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									             The Scottish Terrier Club of Ireland

             Issue No. 10     September 2004

                                                         Sean Knight. Phew! This was a long haul and his
Once again it is that tine of year and your              campaign was interrupted while Karen kindly
Membership Subscriptions are due. Please                 allowed him be used as a model for a Grooming
forward these, if you have not already done              competition, this required him to have three months
                                                         hair growth and after the Competition the quality of
so at your earliest convenience.                         his coat was very poor. But she persevered and it
                                                         paid off. Congratulations Karen and David! The GSB
Our Breed Club Show Judge for 2004 will be Dan           and BOB winner on the day was Robert and Shirley
Ericsson (Raglan Scotties, Sweden). Schedules will       Mc Connell‟s Dunshirab Glentasie.
be available immediately after the Limited Show.
                                                         Tralee saw success for Francis Rundle handling both
Leeds saw Maureen Micklewaite judge the breed and        GSD and GSB for Mrs Hill. The GSB and BOB
she found her BCC and BOB winner in Susan                winner was Samstevener Little Maid and the GSD
Gaskell‟s Mayson Rosetta. Her DCC winner was             was Samstevener Murphy.
Baker‟s Glenheath Blueprint. BPIB was Pearmain‟s
Ashkeltar Proudly Presents.                              Robert and Shirley Mc Connell‟s Duncabury Black
                                                         Pepper took GSB and BOB at Drogheda with Jacqui
                                                         Gibson‟s Dunshirab Laird of Quinnbeth taking the
At The Scottish Terrier Club Show BIS was Jane           GSD.
Millar‟s Ch Raglan Rose Maiden of Brio with
Briand‟s Tosca Du Moulin De Fertevault taking            Nellie Holland of STECS fame was the judge at WKC
RBIS. Shaw‟s Blackthorpe Barclay of Terratom was         and at her final judging appointment she found her
the DCC winner and BPIS was Pearmains‟ Feregait          DCC and BOB in Baker‟s Glenheath Blueprint, this
Just Won Look For Ashkeltar.                             was his third and qualifying CC. Her BCC winner
                                                         was Stuart Plane‟s Stuane Obsession.
There were no CC‟s on offer at Bournemouth under
Mr Wilberg. The BOB winner was Pagram‟s All              AT SKC Avril Herd awarded DCC and BOB to Ch
Shook Up at Torcraig, with Pearmains‟ Feregait           Tamzin McCallum at Jusouth. The BCC winner was
Just Won Look For Ashkeltar taking BOS.                  Kenny‟s Millingford Ruby Slippers.

At the All Terrier Association Show Tom Deegan            GSB and BOB at Dundalk and District Canine Club
officiated over the breed. He found his GSB and BOB      Show was Marbeth Owens and John Blairs Ir Ch
winner in Robert and Shirley Mc Connell‟s                Miclimac First Degree. The GSD winner was
Duncabury Black Pepper. GSD was awarded to Sue           Marbeth‟s Swanky Pants At Duncabury.
Tulloch‟s Killisport Gregor at Edelhof. BPIB was
Marbeth Owens‟ Swanky Pants at Duncabury.

The following day we moved south to Clonmel and
John Hartigan awarded GSB and BOB to John and
Anne Marie Madden‟s Madragorm Ponderosa. The
GSD was Sue Tulloch‟s Killisport Gregor at Edelhof
and he earned his title on the day. Congratulations to
Sue !
                                                                     Pat and Henry Tuckers’
Karen Clayton‟s Tamzin Alexander II (An Ch ’02)                Ch Cairnsmore Ian’s Laddie winning
earned his title at Limerick Show, handled by                       Reserve BIS at their recent
                                                                Celtic breeds Show, they later took
                                                               BIS at the Centenary Terrier Show.
