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      Welcome to Monty Tech!
                                             Inside ...
                                             Computer & Office Skills....4                          Day Trips, Sightseeing, Tours.10
                                             Occupational Skills............5                       Health & Recreation ........11
                                             Home Maintenance ...........5                          Landscaping ...................11
                                             Languages........................6                     Children’s Programs ........11
                                             Medical ............................6                  Growth & Development ...12
                                             Business & Finance............7                        Arts, Music & Hobbies .....13
                                             Culinary Arts ....................7                    Career/Licensing.............14
                                             Nurse Aide Training ..........8                        Registration ....................15
    Welcome! The Fall 2008 session           Practical Nursing ..............9                      Help Wanted ..................16

    of Monty Tech’s Postgraduate
    and Continuing Studies                   Registration Dates
    Programs are about to begin.         Registrations will be accepted beginning on Monday, August 11th.
    Having served the Montachusett
                                         Online Registration
    area since 1971, our curriculum      Beginning August 11th. Register any time day or night.
    continues to provide offerings
                                         Walk-in Registration
    for enhancement, enrichment,         Beginning August 11th
    self-improvement or just plain       NO registrations will be accepted prior to Monday, August 11, 2008.
    fun. The continual updating and      REGISTRATION HOURS HAVE BEEN EXTENDED.
                                         Monday through Friday beginning August 11, 2008
    addition of courses emphasizes       8:00 am - 3:00 pm
    our commitment to excellence,        Saturday, August 23, 2008
                                                                                                  3 CONVENIENT

                                         9:00 am – Noon
    through the provision of
                                         Saturday, September 6, 2008                                 WAYS TO
    affordable, quality and enjoyable    9:00 am – Noon
    educational experiences.
                                         Mail Registration
    Our courses are provided for         Send completed Registration Form and check or credit card information to:
    adults without regard to             Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School, Continuing Education, 1050
                                         Westminster Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420.
    residence. We look forward to
    providing you with exciting and     Refund Policy
    rewarding educational
                                        PLEASE READ CAREFULLY                                    ■ Classes meeting less than 4 sessions are not
    opportunities.                                                                                 refundable after the first class meeting.
                                        Refunds are ONLY given if a class is cancelled or
                                        withdrawal is at least one week prior to the first       Vouchers can be used for the class initially
                                        class. Please note the registration fee of $10 is non-   registered for or for a class of equal or lesser value.
    James Culkeen                       refundable. If a course is filled when we receive        Please be advised that if a voucher is used towards a
                                        your payment, you will be given a full refund.           lesser valued class, balances are not refundable.
    Superintendent-Director             Vouchers will be given for all other requests based
                                        on the schedule below:                                   All refunds are processed through our Business
                                                                                                 Office and may take 3-4 weeks to process.
    Lauri Guy                           ■ A voucher for 100% of the tuition will be issued       Registrations paid by credit card will be refunded as
                                            prior to the first class meeting.                    a credit on your credit card. No cash refunds will
    Director, Postgraduate &            ■ A voucher for 75% of the tuition will be issued        be disbursed.
    Continuing Studies                      prior to the second class meeting.
                                        ■ NO refunds will be issued after the second class       A $25.00 fee will be charged for checks returned
                                            meeting.                                             for non-payment.

2     Monty Tech Course Catalog Fall 2008                                                              978.345.9200 x5220
978.345.9200 x5220                                                                                                                       FALL         2008
 General Information
                                                 brochure. However, the Postgraduate and                          courses. Certificates of Completion are
 FALL CLASSES                                    Continuing Studies office reserves the right to                  issued to all students enrolled in career
Start-up and Tuition                             make changes to courses, programs and                            training and professional development
Fall classes begin the week of September         policies as circumstances dictate. The school                    courses meeting 10 hours or more providing
15 (unless otherwise noted). Tuition and         reserves the right to cancel classes that have                   they maintain a 70% attendance. Certificates of
fees must be paid in full at the time of         insufficient enrollment. A listing in this                       Attendance may be requested for courses that
registration. All courses will be filled on a    catalog does not guarantee a course or                           are not categorized as professional development
first-come, first-served basis.                  program will run. Upon receipt of payment,                       or career training. Practical Nursing,
                                                 the Postgraduate and Continuing Studies                          Phlebotomy and Electrical Code courses are
Admissions                                       office considers the student registered.                         graded according to instructor standards.
Enrollment in any Postgraduate and
Continuing Studies course is open to adults      Class Cancellation                                               Parking
at the same low rate regardless of               When Monty Tech day school classes are                           Adequate parking is provided in well-lit
residence. Courses are open to students          canceled, evening classes are also canceled.                     parking lots.
ages 16-18 with the permission of the            During the day if the weather conditions                         Smoking Policy
instructor and written parental permission.      change drastically necessitating the closing of                  Monty Tech is a smoke-free school. The use
                                                 the night school programs, cancellation of                       of all tobacco products is prohibited in the
Registration Fees                                classes will be broadcast over radio stations
A $10.00 Registration fee is due once per                                                                         school and on school grounds according to
                                                 WBZ (AM 1030), WEIM(AM1280),                                     Massachusetts State Law.
semester per person.                             WRKO(AM680),              WXLO(FM104.5),
• Registration fees do not apply to day          WSRS(FM96.1), WGAW(AM 1340) and                                  Office Hours
  trips and/or one day classes.                  WTAG (AM580). Classes canceled due to                            Our Postgraduate and Continuing Studies staff
• A cancellation fee of $10 will be charged      weather conditions or illness of the instructor                  is available to meet with prospective students
  if a day trip is canceled less than 7 days     will be rescheduled.                                             to discuss educational opportunities at Monty
  prior to departure.                                                                                             Tech. During the semester, the office is open
                                                 Certificates                                                     Monday through Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to
Tuition                                          All Postgraduate and Continuing Studies
Our low tuition rates are noted following                                                                         7:00 p.m., Fridays from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00
                                                 courses are non-college credit, non-graded                       p.m. or by appointment.
each course description.
Text and Materials Fees
Most classroom courses require the
purchase of a separately priced textbook.
                                                          Fall 2008 Evening School Calendar
Textbooks may be purchased in the Main                    August 2008                       September 2008
Office on the first night of class unless          Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu         Fri   Sat   Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu          Fri   Sat

otherwise noted.                                                               1     2             1    2     3     4    5    6               Classes Begin
                                                                                                                                              Registration Begins
Senior Discount                                     3      4    5    6    7    8     9      7      8    9    10    11   12    13
                                                                                                                                              No Classes
                                                    10     11   12   13   14   15    16    14      15   16   17    18   19    20
Senior Citizens, 60 or over, may register for
                                                                                                                                              Special Extended
most courses at a 15% discount.                     17     18   19   20   21   22    23    21      22   23   24    25   26    27
                                                                                                                                              Registration Hours
Textbooks, registration and materials fees              31 25   26   27   28   29    30    28      29   30

cannot be discounted. Courses designated                 October 2008                                                                   December 2008
                                                                                                November 2008
as senior classes, one day classes and             Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu         Fri   Sat   Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu          Fri   Sat   Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu         Fri   Sat
Monty Tech day trips are NOT eligible for                            1    2     3    4                                         1          1     2     3    4     5    6
discount.                                           5      6    7    8    9    10    11     2      3    4    5     6    7      8    7     8     9    10    11   12    13
First Night of Class                                12     13   14   15   16   17    18     9      10   11   12    13   14    15    14   15     16   17    18   19    20
Students should report to the cafeteria 10          19     20   21   22   23   24    25    16      17   18   19    20   21    22    21   22     23   24    25   26    27
minutes prior to class on the first night for       26     27   28   29   30   31          23                                       28   29     30   31
                                                                                                30 24   25   26    27   28    29
orientation. At that time, instructors will be
introduced and room/shop assignments               Holidays & No-Class Dates
will be announced. Your promptness will
                                                   There are no Continuing Education classes on the following dates:
help you to avoid getting lost or frustrated.
                                                   September 24    Advisory Dinner     November 11       Veteran’s Day
Program Offerings                                  October 13      Columbus Day        November 20       Parents Night
Every effort will be made to offer the             October 17      Tour Day            November 24       Parents Night
courses and programs described in this             October 20      Tour Day            November 26-28 Thanksgiving Break
                                                   Occasionally classes are canceled due to additional school events.

