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									                                                                       In Touch
In This Issue ::
Endowment Campaign Update                   p. 1
Noted Artist to Design
Endowment Tribute                           p. 1
JRS to Develop New Apartment
for Adults with Intellectual
Disabilities                                p. 1
                                                    The Newsletter of Jewish Residential Services
                                                                                                Fall/Winter 2007 :: Volume 4 :: Number 2
Letter from the President                   p. 2
JRS Targets Young Adults                            Endowment Campaign Update

in Community Based                                       n the spring of 2006, JRS embarked on a campaign to double the size of the
Needs Assesment                             p. 2         organization’s endowment from $2 million to $4 million. The endowment campaign
It’s In the Mail!                           p. 2         was needed to fill the financial gap created by dwindling public funding. According
JRS Recieves CARF Accreditation             p. 2    to campaign chair, E.J. Strassburger, the campaign is in the home stretch. Thanks to the
First Person                                p. 3
                                                    dedication of the endowment campaign committee and the many supporters of JRS,
                                                    just a handful of solicitations remain…and the goal is within sight. “At this point, we
Clubhouse Get High Marks                            are tantalizingly close to our goal. We’re hoping to receive the additional gifts we need
From Members                                p. 3
                                                    to close the gap,” says Strassburger.
Howard Levin Clubhouse                                  Strassburger says that to date, 110 individuals have made gifts or pledges to the
Gives and Gets Honors for
Employment Program                          p. 3    endowment. “JRS is not a large, multi-tentacled agency. The people who support us
                                                    so generously recognize the critical work we do, and they really came through,” he says.
Clubhouse Gets Healthy                      p. 3    “We have done magnificently, and we want to say thank you to our many supporters.”
JRS Celebrates at                                       Strassburger adds that, while the endowment will help to plug a hole in the budget, annual
Phipps Conservatory                         p. 4    gifts are still needed. “We’re hoping to have the same wonderful reception to the Friends
Contributors                                p. 6    campaign that we typically have each year,” says Strassburger. “The endowment will help us
Our Wish List                              p. 12    to balance our budget, but we need the generosity of our supporters year in and year out.”
Bowl-A-Rama Strikes Again                  p. 12
                                                    Noted Artist to Design Endowment Tribute

Annual Quality Update for
JRS Services                               p. 13            ocal artist, Jane Haskell, has been tapped
                                                            to design a tribute to endowment campaign
Mitzvah Day in the
Urban Garden                               p. 13            donors of $2,500 and up. Haskell, a noted
                                                    installation and light artist, says the tribute will
See Inside ::                                       feature donors’ names on a panel that incorporates
                                                    glass, color, and light. The piece will be housed at
Instead of a traditional annual meeting, JRS        The Howard Levin Clubhouse.
celebrated the year’s achievements with a festive
event at Phipps Conservatory on May 17, 2007.
Read all about it on page 4.                         Jane Haskell describes the art installation she is creating
                                                     in recognition of donors to the endowment campaign.

Troy Brown Award Winners                            JRS to Develop New Apartment for Adults with
The Troy Brown Direct Service Award is              Intellectual Disabilities
awarded annually at the staff recognition
dinner for outstanding direct service by
a JRS employee. This year, two employees received
the award, Marilyn Brown and Keely Chuba.
                                                    S     ince Charles Morris Hall opened in 2000, all 12 units of the apartment for adults
                                                          with intellectual disabilities have been full. With a growing waiting list and many
                                                          anxious families in the community, JRS has been diligently seeking funding for
                                                    an additional building. The efforts have paid off with the award of a significant grant
                                                    from HUD (Housing and Urban Development) to purchase and rehab an apartment
                                                    building in the heart of Squirrel Hill. The new building will offer 10 one-bedroom
                                                    apartments and common space within walking distance of the shopping district, Jewish
                                                    Community Center, and bus lines.
                                                        “This building will offer another opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities
                                                    to gain independence by providing safe, affordable, long-term housing—close to the
                                                    natural supports that are meaningful to them,” explains Debbie Friedman, Executive
                                                    Director. “It’s another important step in the fulfillment of our mission.” Rehabilitation
      Marilyn Brown and Keely Chuba
                                                    of the building probably will begin in 18 months. For more information, call JRS at
In Touch :: Fall/Winter 2007

Letter from the President                                                    JRS Targets Young Adults in Community-Based
I write this as I take the reins as the new President of the Board of        Needs Assessment

JRS, a position I will hold for the next two years. I’m doing so with
                                                                                 RS is exploring the feasibility of expanding services to provide
great enthusiasm, even though I’ve been warned that JRS will occupy
                                                                                 support programs for young adults with developmental
an unduly large portion of my brain during my term of office.
                                                                                 disabilities within the Jewish community. The organization
     I’m not a newcomer to JRS. In fact, I’ve been an active member
                                                                                is seeking input from families in the Pittsburgh area to learn
of the board for the last five years. During that time I’ve continually
                                                                             about their experiences and need for services that would allow young
been impressed with what I’ve seen, including:
                                                                             adults with disabilities to live, work, and remain socially connected
                                         • A committed and effective         in their own community. Both phone interviews and focus groups
                                         board of directors, willing to      have been conducted, and will be used to determine which supports
                                         do what it takes to meet its        are needed and to fully develop a working plan.
                                         fiduciary responsibilities to
                                         the organization;                   It’s In the Mail!

                                         • A dedicated and professional               he Annual JRS Friends Campaign is underway once again
                                         staff, always prepared to take               to support the day-to-day operating expenses of the agency.
                                         on a challenge or go the                     This year’s co-chairs are Board member Terry Feinberg
                                         extra mile to assist program        Steinberg and her husband, Kenny Steinberg. Thank you in advance
                                         participants in their efforts       to all of our generous supporters who recognize the importance
                                         to overcome their disabilities      of helping people with disabilities to remain valued members of
                                         and live full lives as valued       the community.
  Jay Fingeret, President, JRS Board members of our community;
                                         • A supportive community,           JRS Receives CARF Accreditation