I received a distressing email from Darragh              for the remainder of the year, no such luck!! Fi and
Kerrigan telling me his dog Mac and himself were         I have been busy again with unwanted dogs and the
recently attacked by a large dog while they were         number of Scotties that come into rescue is quite
walking in the park. Mac underwent two surgical          staggering.
procedures and is now on the mend while Darragh          I had Bobby a mongrel who was given up with a
suffered bites on his stomach, leg and crush             Scottie called Scotty. I soon discovered that Bobby
damage to his fore- arm. Our best wishes to              was more dominant and showed aggression
Darragh and his wife Katriona who is expecting a         whenever Scotty received any attention, this made
baby in the coming months.                               for a very nervous little Scottie boy. I tried to
                                                         rehome them together but after a while it was
Best wishes to all at Fitzsimmons Grooming               obvious that Scotty was suffering and Bobby needed
following their change of premises. They can still be    one to one attention, so I split them and both dogs
contacted at 01 8385228.                                 seem to be the better for it.

Taz’s Tale                                               Then I had a call from a Farmers wife wanting to
Taz and I would like to say Thank you to all the         give up three Scottie sisters aged six. Fi and I drove
people who helped us whilst showing Taz. We              to collect the girls and discovered three smelly,
stumbled into showing by accident and had great          badly matted little girls that had been kept outside in
success in Taz’s first season, this was due to Sean      a yard all their lives and have only been groomed
Knight who spotted Taz’s potential and Fionnuala’s       once with a sheep shears! We took the girls to
nagging me to go to the shows! Sean handled Taz          Claire Fitzsimons Grooming and Claire and Niamh
and got the best out of him and the few times I had      did an amazing transformation act on them. We
to take him into the ring Fi had to stand ringside       then spent the rest of the day rehoming them.
and urgently whisper instructions with a note of         Unfortunately I could not home them together but
panic in her voice. Needless to say I am not a           the homes they have gone to are all perfect for
natural in the ring. We were lucky that Taz did so       them!
well and even though I knew he would not win all
the time I couldn’t understand why any other
person would not think he was a beautiful boy!!!
Love is blind. I would like to thank Sean for all his
efforts and also Oliver Byrne for his invaluable
grooming advise and for grooming Taz for me.
Thanks also to Natasha and Claire who also
groomed Taz within an inch of his life. Thanks to
Joy Saville who attended a lot of shows purely to
support Taz. But my main thanks go to Fi who stood          One of the girls prior to her trimming, you cannot
by the ring, came and got me when Taz was due in         appreciate from these pictures the mats throughout
the ring and I was running late, and was brave           her coat!!
enough to tell me what I was doing wrong and what
I should be doing, only by this was Taz made up to a
Champion and I am fully aware if was a Group
effort. I meet such lovely people through showing
and even though Taz is now retired I will still attend
the occasional show to meet up with all our friends.
Taz I wish all those who are chasing Green Stars
every success, it is worth it in the end
Love Karen and Taz

              Limited Show 2004                            The same girl after Claire and Niamh had weaved
The Limited Show Schedule is attached. Although the                          their magic!!!
aim of running the Limited Show is not primarily a
profit making one in order for the Club to continue to   Three days later I received a call from a lady
promote upcoming and progressing Judges and put          wanting to give up her 5 month old Scottie boy, he
something back into dogdom it is necessary that this     might trip her mother up and had to go. Needless to
venture is a success financially. We would therefore     say the home that Hamish has gone to is fantastic,
hope all members will support this Show.                 Sylvia and Matthew recently lost their beloved
                                                         Scottie and Hamish has come at the right time. I
Stewarding is also an IKC requirement for all            am so very lucky with all the new homes for the
aspiring to Judge, if you are available to Steward at    dogs and I end up meeting the nicest people!!