                                                    visit continuing education online at:                                                            3
2008                 FALL                                                                                    

 Course Descriptions
                                                         and open presentations, display slides and
  COMPUTERS &                                            slide shows, print slides, use a variety of
  OFFICE SKILLS                                          slide views, create and edit slides and
                                                         select design templates. You will also add
100 GETTING STARTED WITH                                 clipart and sound files to your
    COMPUTERS FOR SENIOR                                 presentations, and learn how to import
    CITIZENS 60 AND OVER                                 Word and Excel data into your
This basic course develops skills for using a
personal computer. The emphasis will be on               Required text not included.
helping the student become comfortable with the          Pre-requisite: Fundamental knowledge of
IBM personal computer and Microsoft Windows,             computers. Class Limit: 12
Microsoft applications, basics including the             8 nights/24 hours
keyboard and mouse, as well as a glimpse into the        $179
World Wide Web. File management,                         Tues. & Thurs., beg. Sept. 16
creation/handling          of       documents,           6:00-9:00
creation/handling of spreadsheets, and how to            Scheduled to teach: Steve Fontaine
navigate the Internet for research (Senior
Resources) will also be covered.                         135 MICROSOFT EXCEL
8 afternoons/16 hours                        $60         This introductory course to spreadsheet
Thursdays, beg. September 18          3:30-5:30          software will provide students with the
Scheduled to teach: Elba Guzman                          ability to enter data, perform calculations,
                                                         and create eye-catching graphs, charts
112 KEYBOARDING/TYPING                                   and reports. Required text not included.
This is a basic course on keyboarding/typing.            Pre-requisite: Fundamental knowledge of
This course is for all of you that have never typed      computers. Class Limit: 12
or type with one or two fingers. You will be             8 nights/24 hours
shown the correct position to place your fingers to
                                                         Tues. & Thurs., beg. October 14                        aspects of, and basic construction techniques
increase your speed. This is meant to help you           6:00-9:00
learn how to type with all of your fingers. We will                                                             for, creating web pages. Using Macromedia
                                                         Scheduled to teach: Steve Fontaine                     Studio 8 Dreamweaver and Fireworks, the
be practicing on an IBM computer keyboard, no
typewriters required. Current typists looking to         137 MICROSOFT WORD                                     students will be able to create well designed
increase their speed are welcome. Required text          This is an introductory course focusing on how,        and properly functional web page projects. A
not included.                                            when and why you would use Microsoft Word.             memory stick is to be supplied by the student.
8 nights/16 hours                             $115       You will learn how to create and edit                  Required text not included. Pre-requisite:
Tues. & Thurs., beg. Sept. 23            6:30-8:30       documents/letters. There are existing templates        Fundamental knowledge of computers.
Scheduled to teach: Tina Landry                          that we will cover that could save you time. We        Class Limit: 12
                                                         will review the menu bars and different tools. You     8 nights/20 hours                        $199
120 INTRODUCTION TO                                      will also learn how to dress up your documents         Mondays, beg. September 15          6:00-8:30
    COMPUTERS FOR ALL                                    with tables, word art and clip art. Class Limit: 12    Scheduled to teach: Maria Marien
This is an introductory course on learning how to        8 nights/16 hours                               $179
                                                         Mon. & Weds., beg. November 3              6:30-8:30
use the IBM personal computer. The emphasis
                                                         Scheduled to teach: Tina Landry
                                                                                                                160 INTRODUCTION TO
will be on helping you to become comfortable                                                                        AUTOCAD
with the computer, Microsoft Windows, the                                                                       This course is designed to introduce the student
keyboard and mouse. You will also get to see
                                                         141 INTERMEDIATE ADOBE
                                                             PHOTOSHOP CS2                                      to the world of computer-aided drafting &
some of the programs in Microsoft Windows and                                                                   design (CAD) using AutoCAD for Windows.
                                                         This course will show you how to use some of the
understand when and why you would use them, as                                                                  Individual workstations are provided for each
                                                         more advanced features of Photoshop to create
well as learning how to save and retrieve files          art, use text effects and enhance and repair digital   student in a computer lab setting. This course
within a program. We will introduce you to the           photos. Some Photoshop experience is suggested         will cover: Navigating the AutoCAD work
World Wide Web/Internet and the amount of                but beginners are welcome. Class Limit: 12             environment, drawing setup, drawing objects,
information that it has to offer. Please note: This is   10 nights/20 hours                           $199      placing text & dimensions, editing text and
a BEGINNER LEVEL course.                                 Tuesdays, beg. September 23             6:00-8:00      objects, and managing object properties. Pre-
Class Limit: 12                                          Scheduled to teach: Brian Bean                         requisite: Students should be acquainted with
8 nights/16 hours                               $149
                                                                                                                MS Windows, and the Windows filing system.
Mon. & Weds., beg. Sept. 22               6:30-8:30      155 INTRO TO WEB DESIGN                                Limited to 15 students.
Scheduled to teach: Tina Landry                              w/MACROMEDIA STUDIO 8
                                                             DREAMWEAVER &                                      8 nights/20 hours                          $199
130 MICROSOFT POWERPOINT                                     FIREWORKS                                          Tuesdays, beg. September 16           5:30-8:00
You will learn the following skills; how to create       This course explores the fundamental design            Scheduled to teach: Jim Aukstikalnis

4      Monty Tech Course Catalog Fall 2008                                                                           978.345.9200 x5220
978.345.9200 x5220                                                                                                         FALL      2008
 Course Descriptions
168 MAKING THE MOST OF                               265 WELDING II
    YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA                              Students entering this course must be capable of
The course is intended to make people                performing basic welding procedures as presented
comfortable with digital photography and using       in the Welding I course. Tig flat, vertical,
their cameras to go from snap shot to framed         horizontal, overhead filer welds on carbon steel
shot. The class will consist of discussions on       plate & Mig flat, vertical, horizontal, overhead filer
the different techniques for taking better           welds on carbon steel plate will be covered.
pictures with emphasis on using Digital SLR          10 nights/30 hours                             $399
cameras. Techniques ranging from the basic           Tues. & Thurs., beg. Sept. 16              6:00-9:00
rule of thirds to more advanced, like hyper          Scheduled to teach: Daniel Rivera
focal distance and the zone system will be                                                                    280 MASS. CONSTRUCTION
discussed. Students will be encouraged to take       270 FUNDAMENTALS OF BASIC                                    SUPERVISOR LICENSE
pictures each week to learn and practice these           ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS                                      PREP
techniques and get more experience with their        This class is an introduction to basic D.C.              Comprehensive review of the MA
cameras. Students are encouraged to have an          Electrical Theory. Circuit components, their             State Building Code to prepare
SLR camera but if you shoot with a digital point     applications in electrical circuits will be              construction professionals with 3+
and shoot this class will still be very useful.      explained. Basic math used in circuit analysis will      years of construction or design
Students will supply digital camera, CDs with        be discussed and applied. Introduction to A.C.
photos or Flash drive. Limited to 12 students.                                                                experience for the state licensing
                                                     Theory will depend on the understanding and
8 nights/24 hours                             $179   progress of the material presented.                      examination. Experience using
Tuesdays, beg. September 16              6:00-9:00   8 nights/20 hours                           $129         the code book provided by
Scheduled to Teach: Bill Jenkins                     Wednesdays, beg. October 1             6:00-8:30         weekly sample tests and review.
                                                     Scheduled to teach: Richard Reeve                        Current edition of the MA State
 OCCUPATIONAL                                                                                                 Building Code required.
 SKILLS                                              275 MODERN ELECTRONICS                                   7 nights/24.5 hours • 6:30-10:00
                                                         COMMUNICATIONS - NEW!                                Thursdays, beginning October 16
                                                     This class will provide students with an overview        Course: $295.00
260 WELDING I                                        of modern electronics through the use of
    Returning in the Spring                          handouts and lecture. Some of the areas to be
                                                                                                              Code Book: $40.00
This course will focus on building basic welding     covered are AM & AM Radios, FM & FM Stereo,              Scheduled to teach: Bill Howland
techniques using the oxy-acetylene and arc-          Basic Television, Digital Communications as well         For registration information, call
welding processes. The pace is geared to the         as Data and Satellite Communications.                    Construction Supervisor Training at
student’s ability. Safety procedures will be         10 nights/25 hours                          $149
stressed. Tuition includes materials fees.                                                                    1-800-221-0578 or register on-line
                                                     Tuesdays, beg. September 30             6:00-8:30
                                                     Scheduled to teach: Wallace Willcox                      at

                                    HOME MAINTENANCE COURSES
    For all of you do-it-yourselfers out there, this class is for you. You will receive
    instruction on how to create your own brick walks and patios. You will also learn
    how to repair and resurface concrete surfaces along with patching and repairing
    bricks and cement blocks. Tile setting and grouting will also be covered.
    6 nights/12 hours • $189
    Wednesday, beginning October 1 • 6:00-8:00
    Scheduled to Teach: Richard Demers

    This course will give the homeowner the skills and confidence to perform
    maintenance projects around the house. The course would be split up by subject
    each week and will cover the basics in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, appliance
    repair, and other useful topics. This course would enable the homeowner to save
    money and time by performing jobs themselves.
    8 nights/24 hours
    Introductory price • $189                    NEW!
    Thursdays, beg. September 18 • 6:00-9:00
    Scheduled to teach: Brian Rushlow