interested and involved in the work and mission of JRS and ready
to step to the plate, financially and in many other ways;                            ARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation
• And perhaps most important, the many participants in our                           Facilities, has once again granted JRS its Three Year
programs, who continually show the courage and tenacity necessary                    Accreditation, following an extensive survey of all JRS
to move beyond their symptoms and problems, beyond issues of                 programs and services. In their summary statement, the surveyors
stigma and damaged self-confidence, and beyond the many other                wrote: “The leadership and staff members of JRS are dedicated,
obstacles they face. They are determined to stay on course in                committed, and enthusiastic in providing care and assistance to the
attaining the goals they have established for themselves as individuals      persons served. Teamwork and quality services are the consistent
and as members of the community.                                             focus of the organization. Persons served, families, and funding
     During my time in office, I intend to get to know the agency            sources speak highly of the organization’s services and mission. It is
even better, spending time talking with people from throughout               apparent that the persons served are treated with respect in a caring
the organization. I also hope to help JRS move forward, not only             environment and that the organization enjoys a positive reputation
maintaining the quality programs the agency already has established,         throughout the community.”
but also working toward developing new programs to address the
many still-unmet needs of people with disabilities living in our
community. Several such efforts, described in the pages of this                          Thank You, Board Members
newsletter, are already underway.                                                               JRS would like to welcome
     I know the next two years will involve hard work. But I anticipate                          our new board members:
a rewarding two years. Nothing could be more gratifying—or
more needed—than helping to lead JRS in assisting people as they                           Barry Berman, Jane Bernstein,
overcome their disabilities and establish productive and satisfying lives.                   Andrea Friede, Sally Levin,
                                                                                      Martin J. Lubetsky, MD, & Fredi G. Miller
                                                        Jay Fingeret
                                  President, JRS Board of Directors                       A special thank you to our outgoing
                                                                                              board members who have so
                                                                                        generously given their time to our agency:

                                                                                  David S. Greenberg, Alice Kushner, Michael Lando,
                                                                                       Josh Resnick, Judy Roscow, Sandy Rosen,
                                                                                          Barbara Shapira, & Ken Thompson

                                                                                                                 Fall/Winter 2007 :: In Touch

First Person: Transitional Employment a Great                          Howard Levin Clubhouse Gives and Gets Honors
Stepping Stone                                                         for Employment Program

F      rom the time I was asked about Transitional Employment
       at Community Day through the time I was on the job, I
       got nothing but joy and happiness from it. The Clubhouse
Employment Specialist knows how to pick a job and environment
that is just right for the member, so you are sure you will like it.
                                                                       O        ne of the core endeavors of the Howard Levin Clubhouse
                                                                                is providing opportunities for people who have struggled
                                                                                with mental illness to join or rejoin the workforce. The
                                                                       Clubhouse has been very successful in its efforts. On February 27,
                                                                       the Clubhouse was formally recognized by the City of Pittsburgh
     Transitional Employment is part-time, so that the stress levels   when City Council members Doug Shields and Bill Peduto
for members are much lower. Plus, besides getting a little bit of      sponsored a Proclamation recognizing the Clubhouse’s important
extra money, you get to experience life on a higher level, which is    contribution in the area of employment for people with disabilities.
very beneficial. At my job, I got to talk to kids from kindergarten    Clubhouse members and staff were on hand for a special ceremony
to eighth grade, and every day they brought their happy faces to see   during which City Council proclaimed it to be “Howard Levin
me at lunchtime. My coworkers are nice people; they never criticized   Clubhouse Day” in Pittsburgh.
me for my spilling some dressing on the ground or anything else.           In conjunction with the special day, an article appeared
      I think Transitional Employment is a great stepping-stone        in The Jewish Chronicle describing the Clubhouse Transitional
for people at the Clubhouse who are having a hard time finding a       Employment Program. The Clubhouse held a special Employer
job. Not only do you put the stuff you learned at World of Work        Recognition Dinner, Doorways to Recovery, honoring the many local
into practice, but you are also going to have an impressive resume     employers who have supported the Clubhouse and its members by
wherever you go. And most of all, you will get appreciation from       providing transitional, supportive, and independent employment
other people, and make yourself and your parents feel proud.           opportunities. Eighteen employers were on hand to receive awards
                                                                       and hear testimonials from Clubhouse members.
                                                          David W.
                                                                       Clubhouse Gets Healthy
Clubhouse Gets High Marks from Members

M         embers of the Howard Levin Clubhouse were polled
          by CART (Consumer Action Response Team), an
          independent entity appointed by Allegheny County to
                                                                       T       he Clubhouse has developed a wellness program with the
                                                                               help of a special endowment from Marolee and Burton
                                                                               Pollock. This program has multiple components, including
                                                                       a weekly weight management group facilitated by Penny O’Connell,
                                                                       which includes discussions on wise food choices, regular “weigh-ins,”
complete satisfaction surveys with consumers receiving services        and individual consultations. In the interest of better health, the
from county providers. The most recent survey results are:             smoking room has been converted into a fitness center, featuring
                                                                       aerobic machines and light free weights donated by JRS board
  • 100% of members surveyed felt that the Clubhouse was               members and though financial contributions from the Scott/
  a safe and clean environment.                                        O’Doherty Labs at The University of Pittsburgh Department of
  • 100% of members surveyed felt that they have good                  Medicine. To ensure that the meals prepared by the Food Service
  communications with staff.                                           Unit are healthy as well as delicious, the Squirrel Hill Family Health
                                                                       Center has provided weekly nutrition consultations. In addition, the
  • 100% of members surveyed felt that they are respected for          snack bar now sells a variety of fruits, fresh baked goods and other
  their beliefs/race/gender/religion/sexual orientation.               healthy choices, along with traditional snacks.
  • 100% overall satisfaction conveyed by members surveyed.
  • 100% of members surveyed expressed feelings of

                                                                        Marolee and Burton Pollock try out the equipment in the new
                                                                        Fitness Center

In Touch :: Fall/Winter 2007

JRS Celebrates at Phipps Conservatory

     nstead of a traditional annual meeting, JRS celebrated the year’s achievements with a festive
     event at Phipps Conservatory on May 17, 2007. During the evening, the many contributors
     who made the Endowment Campaign successful were recognized for their generosity.
E.J. Strassburger was surprised with an award for his outstanding dedication to the agency
and for his leadership as the Endowment Campaign Chair. Also on hand were representatives
from Giant Eagle, who were given
special recognition for the company’s
ongoing commitment to providing
employment opportunities to JRS
participants through the transitional
employment program.

                                                          Lou and Lori Plung.                     Mona and E.J. Strassburger.

 Kathy Hurwitz presents Ed Morovitz with an award
 designed by glass artist Drew Hine. The award to Giant
 Eagle was in recognition of the company’s outstanding
 support of providing employment opportunities to         Ned Siegel and Debbie Friedman present a surprise tribute to E.J. Strassburger for
 individuals with disabilities.                           his tireless efforts on behalf of the Endowment Campaign.

