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                         RELIC, WELLS, FRIEDELL
                              March 23, 2004

                 TONY LESHINSKI

       Debbie Soule updated the committee on Phase II of the transportation project. She
has contacted the Leatherstocking Corp., the Village Trolley, the Otesaga Hotel and
Bassett Healthcare. Most are interested in the project, but are waiting for their board's
approval. Ms. Soule feels it would be beneficial to the project to have Chairman Higgins
meet with everyone involved. Ms. Soule said Phase II should be started soon.
       Ms. Soule said she has met with Diane Carlton and Joyce Boyd concerning CST
funding for bus routes for low income families. This would help second and third shift
workers who do not have transportation to get to work. Ms. Soule has talked with John
Reel from the DOT, and he feels that something could be worked out with DOT.
       Ms. Soule and Ms. Carlton said there might be Phase III funding from the DOT, but
the county has to know if the state is really committed.
       Ms. Carlton and the committee reviewed an Otsego Express Closure Policy for bad
weather. After reviewing the policy, the committee approved.
       Ms. Carlton said she has some concerns that she would like answered from Birnie
Bus. He committee told Ms. Carlton to put her concerns in a letter to Birnie Bus and let
them respond.


      Ms. Carlton updated the committee on the status of the Small Cities East Worcester
and Mt. Vision grants.
      Ms. Carlton said Emergency Services wants the Planning Department to do more
work with the grants. She stated that Erik Miller is needed to do more work for the
Planning Department. Ms. Carlton told Mr. Jones there is money in the grants to hire a
consultant on a part-time basis to help administer the grants. After discussion the
committee said they would refer the matter to the Public Safety Committee.
      Ms. Carlton discussed referrals from the County Planning Board. They have
changed their rules and any new construction 1,000 square feet or larger has to come to
the Planning Department. How does the county want to go? After discussion the
committee decided to keep 2,500 square feet for the Planning Department to review. If
any municipality felt there was a problem, then they could come to the Planning
      Ms. Carlton updated the committee on land use training sessions set for April 12,
2004 and May 1, 2004.


       Ms. Carlton went over a memo breaking down the number of hours spent on the
snowmobile trail grant applications. A memo was sent out to every snowmobile club that
the county was going to charge 5 - 7% for administering the applications. The clubs
received $39,547.00 back from the state from registrations, etc. Planning's administration
fee would be $1,233.00.
       Brad Smith, Vice President of the Canadarago Snow Toppers, said Otsego County
INTERGOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE                                              Page 2
March 23, 2004

has 300 miles of snowmobile trails, and they are taken care of by volunteers. He said
Richfield Springs goes through both Otsego and Herkimer Counties and asked the county
to no collect the administration fee. Mr. Smith said the clubs do not get any money. They
rely on the trail grants to offset the cost of insuring and grooming the trails.
       Mr. Smith updated the committee on the number of snowmobiles and the amount of
revenue that is brought into the county. He asked if something could not be worked out so
they do not have to pay an administration fee. After much discussion Representative Wells
said he was in favor of dropping the fee. Seconded, Friedell. Total: 3; Ayes; 3. Motion
       Committee also discussed having Terry Bliss administer the snowmobile
applications again, if the clubs do the legwork. He will be asked.


      Ms. Taylor requested permission for Lynn Bass to fill a vacant funded Keyboard
Specialist position. The person in the position is leaving Friday. Representative Friedell
moved to approve. Seconded, Wells. Total: 3; Ayes: 3. Motion carried.


       Ms. Taylor updated the committee on the Heartland Travel Showcase. She said she
had 60 appointments, and several of the people signed up for the Who's On First Tour.
Ms. Taylor said she attended the Yankee Trails convention for one day in Albany.
       Ms. Taylor updated the committee on the cooperative program. She said she will be
doing a rack card, instead of a travel guide this year.
       Ms. Taylor also discussed collecting tourism data. She would like to know what area
collects the most bed tax money and also have tourists fill out lodging surveys.
       Ms. Taylor updated the committee on the Tourism Advisory Board and Otsego
County Chamber Tourism Committees.
       Ms. Taylor said the Regional Visitor Center at 254 Main Street in Oneonta will be
opening in mid May.
       Ms. Taylor showed the committee small maps to advertise Otsego County that she
would like to find funding for.


       Ms. Jarvis requested permission for Sheila Ross to attend the State Board of
Elections Conference in Saratoga Springs on April 28 - 29, 2004. There is money in the
budget for meals, registration and lodging. The cost is approximately $145.00.
Representative Friedell moved to approve. Seconded, Wells. Total: 3; Ayes: 3. Motion
       Ms. Jarvis said there is a conference on Thursday, March 25, 2004 at the Otesaga
for counties who have Stand Alone Registration System. She requested permission for the
Board of Elections staff to be reimbursed for their lunch, which is $18.00 each.
Representative Wells moved to approve. Seconded, Friedell. Total: 3; Ayes: 3. Motion
       Mrs. Ross said she has been talking with Brian Pokorny, Information Technologies
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March 23, 2004

Director. He feels that the AS 400 will be gone within two years, and Board of Elections
should be looking at other programs to do what the AS400 does now. Mrs. Ross handed
out information from NTS Data Services, Inc. for the committee to look at.
       Mrs. Ross asked about charging back election expenses to the towns. Laura Child
attended and explained how election expenses are presently charged back to each town
on the levy sheets. Committee decided to wait and see what the state is going to do.

      There being no further business, the committee adjourned until Tuesday, April 20,
2004 at 10:00 a.m. in Cooperstown.