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									30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions          Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide
   Local Arrangements Committee                                          Other Important Info
   Jennifer J. McGrath, Ph.D., M.P.H. (Chair), Natasha J. Hunt,          - Montreal uses the metric system and a 24:00 hour clock.
   Denise C. Jarrin, Simon Racicot, Elizabeth C. Quon, Sivan             - Tax: Most goods and services in Quebec are subject to two
   Rotenberg, Sabrina Giovanniello, Brigitte Hanna, Stephanie              taxes, a Federal Goods and Services Tax of 7% (GST or TPS
   Peccia, Ida M. Foster, Melanie M. Leblanc, Janice Silverstein,          on receipts) and a Provincial Sales Tax of 7.5% (PST or
   Effie Andreadakis, Naomi Plasse                                         TVQ on receipts). A tax of 3% per night of hotel stay is also
         The Local Arrangements Guide uses this symbol to                - Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the metro, buses,
         indicate the closest metro stop(s) to selected activity.          restaurants, bars, stores, shopping centres, cinemas, elevators,
                                                                           government offices, banks, or inside office buildings. Buildings
   Getting Around                                                          have cigarette disposal arrangements outside. You must be 18
   From the airport                                                        years or older to buy tobacco in Quebec.
   - Taxi ($38.00 flat fare to downtown Montreal; Taxi stand near        - Alcohol: The legal drinking age in Quebec is 18. You can buy
     airport central exit)                                                 beer and wine at many corner stores, but for a better selec-
   - Shuttle Bus (L’Aérobus shuttle; $15ow/$25rt; leaves every             tion of wine and for other liquors you must go to a govern-
     30 minutes on the hour; buy ticket at arrival level of airport;       ment store (Société des Alcools, SAQ). Many restaurants
     shuttle stops at the Montréal Central Bus Station, 505 boul           have a liquor license; in some areas, notably rue Prince
     de Maisonneuve Est. Transfer to a minibus service at no ad-           Arthur and ave Duluth, restaurants do without a license and
     ditional charge that will take you to your downtown hotel).           customers bring their own wine, reducing the expense of the
   - Rental Car (Alamo, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Budget). Not          meal. This is not universal and you must look for the “Ap-
     recommended due to the costs of parking downtown. Consider            portez votre vin” or BYOW signs. Alcohol is sold in stores
     only if you are planning a day trip to Quebec City, you have a        until 23:00 (11pm) and last call in bars is 3 a.m.
     certain affinity for sitting in traffic, and your hotel includes
     overnight parking.                                                  Restaurants
                                                                         - Restaurant reservations are always recommended. Phone
   Around town
                                                                           numbers are listed for you below; be sure to call ahead.
   - Metro (Montreal’s underground public transportation system
                                                                         - Separate checks are common; most restaurants will happily
     is clean, fast, modern, and friendly; $2.75 single fare; $17
                                                                           comply if asked.
     unlimited use 3-day pass is recommended; note the last trains
                                                                         - Tipping: A tip of 15% is customarily left for waitstaff, calcu-
     run at 1am)
                                                                           lated on the pre-tax total of your bill. It will not be calculated
   - Taxi (most trips will cost $15-20 within Montreal)
                                                                           for you - the additional charges on a restaurant bill are taxes,
   - Walking (you will be surprised how close most things are in
                                                                           not service charges, and are not voluntary. (The easiest way
     Montreal; consider taking the town by foot: you’ll see more
                                                                           to figure out the tip is to simply combine the tax amounts of
     and you’ll get some exercise)
                                                                           the GST and PST.)
                                                                         - Consider opting for the Table d’Hote which commonly in-
   Montreal In General                                                     cludes an entrée (appetizer), main dish, dessert, and coffee.
   Weather in April                                                      - Pricing key for restaurants: Each $ = 10$CAN. Based on a
   - Average temperature (low / high) for April is 34 / 52ºF, (1 /         main dish, drink, tax, & tip. (e.g., $$$$ = 40$CAN)
     11ºC)                                                               - In nightclubs, “bottle service” is common. To have a table, you
   - After cold winters, Montrealers are excited at the first chance       must purchase a bottle of alcohol ($120) that you will pour
     to sit outdoors on a terrace! Don’t be surprised to see many          and serve yourself.
     sitting, enjoying an outdoor café even when it is still quite
                                                                         Parlez-vous Français?
   What to Wear                                                          French is the official language of Montreal. All buildings and
   - Warm, water-resistant outerwear; Umbrella; A range of cloth-        places of public service are required to have information posted
     ing, including long sleeve shirts, sweaters, light pants, heavy     in French. You will encounter menus, signs, and even people that
     slacks; Weather is unpredictable, which is why dressing in          are only unilingual. Montreal is generally a pretty laid back city,
     layers is advisable.                                                but you will make yourself more popular if you follow some
   - Attire in Montreal is urban casual with a chic style. When in       simple rules.
     doubt, go with clean cut jeans, a stylish top, and classy/profes-
     sional shoes.

30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions             Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
   Rules                                                                 Pardon me              pahr-dohn            Pardon
   - If you do not speak French, it is polite to begin your inquiries
                                                                         Please                 seel-voo-play        S’il vous plaît
     with “Pardon moi. Parlez-vous anglais?” (Do you speak Eng-
     lish?), rather than just speaking in English. You will typically    Pleased to meet you    ohn-shahn-tay        Enchanté(e)
     be greeted with “Bonjourhello”.                                     Please speak slowly    par-lay lehn-ta-     Parlez lentement
   - When walking into shops, say “Bonjour, monsieur/madame/                                    mohn
     mademoiselle” and “Merci, monsieur…au revoir” when you              Pull                   teer-ay              Tirez
     leave.                                                              Push                   poo-say              Poussez
   - It is customary to greet others with an exchange of “bises”
                                                                         So-so                  kum-see, kum-sah     Comme ci, comme ça
     (kisses) on both cheeks (men do this occasionally too).
   - Do not address your waiter as “garcon”, which means boy             South                  sood                 Sud
     and is considered rude. Instead say “S’il vous plait” (please).     Thank you              mare-see             Merci

   Simple Helpful Terms                                                  That’s ok              dah ree-ehn          De rien

    English                Pronunciation        French                   There                  lah                  Là

    Closed                 fur-may              Fermé                    Very well              treh bee-ehn         Très bien

    Do you speak English? par-lay voo zon-glay Parlez-vous anglais?      Ouest                  west                 Ouest

    East                   eh-sst               Est                      What?                  kom-mohn             Comment?

    Entrance               ahn-tray             Entrée                   What is your name?     Kom-mohn voo-za-     Comment vous ap-
                                                                                                peh-lay voo          pellez-vous?
    Excuse me/sorry        ex-koo-zay mwah      Excusez-moi
                                                                         When                   kohn                 Quand
    Exit                   sore-tee             Sortie
                                                                         Where                  oo                   Où
    Fine thanks and you?   bee-ehn mer-see ay   Merci et vous?
                           voo?                                          Where is the bath-     oo-ay-la-sel-duh-    Ou est la salle de
                                                                         room?                  bahyn                bain ?
    Fire                   fuu                  Feu
                                                                         You’ re welcome        dah ree-ehn          De rien
    Good-bye               oh ruh-vwar          Au revoir
    Good evening           bon-swar             Bon soir
                                                                        Major Attractions
    Good morning/good      bon-zhoor            Bon jour                Montreal Nature Museums Biodome (4777 ave Pierre-De
    day                                                                 Coubertin, Viau): Recreates some of the most beautiful
    Ground level (eleva-   ray-duh-cho-say      RC (Rez-de-             ecosystems of the Americas: the Tropical Forest, the Laurentian
    tors)                                       chaussee)               Forest, the St. Lawrence Marine Ecosystem, the Arctic and
    Happy hour             sang-kah-set         Cinq-a-cept             Antarctic. Open 9-5. Tickets $16. Insectarium and Botanical
    Hello                  sah-loo              Salut                   Garden (4101 rue Sherbrooke Est, Pie-IX): Learn about the
                                                                        wonders of the insect world. Montréal’s Botanical Garden ranks
    Here                   ee-see               Ici
                                                                        as one of the world’s largest and most spectacular botanical
    How much does it       kom-bee-enh-sah-     Combien ça coûte?       gardens. Open 9-5. Tickets $16.
    cost?                  kuht
                                                                        Olympic Tower Observatory Tower (4545 Ave Pierre-de
    How are you?           kom-mohn tah-lay     Comment allez-vous?
                                                                        Coubertin, Viau): Come ride the highest inclined tower in the
                                                                        world, with its 175-metre elevation and 45-degree angle. Ride
    I don’t understand     jhuhn kom-prohn      Je ne comprends pas     the funicular for incredible views of Montreal on clear days.
                           pah                                          Open 9-5. Tickets $14.
    I’m sorry              day-zoh-lay/pahr-    Desolé/Pardon
                                                                        Mount Royal Park (Mont-Royal, take Bus 11): The jewel of
                                                                        Montreal’s city parks, Mount Royal is where Montrealers go
    My name is             juh mah-pell         Je m’appelle            to get a breath of air on a hot day, to cross-country ski without
    No                     nohn                 Non                     leaving the city, to walk off a hangover or a bad mood, to picnic,
    North                  narhd                Nord                    to jog, to ice skate, to look out over the city, rest their eyes on
    Ok                     dah-core             d’accord
                                                                        the horizon and dream. To get to Mount Royal park you only
                                                                        need to start up any hill from downtown and you’ll eventually
    Open                   ooh-vehr             Ouvert
                                                                        find yourself there.

