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					                                                         Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

   1.. Backgrround and Objjecttiives
   1 Backg ound and Ob ec ves

            essengers of Love (MOL) is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization
            established in October 2004 by group of people that have a vision to create a
            compassionate world where people of the universe would live in peace and harmony.
Currently, MOL operates in four project areas found in four different Regional Governments;
namely, Madura Woreda of B/G/R/S, Hareri & Dire Dawa towns and Akaki Kality Sub City of Addis
Ababa City Administration. Since the inception of the organization different community based
projects have been implementing in these areas and as a result a number of considerable
achievements can be achieved with in short period of time.

The aim of MOL is to promote and empower the marginalized and disadvantaged section of the
society to address their own needs & solve problems through improving access to social &
economic development opportunities.

The rationale for this strategic plan, therefore, is to make MOL cope with the changing
environment, become much more effective at shaping the services and programs to meet the
needs of disadvantaged and marginalized section of the society. This will also help to show
sustainable program impacts and address the challenges and unmet needs of MOL’s targets.

Thus, the strategic plan has the following objectives,

        To assess the situation in which MOL operates in view of the strategic planning process
        (external and internal environment i.e. opportunities, threats, strengths and limitations) and
        to understand the challenges.
       To identify possible areas of program focus that reflects the interest of stakeholders.
       Identify possible strategies for the implementation of programs and services.

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                            1
                                                        Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

   2.. Siittuattiionall Anallysiis
   2 S u a o n a An a y s s

            2.1.Situation of Ethiopia

E     thiopia is among the poorest countries in Sub - Saharan Africa with a population of about 75
      million as per the projection made by Central Statistical Authority (CSA) in July 2005. The
average population growth rate for Ethiopia is about 2.73 percent. The Ethiopian Population is
young population, and out of the total population, children between the ages of 0 – 18 are the large
majority. Ethiopia's economy is predominantly agricultural, and a source of livelihood for about 85
percent of the population. Ethiopia's 45 percent of foreign exchange earnings and 45-50 percent of
its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) comes from agriculture. The performance of the economy is
poor, and to address the problem the government has adopted several policies and strategies.

Due to the poor performance of the economy, the poverty situation in the country is very high. As
per household consumption and expenditure survey made by CSA, 45 percent of the population
lives below absolute poverty line. The malnutrition rate is also high, 64 percent of children below
the age of five years suffer from chronic malnutrition and 47 percent are under weight, and 50
percent of the population cannot afford the minimum food requirement of 2200kcal.

Non income indicators of quality of life, such as, health and educational services also show low
level of literacy; poor health condition and malnutrition are also proportionally high. According to
the Plan for Accelerated and Sustained Development to End Poverty (PASDEP) document, in
Ethiopia, “Income poverty is widespread and deep. Some 31 million people live below a poverty
line equivalent to 45 US cents per day; and between 6 and 13 million people are at risk of
starvation each year. There is also extreme vulnerability, with consumption rising and falling
dramatically from year to year as the result of drought, ill health, or other family shocks. As a
result, many families who are not currently poor are at constant risk of falling into extreme poverty,
and can never accumulate enough assets to break out of poverty”.

            2.2.Situation of The Project Areas and Scope of the Interventions

                         2.2.1. Situation of MOL’s Project Areas

M       OL is currently operating and likes to continue working in the next three years in three
        project areas found in different regional state of the country. These project areas are
Mandura-Guba Project Area (MGPA), Dire Dawa-Harer Project Area (DHPA) and Akaki-Kality
Project Area (AKPA). The glimpse at socio-economic context of the project areas are presented
below. Mandura-Guba Project Area (MGPA)

Mandura-Guba Project Area comprises two Woredas of Metekel Zone, Benishangul Gumuz
Regional State, i.e. Mandura & Guba Woreda. B/G/R/State is one the Regional state of the EFDRE
situated in Western part of the country and bordering with Amhara, Oromiya and Gambella

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                            2
                                                       Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

National Regional States in the North, East and South, respectively. The total area of the Region is
estimated to be about 50,380Km2. The Regions is divided by the Blue Nile in to two parts. The
Northern part – Metekel Zone and Pawe Special Woreda – comprises an area of 26, 560. Km2 ,
the Southern part – Assosa Zone, Kemashi Zone and Mao-Komo Special Woreda – of 23,820 Km2.
The major administrative units are the Woredas. The Region is divided into 20 Woredas, including
two Special Woredas (Pawe and Mao-Komo). Therefore, Mandura and Guba woredas are among
these 20 woredas and found in Metekel Zone.