this or any other Show please notify the relevant
Secretary.                                               As always my thanks goes to Fi for giving up a days
                      STECS                              holiday to ferry the dogs and myself around and for
                                                         doing all the home checks. I could not manage
        Rescue Report from STECS Ireland                 without this invaluable help from a very busy
After our Rescue Parade in June and a busy start to
2004 I was hoping that things would quieten down         Best regards
 Don’t forget any information you wish to add                 of hundreds people. Like a small Hobbit from the
 please forward it to me for inclusion in our                 tales of Tolkein the Scottish returns home from its
 next issue, which will be issued in December.                turbulent journeys back to a silent and comfortable
 If you have internet access and I am not                               The dog consists of contradictions that make
 aware of your Email address please contact                   its nature united and unique. Philosophical viewpoint
 me and future Newsletters will be emailed to                 towards life and love for meditativeness are suddenly
 you.                                                         changed by the outburst of energy and desire for
                                                              energetic activity. The dog suddenly thinks that the
                                                              life is passing by and that‟s why it is essential to take
          Fionnuala Malone,                                   part in it. Inborn tact, patience and respectness in co-
                Glenfitor,                                    ordination with the feeling of self-confidence and
     265 St James Road, Greenhills,                           independence made this dog a gentleman. What
               Dublin 12.                                     diplomacy! There is no such a situation, which might
                                                              put this dog to a dead-end. It‟s more likely that this
      Tel: ++ 353 (0) 86 8750614                              dog with the royal self-confidence makes its enemy                               find out the way from the difficult situation.
                                                                        The best judge of human nature knows
                                                              everything about its owner even more than the owner
Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme                        knows about himself. In the worst situation the dog
     Registered UK Charity No: 275666                         becomes indifferent to its owner. In the best way – it
                                                              becomes his best friend.
                                                                        It‟s impossible to ignore the being of the dog
                   If you:                                    at home. The whole attention and never ending
    Know a Scottie in needing help                           interest for everything makes this dog the central
    Would like to adopt a Scottie                            object in the family. It easily conquers sympathy and
    Would like to join STECS                                 love of all the family members. Like its relative
    Would like to donate or                support           Celtdog the Scottish is not the one that barks without
     fundraising efforts                                      any need. If the dog barks it means that really
                                                              something important has happened. In general it
                                                              accepts life with pleasure and without any objections,
                  Please contact:                             it is always ready to share its happiness or
                                                              disappointment with the master. It is always ready to
                 Karen Clayton                                accompany the master anywhere and anytime, ready
          Email:                          to accept all troubles without fear or sadness. This
           Tel: + 353 (0) 87 6681112                          dog is never boring or regrettable.
                                                                        The born hunter with a wonderful scent,
                                                              good sight and sharp ear contrary to its relatives
                                                              Terriers it is a peaceful dog if not spoilt by wrong
                                                              education. The Scottish doesn‟t go for pitiful ructions
                           Thanks to                          and unnecessary rows. It is always ready to take
         Yana Khorunzaja (Kennel “Sansibiliti”)               challenge and to fight till the end. Nonresignation
                   Russia, Moskow                             and braveness is the power of its character, which
        For providing the following piece for inclusion       keeps it from running away, and the feeling of
                      in our Newsletter.                      ownership makes it fight for the territory.
                                                                        Like one American writer, the owner of a
                                                              Scottish Terrier wrote, “The Scottish is the only dog
          Broad Soul of a Small Scottish                      breed with which a man might have a quarrel”.
                                                              Really it is possible to have a chat with the dog and it
     1. A One Hundred Percent Scottish                        won‟t be a monologue. A live sight of eyes, wiggle of
                                                              ears and light movements of a tail show that the dog
                                                              isn‟t just listening but understands the meaning of the
     “What‟s this, a Riesenschnauzer is                       words. These features are typical just to a few our
     reposing?                                                human companions. The more you believe in the
        No, that‟s a Scottish standing,”                      dog‟s intelligence and speak with it like with a
        (From the discussion of two owners)                   personality the more pleasure you receive from one
                                                                        Somebody blames this dog for persistence
               No one breed of Terriers has got such a
                                                              and even for capriciousness but this might be
     misleading and comic appearance as the Scottish.
