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					The Marketing Mix:

What you need to know:
Personal Selling
Sales promotion
Public relations

Above-the-line v. Below-the-line promotion
The cost effectiveness of different methods
  What is promotion?
Communicating with customers and
potential customers about the business,
its products and services.
Categories of promotion
1. Above the line        2. Below the line
   Rely on a branch of      Do not rely on the
   the media,               media, business is
   independent of the       able to control
   business.                these directly.
   Examples:                Personal selling,
   Advertising on TV,       sales promotion,
   in newspapers,           sponsorship etc.
   cinema etc.
       Objectives of
Raise awareness of a product or service
Reach a target audience
Remind customers of an existing
Switch consumption
Create an overall corporate image
        The ‘AIDA’ model
     Devised by E.K. Strong, it outlines the
     process through which successful
     promotion should take customers:
1.   Attention must be attracted
2.   Interest must be maintained
3.   Desire must be aroused
4.   Action must be taken (purchase made)
   Most advertising is designed to be one
   or both of the following:

1. Informative

2. Persuasive
Advertising media
 What influences the
 choice of advertising
For your media, assess the following:
What are the advantages?
What are the disadvantages?
Which products or services tend to be
advertised on this media and why?
Are there any examples of businesses or
products that successfully used your media?
     Influences on
   advertising media
Audience reached
Advertising of competitors
The Impact
The law
Marketing mix
Presentation of information
Corporate Advertising
Involved in promoting the business as a
whole, rather than individual products or
Usually focused on developing a
focused brand, associated with products
and services that may be very different
Controls on advertising
Trade descriptions      BODIES
Act 1968                Advertising
                        Standards Agency
Monopolies and          (ASA)
restrictive practices   Independent
Act 1948                Television
                        Commission (ITC)