30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions          Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
   St-Joseph’s Oratory (3800 chemin Queen Mary, Cote-des-Nei-           Old Montreal / Old Port Of Montreal (Quai Jacques-Cartier):
   ges, Montreal’s renowned St-Joseph’s          The port is a central attraction in Montreal. A rolling green
   Oratory was founded by Brother André in 1904. Brother                lawn overlooks the harbor, a pedestrian mall stretches the
   André’s reputation as a miracle worker spread throughout the         length of the harbour, and a bicycle path follows the port to the
   Christian world and his famous Oratory attracts thousands of         Lachine canal. Consider renting a bike and riding to the Atwater
   international pilgrims every year. This Roman Catholic basilica      Market.
   on the northern slope of Mount Royal offers a beautiful view of      Montreal Science Centre (Quai King-Edward, end of boul
   northern Montreal.                                                   St-Laurent, The
   Casino de Montréal (Parc Jean-Drapeau, 1 ave du Casino,              Science Centre’s amazing, fun, and surprising exhibitions allow
   Jean-Drapeau, take Bus 167, Four            visitors to explore, learn, and understand through a variety of
   floors with more than 115 gaming tables, including roulette,         interactive means. Particularly great for families! Open 10-4.
   craps, blackjack, baccarat, and varieties of poker, and there are    Tickets $12
   more than 3,200 slot machines. All four restaurants get good         Montréal’s Museum of Archaeology and History at the
   reviews, especially the elegant Nuances. There are live shows in     Pointe-à-Callière (350 Place Royale,
   the Cabaret (Jazz musician Bruno Pelletier will perform during       The architecture museum was founded on the birthplace of
   SBM dates). Open 24/7. The Casino is entirely smoke-free.            Montreal and its oldest neighbourhood. Learn about the city’s
   Consider taking a cab to this venue.                                 early history. The site is above a crypt, believed to date back to
                                                                        the first cemetery, where 17th century artifacts are on display.
   Montreal Neighborhoods                                               Open 11-5. Tickets $13.
     Old Montreal
       Place-d’Armes, Champ-de-Mars                                     Eggspectations (201 rue St-Jacques Ouest, 514.282.0119,
                                                               Popular breakfast spot with locations
   Activities                                                           throughout Montreal. Enjoy Eggs Benedict eight different ways
   Old Montréal is home to more than 500 businesses and services.       with smoked salmon, guacamole, grilled chicken, and yes, even
   There are art galleries, almost 200 restaurants, “urban spas,”       crepes. $$
   specialty shops featuring furniture, fashion, and designer items,
                                                                        Le Jardin Nelson (407 Place Jacques Cartier, 514.891.5731,
   gourmet groceries - in short, something for all tastes.
                                                               Nestled away from the St. Jacques
   Place Jacques-Cartier (Jacques Cartier between rue Notre             Cartier Square you will find this delightful outdoor garden café.
   Dame Est & rue de la Commune Est) : This square, lined with          Enjoy the cheese plate and a pitcher of sangria. $$
   Victorian-style street lamps and cobblestones, has a grace and
                                                                        Stash Café (200 rue Saint-Paul Ouest, 514.845.6611, www.
   charm that conjures images of women strolling with parasols
                                                               Polish family restaurant that has woven itself
   and men playing absently with pocket watches. It is a popular
                                                                        into the fabric of Old Montreal for over 30 years. Traditional
   meeting place among those who live or work in this neighbour-
                                                                        Polish dishes include pierogi, golabki, placki, and borsch. $$$
   hood of limestone commercial buildings interspersed with
   fieldstone houses. Typical sites include street performers and       The Keg Steakhouse (25 rue Saint-Paul Est, 514.871.9093,
   tourists exploring restaurants and boutiques.               Great steaks for reasonable prices.
                                                                        Have your Caesar two ways – as a salad or as Montreal’s
   Saint Paul Street (rue St-Paul between rue Bonsecours & rue
                                                                        famous drink (Bloody Mary with Clamato juice). $$$
   McGill): Take a walk along the central cobblestone street of Old
   Montreal. Along the way check out some of the fine art galler-       Casa de Mateo (438 St. Francois-Xavier, 514.286.9589, www.
   ies, clothing boutiques, and jewelry shops.                 Guacamole prepared table-side and a live
                                                                        Mariachi band! Great for groups, decent for Mexican food. $$
   Basilique Notre-Dame (110 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, www. The basilica is one of Montreal’s most           Mechant Boeuf Bar-Brasserie (124 rue Saint-Paul Ouest,
   famous churches. Services are held several times daily. A            514.788.4020, Tres hip hangout for
   dynamic light show, “And Then There was Light”, highlights the       those that love cocktails, steak-frites, and rock-n-roll! Might
   Basilica’s historical, cultural, and architectural legacy, and its   not be the place for those who like to have a conversation
   many outstanding works of art. Tickets $10.                          during dinner. $$$

30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions          Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
   Garde Manger (408 St. Francois-Xavier, 514.678.5044):                  Chinatown
   Tucked away behind the velvet curtain, you will find this cozy
   posh spot. Originally opened as an “anti-scene” joint in Old             Place-d’Armes
   Montreal, this small resto / lounge has now been adopted by          Activities
   the Montreal foodies, bar flies, and hipsters alike. Atmosphere      The latern-lit pedestrian street along rue de la Gauchetiere
   is very loud and not for the faint of heart. With only two dinner    reveals the sights and smells of Chinatown which is filled with
   seatings, it’s real tough to get a table and reservations are a      inexpensive eateries and cultural hodgepodge. A great place for
   must. $$$$                                                           late-night appetites with many restaurants open until 4am.
   Le Locale (740 rue William, 514.397.7737, www.resto-lelocal.
   com): Foodies will be blown away by the layered flavors of every
                                                                        La Maison Kam Fung (1111 rue St. Urbain, 514.878.2888) :
   item on the complex menu filled with haute gourmet dishes
                                                                        Delicious and ultra fresh Chinese dim sum, the best in Montreal.
   where items like truffle foam never seem out of place. $$$$
                                                                        A challenge to find hidden in the rear of a vacated shopping
   Holder (407 rue McGill, 514.849.0333, www.restaurantholder.          plaza; follow the corridors and take the escalator upstairs; walk
   com): On the most western edge of Old Montreal, this stylish         to the front and put your name in and get a number. Always
   spot serves up delicious dishes. Very popular with the post-work     worth the wait. $$
   crowd. $$$
                                                                        Pho Bac (1016 Blvd. St-Laurent, 514.393.8116) : Steaming
   Nightlife                                                            pho (Vietnamese soup) served in a casual diner style. Do not
   Santos (191 rue St-Paul Ouest, 514.849.8881, www.ilovesan-           be surprised if you share your table with others. Delicious cold Chic lounge where customers sip from long-stemmed           summer rolls with pork, shrimp, and mint. $
   glasses of wine. A great place for unwinding, or socializing while   Hong Kong (1023 St-Laurent, 514.861.0251): A great variety
   being entertained by live music, Santos Lounge is a quintessen-      of traditional dishes such as soups, dumplings, sea bass, crispy
   tial Old Montreal experience. The posh décor, stylish customers,     chicken and lobster. Try the Salt & Pepper Shrimp. $$$
   savoury food, and elegant service all contribute to its overall
                                                                        New Dynasty (1110 rue Clark, 514.871.8778): Steps from the
   classy appeal.
                                                                        main drag of Chinatown, this restaurant boasts having the best
   Suite 701 (701 cote de la Place d’Armes, 514.904.1201,               wonton soup, made with shrimp! $$ Just inside the Hotel Place D’Armes.
                                                                        Mon Shing Restaurant (90 de la Gauchetiere Ouest,
   Endlessly high ceilings, grandiose white filigree, flowing sheer
                                                                        514.875.6395) : Do not be intimidated by the plastic table-
   drapery, and marble fireplace make you feel like you’re hanging
                                                                        cloths or menus written in Chinese characters. This place is as
   out in Donatella Versace’s living room.
                                                                        authentic as they come. Try the Steamed Oysters with Black
   Modavie (1 rue Saint-Paul Ouest, 514.287.9582, www.                  Bean Sauce. $$ : This wine bar is famous for its live jazz (7
   nights a week!) and incredible selection of well over 600 wines        Saint Laurent (Aka « The Main »)
   from such countries as France, Italy, Spain, and Chile.
                                                                            St-Laurent, Place-des-Arts
   Les 3 Brasseurs (105 rue Saint-Paul Est, 514.788.6100, Offers a unique beer-tasting experience       Activities
   in an authentic microbrewery atmosphere reminiscent of the old       Boulevard St-Laurent sells everything from budget practicali-
   days.                                                                ties to off-the-wall handmade fashions. But, its main attraction
   Les Deux Pierrots (104 rue Saint-Paul Est, 514.861.1270,             is the night-life, where 20- to 30-somethings come to dance the This is perhaps the best known of           night away.
   Montréal’s boîtes-à-chansons (song clubs). In this intimate          Restaurants
   French-style cabaret, the singers interact animatedly with the       Buona Notte (3518 boul St-Laurent, 514.848.0644, www.
   crowd, in traditional Québec music and American music as well. : Come early for dinner, otherwise you will
   Tribe Hyperclub (390 St-Jacques Ouest, 514.845.3066,                 have to wait behind the velvet rope. Supper club turned dance Don’t let its sleek design fool you.        club as the evening goes on. It is the place to be seen (but not
   Specializing in house beats, Tribe isn’t for people looking for a    heard) and has been known to be frequented by George Clooney
   quiet night out on the town. Its glass bars and leather furniture    when he is in town. $$$$
   may look subdued, but once the lights go down, the party gets