                                                        visit continuing education online at:                                5
2008                FALL                                                                                  

 Course Descriptions
                                                                                                            sign language interpreter and uses sign language
                                                                                                            for his vocation and with friends. Students will
                                                                                                            learn different aspects of this fascinating language,
                                                                                                            and this course may be tailored to students’
                                                                                                            specific common areas of interest. Required text
                                                                                                            not included
                                                                                                            Text: Basic Course in American Sign Language by
                                                                                                            Tom Humphries, Carol Padden, Terrence
                                                                                                            O’Rourke ISBN: 0932666426
                                                                                                            10 nights/20 hours                             $199
                                                                                                            Mondays, beg. September 15                 6:00-8:00
                                                                                                            Scheduled to teach: Christopher Adshade

                                                                                                            (other instructor TBA)
                                                                                                            410 MEDICAL FRONT DESK
                                                                                                            This course will focus on what it takes to run an
                                                                                                            efficient medical front desk, which is primarily the
                                                                                                            ability to multitask. You will be shown the basic
                                                                                                            skills of checking in/out patients along with
292 OSHA STANDARDS FOR                                8 nights/16 hours                           $139
                                                                                                            medical abbreviations, telephone triage and
    GENERAL INDUSTRY                                  Thursdays, beg. September 18            5:30-7:30
                                                      Scheduled to teach: Jose Araya                        appointment scheduling. You will also learn about
    30 HOURS- NEW!                                                                                          insurance PPOs and HMOs and how they work.
This course covers OSHA policies, procedures,         317 MASTERING GERMAN I                                6 nights/12 hours                            $199
and standards, as well as general industry safety     Do you have little or no experience but would love    Wednesdays, beg. September 17            6:00-8:00
and health principles. Topics include scope and       to speak a little German? Learn basic dialogs, verb   Scheduled to teach: Karen Walton RMA
application of the OSHA general industry              conjugation and pronunciation. Explore German
standards. Special emphasis is placed on those        geography and culture for your trip to Germany!       415 CLINICAL MEDICAL
areas that are most hazardous, using OSHA             Required text not included.                               ASSISTING PROCEDURES
standards as a guide. Upon successful course          8 nights/12 hours                            $139     Through classroom lectures and hands-on clinical
completion, the student will receive an OSHA          Tuesdays, beg. September 16             6:00-7:30     exercises, students will receive training in the
general industry safety and health 30 hour course     Scheduled to teach: Sam Mascitti                      following procedures: taking blood pressure;
completion card. This course is meant for hourly                                                            pulse, height and weight; temperatures; urine and
workers, supervisors, and anyone who needs to         318 MASTERING GERMAN II                               throat cultures. Students will be instructed in
be familiar with OSHA General Industry Standards.     This class is a continuation of the Mastering         close assisting with doctors in all exams and
Student must bring a 3 ring binder for handouts.      German I class. Increase your vocabulary and          diagnostic tests; how to administer injections;
Class Limit: 12                                       learn to speak more fluently while broadening         sterilization techniques; performing EKGs and
10 nights/30 hours                          $289      your knowledge of German geography and culture.       heart monitor placements; medical abbreviations
Tues. & Thurs., beg. Sept. 23           5:30-8:45     Required text not included.                           and proper bio-hazard disposal. Materials to be
Scheduled to teach: John Fiandaca                     8 nights/12 hours                        $139         supplied by student: Stethoscope (not attached to
                                                      Tuesdays, beg. September 16         7:30-9:00         cuff); Blood Pressure Kit (not digital); Watch with
 LANGUAGES                                            Scheduled to teach: Sam Mascitti                      second hand, folder with pocket notebook and
                                                                                                            box of rubber exam gloves. Please note: Blood
                                                      330 AMERICAN SIGN                                     Pressure cuff should fit the students arm.
300 SPOKEN SPANISH I                                      LANGUAGE                                          Class Limit: 22
    Returning in the Spring                               (ASL): THE BASICS - NEW!                          7 nights/17.5 hours                          $199
This introductory course in conversational Spanish    Sign language, the native language of deaf people,    Tuesdays, beg. September 16              6:30-9:00
focuses on pronunciation and elementary               is a beautiful and expressive form of                 Scheduled to teach: Jo-Ann K. Altieri, R.M.A.
grammar. Activities target everyday life situations   communication and ASL is one of the most
in an attempt to develop basic vocabulary and         common languages in America. The purpose of           425 MEDICAL BILLING - NEW!
sentence formation.                                   this course is to introduce students to basic ASL.    This course is designed to educate and inform the
                                                      Simple conversations, use of body language and        lay person for an introduction to the world of
305 SPOKEN SPANISH II                                 role playing will prepare students for the more       Medical Billing. Topics will include ICD-E codes
Build on the cognitive and oral skills mastered in    complex grammar used in ASL. Through a variety        CPT codes, changes and posting payments, and the
the initial course by increasing vocabulary and       of activities and assignments, students will be       legalities involved, also, third party billing will be
expanding your knowledge of grammar to include        introduced to topics of importance to the deaf        covered.
tense, adjectives, adverbs, etc. Short dialogues      community, deaf culture and deaf history. This        Class Limit: 15
and reading will provide thematic situations,         class is unique! One instructor is deaf and grew      6 nights/18 hours                               $199
combining tasks and content. Required text not        up using sign language. The other instructor is a     Tues. & Thurs., beg. Sept. 16              6:00-9:00
included.                                                                                                   Scheduled to teach: Donna Disando

6     Monty Tech Course Catalog Fall 2008                                                                        978.345.9200 x5220
978.345.9200 x5220                                                                                                                 FALL          2008
 Course Descriptions
This course is designed to provide students with
an understanding of medical vocabulary.
Participants will be able to define the meanings of
and decipher medical abbreviations. You will
learn how to spell, pronounce, and define medical
terms, relating to various anatomic and systematic
parts of the body. The class is designed to have
you become comfortable with medical terms.
Required text not included.
8 nights/20 hours                            $199
Wednesdays, beginning October 1          6:00-8:30
Scheduled to teach: Janice Bissonnette

    Returning in the Spring
This workshop is designed to provide participants
with a greater understanding of financial and           • How specific colleges differ on financial aid       buyer in mind. Some of the more important
investment topics. We will spend four sessions            policies.                                           subjects that will be covered are structure, siding,
discussing “Starting your investing journey”,           • Strategies to cut costs: For those who DO           roofing, electrical, plumbing and heating along
“Moving down the road to your financial goals”,           qualify for financial aid.                          with attic and basement inspection. We will also
“Thriving at retirement” and “Establishing your         • Strategies to cut costs: For those who DO NOT       focus on major items and windows along with tips
legacy.” Seating is limited so early                      qualify for financial aid.                          on energy efficiency with respect to each home.
registration in encouraged.                                                                                   4 nights/8 hours                               $79
                                                        Tim Higgins is a Certified Financial Planner,
                                                        Certified College Planning Specialist, and            Tues. & Thurs. September 23              6:00-8:00
515 A WOMAN’S JOURNEY                                   graduate of Wesleyan University. He is a former       Scheduled to teach: Erik Storm
    TOWARDS FINANCIAL                                   financial radio talk show host and author of Pay
    INDEPENDENCE                                        for College without Sacrificing Your Retirement         CULINARY ARTS
    Returning in the Spring                             (Bay Tree Publishing). He has appeared in
Women today have many financial advantages over         SmartMoney Magazine and on WBZ-TV. In
women in previous generations – yet still face          addition he has taught college funding                600 BEGINNER CAKE DECORATING
some daunting challenges when it comes to               workshops at numerous local high schools and          Each night, students will take home a cake
savings. The good news? Investing wisely can            has helped many local parents plan for their          personally iced and decorated. Your skills will
help meet those challenges and take charge of           students’ college expenses.                           increase each week as you learn the professional
your financial future. Discussions will center          1 night/2.5 hours                           $25
                                                                                                              secrets of cake decorating. The techniques will
around the unique challenges women face with            Tuesday, October 21                   6:30-9:00
                                                        Scheduled to teach: Tim Higgins                       include Borders, Icing Roses, Writing, Floral Sprays,
regard to achieving their financial goals and ways                                                            Stars, Shells, Figure Piping and more. Bring a
to work towards overcoming them. Seating is                                                                   notebook and apron to the first class. Supply list
limited so early registration is encouraged.            563 HOW TO BUY A                                      will be given to students the first night of class.
                                                            FORECLOSURE PROPERTY                              4 nights/10 hours                                   $99
530 HOW TO PAY FOR COLLEGE                              With all of the foreclosure and short sale
                                                                                                              Tuesdays, beg. September 16                   6:30-9:00
    WITHOUT SACRIFICING                                 properties being offered, how does one go about
                                                        making an offer on one and having it accepted         Scheduled to teach: Susan Johnson
    YOUR RETIREMENT.                                    successfully? In addition, learn why now is a great
College tuition has been rising at twice the national
                                                        time to purchase and finance investment property.     602 ADULT/CHILD HALLOWEEN
inflation rate, regardless of which direction the       Come attend this two hour class where we will             FUN WITH COOKIES
stock market moves. With local colleges costing         discuss: How to structure an Offer to Purchase on     We will be baking and decorating a variety of
around $48,000 per year, many students are              a bank owned property; How do I find bank             Halloween cookies that are perfect for any party.
forced into only applying to public universities, or    owned properties; How do I determine the right        This is a one-night make-it and take-it class.
their parents are forced to sacrifice their own         properties to invest in; How can I avoid mistakes     When registering, please indicate how many
personal (retirement) savings to make college a         when buying bank owned properties.                    children will be attending. A supply list is
reality. Both of these actions may be prevented         1 night/2 hours                                $25    available at the time of registration.
with the proper understanding of the college            Thursday, October 2                     6:30-8:30     1 night/2 hours • $30                      6:00-8:00
funding process.                                        Scheduled to teach: Cheryll LeBlanc                   Wednesday, October 29               $5.00 add’l child
This course will cover:                                                                                       Scheduled to teach: Susan Johnson
• Overview of how your home, college tuition            570 HOME INSPECTION AND
   costs, and your retirement are all interlinked.          ENERGY EFFICIENCY FOR                             609 MAKING PIES AND TARTS
• The EFC (Expected Family Contribution)                    THE BEGINNER - NEW!                               In this course, we will focus on the many steps
   calculation.                                         This course is designed with the first time home      and techniques in making pies and tarts from

