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Notes from the Summer of 2002


 Volume 15 Issue 2                                                                                    Winter, 2002-2003

 As early Americans                                                            kitchen. The pull on the line made it
 used green boughs on
 their signal fires, we        Notes from the Summer                           necessary to run a power loss check on the
                                                                               entire line to correct the problem. A faulty
                                       of 2002                                 splice was discovered as the cause of the
                                                                               problem. Water pressure to the kitchen
 WOODSMOKE                                                                     continued to be a problem for the new pump
                                   his was the camp’s 38th summer, Corc
                                   and Thayer’s 17th as camp directors.        of 2001. This pump was replaced with a
                                   Getting camp open this year had its         submersible model the second week of
                            Challenges. A new beaver had moved in on           camp.
                            the lake. With the new roof on Shelter 1 all the
                            roofs in camp were now waterproof with the         The rope swing tree was determined to be
                            exception of Shelter 7 which needs a new           unsafe since there wasn’t any new growth to
                            one. Fortunately this shelter is not used as a     be found on it. This was cut and made into a
                            camper shelter. The upper bridge (above            platform for the new rope swing tree. The
                            shelter 2) across Roaring Brook was washed         new swing is “Sweet”!
                            out with the spring thaw never to be seen
                            again. It must have made it to the Connecticut     The first mile run ended up being an
A year has passed since     River. The main tent and tarp box in Shelter       interesting event due to some confusion
the events of September     10 was opened up during the winter by some         over the route!#@%? During both sessions,
11, 2001. Our country is    curious uninvited visitors to the property. A      everyone made it up Mt. Moosilauke in
still living under its      mouse family moved in and made a huge nest         under 2 hours. Early arrivals to the summit
shadow with events to       and mess of everything. It required many days      included Kadi, Graham, Kevin, Dan, Jack,
come still unknown. We      of sunshine and disinfectant odor control          Matt, Ryan, Tyler, & Wyatt. The first
are lifted in our spirits   spray to sort it out. After an estimated 30        backpacking trip to the Mahoosucs got some
by the many heroes who      years of service, the clothes dryer in the         great rain in “buckets” on the first night out.
have stepped forward to     kitchen died. We took delivery on a new one        The rest of the trips this summer were
help and the courage        in the first week of camp.                         relatively free of precipitation.
shown by so many
others under difficult      As part of leadership training and to provide      What follows is just some ramblings of the
circumstances. We are       an orientation to the White Mountain National      summer which are nothing more than a
thankful for our            Forest, the counselors enjoyed a great trip up     series of inside jokes and reflections. For
CHALLENGE friends           Mt. Chocorua. We got a nice break in the           those who weren’t there, you missed a great
and family around the       cloudy and wet weather of the week for some        time. Remember there is a difference
world. Thankful too for     spectacular views from the summit. The             between laughing “with” you and “at” you.
the fact that in this       mosquitoes were fairly thick to start the
world of overwhelming       season. We discovered that the lake was very       Abhi—Slave driver—What are you doing?I’m
change that some things     cold too . . . So cold that we opted not to put    going to the bathroom.
don’t change like the       the whole dock system in settling for 4 piers                             (Continued on page 4)
way we feel about our       during first session. Unlike previous summers
CHALLENGE Camp              where we usually set up the waterfront first,
and Crew. JT & Corc         we put this activity off until the end of          In this issue:
                            Leadership Training Week hoping for warmer
                            water and air temperatures. The rebuilt piers
                                                                                      Notes from the Summer~p. 1 & 4
                            were nice to have.
                                                                                      Alumni News ~p. 2
                                                                                      Archery List~p. 3
                            A storm hit camp on the evening of the first
                                                                                      2003 Summer Preview~p. 3
                            day of camp forcing Council Rock to be held
                                                                                      Riflery List~ p. 5
                            in the main shelter. The wind blew down about
                                                                                      Woodsmen’s Weekend Results~p. 5
                            7 trees across various roads in camp. It also
                                                                                      Orienteering Day Results~p. 5
                            caused an oak to sever the power to the
   Page 2                                                                                                         WOODSMOKE

                        Alumni News                                      “hi”. He just got back from 7 months in Argentina and Pata-
                                                                         Jeff Hollocher (’94’95’96’97’99)- He spent 3 weeks this

    W         e’ve heard from a number of folks. Thanks to all who
              wrote to us!
