Year Seventeen: in review
With this Annual Report, we hope to give you a fresh look at your land trust and
community trails organization, remind you of all we have to celebrate, and take a look
at the challenges of the future.

Gallatin Valley Land Trust is dedicated to a vision of healthy, vibrant communities,
populated by active and engaged citizens who appreciate their heritage and approach
their future with creativity and a profound respect for the natural resources and beauty
that are both an endowment from our forbearers and our children’s inheritance.

We are a private, member-supported organization that depends on engaging your
creativity and energy in order to realize this vision of living in harmony with one of          On the Cover
the greatest landscapes in the world. We are your neighbors and we share your hopes           Schmidt conservation
as well as your concerns about the future of our beautiful home.                             easement in foreground
The past year was filled with accomplishments, many of which represent the
                                                                                                with the Bridgers
culmination of years of effort and partnership with extended families to find the right          in the distance.
approach to conserving the family land and securing the funding needed to make it
possible. GVLT has the vision and staying power to see these projects through to           Perseverance and partnerships pay
completion, and to work in partnership with private landowners to steward these            off. GVLT partnered with the
great lands. At the same time, our resources are challenged by ever increasing calls for   Trust for Public Land (TPL) and
help with land conservation projects throughout Southwest Montana.                         the Schmidt family, to complete one
                                                                                           of our most important conservation
We are also hearing the needs of thousands of walkers, runners, Nordic skiers and          easements in December 2006. This
bicyclists (and their dogs) who enjoy our community trails, and hope for a more            ,240 acre easement took seven
complete, diverse and safe trail system. In response, we committed substantial             years to structure and fund. TPL
resources working to ensure that quality trails and key trail connections are included     is now working on completion of
in the tidal-wave of new subdivision proposals and planning efforts in the Bozeman         a second stage of this landmark
area. We also launched two ambitious new trail projects.                                   conservation project, in which an
We are continuing to build the organization to meet these challenges and to ensure         additional 85 acres of Schmidt
our continued success. We have added professional staff, doubling our land protection      family land will be acquired by
and stewardship staff in the past eighteen months. The board is focused on building        the Gallatin National Forest.
its capacity as well, while representing the diversity of the growing community we         Straddling the Bozeman Pass, these
serve.                                                                                     lands are a critical link in one of the
                                                                                           most threatened wildlife migration
GLVT - your land trust – is looking to the future with a plan, learning and adapting as    corridors in the Yellowstone Park
the community grows, deepening the dialogue with the city and county on a wide range       area. Additionally, the new public
of issues, and expanding our partnerships with other land trusts and organizations.        lands will provide permanent
GVLT will grow as an effective and respected leader in the community in direct             access to a popular rock climbing
proportion to the investment you make. Your input, advice, and volunteer efforts           area, and will open the opportunity
all shape and drive our work. Your financial support enables the professional staff        for GVLT to work with the
to be on the job every day, applying creative strategies to the increasingly technical     Gallatin National Forest to create
challenges of expanding our community trails system and advancing the conservation         a new public trail up Chestnut
of highly threatened farmland and wildlife habitat.                                        Mountain. Starting near the I-90
                                                                                           Trail Creek exit, the first section
Thank you for your investments in GVLT that have brought us this far. We invite            of the new trail will cross our first
your continued support. Together we can create a healthy, prosperous community in          conservation easement property,
harmony with our great natural heritage.
                                                                                           now owned by the Montana
                                                    - Stephen Johnson Executive Director   Outdoor Science School.
                                                                                           Photo by:

                                       - page  -
                                  From Our President: thank you all
                                                                     Wow, what a year we have had at Gallatin Valley Land
                                                                     Trust. On the previous page, our Executive Director,
                                                                     Stephen Johnson outlined some of our core values,
 Board of Directors                                                  vision and challenges. Throughout this report, you
                                                                     will see chronicled fabulous new conservation and
Lisa Tuckerman, President                                            trail achievements. I would like to celebrate those
     Financial Analyst                                               accomplishments by thanking each of you for making
                                                                     it possible.
Page Dabney, Vice President
      D.A. Davidson
                                                                You, our members and local business sponsors, provide
Scott Dehlendorf, Treasurer                                     over two-thirds of GVLT’s annual funding. We can’t
  MSR North Assoc. LLC            thank you enough for supporting work which sustains the quality of life and natural
Stephen Johnson, Secretary        heritage we all value so deeply. Whether walking the dog, commuting to town by trail
 GVLT Executive Director          or driving by wide-open vistas, I can enjoy the direct benefits of that work, and by turn
                                  I hope each of you do as well.
     Ben Alexander
   Headwaters Economics
                                  Over the past several years, the scope of our work has steadily increased as we
     Dotty Ballantyne             have taken on both more ambitious projects and greater numbers of projects. To
        Consultant                meet these challenges we have invested in additional capacity, while addressing the
    Micheline Bisaillon           corresponding rise in our operating costs by redefining roles and priorities to ensure
Green Space Landscaping, Inc.     we are as efficient as possible. Not only have we funded a full time Land Protection
                                  Specialist and a full time Stewardship Coordinator for the first time, but the quality of
      Clint Campbell
  Kingfisher Consulting, Inc.     our Land Conservation staff is regularly commented on by landowners and members
                                  alike. Also, throughout the office, in Trails, in Finance (we have a certified CPA running
      Dave Johnson                our finances now!) and in Outreach and Membership we have increased staffing.
  Hall & Hall Real Estate

