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					Social Media Rules of Engagement
We are here to tell you that social media is no longer a fad. It is an accepted, proven tool in an increasing number of organizations. However, there is still a lot of confusion on the rules; of how to properly use social media in a business environment. The following are the 5 Foundational Rules of Engagement for any organization that wishes to utilize the power of social media: 1. Social first; media second. Simply put, social media is not an advertising platform. As such, you don t broadcast your message through social channels. Instead, you focus first on being “social” – by connecting with people and having conversations. 2. Person first; corporation second. Social media is a person-to-person medium, not corporate-toperson. As such, each employee within an organization is connecting with the audience as themselves, not as an official representative of the company. In short, social media doesn t have “spokespeople”. 3. Keep it real. Social Media is not a place to create an image. It is a place for organizations and their people to be what they really are. Occasionally this means dealing with negative situations. The best thing to do is to be authentic and transparent. 4. When to sell. Social Media can be a business development tool. It is just a matter of the right timing. Remember this formula: conversations create relationships which create transactions. Go out and talk to people, get to know them – then politely let them know what you are selling. 5. Attention to detail. Just like other mediums, first impressions matter; so it is important to pay attention to details. A few examples: having a decent head-shot, having a well-crafted bio (including what you do for your company), making sure that all areas of your profile are as complete as possible. You will notice that many of these rules are just age-old, common sense. This is because Social Media is ultimately about people and the way you communicate to them. So be nice, look people in the eye, and sit up straight!

About Tricycle
At Tricycle, we believe that every organization has a purpose. And that when you understand and communicate your purpose, you inspire people to embrace your ideas, purchase your products, and talk about you in the marketplace. Based on these principles, we created Tricycle - a Brand Development Firm dedicated to helping high-integrity organizations develop purpose-driven brands. Our knowledge and expertise is manifested through brand consulting, social media strategies, speaking, and publishing.

For further information or inquires please contact: Justin Foster Tricycle – Brand Development 208.841.3497 (cell)

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