     Dan Barnfield (‘99’00’01’02, Staff Rock/Ropes, Kayak-
                                                                        summer on Volunteer Trail Crew with the AMC. He will start
                                                                        at Boston University this Fall.
                                                                        John Hosie (‘97 Staff Ropes/Rocks) - Is working for an
     ing) - latest goal is to become a personal trainer, when he        Insurance company in Liverpool and climbing often.
     is not attending classes to finish his Outdoor Education De-       Nate Jones (’87’88’89’90’91) - In his third year of his doc-
                         gree he is serving as an instructor at the     toral program in school psychology at the University of
                         Uni Gym near London and gearing up for         Connecticut. Spent time last summer on a multi-sport out-
                         his semester in Finland. He is the head of     door trip with a nearby therapeutic camp. nate_jones
                         the campus security team at school.   His brother Scott Jones (’87’88’89’90 Staff
                                     ‘91) is living in Philly with wife Alix and 2 year old daughter,
                         Alan Bonney (‘72 Staff Physical Fit-           Lucy. He is working as a computer programmer for Boeing.
                         ness) - checked in after 30 years, was         Dave Kilimnik (’87’88) - Dave is still out in California in the
                         thrilled to learn that the camp is thriving,   Software business and DJ’ing when he gets the chance. He
                         wants to connect with folks from his era       has been running long distance races and skiing. Last we
                         including Steve Mina and John Geller.          heard he was planning on doing some backpacking in the
                                       Sierra over the summer.
                         Moe Brady (’96’97) - He is a student at        Lucas Koning-Madden (‘95’96’97) - We are very sad-
                         the University of Vermont.                     dened to report that Luke’s mother (Patsy Koning) con-
                         Josh Connell (Camper ’85’86 Staff              tacted us last December to let us know that he passed
Summits of               ‘89) - Graduated from Babson College.          away in May, 2001, at age 17.
                         Worked in venture capital in Florida and       Myles Lamperth (‘00 Staff Waterfront) - has been putting
  2002                   Boston. He then worked several years as        in a lot of guiding hours (150 nights in last months) with his
                         a business analyst for Keyport Insurance.      Safari company in South Africa. He will be spending this
The Mahoosucs in-        He also works part-time for REI. He still      winter running a hotel in Vail, CO. Plans on doing a lot out-
clude the summits of     loves to do it all in the outdoors.            door trekking in the USA this spring.
Old Speck (4180’), Ma-                                  Dungsuk Lee (‘01 Staff Crafts) Is in his last year of study
hoosuc Arm (3790’),      Tim Currie (‘92 Staff Marksman ) - is          at Hangkook Univ. in Korea.
Goose Eye (3870’), Mt. teaching 9th Grade math in Georgia. He           Carlos Lopez de Nava (’87) - It’s been 17 years since we
Carlo (3565’), Mt. Suc-
                         created custom fishing nets as a side          heard from Carlos. He has graduated from college and law
cess (3565’), Cascade
(2631’) and Mt. Hayes business. Website             school and is working with his father. He will soon be the
(2555’).                 ~tcurrie/ or email      manager of a Toyota dealership in Mexico. He has been
                         Greg Davis (‘87’88’89’90 Camper ‘95            serving as a prison pastor. sircharles104@
The Chocorua-            Kitchen Assistant) - He graduated from         Travis Mann-Gow (‘00’01) - had an awesome time on the
Waterville Area in-      Texas A&M in Finance and joined the            Colorado River last summer rafting and kayaking then
cludes the summits of    Peace Corp. He went to Lepaera, Hondu-         spent the rest of his time riding his mountain bike and earn-
Chocorua (3475’), Pau- ras working in small business develop-           ing money landscaping.
gus (3210’), Passa-      ment. He is currently finishing his MBA at     Harry Marvin (’95’97) - Has finished his freshman year at
conaway (4060’),
                         Thunderbird University in International        Plattsburgh State University where he plans on majoring in
Whiteface (4010’),
Hedgehog (3150’), and business & management.                            Environmental Science. He started a Sportsman’s Club
Sleeper Ridge (3870’), Lachlan Ferris (‘94’95’96 Staff Marks-           with about 15 members which is recognized by the student
and the Tripyramid       man) - completed a 5 week around the           association. Last we heard he was thinking about working
North (4140’), Middle globe trip upgrading server hardware for          in Quebec last summer. He was hoping to get a lottery
(4110’), and South       the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Af-        ticket to hunt moose in Maine.
