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Grapevine July 3rd 2008


									                                                          The Grapevine
Week 10 Term 2 2008

July 3rd 2008

No 11

                              Albury High School -- Contact Details
                                  Ph:         60213488
                                  Fax:        60413782

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT                                    Corowa HS 6-1 and went down to Wagga HS 3-           •       Construction of a multi purpose sporting
                                                      2. Great effort by the team.                                 facility on the old tennis courts (to
                                                                                                                   commence this year).
                                                      - to our Open ANF team who were defeated by
- to Amy Peters (Year 12) who is currently in         Kyabram in the final of the Sun Herald Cup.          All of these improvements that were dreams in
Europe representing Australia in canoeing. Amy        They represented our school well.                    2005 have been completed or will be completed
is a member of the Under 18 years, Under 23
                                                                                                           by the commencement of the 2009 school year.
years and open women’s squads. At the World           TENNIS COURT GRANT
                                                                                                           A remarkable achievement through the hard work
Cup in Bocchum, Germany, she placed 7th in the
                                                      The school has been successful in gaining a          of many people. Thank you to all those people
world in 1000 K1 and 5th in the 500m K1 in the
                                                      joint funding grant of $82,250 towards the cost of   who have contributed to these projects.
Under 18 years competition. She is now in
                                                      providing a multi purpose sporting surface on the
Poland and is achieving excellent results in the
                                                      old tennis courts. The school will also have to
Under 23 years and open women’s events.
                                                      provide $82,250 for the project. We have a tax
Congratulations to Amy she is on track to be an
                                                      deductible building fund and I would encourage
Olympian in 2012.
                                                      those who are able to make a donation to the                    ALL ALBURY HIGH
- to the following Year 9 students Andrew Dye,        fund to do so.
Geoffrey Haynes, Baiden Hindenburg, Dylan
                                                      Three years ago our school reviewed our school
King, Alex Molkentin and Nelson Turner who
                                                      property improvement needs. We identified a list
have been chosen for this year’s Industry Bridge
                                                      of priorities. The following improvements have
                                                                                                                     SCHOOL STUDENTS
to School Solar Car Team.
                                                      been achieved in that time.
- to Alastair O’Riain who has been selected in
the ACT U16 Rugby Union squad to play in the
                                                      •       Covered walkway to the bus shelter.                          COMMENCE
National Championships in Brisbane.                   •       Construction of a Performing Arts
- to Annie Bell who has been selected in an U14                                                                     SCHOOL FOR TERM 3
representative basketball team to play in the         •       Relocate Deputy Principal’s Office from
nationals in Adelaide in October.                             the front foyer and open up the
- to Julie Halsey, Khayl & Renn Picard who have
                                                              reception area.                                                    ON
been selected in the State Wind Ensemble to           •       Resurface the floor in the school hall.
perform at the Sydney Opera House in July.
                                                      •       Build a storeroom for the canteen.                             MONDAY
- to Alex Cameron who is currently in Europe
with the Hunter Central Coast Regional Wind           •       Provide more outdoor seating.
Ensemble.                                             •       Provision of disabled access to school                   21ST JULY 2008.
- to our girls tennis team who defeated Temora                buildings.
HS in the Riverina Final. They now go to Ballina
                                                      •       Erection of security fencing.
for the State Finals. The team of Monica and
Veronica Sourivong, Laura Ellwood, Abigail            •       Establishment of a memorial garden.                       THIS IS NOT A
Tere-Apisah and Simone Mabon is a very
                                                      •       Construction of a commercial teaching
talented group. We wish them well.
                                                              kitchen for Hospitality (to commence in              SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT
- to our boy’s Tennis team who were runners up                October).
to Wade HS in the Riverina Final. The team of
Thomas Ellwood, Paul and Alex Le Mesurier,            •       Improved technology available in
Craig Mabon and Matthew Heitmeyer are a                       classrooms (ongoing).                                             DAY
young group and they will continue to improve.
- to the senior boys soccer team who defeated

