Strategic Planning Process 2008 by localgirl


									Draft Strategic Planning Process 2009-2013

Planning Phase

Consultation Phase

Collation & Refinement Phase

Production Phase

Implementation Phase


April - July

Aug _Sept

Sept_Nov 2008

Dec – Dec 2009

Planning Phase Length : 3 months, Project Plan Developed Establish Strategic Planning Committee, Run the meetings to ensure inclusive, well informed and engaged committee members Environmental Scoping Communication Plan, Identification of Key Stakeholders, External Consultation Plan developed Internal Consultation Plan Booking Dates for meetings and Consultation processes Preparation of Templates, Questionnaires etc Marketing Plan

Consultation Length : 6-8 weeks Internal Consultation Rounds – Papers/ questions/templat es prepared, Ideas Forums Run, Information Collected, External Consultation Plan implemented– Papers prepared, Ideas Forums Run, Information Collected,

Collation and Refinement Length : 6-8 weeks Collected thoughts, views and ideas published in bulk on website Further Feedback and refinement of input finalized Draft Document Prepared Sent out for Comment Final Approvals Completed

Publication and Production Length : 6-8 weeks Document ready by October so Marketing Team can prepare document for publication Approvals pre publishing Publicity and Launch Date / Event Prepared

Implementation Phase 2009 Strategic Plan distributed and supported with guidelines for use Organisational Capability Framework aligned with Strategic Plan Business Planning processes aligned with Strategic Plan Performance management and Learning and development plans aligned with Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Published and Launched

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