Mandura Woreda: Mandura is one of the six woredas of Metekel Zone and found in 695 km far
away from Addis Abeba. The Woreda, the capital called Genete Mariam, is bordered with Awi Zone
of Amhara Regional State, Bullen and Wonbera woredas of B/G/R/State in the West, and with
Dangur Woreda in the North. The area of the Woreda is estimated to be about 1,036 Km2 with a
total population of 30,500, of which 15,760 are males and 14,780 are females, as the projection
made based on the 1994 Population and Housing Census. The Woreda has a total of 15 rural and
one urban Kebele Administrations. The main source of income for the population of the Woreda is
Agriculture which includes shifting farming, animal husbandry and vegetable farming.

Guba Woreda: Guba is one of the six woredas of Metekel Zone and found in 860 km far away
from Addis Abeba/Assosa. The Woreda, the capital called Mankush, is bordered with Dangur
Woreda in the East, Sudan in the West, and with Dangur & Wenbera Woredas in the North & in
South respectively. The area of the Woreda is estimated to be about 3,942 Km2 with a total
population of 10,850, of which 5,300 are males and 5,550 are females, as the projection made
based on the 1994 Population and Housing Census. The Woreda has a total of 16 Kebele
Administrations. The main source of income for the population of the Woreda is Agriculture which
includes shifting farming, animal husbandry and vegetable farming. Dire Dawa-Harer Project Area (DHPA)

This project area includes Dire Dawa town and Harer town together.

Dire Dawa Town

D      ire Dawa is the second largest city in Ethiopia. It was one of the fast growing cities in
       Ethiopia owing toits strategic location on the rail way line which connects the capital Addis
Ababa to the Djibouti port. Thishas been sensible in the early 60’s when small and medium scale
industries start flourishing and rural tourban migration increased the urban population.

Dire Dawa Administrative Council is located between 9o 27’ N and 9o49’ N latitude and 41o38’E
and 42o19’E longitude. East Hararge Administrative Zone of Oromiya Regional State borders it in
the south and southeast and Shinele Zone of Somali Regional State in the north, east and west.
Dire Dawa city is accessible by airplane, train, and cars, and is about 515kms road distance to the
east of Addis Ababa and 311kms to the west of Djibouti port. The total area of the region is about
128,802 ha; out of this urban accounts for 2684 ha (2%) and the balance 98% is for rural. The total
population of Dire Dawa is estimated to be 384,000 out of which 74% (284,000) live in urban while
the rest 26% (100,000) live in rural areas.

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                          3
                                                         Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

Dire Dawa is a chartered city and has two tiers of government structure: administration & Kebele
levels. There are 9 urban & 25 rural kebeles. Government Offices are organized under municipality
& government Executive Organs (Bureaus).

Harer Town

H      arer town, where this project is proposed to be implemented, is the capital city of Harari
       people’s National Regional State and it is found in the Eastern part of Ethiopia about 525 km
from Addis Ababa. The Region has six urban and three Administrative Kebeles. Based on the 1994
census projection, the total population of the Region is estimated about 191,500, of which 62% are
reside in urban area and the rest 38% are rural population.

The mean monthly and annually rainfall (1997 -1999) are 67.1mm and 804.7mm respectively. The
mean monthly rainfall data shows that rainfall occurs for almost the whole year in the locality with
the wettest months being May to October and driest months being November to April. The mean
annual daily temperature for the town and surrounding areas is 19.2^c. The warmest months are
March to May with mean daily temperature above 20 degree Celsius. The coldest months are
November to January with mean temperature less than 18.5 degree Celsius. Akaki-Kality Project Area (AKPA)

T      he Akaki-Kality Sub-city is part of the Addis Ababa City Government with an estimated
       population of 94,786, of which 49.0% are Male and 51.0% are female as per the 1994
census. The average family size in the sub-city is 5.1 %, which is much higher than the national
average 4.5%.1 The 1994 population and hosing census data indicate an infant mortality rate of
78.0 per thousand lives births and under five mortality rates of 108.7 for Addis Ababa. The infant
mortality rate for the area is118.7 per thousand live births while under five mortality rates is 173.
This rate is higher than mortality rate at the country level, which amounts to 116 and 171
respectively. The expected life span in the country was found to be 50.7 years for both sexes while
it is found to be 58.4 years and 50.5 years for Addis Ababa and zone 6 respectively. Thus Zone 6
is more comparable, in terms of these indicators, with the rural areas rather than with Addis Ababa.