                                                                                                        Fall/Winter 2007 :: In Touch

                                                                     Rabbi Daniel Young and David Kalson.

Norma Sue Madden and Sally Levin.      Sam and Andrea Friede.

                                                                     Patsy Bluestone, her son Mark Bluestone, Charles Bluestone,
                                                                     and Robbie Kisloff.
Carol Stewart James and
Ellen Sucov.                   Ruth Drescher and Rep. Dan Frankel.

Pat Glosser, Diane Beckerman, and Robert Mandell.                    Judy Roscow, Carol Siegel, and Kathy Hurwitz.

In Touch :: Fall/Winter 2007

Contributors                                    Earl & Revva Benovitz               Congregation Kether Torah

                                                Bill & Aimee Benswanger             Rita Coultas
                                                Saul Bergad                         Bart & Teri Cowan
         ewish Residential Services wishes to   Carol Berger                        Gary & Carol Cozen
         gratefully acknowledge the following   Paul Berger & Billie Weill          Shmuel & Sara Creeger
                                                Richard & Natalie Berger            Alva & Richard Daffner
         contributors who made gifts to JRS     Ron & Nancy Berk                    Lee & Michelle Dameshek
         between July 1, 2006 and October       Joe Golin & Jane Berkey             Jerome & Trudi Danenberg
                                                Bernard Berkman                     Dolores & Saul Davis
         31, 2007.                              Louis & Sandra Berkman Foundation   Stan & Ada Davis
                                                Myles & Carol Berkman               David & Betty Dinkin
                                                Sam & Debbie Berkovitz              Richard D’Loss
                                                Elaine Berkowitz                    Ed Dober
                                                Ella Berkowitz                      Merrill & Karen Egorin
UNITED WAY DONORS                               Judy & Peter Berkowitz              Irwin & Linda Ehrenreich
                                                Lester & Nancy Berkowitz            Sandy & Linda Ehrenreich
Donation Anonymous                              Barry & Carole Berman               David & Judy Ehrenwerth
Robert & Gene Dickman                           Patti & Sandy Berman                Eichner Family
Ruth & Seymour Drescher                         Ellen Berne & Paul Needle           Milt & Sarita Eisner
Jonathan & Ronda Fisch                          Robert & Nancy Bernstein            Gloria Elbling-Gottlieb
Mark & Betsy Freed                              Marilyn Bernzweig                   Irene Elenbaum
Edward & Kathryn Friedman                       Harriet Bertenthal                  Bernard Elinoff
James & Sharon Goldberg                         Martin & Iris Berwitt               Andrew & Andrea Eller
Larry & Kathy Hurwitz                           Hal & Bette Bigler                  Nancy Elman
David & Susan Friedberg Kalson                  Binny Binakonsky                    Ivan Engel
Virginia Kaufman                                Elizabeth Black & Donald Simon      Arthur & Sybil Epstein
Judith Kline                                    Hal & Helen Black                   Rudy & Camille Fabian
Alliene Lees                                    Mark & Jamie Blatter                Bernice Faigen
Daniel Lipman                                   Edith Blattner                      Julian & Tibey Falk
Martin & Michelle Lubetsky                      Sam & Lois Blaufeld                 Bernard Feldman
Aaron & Lorraine Mackler                        Michael & Carol Bleier              Ethel Feldman
Alan Meisel & Linda Serody                      Charlotte Bluestone                 Jules & Saya Feldman
Michael & Bonnie Mokotoff                       Helen Blumberger                    Jeffrey & Ilene Felser
Brian & Cindy McNany                            Cheryl & Harold Blumenfeld          Art & Edy Fidel
Larry & Sandy Rosen                             Morton & Judith Blumenfeld          Moses & Laryn Finder
Iz & Judi Rudoy                                 Bruce & Barbara Booken              Milton & Sheila Fine
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Harry & Leatrice Abrams                         David & Roberta Brody               Ruth Fischer
Alan & Barbara Ackerman                         Felice Brody                        Baruch & Andi Fischhoff
Rosalind Alpert                                 Herb Brody                          Bernard & Shirley Fisher
Peter & Ava Alt                                 Richard & Janet Brody               Grace Fivars
Ronald & Nancy Angerman                         Terri Brody                         Martha Flam
Stanley & Sarah Angrist                         Al & Jane Broff                     Henry & Barbara Folb
Abraham & Patricia Anouchi                      Nancy Bromberg                      Ben & Joan Forman
Marcella Apter                                  Lucien & Joyce Bromberger           Mia Forscher
Judy Arnowitz                                   Klaus & Lois Bron                   Bernice Frank
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Norma Artman                                    Donald & Chantze Butler             Ruth Frank
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Helen Azen                                      The Care Registry, Inc.             Betsy & Mark Freed
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Malka Baran                                     Alex & Sheilla Cohen                Janet & Sanford Galanty
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Stuart & Susan Beckerman                        Francesca Colecchia                 Robert Glaser
Lee Beerman                                     Fred & Mary Jane Colen              Mordecai & Cyna Glatstein
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Edith Belov                                     Congregation Beth Shalom            Rob & Megan Glimcher

                                                                                                    In Touch :: Fall/Winter 2007

Robert Gliss                        Michael & Ellen Goldstein               Michael & Jane Louik
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Fall/Winter 2007 :: In Touch

