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              WHY DID THE
              COLLEGE STUDENT
              CROSS THE ROAD?

Also in this issue: Dr. Judd Retires, First Alumni Association Grants, Alumni Mentor Connections, and more…
                A M e s s a g e f ro m t h e C C S U A l u m n i A s s o c i a t i o n P re s i d e n t

                                                                      If you have not been back to campus in a while, it is now time to schedule a
                                                                      visit. The physical transformation of the University in recent years is nothing
                                                                      short of astounding. Gone is Wells Street, and in its place you will find the
                                                                      recently dedicated Campus Mall: a place adorned with flowers, ample park
                                                                      benches, and yes, flowing water with live fish; a place where students, faculty,
                                                                      alumni and visitors can congregate, talk about the day’s events and relax.
                                                                      It is all part of Dr. Judd’s vision of creating a campus setting which “contributes

                                                                                                                                                             F O C U S
                                                                      to the sense of ‘contagion of intimacy.’” Dr. Judd’s vision is now our gift, and the
                                                                      physical transformation of the campus coupled with the many academic acco-
                                                                      lades the University has received has the University family brimming with
                                                                      pride. The completion of the Campus Mall comes on the heels of the recently
                Wendell G. Davis, Jr. ‘89
                                                                      constructed, state-of-the-art, Robert C. Vance Academic Center and the newly
                                                                      renovated Student Center. Your University is on the move.
                                                                      Oh, by the way, you do not have to worry about parking when you visit—park-

                                                                                                                                                             C E N T R A L
                                                                      ing is easy now that the new parking garage is complete. The campus has truly
                                                                      undergone a transformation, and it is well-worth the visit.

                                                                      Wendell G. Davis, Jr. ’89

                P res i dent Judd Retires
2 0 0 4

                                       fter 40 years of service in a variety of leadership
                                       roles at Central, President Richard L. Judd ’59 retires
                                       in July. During that time he served as director of
                         the Student Center (1964-70), dean of student affairs (1970-
                         80), executive dean for institutional advancement and univer-

                         sity affairs (1980-92), vice president for university affairs
                         (1992-96) and, finally, president (1996-2004). In speaking
                         of his plans upon retirement, Dr. Judd said, “I want to spend
                         time with my family and continue to be of service to the

                         University and community. I’m grateful for the honor to have
                         led this University and for the mentorship of two great
                                                                                                  Richard L. Judd ‘59
                         presidents, Dr. Herbert D. Welte and Dr. F Don James.” A
                         profile of Dr. Judd's leadership at the University will appear in
                         a future issue of Central Focus.
                                                                         Contents                       Central Focus, Volume 2 Issue 1, Summer 2004

 Cover Story
 Why Did the College Student                                                        page       3
 Cross the Road?                                                                                        CCSU Alumni Association
                                                                                                        Wendell G. Davis, Jr. ’89, President
                                                                                                        Christine I. Sullivan ’73, MS ’81, Vice President
                                                                                                        Frederick B. Agee III ’80, Treasurer
                                                                                                        Merle (Wiener) Harris ’64, MS ’73, Secretary
                                                                                                        Carmen Aloisi ’56
 Essay                                                                              page       4
                                                                                                        Joe Arnone ’59
 David Ross Remembers                                                                                   Tracey (Obst) Bonvicini ’89
                                                                                                        Robert W. Campbell III ’99
                                                                                                        Andrew J. Felder ’02
                                                                                                        Chris Gutierrez ’96, MS ’03
                                                                                                        Norman Hausmann ’54
                                                                                                        Craig D. Johnson ’72, MS ’79
                                                                                                        Judi Ann (Spirito) Lausier ’82
 Legacy                                                                                                 P. Faith McMahon MS ’68
                                                                                                        Oleg Ouchakof ’74
 F. Don and Gerti James                                                             page       5        Ron Perry ’94
                                                                                                        Fernando Rosa ’75
                                                                                                        Richard A. Sullivan ’75
                                                                                                        Patricia (Keenan) Welch ’54

                                                                                                        Richard L. Judd ’59
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 also announces the retirement of CCSU President Richard L. Judd, who leaves his office                 Development, Marketing & Communications and
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                                            ention the
                                            phrase “Wells
                                            Street” and just
                about anyone connected to CCSU from the
                past half-century will offer an impassioned
                argument for why the road had to be
                closed. Never before, it seems, has there
                been such consensus on a college campus.
                So when the University needed to fulfill a
                $35 million bond obligation to upgrade its
                utilities, campus leaders saw it as an
                opportunity to achieve a long-held dream:
                to convert the former Wells Street corri-
                dor—which for years was a physical and
                psychological barrier to campus life—into
                a pedestrian mall that would serve as a
                place where students and faculty could
                gather, study, relax, and enjoy nature.
                “The beauty of the mind should be reflect-
                ed in the beauty of the surroundings,” says
                CCSU President Richard L. Judd. “[For as
                long as I can remember,] there wasn’t a
                place on campus where someone could             WHY DID THE
                                                                COLLEGE STUDENT
                sit and relax. [So we wanted to create] a
                space where students and faculty could
                find peace and quiet and, at the same time,
                energize [their minds] to thoughtful, crea-
                tive thinking and stimulating discussion.”
                Anyone who has seen the new mall
                                                                CROSS THE ROAD?
                                                                By Martha Perry
                would agree the dream has been fulfilled.
                Stretching across five acres in the center      parking lot existed to the north, students     according to Odell. “We
                of campus, it extends lengthwise from           would have to cross Wells at least twice a     were frustrated that our
2 0 0 4

                Maloney Hall all the way past the Kaiser        day to get from the parking lot to the         campus, which had now
                sports complex. Walking down the mall,          classroom buildings.                           grown to both sides of the road,
                one’s senses are captivated by a myriad of      Back then, “Wells Street was always clogged    was being intercepted by this
                landscape and architectural details, includ-    with traffic—with people coming from or        shortcut road,” he says.

                ing a string of serpentine stone walls          going to work, and with hundreds—then          For alumni of Odell’s generation, the
                punctuated by rocks and boulders; an            later thousands—of commuter students           transformation of Wells Street to a
                assortment of wild grasses, flowering trees,    trying to get in and out of campus. It         pedestrian mall is a major triumph. “It has
                rhododendrons, and other plants native          was a very busy thoroughfare,” Odell says,     eliminated an artificial barrier and has
                to Connecticut; a series of interconnected      recalling that students often feared for       allowed the campus to become a unified
                pools with trickling water and an eight-foot    their safety.                                  place,” he says. “[It] is the crowning jewel
                fountain; a maze of brick walkways that         Students’ worries became reality when a        of that campus.”
                link together several circular amphitheater     girl was hit crossing the street. Then, with   Another alumna, Tracey Bonvicini ’89,

                areas; and a network of old-fashioned           the opening of Welte Auditorium in 1963,       agrees. “The new mall area looks one hun-
                street lamps.                                   followed by                                                                 dred percent
                If students and faculty are happy with the      the Student                                                                 better than it
                new space, alumni are truly in awe of it.       Center and                                                                  did, and I
                “The new mall is just spectacular,” declares    Kaiser Hall, it                                                             think it is a
                an astonished Fred Odell ’66, whose keen        became more                                                                 wonderful

                memories of Wells Street stir up strong         critical to get                                                             focal point. It
                emotions. During his time at Central, Wells     to the other                                                                gives one the
                Street “was a two-lane road that served as a    side. The                                                                   feeling of
                major shortcut between the Newington            street became                                                               belonging to
                factories—Fafner, Fenn, Atlantic                a real sore                                                                 something
                Machine—and the residential areas of New        point among                                                                 and actually
                Britain.” Although only football fields and a   students,                                                                   being right in

the center of it all.
Looking out from the
                                                                                    Another less glam-
                                                                                    orous but signif-
                                                                                                            David Ross Remembers
                                                                                                            By David A. Ross ’66, MS ’71
Student Center and                                                                  icant addition is       Dean of Students Emeritus
seeing the rolling hills                                                            the new Welte
                                                                                                            The transformation of what used to be
and the tall buildings                                                              parking garage
                                                                                                            Wells Street to what is now the campus