                                                              arguable because every clever dog might have its
     Thick knitted eyebrows and long beard makes him
                                                              own opinion. Being a clever dog it might think that
     look like a wise old man and the portliness as well as
                                                              you are not right and then it could become very
     self-esteem makes everyone feel a deep respect
                                                              stubborn, not quick in obedience and begin to growl.
     towards this small dog. But the appearance as it often
                                                              In such a case rough words and punishment are not
     happens is misleading. Thick eyebrows hide a cheeky
                                                              suitable because the dog becomes angrier and more
     sight of the eternal teenager full of interest and
                                                              discontent what might lead to the outbreak of its
     bravery. The dog with the appearance of a mannered
                                                              independent nature.
     lord and the soul of a young adventurer full of
                                                                        One of the most wonderful features of this
     expression and quirkiness that conquests the hearts
                                                              dog is the sense of humour. From the beginning of its
youth days it might think that it itself, its relatives or   Terrier. In 1839 – 1840 T.Hamilton, the scientist and
friends are funny. If you are in a good mood the dog         naturalist, in his two-volume book “Dogs” also
will share this feeling with you as well. If you are         described the two types of British Terriers. By the
sad, the dog is sad too. It is always near you because       way the Scottish type was called the ancient one and
this is its aim of life. For hundred of years these small    of pureblood.
and brave Terriers have been not only hunters and                      Though, paying no attention to the formal
warders. They have been and they will be the                 division of Terriers into two types there were a lot of
members of families and our partners. For ages the           variations of them. The neighbourhood counties
Scotch and later the English have been training the          competed for the originality of the bred dogs. For the
best national features of these dogs. The small              so wide range of Terriers now, having the original
Terriers of Scotland, which are called “Scotty”, won         character of those dogs‟ ancestors, we must be
the fame to be the national breed of Scotland.               thankful to the ancient times breeders.
                                                                       During the first exhibition in Yorkshire in
2. A Small King of a Mountainous Kingdom                     1860 the Scottish wasn‟t presented as a separate
                                                             breed but as a part of Skye Terriers. Already in 1868
“To write about the origin of any dog breed with             in Birmingham there used to be the debut of the
a sort of determination is not a very                        breed. For the very first time the Scottish Terrier was
easy task”                                                   presented as a separate breed in the ring, though
(A.I.Kozlovskij)                                             there were quite a lot of mix of the various short
                                                             legged Terriers.
         In ancient times the special conditions of the                Such cross-purposes caused deserved
climate and the mountainous country of Scotland              discontent in-between the real fans of the Scottish. In
formed the exterior of a small, robust and short dog.        1877 they sent several vicious letters to the “The Live
The history of the dog‟s breed formation is                  Stock Journal” where a very hot discussion arose,
contradictory because the authors try to find out any        but the editors of the journal ended it. They asked to
mention of the breed in the depth of centuries. But the      make the description of features typical for the
very first mentioning about the Scottish Terrier is          Scottish Terrier.
found in the book of Bishop John Lesley of Rossa                       Captain Gordon Murray made the very first
town in 1561.                                                detailed description of the Scottish Terrier. This
         Brave hunters first appeared in the Hebrides        became the core standard of the breed refined by
Islands and Western Scotland. It seems that later the        J.B.Morrison in 1880. And in 1883 the standard was
following breeds appeared from this dog, like:               accepted. From that time the breed of the Scottish
Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Skye Terrier, West                   Terrier started its one life.
Highland White Terrier, Cairn Terrier and Scotch                       In between the very famous ancestors of the
Terrier. The ancestors of Scottish Terriers lived in         breed the Champion Splinter II and mate Bonaccord
the environs of Blackmount region (Mooren),                  that belonged to J.Ludlow might be mentioned. These
Blackpoint (Pertshire) and Rannoch. At first these           dogs became the main producers of the best lines and
dogs hadn‟t got the unite breed name. In some places         families that lead to nowadays Scottish. The son
they were called Poltalloch Terrier according to the         Rambler of Bonaccord and Splinter II gave the very
name of a man, who had grown them – Malcolm of               first champion of the black colour Alister and the
Poltalloch. In Aberdeen, which was known as the              speckled Dundee. They became the successors of the
centre of rough fur Terriers, they were called               main male line. Heather Prince and Heather
Aberdeen Terriers. In the distant regions their names        Necessity – the grandchildren of Alister became the
resembled nicknames – Brokenhead Terrier or Die-             most famous its descendants.