Barry Reznick                                    Leonard Silk & Jane Hepner                     Esther Whitman
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Marc & Eileen Rice                               Lee & Myrna Silverman                          Bernie Wilner
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Rochelle Schapiro                                Martin & Linda Supowitz                        Monroe & Fredi Miller
Harold & Marla Scheinman                         Lou & Marcy Swartz                             Reid Roberts
Carl & Roni Schiffman                            Marilyn Swimmer                                Judy Roscow & Steve Oliphant
David & Alece Schreiber                          Theodore & Barbara Tabachnick                  Ned & Carol Siegel
Amy Schwartz                                     Carol Tabas                                    Michael & Sheryl Silverman
Michael Schwartz                                 Nathan & Zara Tabor                            David & Carol Steinbach
Helen & Sidney Sclarsky                          Ralph & Sharon Tarter                          Ken & Terry Steinberg
Paul & Nancy Scott                               William & Amy Taxay                            Ronald & Janet Fromkin Stiller
Evan & Tracy Segal                               Iris & Phillip Teplitz                         E.J. & Mona Strassburger
Bennett Seigel                                   Ruth Terner
Herb Seigle                                      George & Gerry Tessler
Robert Seigle                                    Sol & Linette Toder
Jerry Seinfeld                                   Tree of Life Congregation
                                                                                                Rebecca Abrams
Daniel & Barbara Shapira                         Barbara & Emil Trellis
                                                                                                Robert & Sharon Alberts
Joshua & Amanda Shapira                          Andy & Cindy Urbach
                                                                                                Ronald & Nancy Angerman
Norma Shapiro                                    Marvin & Toby Valinsky
                                                                                                Jane Arkus
Rhoda Shapiro                                    Simcha & Debra Varon
                                                                                                Sandy & Patti Berman
Zalman & Evelyn Shapiro                          Eva Vogel
                                                                                                Felice Brody
Wendy & Edward Shaw                              Arnold & Jackie Wagner
                                                                                                Myron & Samuel Bushnick
Herbert & Barbara Shear                          Richard & Suzanne Wagner
                                                                                                Butler Color Press
Ginny O. Shenkan & Margie E. Ungar Fund          Iris Walker
Rosalyn Sherman                                  David Weber
                                                                                                Fred Callihan
Morris & Shirley Shratter                        Irving & Jacqueline Wechsler
                                                                                                Debra Ann Charochak
Howard Shrut                                     Irwin Wedner
                                                                                                The Chocolate Moose Inc.
David & Deborah Shtulman                         Larry & Anne Weidman
                                                                                                Community Day School
Daniel Shufler                                   Ethel Weikers
                                                                                                Patrick J. Costigan
Leonard & Phyllis Shufler                        Al & Shirley Wein
                                                                                                Mimi Dickman
Edgar & Betty Shuman                             Robert & Judy Wein
                                                                                                David & Betty Dinkin
Herb & Nancy Shuman                              Morris & Claire Weinbaum
                                                                                                Sy & Ruth Drescher
David & Lynne Siegel                             Richard & Arlene Weisman
                                                                                                Thomas Fauls
Marcia & Howard Siegel                           Ira & Betty Weiss
                                                                                                Robert Feragotti
Ned & Carol Siegel                               Lou & Amy Weiss
                                                                                                Jay & Ilene Fingeret
Joel & Debbie Sigal                              Betty Weissberg
                                                                                                Eileen Freitag
Seymour & Rhoda Sikov                            Saul & Cathy Weitz
                                                                                                Sam & Andrea Friede
Steve & Lynn Silberman                           Norman & Marilyn Weizenbaum
                                                                                                Arnie & Adrien Gefsky

                                                                                            Fall/Winter 2007 :: In Touch

Gleason Insurance                 Dale’s Maxima                    Nick Toia & Debbie Friedman
Buster & Brigid Graham            David Weber Salon                Steven & Susan Hawkins
Herb & Sonja Goldstein            Dozen Cupcakes                   Karen Levin
Roslyn Goorin                     Eat N Park                       Frank & Paula Pagnotta
Martin & Helene Harris            Eyetique                         Ronald & Janet Fromkin Stiller
Horich Parks Lebow Advertising    Footer’s Cleaners                Roger Day & Abby Resnick
Dan Hostetler                     Forward Lanes                    Larry & Sandy Rosen
Larry & Kathy Hurwitz             Games Unlimited                  Edith Scheiner
Don Ivill, General Industries     Green Apple Barter Services      William Stark
Arie & Annette Kandel             KDKA TV
Jim Karbo                         Knit One
Robert & Margaret Kearns          Littles Super Shoe Store
                                                                   OCCASION CARDS
Daniel Kennelly                   Margaret’s Fine Imports
                                                                   Ronald & Nancy Angerman
Amy Klein                         Mexico Lindo
                                                                   Anna Adler
Betty Koskoff                     Midwest Direct
                                                                   Larry Adler
Seymoure & Corinne Krause         Mineo’s Pizza House