(4090’).                 fairs and Trade. The trip included Turkey,     Mark Miller (‘93 Staff Kitchen) - is still teaching, but now
                         Switzerland, Germany, Austria and India.       for an alternative school in Cleveland for young men 15-18                                           years old. Working on Master’s degree. Got married in Au-
     Tim Forrester (‘94’96’97 Dir. Of Food Service) - Bought a          gust!
     house in Wiscasset, Maine where he can build boats, ca-            Stephen Pawson (‘99 Staff Rocks/Ropes) - Graduated
     noes, kayaks, and furniture at night. Timforrester@hotmail.        with a Masters in Applied Science with first-class honors
     com                                                                and has started a PhD at the University of Canterbury. Has
     Andy Hale (‘95’96) - Is starting his freshman year at Mid-         only had enough time for a little caving. pawsons@tui.
     dlebury College this fall. He finished his Wilderness Emer-
     gency Medical Technicians course in August. andy-                  Corey Rubinfield (’94’95’96) - Finished up working with His brother Tom Hale (‘95’96) says               the Cold Regions Research Lab and headed to New Zea-
WOODSMOKE                                                                                                 Page 3

land for the summer before returning to the
University         of    Colorado.      Corey.                 Triathlon
                                                During the last week of camp for the last morn-
Matt Salter (‘96 Staff Crafts) - Sad to report
                                                ing wakeup activity we have a crazy team tri-
that Matt was not able to complete flight school
for the Navy. So he has become an air traffic   athlon. In teams of 3, we swim around the end
controller for the air force. He has now served of the dock, paddle across the lake and back, Junior Yeoman
in all 3 services including the army. He has a  and then run around the lake. Is that crazy or Anthony Mapes
great house in Sydney and is doing well. mat-   what?@#$%&!                                      Ben Berry                                                                       Wyatt Shaw
Dan Sida ( ‘95 Staff Crafts) - finishing work inFirst Session                                    Anthony Martins
France overseeing the sugical implantation of                                                    Junior Yeoman Arrow
                                                1st—Sandy Lincoln, Arlo Herrine, Zack Eichenwald Kevin Bonvicini
the “Sida” ceramic artificial knee. Looking for-2nd—Aaron Benjamin, Connor Mulligan, Kevin Bon- Harry Mulligan
ward to returning to his home in the Czech Re-  vicini
public especially since his wife is expecting                                                    Dane Gallagher
                                                3rd—Josh Pyszkowski, Stephen Chehi, Anthony
their first baby soon.                          Mapes                                            James Schreffler
Ralph Stainbank (‘93 Staff Marksmanship) -      4th—Harry Mulligan, Andrew Duplessie, Ken Caliss William Duplessie
just became a father with his wife Katie. It’s a                                                 Yeoman
girl born November 1st!                         Second Session                                   Stephen Chehi
Max Stryker (‘00’01’02) - is keeping fit and                                                     Mat LeGrix
                                                1st—Dane Gallagher, Wil Hemingway, Ty Rilleau
working out hard, he was starting tackle this fall                                               Lewis Hebert
                                                2nd—Evan DeDominicis, Tyler Hehman, Michael
for his JV football team, plans on wrestling this                                                Evan Fjeld
                                                Plasker                                          Gareth Hardy
winter and play ice hockey in the off season    3rd—Alex Barteau, Evan Fjeld, Zachary Eichenwald Tyler Hehman
and trying his best to stay on honor roll. Laxd-4th—Anthony Martins, Rico Nalven, Max Stryker                                                                                Will Hemmingway
Abhi Vasisht (‘02 Staff Marksmanship) - he                                                       Ryan Wesko
competed in the trials for a spot on the Indian                                                  Andrew Duplessie
Team for the Asian Games and has competed                                                        Junior Bowman
in the Indian National Championship in air pis-      2003 Summer Preview                         Evan DeDominicis
tol, which is his specialty. Abhimarksman         This summer looks to be another year of Justin Mitiguy                                   great trips and adventure for new Junior Bowman Arrow
                                                  participants as well as returning crew Nick LeGrix
                                                  members. In keeping with the goal of Zach Eichenwald
                                                  presenting new trips every Summer, we are Sandy Lincoln
                                                  pleased to announce the trip plans for 2003. Bowman
                                                  The canoe trip this year will be the Allagash Buck Bishop
                                                  River in Maine. The backpacking trips will be Bowman First Rank
                                                  the Presidential Range with Mt. Washington Arlo Herrine
                                                  (the highest summit in New England) and Zack Eischenwald
                                                  the Pemigewasett Wilderness. We last Archer
                                                  climbed here in 1999. Weather permitting, Aaron Benjamin
  Whitewater Rafting Trip                         there will be a special kayak trip and rock- Martin Greenwald
                                                  climbing trip for those who concentrate on American Archer
We had awesome waves and rips on both raft- developing their skills in these activities. A Mike Plasker
ing tips on the Upper Hudson River in New whitewater rafting trip will head for the Upper
York. The weather was great and the water was Hudson River as well! YEEHAA!