        Kyran Kunkel              The Board has invested mightily in the organization for the past two years. You, the
Affiliate Senior Conservation     community, have answered this undertaking with a resounding “yes” by raising the
Scientist & Affiliate Professor   depth of your generosity as well. So thank you for your past support. We count on
       Joe McCarty                your continued support, and invite you to watch for the on-going benefits of your
Attorney & Adjunct Professor      investment.
      Stuart Tilt                                                Warm Regards,
ERA Landmark Real Estate

     Stuart Jennings                                                                                     - Lisa Tuckerman President
 Land Reclamation Specialist

   Advisory Council

     Dorothy Bradley
       Dab Dabney
     Robyn Erlenbush
       Jim Hamilton
      Don Hargrove
      Bill Muhlenfeld
     John O’Donnell
         Eva Patten
      Mary Peterson
       Tim Swanson                Gallatin Valley Land Trust staff at the 2007 Conservators’ Circle event hosted by Albert and Susan Wells
                                  at their ranch in the Bridgers near Springhill.

                                                                                - page 2 -
Financial Report: your support at work                                                                              Staff

Gallatin Valley Land Trust committed to a significant increase in its annual operations in                    Stephen Johnson
FY ’07. Correspondingly, the fundraising activity increased dramatically and generated                         Executive Director
                                                                                                          stephen@gvlt.org - ext. 05
$526,794 for operations, a 21% increase over FY ’06. In addition, contributions to the
Stewardship Fund totaled $114,784; these assets are restricted to supporting our long-                         Sara Anderson
term obligation for monitoring and stewarding our conservation easements – now                               Outreach & Events
totaling 27,705 acres.                                                                                     sara@gvlt.org - ext. 00

The Board and Executive Director continue to exercise conservative financial                                   Ted Lange
management while making strategic investments in the professional staff and the                           Community Trails Planner
                                                                                                           ted@gvlt.org - ext. 08
capacity of the organization overall. Operating expenses were essentially equal to
income, with the increase in net assets concentrated in the Stewardship Fund and the                          Gro Aase Lunde
Endowment Fund.                                                                                                Finance Director
                                                                                                            gro@gvlt.org - ext. 09
You, our generous supporters, have made important investments that have yielded
                                                                                                                Kelly Pohl
great returns, both in the health of this institution and in our landscape. We are                        Land Protection Specialist
incredibly grateful.                                                                                      kelly@gvlt.org - ext. 0

                                                                                                             Ann Vinciguerra
                                                                                                          Director of Annual Giving
                                                               - Scott Dehlendorf Treasurer                ann@gvlt.org - ext. 06

                                                                                                              Gary Vodehnal
                                                                                                         Trails Program Coordinator
                                                                                                          gary@gvlt.org - ext. 04
                                        Operating Income by Source
                                                                                                           Kate Burnaby Wright
         14%                               Individual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$349,759            Stewardship Coordinator
                                           Foundations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$67,033              kate@gvlt.org - ext. 07
       13%             66%                 Earned . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$73,679
                                           Corporate/Business . . . . . . . . . .$36,322                          Contact

                                        Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$59,58

                                        Operating Expense by Program                                              facsimile

                                                                                                             P.O. Box 7021
            18%                            Land Conservation . . . . . . . . .$145,396                     Bozeman, MT 59771
                       28%                                                                                       address
                                           Community Trails . . . . . . . . . .$136,382
                                           Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$45,748
       19%                                                                                                      www.gvlt.org
                                           Finance & Operations . . . . . . . .$98,193                            website
                     26%                   Fundraising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$93,862
            9%                                                                                          Gallatin Valley Land Trust
                                                                                                        is a member of the Montana
                                        Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$526,794   Association of Land Trusts
                                                                                                        and the Land Trust Alliance.
                                                                                                        Gallatin Valley Land Trust has
                                                                                                        adopted the Land Trust Alliance
                                        - page  -                                                      Standards and Practices.
       3,331                  Conservation: easements & open land
Acres conserved this year     Fiscal Year 2007 was a banner year
                              for our Land Conservation Program,
                              which partners with private landowners
         2nd                  to create voluntary conservation
                              agreements, “conservation easements,”
 This year’s rank in our      that permanently limit subdivision and
history for acres conserved
      in a single year        perpetuate good stewardship of the
                              land. This year included conservation
                              easements in each of our top three