                                                                   David & Meryl Ainsman
Martha Kreimer                    Murray Avenue Grill
                                                                   Al & Ellen Amshel
Jeffrey & Jackie Krimsky          Murray Avenue Kosher
                                                                   Marcella Apter
Lou & Sandra Kushner              Murray Avenue News
                                                                   Helen Azen
Nick & Eileen Lane                Norka Futon
                                                                   Howard Azen
Edward & Ilene Leefer             Oliver Flower Shop
                                                                   Kenneth & Wendy Barth
Mark Levesque                     Ori & Aarons Grill
                                                                   Sanford Baskind
Linda Lewis                       Pinskers Judaica
                                                                   Earl & Revva Benovitz
Hope Leyton                       Pittsburgh Post Gazette
                                                                   Paul Berger & Billie Weill
Frank & Amy Lowenstein            Pittsburgh Pro Bicycles
                                                                   Barry & Carole Berman
Michael & & Andrea Lowenstein     PNC Financial Services Group
                                                                   Sandy & Patti Berman
Robert Levin                      PussyCat
                                                                   Hal & Bette Bigler
Sally Levin                       S.W. Randall Co.
                                                                   Sam & Lois Blaufeld
Marc Liang & Thelma Snyder        Rita’s Italian Ice
                                                                   Larry & Sharon Block
Marty & Michelle Lubetsky         Ruggeri’s Food Shop
                                                                   Charlotte Bluestone
Walter Meade                      Shadyside Mining Company
                                                                   Annette Blum
Barbara Sachnoff Mendlowitz       Simple Treats
                                                                   Gary & Paula Brant
Michael Meyer                     Sirani Gallery
                                                                   Rita Brinn
Monroe & Fredi Miller             Smallman Street Deli
                                                                   Felice Brody
Karen Miscik                      The Bagel Factory
                                                                   Al & Jane Broff
Brian & Debra Moidel              The FrameSmith
                                                                   Sid & Sylvia Busis
Marty & Iris Nahemow              The Registry
                                                                   Francesca Colecchia
Jake & Ann Notovitz               Tribune - Review
                                                                   Rita Coultas
Samuel Nover                      WWSW Radio
                                                                   Linda deJong
Frank & Paula Pagnotta
                                                                   Irene Eisenstat
Brian Rayne
John & Ann Rayne
                                  CHARLES MORRIS HALL              Nancy Faberman
                                                                   David & Frannie Fall
Jason Rosenstock & Sarah Larkin
                                  Marilyn Ashkin                   Scott Federbusch
Joseph Sansavera
                                  Paul Needle & Ellen Berne        Sylvia Feinberg
David & Deborah Shtulman
                                  Esther Newberg                   Bruce & Ellie Feldman
Daniel Shufler
                                  Jake & Ann Notovitz              Lois Finkel
Leonard & Phyllis Shufler
                                  Lynne Robins Memorial Fund       David & Lois Fowler
Ned & Carol Siegel
                                                                   Joseph & Merle Friedman
Eleanor Slater
                                                                   Leonard & Shirley Friedman
Arnie & Corinne Slifkin           LEONARD STAISEY HOUSE            Cathy Gianella-Tigano
Robert Smith
                                                                   Ira & Nanette Gordon
John & Janet Spear                David & Susan Friedberg Kalson
                                                                   Edythe Green
Sandra Spear                      Karen Levin
                                                                   David & Barbara Greenberg
David & Carol Steinbach           Roger Day & Abby Resnick
                                                                   Irv & Aaronel Gruber
Adele Sternberg                   Joan & Marc Weiner
                                                                   Myriam Gumerman
Ronald & Janet Fromkin Stiller
                                                                   Ruth Hammer
Bertrand & Shirley Stolzer        HOWARD LEVIN CLUBHOUSE           George B. & Joan Handelsman
Stanley Tepper
                                                                   Bernadette Harris
Ross & Barbara Thompson           Nancy Elman, Ph.D.               Zippora & Jerome Harris
Roni & Irv Topp                   Jay & Ilene Fingeret             Jane Haskell
Villi Electrical Group Inc.       Edwin & Abby Grinberg            Henry Berger Jewelers
Norman Waxman                     Richard & Lori Guttman           Jesse Herron
Marc & Joan Weiner                Larry & Kathy Hurwitz            Richard & Jane Herron
Marcelle Widmer                   Sally Levin                      Susan Horne
Dorothy Wriedt                    Monroe & Fredi Miller            Larry & Kathy Hurwitz
Brian Zaner                       Reid Roberts                     Melvin & Roz Hurwitz
Irene Zober                       Judy Roscow & Steve Oliphant     Joel & Goldie Katz
                                  Ned & Carol Siegel               Mark & Cheryl Klein
BOWL-A-RAMA IN-KIND DONORS        Michael & Sheryl Silverman       Elliott & Bobbee Kramer
                                  David & Carol Steinbach          Seymoure & Corinne Krause
A Child’s Wardrobe                Kenneth & Terry Steinberg        Alan & Marjorie Landay
A Pleasant Present                Ronald & Janet Fromkin Stiller   Aline Lange
Becoming Mommy                    E.J. & Mona Strassburger         Bernard & Rachel Latterman
                                                                   Earl & Marilyn Latterman
Cards Plus
Cheryl W.                         IN-KIND DONORS                   Rae Lichtenstein
                                                                   Marvin S. & Penina Lieber
Cold Stone Creamery
                                  Chris Benton                     Frank & Amy Lowenstein
Colonial Cleaners
                                  Jessica Feldman                  William Marcus
Contemporary Concepts
                                  Frameworks, Inc.                 Robert & Adele Markovitz