                                                 Albury High School – Riverina Institute
                                                   Proud Partners in Public Education
Page 2

  STAFF FAREWELL                                           GENERAL                                                requested.
                                                                                                                  LATE SUBMISSION OF ASSESSMENT TASKS
  Mr Malcolm Purvis leaves Albury High School              All subject policies on assessment follow the          1. Unless exceptional circumstances prevail, a
  after teaching Science, Biology and Chemistry            rules as set out by the Board of Studies.              deduction of 20% of total possible marks will be
  here for 20 years. Mr Purvis is taking up a              Each student is issued with an assessment              made available for each school day late, up to a
                                                           booklet which in addition to outlining the school's    maximum of 5 days, after which the task will
  teaching position in Malaysia where he will be
                                                           policy on assessment will also contain                 receive zero marks. A task submitted after 3.30
  better able to follow his passion for scuba diving.      information showing the type, frequency and
  He managed our waterpolo teams for many                                                                         p.m. on the due date will be considered late.
                                                           weighting of the assessment tasks for each             Example - An essay is due on Monday, and mark
  years and he has been an important member of             subject.                                               out of 20 is to be given. The essay is to be
  our OH&S Committee as well as assisting with             With the exception of regular tasks such as            marked normally when it is submitted, and then 4
  the co-ordination of Parent Teacher nights since         completion of practical experiments in some            marks deducted for each day late. If it is handed
  1989. I extend our thanks to Mal for his 20 years        areas, students will be given two clear weeks'         in on Thursday and given a mark of 14, then 12
  of excellent service to our school and wish him          notice of in-class instruments and at least two        marks will be deducted.
  all the very best with his new adventure. I am           weeks in which to complete assignment type
                                                                                                                    Allan Barton, Deputy Principal Senior School
  pleased to announce that Ms Carrie Frost, who is         tasks. No task will be set for completion in the
                                                           two weeks prior to examinations for the Year.
  currently a temporary teacher with us, has been
                                                           All matters relating to H.S.C. Assessment in a         INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE COMPETITION
  appointed to a permanent position in place of Mr         Year will be co-ordinated by the faculty Head
  Purvis.                                                  Teacher. Students should refer any problems            Once again students from Albury HS have
                                                           with assessment to that person.                        achieved outstanding results in the 2008
  Mrs Alla McCarron, who has been our School                                                                      International Science competition conducted by
                                                           Each student is responsible for the
  Counsellor for the past 22 years and has been                                                                   the University of NSW.
                                                           completion and submission within the
  on leave for the past 6 months, has decided to           required time of all assessment tasks. Failure         Of the 72 students who participated, 48 students
  retire. Mrs McCarron has provided wonderful              to meet requirements may mean a zero mark for          (67%) were rewarded with Certificates of High
  caring support for many students over those              the task.                                              Distinction (2) top 1% of all entrants, Distinction
  years and she has been an important member of            STUDENT ABSENCE: (for any reason including             (19) next 10% of all entrants and Credit (27).
                                                           sickness, excursion, sport).                           In every year group the school’s average scores
  our student welfare team.
                                                           1. From in-class instruments:                          exceeded the average score for NSW & ACT.
  She now has the time to work voluntarily with                        a) The student must provide advance        Congratulations to all entrants and in particular to
  some community welfare groups and to improve             notification to the Deputy Principal Mr Barton as      the following students for their outstanding
  her golf handicap! Thank you Alla for 22 years of        soon as the student becomes aware that he/she          performances:
                                                           will not be present or by a phone call before          High Distinction: Year 9 - Khayl Picard and Nic
  caring for Albury High School students and best
                                                           9:00am on the assessment task day. (This               Mol
  wishes for a long and happy retirement.                                                                         Distinction: Year 7 - Andrew Thompson, Elliot
                                                           notification should also give the reason for the
  BUILDING FUND                                            absence). In cases where sickness or                   Morris, Renn Picard, Alex Rowe, Michael Wright.
                                                           misadventure occurs on the day of an                   Year 8 - Brittany Betteridge, Tom Byron, Mark
  As previously advised, Albury High School P&C            assessment task the school should be contacted         Fogarty, Andrew Lucas, Kate Morell, Shane
  has established a building fund. Donations are           by telephone and the reason for the absence            Timmermans.
  being taken and we can now work towards the fit          given to the Deputy Principal, Mr Barton.              Year 9 - Katherine Bartel, Sanne Norden, Sophie
  out of the kitchen and toilet in the Performing          AND                                                    Yaldwyn.
  Arts Centre. Donations made to this fund are tax                     b) The student must report to the          Year 10 - James Duncan, Sam Fischer, Alex Mol,
                                                           Deputy Principal, Mr Barton, before school on          Emily Scott.
                                                           the first day of return to school for a decision on    Year 11 - Pat Everitt.
  Thankyou to Neroli Butt for her generous                 completion of the task. It is expected the task will   Steve Hooppell, Science Competition Coordinator
  donation, her support is greatly appreciated.            be completed as soon as possible on return to
                                                           school. This will involve completion of the:
  HAPPY AND SAFE HOLIDAYS                                  "Absence from Assessment" form to be obtained          ENGINEERING STUDIES VISIT TO BRADKEN
                                                           from Mr Barton. When sickness is the reason            FOUNDRY IN WODONGA
  Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday. I look
  forward to starting again on Monday 21st July.           given for absence a medical certificate may be         On Friday 20th June, our Year 12 Engineering
                                                           requested.                                             Studies class visited the Bradken foundry in
                             Ian Crossley, Principal       2. On the day of required submission of an             Wodonga. Despite an early chilly start and thick
                                                           assignment, essay or other prepared                    fog, (which saw a couple of our seniors lose their
                                                           instrument:                                            way), we were soon warmed by the molten steel
  PRELIMINARY COURSE & HSC COURSE                                      a) The student must make necessary         bubbling away in the impressive Electric Arc
  ASSESSMENT POLICY 2007                                   arrangements for submission within the required        furnace at around 1600 degrees C, as workers
  A number of senior students are being penalised          time (eg task submitted on due date by a family        prepared for another pour. A guided tour of the
  marks because they have not followed the                 member)                                                site operations and close up inspection of the
  correct procedure as outlined in the assessment          OR                                                     casting process gave us an in depth appreciation
  booklet issued at the commencement of their                          b) The student or parent must, before      of just what is involved in metals casting
  course. This article is being reproduced in this         3.30 on the day the submitted task is due, notify      technology, and future prospects for this vital
  newsletter as a further reminder to senior               the Deputy Principal, Mr Barton of the reason for      industry.
  students and their parents of the school’s               non-submission and on the student's return to
                                                           school, report to the Deputy Principal                 Thanks must go to Mr Rob Golding from Bradken
  assessment policy.
                                                           immediately to obtain an "Absence from                 who hosted us for the 2 hours, and the staff of
  It is essential that a clear set of rules are in place   Assessment" form for a decision on submission          Bradken for their time and patience in the sharing
  to ensure fairness as these results are very             of the task. When sickness is the reason given         of their expertise. Thanks also to Chris Nikitas
  important.                                               for late submission a medical certificate may be       and Matt Pascoe for helping with transport.