                                                                                                                       WELLS STREET
[beyond] makes it                                                                   located between
                                                                                                            mall, from when I first came to Central as a
seem as if the Student                                                              Maloney Hall and
                                                                                                            freshman in 1962 to when I retired as Dean
Center is protected                                                                 Welte Auditorium.
                                                                                                            of Students in 2001, has truly been incred-
and supported by every-                                                             The six-level brick
                                                                                                            ible. Over the years there were many plans
thing in front of it.”                                                              edifice can accom-
                                                                                                            put forth to improve it, but support from
Although the aesthetic                                                              modate some
                                                                                                            the State was always so irregular that it was
improvements are                                                                    1,000 vehicles,
                                                                                                            hard to conceive that any of them would
impressive, Judd                                                                    making daily life
                                                                                                            actually be implemented. In 1962, Wells
emphasizes that an                                                                  a little easier for
                                                                                                            Street was merely the northern boundary of
equally important goal                                                              students, faculty
                                                                                                            the campus. It was lined with homes, and
was achieved with the                                                               and visitors.
                                                                                                            students needed to cross it only to get to
creation of the concrete                                                       Now that the                 the athletic fields. There was an old
tunnel that runs beneath the mall. The              warm weather has arrived for good,                      Quonset hut near the tennis courts where
tunnel houses water supply pipes and                University leaders are thrilled to see the              the Student Center now stands, and the
communications cables that connect all of           mall in full bloom and full use. But they               street included a bridge, which crossed a
the campus buildings to a new Energy                are not simply excited that a dream has                 stream that flowed through the site. Further
Center currently under construction.                been realized; they are excited that, by                up the street was Arute Field, with its
“[The tunnel] was not a glamorous proj-             realizing this dream, they may have created             impressive gated entrance, now the site of
ect,” says Judd, “but it is probably one of         a place that will inspire the dreams of                 Burritt Library. Up the hill where the Kaiser
the more significant things we’ve accom-            others, too.                                            Athletic Complex is situated were the
plished [because it allowed us to] get our                                                                        remains of a turkey farm, and nestled
utilities underground and put them in such                                                                        down in what is now known as the
a way that we will not have the kind of                                                                            “up the hill quad” was an old orchard
interruptions we’ve sustained over the                                                                             and farmhouse that was the residence
past six years. That’s clearly a major                                                                             of Professor Brobury P. Ellis. Heads
issue for the future. Without the new                                                                               turned when he drove his ancient
Energy Center, the campus would not                                                                                 right-hand-drive Rolls Royce down
be able to add another building. [In                                                                                 Wells Street.
fact,] we could hardly contain what we
                                                                                                                     The 60s was an era of growth,
are doing right now. So it’s as much for
                                                                                                                     though, and soon Wells Street
today as it is for tomorrow.”
                                                                                                                     became a main thoroughfare
                                                                                                                      with the construction of Welte
                                                                                                                       Auditorium and May Residence Hall
                                                                     Wells street circa 1970.                         (1963), the Student Center (1964),
                                                                                                            Kaiser Athletic Center (1965) and Sheridan
                                                                                                            Residence Hall (1967). Student parking,
                                                                                                            which was never convenient or plentiful,
                                                                                                            was also located across Wells Street. Then,
                                                                    New Britain; it already has been        as now, most students commuted from off-
                                                                    installed and is situated in front of   campus, and both pedestrian and vehicular
                                                                     Memorial Hall. The second, titled      traffic could be overwhelming. If a pedes-
                                                                     “The Present,” is currently under      trian were daring enough to step foot in
                                                              design with input from the faculty; it        the roadway and get a car to stop, there
                                                              will stand between Burritt Library and        would soon be hundreds of students cross-
                                                                the Student Center. The third sculp-        ing the street, forcing traffic to a standstill.
                                                                  ture, “The Future,” which will            This would recur at every class break.
The Sculptures                                                     express the students’ vision, will be    In between times, pedestrians could only
Three bronze sculptures, commissioned                        positioned between Copernicus and              stand in exasperation and watch the cars
from Roger DiTarando and funded through pri-        Memorial Halls. The placement of the sculptures         pass by. Occasionally, there would be an
vate donations, also will grace the new campus      is such that “when you see one, you ought to be         accident with cars damaged or, worse, a
mall. The first of these, titled “The Past,” cap-   able to see the other two, forming a triangle,”                              continued on next page…
tures the history of CCSU and its relationship to   says Judd.

                                                                                                   Le g acy

                It                                                                                             David Ross Remembers
                         isn’t often that someone gets a building named after them. But then, F Don James
                         isn’t just anyone. Having served as Central’s ninth President from 1968 to 1987,      continued from page 4
                         James is credited with a list of noteworthy achievements, including instituting the
                University’s first international exchange programs, attaining all-time high student enroll-    student pedestrian injured. Frustration grew,
                ments, overseeing unprecedented growth in campus buildings and facilities, and helping         and finally we students stopped traffic for hours
                Central gain its University status in 1983.                                                    to demonstrate our concerns. This prompted
                                                                                                               a crosswalk to be marked on the roadway, but
                So while many alumni may recognize his name from James Hall—the newest and (some
                                                                                                               little else changed. It was some years later, in
                would say) most attractive residence hall on campus—Dr. James and his wife, Gerti, are
                                                                                                               the 1970s, that the student government pres-
                more widely recognized for other contributions
                                                                                                               ident, Peter Berry, met with the Mayor of New
                to the university.
                                                                                                               Britain and managed to have stop signs placed
                Most recently, they helped to underwrite the                                                   at that crosswalk.
                bronze sculptures for the new campus mall.
                One of just a handful of donors to lend their                                                  There would be a gradual transformation to what
                support to the project, the Jameses signed on                                                  is now the campus mall. It began with occasional
                early during the planning process.                                                             closures of the street for special events, some
                                                                                                               planned (like homecoming parades and orienta-
                “Several years ago, my wife and I
                                                                                                               tion concerts) and others spontaneous (such as
                were down talking with Dick
                                                                                                               rallies and demonstrations). By this time, the old
                Judd,” recalls James. “He showed
                                                                                                               Stanley School had become the Maloney Fine
                us how, finally, Wells [Street] was
                                                                                                               Arts Center, and the only property not belonging
                closed, and he described his
                                                                                                               to Central consisted of two cemeteries. Then
                dream of creating a central part of
                                                                                                               Wells Street was blocked off. The street was still
                the campus. He said, ‘You know,
                                                                                                               there, but no vehicles were allowed—only pedes-
                I’m thinking [about] a fountain
                                                                                                               trians and the random skateboarder. But the
                and a sculpture,’ and [Gerti and I]
                                                                                                               transformation was not complete. One summer’s
                both said, “That’s marvelous. We
                                                                                                               day, a huge machine appeared on Wells Street
                would love to be involved in sup-
                                                                                                               and ground it up. Wells Street—the actual pave-
                porting it financially.” What
                                                                                                               ment—had been sold. So, except for a short sec-
                attracted them, says James, was
                                                                                                               tion that comes up the hill from East Street to the
                the opportunity to create artworks
                                                                                                               parking garage and the East Hall physical plant
                that would stimulate the viewer to
                                                                                                               facility, nothing remains of Wells Street.
                think about “where the university has
                                                            Dr. F. Don James and Mrs. Gerti (Hauser) James
2 0 0 4

                come from, [where it is] now, and                                                              The front lawn of the Student Center could no
                where it is going.”                                                                            longer be called Wells Street “beach,” so named
                When making philanthropic
                                                   WHETHER NEAR OR FAR, CCSU                                   for the dozens of students lounging and tossing
                choices, the Jameses grav-     WILL ALWAYS FEEL THE PRESENCE OF                                Frisbees there on sunny days. I suppose the
                itate towards ventures that F. DON AND GERTI JAMES, WHO,                                       change was foreshadowed when the student lit-

                will have a long-standing                                                                      erary magazine ceased to be called the Wells
                impact. The sculptures fit
                                             THROUGH THEIR VISION AND GENEROS-                                 Street Gazette some years prior to the demise of
                this mold. So, too, does the ITY, HAVE MADE CENTRAL A BETTER                                   the street itself. And what of the bronze sculp-
                James-Hauser International PLACE FOR STUDENTS OF YESTERDAY,                                    ture which sat for some years at the crossroads of
                Exchange Fund, which they                                                                      Wells Street and its myriad roads and walkways?
                established years ago to
                                                 TODAY AND TOMORROW.                                           Aptly named “Interchange,” to represent its
                encourage faculty and student international exchange.                                          being both the physical and intellectual nexus of
                                                                                                               the campus, this sculpture was created by one of