The prevailing production system is crop based mixed farming. The dominant crops Grown
according to their descending order of production are teff, wheat, chickpea, vetch and lentils. The
umber of livestock is estimated to be oxen 4,200, cows 3,911, calves 1, 123, heifers 639, sheep
2,297, goats 1681 and chicken 8,004 in the Sub City. The inhabitants of the area earn their living
by working in factories, as daily laborers, as petty traders or farmers. The expenditure of most
households in the zone out strips their income which means that they are unable to access basic
social services and food. The shortage of financial resources is felt especially during the summer
when people resort to illegal moneylenders to meet their basic financial requirements. Loans are
taken out at very high rates of interest. Some people are also forced to migrate to other areas in
search of employment. Furthermore there is a high incident of crime, especially stealing,

  By National Committee for Eradication of Harmful Traditional Practices, Nation-wide research conducted
in 1997.

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                              4
                                                           Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

commuted by those with no other source of income. The petty traders work along roadsides
without amenities such as shelter. A needs analysis of the area highlighted that most of the
inhabitants can not cover the expenses for their food throughout the month and is also not able to
pay for social services.

The communities, especially in the rural part of the target area, faced problems to access the
nearby Akaki & kality towns to transport sick people and pregnant women to health centers; and
market their products due to lack of properly built roads. The communities in these Kebeles do not
have access to clean drinking water and use water from unprotected springs and rivers that gets it
vulnerable to water-borne diseases. There are no health posts, clinics and family planning services
in the targeted Kebeles. Lack of Family planning service in the targeted Kebeles in collaboration
with the existing cultural taboos2 has contributed to the large number of families per household.
There are no formal and non-formal education facilities in these Kebeles and the illiteracy rate is
very high (46.4%) and women are significantly more illiterate than male counterparts mainly due to
early marriage and abduction.

3.. The Sttrrattegiic Pllan Devellopmentt Prrocess
3 T h e S a e g c P a n D e v e o p me n P o c e s s

3.1 Why does MOL need strategic planning?

M       OL’s strategic planning was felt necessary of the many changes that have been taking
        place in the task environment of the organization. MOL is operating in unstable and
turbulent environment that affects its operations in a number of ways. MOL needed to critically
assess the effects of these external and internal elements having direct and indirect effects on its
efficiency and effectiveness in the process of bringing real change in the life of the target
communities. The dynamic external changes, the growing need of the target communities and the
deterioration of the life of the marginalized and disadvantaged groups of these communities are the
main factors that forced MOL to formulate appropriate development strategies to accomplish its
objectives more effectively. To this and, the leadership of the organization has decided to
undertake this strategic planning process to define new direction for MOL within the framework of
the country’s overall development efforts.

3.2 The planning process

MOL’s strategic planning and management process was started by setting up an in house planning
team. The team was then familiarized with the overall planning process through familiarization
workshops by a professional lead consultant. The team with the close assistance of the consultant
took the overall responsibilities of information gathering, data analysis and interpretation and write-
up of the draft document. In this process opinion of stakeholders such as the community
representatives, board of directors, staff members, relevant government line departments and
donor representatives were entertained during a stakeholders SPM planning workshop. The

  The community believes that children are valuable resources for the family and enjoys when they are in
large numbers even though the income of the family is at subsistence level.

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                                   5
                                                       Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

process of information gathering as well as views and perceptions of stakeholders took place
through document review and informal survey data collection methods.

3.3. Strength and weakness of the SPM planning process.

The strategic planning process helped the organization to develop a framework in guiding the
organization’s intervention related to its mission and focus on the areas of its competence in
development. Moreover, the strategic planning and management process involved most of the
stakeholders such as staff, board members community beneficiaries, donors, and line

Strategic planning and management is as good as the information available during the planning
process. The existing information base of the Organization in particular and the country in general
is not of a sufficiently high standard to satisfy sued as a management tool for which there is
inadequate experience from which to learn. However despite these weaknesses the strategic plan
is seen as an invaluable process resulting in a document, which will indicate the direction MOL will
take into the future.

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                          6
                                                        Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

4. Hiisttorriicall,, Sttakehollderr Anallysiis and SLOT Anallysiis
   H s o c a S a k e h o d e A n a y s s a n d S L OT A n a y s s

Historical, mandate and stakeholders analysis are important in coming up with a viable strategic
plan. The following analysis, therefore, have made upon the workshop.