                                                      Albury High School – Riverina Institute
                                                        Proud Partners in Public Education
Page 3

  METAL TECHNOLOGY SIZZLES!                                It is a uniform which is respected by our students    THURSDAY 31st JULY 2008. The rationale is
                                                           and in turn brings respect to our students and to     that it may better suit some parents to be able to
  On Thursday 26th June our Year 10 Metal class                                                                  make appointments immediately after they finish
  finally got to test and evaluate their portable          the school. It gives our school and our students
                                                           identity. They are proud to be members of             their working day. The evening will commence
  BBQs. A design project from Term 1, students
                                                           Albury High School.                                   at 5.30 pm and conclude at 8.00 pm.
  had to make their BBQ fully portable, weigh less
  than 2kgs, be large enough to cook a meal for at                                                               The format for the Parent/Teacher interview
  least one person, and use as little solid fuel as        Our uniform gives us safety. On excursions our        sessions will be similar to that used in previous
  possible. Designs varied greatly, following on           students are easily recognised and more likely to     years, using a booking system. A booking sheet
  from several weeks of research and                       stay together—safe in being with their fellow         will be issued to Year 9 students this week and to
  development. While many chose traditional fold -         school members. It’s uniformity is our strength—      Year 7 students when they return to school at the
  out plate and grill designs, a cantilever style by       something to share, which makes us equal and          start of Term 3. You are asked to discuss with
  James Rouse, and an interesting compact fold             makes us proud.                                       your son/daughter approximate times which may
  away design by Nathan Cassidy added quite a                                                                    suit you for your interview. Your son/daughter will
  deal of anticipation to the event.                       For this reason and with the support of the           then discuss this with the appropriate teacher and
                                                           students, staff and parent body, the AHS uniform      a mutually convenient appointment time will be
  Despite a cold wet start to the day, the clouds          is compulsory. To facilitate this, there are many     made which will be written on both the teacher’s
  eventually blew away, allowing some warmth to                                                                  booking sheet and on the parent booking sheet.
                                                           opportunities for those families who cannot dress
  shine through, also helping to dry our test space                                                              Your son/daughter will then return this parent
  over at the oval cricket nets. The gusty breeze          their children in uniform to gain assistance—all
                                                           parents need to do is to ring the school and          booking sheet to you prior to the evening. Please
  caused some early chaos with those designs                                                                     bring your parent booking sheet with you as the
  lacking wind guards, but once the students had           speak to Mrs Quinn.
                                                                                                                 school will have no record of each individual
  started their fires and established the
                                                           The beginning of this term saw the introduction of    parent’s appointments.
  requirements of their particular BBQ design, we
  settled down to some serious cooking and                 the winter uniform, in particular the compulsory      The evening is broken up into 30 interview time
  product evaluation.                                      wearing of ties and the wearing of AHS jumpers.       slots, each of 5 minutes. I am seeking your co-
                                                           It also saw the finish of the period of grace on      operation in this booking system and ask that you
             All the designs were successful, and          shoes, so now, all students should be wearing         abide by the allotted five minute interview time. A
  students not only had a good feed, but deserve                                                                 bell will ring to indicate when to move to the next
                                                           black leather shoes fully enclosed to the ankle.
  to be congratulated on their commitment and                                                                    appointment. This is important so that all
  hard work towards this design project. Thanks            This requirement was well advertised in term 4
                                                           2007. Any other type of shoe has never been           appointments are carried out at the allocated