blue. And we had plenty of shrieks and yee-has.
What more could you want?!
                                                         Summits of 2003
First Session—Stephen Chehi, Zach Porges, The Presidential Ridge        The Pemigewasett
Sandy Lincoln, Jack Archer, Harry Mulligan, Ben
Berry, Anthony Mapes, and Lewis Hebert          Washington (‘6288)      Mt. Carrigan (5680’)
                                                Mt. Jefferson (5715’)   Mt. Hancock (4403’)
Second Session—Wyatt Shaw, Zack Eichen- Mt. Clay (5532’)                Mt. Bond (4698’)
wald, Tim Neal, Alex Jacobson, Tyler Wojcek, Mt. Monroe (5385’)         Mt. Guyot (4508’)
Evan DeDominicis, Mike Arthur, Mike Plasker, Mt. Eisenhower (4761’)
Henry Nalvan, Tyler Hehman, Justin Doran, Mt. Clinton (4310’)
Alex Barteau and Ty Rilleau
Page 4                                                                                                WOODSMOKE

    Notes from the Summer 2002 Con’t.~                         Ben Berry—The Yellow School Bus.
                                                               Graham Wolf—Adam Sandler, hemp necklaces.
 Ken—Don’t speak to me, go away! Bugger Music, We’re           Lewis Herbert—the Beaver Slayer, Man Eating Fisher Cat.
 brothers Monomonona.                                          Arlo Herrine—The many names of Arlo, Camel Toes,
 Kadi—Oh my God! Phone call for Kadi.                          You’ve killed it.
 Dan—Dan, Dan, the posture man, I can do it, you can do        Sandy Lincoln—Yes, you may work on your paddle, No,
 it, You’ll need to hear this—What are you doing?              you can’t come to Shelter 3.
 Aleuminium.                                                   Mike Arthur—I bid 65 pushups. Grubmeister. I just put this
 Alish—Could be a better mouse trap, Baby Alish,               on clean. Alvin! Chipmunks can get angry too. Dancin’
 Mosguito is bleeding call 911. I’m not lost, I just           naked in the USA. Can I glue my knife? Rock climbing.
 misplaced my group. 42 miles. You can drive the van.          Alex Barteau—Help! I know I’m going to mess this up. The
 Till—Where is the work. I cannot see. But, butbabababa,       most responsible.
 wawawa, Hmmmmmmm?                                             Evan De Dominicis—I’m going to die backpacking, This is a
 Thayer—Who? Where’s Thayer now, I don’t know, ask             clean shirt!
 your counselor, ask the boss, I’m just the bus driver.        Dane Gallagher—did UPS deliver the shirt? What chapter
 Corc—Line up, SECONDS!!, I’m going to shoot—I didn’t          are you on? Bug bite, I can’t stop itching, Lazy boy, snake,
 come with the order, Hey, I’m just the cook.                  crayfish, frogs, grasshopper catcher. Return of the
 Johnn—Who?                                                    Dragons.
 Aaron—does anybody know a joke?                               Gareth Hardy—Excuse me, I have a question. Could I have
 Jack Arthur—What’s your problem? I’m just keeping it as       my medication? Worry wart. THE Fisherman, THE Fish.
 a pet. Excuse me, I have a question. Don’t kill it. Shut up   Anthony Martins—hanging sleeping bag, Watch where you
 Jack. You have 3 questions. You know we like you.             are going, falling down.