Hard Terrier – in honour of the small rough fur                        A lot of champions of those times became
Terriers of George, the Earl of Dumbarton. During            the ancestor of the famous descendants in England
the hunting expeditions his dogs made every animal           and Scotland. The oldest English originators that still
run. Their resolution and daring were so widely              give birth to wonderful representatives of the breed
known that the dogs were nicknamed “Die-Hards”.              used to be and still are – Kennelgarth, Gaywyn and
         The very first description of the breed             Mason. A little bit later the following names were
appeared in 1815. In the book “Recreation in                 acknowledges       as     wonderful    originators    –
Natural History” we can read about the rough fur             Lomondview, Tamzin, Stuane and others. The best
bitch of the Scottish origin, which belonged to the          representatives of the Scottish Terriers born in
major Bonham – the governor of Surinam. In 1837              Scotland had the prefix “Clamour”, “Ornsay”,
Thomas Bell dedicated one of the units of “A History         “Albourn”.
of British Quadrupeds” for the more detail                             Exhibitions became more and more popular
description of the two types of Terriers. The first one      and one of the leading places always belonged to the
was described as ”a tender fur dog with a sharp              Scottish Terrier. The ancestors were responsible for
muzzle, accurate and compact body, usually of a              their exterior because right there the Scottish Terrier
black or brown colour”. The second one was called            from the yard hooligan with a rough like a brush fur
“the Scottish or rough fur Terrier”. This one was            that didn‟t know what does the comb and trimming
characterised as “with a rough fur, shorter muzzle,          mean turned into a dog with a really unique exterior.
stout and short legs. The colour is usually dirty white
and of various variations”.                                  3. The Way for Two
         From the description of the first type we can       “Why they are so devoted for people? Why do they
easily recognise the nowadays English Terrier breeds         adore our community? Why the biggest pleasure for
– Fox terrier, Manchester Terrier and others. From           them is to be with us? They give us their love and
the second description we can recognise the features         affection that haven‟t got any limits.”
of nowadays rough fur and short-legged Scottish              (J.Harriot “Dog Stories”)
                                                            comic dog has stayed in the hearts of people forever.
          The popularity of the Scottish has never          Appearance of Kliaksa was accidental. “Fate has
been screaming. Staying a little bit in the shadow          taken a homeless dog to our house. This was a
they have always attracted attention of lots of people      Scottish Terrier Nicks – remembers Natalie
from various society orders, age and educational            Rumianceva, the daughter of Michael Rumiancev.
status. In the midst of them there used to be a lot of      When Karandash saw the dog he screamed joyfully –
famous people like – Winston Churchill, Eva Brown,          that‟s what we needed. Nicks was going into the ring,
Vladimir Majakovskij, Michael Rumiancev, Georgij            did nothing, just kept walking along its new master.
Tovstanogov, Zoe Fiodorova and so on.                       But what an effect this made. The audience was
          The breed has avoided the fate of                 whispering in-between themselves. Maybe this was
fashionable dogs. The paid favour hasn‟t appeared           an ordinary trick of Karandash? In those times
just like the caprice of the fashion. Sergey Obrazcov       people were not spoilt by numerous dogs‟ exhibitions
has very correctly said, “dogs are obtained                 and had no idea about the existence of the Scottish
exclusively because of the spiritual effect”. Right this    Terrier. They knew Doberman, Shepherd, Spitz and
feeling makes us reject various conveniences for the        Poodle. Tobik changed Nicks. Straight after the war
beloved small naughty dog. No one fashion has               somebody took a small Scottish Terrier and put it on
withstood the challenges of time but not the Scottish.      the floor. On the red carpet it looked like a black
          Overdone character of a real Scottish with        spot, what in Russian is called “kliaksa”. “Kliaksa!
all its best features make people who have ever had         That‟s the name”, - decided Karandash. And the
the Scottish feel so deep and strong affection to it that   following generation of Scottish Terriers were called
it is impossible to be unfaithful to it. Karl Chapek        by this famous stage nick-name.”