  must also go to Mr Brinsmead who assisted on                                                                   times. If it is necessary for you to seek a lengthier
  the day.                                                 acceptable during that time. To meet the school
                                                                                                                 interview, this can be arranged with the teacher to
                                                           uniform policy, the policy of the Department of
                                   Dave Wood                                                                     take place at a more appropriate time. You are
                                                           Education and Training and to meet                    also requested on the night to enter the Hall
                                                           Occupational Health and Safety regulations            through the South-East door at the eastern end of
                                                           students need to wear this style of enclosed          the car park.
                                                                                                                 I encourage you to take this opportunity to discuss
                                                           Failure to correctly dress students in school         your son’s/daughter’s progress in their subjects
                                                           uniform could put your child at risk. Furthermore     with their teachers.
                                                           failure to follow school procedures and if your         Allan Barton, Deputy Principal Senior School
                                                           child is out of uniform , could see your son or
                                                           daughter placed on afternoon detention and
                                                           them being denied access to school excursions         CAREERS/SCHOOL TO WORK
                                                           and other privileges.                                 Master Builders Association are holding their
                                                                                                                 annual Career Night at the Commercial Club from
                                                           It is our duty of care to secure the safety of your   6pm to 9pm on the 16th July 2008. Interested
                                                           children, to support P&C policies and to promote      students have been asked to give their names to
                                                           an equitable, positive and proud school image. It     Mrs Madden.
                                                           is our responsibility to ensure AHS students wear
                                                                                                                 Parents are encouraged to accompany students
                                                           the AHS school uniform. We look forward to the
                                                                                                                 to this evening. There is no cost and it has been a
                                                           support of parents and students in this.              very positive experience in the past. Areas
                                                           If you have any questions relating to uniform         covered are: apprenticeships, traineeships, career
                                                           matters or wish to seek support in this area,         pathways in carpentry, bricklaying, painting,
                                                                                                                 joinery, interior design, drafting and
                                                           please contact David Hobson.
  UNIFORM MATTERS                                          Uniform does matter!
                                                                                                                 STEP TO THE FUTURE
  Uniform does matter!                                      David Hobson, Head Teacher Administration
                                                                                                                 Step to the Future youth Forum is being held on
  It is widely accepted in our community that                                                                    the 25th July 2008 and students in Years 9 and 11
                                                           EARLIER START TO YEARS 7 & 9 PARENT                   have been given the opportunity to attend.
  employers rate the dress of their employees very
                                                           TEACHER EVENINGS
  highly. In the same vein, the peak parent body at                                                              It presents a range of speakers from business,
  AHS, the P&C, on behalf of the full school parent        This year we are trialing an earlier start to our     sport, politics and education sharing their
  community support and endorse our school                 Year 9 Parent/Teacher evening being held on           experiences. It will be held at the Albury
  uniform.                                                 WEDNESDAY, 23rd JULY 2008, and the Year 7             Convention Centre.
                                                           Parent/Teacher evening scheduled for