4.1. Historical Analysis

Establishment of MOL

Messengers of Love (MOL) is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization established
in November 2004 by group of people that have a vision to create a compassionate world where
people of the universe would live in peace and harmony. In October 2004, MOL is registered by the
Federal Ministry of Justice under registration number 1804 to operate in all parts of Ethiopia. It has
also signed an operational agreement with the Federal Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
Bureau, and project agreements with Regional Government of Benishangul-Gumuz, Addis Ababa
& Dire Dawa City Administrations and Hareri Regional State.

What MOL Achieved?

Since the inception of the organization there has been provided a wide range of services for its
target population and as a result considerable changes have been able to achieve with in this short
period of time. The glimpse of the achievements is stated below.

No        Achievements                                       Description

                                 HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control
1      Youth HIV/AIDS              With grant assistance secured from British Embassy, MOL
       Resource Center             established one Youth Resource Center in Dire Dawa with the aim
       Established                 to accesses youth of the town for up-to-date information in
                                   different subject areas using internet, audio-visual materials,
                                   books, periodicals and other printed materials. To this effect, MOL
                                   focused in two important areas; i.e. equipping the centre well with
                                   necessary materials and equipments, and providing resource
                                   centre management training for the youth.

1.1    Equip with material &       MOL equipped the centre well with necessary materials as much
       equipment                   as possible. The materials that were made available in the
                                   resource centre are different printed materials such as books,
                                   periodicals, journals; audio-visual materials; and materials &
                                   equipment like computers with printers, photocopy machines,
                                   shelves, chairs, tables as well as internet service.

1.2    Provided Capacity           MOL provided resource center management training for 50 youth
       Building training           leaders gathered from 9 Kebeles of the town. The training is

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                            7
                                                   Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

                               believed to capacitate the youth leaders to open resource centers
                               in their existing premises and to properly manage the already
                               started ones.

2    Survey on Knowledge, MOL in collaboration with UNAIDS Ethiopia has made survey on
     Attitude & Practice  Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) of the community of
     towards on HIV/AIDS  Mandura woreda of Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State with
                          regard to HIV/AIDS prevention & transmission. The objective of
                          the survey is to identify awareness level of the community in the
                          study area with respect to modes of HIV/AIDS transmission and
                          ways of preventing the disease, and thereby to design appropriate
                          cope up strategies.

3    Training provided for     Training was provided for 35 Community Conversation Facilitators
     Community                 drawn from different kebeles of Mandura and Guba Woredas of
     Conversation              B/G/R/S for a total of seven days with the assistance obtained
     Facilitators              from UNDP. Then after they have been conducting various kinds
                               community conversation session on different HIV/AIDS related
                               issues, and thereby remarkable results could be achieved.

                     Reproductive Health & Women Empowerment
4    Training of               20 Community Based Reproductive Health Agents (CBRHAs)
     Community Based           have been trained with the fund secured from Ipas Ethiopia to
     Reproductive Health       provide home-to-home reproductive health & family planning
     Agents                    education for rural communities of Akaki-Kality Sub City.

5    Educational material      MOL produced and distributed 2,000 educational leaflets that
     developed &               conveyed life skill message targeted adolescents of Akaki-Kality
     distributed               project area. The information mainly focused on empowering the
                               target youth to protect themselves from reproductive health
                               complication, especially from unwanted pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and
                               other STDs through developing their life skill.

6    Life Skill Training for   Life skill training provided for 60 school girls and young women
     girls                     drawn that aim to empower them to resist peer pressure to have
                               sex at early age, to drink, & to use addictive substances; to
                               increase their knowledge of the consequences of such kinds of
                               act; to develop greater self-esteem, self-mastery, & self-

                                 Non-Formal Education
7    Non-formal education      With the fund secured from Methodist Relief and Development
     established               (MRDF) one non-formal education centere established Foto
                               Manjary Kebele of Mandura Woreda, B/G/R/S. Currently, a total of
                               156 children are getting primary education.

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                       8
                                                 Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

                               Environmental Sanitation
8     Communal Latrine        From the fund obtained from French Embassy, MOL constructed
      Constructed             three communal latrines, each having four seats, in Harer Town,
                              and handed over to the community and the Regional Government
                              Health Bureau.