 Justin Mitiguy—Who? Flying in your sleep?                     Tim Neal—What? What are you lookin’ at? Hey Mr. TJ,
 Mat LeGrix—Who? Control yourself, don’t get too               Wrong way TJ.
 excited.                                                      Wyatt Shaw—Hand stands in the shallow water. I’ve been
 Martin Greenwald—Who? The Rock.                               on all the trips. What’s you talkin’ about Willis?
 Nick LeGrix—Frenchie! He’s smilin’                            Buck Bishop—What’s your problem, bucky, I hate your
 Andrew Duplessie—Monkey boy, Grub, dirt on face.              verrwy, verrwy much, Nu Ah, Thank you, come again.
 Harry Mulligan—I’m here to look after my brother. I can       Evan Fjeld—I have no idea what he was talking about.
 see you’re smiling so you’re not having a good time.          Tyler Hehman—Whazzup? Human food clock.
 William Duplessie—Fisher Cat, That’s my brother’s. Mad        Will Hemmingway—Grubmeister—rollin’ in the dirt,
 Cow Disease.                                                  Grayfish torture.
 Connor Mulligan—Mr. New Jersey, Where’s my glasses,           Alex Jacobson—Mini-me Max, How long is he going to stay
 mess kit, shoes? Are you sure those are your socks you        under there? Little one, Yoda, Packboard speedster.
 are wearing? Infecto boy.                                     Rico Nalven—Pro Marksman! Mountain Man.
 Kevin Bonvicini—Spider, fastest man in camp, Kevin            James “Spike” Schreffler—stopcommenting, I don’t want to
 M&M                                                           get wet, Stop the talk, and start the walk.
 Stephen Chehi—Styx, I’ll do any PT, good shot, naked
 fisherman, hemp necklaces
 Josh Pyszkowski—Was that a smile?                              Staff Needed for the Summer of 2003
 Zack Porges—Pugsly
 Anthony Mapes—Ant, Tony, Eh!, Tony, clean your face.          Many people may not know that we are always looking for
 Aaron Benjamin—Crayfish traps, your legs look in good         good qualified staff people at Challenge Wilderness Camp.
 condition today—What?                                         Perhaps you know someone who has some special skills in
                                                               crafts, rock climbing, canoeing, swimming, etc. who would
                                                               enjoy spending a summer at Challenge. We are searching
  Returning in ‘03? You can save $!                            for good staff all year long. Teachers, graduate students
                                                               and professional outdoorsmen are key sources for our staff.
It’s still early yet, but here’s who took advantage of our     Perhaps you know a teacher who would like to be out of the
early enrollment special: Justin Doran, Max Gaughan,           classroom for the summer. All staff must be a minimum of
Lewis Hebert, Alex Jacobson, and Anthony Martins. We           21 years of age and have previous outdoor and leadership
would really enjoy a few more to join ‘em before the holi-     experience. Let us know if you know of someone, or tell
days. So anyone who enrolls before December 20 will re-        them to get in touch with us!
ceive a 10% discount . That’s a savings of $330! Call us.

  Self-Reliance, Resourcefulness, and the Will to Achieve
   WOODSMOKE                                                                                                                  Page 5

              Orienteering Day                                          Recruiting Trip Schedule
      T      his was the 16th
             the annual
     Orienteering Day
                                                 year of
                                                           Thayer will once again take to the road to share information with
                                                           prospective families. His tentative travel schedule is as follows:
     which finished with the                                         December 15 Boston Marriot, Newton, MA
     traditional Bean-Hole-                                          January 11 Maine Mall, Sout Portland
     Beans and all the                                               January 12 Milton Academy, Boston, MA
     trimmings! The                                                  January 23 Tower Hill, Wilmington, DE
     results were as                                                 January 24 Abington Friends, Abington,PA
     follows:                                                        January 25 Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA
        First Session                                                January 26 Shipley, Philadelphia, PA
     Team Overall
                                                                     January 27 Concord-Carlisle H,S. Concord, MA
     1st- William Du-
     plessie, Anthony                                                January 29 Greenwich H.S., Greenwich, CT
     Mapes, Arlo Herrine, Sandy                                      February 1 Delbarton School, Morristown, NJ
     Lincoln, Mat LeGrix                                             February 2 Princeton Country Day, Princeton, NJ
     2nd- Connor Mulligan, Nick LeGrix, Josh Py-                     March        8 Nashua, NH
     sykowski, Stephen Chehi, Aaron Benjamin               If you would like to arrange for Thayer to come to your house while
     3rd - Andrew Duplessie, Zach Porges, Kevin Bon-       he is in your area to share our slide show with your friends, please
     vicini, Ben Berry                                     call us toll free 1-800-832-4295. Other dates have not been
     4th - Jack Archer, Lewis Hebert, Graham Wolf,         confirmed, so let us know when a visit might be suitable. March and
                         Martin Greenwald, Harry Mulli-
                                                           April are still completely open! Thayer is available most any
                                                           weekend for New England. If you would like additional copies of our
    Riflery              Intermediate Solo
                                                           brochure to share, we can always send those to you at any time.