                                                      Albury High School – Riverina Institute
                                                        Proud Partners in Public Education
Page 4

 Cost is $12 and students need to bring their own         become a permanent fixture each year on the           • State finals of the tennis in Ballina
 food for the day. More information can be found          October Labor Day long weekend.
 at                                                                                     Tuesday July 29
                                                          If you require further information or would like to
 Interested students have been asked to record            attend please call in to the school office.           • Courage to Care exhibition in Wodonga
 their interest with Mrs Madden.
                                                                                                                • Riverina Athletics Carnival
                             Dian Madden, Careers         SCHOOL REUNION
                                                                                                                • UNSW Maths Competition
                                                          The class of ‘88 is holding a school reunion on
 DANCE                                                    Saturday 4th October 2008 at the Cadell Room,         Wednesday July30
 On Thursday   12thJune at 6.30am, the Albury HS          Chifley Hotel (formerly Travelodge) cnr Dean &        • HSC Ancient History Study Day
 Senior and Junior Dance Ensembles joined with            Elizabeth Sts, Albury commencing at 7.30pm.
 the James Fallon HS dance groups and made                Cost is $15 per adult and $5 per child (2 yrs +).     • Senior Girls Football at Sarvaas Park
 their way to Wagga to perform in the 2008                RSVP and payment by 20th September 2008.
 Riverina Dance Festival.                                                                                       Thursday July 31
                                                          Email: for EFT
 The ensemble included the following AHS                  details or post cheque/money order to T. Moran        • AWSSNA Netball Carnival at JC King Park
 students- Emily Scott, Ciara Millar, Amy Reif,           PO Box 578 Greensborough VIC 3088.
                                                          A family picnic will also be held on Saturday 4th     • HSC Geography Study Day at Billabong HS
 Brianna Smits, Lauren King, Aleisha Power, Teah
 Martin, Vivian Mallows and Catherine Sawyer. All         October at Noreuil Park from 1.00pm—3.00pm.           • Maths Competition
 girls performed brilliantly and feedback from the        BYO everything.
 crowd indicated the ensembles were definitely a                                                                • Parent/teacher night for Year 7
 highlight of the show.
                                                          RETRO YOUTH CAFÉ                                      • Years 7-10 vaccinations
 The groups had to perform in the Matinee show,
 where afterwards, Emily and Amy came across              School Holiday Programs - We have arranged            Friday August 1
 the two AHS students in the audience. Thanks to          for community organisations to come to the
 Casey and Ellora for your support and to Mr King                                                               • Year 12 Charity Committee BBQ Brekky
                                                          Retro Youth Café to tell you all about what they
 for organising this! We also performed in the            do and how they could assist you with your
 night show which was well supported by the               future. So come along daily from 2pm and              CANTEEN        Term 2
 Wagga community.
                                                          bring in your questions - it’s your future!
                                                                                                                Monday July 21
 All in all the day was very productive and loads of      Friday 4th July, welcome the holidays with
 fun; making friends from Wagga, wearing crazy            some live music with Crosstown Fire and White         Elizabeth Hemsley, Sally Christian, Jan Hawkins
 costumes, having even crazier hair, and taking           Isl. On Friday 18th July, G.I.R.L from Wagga
 loads of memorable photos. We ended up getting                                                                 Tuesday July 22
                                                          headline another night of live music. Both
 home at 11:00pm and couldn’t wait to “hit the
                                                          events from 7.30pm-10.30pm - free entry,              Alyson Savige, Julie Versteegen, Caron Crawley
 sack”, especially those who had to run next
 morning in the Riverina Cross Country Carnival.          security present, drug and alcohol free.
                                                                                                                Wednesday July 23
 Thanks to Mr. King for his support and we look           COMING EVENTS
 forward to more opportunities to promote dance                                                                 Help needed
 at Albury High School.                                   Monday July 21
                                                                                                                Thursday July 24
                                  Amy Reif, Year 10       • First day of Term 3—ALL STUDENTS TO
                                                                                                                Paula Cary, Jan Hawkins, Joy Lee
                                                                                                                Friday July 25
 OUTWARD BOUND FUNDRAISER                                 • School Council meeting in the Boardroom
                                                            7.30pm                                              Margaret Gavrilovic, Michelle Dowding
 Tickets are now available for the film night on
 Friday 25th July at the Regent Cinema featuring          Tuesday July 22                                       Monday July 28
 the movie Mamma Mia starring Meryl Streep,
                                                          • HSC Physics Workshop in Wagga                       Sandra McNeil, Chris Robinson, Jan Hawkins
 Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth. Tickets are $10
 and can be collected from the school office.             Wednesday July 23                                     Tuesday July 29
 There will be a raffle on the night to win tickets to
                                                          • Parent/teacher night for Year 9                     Caron Crawley
 the Gold Class Cinema.
 Bring family and friends and help support this           Thursday July 24
                                                                                                                Wednesday July 30
 years Outward Bound Camp.
                                                                                                                Elizabeth Hemsley
                                                          • Australian National Chemistry Quiz
                                                                                                                Thursday July 31
 EX-STUDENTS ASSOCIATION                                  Friday July 25
                                                                                                                Zelda Rouse, Jan Hawkins
 The Albury High School ex-students Association           • Step to the Future for Years 9 & 11
 is reintroducing an annual luncheon. The                                                                       Friday August 1
 luncheon will be held at the Commercial Club             • Wheelchair Roadshow
                                                                                                                Sherry Ann Torpey
 (Banksia Room) on Saturday 4th October 2008,             Monday July 28
 from 12.00pm to 3.00pm. Cost is $33.00 per
 person. A tour of the school for interested past         • Japanese exchange students here this week
 students will follow the luncheon.                                                                                   I.F. Crossley
                                                          • Courage to Care exhibition in Wodonga
 A successful luncheon this year will see this                                                                        Principal

                                                     Albury High School – Riverina Institute
                                                       Proud Partners in Public Education

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