Fall/Winter 2007 :: In Touch

Manuel & Sylvia Mason                Gary & Ellie Bahm                  Larry & Claire Levine
Michael Schwartz & Emily Medine      Rosa Barnett-Averbach              Harriet Lewis
Mel & Susan Melnick                  Ray & Harriet Baum                 Rae Lichtenstein
Hal & Barbi Mendlowitz               Diane Beckerman & Robert Mandell   Frank & Amy Lowenstein
Bernie & Pauline Michaels            Stuart & Susan Beckerman           Martin & Michelle Lubetsky
Monroe & Fredi Miller                Earl & Revva Benovitz              L. Dade & Julie Lunsford
Dotty Morgenstern                    William & Aimee Benswanger         Norma Madden
Lester & Arlene Neil                 Saul Bergad                        Milton & Carol Manes
Netzer Charitable Foundation         Jane Berkey & Joseph Golin         Barbara Sachnoff Mendlowitz
Mollie Neuman & Paul Impellicceiri   William & Nancy Berkowitz          Hal & Barbi Mendlowitz
Michele Organist                     Barry & Carole Berman              Bev Mermelstein
Jack Paskoff                         Sandy & Patti Berman               Bernard & Pauline Michaels
James & Terri Polacheck              Liat Blecher                       Mort & Faithe Milch
Barbara Reisner                      Charles & Patsy Bluestone          Philip Milch
Antoinette Relich                    Annette Blum                       Monroe & Fredi Miller
Milton & Marcia Ripp                 Ed & Jill Bolner                   Karen Miscik
Arthur & Millie Rogow                Dave & Cathy Bomstein              Henry Posner, III & Anne Molloy
Jerome & Barbara Rosenberg           Harriet Brahm                      Joy Moravitz
Sidney & Aileen Schaer               Lori Brenner                       Ira & Amy Morgan
Edith Scheiner                       Felice Brody                       Richard & Evelyn Mottsman
Robert Seigle                        Steve & Judith Brody               Paul Needle & Ellen Berne
Gladys Serbin                        Klaus & Lois Bron                  Sandy & Roz Neiman
Gertrude Serdich                     Sid & Sylvia Busis                 Mollie Neuman & Paul Impellicceini
Norma Shapiro                        Allan & Lois Cohen                 Jacob & Ann Notovitz
Michael & Jennifer Shuss             Marian Cohen                       Aileen & Michael Pierce
Ned & Carol Siegel                   Damianos Group                     Harvey & Susan Pollack
Marjorie Silverman                   Max Dizard                         Burton & Marolee Pollock
Robert & Nancy Smith                 Seymour & Ruth Drescher            Paul Pitts & Lorrie Rabin
Ed & Judy Spahr                      Andrew & Andrea Eller              John & Ann Rayne
Sandra Spear                         Nancy Elman                        Marvin & Ruth Reidbord
Paul & Sheila Spivak                 Ivan Engel                         Joshua & Debbie Resnick
William Sproul & Peggy Albright      Evelyn Engelberg                   Roger Day & Abby Resnick
Alan J. & Fern Steckel               Evelyn James Interiors             Harvey & Beverly Robins
Ronald & Janet Fromkin Stiller       Joe Falgione                       Don & Sylvia Robinson
Bertrand & Shirley Stolzer           David & Frannie Fall               Carol Robinson & Jeff Markel
E.J. & Mona Strassburger             Jessica Feldman                    Judy Roscow & Steve Oliphant
Peter & Connie Sukernek              Jay & Ilene Fingeret               Larry & Sandy Rosen
Arlene Wolk                          Gordon Fisher & Wesley Scott       Yale & Barbara Rosenstein
Irving & Jacqueline Wechsler         Sam & Andrea Friede                Jason Rosenstock & Sarah Larkin
The Adolf Weinberger Foundation      Edward & Kathryn Friedman          Irv & Sorley Rosenthal
Leonard & Harriet Weitzman           Janet Fromkin                      Louisa Rosenthal
                                     The Giant Eagle Foundation         Richard & Ann Roth
                                     Steve & Mimi Gillis                Richard & Judy Rubinstein
CLUBHOUSE OCCASION CARDS             Fred & Barbara Gilman              Cookie Schare
                                     James & Sharon Goldberg            Edith Scheiner
Ronald & Nancy Angerman
                                     Ken & Lillian Goldsmith            David & Alece Schreiber
Kelsy Frank
                                     David & Barbara Greenberg          Sidney & Helen Sclarsky
Robert Levin
                                     Dorothy Grinberg                   Lori Seligman
Levin Furniture Employees
                                     Edwin & Abby Grinberg              Daniel & Barbara Shapira
Samuel Nover
                                     Martin & Madeline Grodin           Sherman & Essie Shore
Vera Poster
                                     I. Jerrold & Margorie Gross        Shirley & Morris Shratter
Debbie Stancato
                                     Richard & Lori Guttman             David & Lynne Siegel
Adele Sternberg
                                     Ruth Hammer                        Ned & Carol Siegel
                                     Chris & Iris Harlan                Erwin & Norma Sigal
MORRIS HALL OCCASION CARDS           Ernie & Peggy Harris               Phyllis Silver
                                     Jane Haskell                       Art & Marlene Silverman
Paul Needle & Ellen Berne            Stuart & Velma Hirsch              Tamara Silverman
                                     Larry & Kathy Hurwitz              Norman & Marilyn Sindler
E.J. STRASSBURGER’S BIRTHDAY         Melvin & Roz Hurwitz               Leonard & Tamara Skirboll
                                     Norman & Alice Jaffe               Herman & Anna Snyder
Ray & Harriet Baum                   Ian & Carol Stewart James          John & Janet Spear
Yale Gutnick                         Jewish Healthcare Foundation       Sandra Spear
Richard & Judi Kasdan                Edna Kalson                        Jerry & Freda Spiegel
Larry & Sandy Rosen                  Sam & Joanie Kamin                 Judy & Alvin Stein
David & Lynne Siegel                 Michael & Ellen Kaplan Goldstein   David & Carol Steinbach
Robert & Nancy Smith                 Richard & Judi Kasdan              Adele Sternberg
Joanne Starz                         Sheila Kasselman                   Kenneth & Terry Steinberg
Gene Strassburger, III               Lucille Katz                       Mervin & Marcia Stewart
Robin Weinstein                      Larry King & Barbara Krause        Bertrand & Shirley Stolzer
                                     Elizabeth Koskoff                  E.J. & Mona Strassburger
                                     Julius & Harriet Kruman            Gene Strassburger, III
ANNUAL MEETING                       Jason & Dana Kunzman               Eugene & Ellen Sucov
                                     Robert & Alice Kushner             Joe & Judy Sufrin
Agency for Jewish Learning           Steve & Arlene Laidhold            Martin & Linda Supowitz
Robert & Arlene Alfred               Michael & Fran Lando               Louis & Marcia Swartz
Stanley & Sarah Angrist              Aline Lange                        Theodore & Barbara Tabachnick
Marcella Apter                       Robert & Pinky Lebovitz            Carol Tabas
Marilyn Ashkin                       Alliene Lees                       Sol & Linette Toder
Milo Averbach                        Sally Levin                        Roni & Irv Topp