                                                           visit continuing education online at:                                           7
2008                 FALL                                                                                    

 Course Descriptions

                              450 NURSE AIDE TRAINING COURSE
     The Nurse Aide Training Course provides instruction on using a humanistic approach to provide basic care to clients
     in an array of different health care settings. Students will learn how health care systems operate along with developing
     the skills necessary to function safely and efficiently in a
     health care setting. Students will be provided information
     and will be given instruction in the practical skills
     necessary for taking and passing the state required
     certification exam. Textbook should be purchased at the
     time of registration. Pre-test scheduled for Saturday,
     August 23 at 8:30 a.m. Please call to schedule a seat.
     Seating is limited. Pre-Test and CORI Check Must
     Be Completed Prior To Registration Being Excepted
     15 nights/52.5 Hours Classroom • Course Fee: $799.00
     4 weekend days/24 Hours Clinical
     Mon., Weds. & Thurs. beg. Monday, September 29
     Scheduled to teach: Alice LeBlanc

scratch. The subjects covered include: basic crust       learn the basics of making your own truffles and       Who Should Attend?
making, fluted edges, cut outs, lattice work and a       candies. This one night workshop will teach you        Bartenders (beginners and experienced), Cocktail
sampling of various fillings. A $10 supply fee is        about chocolate tempering and molding                  Servers, Waiters/Waitresses, Dining Room
payable to the instructor the first night of class.      techniques in addition to gourmet rolled truffles.     Supervisors.
2 nights/8 hours                                  $59    A $10 supply fee payable to the instructor will be     2 Nights and Examination/6 hours           $49
Wednesdays, beg. October 15                5:30-9:30     collected. Students should bring an apron, and an      Thursdays, beg. September 18         6:00-9:00
Scheduled to teach: Susan Johnson                        8” box.                                                Scheduled to teach: Randy Phelps
                                                         1 night/2.5 hours                            $59
611 BAKING BREADS                                        Wednesdays, beg. November 19           6:30-9:00       640 SERVSAFE ESSENTIALS,
    AND ROLLS                                            Scheduled to teach: Susan Johnson                          FIFTH EDITION – FOOD
Enhance your meals with freshly baked breads
and rolls. Learn the secrets of working with yeasts      619 CAKE DECORATING -                                      PROTECTION MANAGER
and bread dough. The class will prepare braided
                                                             FONDANT & GUMPASTE                                     CERTIFICATION
knots and double knots, along with a variety of                                                                 This three-session course will prepare you for
bread types. Students will take home samples of              TECHNIQUES                                         certification testing by the National Restaurant
warm breads and rolls. Bring an apron! A $10             In this course you will learn to create cakes
supply fee is payable to the instructor the first                                                               Association. Students will follow FS curriculum to
                                                         with a smooth finish and incredible elegance.
night of class. Class limit: 16                                                                                 study sanitation procedures, current government
2 nights/8 hours                              $59        Topics include: marbleized cake bases, fondant
                                                                                                                standards and the HACCP System of food safety.
Wednesdays, beg. November 5             5:30-9:30        covered cakes, delicate gumpaste flowers,
                                                                                                                Upon successful testing of this course, you will
Scheduled to teach: Susan Johnson                        draping and lace techniques and more. Be
                                                                                                                receive the SERVSAFE Food Safety Certification in
                                                         prepared to amaze yourself! Supply list will be
                                                                                                                Sanitation. STUDY NOTES AND EXAMINATION
614 ADULT/CHILD HOLIDAY                                  available in the Postgraduate & Continuing
                                                                                                                COMPUTER SCORING
    SUGAR CUBE HOUSE                                     Studies office.
                                                                                                                3 nights/9 hours              $169 (includes text)
    (6 yrs. & up)                                        4 nights/10 hours                          $99
                                                                                                                Thursdays, beginning October 2          6:00-9:00
Sugar cubes and royal icing are the bricks and           Tuesdays, beginning October 14      6:30-9:00
                                                                                                                Exam on Thursday, October 16
mortar of this winter house. This confectionary          Scheduled to teach: Susan Johnson                      Scheduled to teach: Randy Phelps
creation requires no baking and makes a great
centerpiece. This class is designed as an                635 SERVSAFE ALCOHOL                                   641 RE-CERTIFICATION
adult/child one-night take home project. Supply          This program provides an industry-recognized
list available at registration.             6:00-8:00                                                               SERVSAFE ESSENTIALS,
                                                         credential of training that gives industry managers
1 night/2 hours                   $30/per adult/child                                                               FIFTH EDITION-
                                                         and employees the knowledge and tools to serve
Tuesday, December 9             $5.00 additional child
                                                         alcohol beverages responsibly. Topics covered in
                                                                                                                    FOOD PROTECTION MANAGER
Scheduled to teach: Susan Johnson                                                                               This one - session review course will prepare you
                                                         the series include the law and your responsibility,    for re-certification testing by the National
617 MAKING CHOCOLATE                                     effects of alcohol on the body, service in difficult   Restaurant Association. Students will review
    TRUFFLES AND CANDIES                                 situations, and the techniques for responsible         sanitation procedures, current government
Why buy expensive chocolates, when you can               alcohol service.                                       standards and the HACCP System of food safety.

8      Monty Tech Course Catalog Fall 2008                                                                           978.345.9200 x5220
978.345.9200 x5220                                                                                      FALL        2008
Registration and Payment Information
                                                                                       First Night of Class
                                                                                       Students should report to the cafeteria 10
                                                                                       minutes prior to class on the first night for

    Looking For a Rewarding
     Career in Healthcare?
  Our Practical Nursing Program has:                                    Adult who have a high school diploma
  ◆ NO WAITLIST                                                         or GED, can become prepared to apply
  ◆ 93%-100% PASS RATE ON THE                                           and take the National Council
    NURSING CERTIFICATION EXAM                                          Licensing Examination for Practical
                                                                        Nursing (NCLEX-PN).

  Applications should be on file no later than April 24, 2009
  for consideration for the Class of 2010 beginning in August 2009
  Ten (10) Months/40 Sequential Weeks
  Divided into 4, 10 week terms August-June
  Monday through Thursday (evenings) 4-10 p.m.
  Every other weekend, Saturday/Sunday (days) 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  Arrangements to schedule the Admission test on the campus of
  Monty Tech are made by calling Monty Tech, Practical Nursing
  Office at: (978) 345-9200, ext. 5220. There is a $30 (non-
  refundable) exam seat fee to be paid prior to the exam date.
  Only TEAS results from exams taken at Monty Tech will be accepted.
  Nursing Entrance Testing (TEAS) Dates at 6:00 P.M.
  Monday, November 10, 2008 • Monday, December 8, 2008
  Monday, January 12, 2009 • Monday, February 9, 2009
  Monday, March 9, 2009 • Monday, March 30, 2009
  The TEAS test was developed in 1999 to measure basic essential skills in the academic
  content areas of reading, math, science, English and language usage. These skill areas have
  been identified as important entry level skills for Nursing Program applicants. When
  registering on the ATI website you will be assigned a Pencil/Paper ID #. You will need to
  bring this number with you the evening of the exam. The exam can only be taken twice
  to achieve a passing score in each content area.

