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									                                    SPRING 2010 NEWSLETTER
                                                 87 Walmer


H        ello Neighbours,                  our Winnipeg winter # kudos to each
          As I write this, the sculptors
                                           and every one of you!                          NCC I tes
          are just putting the finishing                                                       Da
touches on their Festival du Voyageur      I’d like to take a moment also to
masterpieces. As all Winnipeggers          recognize some of the other volunteers
know, the minute the sculptures are        at our club whose e"orts may not be so
complete, the weather will warm up         noticeable. When your child is
and turn them into the half!melted,        registered in baseball or soccer, for       March 9 & 13, 2010
slush!splashed icons of the end of         example, you know he or she has a
winter that we know and love! In other     coach, and you appreciate $hopefully%
                                                                                       NCC Spring Registration
words, it won’t be long now. The other     the long hours that the coach devotes
sign of the approach of Spring is the      to that activity, but you may not realize
announcing of Norwood’s Spring             that every sports program also has a        Registration for spring programs
Registration dates. This is the time to    convenor # someone who spends long          at the NCC will be on the
be thinking about the activities that      hours on the phone, at meetings, and        following two dates:
you and your family may be interested      hunched over his or her computer
in for the coming season. Norwood          taking care of the myriad of tiny details   March 9th - 6:30pm - 8:00pm
o"ers a truly amazing variety of           that go into running a sports program.      March 13th - 10am - 12pm
programs, both sporting and otherwise.     Convenors recruit and supervise
There really is something here for         coaches, form teams, purchase and
everyone. And if there is something        distribute uniforms, take registrations,
you’re interested in that we don’t o"er,   facilitate transfers, handle complaints,    May 9, 2010
please contact our tireless Vice!          etc., etc., etc. They are truly the
                                                                                       Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast
President in charge of Programming,        unsung heroes of every community
                                                                                       Pancakes, syrup, neighbours, and
Regan MacDonald, and pitch your idea       centre. When you come to register
                                                                                       your mom! Need we say more? Bring
to her. If there is a demand for a         your child this spring, the person
                                                                                       the whole family from 9am-12pm at
particular program, and if we can          taking your registration will likely be
                                                                                       the Club.
accommodate it, we are always willing      the convenor for that program # in the
to provide that opportunity.               midst of the registration!day chaos,
                                           please take a moment to let them know
                                           you appreciate their e"orts.
Over the past couple of months, our
club has hosted three incredibly
                                                                                       August 21, 2010
successful community events. The           Enjoy the lengthening of the days and
                                                                                       Family Camp Out
Breakfast with Santa, the New              the mild winter weather. Hope to see
                                                                                       Come camping in the flood bowl
Year’s Eve Family Event, and the           you all at registration!                    with your family and neighbours. We
recent Winter Carnival were all well!                                                  can taste the s’mores already...
attended, well!organized and a ton of      Leslie Johnston
fun! The organizers of these events
worked hard to make them memorable,        President, NCC
and they deserve a huge round of
thanks. For adding a little warmth to
A Basic Boater Safety Course will be held at the NCC on a
Saturday in April and/or May, depending on interest.                         gistra
                                                                    Spring Re
Currently by law, any person born after 1983, or anyone
operating a motorized pleasure craft less than four meters in
length, must have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC). By
September 15, 2009, if you operate any size pleasure craft you
must carry a PCOC.                                                  Mark your calendars!
Participants will be tested at the course and, upon passing, will    Spring registration
then be given the accreditation needed to obtain an official
PCOC from the federal government. The course fee is $50 with
                                                                      for our social and
the purchase of a manual or $42.50 without a manual and is          fitness programs will
suitable for ages ten and over.                                     be on the following
Please send an email to Mike Teillet at mteillet@shaw.ca if                 dates:
you are interested in taking this course.
                                                                    Tuesday, March 9
                                                                       6:30 to 8:00pm
                                                                    Saturday, March 13
      HEY NORWOOD DRIVERS!!                                           10:00am to noon
Just a reminder that                                                We have a variety of
Lyndale Drive is closed                                             programs for all ages
to vehicles on Sundays                                                and fitness levels,
during the warmer                                                      such as soccer,
months.                                                              basketball, Zumba,
                                                                    pilates, yoga, tennis
Cars are permitted to access the bays, but                               and more.
should take the shortest route on Lyndale
Drive to do so. Let’s work hard as a
community to respect this rule and to keep
our kids safe.
Playgroup wishes everyone a
Happy New Year!
Playgroup is on Tuesdays and
Wednesdays from 9:00 !
11:00am.& There is snack
provided for the children and tea,
co"ee and treats for the parents.&
There is a drop in fee of '2.50, or
the rest of the year is '25 until the
third week of June.& This year the
carnival date will be& Wednesday
June 16, 10:00 ! 1:00 pm. &There
will activities, games, &a petting
zoo and much more.& Lunch will
be provided. There is no fee for
families that have already
registered, for non!registered
families the fee is ' 5.