MOL’s On-Going Projects

No Project Name                                  Donor                   Project Location

1   Integrated Women Empowerment                 Methodist Relief and Mandura Woreda
2   Communal Latrine Construction                French Embassy       Harer Town

3   Ensuring Reproductive Health & Sexual Rights Ipas Ethiopia           Akaki-Kality Sub City
    of Women
4   Reaching the Uninformed Gumuz Community UNAIDS                       Mandura Woreda
    for Effective HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control
5   Integrated Gender Advocacy Project           Canada Embassy          Guba Woreda

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                   9
                                                                                                      Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

           4.2 Stakeholders Analysis

The strategic planning workshop undertook a thorough analysis of stakeholders. Stakeholders were identified and each stakeholder expectations
from MOL were identified. The key expectations of each stakeholder were also enumerated. Therefore, the following tables show the analysis of
MOL’s different stakeholders by grouping them into staff & board members, government line bureaus, donors and beneficiaries.

Expectation of MOL’s Staff members, Management Body & Board Members

No     Name of Stakeholder              Expectations                                               Key Expectations

1      The staffs, management body &
       board members                       Timely payment of monthly salary and other benefits     To pay monthly salary on time
                                           To work in line with the contract agreement             Creating conducive work environment
                                           Opportunity for short term on job trainings             To report financial & physical accomplishment
                                           To create conducive working environment                  of the organization for the board on quarterly
                                           Career development and periodical salary increment       basis
                                           To respect the memorandum of Association                To diversify its financial source
                                           To report financial & physical accomplishment of the
                                            organization for the board on quarterly basis
                                           Work closely and in consultation with the board &
                                            the General Assembly
                                           To prepare a three years strategic plan
                                           To shift into performance management
                                           To diversify its financial sources

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                                                                       10
                                                                                                     Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

Expectation of Government line Departments from MOL

 No Stakeholders                                         Expectation                                          Key Expectation

 2     MOJ, DPPC, Addis Ababa Civil and S/A/Offices       To have legal statues as a Local NGO;               Policy inattentive & advocacy
       and Dire Dawa DPPC, Harer DPPC, B/G/R/S            To work in line with the cod of conduct and the     Adherence to policies,
       Finance & Economy                                   country’s law;                                       guidelines & standards
                                                          Enter into operational agreement with DPPC          Transparency & accountability
                                                           and to abide by it;
                                                          Timely submitting of financial and physical
                                                           accomplishment report as well as a list of fixed
                                                           assets and man power;
                                                          Policy initiative & advocacy;
                                                          To submit Audit report;
                                                          To design projects based on the needs and
                                                           priorities of the grass root communities;
                                                          Transparency & accountability;
                                                          Training & technical assistance for capacity

 3     Line Department at Regional, Woreda, Sub City      All of the above and resource mobilization          All of the above
       and Kebele level of Health, Education, labor &
       Social Affairs, Women Affairs, HAPCO and Police

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                                                                   11
                                                                              Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

Donors Expectation from MOL

      Stakeholders                Expectations                                        Key Expectations

      Donors /Funding Agencies/      Align with major focus areas of the country      Legal status
                                     Sustainability strategy                          Transparency & accountability
                                     Timely & accurate reporting                      Focus on priority areas of the
                                     Transparency & accountability                     country & needs of the
                                     Recognition & Credibility                         community
                                     Legal Status                                     Timely report
                                     Focus on priority needs of the target
                                     Adequate Institutional Capacity
                                     Strategic Planning
                                     Mainstreaming Cross-cutting issues

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                                            12
                                                                                                  Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

Expectation of Target Communities

 No Stakeholders                                     Expectations                                            Key Expectations

 1     Akaki-Kality Project Area                        Income generating activities                         Expansion of social services
           Youth, PLWHAs, OVCs, Destitute              Home based care for chronically sick PLWHAs          Care & Support
              Women, female-headed families, CBOs,      Credit and saving services                           Income generating activities
              & other disadvantaged groups              Establishment of Youth Centers
                                                        Financial & Nutritional Support
                                                        Supplying of contraceptives
                                                        Construction of health care services
                                                        Advocating for gender equality & for the right of
                                                        Construction schools & other facilities
                                                        Sanitary services
                                                        Accessing for Potable water
                                                        Psychosocial support

 2     Dire Dawa-Harer Project Area                   All of the above and the following                     All of the above and
            Youth, PLWHAs, OVCs, Destitute           New agricultural technologies                          New agricultural technologies
              Women, female-headed families, CBOs,    Promotion of small scale irrigation                    Expansion of off-farm activities
              & other disadvantaged groups            Livestock production;
                                                      Expansion off-farm practices;
                                                      Environmental protection activities;
                                                      Introduce alternative energy sources;
                                                      Up-date information on HIV/AIDS