            6                 priority areas: Bozeman Pass, Gooch
                              Hill, and the East Gallatin. We are
 Families conserved their     especially pleased to have completed
land in partnership with      several projects that were cultivated
       us this year           over a number of years and to have         Kate Burnaby Wright, GVLT’s new full-time
                              doubled our professional stewardship       stewardship coordinator, leads a discussion on the
                                                                         ecological value of river and wetland habitat. Oyler
                              staff to better serve landowners.          conservation easement, September 2007.
$16.7 million                 These successes are due to the generosity, vision, and excellent stewardship of the
                              landowners who chose to conserve their land. Their gifts are legacies to our entire
 Total fair market value
 of the six conservation      community.
 easements completed by
    GVLT this year

$3.7      million
  Funding from county,
state, federal and private
 sources for purchase of
   these six easements

 $13      million
 Property value donated
  by the six families in      Oyler Property
 the easements completed
                              GVLT in partnership with the Trust for Public Land worked with the Oyler family
         this year
                              to conserve this beautiful 591-acre property. The Oyler conservation easement,
                              completed December 2006, conserves both agricultural lands and a healthy wetland-
                              river complex along the Gallatin River. In 1866, the Oylers’ great-grandfather
            5                 homesteaded in the Gallatin Valley. The Oylers’ decision to grant this conservation
                              easement honors their family’s history in the valley, and will continue the Oylers’
     The most funding
                              decades-old tradition of allowing public access on their land. Public access is allowed
   sources ever used for
   a single conservation      on 252 acres of the Oylers’ property east of the Gallatin River, providing a connection
easement - Oyler property     to 478 acres of previously landlocked state land. Photo by Alex Diekmann
(see Spring ’07 newsletter
       for summary)                                                 - page 4 -
                                                                                                                                    Total acreage newly
                                                                                                                                 available for public access
                                                                                                                                 through our conservation
                                   •   Three Forks   1                                                                              easements this year

                                                                             •   Belgrade
                                                             •   Churchill                                                        Total acreage protected
                                                                                                                                 through our conservation
                          N                                                                                                             easements
                                                                                  Bozeman •

         •      Norris
                                                                                                                                     Total number of
                                                                             4                                                   conservation easements we
                                                                                                                                       currently hold

Gallatin Valley Land Trust conservation easements added this year:
1. Oyler: 590 acres on the Gallatin River
2. Crawford: 0 acres East Gallatin
                                                                                 4. Baden: 285 acres Gooch Hill
                                                                                 5. Hoffman: 60 acres Bozeman Creek
3. Visser: 900 acres Amsterdam/Churchill                                         6. Schmidt: ,240 acres Bozeman Pass             Number of river miles
                                                                                                                                  conserved by GVLT
                                                                                                                                  easements in Gallatin
                                                                                                                                  County, including over
                          30,000                                                                                             .
                                                                                                        current acreage 27,795
                                                                                                                                   fourteen miles of the
                                                                                                                                   East Gallatin River
Total Acres in Easement

                                                                                                                                  and over four miles of
                          20,000                                                                                                    the Gallatin River
                           5,000                                                                                                           21
                                   ‘91 ‘92 ‘93 ‘94 ‘95 ‘96 ‘97 ‘98 ‘99 ‘00 ‘01 ‘02 ‘03 ‘04 ‘05 ‘06 ‘07                             Total number of years
                                                                                                                                   taken to negotiate and
                                                                                                                                    fund our six FY ’07
                                                                                                                                  easements. From initial
                                                                                 Visser Property                                   conversations with the
                                                                                 Protecting local agriculture remains at             families to easement
                                                                                                                                      completion, time to
                                                                                 the core of our mission. In partnership          negotiate and fund these
                                                                                 with the Trust for Public Land we               easements ranged from one
                                                                                 worked with the Visser family to                        to eight years
                                                                                 conserve their land on Norris Road
                                                                                 west of Four Corners. Completed in
                                                                                 December 2006, the Visser easement
                                                                                 covers 901 acres of working farm and                    75%
                                                                                 ranch land. Photo by Alex Diekmann
                                                                                                                                 Proportion by which our
                                                                                                                                 Land Conservation staff
                                                                   - page 5 -                                                        grew this year
         49                 Community Trails: connecting the valley
 Total miles of trail in                                                          Ice House Park
 the Main Street to the
                                                                                  For the thousands of people who use
 Mountains trail system
                                                                                  the Gallagator Trail every year, Ice
                                                                                  House Park provides a small, beautiful
                                                                                  oasis of cottonwoods and willows
                                                                                  along Bozeman Creek near the heart
                                                                                  of the community. Where there are
                                                                                  now trails, two benches and a picnic
           5                                                                      table, there could have been condos
                                                                                  overshadowing the Gallagator if not
                                                                                  for a three-year collaboration between
   Total new trail miles                                                          GVLT, the Trust for Public Land
 added to the Main Street                                                         (TPL), the City of Bozeman, neighbors
 to the Mountains system                                                          in the Ice Pond Townhouses and the
    through subdivision     A Montana Conservation Corps crew helps construct a   landowner Frank Bonn Jr.
      developments in       trail in Ice House Park. Photo by Gary Vodehnal
                                                                           Neighbor Christine Yearley first
combination with GVLT       contacted GVLT to alert us that this last unprotected natural area on the Gallagator
        trail projects      was for sale. Faced with a significant price tag and a short window of opportunity,
                            GVLT sought help from TPL which purchased the property and held it until funds
                            could be raised to put it into public ownership. The fundraising effort was successful
                            thanks to $40,000 raised by Yearley from neighbors and other community members;
                            $75,000 in Gallatin County Open Space Bond funding secured by TPL; and $79,000
                            from the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Recreational Trails Program secured
         0.5                through a proposal written by GVLT and submitted by the City of Bozeman. GVLT
                            managed the trail-building and other improvements on the site with help from
                            volunteers and a Montana Conservation Corp crew who not only helped with the
 Number of new trail        improvements but also hauled many loads of trash off the property.
 miles built by GVLT        Dedicated by Mayor Krauss at a ribbon-cutting party on June 23rd, the half-acre
                            park not only provides a peaceful retreat along Bozeman’s most popular trail, it
                            also preserves a piece of Bozeman history. This was the site where the Bonn family
                            created a large pond and harvested ice for the entire community in the days before
                            refrigeration. The ice pond story is told with historic photos on a new trail information
                            kiosk at the Ice House Park entrance on the Gallagator Trail.
Number of subdivisions
                            Trail Kiosks
 and other development      The large trail information kiosk at
 proposals reviewed by      the base of Peets Hill was one of five
                            kiosks installed this year. Another
 Trails Program Staff
                            kiosk was installed on the Gallagator
                            trail as part of the Ice House Park
                            project, and three additional kiosks
                            were constructed by Eagle Scout
                            Dillon Nikoletopoulos and the rest of
                            Troop #677 with partial funding from
        125                 a $1,000 community support grant
                            from Zoot Enterprises.