                “I was very fortunate, when I was in graduate school, [to receive] a Rotary Fellowship to
                                                                                                               Connecticut’s premier artists for that location.
                study in Europe. That opened up my eyes to the whole international dimension of what
                                                                                                               Hopefully, neither it nor Wells Street will ever
                education can be,” says James. “When I came to Central, I felt that one way to bring the
                                                                                                               be forgotten.
                international dimension to campus was to send students and faculty abroad, so we estab-
                lished this fellowship.”                                                                       Indeed, future generations will hardly discern that
                Now retired 17 years, James and his wife currently divide their time between Boston and        Wells Street once bisected the campus, or that it

                Zurich, with homes in each city. Although he has more time to devote to scholarly              was a force of its own that impacted greatly on
                endeavors, James clearly treasures the time he spent at CCSU.                                  campus life. The new mall offers such a change
                                                                                                               to what we had. It is positioned to become a
                “I loved every minute at Central,” says James. “It was a thrill to be part of an institution
                                                                                                               grand park along the lines envisioned by tradi-
                that was growing and changing, and, for me, it is equally thrilling now to see the contin-
                                                                                                               tional community architects. It is now the heart
                ual growth and change. [Central] is a very important asset for the State of Connecticut.
                                                                                                               of the campus and, hopefully, will be well used
                We will always be deeply involved and deeply committed. We are very interested in what
                                                                                                               and well remembered by future generations.
                is going on, even though we are far away.”

                                                                 Hap pe n i ngs

CCSU Alumni Association Grants
In 2003 the CCSU Alumni                        toward objectives of its strate-             The English                                                supporting
Association established a grant                gic plan. Deans and faculty                  Department                                                 the improved
program to provide funds for                   were encouraged to formulate a               received a                                                 appearance
projects that will increase                    project and apply for funding                grant of                                                   of a very
visibility of the CCSU Alumni                  of up to $5,000. Three grants                $4,000 for                                                 visible compo-
Association while, at the same                 of varying amounts were                      its proposal                                               nent of CCSU
time, help the University                      awarded for the period July 1,               “I Could Write                                             athletic events.
achieve measurable gains                       2003-June 30, 2004.                          A Book:                                                    $2,500 was
                                                                                            Readings                                                   committed for
                                                                                            by Recent                                                  “Strengthening
                                                                                            CCSU English                                               Ties with
                                                                                            Alumni.”                                                   Graduates of
                                                                                            Alumni would                                               Molecular Life
                                                                                            read and/or
                                                                                                               CCSU cheerleaders wearing new uniforms. Sciences
                                                                                            discuss their                                              Programs” to
                                                                                            own work (poetry, fiction, non- prepare and distribute two
                                                                                            fiction, drama, or work in jour- newsletters (Fall and Spring)
                                                                                            nalism and related writing                and support an alumni reunion
                                                                                            fields) at panels to be presented with graduates of the programs.
                                                                                            on three different occasions,
                                                                                                                                      Applications have closed for
                                                                                            the panels to be open to all
                                                                                                                                      the period beginning July 1,
                                                                                            interested participants.
Pictured at the final I Could Write A Book panel on April 26, 2004: l-r Dennis Chase ’01,
                                                                                                                                      2004 and grant applications are
poet; Melissa Hebert ’88, journalist with The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, OH; Brian Houle
                                                                                            The CCSU Cheerleading Team                being considered by the CCSU
’98, novelist; Ken Harvill ’95, author of Kill Whitey.                                      was awarded $5,000 for the                Alumni Association
                                                                                            purchase of new uniforms,                 Management Committee.

                                              C entral C al l ing. . .
                                             On any given night during CCSU’s phonathon, real fingers push real buttons as twelve Central
                                             students introduce themselves to approximately 250 alumni, inform them of campus
                                                 events and initiatives, explain the happenings in the lives of
The Hoop Group                                       current students and appeal for their support of the
                                                         CCSU Annual Fund. “Alumni genuinely appre-
                              For the fifth year
                                                           ciate a call from a student; they are interested
                              Blue Devil Basketball
                                                             in hearing about Central from a student’s
                              fans have flocked to
                                                               perspective,” says Kate Nealon ’03,
                              Angelico’s Café once a
                                                                 phonathon supervisor.
                             month, through the basketball
                             season, to hear Coach Howie         State appropriations currently
                             Dickenman discuss various            cover 37 percent of the cost of
                             aspects of college basketball and    educating each student, with
 Coach Howie Dickenman                                             tuition and fees providing the
 ‘70, MS ‘75 speaking       report on the progress of the
 at Hoop Group lunch.       CCSU Blue Devil team. The enthu- remaining 63 percent. Annual
                            siastic audience at the CCSU           fund gifts provide supplementary
Alumni Association-sponsored Hoop Group Lunch Series              resource income for a myriad of            (l-r) Amy Saunders ’04 and Casey Stapleton hard at
enjoys a buffet lunch; Coach Dickenman’s informative,             areas including the library, scholarships, work contacting alumni.
often humorous, report on prospects for the upcoming             as well as the athletic and academic
season, the NCAA’s tough new standards, and other               programs and cultural events.
topics; as well as prizes, surprises and networking            As of 5/11/04, nearly $32,000 was either pledged or already given during the spring
opportunities. Hoop Group has become one of Blue             phonathon, according to Assistant Director of Development Joe Gordon. “We strive
Devil basketball’s most exciting traditions.               for 100 percent alumni participation and hope each graduate can help us reach that goal
                                                               before the close of the fiscal year on June 30th,” says Gordon.
                                                      According to Gordon, the phonathon raises more than just donations. He notes that as the
                                                  percentage of alumni giving increases, so does the University’s rank in publications such as
                                              U.S. News & World Report, thus increasing the value of a Central degree. “The act of giving is just as
                                              important as the size of the gift,” says Gordon. “Every gift, regardless of amount, makes CCSU better.”
                                                                                      Ha p pe n i ngs



2 0 0 4

                CCSU Alumni Celebrate

                100th Birthday of Dr. Seuss                                                                                        434 alumni read to students in 128 schools
                                                                                                                                   in 67 towns from Greenwich to Enfield in
                                                                                                                                   celebration of Read Across America Day.

                          arch 2, 2004 marked                  Connecticut State University       schools in 67 towns from
                          a birthday celebra-                  Alumni Association joined the      Greenwich to Enfield.
                          tion that stretched                  National Education                 Alumni readers presented a
                from one end of Connecticut to                 Association, for the second        bookmark noting the celebra-
                the other when the Central                     year, to promote Read Across       tion of Read Across America

                                                                       America Day and the        to the children to whom they
                                                                       100th Birthday of          read; 45,842 bookmarks were
                                                                       Dr. Seuss. A very          distributed, an increase of
                                                                       successful initiative of   10,000 from the first year.
                                                                       the CCSU Alumni
                                                                                                  The program’s alumni                Alumni Office staff and mem-
                                                                       Association, to reach
                                                                                                  honorary chairpersons

                                                                       into the community                                             bers of the CCSU Alumni
                                                                                                  were Superior Court Judge,          Association Board of Directors
                                                                       and inspire students to
                                                                                                  State of Connecticut,               joined alumni teachers at Burr
                                                                       read, stay in school and
                                                                                                  Carmen E. Espinosa ’71; CCSU        Elementary School in Hartford
                                                                       seek higher education
                                                                                                  President Richard L. Judd ’59;      for a celebration of reading
                                                                       (hopefully at CCSU!),
                                                                                                  Congressman John B. Larson          and education.
                Congressman John B. Larson ’73 reads at                counted participation
                Anna E. Norris Elementary School in East Hartford as                              ’73; and Hartford Courant
                                                                       by 434 alumni who
                part of Read Across America Day.                                                  Columnist Stan Simpson ’84.
                                                                       read to students in 128
                                                   Hap pe n i ngs

5                                                                             6

7                                                                                     8

                                                                        Picture This!
                                                                        1. CCSU Alumni Association president Wendell Davis ’89 and son,
                                                                           Garrett, enjoying the Big Slide at 2003 Homecoming.
                                                                        2. 2003 Homecoming Parade
                                                                        3. Class of ‘53 reunion
                                                                        4. Tom ‘89 and Ann (Hogan) Evanko ‘86, with daughter Nicole,
                                                                           enjoying homecoming.
                                                                        5. (l-r) Darren Sweeney ’98 and Elizabeth Dowd ’94 at 2004
                                                                           Florida reunion.