30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions             Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
   Prince Arthur (between St-Laurent and ave Laval): Two block              Globe Supperclub (3455 boul St-Laurent, 514.284.3823,
   pedestrian mall known for it’s BYOW restaurants. (Be sure to    An erotically charged, high-end
   stop at the SAQ around the corner on St-Laurent to pick up               undertaking that starts with a hostess at the podium who looks
   a bottle of wine for dinner.) Consider La Caverne Grecque, La            like she just stopped by between runway gigs, continuing with
   Casa Greque, or La Cabane Grecque, all of which serve inexpen-           waitresses bringing food that’s better than it has to be, and end-
   sive, large portions of decent quality greek food. $$                    ing with dancing at midnight when the real party gets started.
   Pop! (250 Ave de Pins Est, 514.287.1648, www.popbaravin.                 Le Pistol (3723 boul St-Laurent, 514.847.2222): Get here
   com): Scandinavian décor with exceptional food from the                  early, because this spot on The Main gets packed in no time.
   famous chefs of Laloux. Have a casual dinner with several of             Catering to the collegiate set as opposed to the chichi club-goer,
   the appetizers, a tarte (similar to pizza), and superb desserts.         this bar offers ample attractions, including high-definition
   $$$                                                                      plasma TVs to follow hockey, and tasty food, including sand-
   Schwartz’s Hebrew Delicatessen (3895 boul St-Laurent,                    wiches named for Bond flicks -- Goldfinger, Moonraker. A stereo
   514.842.4813, : One of the great                  system moves from jazz to house to rock.
   places for smoked meat or brisket—Montreal soul food if                  B Sides (3616 boul St-Laurent, 514.844.8883): Records
   you will—is at Schwartz’s. Ask for medium. The fat feeds the             weren’t always for Urban-Outfitter-inspired wall decorations.
   flavour. Ask for some of the best fries in town. An order of             Straying university students and other scruff-and-meander
   pickles, and of course Cherry Cola, the only drink you should            Montrealers fill this rock-ish lounge on a nightly basis. Expect a
   get. Forget dessert. There isn’t any. Wait in line, order, eat, enjoy.   deep-beat-less shrug, loud-strum, and pick vibe.
   Get up and make room for the next person in line. $                      Orchid Nightclub (3556 boul St-Laurent, 514.804.3637,
   Moishe’s Steakhouse (3961 boul St-Laurent, 514.845-             It wouldn’t be right to claim
   3509, : Founded in 1938, Moishe’s is one                 anything less than the premier hip-hop/R&B/old school club
   of Montreal’s most revered steakhouses. Amazing food, great              nightclub on the Main. Beautiful people, cheap drinks, and good
   dining experience, top-notch service. High class place, at a             music form the core of the atmosphere and you’re guaranteed to
   high-class price. $$$$$$$$                                               have a great time. Come early, because the lineups are long.
   Maestro SVP (3615 boul St-Laurent, 514.842.6447, www.                    Rouge Nightclub (7 rue Prince Arthur Ouest, 514.282.9944): The regulars belly up to the big wooden bar             Catering to an unpretentious and fun-loving 25+ crowd (young-
   and slurp down oysters by the dozen. Imported from all over              looking clients are routinely carded and discarded at the door);
   the world - the oysters that is, not the regulars – so you can           Rouge is two levels with two distinct sounds. The lower level is
   compare the subtle differences between, say, a delicate little           centered on a huge bar with couches and oversized footstools
   bivalve from Prince Edward Island’s Malpeque Bay and a big               window-side for bottle service. The top level is more about
   meaty one from Australia’s Gold Coast. A free lesson in shuck-           house-techno music, flashy club lighting, and a spacious dance
   ing techniques comes with the order. If oysters aren’t your thing,       floor. The upbeat sometimes-unexpected blend of old favorites
   don’t despair – there is a special tapas menu on weeknights.             and current hits guarantees a funky night of dance and drinks.
   $$$$                                                                     Tokyo Bar (3709 boul St-Laurent, 514.842.6838,
   Koko’s (8 Sherbrooke Street Ouest, inside Opus Hotel,           Tokyo Bar was chic before the onset of Asian décor
   514.657.5656, Koko’s is Art                       overkill elsewhere in the Western world, and has stayed true
   Nouveau - a glass, steel, and concrete framework decorated               to its formula for years. In the main room, DJ’s spin a variety
   with glittering chandeliers, iconic furniture, and plenty of black       of the latest house, hip hop and R&B tracks, throwing in some
   velvet. Pan-Asian cuisine that combines Eastern and Western              oldies just for balance, and often featuring live bands perform-
   cuisine in dishes like hamachi sashimi with pan-seared foie              ing popular club and radio hits. In the smaller room, trance and
   gras, spicy masala lobster with curried lentil hash, and bengali         techno dominate the cool blue-light lounge atmosphere.
   blackened salmon with mango salsa. $$$$$
   Gogo Lounge (3682 boul St-Laurent, 514.286.0882):
   Surround yourself with trendy people sipping on exotic and
   creatively mixed martinis. The menu is on an old record disc,
   which keeps to its style as being a 60’s retro-kitsch kind of
   place. If you think Austin Powers is cool, chances are you’ll find
   this spot groovy.