There will be NO playgroup the
week of March 29 because of
Spring Break.& We will be back the
                                         and watching their children grow. I        someone picks up the torch and keeps i%
following week April 6.                  #ould love to continue, but I am "ou%      going ' I want to be able to visit once i&
                                         of children!"                              a while!
WE NEED two parent volunteers
                                                                                    This will be a great opportunity to
to coordinate Playgroup next year;
                                         A note from Alex:                          meet new families and become
one person for Tuesday and one
                                                                                    involved in the community.& If you
person for Wednesday.& This              Having been a "Playgroup Mom" sinc"        are interested, please stop by on
volunteer position will start in         my son was 4 months old, I can't express   Tuesday or Wednesday for a visit.&
September 2010 and will continue         #hat the group of moms and dads            If you have any questions, feel free
until June 2011.&                        have come to mean to me, especia$y i&      to ask questions during the visit or
                                         the past 2 years as Wednesday co'          call Monqiue 256!8059 or Alex
A note from Monique:                     convenor. !The wisdom I got (om th"        237!5202.&
                                         more experienced moms and
I, Monique, have volunteered as                                                     Unfortunately, if there is no one
                                         grandparents, the connections my kids
Playgroup Convenor!for 3 years. Th"                                                 who volunteers to convene for
experience has been very rewarding for   and I have made and most of a$ th"
                                         fun we've had have made this one of        playgroup, this wonderful program
me and my two children and helped m"                                                will not continue, so please
                                         the best experiences of my life. !I a)
become involved in our community. I                                                 consider volunteering!
have met many wonderful families and     returning to work next year and ca&
                                         only attend sporadica$y, so I hop"
#i$ miss socializing with the parents

   If you want to share something interesting about the neighbourhood, brag about your awesome
     Norwood Sports team, advertise your business, or comment on anything you’ve read in this
newsletter, please call Katharine Cherewyk at 989.2380 or email at katharine.cherewyk@gmail.com or
                      Darla McFarlane at darlamcfarlane@gmail.com or 231.2717.
                       NORWOOD TENNIS NEWS
NCC will offer tennis lessons to both children and adults, which will begin in the spring until the end
of September. Kid’s spring lessons will take place on Saturday mornings, and adult group lessons
will take place on a weeknight yet to be decided. Read below for all you need to know about tennis
at the NCC!
                      More information will be available at spring registration.

                                ROGERS ROOKIE EVENT
Once again this year, Rogers Communications is sponsoring all Rookie events taking place in Manitoba. A
rookie event is specifically designed for beginner players to compete for the first time in a friendly
competitive environment. The event promises to be a lot of fun and is open to kids aged from 4 to 12 years

This year, Rogers is giving each player a complimentary sling bag, cell phone pouch, t-shirt, biodegradable
water bottle, key chain, movie and game rentals and certificate for playing. Refreshments will be provided
again, including fresh fruit and drinks, and the event will be concluded with a complimentary barbecue.

Our event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 26th and the cost to play is 20$.
                    More information will be available at spring registration and at

               Saturday, June 19th Noon – 3 pm
                           Kids Dental, a dental group in Winnipeg promoting children’s dental health,
                           is sponsoring a series of 4 open house tennis events this year in Winnipeg.
                            We are lucky enough to be one of the clubs hosting an event. All kids and
                            parents are invited to come down to the courts to ‘have a hit’, have some
                           fun, play fun tennis games, participate in tennis adult and children’s clinics
                              and lots more. Racquets will be on hand to use if needed. All kids will
                            receive a Tennis-Fest t-shirt and Kids Dental pouch including toothpaste,
                                                   toothbrush and other freebies.