 3     Mandura-Guba Project Area                      All of the above and the following                     Reduction of harmful traditional
           Children, women, Youth, PLWHAs,           Reduction of harmful traditional practices              practices
             OVCs, & other disadvantaged groups       Access to basic education                              Access to basic education

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                                                                     13
                                                                                        Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

            4.3 SLOT Analysis

                      4.3.1 Strengths and Limitation of MOL


                                                                 Lack of qualified staff members
     Committed staff members
                                                                 High staff turnover
     The board members are qualified and experienced
                                                                 Salary & benefit scheme not competitive to attract & retain staffs
     Diversified membership base
                                                                 Depending on external funding
     Good organizational structure
                                                                 MOL doesn’t have its own office premises
     Adopted functional administrative and financial manuals
                                                                 Serious shortage of fund and unsustainable financial sources
     Sufficient office equipments and furniture
                                                                 Some Board Members are over-stretched by their own duties to
     Recognizes working with grass root community members
                                                                  avail them selves as needed.
                                                                 Inactive General Assembly
                                                                 Lacks appropriate management systems and procedures to carry
                                                                  out effective management practices.
                                                                 Inadequate logistic supplies
                                                                 Limited exposure to external experience

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                                                         14
                                                                                                          Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

                         4.3.2 Opportunities and Threats of MOL

Opportunities                                                                                                     Threats

   The existing peace and stability of the country                                  High turnover and change of staff members in local government
                                                                                      offices thus affecting the needed continuity of collaborative efforts
   Securing registration from MOJ and having agreement with relevant                 with partner government offices and the smooth functioning of
    mandated organs in the federal & regional government bureaus ensuring             MOL.
    its legal status.
                                                                                     Serious and visible signs of dependency syndrome at the side of
   The existing government policy directions on education, food security,            the target beneficiaries
    gender, youth, HIV/AIDS, ---, etc, indicates the increased recognition of the
    government in NGO’s development programs                                         Some donors criteria to not cover administrative related costs

   The National Policy on Disaster Prevention and preparedness indicates            Restrictions on government policy to carryout income generating
    that the involvement of NGOs in the process of development of the country         activities
    is crucial.
                                                                                     Donors focused on their interest instead in the interest of
   The existence of different networking organization like CRDA, NEWA,               community
    CORHA, BEN, PANE & others.

   Unmet and increased needs of communities

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                                                                               15
                                                         Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

5 The Diirrecttiion and Sttrrattegiies off MOL
5 T h e D e c o n a n d S a e g e s o MO L

           5.2 Vision, Mission, Values & Principles

                        5.2.1 Vision

      MOL aspires to see all disadvantaged and marginalized section of the society live in prosperous
       and dignity

                        5.2.2 Mission

      MOL dedicated to promote and enhance the wellbeing of disadvantaged and marginalized
       section of the population found in all its operational areas through implementing integrated
       community development in health, education, HIV/AIDS prevention & care, child & women
       development with the active participation of the beneficiaries and the community at large.

                        5.2.3 Values and Principles of the Organization

              Genuine and Mutual Partnership
              Committed to gender equality & equity
              Community Participation
              Experience sharing
              Transparency and Accountability
              Respect to staff members
              Volunteerism
              Flexibility & integrity

           5.3 Core Intervention Areas and their organizational Objectives

Core Intervention Areas (CIA)

              Internal Capacity Building
              HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control
              Focus on Child and women Development
              Expansion of Water & Sanitation Services
              Expansion Health Care Services
              Expansion Education
              Promotion Human Right & Good Governance

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                                 16
                                                      Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

Core Intervention Areas (CIAs) Definitions

                       5.3.1 Internal Capacity Building

   Goal 1: - To enable MOL to be more capable enough to effectively & efficiently manage &
   coordinate its various kinds of community based projects & programs.