  Trail signs installed                                                  - page 6 -
Trails Day 2007                                                                                                 $15,900
This year’s Trails Day was a great
success, with eighty volunteers
participating. Work parties built the                                                                      Total amount spent for on-
first section of new trail at Drinking                                                                      the-ground improvements
Horse Mountain, removed old fence at
                                                                                                                to the trail system,
the Snowfill, and pulled enough weeds
at the East Gallatin Recreation Area to                                                                       including new sections
fill forty garbage bags. The Montana                                                                           of trail at Ice House
Outdoor Science School and the Boy                                                                          Park, the East Gallatin
Scouts partnered in the Drinking Horse                                                                      Recreation Area and the
Mountain project, while the Montana                                                                         Fish Technology Center;
Conservation Corps pitched in at the                                                                       as well as trail signage and
Snowfill along with Greg Johnson,
                                                                                                            trail information kiosks
who provided a small backhoe from his
company Montana Ponds. Friends and
family of Hedvig Flowers also helped
out at the Snowfill and joined GVLT
for a ceremonial groundbreaking for
the Hedvig Flowers Memorial Trail.
Trails Day concluded with a picnic
                                                         Stephen Johnson, Anne Banks and Stuart Jennings
at the East Gallatin Recreation Area,                    look on as Pat Flowers and Board President Lisa
followed by a hike to the summit of                      Tuckerman break ground on the Hedvig Flowers
Drinking Horse Mountain with thity-                      Memorial Trail at the Snowfill.                        $11,000
one participants.                                        Photo by Ted Lange

Five local businesses sponsored Trails Day at the “Trail                                                    Total funds raised from
Visionaries” level with cash or in-kind gifts of $1,000 or more:                                              the Longest Day of
                                                                                                             Trails event, including
                                                                                                           $2,700 from twenty event
                                                                                                            sponsors; $,546 raised
                                                                                                              from sixty-three new
                                                                                                            members; $,550 from
                                                         Longest Day of Trails                             nine matching donors; and
                                                                                                            $,590 of in-kind gifts
                                                         On June 22nd, Dan Harding of
                                                                                                               from twelve donors
                                                         Intrinsik Architecture, with members
                                                         and supporters of the G.A.S./Intrinsik
                                                         Cycling Team, rode Bozeman’s Main
                                                         Street to the Mountains trail system from
                                                         dawn to dusk to recruit new members,
                                                         raise money for GVLT’s Community
                                                         Trails Program and increase awareness
                                                         of our role in creating trails. Riding
                                                         25 mile loops, they covered over 160                    $8,200
                                                         miles. KMMS FM, “The Moose” radio
                                                         station contributed greatly to the event’s
                                                         success by covering Dan’s progress all             Total donations of cash
The G.A.S/Intrinsik Cycling Team takes an early
                                                         day long. GVLT and Harding plan to
morning break on the paved trail along Highland during                                                       or in-kind donations
the Longest Day of Trails. Photo by Anne Tyler           make this an annual event.
                                                                                                            received for Trails Day
                                                                                                           2007 from seventeen local
                                                - page 7 -                                                     business sponsors
       2,200                   Volunteers: thank you for your support
Hours of time donated by                                                                To All Our Volunteers
volunteers this year to help
      with our work                                                                     The Gallatin Valley Land Trust
                                                                                        would like to thank all of this year’s
                                                                                        volunteers, who together donated
                                                                                        over 2,200 hours of their time.
 Honorable Mention                                                                      The dedication and commitment
   for Oustanding                                                                       of our volunteers is critical to
  Volunteer Efforts                                                                     accomplishing our mission.