    Mentor Connections                                                  6. (l-r) Bill Detrick ’50 and Bob Skinner ’55 at 2004 Florida reunion.

    Program                                                             7. (l-r) Murva Ennis Deneen ’56 & Don Deneen ’56, Joan & Mike
                                                                           Perrone ’59 at 2004 Florida reunion.
    The CCSU Alumni Association, along with the CCSU Office of
                                                                        8. (l-r) Charlotte & Pete Vieira, Bill Casagrande ’76 and Lowell Lukas at
    Career Services, announces a new service, Mentor Connections,
                                                                           2004 Florida reunion.
    a career advising network which promises to be an important
    resource for students and alumni.
    The Mentor Connections program will consist of a strong net-
    work of contacts, in a wide variety of careers, who offer advice,
    pertinent occupational information, and professional insight to
                                                                           Save the Date!
    assist students and alumni in their professional development.
    Individuals who access the network must be registered with
                                                                           Saturday, October 2, 2004
    Career Services and will be instructed to ask for advice and           Homecoming
    information only.
    For further information contact Pat Deloy at (860) 832-1638
                                                                                       C a m pus N ews

                Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno on Campus
                Criminology and Criminal Justice students             Office of Institutional Advancement.                      since 1971, Reno challenged her
                had a special opportunity to hear former              Members of the Criminal Justice Honors’                   CCSU audience “to get involved, work
                Attorney General Janet                                                        Society and the                   together, listen to others, hear the
                Reno on the CCSU                                                              Criminal Justice Club             nuances” and “touch lives and make a
                campus on March 30,                                                           met with Reno                     difference.” She pointed out the need for
                2004. Ms. Reno, the                                                           personally before                 public servants from a wide variety of
                first woman to serve                                                          the event.                        academic disciplines.
                as U.S. Attorney                                                              Reno, one of 16                   As the 78th Attorney General of the United
                General, spoke on                                                             women among 500                   States, leading 125,000 employees of the
                “Public Service and                                                           graduates of Harvard              nation's largest law enforcement office,
                Problem Solving” at a                                                         Law School’s Class                Reno was the longest-serving attorney
                colloquium that was                                                           of 1960, described                general since the Civil War; she served
                also open to the                                                              public service as “a              during both terms of former President
                community. Reno’s                                                             wonderful calling,                Bill Clinton. The daughter of two Florida
                appearance was jointly                                                        and far better than               journalists, Reno is often praised for her
                sponsored by                                                                  [earning] billable                integrity, independence and devotion to
                Criminology and                                                               hours” in private                 the laws of society. In recognition of the
                Criminal Justice, the                                                         practice. Drawing on              impression she made at CCSU, she was
                Department of            Janet Reno presents a lecture in CCSU’s              her own experience                given a standing ovation at the conclusion
                Geography, and the       Welte Auditorium.
                                                                                              in public service                 of her remarks.

                CCSU Celebrates Women’s                                                           CCSU Leads National Effort for
                                                                                                  Early College Awareness
                History Month                                                                     Approximately 600 stu-
                                                                                                  dents from the Dwight
                                                                                                  Elementary School in
                                                                                                  Hartford, prospective
                                                                                                  CCSU students—
2 0 0 4

                                                                                                  Class of 2011, were
                                                                                                  welcomed to campus
                                                                                                  in April when the
                                                                                                  University hosted a

                                                                                                  national kick-off aimed
                                                                                                  at creating early college
                                                                                                  awareness to help stu-
                                                                                                  dents succeed in school
                                                                                                  and then thrive in col-
                                                                                                  lege. The youngsters         Students from Dwight School in Hartford participate in the
                (l-r) Ruthe Boyea, MS ’60, founder of the Ruthe Boyea Women’s Center,
                Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, and Jacqueline Cobbina-Boivin ‘91 at the annual   met Central students         Early College Awareness program on CCSU’s campus.
                Women’s Day Luncheon.                                                             and faculty and engaged

                                                                                                  in a variety of hands-on activities designed to inspire them to pursue high-
                Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, former United States Senator                      er education. President Richard L. Judd ‘59 hailed the event as a “won-

                and Democratic presidential candidate, presented the keynote                      derful opportunity for Hartford’s children to learn more about higher edu-
                address at the annual Women’s Day Luncheon on March 10, 2004,                     cation. We hope the visit will inspire the students to work harder in school

                speaking on why women should be involved in the political                         so that they, too, have the chance to realize their dreams and aspirations.
                process and major issues currently encountered by women work-                     CCSU is proud to be working in partnership with the Foundation for


                ing in Washington, D.C. Moseley Braun also presented a second                     Excellent Schools, the Kellogg Foundation, and the Travelers Foundation.”
                lecture that focused on why political activism is important for                   Joining the students and University personnel were Hartford Mayor Eddie

                today’s generation of college students.                                           Perez, Hartford Superintendent of Schools Robert Henry, Travelers
                Ambassador Moseley Braun has accomplished many historic firsts:                   Foundation President John Motley, and FES representative Karen Judge.
                first female senator from Illinois, first female African-American                 Professor of Teacher Education Nancy Hoffman coordinated the event with
                senator, and first African-American Democratic senator.                           Dwight Principal Kathy Greider ‘89, MS ‘94, a Central alumna.

                                                                S po r ts

Women’s Soccer Sets the Pace
         ead women’s soccer                   record 16-3-3 overall
         coach Mick D’Arcy can                mark. The Huskies
         say he was the first.                advanced to the
His women’s soccer team at                    National Championship
Central Connecticut did some-                 game and were never
thing no other team in the                    threatened again until
Division I era had done, and                  their loss in the final
they did it convincingly.                     game, making CCSU
                                              performance all the
After winning its second
                                              more impressive.
straight Northeast Conference
tournament title in 2004,                     The success of the
and advancing to its second                   women’s soccer team
straight NCAA Tournament,                     spring-boarded what
the women’s soccer team                       would be an incredible
defeated host Boston College in               ride for the Blue Devil
                                                                          CCSU Women’s Soccer Team with Coach Mick D’Arcy and President Richard L. Judd ‘59 at ceremony
the first round of the NCAA                   athletics teams this year. to honor the season’s accomplishments.
Tournament, the program and                   The volleyball team also
school’s first-ever NCAA                      advanced to the NEC                   Tournament, earned the con-                 All-America third team for her
Division I Tournament victory.                Championship game and Head            ference’s Coach of the Year                 performance in the classroom
Following the thrilling 1-0                   Coach Linda Sagnelli was              (D’Arcy), Player of the Year                as well as her athletic prowess
shutout victory over Boston                   named the NEC Coach of the            (Kelly Shimmin, her second                  this past season. Mariani also
College, the Blue Devils                      Year. The men’s soccer team           straight honor) and Rookie of               earned regional recognition for
advanced to face Connecticut                  also played for the NEC               the Year (Jess McCavanagh).                 the second straight year and
in the tournament for the                     Championship. Head Coach              The honors weren’t just limited             was the NEC Scholar Athlete in
second straight season.                       Shaun Green was named                 to success on the field for the             her sport. The honors and
                                              Coach of the Year while fresh-        Blue Devils last fall. Junior               awards earned by the women’s
The Huskies and Blue Devils
                                              man Alex Harrison was named           goalkeeper Sabrina Mariani, the soccer team earned during the
were tied at two before UConn
                                              the conference’s Rookie of the        NEC Student-Athlete of the                  2004 season are too numerous
scored the game-winning goal
                                              Year. The women’s soccer team, Year in 2003, was named to the to list here and they continue
with 3:25 remaining in double
                                              following its impressive ride to      College Sports Information                  to roll in.
overtime, ending the Blue
                                              the round of 32 in the NCAA           Directors of America Academic
Devils’ season with a school