                              Volunteers will be needed to run the event so please contact Brian
                                            Pound (231.3383) if you can help out.

                       FULL DAY SUMMER TENNIS CAMPS
This year we’re hoping to run full day, weekly tennis camps over July and August.
These camps would incorporate not only tennis instruction and play time, but
also other activities such as soccer, basketball, crafts, table tennis and
swimming. Camps will run from Monday to Friday from 9 am – 4 pm.

           More information will be available at Spring Registration.
Grab your racquet, find your old Billy Jean King tennis dress and get ready to play! A Round Robin
doubles tennis event, open to beginner tennis players will take place on Sunday June 27th from
2pm - 4pm. Emphasis is on fun and all levels are welcome!! Racquets will be available if needed
and lower compression balls will be used to make for some good rallies. Refreshments will be
provided during the event, followed by a complimentary barbecue with salads at 4 pm.

                 Only 12 spots available so call Brian Pound (231.3383) to register.

                                   KIDS SOCIAL TENNIS

Tennis is a life sport and has many benefits related to other sports, such as hand eye coordination,
aerobic fitness and balance. This spring we’re hoping kids will come out and play tennis one
evening each week for organized social play. The courts can be reserved for a set night and time,
which would hopefully coincide with other sports your kids are already involved in.

                             This will only go ahead if there are volunteers so if there are parents
                                 interested please call me or let Brian Pound know at Spring

Once again, we invite the ladies of Norwood to         !P.S. Dads, surprise the hardworking mom in
“abandon” their families to enjoy an evening           your household with the perfect Mother’s Day
just for themselves. The good times start with a       Gift ... an evening out on the golf course with
little golf and end with a tailgate party and feast,   the ladies! (Throw in a new set of clubs and
with lots of laughs in between.                        she’ll be really happy.)
The event is on Thursday, June 10 at                                      SEE
Harbourview Golf Course. We will tee off at
5:30, but get there early to meet your team and                         YOUR
pick up your treats. As usual, the format will be
alternate shot and you have the option to fill in                       AD HERE!!
your score card before, during or even after the
round.                                                     If would like to see your business advertised
!                                                            in the Norwood Community Newsletter,
For the tailgate feast, all you need to bring is a            please contact Katharine Cherewyk at
lawn chair and your appetite. We!had 40 ladies               katharine.cherewyk@gmail.com or Darla
last year and hope for even more this year. So             McFarlane at darlamcfarlane@gmail.com for
call Shelley at 233-8333!to register and tell                           more information.
your!family they’re on their own that night!
        et's face it, working out can    Why? Because it's the best party          Zumba Fitness "Intermediate#

 L      be healthy, rewarding and
        beneficial. Working out can
        be lots of things, but it's

                                         Classes use music based on salsa,
                                                                                   April 7 ! June 9/2010 & $10 classes%
        never been known to be an        merengue, cumbia, reggaeton,              '65.00 + GST = '68.25
exhilarating experience…UNTIL            calypso, soca, samba, African, cha cha,
NOW!                                     hip hop and other music.Classes are       Zumba Mommy & Me/Daddy &
                                         o"ered for all ages and abilities, with   Me $with infants up to 24 months%
The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic        traditional Zumba, Zumba Gold $for        Thursdays
Latin rhythms and easy!to!follow         seniors or beginners%, and                3:15!4:15pm
moves to create a one!of!a!kind          Zumbatonic for kids.                      April 8! June 17/2010 & $10 classes%
fitness program that will blow you                                                  '55.00 + GST = '57.75 +Booster
away. Our goal is simple: We want you
to want to work out, to love working
out, to get hooked. Zumba® Fanatics
achieve long!term benefits while
experiencing an absolute blast in one
exciting hour of calorie!burning,
body!energizing, awe!inspiring
movements meant to engage and
captivate for life!