We would like to recognize
  the following volunteers     Trails Day volunteers remove old fence at the Snowfill
for all of their hard work
and overwhelming support
 throughout the past year.
Without volunteer support
  many of our milestones
   would not be reached.
      Thank you all!

       Anne Banks

       Sam Becker

  Micheal Anne Beighley

      Steve Bracken

      Gordon Elder

      Dave Granger
                               Trails Day volunteers with forty bags of weeds pulled from the East Gallatin Recreation Area.
       Dan Harding

        Bill Klenn

       Mike Lesnick

       Kevin Locke

   Conservation Corps

       Matt Menge

    Lisa Rickenbaugh
                               The G.A.S./Intrinsik Cycling Team and friends on the         Pat Flowers removes old fence at the Snowfill
        Anne Tyler             Longest Day of Trails

   Shannon Willoughby                                                          - page 8 -
Contributions: Your investment in Gallatin Valley Land Trust makes it possible for us to create a lasting legacy
of conservation and community trails. We are a membership-based organization and we deeply appreciate the broad-
based support we receive from individuals and businesses throughout our region. Unfortunately, space limitations prevent
us from listing the hundreds of grassroots supporters who contribute gifts below $100. Thank you to all our supporters!
Trail Blaizers’ Club $100 to $249: Loren & Lauren Acton . Tim Adams . Phyllis Aitken . Stephanie Alexander . Allied Engineering Services . American
Land Title Company . American Prairie Foundation . Clyde Aspevig . Don Bachman . Lissa Barber . Rick Barber . Marcy Barge . Mike Barrett . Robert
Bayley . Richard Belgrad . Guy & Linda Bisaillon . Barbara Blesch . Dan Boyd . Bozeman Brewing Company . Bozeman Periodontics . Roger Breeding
Shelby Brown . Bill Bryan . Linda Buckner . Bernice Burns . Jack Burns . BWAGS . Fred & Katie Cady . Frank Calvin . Jessica Carroll . K.C. Cassidy
Nyla Chandler & Steve Bracken . Bruce Christensen . Mike Clow & Carol Weaver . Yvette Converse . Anne Cooper . Christin Cooper & Mark Tache
Dan & Jan Himsworth . Douglas Davis . Nick Davis . Karen Day . Emily DeLuca . Dennis Derham . Buddy & Valorie Drake . William Elledge
Sharon Eversman . Constance Ferguson . David Finegan . Carol Flaherty . Stephen Forte . Steve & Louise Forrest . Brad & Susan Foster . Mel Frost
Barbara & Jim Gaffney . Renee Gavin . Sean Gerrity . Paul & Helen Gianas . James Gibbs . Richard Gillette . Goff Architecture Ltd. . Anthony &
Maribeth Goodman . Laurita Green . Michael & Flora Guglielmino . Todd Harris . Donald Hart . Heather Hart . Stanley Hastings . Holly Hausmann
Christopher Heffner . Edwin Hettinger . Nancy Heymann . Julie Hitchcock . Patrick & Kris Holland . William Hopkins . Ron Howell . Britta
Hubbard . Kevin Hubley . Hyalite Engineers . Insurance Professionals . Roger Jenkins . Stuart & Karin Jennings . Dan & Nancy Jochem . Stephen
Johnson & Johanna Pyle . David Jones . Junkermier, Clark, Campanella, Stevens, PC . Dave & Lori Kascht . Jaclyn Katz . Mary Keck . Mary & Jim
Keefer . Matthew Keefer . Amy Kelley . Allison Kelly . Janet Kempff . K-Graphics . Robert & Patricia Kimmel . Thomas King . Julie Kipfer . Bill
Klenn Rob Knapp . Carol Lalani . Lisa Landenburger . Steve & Marnie Laufenberg . Laura A. Fedro Interiors . Matt & Kristi Lavin . Scott & Lori
Lawson Michael Lebwohl . Peg Lenon . James & Charlotte Linn . Locati Architects . Bill Locke . Loggerhead Fitness . Harry Longwell . Richard Lund
Luzenac America . Jim Madden . Magpie Guest House . Robert & Lynn Maher . Don & Judy Mathre . Michael McCormick . Timothy McInnis John