          A Study Guide for the entrance TEAS test is available for purchase at:
      ATI Testing P.O. Box 26050 ■ Overland Park, KS 66225 ■ 1-800-667-7531 ■

                                             visit continuing education online at:                        9
2008                 FALL                                                                                    

 Course Descriptions
Upon successful testing of this course, you will         a landmark Italian bakery/coffee shop. Then            Television Series. Her program is aired throughout
receive the SERVSAFE Food Safety Certification in        browse through a store specializing in hard to find    Massachusetts. Limited to 12 students.
Sanitation.                                              imported Italian specialties, edible gold and silver   1 day/5 hours                                 $60
EXAMINATION COMPUTER SCORING                             candy, dried fruit, edible seeds, baking chocolates,   Saturday, October 25          9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
1 night/3 hours                             $115         flours and pastes. Prepare your palates for taste
Thursday, October 16                  6:00-9:00          testing and shopping in Boston’s finest Italian        720B MARY PAUPLIS:
Scheduled to teach: Randy Phelps                         delicatessen. You will learn about olive oils,              CULINARY HISTORIC
                                                         balsamic vinegars and food products to please the           TOUR & LUNCH IN
657 ADULT/CHILD HOLIDAY                                  most accomplished chef. On to taste a variety of            BOSTON’S LEGENDARY
    CUPCAKE DECORATING                                   the most delicious ‘Old World style pizzas’ - the           ITALIAN NORTH END
Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes! In this two                best anywhere! Roam through a wine store               Limited to 12 students.
hour class kids and grown ups alike can see how          named the #1 Italian wine shop in the U.S. by the      1 day/5 hours                                 $60
easy it is to decorate cupcakes for the holidays.        Italian Wine and Food Institute. At this specialty     Saturday, November 1          9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
We will focus on bag preparation, piping                 store you will be able to view and purchase
techniques and creating designs. Please bring an         beautiful handcrafted, imported ceramics and           725 PAUPLIS FARM ARBORETUM
apron, 8” – 10” box. A $5 supply fee, per child,         crystal from Italy. Shop at a neighborhood store           TOUR INCLUDING A FARM
is payable to the instructor the first night of class.   for Italian cooking appliances and every day               FRESH BREAKFAST
When registering, please indicate how many               dishes. Next we’ll visit an outstanding cheese shop    Join Bill Pauplis on an interesting and unique tour
children will be attending.                              sampling fresh made ricotta cheese & mozzarella!       of the Pauplis Arboretum.
1 night/2 hours                                  $25     Bring small coolers to keep perishable items fresh     Tour includes:
Wednesday, December 3                     6:00-8:00      during transit. Learn about the history of the         • Plants for a cold greenhouse and starting
Scheduled to teach: Susan Johnson                        North End, its people, culture, and visit historic          plants in a cold frame
                                                         sites. (Please note that the tour fee does not         • Recommended flowering trees and shrubs for
663 SIMPLIFING SAUTÉS - NEW!                             include the cost of lunch). We will have lunch at a         landscaping including rare plants
In this class, students will learn basic and general     renowned family owned Italian restaurant, which        • View the labeled living collection of these
characteristics of sauté dishes. Learn the basic         was awarded “The Best of the Best Restaurants in            recommended plants in the arboretum
skills with a not so basic twist. Please bring           Boston.” Sample, shop and learn about the                   and how they relate to the landscape.
containers to take home your creations. A $35            legendary North End of Boston in this unique five-     • How to prune your trees and shrubs
supply fee is payable to Continuing Studies the first    hour tour. Ciao!                                       • Compost making
night of class.                                                                                                 • Enriching your garden soil by planting
                                                         TRANSPORTATION IS NOT INCLUDED –
4 nights/10 hours                               $99                                                                  ‘Winter Rye’ – (green manuring)
                                                         Registrants will receive a detailed letter regarding
Wednesdays, beg. October 1                6:00-8:30                                                             • Foundation Plantings
                                                         the tour starting point.
Scheduled to teach: Bethany Wayne                                                                               • Growing, harvesting and storage of garden
                                                         Mary Pauplis is the TV Producer and host of her             vegetables, e.g., (winter keepers)
                                                         cooking program entitled ‘Cooking Adventures                garlic, carrots, parsley and potatoes
  DAY TRIPS, SIGHT-                                      with Mary’ now in its 11th year of production. She     • View perennials, dwarf conifers, in the rock
                                                         is also the author of five cook books. The latest
  SEEING & TOURS                                         entitled ‘Cooking with Mary’ Recipes from her
                                                                                                                     garden living collection and foundation
705 NEW YORK CITY                                        “Cooking Adventures with Mary” – Award Winning         • The kitchen herb garden
Enjoy New York City without the hassle of driving
or a structured tour. This is your chance to have a
carefree day in the Big Apple. Our chartered                 SAFE BOATING COURSE
motor coach will leave the Monty Tech parking lot            A ten week course in safe boating skills and seamanship will be
at 6:00 a.m. and return approximately 11:00 p.m.             given by the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 10-03.
The bus will drop everyone in the heart of the city
for easy access to sightseeing and shopping. See             This course will teach the skills needed to have a safe and
the city at your own pace or plan ahead to take in           enjoyable boating experience. Some of the topics to be covered
a Broadway matinee. We depart New York at 6:00               are Boat Handling, Rules of the Road, Equipment for your boat,
p.m. after a fun filled day!                                 Lines and Knots, Boat Trailering, Basic Navigation and much more.
Saturday, November 22                      $65.00
6:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.                                         Upon successful completion of this course, the student will receive
                                                             a certificate from the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary that is recognized by many marine
720A MARY PAUPLIS:                                           insurance companies for reduced premiums. This course also exceeds educational
     CULINARY, HISTORIC                                      requirements in all states as a safe boating course.
     TOUR & LUNCH IN                                         Classes begin on Tuesday, September 16, at 7:00 p.m., and are held every Tuesday
     BOSTON’S LEGENDARY                                      evening from 7:00-9:00 p.m.
     ITALIAN NORTH END                                       Instruction for this course is free, but there is a $45.00 charge for books
Join us for an exciting tour through Boston’s                and to reserve a seat in the class. Pre-registration is required. For more
Italian North End as we explore the culinary                 information or to register please call: Jim Bevilacqua (978)297-3482.
ambience of old world Italy. We’ll begin the day at

10       Monty Tech Course Catalog Fall 2008                                                                         978.345.9200 x5220
978.345.9200 x5220                                                                                                                   FALL         2008
 Course Descriptions
A ‘farm-fresh breakfast’ is included in the price        bottle of water, and dress comfortably in layers.       Rumba. Learn the fundamentals of these partner
and will be served in the Greenhouse. A                  8 nights/16 hours                             $119      dances including basic patterns, style and timing
complimentary plant will be given to each student.       Mondays, beg. September 15               6:00-8:00      for each of the different dances.
                                                         Scheduled to teach: Dianne Tousignant                   Please bring a change of shoes (preferably leather-
Bill Pauplis has owned and operated ‘Pauplis
                                                                                                                 soled), no sneakers. Street shoes are not
Farm Nursery’ for a number of years and has
taught classes at the Waltham Field Station in           828 PILATES                                             permitted on the gym floor.
                                                         This class is geared towards the beginner to            9 nights/13.5 hours                $109 a couple
association with The American Rhododendron
                                                         intermediate level student. This exercise class will    Thursdays, beg. September 18           6:30-8:00
Society. He is currently a member of the Friends
                                                         train several muscle groups at once, strengthening      Scheduled to teach: George Pignataro
of Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum. Bill is
the host of his own television program entitled          and toning core muscle groups to flatten abs, and
‘Gardening at Pauplis Farm’ which is produced at         improve posture. Water bottle and mat are               889 INTRODUCTION TO CLUB
‘Pauplis Farm.’ and airs on Comcast throughout           suggested.                                                  STYLE DANCE - NEW!
Massachusetts and WCCA-TV Channel 13 in                  20 nights/20 hours                           $125       This course is designed to provide the student
Worcester. Limited to 12 students.                       Tuesdays & Thursdays, beginning September 23            with an introduction to disco (The Hustle),
1 day/4 hours                                 $60        6:00-7:00                                               Single Time Swing, Cha Cha, and Salsa. Learn
Sunday, October 12            9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.        Scheduled to teach: Kathy Madru                         the fundamentals of these dances including
                                                                                                                 basic patterns, style and timing for each of the
735 SHOPPING TRIP TO                                     830 CO-ED RECREATIONAL                                  different dances. Please bring a change of
    KITTERY, MAINE - NEW!                                    VOLLEYBALL                                          shoes (preferably leather-soled), no sneakers.
Come join us for a day of shopping in Kittery, ME.       Volleyball is a popular sport that can be played        Street shoes are not permitted on the gym floor.
With more than 120 brand name outlet stores              year-round! Join us for 8 nights of fun and             9 nights/13.5 hours               $109 a couple
spread out over 1 mile, there’s something for            exercise as you play in a non-competitive, co-ed        Thursdays, beg. September 18           8:00-9:30
everyone.                                     $35        setting. Registration prior to the first class is       Scheduled to teach: George Pignataro
Saturday, October 18         8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.         required.
                                                         8 nights/16 hours                           $55
                                                         Wednesdays, beg. October 1             6:30-8:30         LANDSCAPING
  HEALTH & RECREATION                                    Scheduled to teach: Mike Mello