Basketball Blue Devils Finish Strong                                                                                 Masella Named
                                                                          Adding to the continued national           Football Coach
                                                                          exposure for the Blue Devils, the
                                                                          men’s basketball team finished the         Tom Masella, a
                                                                          season with an overall record of           former Defensive
                                                                          14-14, winning nine of the last            Coordinator at both
                                                                          13 games, and made another                 Massachusetts and
                                                                          appearance on the national stage           Louisiana Tech, was
                                                                          when it played in the nationally           recently named
                                                                          televised NEC Championship                 head football coach.
                                                                          game on March 10, on ESPN2.                Masella spent the
                                                                          Despite the loss to Monmouth, the          last two seasons at     New football coach
                                                                                                                     UMass and helped        Tom Masella at a press
                                                                          Blue Devils put together their sixth                               conference to announce
                                                                          straight season with a record of           lead the Minutemen his appointment.
                                                                          .500 or better, the first time in          to the 2003 Atlantic-
Coach Howie Dickenman ‘70, MS ‘75, Advisor Bobbie Koplowitz, senior
                                                                          school history the Blue Devils can         10 championship and a berth in the Division
Ron Robinson, and Athletic Director C. J. Jones ‘69, MS ‘72 at the last
home basketball game/senior day.                                          make that claim.                           I-AA playoffs. The team finished 11th in the
                                                                                                                     final Sports Network I-AA poll with a 10-3
NEC Player of the Year Ron Robinson became the conference’s all-time leader in career
                                                                                                                     overall record. The Wagner College graduate
rebounds, as well as only the second player in conference history to record 1,000 career
                                                                                                                     will face his former team at home on
points and 1,000 career rebounds. As the only senior on a team that proved to be one of
                                                                                                                     September 25, 2004 in his first season with
the best in the NEC, Robinson leaves the Blue Devils in good hands for next season.
                                                                                                                     the Blue Devils.
                                                                                        Class Notes

                49Rory (Deluccy) Helbing Island. and
                      enjoying boating on Long
                                                  is retired             the San Francisco bay
                                                                         area. Philip J. Spring
                                                                         retired from Montville
                                                                                                                                                                      published her
                                                                                                                                                                      fourth book,
                                                                                                                                                                      Vermont Life
                           J. Sorbo, Jr. is retired at age 75
                51PaulactiveLillianParkinson’sThomsen is
                support group.
                                in a
                                                   Disease               Public Schools, CT
                                                                         and resides with wife,
                                                                                                                                                                      Memories of
                retired and serving as secretary of the steering         Karen, in Winston-Salem,                                                                     Summer Living
                committee of the Osher Lifelong Learning                 NC for the winter and                                                                        in the Green
                Institute of Rutland, VT.                                Frye Island, ME for                                                                          Mountain State
                                                                         the summer.                                                                                  Revised, the
                        Nellie F. Shepard is retired after 34
                54      years of teaching chemistry and science
                in Canton and Southington schools, but teach-           65       Joseph B. Geraci
                                                                                 (MS ‘70) retired
                                                                                                                                                                      proceeds of
                                                                                                                                                                      which (and all
                                                                         from New Britain Public                                                                      of Margaret’s
                ing computer classes at the Calendar House                                                                                                            books) fund a
                Senior Center in Southington, CT. She also vis-          Schools but is on the
                                                                         adjunct faculty at Mitchell                                                                  not-for-profit
                its nursing homes with her therapy dog, Sirrah,                                                                                                       account for
                a Brittany spaniel.                                      College in New London,
                                                                         CT and University of New                                                                     cancer patients
                        Allyn Hartman Rule is retired from                                                                                                            who are in
                56      teaching at Boston College.
                                                                         Haven. He is a hearing
                                                                         officer for the Town of
                                                                                                       Mike Ryan ‘85, holding award, with Dottie and Carl
                                                                                                       Krein at the 26th Annual Ed Block Courage Awards               financial need.
                        Janet (Sinkiewicz) Sola received a               Waterford and is active in Ceremony where Ryan, who is physical therapist and                         Justice
                57      grant from UBS Warburg to attend the             the boating community.        head athletic trainer for the Jacksonville Jaguars, along    72         Ofei
                NYSE Graduate Teachers Workshop, and was                         Beverly (Parizo) with his two assistant athletic trainers, received the              Yaw Akrofi
                chosen to “ring the opening bell” above the
                floor of the exchange.
                                                                        67       Pelletier has
                                                                         retired from Newington
                                                                                                       2004 NFL Athletic Training Staff of the Year Award. The
                                                                                                       award is conferred on the staff that exemplifies courage,
                                                                                                                                                                      was elected
                                                                                                                                                                      Archbishop of
                        Joan (Aakjar) Schultz and Eugene N.                                            compassion, commitment and community as its guiding            the Church
                                                                         Public Schools after 35
                59      Schultz, Jr. have retired from teaching
                in East Lyme, CT, but Eugene has stayed on
                                                                         years of teaching.            principles in the same way that the Ed Block Foundation
                                                                                                       operates. Mike is chairman of the Professional Football
                                                                                                                                                                      of the Province
                                                                                                                                                                      of West Africa
                                                                                 Jamie (Yimoyines) Athletic Trainers Society’s research and education commit- (Anglican
                as Director of Adult Education. They enjoy
                extended stays at their vacation home in South
                                                                        68       Newman (MS ’71, tee and has been the Jaguars’ head athletic trainer since
                                                                         6th Yr ’88) and William J. 1994, after serving as assistant athletic trainer/physical
                Newfane, VT.                                                                                                                                          at its electoral
                                                                         Newman ’71 have retired therapist for the New York Giants from 1988. The 2003                college in
                        Russell (Spike) Marcotte lived in                and moved to Savannah, season was his 16th year in the NFL.
                62      Tenerife, Canary Islands for several years
                after retiring from Sedgwick Middle School in
                                                                         GA. Jamie was principal of
                                                                         Sedgwick Middle School in West Hartford, CT
                                                                                                                                                                      2003. George
                                                                                                                                   F. Khoury is currently the Supervisor of Social
                West Hartford, CT. He and wife, Valerie, cur-            and Bill was a consultant for the Hartford                Studies, Music, and Art for the Spotswood, New
                rently reside in Pompano Beach, FL.                      Insurance Group. Jo-Ann M. Olsen was award- Jersey school district, having previously been
                        Bob L. Gioscia (MS) has published his            ed a grant of $7,000 from Toyota to create a
                63      second book, Cutter Lives [The Principal
                Assassin Returns], a sequel to The Principal
                                                                         booklet, A Mathematical Walking Tour of Historic
                                                                         Fairfield Center, with her 8th grade students.
                                                                                                                                   Regional Educational Supervisor for the New
                                                                                                                                   Jersey State Juvenile Justice Commission. Frank
                                                                                                                                   D. Marrocco was elected to the First City Bank
                Assassin. Genia                                          She retired in June, 2003 after teaching 35 years board of directors. He has been an accountant
2 0 0 4

                (Pauli) Haddon/                                                                       at Tomlinson                 since 1972 and a community leader in multiple
                                                                                    At the June 19,   Middle School in
                Corrie L. Triewth                                                   2003 celebra-                                  service organizations serving New Britain
                has also recently                                                                     Fairfield, CT.               and central Connecticut. Scott C. Merrell cel-
                                                                                    tion of his
                published another                                                                             Donald R.            ebrated 25 years with Advest, Inc. and was
                book. Through a
                                                                                    Toms River, NJ    69      Hallin is            appointed Senior Vice President of Investments.