30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions         Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
     Little Italy                                                      Mange Boire MB (6961 boul St-Laurent, at Belanger,
                                                                       514.904.0361, Something a little
       Jean-Talon, De Castelnau, Beaubien                              different than your typical finds in Little Italy. Warm and serene
   Activities                                                          environment is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a
   The Little Italy neighbourhood is home to many fine Italian         night with close friends. Delicious and fresh sushi. Consider
   shops and restaurants, the Jean-Talon Market, as well as the        trying the Kobé beef. Excellent service and personal attention
   Church of the Madonna della Difesa, built by Italian immigrants     from the owner. $$$$
   from the Campobasso area in Molise to commemorate the               Douro (6518 boul St-Laurent, at Beaubien, 514.273.6969):
   apparition of the Virgin Mary. Montreal has the second largest      A mainstay for authentic Portuguese cuisine. Cozy, trendy,
   Italian population in Canada after Toronto.                         and modern dining where authentic Portuguese cuisine can be
   Jean Talon Market (7070 ave Henri-Julien, at Jean-Talon,            savored in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Portugese
   514.277.1588): This multiethnic market has a million faces.         tapas with great flavors, textures, and aromas. Try the shrimp
   Stopping in front of golden ears of corn you have the impression    casserole, grilled calamari, and mixed seafood plates. $$$$
   you’re in the countryside. With its multitude of delicatessens,     Tapeo Bar à Tapas (511 rue Villeray, 514.495.1999, www.
   you could swear you were in Italy or even Morocco, upon seeing Wide variety of Spanish dishes and good sized
   tajines, clementines, and mountains of dates at some stalls.        tapas. Enjoy with a glass of Spanish wines in a warm, friendly,
   Fresh produce stands line walkways with everything from Ital-       and inviting neighbourhood restaurant. $$$$
   ian parsley to Calamari (that’s squid). Among the neighbouring      Restaurant Daou (519 rue Faillon Est, 514.276.8310) : Leg-
   shops is a delicatessen, an SAQ, a Hamel cheese shop, fishmon-      end has it that the chefs of restaurant Daou went to Vegas to
   gers, home-style bakeries and butchers, greengrocers, chocolate     cater Celine Dion’s Las Vegas Wedding Extravaganza (Celine’s
   shops, and the amazing Marché des Saveurs (specializing in          hubby is of middle eastern descent). Amazing Lebanese food.
   Quebec produce).                                                    $$$$
                                                                         Latin Quartier & The Village
   Bottega (65 rue St-Zotique Est, 514.277.8104, www.bottega.
   ca): This is the pizza place recommended by the Italian diplo-          Berri-UQAM, Beaudry
   mat! Fresh italian cuisine and the best wood-fired pizza outside
   of Italy! No pretensions just a great casual atmosphere (family     Activities
   friendly) with great traditional food. $$                           The Quartier Latin is one of Montreal’s great artistic districts.
                                                                       The quarter bubbles 24 hours a day with its densely-packed
   Il Piatto Pieno (177 rue St-Zotique Est, 514.276.1076, www.
                                                                       rows of bars, trendy bistros, music clubs, and record shops. One of Montreal’s most reputable trattorias,
                                                                       Gay-friendly doesn’t even begin to describe the Village, hub of
   favored for its reasonable prices, ample portions and home-
                                                                       one of the world’s most exuberant gay communities. People of
   cooked splendour. Simple menu of central Italian dishes. The
                                                                       all persuasions wander rue Ste-Catherine and savor the «joie de
   rustic decor would not be complete without that badge of the
                                                                       vivre» in its cafes, bistros, and discerning eateries. The nightlife
   Italian trattoria - the white and red checkered tablecloth. Bring
                                                                       is renowned for its energy, but during the day the streets bustle
   your own wine. $$
                                                                       with workers from the big media firms. The façade of Beaudry
   Pizzeria Napoletana (189 rue Dante, 514.276.8226, www.              metro station was rebuilt to feature a rainbow row of columns. Choose from over 28 kinds of pizza made
                                                                       Musee D’Art Contemporain de Montreal (185 rue Ste-Cathe-
   from a variety of ingredients, artichokes to asparagus, shrimp
                                                                       rine Ouest, 514.847.6626, Montreal’s modern
   to smoked salmon, prosciutto to smoked turkey. For diners with
                                                                       art museum specializes in works dating from 1940 onwards.
   soul pasta in mind, try one of the over 26 kinds of pasta dishes.
                                                                       The museum hosts shows in all media used by contemporary
   Pizzeria Napoletana is family friendly and the hustle and bustle
                                                                       artists. During the SBM conference, there will be a special
   will keep the kids entertained. Bring your own wine. $$
                                                                       exhibition by Claude Tousignant, whose work encompasses the
   Restaurant Piccola Italia (6701 boul St-Laurent, at St-             range of modernist expression, from his famous Monochrome
   Zotique, 514.270.6701, A warm and           orangé and his Transformateurs chromatiques, Gongs and
   cozy atmosphere with wood floors and furniture. The diverse         Accélérateurs chromatiques series to his Diptyques circulaires,
   but traditional menu includes pasta, beef dishes, wild game, and    Monochromes and most recent works. Open 11-6. Tickets $8.
   a table d’hôte with seasonal specialties. Homemade pasta that
   makes for a fresh, colourful and delicious dish distinctive of
   Piccola Italia. $$$$

30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions          Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
   Cinema Du Parc (3575 ave Parc, 514.281.1900, www.                     Kilo (1495 rue Ste-Catherine Est, 514.596.3933): Here is a Montrealers’ repertory cinema at its finest.       «petit café-resto» absolutely outstanding. The Queen-Elisabeth,
   This local institution gives budget-minded movie addicts a less       Poire-William, and Choco-Banane cakes are staples and served
   expensive alternative to the multi-screen megaplexes located          in gargantuesque portions. Creative cheesecakes, rich cakes,
   downtown. The theatre is owned and operated by the Montreal           and tempting pies call out to customers from behind their glass
   Repertory Cinema Society, a nonprofit cultural organization           cases. Coffee is also delicious. Those who don’t fancy sweets
   committed to the promotion of independent, repertory and art          can order from the standard café menu, which includes various
   house films. Tickets $10.                                             salads or sandwiches which are sure to hit the spot for lunch.
   Spirit Lounge (1205 rue Ontario Est, 514.522.5353): Vegan             Kitchenette (1351 boul René Lévesque Est, 514.527.1016):
   restaurant with rules : 1) no menu – only one soup, one main,         Urban casual with laid back decor of industrial wooden floors
   and one dessert a night, 2) you have to clean your plate or you       and open kitchen ambiance. Extraordinary culinary creations.
   do not get dessert, and 3) if you do not finish your dessert, you     Consider the salmon tartar appetizer, the wild-mushroom
   cannot come back. $$                                                  tartlette, and the fish and chips special made with Mahi Mahi.
                                                                         This Texan-owned restaurant knows how to make chic your
   Au Petit Extra (1690 rue Ontario Est, 514.527.5552, www.              style. $$$$ This is a boisterous local French bistro with
   great food. If you want the Quebecois experience, this place          Nightlife
   typifies the local feel. Excellent classic country French food;       Cabaret Mado (1115 rue Ste-Catherine Est, 514.525.7566,
   it is not heavy or salty or haute. Knowledgeable and friendly Le Cabaret Chez Mado is the place to enjoy
   waiters. $$$                                                          the performances of impersonators and drag-queens at their
   Est Asie (1320 rue Ste-Catherine Est, at de la Visitation,            best. Surrounded by a pretty band of accomplices, the show is
   514.598.1118) : Specializes in an array of culinary delights          often animated by the colourful and renowned Mado Lamotte,
   from a variety of East Asian countries including Japan, Thai-         with her straightforward manners and her exalted personality,
   land, Vietnam and China. An ideal spot for anyone with a taste        mastering the art of animation at its best. Mado is a gay
   for the exoticism of East Asian cuisine. $$$                          celebrity in Montreal. She is a fabulous drag-queen and has a
                                                                         huge following. One cannot miss the huge Mado sign out front,
   Le Grain de Sel (2375 rue Ste-Catherine Est, 514.522.5105):           of Mado’s face huge as a Macy’s balloon.
   French style bistro with cordial environment and attentive
   service. Consider the chef’s recommendations. There is some-          Jello Bar (151 rue Ontario Est, 514.285.2621, www.jellobar.
   thing on the menu for all tastes and budgets. The bavette is          com): Fact meets fantasy in this famed Montreal martini house.
   recommended. Reasonable wine selections. $$$$                         Décor is colourful 80s kitsch, be it the retro bar, the louche
                                                                         lounge or the laid-back pool area. Bar staff are slick and stylish
   Nyks (1250 rue de Bleury, 514.866.1787, N Y             and big with their measures, mixing over 50 martinis from
   K S offers a hip jazzy bar and grill. Specializes in grilled meats,   cherry to chocolate. Star turns include Nic Cage and Bruce
   fresh cheeses, and pub grub. Good choice of imported beers both       Willis, but who cares when there’s a Bond girl dancing in your
   draft or bottled, as well as a good selection of scotch and wines.    martini glass?
   Stop in after a visit to the museum. $$
                                                                         Club Unity (1171 rue Ste-Catherine Est, 514-523-2777, www.
   Baton Rouge (180 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, 514.282.7444,      Draws well-dressed, friendly, mixed Take a well-deserved break            crowds to its three-rooms, top-of-the-line lighting and sound
   and unwind in the comfort of Baton Rouge’s cozy decor - bur-          systems, and large outdoor roof terrace. Voted best gay/lesbian
   nished warmth of mahogany and brass, deep rich colors and soft        club of the year, Unity attracts an eclectic crowd that loves to
   lamp lighting that calm your senses. A taste of the American          party in its laid back atmosphere.
   South with some of the best baby back ribs and loaded baked
   potatoes. $$$                                                         Circus (915 rue Ste-Catherine Est, 514.844.0188, www.
                                                                After hours club for all of you insom-
   Breads of India (2027 boul St-Laurent, 514.982.3724)                  niacs, the party starts at 3am and ends when most are having
   Though it doesn’t look like much from the outside (or from the        their morning coffee break (10am). Circus Afterhours features
   inside, for that matter), it’s a great source of quality Indian       luscious washrooms, hardwood floors, exposed bricks walls, and
   eats. You’ll be presented with a menu offering two choices,           great DJs.
   which makes ordering pretty easy: meat or vegetarian. $