                                                         840 GOLF FOR BEGINNERS                                  950 PUTTING YOUR
810 COUPLES MASSAGE                                      Golf for beginners is mainly for beginners who              GARDENS TO BED - NEW!
Couples will learn to massage one another to                                                                     This class will look at the critical parts of
                                                         have no golfing experience. However, others who
relieve daily stress and tension. Week one: Hands                                                                garden maintenance and management that are
and arms. Weeks two and three: Neck and back,            have played golf without proper instruction may
                                                         wish to enroll and learn the proper fundamentals.       best done in the fall. You will examine soil, fall
bring a pillow. Week four: Feet and legs. Bring
                                                         This course will prepare the student for their first    planting, winterizing trees and shrubs, mulches
four small towels each. Massage oil, handouts
about technique, aromatherapy, and massage               encounter on the golf course. They will learn all of    and more. The spring world of 2009 will be
therapy in general will be provided. Class Limit: 6      the basic fundamentals, i.e. grip, stance, swing,       better for your work in the fall of 2008.
couples                                                  etc. They will hit many golf balls to develop           2 nights/6 hours                             $89
4 nights/8 hours                   $99/per couple        confidence. The rules of golf and etiquette will        Thursdays, beginning October 2          6:30-9:30
Tuesdays, beginning October 7           6:30-8:30        also be addressed. Weather permitting; we will          Scheduled to Teach: M.L. Altobelli
Scheduled to teach: Carol McGargal                       visit a driving range, with the possibility of having
                                                         one or more classes outside. Additional charges         955 MANAGING HOUSEPLANTS
820A INTRODUCTION TO YOGA                                may apply for range fees. Class Limit: 16                   FOR HEALTH & BEAUTY- NEW!
Yoga for the people: A course designed specifically      8 nights/24 hours                               $99     Did you know that houseplants can really help to
for the beginner. Wear loose clothing. Bring a           Tuesdays, beg. September 16               6:00-9:00
                                                                                                                 make your home a pleasant place to be in? NASA
towel or mat and your own sense of humor. We             Scheduled to teach: Richard F. Fletcher
                                                                                                                 has even researched plants in space! During this
will bend, stretch, and chuckle our way to better                                                                class you will look at the kinds of plants that work
flexibility and a calmer mind.                           865 BICYCLE TOURING:                                    inside as well as how to take care of them. Course
10 nights/15 hours                          $119             SUPPORTED AND                                       includes hands on work with repotting and
Wednesdays, beg. October 1             6:30-8:00             NON-SUPPORTED - NEW!                                pruning.
Scheduled to teach: Peter Marquis                        This course will provide the student with all the
                                                         information they will require to plan, expedite,         2 nights/6 hours                               $89
820B INTRODUCTION TO                                     and fully enjoy a safe and satisfying, on-road, off-    Thursdays, beginning October 16           6:30-9:30
     HATHA YOGA                                          road, supported and/or non-supported bicycle            Scheduled to Teach: M.L. Altobelli
This eight week session is designed to increase          touring experience.
participant’s awareness of the physical body             8 nights/24 hours                             $99        CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS
through a gentle yet energizing practice of basic        Mondays & Wednesdays, beg. Sept. 15 6:00-9:00
Yoga asanas (or poses). You will explore your            Scheduled to teach: Charlie Madden
own strength, flexibility, balance, and limitations in                                                           1000 KIDS IN THE KITCHEN
a way that honors you as an individual. This             885 INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN                            Cooking, a part of everyday life, can also teach
session will include breath work, meditation, and            STYLE BALLROOM DANCE- NEW!                          such skills as reading, math, science and cognitive
an active practice of Yoga. Great for stress             This course is designed to provide the student with     development! Come and learn new techniques for
reduction and optimal health. Bring a mat, a             an introduction to the Foxtrot, Swing, Waltz and        preparing snacks and simple meals, while learning

                                                         visit continuing education online at:                                          11
2008                 FALL                                                                                   

 Course Descriptions
                                                                                                              affirmations with the proper instruction will
     9200 PLUMBING CODE:                                                                                      counteract negative thoughts and beliefs that
                                                                                                              imprison us within our own negative energy.
          JOURNEYMAN’S MODULE I                                                                               2 nights/5 hours                            $59
     This course prepares the individual to take the Massachusetts State Examination for                      Wednesdays, beg. October 1             6:30-9:00
     Journeymen Plumbers. This class will cover the material set forth by the                                 Scheduled to teach: Dr. Kendra-Jo Sullivan-Godin
     Massachusetts Plumbing Code. The coursework will include: Fundamental theory of
     plumbing arithmetic and related geometry, figuring offsets, elementary science &
                                                                                                              1135 STOP SMOKING WITH
     physics, blueprint reading and sketching. Prerequisite: Student must be a                                CAN’T QUIT?? Do it now with hypnosis. Have you
     registered apprentice. Materials: Current Massachusetts Plumbing                                         told yourself, “I really need to quit!” Now is your
     Codebook. Required Text not included.                                                                    opportunity to do just that! This three week
                                                                                                              course gives you the chance to use the vast powers
     HALF YEAR PROGRAM: 75 hours - $389                                                                       of the mind to change your life. Have the fear that
     FULL YEAR PROGRAM: 150 hours - $750                                                                      you will gain weight? This program works on that
                                                                                                              issue as well as stress. This unique course
     Mondays & Tuesdays, beginning                                                                            addresses different factors relating to the
     September 15th • 6:00-9:00                                                                               dangerous problem of smoking. Don’t let this
     Scheduled to teach: John Dolen & Dave Frawley                                                            opportunity pass you by; it’s time to take control of
                                                                                                              your life!” This program has an incredibly high
                                                                                                              success rate because it is three sessions that target
how to handle the tools and equipment related to                                                              not only the issue of smoking but the two factors
the kitchen. All projects will be sampled! Tuition       GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT                                 that cause people to start to smoke again!
fee includes materials.                                                                                       Week #1: Targets smoking (yes, you become a
5 mornings/10 hours                          $75                                                              non-smoker during this session!)
Sat., beg. Oct. 18         10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.        1130 SELF HYPNOSIS AND                                Week #2: Reinforces the non-smoking life style
Scheduled to teach: MaryJane Rossbach                        STRESS MANAGEMENT                                and targets weight issues
                                                             WORKSHOP                                         Week #3: Reinforces the 2nd week and targets
1005 RED CROSS BABYSITTING                              Feel like you need a break? Is your lifestyle         stress relief for the non-smoker
     CERTIFICATION COURSE                               chaotic? This course (first 2 weeks) will teach you   3 nights/6 hours                                $49
This course is ideal for current and future             techniques to lessen your stress. You will start to   Wednesdays, beg. October 29               6:00-8:00
babysitters – teaching them the best ways to be         put stress in its place! In handling stress, you      Scheduled to teach: Christopher Adshade
safe and keep the children in their care safe.          improve your health, confidence, performance,
Students will learn about safety and safe play; basic   etc. The hypnosis sessions conducted are the          1145 WEIGHT LOSS
care; first aid; leadership skills and                  same sessions used in Medical Centers and                  w/HYPNOSIS SNACKING
professionalism. The Red Cross Babysitter’s             Corporations. In the second two weeks, you will            & LATE NIGHT EATING
Training has been reviewed and supported by the         learn to use self-hypnosis to create change.          For many people, late night eating and snacking is
US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Girl             Hypnosis has had tremendous results for people in
                                                                                                              the culprit for extra pounds that have found its way
Scouts of the USA, Boy Scouts of America, YMCA of       the areas of stop smoking, weight loss, goal
                                                                                                              on to their bodies. Most of the time we over-
the USA, Boys and Girls Clubs, and 4-H. Course          achievement, improved health and personal
                                                        development. Going to a hypnotherapist for            indulge in these areas without realizing it! This
fee includes materials. Students must be at least                                                             program uses the power of hypnosis to target the
11 years of age at the time of registration. Limited    individual sessions takes time and money. In this
                                                        course, hypnotherapist Christopher Adshade will       major problem of snacking and late night eating.
space is available.                                                                                           We will use the power of the mind, through
2 mornings/6 hours                              $59     teach you the process of self hypnosis. Each week
                                                        participants will experience being hypnotized and     hypnosis to be aware of what you are eating at this
Sat., Nov. 1 & Nov. 8         9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.                                                            time. We will set up boundaries for eating when it
Scheduled to teach: Red Cross Instructor: TBD           then will practice the process in class. At the end
                                                        of the class, participants will have the knowledge    is not mealtime. We will look at the many reasons
                                                        and experience to use this amazing tool for           people over-indulge in snacks and late-night
1010 CPR FOR TEENS -                                    personal goals! You’ll be relaxed and motivated       eating. Learn to take control of your eating habits
     RED CROSS TRAINING                                 more than ever before!                                and not let it control you. What most overweight
This is the perfect class for teens ages 11-17 to
                                                        4 nights/8 hours                               $69    people need is a change in their feelings about
learn CPR for the first time. Teens will learn to
                                                        Wednesdays, beg. October 1               6:00-8:00    themselves and about food. People use food for
overcome any reluctance to act in emergency
                                                        Scheduled to teach: Christopher Adshade               many reasons and we will explore these reasons.
situations and to recognize and care for life
threatening respiratory or cardiac emergencies in                                                             This program is designed to improve your self-
adults, children, and infants. Individuals will learn   1132 AFFIRMATIONS –                                   image, change your relationship with food and
rescue breathing, obstructed airway, and CPR                 MAKING A CHANGE                                  lessen the amount of food needed to satisfy you.
skills. Upon completion you will receive                Affirmations are the beginning to conscious           Get a handle on your eating habits and feel better
certification in Adult, Infant and Child CPR.           positive change in our lives. The change of           about yourself!
1 morning/5 hours                                $49    perception of oneself will enhance how others         4 nights/10 hours                             $129
Saturday, November 15            9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.    perceive us. Positive aspects allow personal          Thursdays, beg. September 18             6:00-8:30
Scheduled to teach: Red Cross Instructor: TBD           growth in new directions. Constructing positive       Scheduled to teach: Christopher Adshade