who had the Scottish Terrier all his life devoted the                 Already at the top of glory and carrying a
cycle of short stories for theme called “About Dogs”.       heavy load of success greedy for fame dawned in
According to his opinion “the God has created all           Karandash. He got acquainted with the joy of dogs‟
sorts of animals and at the end created the dog in          exhibitions. All his life he thought that his suit must
order to make it the best one. At first he created          be a little bit untidy and inaccurate… And of course
Pinschers and Terriers, that‟s why they are so clever,      the dog can‟t be cut according to the dog‟s fashion
and when he was ready to create others he was called        standard. He was wooed for a long time. “OK – at
for dinner…” In general it might be said that the           last he said – we will cut the dog.” And it was cut. All
owners of Terriers are distinguished by their joie de       the day he felt like not in his shoes and the dogs were
vivre. It seems that this feature is hidden in the          a little bit shy of each other. In the evening they set
character of the Scottish Terrier. This dog is able to      off to the circus. The audience liked the changes very
make smile the biggest pessimist in the world.              much. The cut dogs were taken to the exhibition. They
          From the memories of L.U.Brik about               received golden medals. They were taken to another
V.Majakovskij: “Humour has never abandoned him.             one. Success again. Usually trying to escape from the
He sent a postcard with a picture of the former             crowd he took the dogs to exhibitions himself. And
Parliament. Against the building he has drawn a big         Kliaksa realised that its golden medal was the pride
black dog. It resembled the Scottish Terrier that he        of the house. When the medal was put on its neck it
liked to stroke”. The famous photographer                   went into one room and then into another what it
A.Rodchenko, who had very often photographed                didn‟t do before and listened to the sayings:
Majakovskij, remembered: “Volodia was standing by           ”Kliaksa, what an important person you are today!”
the ice-cream seller and watched very carefully the
way he fulfilled his order. Cones full of ice cream         4. From the Circus Arena to the Exhibition Ring or
were laid one by one on the stall. It appeared that all     the Problems of Breeding in Russia
the portions were dedicated to the dog called Scotick.               Sokolnikova brought the first dog of
It ate the cone with a great appetite. “Do you want         Karandash Nicks from England in 1936. Later in
more?” – asked the generous master and took the             1939 A.Mazorev imported bitch Rauburs Nasha from
dog to his heart.” The photo of this moment appeared        Poland. From these two dogs the breeding of Scottish
to be the best portrait of the poet.                        Terriers was started in Russia. During the post-war
          Eva Brown had always staid in the shadow          period their first children prolonged the circus career
of her famous husband Adolf Hitler. Almost                  of Kliaksa. At the same time some “trophy” dogs
everything is known about him. About her – almost           were taken from Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia
nothing. Nevertheless, from the short memories found        and Hungary to Moscow and Leningrad. All of them
in the book “Hitler is Speaking” by Herman                  were very different but the breeders were full of
Raushing we can say that she was not an ordinary            enthusiasm though having no idea about the
woman and surprisingly different from her husband.          underwater streams that might break all their efforts.
“Full of joie de vivre, sportive, always elegant and                 The small amount of dogs and because of
fashionable dressed, with her affectionate attendants       this caused the many years incest put the existence of
Scottish Terriers. Eva Brown was a passionate               the breed under danger. Lots of breeders realised the
smoker and loved to dance very much contrariwise            results of many years‟ close relation breeding. Not
her “master” who strictly denied all these                  only the exterior and the breed type was under
pleasures.”                                                 danger but first of all its health and psyche condition.
          And the famous Karandash? Thanks to him           But they had no choice. Step by step the famous
millions of people who used to be far away from             Scottish was turning into a small ugly devil with
breeding found out and fell in love with the Scottish       unstable psyche or into a coward and pitiable
Terrier called Kliaksa. It became the card of Michael       creation with the all time its tail between the legs
Rumiancev, the artist. It became the symbol of              what used to be its symbol of pride and
boundless joy, holidays and delight. Karandash and          independence. The reputation of the breed was
Kliaksa – a picture of a small funny man and a small        blasted.