                Stroke of Luck:                                                     Regional School   retired from New             Gary W. Wollman retired from the Army
                Seeing Simple                                                       District          Britain High School.         Reserve as Brigade Command Sergeant Major
                Mysteries of the                                                    Superintendent            Beverly              and is currently working as a court systems
                Universe chronicles
                Triewth’s experi-
                                                                                    Michael J.
                                                                                    Ritacco ’71
                                                                                                      70      (Nelson)
                                                                                                      Perotti visited
                                                                                                                                   software designer.
                                                                                                                                           John J. Nowobilski, golf pro at
                ence of paralysis
                as a result of suf-
                                                                                    accepted the      Japan for three
                                                                                    honor of having weeks immersing
                                                                                                                                 73        Tallwood Country Club in Hebron, CT,
                                                                                                                                   was honored by the Connecticut Section PGA,
                fering a stroke and                                                 a state-of-the-   herself in Japanese          with the President’s Trophy for his fund-raising
                the process of                                                      art sports center culture and learning         efforts to benefit its golf foundation.

                recovery, and                                                       dedicated in his  about how the                        Alan B. Goldstein, retired after 22 years
                challenges con-
                ventional under-
                                                                                    name. With
                                                                                    Mike to accept
                                                                                                      country’s school sys-
                                                                                                      tem works as one of
                                                                                                                                 74        with Northeast Utilities, is teaching at
                                                                                                                                   Manchester, CT High School. Peter R. Laroche
                standing of how                                                     the honor were    200 teachers nation-
                human and divine                                                                                                   recently relocated with his wife, Peggy, from
                                                                                    wife, Sharon      wide selected to             Asheville, NC to Winston-Salem, NC to accept
                interface. Her                                                      (Szymaszek)       participate in the
                hometown’s vol-                                                                                                    the position of President & CEO of Consumer
                                                                                    Ritacco ’69,      program sponsored            Credit Counseling Service of Forsyth County.
                unteer ambulance son, Michael P., and daughter, Taryn. “Your fingerprints are

                                                                                                      by the Japanese gov- Dr. Denis M. Medeiros is professor, and head
                corps is the recipi- all over this building,” said L. David Panciera ’71, Mike’s      ernment and the
                ent of all royalties. former CCSU roommate. Referring to a time when Ritacco                                       of the Department of Human Nutrition, at
                                                                                                      Fulbright Teacher            Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS.
                        Pamela          was considering a position with the NFL, “His love for this   Memorial Fund.
                64      (Robbins) community kept him right here because he had a job to                       Margaret
                                                                                                                                   Gary L. Myers received his MA in Physical
                                                                                                                                   Therapy from Stanford University and practiced
                Quinn retired in        do.” Superintendent since December 1991, Ritacco has
                June of 2003 after overseen the district during a period of steady enrollment
                                                                                                      71      (Berger)
                                                                                                      Morse (MS), a
                                                                                                                                   for 16 years before a recent career change to
                                                                                                                                   CEO of Southern Mono Healthcare District-
                39 years of teach-      growth: Toms River Regional is now the fourth largest in      retired elementary           Mammoth Hospital in Mammoth Lakes, CA.
                ing, the last 36 in     the state with approximately 18,500 students.                 school teacher, has

                                                                        Class Notes
                                  Dillon engineering and
            76 Matthew T.NJ. for Pis& O Ports North
                   project manager
            America in Iselin,
                                                                           legal services business. Beaudoin, who contract-
                                                                           ed polio in childhood, conducts workshops
                                                                           either on crutches or in a wheelchair.
                                                                                                                                     lisher and editor-in-chief of Hartford Magazine.
                                                                                                                                     Stewart J. Miller is an optician, and the new
                                                                                                                                     owner of Opticians Unlimited, LLC in down-
                                                                           Advantageous Disadvantages draws on the gruel-            town Hartford, CT. Laura (Crawford)
                   Dr. John
            77 geographyA. Kelmelis,Geological senior
                               at the U. S.
                                            chief scientist for

            has accepted a temporary assignment as
                                                       Survey,             ing experience of recovery, and building up
                                                                           lung capacity, that involved tremendous phys-
                                                                                                                                     Provencal married Thomas Provencal, Jr. on
                                                                                                                                     June 14, 2003. Laura is the office manager for
            counselor for earth science at the U. S.                       ical challenge and discipline.                            Phoenix Systems in Westport, CT. Nancy
            Department of State to provide policy level                            Katherin (Sackett) Sniffin received the           (Puglisi) Rolfe and Thomas A. Rolfe ’88
            advice on using geography, geology, hydrology,
            biology, oceanography, climatology, and related
                                                                      82           Miriam Joseph Farrell Distinguished
                                                                           Teacher Award for
                                                                                                                                     announce the birth of twin boys, Benjamin and
                                                                                                                                                               William, who join big
                                                                                                                                          The Travelers        brother James. Tom is a
            sciences and technologies in establishing and                  New England from the
                                                                                                                                          Foundation hon-      case worker for the CT
            executing U. S. foreign policy and in building                 National Catholic
                                                                                                                                          ored the leadership Department of Mental
            confidence in science and technology in foreign                Educator Association.
                                                                                                                                          of Kathleen C.       Retardation and Nancy
            regions of interest to the United States.                      She has taught at St.
                                                                                                                                          Greider ‘89, MS      is an assistant project
                     Keith T. Hall was promoted to trans-                  Gregory the Great School
            78       portation supervising planner for the
            Connecticut Department of Transportation.
                                                                           in Danbury, CT since
                                                                           1984. Alan A. Waker is
                                                                                                                                          ‘94, principal of    engineer with the
                                                                                                                                          Dwight Elementary CT Department of
                                                                                                                                          School in Hartford, Transportation.
            Drake L. Waldron was elected to city                           director of finance and
                                                                                                                                          CT, in turning
                                                                           operations at El Buen                                                                       Michael J.
            council in Torrington, CT. He teaches business
            and coaches cross country at Torrington                        Samaritano Episcopal
                                                                           Mission in Austin, TX.
                                                                                                                                          around the strug-
                                                                                                                                          gling school, with
                                                                                                                                                            91         Coppola mar-
                                                                                                                                                               ried Patricia Norton on
            High School.                                                                                 a grant of $500,000. The Travelers Foundation
                                                                                   Glenn R. Giveans will purchase a “smart board” with a printer and September 5, 2003.
            79       Edward L. Sheehan, Jr., the former
                     postmaster of Beacon Falls, CT, retired          83           was promoted to portable computer for every classroom, give each Michael has relocated
                                                                           assistant vice president                                                            to Hong Kong and is
            from the U. S. Postal Service after 37 years and                                             teacher $1,000 to use as they wish, and purchase
                                                                           and assistant branch man- two school uniform shirts for each student and            working in Product
            went back to school. He received a Master of                                                                                                       Development for Timex
            Arts degree from Wesleyan University in May,                   ager-New Jersey at the        teacher. Next spring they will build a first-rate
                                                                           PMA Insurance Group.                                                                Corporation. Michele
            2003, and is now a substitute teacher in region-                                             playground to replace the one that is closed
                                                                           He and wife, AnnMarie because of injuries sustained by the children.                (Melillo) Dellipoali
            al school districts 14 and 15.                                                                                                                     and Thomas A.
                                                                           (Urban) Giveans reside Kathy and her husband, Jerry A. Greider ’87,
                     Michael M. Meade was elected to a                                                                                                         Dellipoali announce
            80       third term on the Farmington, CT town
            council. Richard P Price (formerly Pricone)
                                                                           in Cherry Hill, NJ.
                                                                           Anthony J. Switajewski,
                                                                                                         and their three sons live in Berlin, CT.
                                                                                                                                                               the birth of Lydia Grace.
                                                                                                                                                               Tom has completed
                                                                           senior tax manager with
            is self-employed as a freelance broadcast jour-                the Hartford office of Deloitte & Touche LLP              a master’s degree in Business Management at
            nalist. Christopher G. Barlow received his                     was appointed chair of the Connecticut Society            Albertus Magnus University and Michele
            master’s degree in Educational Technology from                 of Certified Public Accountants-State Taxation            completed her master’s degree in Business
            Fairfield University. He is the library media                  Committee, for 2003-04.                                   Administration at SCSU. Dariusz Orlowski
            specialist for John Winthrop Elementary School                                                                           and wife, Leanne (Sabin) Orlowski announce
                                                                                   Karen B. Phelan (MS) is the children’s
            in Bridgeport, CT.
                     Andre L. Beaudoin, profiled in Hartford
                                                                      86           librarian/assistant branch librarian at the
                                                                                                                                     the birth of Isabella Marie who joins brother,
                                                                                                                                     Alex, and sister, Olivia. Carrie (Martin)
            81       Business Journal for his role as co-host of
            ProSchmooze, a new business networking
                                                                           Spuyten Duyvil Branch of the New York Public
                                                                                                                                     Rametta received a master’s degree in Nursing
                                                                                                                                     from the University of Hartford and is currently
                                                                                   Susan (Anderson) Fuhr and Kevin J.                the nurse case manager of the sub acute unit at
            organization and his most recent venture, is
            founder of Andre Inspires, a motivational                 88           Fuhr announce the birth of their
                                                                           second son, Weston Matthew on June 27, 2003.
                                                                                                                                     Brittany Farms Health Center in New Britain,
                                                                                                                                     CT. Vanessa E. Rossitto, CPA of Blum Shapiro
            speaking business, and is building a pre-paid
                                                                                         West’s older brother, Owen, is two          in West Hartford, CT has been appointed direc-