J. McKenna . Thomas McKim . Don & Betsy McLaughlin . Peter & Barbara McSpadden . Russ & Marcia Miller . Miller’s Jewelry . John & Susan
Mills . Jay & Judith Moor . Marvin Morgenstein . Audrey Mueller . Nikki Naiser . Michael Nicklin . Mary Noll . James & Tina Ortman . Owenhouse
Ace Hardware . Jennifer & Greg Perry . Thomas Pick . Ben Pierce . Ken Pierce . Frederick & Alice Pitkin . Dick & Mary Pohl . Noah & Leona Poritz
John Preston . Steven Quist . Norman Reed . Les & Marguerite Reeves . Kerry Reif . Gene & Edie Renner . Gail Richardson . Alice Ridenour . Peter
Rieke . Right Now Technologies . Chuck & Kathy Rinker . Dave Rockafellow . Kathleen Ruh & Bill Bartlett . Gretchen Rupp . Barbara Rusmore
Ken Ryder . June Safford . John Savage . Jim Schmitt . Security Title . Kathryn Shaw . Scott Shorten . Jay Sinnott . Franklin & Irmeli Smith . Mary
Ann Sojda . Margery St. John . David & Patti Steinmuller . Geoff Stephens . Stockman Bank . Stockyard Cafe . James & Shirley Stone . Mark Story
Gwendy Stuart . Dan & Jackie Swanson . Richard & Rose Swanson . Kent Swift . Kyle & Wendy Tage . Robert & Donna Thompson . Terry Thompson
& Michael Simmonds . Jerry & Susan Tollefson . Lance Trebesch . Brett Tudsbury . US Bancorp Foundation . Robert Vanyo . Bob Wall . Phil
Walsh . Billie Warford . Clark Wheeler . Bruce Wiegand . Richard Woodcock . Gretchen Woodhull . John Wright . Jenny Younger . William Ziegler
Range Riders’ Guild $250 to $499: Ben & Sara Alexander . Peter Bachman . Beck, Amsden & Ruggiero . Harper Bohr . Stuart Challender & Ita Killeen
C. Bruce Combs . Country West Real Estate . Mary Drake . Sarah Foster . Greater Yellowstone Coalition . Dr. Stephen R. Hample . Fred Happel
Charles & Sally Howe . Steve & Jeanne Johnson . Landon Jones . Herb Kern . Laurie Kolwyck . David Larson . Julie Mackley . Middleton Martin
Andrew & Lissa Martzloff . Doug Mavor . Fred Maxted . Adrienne Mayor . Patricia McKernan . Doug McSpadden . Mountain Hot Tub . John &
Nancy Neerhout . Deborah & David Nice . Brad Nussbaum . Charles & Donna Peck . Nan Pizitz . Mark Prince . Douglas Rose & Erica Bergsland
Jane Shields . Steve & Kathy Shuel . Worthington & Elizabeth Smith . Rex & Karyn Spear . Joan Stadler . Walter Thurman . Olga Turner . Peter &
Lee Vandermark . Jane & Dewitt Ward . Ann Weaver
Land Stewards’ Society $500 to $999: Allstate Insurance, Marie Gary Agency . Micheline Bisaillon & Bill Halpin . Christel Boyer . John Buck . Lyndy
Caine . Roger & Sophie Clifton . David & Judy Cook . Catherine Costakis . Andrew & Susan Dana . Charles J. Day . Max Deibert . Firehole Ranch
Gallatin County Democratic Central Committee . Kelly Haddrill . Harold W. Sweatt Foundation . Sara Hinckley . Hyalite Environmental LLP . Insty
Prints . Intrinsik Architecture . Heather Jernberg-Sarfi & Robert Sarfi . Land Trust Alliance . Jim Madden . Lauri McCommon . Joshua Meyer . Curt
& Rolane Meyer . Neal Miller . Millmont Foundation . Anna Milner . Montana Ponds & Streams . John O’Donnell . William Ogden . John L. &
Marilyn J. Olson Family Foundation . Duncan & Eva Patten . Erich Pessl & Patricia Cosgrove . Chris & Maddy Pope . Bonnie Sachatello-Sawyer
Steve & Jean Schnee . Lois Short . Sime Construction . Robert & Sally Uhlmann . Kenneth & Karen Walsh . Richard Wolff
Conservators’ Circle $1,000 to $1,999: Anonymous (3) . Archie & Nina Alexander . John & Ramona Baden . Jim & Debby Bangs . Jim & Anne Banks
Vivian Bridaham . Alan & Mary Brutger . Wendy Cochran . Fitz Coker . Tim Crawford & Kathy Hansen . David De Haan . Scott & Jackie Dehlendorf