The routines feature interval training   ZumbAtomic "Ages 4!11 years#
                                         Tuesdays                                  Zumba Fitness/Zumba Gold
sessions where fast and slow rhythms
                                         4:00!5:00pm                               "Gentle Beginner/Intermediate
and resistance training are combined
                                         April 6!June 8/2010 & & $10 classes%      Combo Class#
to tone and sculpt your body while
                                         '55.00 + GST = '57.75 +Booster            Thursdays
burning fat. Add some Latin flavor
and international zest into the mix
                                                                                   April 8 !June 17/2010 & $10 classes%
and you've got a Zumba® class!
                                                                                   '55.00 + GST = '57.75 + Booster
                                                                                   "**No class on June 10th#
In the past years, the Zumba®
program has become nothing short of
                                                                                   Zumba Convener ! Megan Land!
a revolution, spreading like wildfire,
and positioning itself as the single
most influential movement in the
industry of fitness.
                                                                                   Zumba Instructor ! Paula Fridman

Deck*!& Family Yoga with Beth Martens                          Early bird spring cost: !$120 + GST + club booster
!                                                              Early bird summer cost: !$80 + GST + club booster
Spring Session (12 weeks)                                      Late registration ($12/class) & drop ins ($15)
Mondays - March 29 - June 21                                   welcome
7:30 - 8:30 pm                                                 !
                                                               *Weather Depending...please bring appropriate
Wednesdays - April 7 - June 23                                 clothing and sun protection as the NW deck is very
6:30 - 7:30 pm !                                               sunny!
!                                                              !
Sunset Summer Session (8 weeks)                                Call Beth at (204) 775-1100
Wednesdays - July 7 - August !25                               Or email to register: !yoga@bethmartens.com
6:30 - 7:30 pm                                                 !
!                                                              For more information visit:

Come work out with your
friends and
neighbours.!Open to all ages                                             PI LATE
and fitness levels.! Join us
for a variety of exercise
options with a certified
fitness instructor.!

We do step aerobics, high-
low aerobics, skipping,                                              SPRING PILATES
boxercise, weight training,
and interval and circuit                                             Thinking of getting fit and firm
classes.!                                                            for summer?!Come join our
                                                                     Pilates (PUL-AH-TEASE) class
                                                                     and see just how strong and
Classes run:
                                                                     long you can be! No
April 5 - June 7, 2010!on Mondays and Thursdays - 6:30 - 7:30 pm.    equipment and no experience
                                                                     required. This is a great class
Cost is $55.00 for twice a week and $45.00 for once a week
                                                                     for adults of all ages taught by
                                                                     the fabulous, certified
Drop-in fee is $5.00                                                 Alexandria!!
For more information call Carrie at 233-2578 or Wendy at 237-3576.   Classes will start in late March
                                                                     on Thursdays at 8:15 pm, run
                                                                     for 10 weeks, and it only costs
   MOTHER’S DAY PANCAKE BREAKFAST                                    $53 + GST (Booster fee of $20
                                                                     is applicable).
Local Norwood Community Centre’s Annual
Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast is on Sunday,
May 9 from 9 am to noon.                                             Please register at Spring
                                                                     Registration on March 9 or
Please come join us for some delicious pancakes                      13, call Teri at 237-6178 or
and to celebrate the wonderful moms in our                           email
community.                                                           terimoffatt@hotmail.com

Thanks to the “Norwood Men” for doing the
cooking and cleaning for this event.

Silver collection at the door.
           he Norwood Community Centre will             Please apply by Sunday, April 18 for the earlier
  T        be hiring up to two summer students to
           do general outdoor field maintenance
           at the Club.&
                                                        position, or June 1 for the other.& Please prepare a
                                                        resume and cover letter to explain how you are
                                                        well!suited for this job and deliver them to Bruce
                                                        Samson, 152 Lawndale Avenue.&
Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 24
and live in Winnipeg. One position is for a             If you have any further questions you can call
university student, beginning as soon as May 1,         237!8661. Interviews will be taking place after the
and the other position is for a high school student,    application deadlines. You will be contacted by
with a start date of June 14.                           phone.

If you enjoy working outdoors, are physically fit,
can work independently, and like regular week
hours with no weekend work, this is the job for

Come! and! register for:                                For more information, please contact Karen
!                                                       Tarr! (k.tarr@uwinnipeg.ca! or! call 231-8434)
T-Ball (Learn-to-Play I)! - the perfect sport for
3-6 year olds (girls and boys) that will help build
team spirit while giving each child his/her own
turn at bat and in the field.
Baseball – for boys aged 8 and up. We work
together with the Champlain Community Centre
to offer levels for boys up to 18 years.
Softball – a wonderful sport for girls.! It’s lively,
great exercise and loads of fun!! We run many
levels for girls of all ages.