                                                                                                                   Fall/Winter 2007 :: In Touch

Gail Weaver                               David & Susan Friedberg Kalson                  ENDOWMENT CAMPAIGN - CLUBHOUSE
Irving and Jacqueline Wechsler            Charles Kaplan
Richard Wechsler                          John Katz                                       Delores Gluck
Morris & Claire Weinbaum                  Richard & Pat Katz                              Jane Haskell
Gary & Lois Weinstein                     Charles Kirshner & Leone Paradise               Sally Levin & Family
Norman & Marilyn Weizenbaum               Gene & Ruth Ann Klein                           Levin Furniture Company
Wayne & Margaret Wild                     Elizabeth Koskoff                               Richard & Debbie Miller
Toosie Winokur                            Seymoure & Corinne Krause                       Drs. Martin & Iris Nahemow
Arlene Wolk                               Rebecca & Jeremy Kronman                        Donald & Debbie Phillips
Michael & Carol Yahr                      Jason & Dana Kunzman                            Burton & Marolee Pollock Endowment Fund
Shirley & A.J. Zionts                     Robert & Alice Kushner                          Julius & Libbie Steinsapir Family Foundation
                                          Michael & Frances Lando
                                          Pinky & Bob Lebovitz
SPECIAL DONATIONS                         Sally & Fred Lehman                             GRANTS
                                          William LeWinter
Florence Alpern                                                                           The Giant Eagle Foundation
                                          Barry Lhormer & Janet Markel
Marilyn Ashkin                                                                            Dr. Solomon & Sarah Goldberg Memorial Endowment Fund
                                          Loomis Sayles & Co.
Helen Blumberger                                                                          Samuel M. Goldston Teen Philanthropy Project
                                          Amy & Frank Lowenstein
Dave & Cathy Bomstein                                                                     The Jewish Healthcare Foundation
                                          Michael & Andrea Lowenstein
Arthur & Marion Damick                                                                    Pennsylvania DCED
                                          Michael & Louise Malakoff
Miriam Dickman                                                                            Pennsylvania Department of Health
                                          Barbara Sachnoff Mendlowitz
Irene Eisenstat                                                                           Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust
                                          Hal & Barbi Mendlowitz
Aaron & Sharon Geller                                                                     The United Jewish Federation
                                          Philip & Leah Milch
Ernie & Peggy Harris                                                                      UJF Foundation
                                          Monroe & Fredi Miller
Barry Kisloff                                                                             The Wechsler Foundation
                                          Jane Moravitz
Seymoure & Corinne Krause
                                          Susan Nadler
Richard & Evelyn Mottsman
                                          Roslyn G. Neiman                                                     Special thanks to
Susan Nadler
                                          Esther S. Newberg
John & Ann Rayne                                                                                       State Representative Dan Frankel
                                          Jake & Ann Notovitz
Thomas & Judy Rodd
                                          Robert A. & Donna Paul
Marjorie Schroeder
                                          Perlow Family Charitable Fund
Richard Wechsler                                                                          Jewish Residential Services is accredited by CARF for
                                          Joel Persky & Michelle Browne
                                          Aileen & Michael Pierce                         the Leonard Staisey House and JRS Supported Housing
ENDOWMENT PLEDGES                         Harvey & Susan Pollack                          Programs.
                                          Lisa Premo
Otto & Barbara Abraham                    Bruce Rabin & Estelle Comay
Robert & Barbara Bastress                 Bill & Nancy Rackoff                            The Howard Levin Clubhouse is certified by the International
Stuart & Susan Beckerman                  Ann Rayne                                       Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD).
Steve Berez & Peggy Lowenstein            Debbie & Joshua Resnick
William & Nancy Berkowitz                 Reid B. Roberts                                 The Leonard Staisey House and The Howard Levin
Rose & Ed Berman                          Carol Robinson & Jeff Markel                    Clubhouse are licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Barry & Carole Berman                     Donald & Sylvia Robinson
Sandy & Patti Berman                      Bruce & Jane Rollman
                                                                                          Department of Public Welfare.
Ellen Berne & Paul Needle                 Judith Roscow and Stephen Oliphant
Charles & Patsy Bluestone                 Larry & Sandy Rosen                             JRS is a beneficiary agency of the United Jewish Federation of
Charlotte Bluestone                       R. Lee & Rosaland Rosenblum                     Greater Pittsburgh and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation.
Gary & Paula Brant                        Jason Rosenstock & Sarah Larkin
Sidney & Sylvia Busis                     James & William Rudolph
Paul Caplan                                                                               The official registration & financial information of
                                          Bruce & Treasure Sachnoff
Charles C. Cohen & Michelle M. McKenney   Richard Scaife                                  Jewish Residential Services Inc. may be obtained from the
Anthony & Sandra Colatrella               Edith Scheiner                                  Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free within
Marion & Arthur Damick                    Alece & David Schreiber                         Pennsylvania 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply
Robert & Phyllis Davis                    Evan & Tracy Segal                              endorsement. Jewish Residential Services is a 501(c)(3)
Joseph & Miriam Dickman                   Jerry Seinfeld Family Foundation
Seymour & Ruth Drescher                                                                   Non-Profit Organization.
                                          Barbara & Daniel Shapira
Nancy Elman, Ph.D.                        David & Lynne Siegel
Sheila & Milton Fine                      Jonathan & Lisa Siegel
Ilene & Jay Fingeret                      Ned & Carol Siegel
Gordon Fisher & Wesley Scott              Leonard Silk & Jane Hepner
Libby G. & Alan L. Fishman                Michael & Sheryl Silverman
Abe & Robin Friedman                      Arnold & Corinne Slifkin                                                 ide n
Debbie Friedman & Nick Toia               Manny Smith                                                       R es           t

Drs. Edward & Kathryn Friedman            Al & Anita Smolover


Harry & Beverly Friedman

                                          Edgar & Saundra L. Snyder

The Giant Eagle Foundation

                                          Violet Soffer
Edward Goldston                           John & Janet Spear
Rita Gould                                Alexander C. & Tillie S. Speyer Foundation


David & Barbara Greenberg                 Alan J. & Fern Steckel                                                          es

Edwin & Abby Grinberg                                                                                     ng
                                          David & Carol Steinbach

Aaronel & Irv Gruber                      Ken & Terry Steinberg                                                  bilities with po
Barney & Susie Guttman                    Mervin & Marcia Stewart
Murial Guttman                            Ronald & Janet Fromkin Stiller
Richard & Lori Guttman                    Elaine Strassburger
Ernest & Peggy Harris                     Mona & E.J. Strassburger
Velma & Stuart Hirsch                     Dr. Martin & Linda Supowitz
Larry & Kathy Hurwitz                     Evelyn & Bill Wedner
Ian James & Carol Stewart James           Phillip H & Betty L. Wimmer Family Foundation
Jewish Healthcare Foundation
James & Linda Joshowitz

In Touch :: Fall/Winter 2007

                                                              Bowl-A-Rama Strikes Again
        Commemorate a Special Event or Memorial
              with a JRS Occasion Card

      If you are looking for a meaningful way to
                                                              O        n October 21, close to 200 bowlers and volunteers attended
                                                                       the 4th Annual Bowl-a-Rama fundraiser on behalf of the
                                                                       Howard Levin Clubhouse. This festive event raised more than
                                                              $7,000 to support Clubhouse programming. Attendees were treated
                                                              to an afternoon of bowling, wonderful music, great food prepared
   recognize a birthday, anniversary, or other special
                                                              by Clubhouse members and volunteers, and raffle prizes donated by
    occasion or to pay tribute to someone who has             local merchants. Forward Lanes owner Andrea McGreger once again
    passed away, JRS will send a lovely personalized          generously donated the bowling alley for the day. “Bowl-a-Rama is
         card for a donation of $5.00 or more.                a great way to get the entire community involved in the Clubhouse
                                                              program,” says Executive Director Debbie Friedman. “It’s wonderful
     You may also purchase these cards in advance             to know that we have so much support from merchants and volunteers
                  to send out yourself.                       in the community.”
                                                                  “So many volunteers contributed to this year’s success,” says
                          For more information,               Jessica Feldman, Clubhouse Manager. “I especially want to thank
                                                              Robert Levin and Sally Levin for their enthusiastic support and
                 please call our office at 412-325-0039.      dedication.”

                  Please call us at 412-325-0039 if you
                  would like to donate any of the following
                  items in new or good used condition.