30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions           Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
     Mile End                                                           Nonya (151 Bernard Ouest, 514.875.9998,
                                                                        Amazing Indonesian food that will make the leisurely service
       Outremont                                                        well worth the wait. $$$
   Activities                                                           Restaurant La Moulerie (1249 rue Bernard Ouest,
   Mile End is an artistic neighbourhood, home to artists, musi-        514.273.8132) : Large and pleasant bistro offers an impressive
   cians, writers, and filmmakers. Many art galleries, designers’       assortment of mussels prepared in various ways: marinière
   workshops, boutiques, and cafés are found here. The computer         (white wine and herbs), Italian, Roquefort, mustard, Indian
   game developer Ubisoft occupies the space of an old clothing         and more. And of course, they’re served with delicious French
   factory. William Shatner grew up in Mile End until he moved          fries and homemade mayonnaise. For serious mussel buffs, La
   to NDG during his high school years. Mile End is considered          Moulerie offers all-you-can-eat mussels every evening from
   the heart of the independent music scene in Montreal. Several        Sunday to Wednesday. $$$
   venues on upper St-Laurent Boulevard have contributed to             Helm (273 Bernard Ouest, 514.276.0473): The HELM (a
   the development of the local scene, including Casa del Popolo,       French acronym for hops, water, yeast, malt) is an unpretentious
   Sala Rossa, and The Green Room (Le Salon Vert). The area is          brew-pub which seeks to promote local quality products. In
   also home to the city’s two most famous bagel bakeries, the          addition to the beer brewed on the premises, they offer a large
   Fairmount and St-Viateur Bagel.                                      selection of Quebec ciders and North American wines. $$$
   Avenue Bernard (between St-Laurent & ave. Rockland):
   With its shops, restaurants, and residences, this quaint street is   Nightlife
   reminiscent of a European-style neighborhood.                        Whisky Café (5800 boul St-Laurent, at Bernard,
                                                                        514.278.2646, The Whisky Café bar
   Restaurants                                                          and separate Cigar lounge is one of the few Montreal cigar bars
   Fairmont Bagel (74 Fairmount Ouest, 514.272.0667, www.               left in the city. Offers an excellent selection of over 150 scotch Bagels in these parts are thinner, smaller,     whiskys, lots of Port, wines, tasting a la carte and one the best
   and crustier than the cottony monsters posing as the real thing      Montreal happy hours. The cigar lounge is separated from the
   in New York. They’re hand-rolled, twist-flipped into circles, and    cafe and offers a wide variety of Cuban cigars. Be sure to check
   baked in big wood-fired ovens right on the premises. Fairmont,       out the unique washrooms.
   founded in 1919, offers 20 types, including unfortunate options      Le Glacier Bilboquet (1311 Bernard Ouest, 514.276.0414):
   like mueslix and blueberry, but why opt for trendy odd-ball          One lick of the ice cream and you will understand why there is
   tastes when you can get a perfectly perfect sesame seed? A           always a line outside the door.
   24-hour hole in the wall, Fairmont sells its bagels and accouter-
   ments such as cream cheese and nova lox “to go” only, 7 days a         Plateau & Saint Denis
   week. $
                                                                            Laurier, Mont-Royal
   L’Assommoir (112 ave Bernard Ouest, 514.272.0777, www. Specializes in exotic grillings and Latin            Activities
   American inspired ceviches. The woody and brushed chrome bar         The Plateau is characterized by brightly-coloured houses, cafés,
   bustles nightly as the young, stylish locals take their pick from    book shops, and a laissez-faire attitude. The combination of
   35 different beers and a selection of over 300 cocktails. The        different immigrant societies, notably many Portuguese and
   dining area includes long, wooden banquettes, which tie in the       Spanish-speakers, adds to the feeling of tolerance and creates a
   old-school European styling of L’Assommoir. Reservations are a       unique atmosphere. You’ll find a variety of trendy restaurants,
   must – ask to sit at the tables across from the preparation area.    clothing stores, and boutiques along with bakeries and deli-
   The drinks are innovative and delicious, try the Basil Martini.      catessens. The Plateau is also a densely populated residential
   $$$$                                                                 neighbourhood. Most residents are young Francophones
   Le Vaudeville (361 Bernard Ouest (corner Parc),                      (French-speakers). Its vitality attracts many artists, and its
   514.495.8258): Reasonable, casual bistro, regular mussels and        proximity to downtown and numerous green spaces make it a
   fries specials, cheap house wine, and good filet mignon. $$$         highly sought after place to live.
   Lester’s (1057 Bernard Ouest, 514.213.1313, www.lestersdeli.         rue St-Denis (between Sherbrooke and Laurier): Strings of
   com): Stop in for lunch and enjoy their famous smoked meat           shops filled with fun, funky items.
   sandwiches with pickles and Stewart’s rootbeer. The décor is         ave Laurier (between St-Laurent & avenue de L’Epée): French
   reminiscent of a 50s style diner, stuck in a timewarp. $             boutiques, home furniture, accessories shops, and young Québé-
                                                                        cois designers.