           Nevertheless, a miracle happened. This            breed. There is no need to mention all its
might be called the result of a fight between the            descendants. At the beginning of the 90-ies they made
nature and a man, convention and dogmas of the               the basis of the Scottish Terriers. Up to nowadays its
Soviet Union breeding, which was isolated from the           blood is used for breeding dogs in the whole country.
world and had no choice and means. The Scottish              It is a pity that the dog has gone so early but left a lot
Terrier was not only preserved for Russia but was on         of descendants for breeding.
the top of breeds during the 60-ies and in the middle
of the 70-ies. For the first enthusiasts‟ altruism, faith,   5. Making Reality
endless love and devotion to the Scottish Terrier must                 While looking backwards it seems that
be given the bow and honourable mention. It didn‟t           nowadays results are really unbelievable. How far
disappear, wasn‟t lost in the midst of the new               away we could go if we had idea and were able to do
fashionable dogs‟ crowd that appeared at the end of          what we know and can do now. All the possibilities
the 70-ies. It managed to escape the pitiful end of          given to us today by a favour of time and history now
many rare dogs – period of full oblivion like this           are used in the whole world.
happened to the Skye Terrier. And now when the                         The very first thing what masters have done
biggest troubles are behind and everybody might              – they made contacts with the breeders abroad. The
breathe freely, the indomitable character of real            result of this friendship is the import of very
breeders make them go further because not all the            interesting dogs from Finland, Germany, Sweden and
victories are won, not all the dreams are fulfilled and      Denmark and the invitation of experts to our
we haven‟t got a Scottish that will be ideal and nice        exhibitions. For the very first time in 1994 Raja
in all senses.                                               Jarvinen, the expert from Finland and the master of
           After all the genetic fights had been             kennel “Raja” visited us. Her judgement made shock
forgotten the three main genetic lines were outlined         to our masters as well as she herself was in a shock
in the breed. Their originators became Mitrofan              from our dogs. But the shock soon vanished. After
(master Topchiev), Philca (m. Bessonov) and the              making clever decisions and redoubling efforts the
imported Black Beauty of Hayhayt from England (m.            experience was repeated in 1996. The President of
Dubanosov). Trust in future was strengthened by the          Sweden Scottish Terriers‟ Club and the owner of the
arrival of mate Steve from America (m. Kuriatnikov)          kennel “Raglan” was invited Dan Ericsson. This time
and a little bit later in the midst of the 80-ies an         it was not a shock but a surprise. Where do we get so
active import of dogs from Czechoslovakia was                many Scottish Terriers of such good condition?
started. Trying to escape incest, the bigger amount of       Sometimes we are also surprised: when did we
dogs and the new blood caused the second rebirth of          manage to do so many things? The result was that
the breed. The two Czech bitches appeared to be very         almost in all classes the dogs of national breed won
productive. Anna from Suchdola (m. Leonova)                  the prises. The Best of the Breed was acknowledged
together with the Czech mate Clifford Target (m.             Marlene Nina Richi (m. Leonova).
Baranchikova, Brehovskij) gave birth to a daughter                     Again Raja. March 1997. The 1st Regional
Marland Nina Richi (m. Leonova). This was the very           Exhibition of the Scottish Terriers. After successfully
first dog of the national breeding that received the         judging 97 dogs she gave prises with a pleasure for
title of Inter-champion.                                     the winners. In the conditions of a difficult
           The numerous imports of the Czech dogs            competition with the Polish dogs Hanni Bakuniak
made the breeding possible with various possibilities        (kennel “Concept”), Inter-champion and the
and they were used differently. This used to be a sort       Champion of Poland Jerimor Lancelot, the Junior
of exam for the professional preparation of various          Winner of the World‟96 Charles Craft Concept and
clubs and sections that emerged during the post-             the wonderful bitch Flower Power Concept, the bitch
changeover period. The imported dogs were used as            of national breeding Adjaila Chibsten Plus Ultra (m.
the new dresses – here to cut and there to add. The          Popova, Pivovarenkova) won the prise.