                  • Small household items and appliances
                  • Bed sheets and towels
                  • Used car in working condition
                  • Exercise equipment
                  • Event coupons and movie passes
                  • Computers and flat screen monitors
                  • Pots and pans for the
 Our Wish List

                    Leonard Staisey House kosher kitchen       JRS Past President Ned Siegel and President Jay Fingeret.
                  • Refrigerator
                  • Patio/balcony furniture
                  • DVD player for community room
                  • Stereo or component set for
                    Leonard Staisey House
                  • Upholstered chairs/couches
                    for apartments
                  • Larger (possibly 27”) TV for
                    lounge area
                  • Entertainment center or wall unit
                    to hold TV
                  • Apartment air conditioners
                  • Gently used clothing including
                    shoes, coats, suits
                                                                Member JoAnn Fueller with volunteers Gary Eikner, and Gloria

                                                                                                                    Fall/Winter 2007 :: In Touch

Annual Quality Update for JRS Services                                    Mitzvah Day in the Urban Garden

E        ach year we evaluate the
         quality of JRS programs
         based on annual satisfaction
s u r ve y s , h e a l t h a n d s a fe t y
inspections, and an analysis of
                                                                          F     or the second year, Temple Sinai members joined members
                                                                                of the Clubhouse and the JRS board on Mitzvah Day to
                                                                                prepare the Urban Garden for spring planting. The garden
                                                                          was enlarged by nearly 50 percent to allow for additional vegetables
                                                                          and herbs, and to create wider paths between rows for easier
emergency calls and psychiatric                                           maintenance and harvesting. Community Day students joined
hospitalizations. In both 2006 and                                        in the work, creating several garden beds for them to plant and
2007, we exceeded our standards in                                        harvest throughout the fall semester. Funding for the initial Urban
satisfaction, effectiveness, and efficiency. The results of our surveys   Garden was the result of a generous contribution from Jane Haskell.
and analysis are:                                                         Community Day donated the garden space.

Residential Programs
• Our goal of having 80% of participants view Staisey House as
a supportive place was surpassed, with satisfaction rates of 88%                      You Can Help the Clubhouse
in 2006 and 88% in 2007.
• Our goal of having 75% of direct services participants satisfied                    While Cleaning Up Your House
with quality of services was surpassed, with satisfaction rates of
75% in 2006 and 77% in 2007.
• Our goal of having 75% of participants satisfied with housing
                                                                                Clubhouse Thrift Shop Wants Your Gently Used Items
was surpassed, with 100% satisfaction in both 2006 and 2007.                The recently opened Thrift Shop at the Howard Levin Clubhouse
• Our goal of having 75% of family members satisfied with direct              offers members a way to “purchase” gently used clothing and
services was surpassed, with satisfaction rates of 100% in 2006             household items for a nominal fee. Your donation of gently used
and 100% in 2007.                                                            work or casual clothing, shoes, housewares, and linens would be
• Our goal of having 65% of family members satisfied with                         greatly appreciated. All donations are tax deductible.
communications was surpassed, with satisfaction rates of 84% in
2006 and 94% in 2007.                                                                Is Your Exercise Equipment Collecting Dust?
• Our goal of having 80% of employees satisfied with work                                Consider a Donation to the Clubhouse
culture was met or surpassed, with satisfaction rates of 80% in                If you have exercise equipment you no longer need (except,
2006 and 93% in 2007.                                                       perhaps as a place to hang your clothes), please consider donating
• Our goal of having 75% of residential program participants                   it to the Clubhouse Fitness Center. Our members will truly
view apartments as clean and safe was surpassed, with a 100%
                                                                                appreciate it! Please call the Clubhouse at 412-422-1850
rating in both 2006 and 2007.
• Our goal of having no more than 35% of our participants                              for more information on donating your items.
require hospitalizations was surpassed, with 9% requiring
hospitalization in 2006 and just 8% requiring hospitalization in
2007. In fact, 29 of the 35 program participants have remained
free of any psychiatric hospitalization for 6 years, or 2,190 days.
• Our goal for Supported Housing staff of spending at least 60%
of work time in direct contact hours was surpassed, with a direct
contact rate of 78% in 2007.
    In summary, program participants continue to view Leonard
Staisey House as a supportive place to visit, access staff, interact
informally with others, and attend formal activities. Overall,
program participants remain satisfied with direct services.
    JRS would like to thank all of the program participants, families,
and staff who shared their opinions about our programs. This
information helps us to ensure that our programs remain relevant
and effective.

                ide n
         R es           t                                                                                                                          Non-Profit Org.

                                                                                                                                                    U.S. Postage

                                         4905 fifth avenue, suite 3 • pittsburgh, pa 15213                                                              PAID

          S                 seRvic
                                                                                                                                                   Pittsburgh, PA
                                                                                                                                                   Permit No. 34


             bilities with po

                            JRS: Connecting disabilities with possibilities
                        Jewish Residential Services, Inc.                                            About Jewish Residential Services (JRS)
                              4905 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3                                     JRS is an independent not-for-profit organization with a mission
                                Pittsburgh, PA 15213                                         of providing residential and rehabilitative services to people who
                         (412) 325-0039 (412) 621-4260 Fax                                   need support in their everyday lives because of psychiatric or
                                                                    developmental disabilities. JRS helps people learning to live with
                                                                                             long-term disabilities to establish dignified, stable, productive, and
                                     Board of Directors                                      satisfying lives for themselves as members of the community. JRS
                                                                                             offers a culturally rich Jewish environment that is welcoming to
                                                                                             people of all backgrounds and that encourages participants to build
          Jay L. Fingeret, President                       Philip Milch                      upon their strengths and grow to their fullest potential.
      Nancy S. Elman, Vice President                      Fredi G. Miller
      Dana Kunzman, Vice President                     Jason B. Rosenstock
        Reid B. Roberts, Treasurer                        Edith Scheiner                                Our outstanding programs include:
          Lori Guttman, Secretary                        Sheryl Silverman
                                                                                             Leonard Staisey House – an apartment living program for adults
    Rabbi Eli Seidman, Advisory Member                      John Spear
    Debbie Friedman, Executive Director                   Fern J. Steckel                    with persistent mental illness, offering supportive services and
                                                         Carol Steinbach                     24-hour staff availability.
                                                     Terry Feinberg Steinberg
                  Patti Berman                         Carol Stewart James                   JRS Supported Living – a scattered-site apartment program for
                 Barry Berman                                                                adults with persistent mental illness, providing individualized
                 Jane Bernstein
                                                                                             support services.
                 Andrea Friede
                 Janet Fromkin                             Past Presidents
                Abby Grinberg                             Ruth Drescher                      Howard Levin Clubhouse – a daily psychiatric rehabilitation
                Corinne Krause                            Libby Fishman                      program for adults with persistent mental illness.
               Jeremy Kronman                            Kathy Hurwitz
                   Sally Levin                            David Kalson                       Charles Morris Hall – an apartment program for adults with
            Martin J. Lubetsky, M.D.                         Ned Siegel
             Barbara Mendlowitz                          E. J. Strassburger                  developmental or cognitive disabilities.

                                                                                               For more information, call the JRS office at 412-325-0039.

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