charcoal medition by ndesoz


									Charcoal proanalisa efficacious medicine for stomach pain

Charcoal analysis an upset stomach is black and made of activated carbon. Activated carbon itself is
made from tree bark, peanut shells, etc.. To produce activated carbon compound itself must be done by
mixing the chemical process of acid compounds, then steam with a high temperature to form a black
charcoal and black odorless.

Did you know reason why this could cure the charcoal analysis with severe abdominal pain ... so
efficacious than the results of this study was charcoal when viewed under a microscope proved to have
pores that are fairly large. If the calculated count 1 gram of charcoal has a surface area of 0.5 to 1.5
square kilometers, great is’n it?. Now these pores was the one who worked for abdominal pain that is
with bind toxic substances in the style of van der Walls.

 In addition to this charcoal abdominal pain also can cure drug overdose, poisoning, or swallowing a
dangerous chemical. Charcoal proanalisa work can only occur in the stomach and the intestines, when
the toxic material has not been entered into the blood circulation. charcoal proanalisa later in the
intestines will form a colloid system will adsorpting bacteria that cause poisoning or a stomach ache.

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