12       Monty Tech Course Catalog Fall 2008                                                                       978.345.9200 x5220
978.345.9200 x5220                                                                                                                        FALL           2008
 Course Descriptions
What most overweight people need is a change in
their feelings about themselves and about food.
People use food for many reasons and we will
explore these reasons. This program is designed
to improve your self-image, change your
relationship with food and lessen the amount of
food needed to satisfy you. Get a handle on your
eating habits and feel better about yourself! This
program uses the power of hypnosis to lower the
intake of carbohydrates. We will access the power
of the mind through hypnosis, to be aware of the
amounts of carbs consumed on a regular basis.
We will then lower the need and desire to eat and
over-indulge in consuming carbs. Using hypnosis,
we will reinforce healthier eating, as well as,
discovering ways to setup boundaries to maintain
proper carb eating. Learn to take control!
4 nights/10 hours                           $129
Thursdays, beginning October 16        6:00-8:30
Scheduled to teach: Christopher Adshade                   your child’s outbursts or particular behavioral            impressionist watercolor. The instructor will teach
                                                          patterns. Even better, learn how to help your child,       the class in a step-by-step fashion, beginning with a
1183 BREATH THERAPY - NEW!                                before they become disruptive. Why is it that we join      demonstration. There will be ample time for
Conscious Breathing is a body-centered therapy that       all kinds of clubs to help us learn a wide variety of      students to follow along. The subject will be a
uses a gentle yet powerful breathing pattern to help      skills, i.e. weight loss, painting, cooking, but most of   landscape. Experience is not required. The goal of
activate and release stored stress, pain, and             us will never attend a class focused on the most time      the class is to show students how easy it is to create a
emotional trauma of all degrees. During this class        consuming task of our lives, raising kids. It is a         nice painting in watercolor and have fun along the
you will learn the history of this powerful technique,    tedious task being a parent, why do it alone? This is a    way. A $5 material fee is payable to the instructor
what people experience during the process, the            unique and highly interactive workshop that will offer     6 nights/15 hours                                  $69
physical, mental and emotional benefits, and much,        you assistance in many areas of family life.               Wednesdays, beg. October 1                   6:30-9:00
much more. If you are in the social service field, you    1 night/2 hours                                    $29     Scheduled to teach: Robert Cole
can learn how to eventually integrate this technique      Monday, beginning November 3                 6:30-8:30
into your current therapy repertoire. Class Limit: 8      Scheduled to teach: Debbie Ennis
1 night/2.25 hours                                $29                                                                1230 ABSOLUTE BEGINNING
                                                                                                                          GUITAR I - NEW!
Thursday, beg. September 25                6:15-8:30      1190 TIME TO SPARE                                         During this Introduction to playing the guitar class,
Scheduled to teach: Debbie Ennis                          Considered our most challenging workshop to
                                                          date, participants will learn ways to make the best        students will learn the different types of guitars,
1185 ORGANIZING FOR THE                                   use of their time. This time course will teach             proper posture and holding the guitar, playing
     HEALTH OF IT                                         participants techniques that will help them get            techniques, parts of the guitar, music theory and the
Learn how to create an environment that supports          through their “have to dos” faster so they can             fret board, the musical staff, reading notation, chord
how you live and work. Create systems that match          spend more time on their “want to dos”. We will            diagrams, and tuning the guitar. Instructor will have a
your needs and are simple and easy to use and             discuss tools to diagnose, treat and cure                  limited number of electronic tuners that the students
maintain. With our simple formula, you will have          scheduling problems. We will look at new ways of           may purchase (price is $14-$20). Tuner is not
your road map through the chaos. You will                 evaluating how you spend your time. Participants           required to start the class. Students need to supply
confidently approach each organizing project and be       are encouraged to bring their calendar, planner, or        acoustic guitar/electric guitar – small amp.
able to design and carry out a plan that is custom        to-do list to immediately put into action the              10 nights/10 hours                                $89
designed to your needs. Participants will leave with      techniques taught in this workshop. Business
an understanding of the health and business benefits                                                                 Tuesdays, beg. September 23                6:00-7:00
                                                          professionals and administers are highly
of creating an environment that is easy to navigate       encouraged to attend this time and money saving            Scheduled to teach: Dan Starr
and maintain. This workshop is interactive, fun and       workshop. Parents of special needs children are
informative. Past participants have indicated that this   also encouraged to attend, as this can help with           1247 LEARN TO KNIT - NEW!
workshop was instrumental in increasing their             their extraordinary busy schedules.                        Knitting is a relaxing and satisfying hobby that you
productivity level, both personally and professionally.   1 night/1.5 hours                             $29          can enjoy for the rest of your life. This 6 week
1 night/1.5 hours                                 $29     Wednesday, beginning October 15         6:30-8:00          course is designed for the student with little or no
Tuesday, beginning September 16            6:30-8:00      Scheduled to teach: Debbie Ennis                           experience with knitting. We will start by getting
Scheduled to teach: Debbie Ennis                                                                                     acquainted with the terminology and basic
                                                                                                                     techniques of the art of knitting. Once you have
1188 PURPOSEFUL                                             ART, MUSIC & HOBBIES                                     learned how to cast on and have mastered the basic
     PARENTING- NEW!                                                                                                 knit and purl stitches, you will begin working on a
Share and discuss common issues that all parents          1220 WATERCOLOR CLASS                                      sampler pillow project which will introduce you to a
face today. Learn ways to address ADHD and other               FOR BEGINNERS                                         variety of stitches. By the end of this course you will
common childhood issues. Discover ways to handle          In this class, each student will complete an               have learned a variety of different knitting stitches