                     Major Strategies & Activities to achieve this objective

     Objective 1.1                                         Activities
     Modernizing the                                       o Develop a three years
     management system                                       (2007-2009) strategic plan

                                                           o Review financial & human
                                                             resource manuals

                                                           o Procurement and supplies

     Objective 1.2
                                                           o Develop fund raising
     Enhancing the financial                                 strategy manual
     sustainability of MOL                                 o Train staffs in fund raising
                                                             and resource mobilization
                                                           o Train staffs in project
                                                             proposal writing skill
                                                           o Organize fund raising
                                                           o Open international office in
                                                             USA & Europe

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                     17
                                   Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

 Objective 1.3                              Activities
 Enhance the technical capacity             o Facilitate training for staffs
 of staff members                             in      project     planning,
                                              monitoring & evaluation
                                            o Facilitate training for staffs
                                              in accounting and financial
                                            o Facilitate training for staffs
                                              in office management
                                            o Facilitate training for staffs
                                              in Right Based Approach

 Objective 1.4
                                          o Be a member umbrella &
 Establish effective partnership            networking organization like
 & networking with NGOs and                 CRDA, NEWA, CORHA, BEN
 umbrella organization                      etc.
                                          o Participate in NGO meetings
                                          o Organize partnership forums
                                          o Make experience sharing
                                          o Promote the objectives,
                                            works and achievements of

 Objective 1.5                            Activities
 Equip the head office and                o Purchase materials like
 branch offices with materials              photocopy machines,
 and manpower                               computers with printers,
                                            office furniture and other
                                            office materials
                                          o Employ relevant employees
                                          o Establish internet service

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                 18
                                                          Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

  Objective 1.6
                                                                     o Organize regular
  Secure the active participation                                      review meetings
  of Board Members and the
  General Assembly                                                   o Design        governance

                         5.3.2 HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control

    Goal 2: - To ensure that the target community to able to prevent and control the spread of
    HIV/AIDS and mitigate its multi-sectoal impacts.

Major Strategies & Activities to achieve this objective

  Objective 2.1
                                                                   o Make peer and house-to-
  Bring about the desired
                                                                     house education
  behavioral change towards
                                                                   o Organize community
  HIV/AIDS among the target
                                                                     conversation sessions
                                                                   o Produce different kinds of
                                                                     BCC materials
                                                                   o Provide behavioral change
                                                                     education using radio
                                                                   o Provide education for in-
                                                                     school youths through
                                                                     Ant-AIDS clubs

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                         19
                                     Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

   Objective 2.2
                                            o Engage PLWHAs and
   Provide care and support for               orphans in income
   People Living With HIV/AIDS and            generating activities
   Orphans;                                 o Provide home based care
                                              services for chronically
                                              sick PLWHAs and orphans
                                            o Support PLWHAs to get
                                              ART therapy
                                            o Offer psychological and
                                              spiritual care for PLWHAs
                                              and orphans
                                            o Provide educational
                                              support for orphans
                                            o Educate the target
                                              community about the
                                              human right of PLWHAS
                                              and orphans

    Objective 2.3                         Activities
    Make available the service of         o Establish mobile VCT
    VCT for the community                   centers
                                          o Train and deploy laboratory
                                            technicians and counselors
                                          o Educate the community
                                            about importance of VCT

      Objective 2.4                       Strategies
      Enhance the capacity of the         o Train peer and house-to-
      target community to respond           house educators
      efficiently for the pandemic        o Provide training for
                                            community conversation
                                          o Provide materials &
                                            technical support for AACs
                                          o Provide materials and
                                            technical support for Idirs
                                          o Train members of AACs and

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                  20
                                                        Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

                        5.3.3 Focus on Child and Women Development

Goal 3: - To ensure that children & women of the target areas to enjoy their basic socio-economic,
              cultural, psychological and civil rights

                       Major Strategies & Activities to achieve this objective

     Objective 3.1                                    Activities
     Advocate and promote the                         o Organize advocacy workshops
     basic right of children and                        about the right of child and
     women;                                             women
                                                      o Produce and distribute IEC
                                                        materials that promote the right
                                                        of child & women
                                                      o Establish and strengthen CRC
                                                      o Provide CRC education for
                                                        students by CRC clubs

     Objective 3.2                                    o Engage them in come generating
     Address economic needs of                          activities
     destitute and poor women                         o Organize them into saving and
                                                        credit associations
                                                      o Provide different kind of
                                                        Business Development skills
                                                        (BDS) training
                                                      o Support young poor women to
                                                        get      marketable vocational

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                       21
                                                 Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

 Objective 3.3                                                Activities
 Address the psycho-social                                    o Provide        educational
 needs of OVCs and children                                     support for OVCs
 from very poor families                                      o Provide nutritional and
                                                                medical support
                                                              o Facilitate      vocational
                                                                training for youth OVCs
                                                              o Provide psychological
                                                                and emotional care

 Objective 3.4
                                                              o Establish rehabilitation
 Protect victims of human right                                 centers for victims of
 violation and provide                                          violence
 rehabilitation service                                       o Provide counseling,
                                                                medical and legal
                                                              o Provide material and
                                                                technical supports for
                                                                law enforcement bodies

                     5.3.4 Expansion of Water & Sanitation Services

   Goal 4: - To increase access to clean potable water and improve sanitation & personal
            hygiene practices, thereby reducing the incidence of water borne & contagious
            diseases amongst the target communities.