                                                                    Scott R. Pioli       years old.                                  tor of governmental services. She is also chair
                                                                    ’88, vice pres-              Sally (Bergen) Biggs                of governmental accounting and auditing for
                                                                    ident of player
                                                                                    89           (MS, 6th Yr ‘95), assistant
                                                                                         principal at South Windsor High
                                                                                                                                     the Connecticut Society of Certified Public
                                                                                                                                     Accountants for 2003-04. Susan J. Slaga
                                                                    for the New          School, was honored by the                  earned a master’s degree in library and informa-
                                                                    England Patriots, Connecticut Association of Schools             tion science from Simmons College, and is now
                                                                    pictured with Bill as a 2004 assistant principal of the          a reference librarian for business services at
                                                                    Belichick and        year. Sally has been an educator            Nashua Public Library in Nashua, NH. She is
                                                                    family, holds the for 19 years and vice principal at             also a contributing author for the Encyclopedia
                                                                    Lombardi Trophy South Windsor High since 1995.                   of American Business.
                                                                    during victory       Elizabeth (Tosches) Nolan                            Lisa (Bartush) Collins and husband,
                                                                    celebrations for
                                                                    the winners of
                                                                                         and Scott J. Nolan announce the
                                                                                         adoption of a son, Derick John.
                                                                                                                                 92           Richard, announce the birth of their
                                                                                                                                     daughter, Olivia Mae. Lisa is a case manager,
                                                                    the 2004 Super       Cassandra Vorisek-Creto is cur-             worker’s compensation, for Liberty Mutual.
                                                                    Bowl. On March rently on sabbatical from the cor-                Tracy A. Dumont was honored at the Hartford
                                                                    30, 2004 Pioli       porate world and starting her own           Area Habitat for Humanity annual awards
                                                                    was named NFL business, The Wholesome Horse,                     dinner. Tracy is employed by Aetna, Inc. Mark
                                                                    Executive of the as well as spending more time with              W. Gardner is working as a teacher with the
              Year, the youngest executive ever to receive this honor, by The            her family and her horse, Gigi.             Urban League of Greater Hartford in Hartford,
              Sporting News. Scott left the coaching ranks, after four seasons at                                                    CT. Clifford A. Rankin, a manager for Harper
                                                                                                 Jeffrey W. Focht has been
              the college level, to join Belichick’s personnel staff with the
              Cleveland Browns in 1992. He became director of pro personnel         90           appointed dean of business
                                                                                         and technology at Northampton
                                                                                                                                     & Whitfield, PC in Farmington, CT, was re-
                                                                                                                                     cently appointed chair of the bylaws committee
              for the New York Jets in 1997 and joined the Patriots in February
                                                                                         Community College in Bethlehem,             of the Connecticut Society of Certified Public
              of 2000. In four seasons since he joined the Patriots, the team has
                                                                                         PA. Michael J. Guinan is pub-               Accountants for 2003-04. Kimberly Zanini-
              won two Super Bowl championships.
                                                                                                                                     Bryant, her husband, Rob, and son, Kurtis
                                                                                     Class Notes
                have relocated to Fall River, MA. Kimberly            by the Connecticut Association of Schools as a         12, 2003. Luisa (Calabrese) Guerrera
                is a senior vice president for project man-           2004 assistant principal of the year. Brian began      married Peter J. Guerrera in July 2003. Luisa
                agement at Academic Management Services               his career as a math teacher at RHAM High              is a physical education and health teacher at
                in Swansea, MA.                                       School in Hebron, left teaching for a time and         Broadview Middle School in Danbury, CT and
                        Sean R. Fitzgerald is chief aide to the       worked as a financial analyst for the Travelers,       is pursuing her master’s in health education
                93      mayor of Peabody, MA and was the
                subject of a recent interview for the Globe “in
                                                                      and then went back to teaching. He is currently
                                                                      assistant principal at Smith Middle School in
                                                                                                                             at SCSU. Nancy (Capenera) Mumphrey
                                                                                                                             and husband, Douglas, announce the birth of
                defense of public service.” He “knew even as a        Glastonbury. Corrina (Galizia) Elloian                 their son, Vito Joseph. Jorge E. Veintimilla
                Peabody High School student in the 1980s              completed an MBA at University of Hartford             earned a master’s degree in health education
                that he was destined for the public sector.”          and is employed as a senior financial analyst          from Lehman College. He is currently teaching
                Michelle (Dumas) Keuler is an attorney                for United Technologies Corporation in                 physical education and coaching football,
                at the Connecticut Fair Housing Center, Inc.          Hartford, CT. Kent M. Hurlburt was named               wrestling, and lacrosse for the Tarrytown School
                in Hartford, CT. Charlotte (Rodgers)                  West Hartford Teacher of the Year; he is a 5th         District. Jennifer A. Zenobi is a senior I
                Wallenfang and husband, Francis, announce             grade teacher at Smith Elementary School.              accountant with Kostin, Ruffkess & Company
                the birth of their son, Lee. Charlotte is an office   Cristy (Plawecki) Rewenko and Mark D.                  LLC in Farmington, CT. She completed a
                manager for Aristotle International, a political      Rewenko announce the birth of their daughter,          master of science in professional accounting at
                technology company in Atlanta, GA. Melanie            Madison Jeanne.                                        the University of Hartford.
                T. Zielonko is a case manager at a community                  Prosenjeet Basu is currently in Iraq                   Rebecca Burton (formerly Harrington)
                mental health center in Newport, VT.                  97      serving with the 71st Ordnance
                                                                      Company and participating in Operation Iraqi
                                                                                                                             01      is a clinician/clinical services coordinator
                                                                                                                             at Stafford Family Services in Stafford Springs,
                        Ellen E. Clement received a master
                94      of divinity degree from Princeton
                Theological Seminary. Morris H. Mendez was
                                                                      Freedom. Miguel A. Cardona was hired as
                                                                      principal of Hanover Elementary School in
                                                                                                                             CT. Michelle (Bartholomew) Kehaya married
                                                                                                                             David Kehaya on September 6, 2003. After
                selected as “Connecticut’s Hottest Hunk” by           Meriden, CT. Regina M. Carpenter announces             working, as a residential counselor, for a year in
                Cosmopolitan magazine. Morris is doing social         the birth of her daughter, Sonia Evelien Joseph.       East Hartford, CT, Jamie J. Rankel, relocated
                work at a local hospital and getting certified to     Regina is working on her master’s degree at the        to her hometown of Wasilla, AK, and works as
                teach elementary education. Kirt W. Tassmer           University of Illinois at Chicago. Heather             an activity therapist for Alaska Children’s
                and wife, Jennifer, announce the birth of their       (Walas) Lonergan and husband, Jason                    Services while continuing to look for a position
                daughter, Ava Rose.                                   Lonergan, announce the birth of their daughter,        in her career field. Kristine (Kendall) Walker
                                                                      Kelsey Faith. Michael J. Slusz was ordained to         is in her second year as a 2nd grade teacher at
                        Amy (Slaga) Appell has begun her sec-
                95      ond year as a research assistant on revis-
                ing the investigations in number, data and space
                                                                      the Catholic priesthood and is assigned to St.
                                                                      Francis Church in Naugatuck, CT. Amy Lyn
                                                                                                                             Tootin’ Hills Elementary School in West
                                                                                                                             Simsbury, CT. Kristine and husband, Clifford
                                                                      (Skarbek) Strickland and Christian J.                  E. M. Walker ’97 live in Canton, CT.
                math curriculum at TERC in Cambridge, MA.             Strickland ’99 announce the birth of their first                With a time of two hours, 21 minutes
                Her husband, Brian D. Appel ’96 works in the
                computer software field and has launched a
                                                                      child, Andrew Michael. Amy Lyn is compliance
                                                                      coordinator in the Department of Athletics at
                                                                                                                             02       and 24 seconds, Eric Blake won the 8th
                                                                                                                             Annual Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, PA in
                web site called, an online arts         University of Maryland in College Park, MD.
                and crafts festival. Peter G. Delcos is a state                                                              October 2003 and qualified for the Olympic
                                                                              Damian C. Johnson is territory sales           Trials. Eric is an assistant cross country coach at
                trooper for the Florida Highway patrol and he is
                married to Jaymi Schall. Christine (Sargalski)        98      manager for Gems Sensors, Inc. in              Plattsburgh State University in New York. Peter
2 0 0 4

