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									5 Ways To Come Up With Your Own Custom Swimming Pool Design
By Ryan McCall –

Are you looking for inspiration for your custom swimming pool design? Here are
some methods for getting your imagination revved up!

1. Books and Magazines
Your first stop for inspiration should be the library. Look for books and
magazines that deal with residential swimming pool design. You will likely
find images and ideas that you like in periodicals about interior and exterior
design, residential landscaping, architecture and travel. Also, check out some
items that feature resorts and hotels from around the world. As you browse,
make note of the names of the architect or designer of pools and landscapes
that appeal to you, so you can look that person up and see more of their work in
other books or online. If you are allowed, photocopy or scan pictures of pools
that have elements that you like, such as tile patterns or steps.

2. Hit the streets
Go for a walk in neighborhoods that you love. Look for areas that have upscale
houses, or areas with a lot of hotels. See if you can spot any pools in the may not, as they tend to be hidden from view, but now and then
you can catch a glimpse. You can also pick up a ton of ideas for pool
landscaping. If you can get to hotel areas, stroll in and have a peek at their pool
area. Often, it will be visible from one of the dining areas.

3. Be a couch potato
Turn movie night into pool design night! Rent a bunch of movies that have plenty
of poolside scenes, or are set somewhere that you love. Watch some TV shows
(yes, even some really, really bad ones) that take place in areas with a lot of
water and pool action...if a show is set somewhere warm, like Miami or Los
Angeles, then you are bound to see some pool scenes. And if there are lots of
mansions in the show, there are almost always lots of pool scenes! Have a pad
of paper in hand, and be ready to pause and make note of elements that you

4. Make a list
What do you want to do in your pool? Will you simply lounge around, floating on
an inflatable raft, or do you want to swim laps? Will your kids use it for fun, or do
you want to entertain adults as well? Think about the different people that will
use the pool, and how they will use it. What will you need? What would enhance

Custom Swimming Pool Design – c 2010
the experience? What would take away from it?

5. Make your look book
All of this information has to go somewhere. Get a three-ring binder to organize
all of your pictures, sketches, notes and ideas. Using a binder rather than a
notebook allows you to easily place and remove pages, or rearrange items,
without having to rip anything out. Yo may want to organize your book according
to elements, such as slides you love, or tile patterns that catch your eye.

After some very enjoyable research, you are sure to come up with plenty of
custom swimming pool design ideas. Then your only problem will be deciding
which one to choose!

Custom Swimming Pool Design – c 2010

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