   Implementation Strategies to achieve the above objective

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                   22
                                          Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

   Objective 4.1                                     Activities
   Increase the availability of potable              o Construct Hand Dug
   water                                               Wells
                                                     o Develop springs
                                                     o Drilling of shallow
                                                       holes and boreholes
                                                     o Train community
                                                       representatives in
                                                       water schemes
                                                       management and
                                                     o Supply water
                                                       maintenance toolkits

 Objective 4.2                                       Activities
 Increase the availability of sanitary               o Construct communal
 facilities                                            latrines
                                                     o Construct communal
                                                     o Construct VIP and pit
                                                     o Construct sewerage
                                                       and dry waste
                                                       disposals sites

 Objective 4.3                                       Activities
 Educate the community in                            o Organize educational
 environmental and personal                            sessions
 hygiene                                             o Produce and
                                                       distribute IEC

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                       23
                                                      Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

                        5.3.5 Expansion of Health Care Services

Goal 5: - To improve the health status of the target communities

    Objective 5.1                                                  Activities
    Increase the availability of health                            o Construct health
    care providing facilities                                        centers and health
                                                                   o Equip the facilities
                                                                     with necessary
                                                                     materials and
                                                                   o Supply drugs and
                                                                   o maintenance toolkits

  Objective 5.2                                                Activities
  Enhance reproductive and family                              o Provide RH/FP education
  planning services                                              for the community
                                                               o Train and deploy
                                                                 Community Based
                                                                 Reproductive Health
                                                                 Agents (CBRHAs)
                                                               o Provide post abortion
                                                               o Supply contraceptives
                                                               o Establish youth friendly
                                                               o Provide life skill
                                                                 trainings for in and out
                                                                 of school youths

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                    24
                                                         Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

  Objective 5.3                                                    Activities
  Provision of primary health                                      o Produce and distribute
  care education                                                     IEC materials

                                                                   o Organize     education
                                                                     sessions for the grass
                                                                     root communities

                         5.3.6 Expansion of Education Services

Goal 6: - To increase the literacy rate of the target areas

                                       Implementation Strategies

  Objective 6.1                                                    Activities
  Increase the availability of                                     o Construct new
  schools and other educational                                      classrooms
  facilities                                                       o Renovate old
                                                                   o Supply furniture and
                                                                     teaching aid materials
                                                                   o Construct and equip

  Objective 6.2                                                 Activities
  Provision of non-formal                                          o Establish non-formal
  education                                                          education centers
                                                                   o Supply furniture and
                                                                     other teaching aid
                                                                   o Train and deploy
                                                                   o Enhance the capacity of
                                                                     the community

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                       25
                                                  Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

                       5.3.7 Human Right & Good Governance

Goal 7: - To ensure the basic right of citizens

   Objective 7.1                                           Activities
   Promote the right of indigenous                                Organize advocacy
   peoples                                                         workshops for higher
                                                                   official about the right of
                                                                   indigenous people
                                                                  Conduct awareness
                                                                   creation sessions for
                                                                   indigenous people about
                                                                   their right
                                                                  Produce & distribute
                                                                   educational materials
                                                                   that promote the right of
                                                                   indigenous peoples

 Objective 7.2                                                 Activities
 Enhance the capacity of law                                        Provide capacity
 enforcement bodies                                                  building trainings on
                                                                     international human
                                                                    Provide office
                                                                     equipments and other
                                                                     materials support

 Objective 7.3                                             Activities
 Acquaint higher official with                                    Organize different
 international human right laws,                                   educational sessions for
 conventions and declaration                                       government higher

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                                     26
                                            Three-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2009)

                     6. Summary of Indicative Budget

      No    Budget Line (Core Intervention          Total Required
            Areas)                                  Budget

      1     Internal Capacity Building              609,000.00
      2     HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control           2,122,000.00
      3     Child & Women Development               1,507,000.00
      4     Water & Sanitation                      1,730,000.00
      5     Health Care                             1,703,000.00
      6     Education                               2,800,000.00
      7     Human right & Good Governance           950,000.00

            Grand Total                             11,421,000.00

Messengers of Love /MOL/                                                      27

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