30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions          Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
   Restaurants                                                          Bieres et Compagnie (4350 rue St-Denis, 514.844.0394,
   Beauty’s (93 ave Mont-Royal Ouest, 514.849.8883, www.       An architectural gem in the Louis Beauty’s has become a fixture of the Montreal           Archambault Building on St-Denis, its stone façade and high
   restaurant scene. A family-run eatery, this place is known for its   ceilings lend a touch of elegance to the simple fare. Fantastic
   all-day breakfasts. $                                                offerings on the beer menu including Quebec, French, & Belgian
   L’ Avenue (922 ave Mont-Royal Est, 514.523.8780): Reputed            artisanal beers, which complement the food. Best with the
   for its huge breakfasts, exotic fruit cocktails, and hip Plateau     mussels and fries. $$
   Mont Royal ambiance, the main reason most patrons frequent           Casa Tapas (266 Rachel Est, 514.848.1063, www.casatapas.
   this establishment is to chew the fat among friends. $$$             com): Spanish cuisine combined with an experience worthy of
   St. Viateur Bagel (1127 ave Mont-Royal Est, at Christophe-           the most beautiful Rambla nights of Barcelona. Vogue ambi-
   Columb, 514.528.6361, The                   ance with candle-lighting, relax the night away tasting the small
   other half of the Montreal bagel rivalry. All of St. Viateur’s       tapas dishes. Make sure you make a reservation. $$$$
   hand-rolled bagels are baked in a wood-burning oven, along the       Bistro Duluth (121 rue Duluth Est, 514.287.9096):This
   backdrop of the trendy Mont Royal Avenue café. $                     quiet neighbourhood tavern has an older crowd of regulars who
   Thai Grill (5101 boul St-Laurent, 514.270.5566): Dishes              come to gab with the staff and watch any number of televised
   range from the fiery – mussaman curry with beef, sautéed             sporting events, but the kitchen turns out surprisingly good
   chicken with cashews, onions, and dried red peppers – to such        Portuguese and pan-European standards. The mussels are
   fragrantly mild delicacies as gai hor bai toey (chicken wrapped      an especially good bargain ($10), done in a variety of styles.
   in pandanus leaves and served with a black-bean sauce).              Grilled chicken is an obvious specialty, as are brochettes and
   Pale-yellow walls, rich wood trim, and traditional Thai masks        various seafood dishes. $$$
   decorate the elegant dining room. Service is leisurely. $$$$         Chuchai (4088 rue St-Denis, 514.843.4194, www.chuchai.
   Banquise (994 rue Rachel, 514.525.2415, www.restolaban-              com): Chu Chai is an entirely vegetarian restaurant featuring Touted by many as the best poutine in Montreal,          traditional Thai dishes prepared with wonderfully textured faux
   whether you’re new to poutine or just plain addicted, La             meats or tofu. Almost every dish is vegan, except for a few
   Banquise is a 24/7 source and supply of over twenty variants of      which contain eggs. $$$$
   the classic Quebecois dish. But you have to be open to poutine.      Rockaberry (4275 St. Denis, 514.844.9479, www.rockaberry.
   Real poutine. The kind where the cheese squeaks with every bite,     ca): Salads, sandwiches, coffees, and best of all – PIES! Go on
   the fries are pork larded to perfection and the sauce? Not too       an empty stomach. $
   little, not too much, it’s a salty brew with just the right hue of   Pizzedelic (1250 ave Mont-Royal Est, 514.522.2286, www.
   brown. $$                                                   Pizza here runs the gamut from
   La Chronique (99 Laurier Ouest, at St. Urbain, 514.271.3095,         traditional to wildly imaginative, with toppings such as your This modest looking restaurant has           basic tomato sauce, fresh basil, and mozzarella to more
   been recommended by Montréal’s top chefs for years. Presenta-        startling concoctions involving Black Tiger shrimp and pickled
   tions are so impeccable that you hate to disturb them, and           ginger or seafood in a cream sauce. Pastas, burgers, and salads
   flavors are so eye-rolling that you want to lick up every last       also available. $$
   smear of food. $$$$$$
   Fonduementale (4325, rue St-Denis, 514.499.1446, www.                Baldwin Barmacie (115 ave Laurier Ouest, 514.276.4282, A little touristy, but the chic décor and Baldwin Barmacie is a converted
   amazing fondue make up for it easily. Consider some of their         pharmacy turned bar and posh lounge serving a multitude of
   table d’hotes that start with a simple salad with their signature    martinis and creative cocktails, especially those made with
   sesame dressing, then the cheese fondue course, next pick items      Spanish wines. You can even concoct your own elixirs by asking
   ranging from veggies to seafood to wild game for the broth           for a glass each of juice and alcohol and creating a mix to suit
   or oil fondue course, and finally, loosen the top button of your     your tastes: it’s served in an old canister.
   pants for the dessert fondue, chocolate or maple cream. $$$$$
                                                                        Academy Loft (4445 boul St-Laurent, 514.799.4824):
   L’Academie (4051 rue St-Denis, at Duluth, 514.849.2249,              Electronica music, with all forms of house music that originated Contrary to urban legends, the L’Academie         in the ghettos. Bring your dancing shoes and enjoy drinks at a
   is not staffed by student chefs on their way to becoming             much cheaper price than the commercial venues.
   masters of the culinary arts. But it might be hard to tell given
   the nightly line-ups at this BYOW. Reasonably priced menu,
   reasonably decent food, and lively ambiance. $$
30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions           Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
   Billy Kun’s (354 ave Mont-Royal Est, 514.845.5392, www.                Montreal’s Underground City (officially «RÉSO» in French, A cheerfully hip energy pervades this extremely          directly under the downtown city, major sections can be ac-
   popular watering hole. The décor is unique with its “Prague            cessed via Peel, McGill, or Bonaventure metro stations): Set
   café” theme accentuated by ostrich heads poking out of the             of interconnected complexes (both above and below ground) in
   walls, high ceilings, and excellent music. Youngish journalists        and around downtown Montreal that is the largest underground
   and other left-of-centre professionals enjoy very reasonably           complex in the world. There are over 20 miles of tunnels spread
   priced microbrews, and it’s usually packed. The name is pro-           over 4.6 square miles, consisting of shopping malls, hotels,
   nounced “Billy Coon.”                                                  banks, offices, museums, concert halls, universities, seven
   Bar Plan B (327 ave Mont-Royal Est, 514.845.6060): A cross             metro stations, two commuter train stations, a bus terminal
   between a city pub and a comfortable bar, Plan B combines a            and the Bell Centre. There are more than 120 exterior access
   trendy look with a relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel like         points to the underground city. Some 500,000 people use the
   you’re at home. Great selection of wine, port, and whisky. Those       underground city every day, especially to escape the traffic
   more daring will be tempted by one of the house cocktails: Plan        and/or Montreal’s harsh winters and hot summers. Maps of
   Vierge, Plan B (made with green absinthe), Plan Kalva or Plan          the underground city and the metro can be obtained free of
   Birinha will awaken all your senses!                                   charge from all metro stations, and the network of buildings is
                                                                          indicated on most maps of the downtown core.
   House Nightclub (4521 boul St-Laurent, 514.815.4687, Massive and upscale nightclub of the          rue Sherbrooke (from Decarie to Papineau): Sherbrooke is
   Plateau filled with glamorous crowds, dancing to house DJs on          the spine of the city. Running from the far east end to the far
   two floors for a party ala extravaganza.                               west, this broad street is one of the most stylish and elegant in
                                                                          Montreal, with much of the architecture still preserved both
   La Sala Rossa (4848 boul St-Laurent, at St-Joseph,
                                                                          in private homes and in the various businesses and institutions
   514.844.4227, Walk through La
                                                                          along the way. Olympic Park dominates the east end, and the
   Sala Rosa restaurant and go upstairs to the room of the former
                                                                          street’s downtown passage is defined by McGill University’s
   Centro Social Español to the popular showroom for great live
                                                                          campus and high rise towers. Walking along Sherbrooke you will
   music. It’s large enough to host some big names, like Beirut,
                                                                          find international and domestic designers, luxury items such as
   but small enough that you can see their nose hairs. The venue
                                                                          furs and jewelry, art galleries, and the Holt Renfrew department
   doesn’t limit itself to music either - if you’re lucky, you can also
                                                                          store. To the west lies what is called the “Golden Square Mile,”
   catch a poetry slam or breakdance competition.
                                                                          home to elegant buildings and the Musée des Beaux-Arts.
     Downtown Montreal / Crescent Street / Golden Square                  Montreal Fine Arts Museum (Musee des Beaux-Arts, 1379
     Mile                                                                 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, 514.285.2000,,
                                                                          During the past 140 years the Montreal Museum of Fine
       Guy-Concordia, Peel, McGill, Bonaventure                           Arts has assembled one of North America’s finest collections,
   Activities                                                             totaling more than 30,000 objects. Plan at least an hour when
   The city of Montreal is one of Canada’s most unique and lively         you tour. When you visit, you’ll see exhibits including Canadian
   cities, offering a perfect blend of the old and new. The number        art, contemporary art, Inuit and Amerindian Art, European
   of museums located in and around the city number is daunting,          Masters, prints and drawings and decorative arts. During the
   and includes notable names like the McCord Museum of Ca-               SBM Conference, there will be a special exhibition: Master of
   nadian History. Shoppers will swoon at the sight of Montreal’s         Glass by Louis C. Tiffany. Open Wed-Fri 11-9, Sat-Sun 10-5.
   downtown core, which has over 3,000 shops and services, most           Tickets $15.
   of which are conveniently centered around Ste-Catherine Street.        Crescent Street (from boul René Lévesque to rue Sherbrooke):
   The Montreal Golden Square Mile is just a few walking steps            Crescent Street is a tiny strip famous for its terraces, trendy
   away from the best venues, attractions and precious heritage, an       restaurants, fine dining, and bustling nightlife. The street is also
   absolute must for you to discover. Montreal is one of the most         lined with specialty shops, designer boutiques, cafes, and hotels.
   vibrant and cosmopolitan places in Canada. Known as one of             When the sun sets, you can find it all here, from live music to
   the world’s friendliest and liveliest cities, it is renowned for its   dancing with the best DJ’s in the city in one of the many bars,
   vibrant night life and restaurants.                                    lounges and dance clubs. Crescent is sometimes considered the
                                                                          “anglo” equivalent to St-Laurent (francophone).

30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions            Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
   Ste-Catherine Street (from Ave. Atwater to Papineau): Home              La Queque de Cheval (1221 boul René Lévesque Ouest,
   to the city’s top department stores (Ogilvy, Baie) and myriad           at Drummond, 514.390.0090, A
   satellite shops. The shopping district stretches east-west on Ste-      celebrated Montréal dining establishment, renowned for its
   Catherine and includes the Eaton Centre and Place Montreal              signature dry-aged beef, succulent seafood and comprehensive
   Trust. Stores include Gap, Jacob, Parasuco, H&M, Apple, Lush,           wine list. Notable for its decor, excellent service, outstanding
   Future Shop, Roots, American Eagle, Puma, Adidas, Reebok,               cuisine, award winning wine cellar, and incomparable Cigar
   Sports Experts, Esprit, Buffalo, Steve Madden, Crocs, Urban             Lounge, the ‘Q’ is the ultimate destination for celebration.
   Outfitters, La Senza, Chapters, HMV, Simons, and many more.             $$$$$$$$$
   You can find multiple accesses to the Underground City along            Molivos (2310 rue Guy, at Sherbrooke, 514.846.8818, www.
   Ste-Catherine. Also, be ready for strip clubs that are casually Molivos has been delighting diners with fresh
   intermixed among the stores and boutiques. Shopping tip: Most           fish, seafood, and outstanding Greek cuisine. Quaint atmosphere
   stores along Ste-Catherine close at 5pm on Saturdays and                and authentic vintage décor. Select your own fresh fish from the
   Sundays.                                                                basket brought tableside by the waiter. Try the Retsina wine and
   Restaurants                                                             the charbroiled octopus. $$$$
   Chez Cora (1240 rue Drummond, 514.286.6171, www.                        Weinstein & Gavino’s (1434 rue Crescent, 514 288.2231, Specializing in breakfasts, Cora’s offers an in- This bustling pasta bar factory
   credible choice of fresh fruit plates, juice, coffee, yogurt, cheese,   is friendly, boisterous, and vibrant. Extensive selection of salads
   cereal, French toast topped with all kinds of delights, delicious       and pastas, as well as Italian speciality items like osso bucco,
   omelettes, old-fashioned pancakes, plus egg plates with morning         risotto and veal scaloppine alla parmigiana, and tiramisu for
   meats, baked beans, crétons and other family favorites. $               dessert. Good choice for larger groups, but call ahead for
   Reuben’s Deli (1116 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, at Peel,                   reservations. $$$
   514.866.1029, There was a time when               Hurley’s Irish Pub (1225 rue Crescent, 514.861.4111, www.
   Reuben’s was just a regular Deli with awesome deli food then   If you enjoy modern and traditional Irish
   something happened and it went upscale but kept the taste.              music and a pint of fine imported ale, stop by Hurley’s Irish
   Their steaks are perfectly spiced, seared, and cooked to your           Pub. Irish musicians perform rollicking jigs nightly to a diverse
   liking. An explosion of flavor in each bite. It’s served with a         clientele from students to businessman. In true pub tradition,
   mountain of fries, but try the Yukon Gold mash with garlic, it’s        Hurley’s features a kitchen serving everything from snacks to
   got a KICK to it that is unmistakable. If you have any room left        full meals. House specialties include hearty, fortified fare like
   over, try a piece of their cheesecake. $$$$                             Guinness beef stew and Irish Mist lamb stew. $$
   Bistro Gourmet (2100 St. Mathieu, at Maisonneuve, (514)                 Angelo’s Restaurant (1184 rue Crescent, 514.861.8791):
   846-1553, This little French                  Inspired by the villages of old Italy, the décor features many
   restaurant is cozy with its stone wall and warm atmosphere.             arches, plaster walls, and the typically Italian music. Flavorful
   Excellent food with two reasonably priced table d’hôte dinners          selection of traditional Italian cuisine including veal, grilled
   available. Perfect for an evening of conversation over a delicious      chicken, salmon, and of course, many different pastas served
   meal and glass of wine. Try the cream of vegetable soup, crusted        with various sauces. A nice selection of Italian wines. $$$
   lamb chops, and pear and custard on brioche dessert. $$$$               Pino Restaurant (1471 rue Crescent, 514.289.1930, www.
   Phayathai (1235 rue Guy, at Ste-Catherine, 514.933.9949):      Electrifying and energizing ambience
   Phayathai is one of those restaurants where you can order just          with waiters that are a big part of this bubbling atmosphere.
   about anything without going wrong. What sets this place apart          The Italian cuisine is modern and diverse. After dinner, consider
   is that it’s a bit less expensive than its higher-end counterparts,     heading upstairs to Pinnokkio (see below). $$$$
   for food that’s just as good if not better, in part because the         Hard Rock Café (1458 rue Crescent, 514.987.1420, www.
   kitchen doesn’t cut down on the spice to suit Western palates. Tourist mecca. $$
   The Pad Thai is exceptional. $$
                                                                           Tour de Ville (777 rue University, atop the Delta Hotel,
   Il Cortile (1422 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, at Bishop,                       514.879.4777, Montreal’s revolving
   514.843.8230): Tucked away in the courtyard complex called              rooftop restaurant make dining “around town” ideal while
   Passage du Musee, this trattoria offers a variety of pasta, veal,       enjoying breathtaking views of Montreal. Saturdays and
   and seafood dishes. The outdoor terrace with its linen-covered          Sundays feature a popular brunch. $$$$$
   wrought iron tables, makes a delightful hideout, by day or under
   starry skies. $$$$$