Christine Derham . Horace Dodge . Suzy Hall & Kim Hoberecht . Bill & Janne Hayward . Alan & Jean Kahn . Steve & Marianne Liebmann . June
& Tom Lowery . Sue MacGrath & Martin Zabaleta . B. Lee & Susan Mallory . Mike & Andrea Manship . Sunny Mavor . Dwight & Minxie Minton
Randy Moret . Maryanne Mott . Mountain Home Vacation Rentals . Northern Environmental Support Trust . Jim & Sherry Pepper . David Richards
& Liz Gibson . Schnees Boots and Shoes . Farwell Smith & Linda McMullen . James & Camie Smith . Hal Stanley . Connie Staudohar . Hope & Bob
Stevens . Tim & Nancy Swanson . Margaret Taylor . Jim & Valerie Webster . Jordan & Amanda Werner . Ellen Wragge
Bridger Club of the Conservators’ Circle $2,000 to $2,999: J. Christopher & Mary Ann Bulger . Rob Campbell . Bandel & Paula Carano . Frank & Amy
Carter . Clermont Foundation . Page & Cyndi Dabney . D.A. Davidson Trust Co. . Wayne & Fanee Freeman . Con & Daphne Gillam . Jim & Sue
Hamilton . Ken & Barbara Kaufman . Mountain Spring Ranch North Associates . Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply . Robert & Sally Sands . Gary
& Tutti Skaar . Stuart & Whitney Tilt . Fred & Julie Videon . Mrs. Doris B. Ward . Norman & Catherine Weeden
Gallatin Club of Conservators’ Circle $5,000 and Up: Anonymous (2) . Buck & Marcia Anderson . Dorothy Ballantyne . Cinnabar Foundation . Suzanne
& Matt Colon . CTA Architects Engineers . Delaney & Company . Donald & Ruth Dodge . Ken & Margaret Emerson . Hardy & Barbara Eshbaugh
Kendeda Fund . Joseph McCarty . Pheasant Farms . Elisabeth Rickenbaugh . Dr. Volney Steele . Lisa & Russ Tuckerman . Helen Van Dyke King &
Brian King . Albert & Susan Wells
Memorial Gifts: In Memory of Carola Murat Katie & Fred Cady . Tom Keck . Karen Selby . Jim Stoltz . Dennis Vodehnal . Jane Ward . In Memory
of Dan Chandler Vern Alberts . Allied Engineering Services, Inc. . Chapter BF P.E.O. . Mr. And Mrs. R.A. Fossum . Carol Gibson . Thomas Greason
Charles & Shirley Hamp . Cindy Ikeda . Pierce & Margaret Mullen . John & Patricia Robbins . Georgia Simkins . In Memory of Hedvig Flowers
Allstate Insurance, Marie Gary Agency . Kasey Anderson . Cynthia Andrus . Rick Arnold . Tom Barnes . Robert Biskupiak . Helen Bolle . Bozeman
Hawk Booster Club . Bozeman High School Concert Choir . Bozeman Ladies Book Club . Joan Buhl . Susan Byorth . Marion Cherry . Ted Coffman
Joe Cohenour . Thomas & Sally Daer . Charles J. Day . Emily DeLuca . Arnold Dood . Susan Douglas . Dorcie Dvarishkis . Ken Emerson . Bill Fraser
Sally Frey . Melissa Frost . Gallatin Wildlife Association . Hilary Garrett . Julie Geddes . Robert Gibson . Randy Graham . Kari Haas . Al Harmata
Hawthorne Parent Council . Lee Heerdt . Christopher Hunter . Don Jackson . Marta Kallstrom . Kari King . Kristi Lavin . Michael Leach . T. Lemke
Sandy Lemmer . Longfellow Parent Association . Jill Luebeck . Agatha Madison . Mary Maj . Jennifer & Brooks Martin . Ann Martone . Marvins Bar
At The Y . Diana McDonough . Amy McNamara . Leroy Mehring . Morning Star School Parent Advisory Council . Oregon Trout Organization . Pat
& Bob Frey . Donna Paulsen . Ed Peretti . Lisa Prugh . Ann Rehbein . Martha & Jay Rotella . KiKi Rydell . Sacajawea Middle School Activity Fund
Nancy Sadik . Sam Sampson . Julie Sanders . Sandra Seaton Sallee . Craig Sharpe . Skyline Sportsman Association . Meg Smith . Jean Sternhagen
Sue Higgins . Steve & Sharon Sutherland . Shannon Taylor . Mary Thane . Patricia Thompson . Anne Trygstad . US Fish & Wildlife Services ES Field
Office, Helena . Susan Waldron . Nettie Warwood . Kathleen Williams . Janet Winnie . Tom & Mary Ellen Wolfe . Jeanne Worthy . In Memory of
Peggy McLeod Janet Kempff

