Her March '99 release, Dante's Twins, was the number one Presents' seller in
North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Her books have been translated into
more than 17 languages and distributed in nearly 30 foreign markets.In between deadlines, she has
taught courses on writing series romance at both the college and continuing education level, as well as
presenting workshops at the RWA's national conference in St. Louis and New York, to various affiliated
chapters throughout the Pacific Northwest, and at the Surrey Writers' Conference in British Columbia.
With friend and fellow writer Judith Bowen, she is a co-sponsor of the biennial Singletree Workshop, an
acclaimed weekend retreat for romance writers drawing participants from all over North America.In May
1997, Catherine was one of the two British Columbia authors invited to represent Harlequin for the gala
opening of Chapters' flagship bookstore in Calgary, Alberta. The following month, she flew to Long Island,
New York, the only Canadian among a lineup of 20 well-known Harlequin writers, to take part in the
television series special, Harlequin Goes Prime Time. In 1999, she represent
Diana Hamilton
Diana Hamilton was born in a town. Wanting to be a country child, her imagination came into play at an
early age, transforming a neighbor s tree into a forest, a hole in a stone wall into a gingerbread house, a
gas puddle into a fairyland, complete with mountains, lakes, and flower meadows. She loathed
housework but made to do her share, to lessen the boredom, she told herself stories, in a very loud voice,
featuring princesses and flower gardens, discovering that telling herself stories was almost as good as
reading them in a book.She loathed school with an equal passion and got through it by pretending to be
somewhere else. Even so she left grammar school with respectable grades. And was sent to art college
when she wanted to study to be a vet. This was nowhere as bad as it had seemed because it was there,
at age 18, she first saw Peter. He had returned from two years active service in Korea to resume his
studies, and Diana immediately fell in love with him.Gaining a degree in Advertising Copywriting, Diana
worked as a copywriter and married Peter. They moved to a remote part of Wales after the birth of their
second child, Paul, when their daughter, Rebecca, was three years old. There, Diana enjoyed pony
trekking and walking in the mountains; and her third child, Andrew, was born.Itchy feet brought them
back to England to the beautiful county of Shropshire four years later and they have been there ever
since, gradually restoring the rambling Elizabethan manor that Diana gave her heart to on sight, creating
a garden out of a wilderness of nettles, brambles, and old bedsteads.In the mid-70s Diana took up her
pen again to write stories to read to her three children at bedtime. These were never offered for publication
but the bug had bitten. Over the next 10 years she combined writing over 30 novels, published by Robert
Hale of London, with bringing up her children, gardening, and cooking for the restaurant of a local inn-- a
wonderful excuse to avoid the dreaded hou

Maggie Shayne
Maggie Shayne began her writing career in kindergarten, when she painstakingly copied The Brementown
Musicians onto construction paper in full Crayola color, complete with illustrations of her own design, and
presented it proudly to her teacher. Of course this was not an exact copy. She had tweaked the story a
bit, improving it greatly, in her five-year-old opinion.By third grade her tastes had matured. At story hour,
when it was her turn to choose the book from which the teacher would read, Maggie picked Poe's The
Tell-Tale Heart, which she proceeded to recite from memory as the teacher began reading. Far from being
suitably impressed, Maggie recalls her teacher seemed to pale a bit, and looked at her oddly from then
on.Her fondness for the macabre stayed with her, as did her penchant for rewriting her favorite stories. As
a teen, while watching her beloved Universal Pictures Monster Classics over and over, she became more
and more certain someone had to fix the endings.It was so obvious that Dracula, the Wolfman, and the
dusty Mummy had been cheated! These were not horror flicks, in her teenage opinion. They were
romances.They portrayed a love that went beyond life itself. But the endings were all wrong. Anyone
could see the monster was supposed to get the girl!Well, one marriage and five daughters later, Maggie
has made it her mission in life to see to it that old wrongs are set right.Her stories range from down-home
westerns (Texas Brand miniseries, Silhouette Books) to glitz (Million Dollar Marriage, 8/99) to modern-
day fairy tales (her Avon contemporary titles).But her best love is the genre known as paranormal
romance. And Maggie writes these like no other author. No one else writing today manages to combine
the hearts of two such diverse genres as romance and horror, while still thrilling both segments of the
readership with the stunning results.Shamelessly romantic, breathtakingly emotional, chilling in their
suspense, with edge-of-the-seat tension, her sto

Anne Stuart
Anne Stuart loves Japanese rock and roll, wearable art, Spike, her two kids, Clairefontaine paper, her
springer spaniel Rosie, her delicious husband of over thirty years, fellow writers, her two cats, telling
stories and living in Vermont. She's not too crazy about politics and diets and a winter that never ends,
but then, life's always a trade-off.For more information please check out Anne's Web site at www.anne-

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