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									Cisco IP Telephony
Author: Ramesh Kaza
Author: Salman Asadullah

Edition: 1

This is the eBook version of the printed book.A guide to successful deployment of the Cisco IP Telephony
solutionReal-world case studies from the Cisco design consulting engineers who developed the PDIOO
process provide practical advice on all stages of successful IPT deploymentConcise understanding of the
PDIOO phases enables architects and engineers to successfully deploy the Cisco IPT solutionDivision of
the process into PDIOO phases provides a logical and defined guide for network engineers and architects
as they proceed through each of the phases in deploying the Cisco IPT solutionIncludes detailed
questionnaires for each phase of deployment in the PDIOO cycle—a great aid in understanding customer
networks and requirementsNetwork infrastructure design, call processing infrastructure design and
applications, and voice-mail system design are covered in depthCisco® IP Telephony (IPT) solutions are
being deployed at an accelerated rate, and network architects and engineers need to understand the
various phases involved in successful deployment: planning, design, implementation, operation, and
optimization (PDIOO). On the road to that understanding, those involved need to collect information for
each phase of deployment, and then follow through with the best architecture, deployment model, and
implementation based on the data collected.Cisco IP Telephony: Planning, Design, Implementation,
Operation, and Optimization is a guide for network architects and engineers as they deploy the Cisco IPT
solution. With this book, you will master the PDIOO phases of the IPT solution, beginning with the
requirements necessary for effective planning of a large-scale IPT network. From there, you’ll follow a
step-by-step approach to choose the right architecture and deployment model. Real-world examples and
explanations with technical details, design tips, network illustrations, and sample configurations illustrate
each step in the process of planning, designing, implementing, operating, and optimizing a chosen
architecture based on information you have collected.In-depth instruction on each PDIOO phase provides
specific details about the tasks involved and best practices for successful implementation of the IPT
solution. This book also contains predesigned questionnaires and PDIOO assistance tools that help you
determine the requirements of each phase of the PDIOO cycle.Authors Ramesh Kaza and Salman
Asadullah have been involved with Cisco IPT solutions from the beginning and have planned, designed,
and implemented major IPT networks using the guidelines found here. Cisco IP Telephony: Planning,
Design, Implementation, Operation,and Optimization provides the step-by-step explanations, details, and
best practices acquired by the authors while working with the top Cisco IPT customers.This book is part
of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press® , which offers networking professionals valuable
information for constructing efficient networks,understanding new technologies, and building successful

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