results were unexpected. But the task and dream to                     Very strict requirements for the import of
make the breed according to the international                Scottish appeared. Not only perfect exterior was
standards and achieve acknowledgement for the own            required but the perspective lineage as well. In 1994
breed in the foreign countries was still the distant         from a non-known kennel “Hopper Hof” in Germany
future.                                                      a black mate L Amour Von Hopper Hof (m. Popova)
           At the end of the 80-ies some information         was taken. A lot of sceptic remarks were made for
about the state of the breed in Europe was received in       this dog. Though all the sceptics were not right. From
Russia. At last it became clear that the chosen way          the very beginning of the exhibition career Hoffman
was correct but the way towards the aim wasn‟t very          appeared to be a real show dog. Imposing exterior,
easy and it was quite difficult to approach it with the      good manners and gloss swept the judges along with
speed of a turtle. Something what could change the           it in Russia and Europe. 13 CACIB titles – this is the
settled viewpoint towards the breed was needed. And          absolute record for the Scottish Terrier in our
this had happened.                                           country. Inter-champion, Champion of Russia,
           In 1986 people were able to see the Scottish      Finland, Estonia, Byelorussia, Latvia – it will be
of a very different type. It was so different from what      mentioned in the annals like the most high-scoring
the ones we used to see like the hedgehog from the           Scottish Terrier in Russia.
porcupine. This was a black mate taken by                              The noble descendants are famous not only
G.Sushkevich from the Finnish kennel “Beg Pipe”.             of their successful offspring but their famous masters
The son of the Champion of the Northern Countries            as well. A lot of them had no idea to talk about the
and Finland – Ives San Lorraine and the Champion             import of their Scottish to Russia. Thanks to fate that
of Finland – Beg Pipe Lillian – Beg Pipe U A Z Van           there is some place for exceptions. The biggest help
made the effect of the explosion of a bomb. It totally       was given by Raja Jarvinen who sent two wonderful
changed the opinion about the nowadays type of the           dogs – a bitch Rajaj On E Carrousel ant a mate Rajaj
West Side Story (m. Leonova) - representatives of the
nowadays type of the Scottish Terriers.
          In 1997 three Sweden dogs of which the two
belonged to the kennel “Raglan” of Dan Ericsson
were brought to Russia. This is Raglan River Side (m.
Ocheretianaja), the son of the famous English
originator Gavin Wenchesom, and Raglan Royal
Artist (m. Popova), the son of the World Champion „
96 Cantorns John Joker and Champion of the
Northern Countries Raglan Royal Serenade. From a
new kennel “Dandy” for us, the master of which
Christine Hutner agreed to collaborate with us, a
mate Dandy Dorian Garden (m. Horunzaja), who
had the blood of the famous English kennel “Stuane”
and the Champions of America and England from the
American kennel “Sandgregs” was taken to Russia.
In the spring exhibition in Stockholm it managed to
get the title of the Best Junior Dog of the exhibition
and to win the prise of the Best in Show. Denmark
didn‟t stay aside as well. From the most prominent
kennel “Dansscots” the mate Dansscots Duke (m.
Kudriavcev) was taken. In the autumn of 1997 two
bitches from the kennel “Downtown” were taken.
          As the result of the active import the line of
the best Scandinavian representatives concentrated
in Moscow. The breeding of the Scottish Terriers in
the Scandinavian countries is very popular in
nowadays. Namely the dogs from Sweden, Denmark
and Finland win the laurel in the biggest
international competitions. The Scandinavian type is
the mostly wanted type today. Because of the close
collaboration with the best kennels of England,
Scotland and America the Northern Countries
became the dictating terms of the nowadays type of
the Scottish Terrier in Europe.
          The Russian origins Scottish Terriers now
successfully compete with the most prominent kennels
in Europe and in the World Championships. Already
now a lot of foreign partners follow the development
of the breed in Russia. Who knows maybe the
unforgettable day is not so far away when our dogs
will win the titles of the Best, will go to the final
competition for the Best in Show and will win.
          But for all the fans of the breed and for
everybody the Scottish will stay the same as it used to
be for hundred years – a charming small house
guardian, a stranger and wiseacre, with a keen eye
watching the heart of its master. Let us be worth of
the society of the proud and independent Scottish
Terriers, which know how to warm ones spirit not
worse than the old good whiskey.

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