                                                          visit continuing education online at:                                                 13
978.345.9200 x5220                                                                                                                       FALL           2008
 Course Descriptions
and several tricks and techniques, including use of a    and sculpting techniques.                                  SEMESTER
cable needle, and you will have a beautiful pillow to    8 nights/16 hours                               $119       75 hours - $499 • 150 hours - $990
keep or give as a gift. Best of all, you will have the   Thursdays, beg. September 18                6:30-8:30      Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, beginning
confidence and skills to begin another knitting          Scheduled to teach: Lawrence Simes                         Monday, September 15               6:00-9:00
project on your own. Materials needed: A kit                                                                        Scheduled to teach: Robert Godin
containing all of the materials you will need for this     CAREER/LICENSING
class can be purchased the first night of class for                                                                 9115 ELECTRICAL CODE:
$30.00. You may contact Dianne if you have a color                                                                       JOURNEYMAN’S
preference for your pillow. The kits will be provided    9000 PHLEBOTOMY TECHNICIAN                                      MODULE 3– 75 HOURS
with a cream colored yarn. Class Limit: 8                     PROGRAM                                               This course will continue your training in AC & DC
6 nights/15 hours                                $69     This is a very fast paced course designed to teach         theory, services, calculations and sizing of services,
Tuesdays, beg. September 16                6:30-9:00     the skills needed to draw blood and work in a              transformers, motor controls, and maintenance.
Scheduled to teach: Diane St. Laurent                    laboratory setting. Topics to be covered include legal     Emphasis will be placed on the current
                                                         issues, infection control, anatomy, medical                Massachusetts Electrical Code and General Laws of
1249 FINISHING UNFINISHED                                terminology, proper blood collection and specimen          Massachusetts. Students will receive a certificate of
     KNIT & CROCHET                                      handling. A practical component will be offered in         completion. Prerequisites: Successful completion of
     PROJECTS - NEW!                                     addition to class instruction for students who meet the    Module 1 and 2. Materials: Current Electrical
Everyone who knits and/or crochets has to admit          academic standard. Class time will be equally divided      Codebook, and calculator.
that they have several projects that they started and    between lecture and lab. Please Note: It is                SEMESTER
never finished for one reason or another. Most           recommended the student purchase the textbook from         75 hours - $499 • 150 hours - $990
projects are set aside because of being stuck on one     Continuing Studies at least two weeks prior to the start   Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, beginning
thing they can’t get past. Sewing up your items,         of class. Clinical assignments are available during day    Monday, September 15                      6:00-9:00
fixing a dropped stitch, learning how to read parts      hours only. Required Supplies: Lab coat or scrubs          Scheduled to teach: Bruce Marien
of a pattern, learning how much yarn to buy for a        Required textbook not included.
project, and any other reason those projects didn’t      REGISTER EARLY!                                            9120 ELECTRICAL CODE:
get finished. Well, pull out those projects ladies,      12 nights/36 hours Classroom                                    JOURNEYMAN’S
and bring them to class and let’s get them finished.     120 hours Clinical                               $700           MODULE 4 – 75 HOURS
                                                         Tuesdays, beg. September 16                 6:30-9:30
If you’ve invested in purchasing yarn and patterns                                                                  This is a full-year course that follows the July 2001
you must have planned on finishing those items.
                                                         Scheduled to teach: Rita Motta
                                                                                                                    Massachusetts State regulations for journeymen
Let’s do it now. Join my fun and informative class                                                                  electricians. The course will cover the following
and get help with questions and assistance with          9100 ELECTRICAL CODE:                                      topics: Load Calculations, Lightning, Fire Alarms,
problems finishing those projects. You will feel so           JOURNEYMAN’S                                          Transformers and controls. Emphasis will be placed
good when you have finally finished something you             MODULE 1 – 75 HOURS                                   on the current Massachusetts Electrical Code and
started. Knit or Crochet projects are all welcome.       This full year course will follow the July 2001 State
                                                                                                                    General Laws of Massachusetts. Students will receive
Students should also bring supplies like scissors,       regulations for Journeyman eligibility. Topics to be
                                                         covered include safety, basic theory, AC theory and        a certificate of completion. Prerequisites: Successful
tape measure, needles, and supplies that were used                                                                  completion of Module 1, 2 and 3. Materials: Current
with their project. A notebook is also handy. Class      systems, and introduction to blueprints. All topics
                                                         related to the current Electrical Code of                  Electrical Codebook, and calculator.
Limit: 8
                                                         Massachusetts. Students will receive a certificate of      SEMESTER
4 nights/8 hours                                 $59
Tuesdays, beginning October 28            6:30-8:30      completion. Materials: Current Electrical Code book,       75 hours - $499 • 150 hours - $990
Scheduled to teach: Diane St. Laurent                    calculator                                                 Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, beginning
                                                         SEMESTER                                                   Monday, September 15                       6:00-9:00
1250 INTRODUCTION/                                       75 hours - $499 • 150 hours - $990                         Scheduled to teach: Thomas Tufts
     INTERMEDIATE SEWING                                 Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, beginning
This is a basic sewing course for the beginning to       Monday, September 15                       6:00-9:00       9125 ELECTRICAL CODE:
intermediate level student. Topics that will be          Scheduled to teach: TBA                                         ADVANCED MASTERS
covered during the course are: basic hand                                                                                COURSE – 75 HOURS
stitches, hems, throw pillows, and basic garment         9105 ELECTRICAL CODE:                                      This course will follow the July 2001 State regulations
construction. The student will need to provide a              JOURNEYMAN’S                                          for Master Electrician eligibility. Topics to be covered
                                                              MODULE 2 – 75 HOURS                                   include a complete review of the Journeyman’s
sewing machine, iron and basic sewing tools.
                                                                                                                    program, commercial and industrial load
8 nights/24 hours                           $109         Journeyman’s module 2 is a full year course that
                                                                                                                    calculation, and Massachusetts regulations and
Mondays, beg. September 15             6:00- 9:00        follows the July 2001 State regulations for                business practices. Students will receive a certificate
Scheduled to teach: Jeannie Mitchell                     Journeyman eligibility. Topics to be covered include       of completion. Prerequisite: Journeyman’s License.
                                                         A/C fundamentals, overcurrent protection, grounding        Materials: Current Electrical Codebook, current
1270 BEGINNING WOOD                                      and conductors. All topics relate to the current           Massachusetts Business Book, and calculator.
     SCULPTING/CARVING                                   Electrical Code of Massachusetts. Students will            SEMESTER
This introductory woodcarving class is based on          receive a certificate of completion.                       75 hours - $499 • 150 hours - $990
the teacher’s extensive experience as an artist,         Prerequisite: Successful completion of Module 1            Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, beginning
woodcarver, sculptor and professional sign carver.       Materials: Current Electrical Codebook, and                Monday, September 15                          6:00-9:00
We will focus on teaching the student basic carving      calculator.                                                Scheduled to teach: Thomas Tufts

                                                         visit continuing education online at:                                                 14
                 FALL 2008 REGISTRATION FORM

                          MONTY TECH         R

                    Postgraduate & Continuing Studies

                   1050 Westminster Street ■ Fitchburg, MA 01420
                                     VOCATIONAL           TECHNICAL

                   (978) 345-9200, x5220 ■ (978) 632-8889, x5220
                                Fax: (978) 348-1176
                                            O STR
                                                   L DI

  Name _________________________________________________________________________
  Street _________________________________________________________________________
  City______________________________State_____ Zip ________________________________
  Day Tel._____________________ Evening Tel._______________________________________
  Email _________________________________________________________________________

   COURSE #                         COURSE TITLE                                   TUITION

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  3.__________     _____________________________________________ __________________
                                    Monty Tech Alumni Discount 15%             __________________
                                    Senior Citizen Discount 15%                __________________
                                                                            +   $10.00
                                    Registration Fee (one time/semester) __________________

                                                                      TOTAL    __________________

■ Check #_______      ■   Phone
■ Cash                ■   Mail                                        OFFICE USE ONLY:
■ MO #_________       ■   Fax                                          Date           Initials
                      ■   Walk-in                                     ______   Reg. Rec’d ________
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Exp. Date _______________________                                     ______   Refund __________
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            Help us Expand our
        Continuing Education Program!
         Monty Tech is looking for qualified instructors to
            teach upcoming adult education classes.
    If you’re interested or know of someone who might be, contact us as soon as
    possible! We are always looking to add new and exciting courses to our course
    catalog. If you have a hobby, craft, or specialized skill that you are interested in
    teaching, please send a course proposal or call the Coordinator of Postgraduate
    and Continuing Studies. Let us know what you want to teach!
                                                             TEACHING POSITIONS AVAILABLE
                 • Auto Body • Basic Small Engine Maintenance and Repair
                                 EWeb Design
             GPS/Geocaching • Basic Home Wiring • Floral Design
          Mixology • Dance
    MONTACHUSETT • Home Improvement Skills • Woodworking
                         AllTECHNICAL should submit a letter of interest and resume to:
                              Lauri A. Guy, Director, Postgraduate and Continuing Studies
           Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School, 1050 Westminster Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420
                        SC                                         Equal Opportunity Employer
                              HO                        CT
                                       O L D I S T RI


                E G
                    I O N A
                            L                                                                           NON-PROFIT
     MONTACHUSETT                                                                                     ORGANIZATION
     VOCATIONAL                  TECHNICAL
                HO                    CT
                                                                                                      Permit No. 2226
                     OL D I S T R I
                                                                                                     Worcester, MA 01604
 Montachusett Regional                                                                                   ECRWSS
Vocational Technical School
  1050 Westminster Street
 Fitchburg, MA 01420-4649

                                                                                   POSTAL CUSTOMER

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