30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions          Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
   O’Noir (1631 rue Ste-Catherine, 514.937.9727, www.onoir.            Nightlife
   com): The restaurant is in complete darkness (no lights, no         Newtown (1476 rue Crescent, 514.284.6555, www.newtown.
   flashlights, no candles) to heighten the smell and taste of food    ca): Literally translated into the French word «Villeneuve»,
   and to experience what it would feel like to be blind (the entire   Newtown is the brainchild of its namesake, Formula 1 racer and
   waitstaff is blind). An experience you will not forget, and the     Montreal native Jacques Villeneuve. Features a bar and lounge,
   food is good too! Proceeds are donated to an organization           terrasse, dancing, and dining with influences from around the
   helping blind individuals integrate into the labour market. Two     world. If you have money to spend and are looking for a place
   seatings, be sure to call ahead for reservations. $$$$              with great martinis, luxurious decor, a well-dressed crowd, and
   Kanda Sushi (2045 rue Bishop, 514.845.8868): All-you-can-           one of the busiest and most exciting happy hours in the city of
   eat sushi at student prices! From caviar-covered spicy tuna rolls   Montreal, then Newtown is for you.
   to tangy unagi hand rolls, this is good eating. Not to mention      Light Ultra Club (2020 rue Crescent, 514.288.2888, www.
   the incredible rainbow roll (with a variety of fish rolled on the Light Ultra Club offers club-goers some-
   outside of the maki) or the unique Kanda roll (a large maki roll    thing upscale to kick off the weekend. Two floors of style offer
   dipped in tempura batter and deep fried). $$$                       the best in House, Hip-Hop, R&B, and everything in between.
   Arahova Souvlaki (1825 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest,                     Resident DJs Superfly and DJ Atomik pump the place with
   514.935.3339, Family oriented             House, Hip Hop, and R&B. Light is the premier choice for
   greek restaurant with original items of tzatziki, taramosalata,     younger crowds.
   skordalia spanakopita, pikilia, dolmades, mousaka, pita special-    Club Pinnokkio (1320 Maisonneuve Ouest, 514.844.1555,
   ties, gyros, brochettes, and salads. Multiple locations. $$ The place to go for 90’s pop music and a
   Le Milsa (1445 rue Bishop, 514.844.4550, www.churrascaria-          walk down memory lane. A popular place with a slightly older Brazilian churrascaria with an intoxicating, Latin      crowd, but be prepared to stand in line.
   atmosphere. Pieces of meat are grilled on long skewers and          Club La Boom (1254 rue Stanley, 514.866.5463, www.
   then brought tableside by churrasqueiros, experts equipped with La Boom is downtown’s answer to
   sharpened knives, who will carve your favorite pieces of meat       Montreal’s clubbing lifestyle. No matter what type of music you
   in “rodizio” fashion, circulating constantly from table to table.   like, this club has it. Club La Boom offers three huge rooms to
   Placing a small card by your plate (red on one side and green       choose from: the White Room, with its old-school pop music,
   on the other), you can directly communicate with the Chur-          the Blue and Red Room, with its Latino grinds, and the Silver
   rasquieros if you desire to be served again or not. Quench your     Room, which offers a mix of techno, house, and R&B. Mild
   all-you-can-eat-meat thirst with Caipirinhas, a typical Brazilian   dress code.
   cocktail, made from Cachaca (a spirit derived from the sugar        Upstairs Jazz Bar (1254 rue Mackay, 514.931.6808, www.
   cane). $$$$                                                A must see on the Montréal jazz scene. The
   Boustan (2020a rue Crescent, 514.843.3576, www.boustan.             moment you step inside you’ll feel enveloped by an intimate,
   ca): Completely non-descript and consistently top-of-the-line.      mellow atmosphere that invites you to relax, sit back and soak
   In the middle of the hubbub among the bars and clubs on rue         it all in. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to an era
   Crescent, this Lebanese pizza-parlor-style eatery gets lines out    where torch singers belted out sultry songs and troubadours
   the door at 2pm (office workers) and again at 2am (late-night       tickled the ivories. The hustle and bustle of downtown melts
   partiers), all jonesing for its famed falafel, shish taouk, or      away in this debonair den, where internationally acclaimed jazz
   shawarma sandwiches. Yes, that’s former Prime Minister Pierre       artists play alongside Montreal’s best. On any given night you
   Trudeau in the photo at the cash register; he was a regular. $      can catch the likes of Guy Nadon, Michel Donato or Marianne
   Maharaja (1481 boul René Lévesque Ouest, at Guy,                    Trudel in an intimate setting befitting jazz aficionados and
   514.934.0655, The largest Indian           dilettantes alike.
   cuisine buffet in North America with “all you can eat” 100+         McKibbins Irish Pub (1426 rue Bishop, 514.288.1580,
   items. Specialties include Tandoori chicken, Chicken tikka, The old country-style appeal of
   Shrimp brochettes, Lamb saag, Butter chicken, and freshly           the wooden interior has a warm and welcoming feel to create
   baked Naan. $$                                                      an atmosphere of the quintessential local gathering spot.
                                                                       McKibbin’s mixed clientele is attracted to the pub’s special
                                                                       events that entice every generation. Also serves pub fare such
                                                                       as spud skins, Cork County chips and curry, Irish nachos, and
                                                                       Belfast chicken wings.

