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                         CaLL fOr entries / Open submissiOn

W e a r e L a u n C h i n g t h e f i r s t i s s u e O f V O W m a g a Z i n e a n d W e W a n t yO u i n i t !

VOW magazine is a thematic publication with a particular subject in every issue - which is then
understood individually by different participants from all creative areas. A common result (and
experience) which exceeds the possibilities of each individual originates from this process.

              We are looking forward to your ideas and contributions on the subject:

                                    this must be the pLaCe

            s o meti mes you si m p ly need to create a b ubb le t h at p rotect s

            you from the outside world – t h e s c i e n t i st s f ro m t h e u n i ve rs i t y

            of VOW d escri b e thi s p h en o men o n as a st rateg y of v ir t ual ly

            c re ati ng a n i sla nd for yo ur ow n . W h at is yo ur p ers o n al i s l an d

            all about? C a n we see s o me p ict ures of it , o r is it inv is ib le,

                         then p lea se fi nd s o me wo rd s fo r us to imag in e.

In which form you want to contribute is up to you, you are free to translate/realize the subject
according to your imagination (as long as the contribution is printable, think photography, Il-
                    lustration, words, lyrics, three-dimensional documentary...)

Please note that selection and layout of the contribution is chosen by the editors. For magazine
                    release we are planning an exhibition with all of your work.

                             Let´s make a VOW tOgether!

            Please send your contribution latest by the 1st of may as low-res jpeg to:

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