                    MOLLY’S SHOES FOR HAITI
                     Shoes, sandals, runners and work boots ... got some you can spare? Well, bring them
                     to the club&at registration, and we will send them to the devastated country of
                     Haiti. This shoe donation actually began in Washington in an elementary school
                     where Molly Hightower's&aunt&is the principal. Molly herself died in the
                     earthquake that hit Haiti. Her body was found in the orphanage where she worked
                     with&abandoned children. So take a look around the house and see what you can
                     find to help!!
          ello everyone.& Once        5!7. A big thank you goes out to

H         again, Norwood is o"ering
          a spring basketball
program to boys and girls ages 8
                                      Rebecca Kent for taking on this tall
                                      task. Although this was the only
                                      team that wore a Norwood jersey,
through 18.& The program is           we had many Norwood kids playing
o"ered through the WMBA               for other community centers.
$Winnipeg Minor Basketball
                                      We always welcome new players
Association%.& The season lasts
                                      and are always looking for more
from April to June and consists of
                                      coaches.& Basketball is an
eight regular season games plus
                                      excellent way to teach kids
playo" games. Every team makes
                                      leadership, teamwork, respect and
playo"s.& The cost of the spring
                                      many other positive attributes.& It
season is $110 all inclusive.
                                      is also a great way to keep kids
As the winter season comes to a       active and live healthier lives.& If
close, I would like to take this      you have any questions or
opportunity to recognize              comments you can email:
Norwood’s only team this season.
                                      Pat Anderson at:
This year we had Norwood’s first
ever Steve Nash Youth Basketball
Team. This league is for kids ages

                                        TA X CR E D IT R EC E I PT S
                                      If your child has participated in a fitness program with Norwood
                                      Community Centre, you may be eligible for a child fitness tax
                                      credit. The Club will not mail your Child Fitness Tax Credit
                                      receipt to you. Rather, you can pick it up after March 1 in the
                                      Norwood Community Club office, between 7am and 1:30 pm,
                                      Tuesdays and Thursdays.

                                      If you require more information, please visit the website
                                      www.cra.gc.ca/fitness, or call Canada Revenue Agency

Winnipeg Ford has been an incredible support for the community centres of Winnipeg and, every year,
donates large sums of money to ensure all kids have the opportunity to participate in recreational
programs. The Winnipeg Ford 5 has challenged each community centre to join its fundraising effort and
has agreed to match our collection up to maximum of $10,000. We have set up a donation box at the Club,
so let’s see if we can hit the max and make a difference in the lives of some kids.
             WH AT A PA RT Y!!
Over thirty families showed up with snacks and their dancing
shoes to make the first annual New Year’s Eve Dance Party a
                                                                  CAMP OUT
huge success.

Thank you to the members of the organizing committee, the
volunteer ticket sellers and the clean-up crew for making this
night possible.
                                                                     The Norwood
An extra-special thank you to Karen, Murray and the entire Tarr
gang providing a steady flow of popcorn and good cheer (Yup,        Community Centre
that’s code for BEER) from the kitchen and bar.                     will be hosting a
Also, thanks to Joe Madden for the sound system and to DJ         community campout
“Jazzy” Jeff Sinnock for keeping the parents and kids moving
                                                                  in the flood bowl on
and grooving on the dance floor. (What if the hokey-pokey is
what it’s all about?)                                              August 21, 2010.
If you have any suggestions on how to make next year’s event
even better or want to get involved, please contact Darla at      Mark your calendars,
darlamcfarlane@gmail.com. Your comments and ideas are
welcome.                                                          sweep out your tents,
                                                                  and brush up on your
                                                                   Frisbee skills. More
                                                                   information coming
Please consider getting involved in the
community club by volunteering for any
activity running at the club!

Everyone knows that the Community
Club is a great place for all community
members and is one of the reasons
Norwood is a great place to live...so...

If you would like to volunteer to help with
a current activity or would like to suggest
a new activity at the club, please talk to
Regan MacDonald
Norwood Community Centre Apparel is now here. Please use the order form that follows to get the
newest and coolest fashions!
Norwood Community Centre Apparel is now here. Please use the order form that follows to get the
newest and coolest fashions!

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