30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions        Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
   Brutopia Brew Pub (1219 rue Crescent, 514.393.9277, www.           Mikado (5515 ave Monkland, 514.369.3659, www.mikadom- A unique and impressive selection of lagers and This place is the reason to go to NDG. Check out
   ales brewed onsite including a Raspberry Blonde, a Nut Brown       the best sushi in Montreal. Sit at the sushibar and ask the Sushi
   Ale and a Honey Beer. Enjoy a pint while being entertained by      Man to make one of his famous Oyster Shooters. His knowledge
   the live bands.                                                    of fish and his perfection of the art-of-sushi will enlighten you
   Club Opera (32 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, at St-Laurent,             all night. Scrupulously fresh fish, extravagant appetizers, and
   514.842.2836, Wanting to bring some             fantastic sushi. A casual but elegant dining room. $$$
   elegance back to the local nightlife, this space consists of       Monkland Taverne (5555 ave Monkland, 514.486.5768,
   multiple bars surrounded by bonsai trees and crystal balls, the    www.monkland The Monkland Tavern is one of
   best champagne, and of course the finest staff Montreal has to     the trendiest restaurants on Monkland Avenue, boasting a chic
   offer.                                                             decor and a very lively atmosphere. Often filled to capacity with
                                                                      hungry gourmands who come to sample the chef’s unique takes
     Notre Dame De Grace (Ndg) / Monkland Village                     on international cuisine. $$$$
       Ville-Marie                                                    Ye Old Orchard Pub (5563 ave Monkland, 514.484.1569,
                                                             A laid back resto-pub in
   Activities                                                         the Celtic tradition. Be sure to try some of the Indian comfort
   Monkland Village is a residential neighbourhood in the             food in true pub style. $$
   Montreal borough of Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.
                                                                      Vino (5674 ave Monkland, 514.481.8466, www.vinomontreal.
   The main strip is located along Monkland Avenue between
                                                                      com): Vino is a small, cozy restaurant with exceptional food at
   Grand Boulevard and the Décarie Expressway (Rt. 15). Both
                                                                      reasonable prices. Blackboard menu specials include black bass
   the neighbourhood and the avenue are named after James
                                                                      bouillabaisse, chili aioli, and chestnut cheesecake. Huge selec-
   Monk, who was the attorney general of Lower Canada, and
                                                                      tion of exclusive and rare wines. $$$$
   chief justice to the court of the Queen’s Bench from 1804 to
   1824. This area became associated with Monk due to the estate      Nightlife
   he built in 1804 known as Monklands. This estate would later       Typhoon (5752 ave Monkland, 514.482.4448, www.typhoon.
   become the Governor General’s residence, and was later on sold     ca): Lounge lizards love this gem on Monkland, not least for
   to the Congregation de Notre-Dame who would use the building       the Typhoon itself, the house signature made with vodka, melon
   for the Villa Maria private Catholic girls school.                 liqueur, blue curaçao, Seven Up, lime and grenadine - sure to put
   Monkland Avenue (between Girouard and Hingston) has been           the storm in even the strongest of hearts. The menu lists dozens
   a commercial artery since the 1930’s seeing various highs and      of martinis and original creations with names like The Sting and
   lows. Today the strip shows evidence of yuppification and is       The Spring - the latter a sprightly mix of melon liqueur, coconut
   home to many small businesses including restaurants, cafés,        rum, white rum, lime and lemon juice.
   bars and unique boutiques. It is predominantly an anglophone
   section of Montreal.                                                 Westmount

   Restaurants                                                            Vendome
   Ben & Jerry’s Ice-cream (5582 ave Monkland,                        Activities
   514.488.6524, Founded in 1978 by                The sensational stretch on Sherbrooke from Claremont to
   two Vermont entrepreneurs, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield,         Victoria Avenue is perfect for anyone on the hunt for high-end
   the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream company uses only the finest         housewares, unique gifts, fine fashion, and footwear. Have
   natural ingredients like fresh milk and cream. Ben and Jerry’s     lunch or relax over a coffee along a sidewalk café while people
   is renowned for the social ethics that permeate the way they       watching and enjoying the elegant surroundings. For your
   do business. Ever since 1985, the company has donated a            premier shopping needs check-out Ugg, Bark & Fitz (high end
   substantial amount of its revenues to charities involved in        pet accessories), Bloom Maternity (where Brad Pitt picked
   environmental protection. $                                        up a few things for Angelina), Chou Chou (shoes), Westmount
   Choc’ola Cupcakes (5601 ave Monkland, 514.485.2652): En-           Stationary, Ben & Tournesol (Mat & Natt bags), Wilfrid &
   ter Cho’cola’s sophisticated pink décor and you’re immediately     Adrienne, Indigo (where Angelina bought t-shirts), L’Occitane,
   greeted by an army of cupcakes all standing at attention behind    and many others.
   a glass display case. As far as decorations go, these cupcakes
   look just like the ones you make at home with yummy flavors
   such as key lime, carrotcake, Chocolate Fever, and Chai Latte. $

30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions           Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

   009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
   Restaurants                                                            Harricana (3000 rue St-Antoine Ouest, at Atwater,
   Tao (374 Victoria, 514.369.1122, An             514.287.6517, Yesterday’s old fur coats
   authentic taste of Asia, Tao Restaurant is a well-kept secret          and stoles are transformed into everything from car coats and
   among Westmount locals. Meals are skilfully prepared, using            ski jackets to baby wraps and cushion covers by the artisans
   only the freshest quality ingredients (no MSG or additives), and       of this Québec City-based company named for one of the
   sure to delight even the most discerning palate. $$$                   province’s great northern rivers. The fashions are sold at dozens
   Le Claremont (5032 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, at Claremont,                 of shops, but the best place to see what’s available is this
   514.483.1557, Combining a uniquely              combination atelier and boutique.
   urban-fused menu with a warm and elegant atmosphere. It is             Restaurants
   the comfortable neighbourhood spot, amoung the shee-shee               Toi, Moi, et Café (2695 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, 514.788.9599,
   locale. Good food, warm hospitality. $$$                      : Simply delightful breakfast spot. The
   Java U (4914 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, 514.482.7077, www.                  strongest cup of coffee in Montreal (aka Rocket Fuel). Consider Bohemian and cosmopolitan in the truest senses of         the soft boiled eggs served with bagette toast fingers, fruit,
   both worlds, this slick and chic café lives by its skill and design.   baked beans, and roasted potatoes. Likely the best breakfast in
   Sip a latte and eat a simple, yet amazing grilled Panini. Excel-       time. $
   lent salad selection too. $$                                           Lili & Olis (2515 rue Notre Dame Ouest, 514.932.8961, www.
   Mess Hall (4858 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, 514.482.2167, www.      A local spot to stop in for coffee to take along Electric décor with a laid-back ambiance. The          as you stroll down antique alley. $
   menu changes every season. Signature dishes include truffle-           Bonny’s (1748 rue Notre Dame Ouest, 514.931.4136, www.
   infused fettuccine with lobster meat and ravioli stuffed with foie Organic whole foods restaurant that proves veggie
   gras and duck. Many wines available by the glass. $$$$                 food doesn’t have to be dull platters of carrots, broccoli, and
   Sapori Pronto (4849 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, 514.784.9666,                kidney beans. $$ Charming bistro below street level              Liverpool House (2501 rue Notre Dame Ouest,
   with a modern décor. Simple yet savoury Italian cuisine. Pasta,        514.313.6049): Seasonal dishes inspired by ingredients found
   meat, and fish dishes are artfully prepared. $$$$                      at the market. Enjoy a high-class dinner and choose among
                                                                          six entrées and six main dishes prepared nightly: fresh pastas
     Atwater Market                                                       dressed with various sauces and spices, various cuts of meat,
       Lionel-Groulx                                                      fish, and salads. $$$$$
                                                                          Joe Beef (2491 rue Notre Dame Ouest, 514.935.6504, www.
   Activities                                                    : This rustic spot is a true Montreal eatery, with
   Atwater Market (138 Atwater, 514.937.7754): The Atwater                hip leather banquettes, a chalkboard menu, and Peter Hoffer
   Market is one of the city’s oldest public markets. It’s a favorite     murals. Unapologetically unpretentious. Only 25 seats, so you
   with downtowners looking for fresh produce, specialty meats            need to reserve a month in advance for a Thursday to Saturday
   and sausages, fresh fish, and Québec cheese. The main produce          evening. Try to nab a seat at the oyster bar to watch some
   market is outdoors under shelters. Restaurants and shops are           shucking and hear a good story. The bistro pays tribute to local
   inside a two-story complex perfect for rainy-day browsing. The         philanthropist Charles McKiernan, nicknamed Joe Beef, who
   market’s just off the Lachine Canal, so it’s the ideal place for       founded a tavern and often helped the needy. Exceptional food.
   cyclists on the Lachine canal bicycle path to stop for lunch or to     $$$$$$
   buy the makings of a picnic.
                                                                          Limon (2472 rue Notre Dame Ouest, 514.509.1237, www.
   Antiquing (rue Notre-Dame, between Atwater and Guy): At       Limon captures the sunny and sultry capital of
   first sight, it might look a little downtrodden, but the western       Mexico and offers the very best of its culinary delights. Black
   strip of rue Notre-Dame is Montreal’s Antique Alley, with              beans, tortillas, tomatoes, and peppers are without a doubt the
   dozens of shops selling collectible furniture and memorabilia.         essential ingredients of Mexican cuisine and Limon remains true
   Be sure to stop in Beige for the chic version of shabby-chic.          to these classics. Try the shrimp ceviche entrées, cochinita pibil
                                                                          (pork marinated in an orange and achiote sauce), or pescado
                                                                          maya (grilled fish with tikinzic-style vegetables and chiles
                                                                          rellenos). $$$

               30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions         Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice & Policy
               Montréal, Québec April 22-25, 2009

                  009 SBM Montreal Events Guide, continued
                  McKiernan’s (2485 rue Notre Dame Ouest, 514.759.6677):
                  Lucheonette and «bar à vins». There are only a handful of
                  tables, the kitchen is tiny, menu items are written up on
                  chalkboards, wines are stacked in crates in plain view and the
                  emphasis is on finger food. Don’t let the casual setting (or the
                  casual service) throw you, though—this is a serious restaurant
                  that’s producing some seriously great eats. Only open for lunch.
                  Burgundy Lion (2496 rue Notre Dame Ouest, 514.934.0888,
         Comfortable feel of a traditional
                  British pub in a modern lounge setting.


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