Honorary Gifts: In Honor of Bozeman High School Class of 2007 Sunny Mavor In Honor of Wendy and Victor Gerez Robert & Karin Utzinger
In Honor of Debbie Goltz National Catholic Society Of Foresters In Honor of Colleen Helm Karin Carestia In Honor of Ronald &
Katherine Odom Michael Krasnoff

Annual Meeting: Contributors Amaltheia Dairy . Bagel Works . Bozeman Gastroenterology Clinic . Children’s Museum Of Bozeman . Colombo
Enterprises - Colombo’s Pizza . Earth’s Treasures . Emerson Grill . Fresco Cafe . Gallatin Valley Botanical . John Bozeman’s Bistro . Mezzo Matto
Italian Bakery . Montana Ale Works . Mountain View Art Studio . Movie Lovers . Mystery Ranch . On The Rise . Over The Tapas . Pioneer Museum
& Bookstore . Ro Sham Bo . Spire Climbing Center . Tarantino’s . Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Company

Longest Day of Trails: Partners Intrinsik Architecture . KMMS The Moose . Massive Studios Matching Contributors Dorothy Ballantyne . Stuart
Challender . Catherine Costakis . Melissa Frost . Daphne & Con Gillam . Don Hart . Jim Madden . Mountain Spring Ranch North Associates
Duncan & Eva Patten . Chris & Maddy Pope Sponsors Barrel Mountaineering . Bozeman Brewing Company . Bridger Pasta Company . Dave Brooke
Gallatin Alpine Sports, LLC . Jim & Jane Klos . Josh Blomquist . Kathy Carey . La Parrilla . Massive Studios, LLC . Montana Ale Works . Montana
Reclaimed Lumber Co. . Nishkian MMH Consulting & Structural Engineers . On The Rise . Porterhouse Productions . Schack’s Custom Wood
Silver Gate Partners . Simkins-Hallin Lumber Co. . Sterling Savings Bank . Summit Bike & Ski Shop . TD&H, Thomas, Dean, & Haskins, Inc. . Team
Delphine . The Garage . The Nova Cafe . The Round House Ski & Sports Center . Word Of Mouth Concepts

Trails Day Contributors: 45 Degrees North Design . Barrel Mountaineering . Bozeman Deaconess Hospital . Bozeman Foot & Ankle Clinic . Bridger
Ski Foundation . Combs & Fricke, PC . Fleet Feet . Granite Enterprises . Junkermier, Clark, Campanella, Stevens, PC . Locati Architects . Montana
Sash & Door . On Site Management, Inc. . Schlauch/Bottcher Construction . Schnee’s Boot and Shoes . Zoot Enterprises

Make Tracks for Trails / Ski-a-thon: Partners Bohart Ranch . Bridger Ski Foundation - Nordic . Montana Outdoor Science School
Contributors Anonymous . Bangtail Bike & Ski . Barrel Mountaineering . Bent Lens . Big Sky Conoco . Big Sky Laser Technologies, Inc. . Bikram’s Yoga
Bozeman Bob Ward and Sons . Bohart Ranch . Bozeman Daily Chronicle . Bozeman Symphony . Bridger Bowl . Cafe Zydeco . Cardinal Distributing
ClearChannel Radio . Community Food Co-Op . Country Bookshelf . Equinox Ski Challenge . First Interstate Bank - Gallatin Center . First Security
Bank of Bozeman . Gallatin Alpine Sports, LLC . Great Harvest Bread Co . Grizzly Outfitters Inc. . Hammond Property Management . High Country
News . Insty Prints . KBOZ Radio . La Parilla . Lehrkind’s Coca-Cola Bottling Co. . MacKenzie River Pizza Co. . Montana Harvest Natural Food Store
Montana Real Estate Co of Big Sky, LLC . Montana Travel, Inc. . Mountain Chalet . Mountain Home Vacation Rentals . Museum of the Rockies
Norris Hot Springs . Old Main Gallery & Framing . Outa Ware . Patagonia Service Center . PhD Skis . Play-It-Again Sports . Quantum Design
Rockford Coffee . Rocky Mountain Roasting Company . Rocky Mountain Toy Company . Safeway . Sage Spa Salon . Schnee’s Boot and Shoes
Security Title . Starkys . Stockman Bank . The Bountiful Table, Inc. . The Garage . The Leaf & Bean . The Lone Mountain Ranch, Inc. . The Naked
Noodle . The Ridge Athletic Club . Town & Country Foods . Van’s Country Market

Endowment Contributors: Dwight & Minxie Minton . Jim & Valerie Webster . Jordan & Amanda Werner

Canine Memberhship Program Members: Ben Elias & Dexter . Katie & Fred Cady & Jake aka “Wacko” . Cari Endres & River, Shiba, & Hannah
Gordon & Marti Elder & Dolly . Dan & Jan Himsworth & Maggie . Kathleen Ruh & Bill Bartlett & Buck

Conservation Outreach Gifts: Bozeman Pass Dorothy Ballantyne . Frank & Amy Carter . Robert & Sally Sands East Gallatin Anonymous . Tim Adams
Robert Burgess . Buddy & Val Drake . Doug Fletcher . Penelope & Ben Pierce . Steven Wallingford Gooch Hill Mike Barrett . Jodie Deignan . Carla
Dingman . Lesley Gilmore . Mal & Francis Goosey . Christopher Kurowski . Krista Palagi . Debra Rosa . Otto & Mary Stein . Randy Wimberg

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