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 Safer Neighbourhood
 Policing Team Newsletter
Our team is dedicated to maintaining a safe neighbourhood. By listening to your
concerns, we prioritise our actions to resolve the local issues that matter most to you.

Working together against
anti-social behaviour
In recent months Capel residents have
been working together with Surrey
Police to tackle the problems of anti-
social behaviour in the village.
  Active engagement with the young
people who have been identified as the
problem has helped us build a better
relationship with them. In turn, this has had
a knock-on effect in reducing anti-social
  We have also taken a different
approach with regard to punishment.
Rather than putting errant youths
through the court system (and therefore          PCSO Jamie Williams and PC Jo Morris
giving them a criminal record) we have           reducing graffiti through Bennett’s Wood
decided to use restorative justice. In          and report any anti-social behaviour
other words, when we know who has               incidents to us. This will help to ensure
committed an offence we suggest that            that this issue does not escalate again.
person apologises to the victim, repairs           We have also been working closely
any damage and does other chores                with Mole Valley District Council to
decided by the victim.                          remove the graffiti along the walkway
  We believe this is a more effective way       through Bennett’s Wood (previously
for an offender to take responsibility for      dubbed ‘Tag Alley’). And we’ve been
committing a crime or anti-social act.          targeting un-taxed vehicles around the
  Although this problem in the village has      village and have removed one vehicle
reduced, we need you to remain vigilant         that residents had complained about.

● Halloween and Bonfire Night advice
● Anti-social driving campaign
Your Neighbourhood Priorities
How we are tackling the issues that matter most to you.

 Illegal off-roading in Wolvens Lane, Coldharbour
During a recent Neighbourhood Panel           make sure they are not committing any
Meeting with Coldharbour residents,           offences. We found they often drive
illegal off-road driving in Wolvens           vehicles without the correct documen-
Lane was voted in as the local priority       tation; i.e. having no tax and/or insur-
issue that you wanted Surrey Police           ance and often not displaying number
to focus on.                                  plates. Fixed penalty notices have been
   Residents were fed up with 4x4’s and       issued when necessary and one rider
trail bikes using the lane irresponsibly.     was reported to the DVLA for riding a
This behaviour included deviating into        motorbike declared to be kept off road
the surrounding woodland and causing          (SORN). We also try to educate them by
a massive amount of damage to an area         informing them of the rules and regula-
designated to be of outstanding natural       tions when driving in Wolvens Lane.
beauty.                                          With continued high visibility patrols
   The land is owned by the National          and vigilant reporting from residents
Trust, Wotton Estate and the Forestry         firmly focused on any illegal activity in
Commission, and we are working with           the area we fully intend to put a stop to
them on measures to stop anyone caus-         the problem.
ing further damage.                              Meanwhile, if you suspect anyone
   In partnership with residents we have      of using Wolvens Lane inappropri-
also been able to patrol Wolvens Lane         ately, please contact us immediately
regularly. During these patrols we stop       on 0845 125 2222, quoting reference
and check all vehicles and drivers to         MV/09/2426.

 PC Jo Morris and PCSO Jamie Williams tackling off-road driving in Wolvens Lane

Our latest Neighbourhood Priorities include:
● Illegal off-roading in Wolvens Lane, Coldharbour
Crackdown on
anti-social driving
You told us things like bad parking, speeding, tailgating and people talking on
their mobiles when driving are big concerns in local communities. We’re
responding by joining forces with Surrey County Council to launch our
SMART driving campaign - a countywide crackdown on these and other anti-
social driving habits that affect everyone. As a result you’ll notice more

                                                                                                    Ref: 12530/MVRW-B/E-3000-A/KN/1009 This newsletter is available in other formats. Please contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team for more details.
policing activity on roads in your neighbourhood over the year ahead.
  Surrey’s 106 Safer Neighbourhood Teams, trained in the use of speed detection
and vehicle recognition equipment, are working alongside our Casualty Reduction
Officers to make Surrey’s roads and neighbourhoods safer. Community and School
SpeedWatch schemes are involved too, while education will be another vital part
of our SMART driving campaign. Students from 11-17 will receive Road Safety
presentations at schools, a Speed Awareness course will inform errant drivers of
the dangers of reckless road use – and regular Roadside Education & Enforcement
Days targeting ‘vehicle defects’ and giving advice about ‘journey preparation’ and
‘driving green’ are planned throughout 2009 - 2010.
  Visit for updates on our SMART driving campaign.

                 Feeling vulnerable on Halloween?
                 • Display a Surrey Police ‘no trick or treat’ sticker* if you don’t want to be
                 • Use your door chain if you decide to open the door
                 • Keep the contact number of a relative or good neighbour handy
Halloween 2009

                 Kids! Only go ‘Trick or Treating’ with friends or family – never alone
                 • Take an adult with you or tell an adult where you’re going.
                 • Avoid dark, lonely places
                 • Respect ‘no trick or treat’ notices
                 • Never knock on a stranger’s door or accept an invitation to go into a house
                 • If someone doesn’t open their door they may be frightened – so walk away
                 Fireworks: Did you know it is now illegal...
                 • To set off or throw fireworks in public
                 • To possess fireworks in public if under -18
                 • To possess public display fireworks if you are not a professional pyrotechnist
                 • To set off fireworks after 11pm (midnight on 5 November)
                 If you feel threatened on Halloween or become victim to firework-related anti-
                 social behaviour, call us on 0845 125 2222. In an emergency dial 999.
                 *Stickers available from your local police station or Safer Neighbourhood Team

Neighbourhood Watch
Neighbourhood Watch schemes exist across Surrey and are
effective in reducing crime. For details of your local scheme or
how to set a new one up call your neighbourhood officer.
   Your Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team

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          PC Jo Morris                                        PCSO Pat BOOKER                              PCSO Jamie WILLIAMS
          ID No: 2987                                         ID No: 12316                                 ID No: 13520

                          Safer Neighbourhood Team email:

       To report a crime or incident or to contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team call

                                                    0845 125 2222
             Only call 999 in a genuine emergency requiring urgent police attendance.
Have your say and make a difference
Neighbourhood Panel Meetings offer you opportunities to help set local policing priorities
defined by the issues that you want us to focus on. This could include speeding, under-
age drinking, youth disorder and anti-social behaviour. Come to a future meeting and
share your views - you could make a difference to your neighbourhood.
  Due to nature of our area we often hold Neighbourhood Panel Meetings alongside
  the regular Parish Council Meetings to identify those community issues that you
  want us to tackle. The meetings’ schedule is published in the ‘My Neighbourhood’
                                                                                                                                                              Ref: 12530/MVRW-B/E-3000-A/KN/1009

  section on, on the Parish Council website, in parish
  magazines and on local notice boards.
Visit the Neighbourhood pages on our website for all the latest
policing news, events, witness appeals and job opportunities.
SURREY ALERT Visit for emergency planning
       999                                     information and advice on what to do in the event of a
Sharing and Providing Information for Surrey   MAJOR INCIDENT in Surrey

If you want to give information about a crime or criminal
activity without giving your name call the independent charity
Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
                                         Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this newsletter is correct at the time of publication

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