                         1st - Harry Mulligan
Pro Marksman             2nd- Jack Archer
Andrew Duplessie         3rd - Graham Wolf
Evan Dedominicis         Advanced                                              Bring-A-Friend ‘03
Ty Rilleau               1st - Mat LeGrix                  We are again offering the Bring-A-Friend program to encourage
                         2nd- Ben Berry
Buck Bishop                                                campers to bring their friends to Challenge. Those who do will
                         3rd - Arlo Herrine
Rico Nalven                                                receive a 10% savings in their tuition for each friend. We will
Dane Gallagher                   Second Session            continue to offer a 10% reduced tuition for families enrolling more
Ryan Wesko              Team Overall                       than one camper.
Anthony Martin          1st - 6 Degrees—Dane Galla-
Tim Neal
Justin Doran
                        gher, Anthony Martins, James
                        Schreffler, Tyler Wojcik, Justin                  Woodsmen’s Weekend
Tyler Hehman            Doran, Michael Plasker
                        2nd– Pathfinders—Wyatt Shaw,
                        Gareth Hardy, Evan Fjeld, Alex
                                                            A     rip-roaring raucious day of rad events and fun including tree
                                                                 identification, pancake eating competition, log rolling, buck-
                                                            sawing, corn shucking, pulpwood throwing, packboard relay, cast-
                        Jacobson, Ty Rilleau                ing, canoeing and a greased watermellon fight.
Harry Mulligan          3rd - Back Azimuths—Mike Ar-
Mike Arthur             thur, Tim Neal, Buck Bishop,        First Session
                        Rico Nalven, Max Stryker            1st– Mutated Monkey Men—Andy Duplessie, Connor Mulligan, Anthony
Sharpshooter            4th - Over Bearings—Alex            Mapes, Josh Pyszkowski, Graham Wolf, Aaron Benjamin
Max Stryker             Barteau, Evan DeDominicis, Ty-      2nd - Shut up Lumberjack—Jack Archer, Lewis Herbert, Zack Porges, Arlo
                        ler Hehman, Will Hemmingway,        Herrine, Sandy Lincoln, Harry Mulligan
                        Ryan Wesko, Zach Eichenwald         3rd - Country Folk—William Duplessie, Nick LeGrix, Kevin Bonvincini, Ben
                                                            Berry, Stephen Chehi
      Intermediate Team
      1st - Tyler Hehman, Will Hemmingway
      Intermediate Solo
                                                            Second Session
      1st - Alex Jacobson                                   1st - Mountain Men—Mike Arthur, Zachary Eichenwald, Anthony Martins,
      2nd- Anthony Martins                                  James Schreffler, Wyatt Shaw, Ryan Wesko
      3rd - Evan Fjeld                                      2nd - Team Ewok—Tyler Hehman, Wil Hemingway, Alex Jacobson, Max
      4th– Tim Neal                                         Stryker, Dane Gallagher
                                                            3rd - The Sketch Modes—Alex Barteau, Buck Bishop, Evan Fjeld, Tim
      1st - Michael Plasker                                 Neal, Ty Rilleau
      2nd– Max Styker                                       4th - Disgruntled Chipmunks—Evan DeDominicis, Justin Doran, Tyler
      3rd - Buck Bishop                                     Hehman, Rico Nalven, Michael Plasker, Gareth Hardy
      4th– Justin Doran
                                                            At the end of the day, there was a cookout and chicken barbecue!
                                                            Good Stuff!

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