                Lodge and husband, Robert Lodge III,                  Maryland. Angela (Lacaprucia) Kukucka and              R. Davis is pursuing a masters degree at Ball
                announce the birth of their son, Nicholas             Drew C. Kukucka are married and live in                State University. Bruce S. McClure is teaching
                Hunter. David J. Zoppi received his Ph.D.             Stafford Springs, CT. Angela is an adult proba-        7th grade mathematics for Regional School
                in business and will begin a new career as a          tion officer with the State of CT Judicial Branch.     District 11 at Parish Hill High School in
                professor of business.                                Drew is senior environmental scientist with            Chaplin, CT. Rachel E. Rossano has recently
                                                                      Geologic Services Corporation. Emily (Stone)           published a novel, The Crown of Anavrea, that

                        Jennifer (Vazquez) Avicolli is an
                96      attorney with the New York City Office
                of Corporation Counsel, Special Federal
                                                                      Westerberg is a legislative assistant for the State
                                                                      of CT legislature. Adam Wilkinson and Jaime
                                                                                                                             she wrote while attending CCSU. She is a book-
                                                                                                                             keeper for the Springfield, CT Rescue Mission, a
                                                                      (Leonard) Wilkinson ’00 are married and live           non-profit Christian Rehabilitation Center pro-
                Litigation and was married to Anthony Avicolli        in Rocky Hill, CT. Adam is a physical education        viding food, shelter, clothing, medical attention,
                at a ceremony in Rome, Italy. Jennifer                teacher and technology coordinator at Bess and         counseling, and advocacy.
                (Consiglio) Coe and Randall D. Coe ’93 are            Paul Sigel Hebrew Academy.                                      Caron L. Casson is a 3rd grade teacher
                married. Randall is employed by Advest, Inc.
                and Jennifer by New Britain Public Schools.
                                                                      00      Matthew J. Bailey and Melinda
                                                                              (Aronson) Bailey ’01 married on July
                                                                                                                             03       at Central School in Simsbury, CT.
                Brian P Czapla (MS, 6th Yr ’98) was honored

                In Memoriam
                 Cletus A. Clow, Vice President,          Cynthia C. Guertin, Administrative     Patti Lynn O’Brien, Professor of        Marie E. White, Associate Dean of
                 Emeritus, died on October 12, 2003.      Support Coordinator, English           Reading and Language Arts, Emerita,     Student Affairs, Emerita, died on
                 Clow joined Central in 1965 as an        Department, died on December 4,        died on November 5, 2003, at the        August 27, 2003. White retired from
                 associate professor of business          2003. Guertin joined the CCSU          age of 63. O’Brien joined the Central   CCSU in 1986 after 17 years of

                 education. He was promoted to            faculty in 1987 as a university        faculty in 1970 and retired in 2003.    service to the University. She was an
                 Vice President of Administrative         assistant and was promoted to          She was dedicated to helping            advocate for women’s rights and
                 Affairs in 1974, before accepting a      Administrative Support Coordinator     children learn how to read and to       equality for minorities at Central and
                 post with the State Colleges Board of    in 1998. The Cynthia Guertin           showing teachers how to help them       in the community. She helped start
                 Trustees to oversee financial and        Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund      learn. O’Brien was an avid traveler     the Women’s Center and established
                 management planning for the four         has been established in her memory     and photographer.                       the Educational Opportunity Program
                 state colleges. He served the            to benefit undergraduate students                                              at CCSU.
                 University for nine years and retired    at CCSU.
                 from the state in 1976.

1926                                             1942                                        1961                                   1974
Marie DeRidder Malone 2/2/04                     Anna Rose Skorka Dowd 7/24/03               Ronald K. Anderson 11/24/03            Joseph W. Krukowski 3/26/04
1927                                             Marion Bowie Erwin 12/8/03                  Helen Mahoney Barnett 12/19/03         Gary E. Simler 1/29/01
Margaret McGrath Wagner 12/18/03                 1943                                        Frances Sweet Churilla 10/21/03        1975
                                                 Walter J. Hutengs 10/19/03                  Dora Breitwieser Stoutenberg 2/18/04   Linda A. Anton 1/28/04
Alice Thornbloom Toomajian 2/25/04               1946                                        1963                                   Kenneth H. Wilson 11/18/03
                                                 Millicent Bailey Holtham 11/3/03            Ann Marie Lewonczyk Glidden            1976
1929                                                                                         9/22/03
Ingeborg Johnson Freese 12/14/03                 Edmund J. Schade 2/15/04                                                           Eugene Hamisevich 12/8/03
                                                                                             Ann Louise Guzzardi Watson 12/14/03    John J. Hickey 8/6/03
1930                                             1947
                                                 John E. Lukens 12/11/03                     1964                                   Hymen B. Lender 3/6/02
Dagmar Ackerman Carlson 7/2/03                                                               Nobel R. Benson 12/8/03                Steven P. Roy 12/2/03
                                                 Shirley Lehrer Smith 1/19/04
1931                                                                                         1965                                   1978
Helen Bosco Amaro 7/6/03                         1948
                                                 Ernest V. Carpino 4/13/04                   Gerard N. Anderson 4/2/04              Luanna Calhoun Blagrove 3/12/04
Irene J. Ceppa 11/10/03                                                                      Barbara A. Byron 2/25/04
Leda Steele Humphreys 1/28/04                    William O. Shea 12/11/03                                                           1979
                                                                                             Anne Marie Bokun Martin 3/15/04        Pamela LaBelle Moye 9/12/03
1932                                             1950
                                                 Arthur N. Anderson 8/25/03                  1966                                   1981
Elizabeth Benson Barker 1/15/04                                                              Virginia A. Holt 12/7/03
Frances Johns Casey 7/25/04                      Mary-Ellen Cream 4/16/04                                                           Murielle Leclair Giacomini 8/27/03
                                                 Raymond J. Condren 3/11/04                  1967                                   1982
1933                                             Winifred O’Leary Gridley 9/17/02            Rose Lada Darrow 8/30/03
Cecelia Dolan Boilard 9/7/03                                                                                                        Richard J. Duguay 9/19/01
                                                 Albert F. Kacillas 11/6/03                  Marian Zalenski Kelsey 8/25/03
Sylvia Kotkin Yoselle 2/17/04                                                                Joseph R. Swift, Jr. 10/11/03          1983
                                                 1951                                                                               Hans W. Hafner 2/13/04
1935                                             Robert F. Ittner 7/12/03                    1968
Marie Hahn Fromer 3/4/85                                                                                                            Sharyn Arnold Siegel 2/22/04
                                                 1952                                        Dolores Gerz Erwin 7/10/03             Nancy E. Whitehouse 8/16/03
Louella Miller Gardner 3/4/04                                                                Craig K. Welch 3/15/04
Sarah Gordon 10/22/01                            Ruth Wessels 12/30/03                                                              1984
                                                 1953                                        1969                                   Juana Cooney LeDoux 9/9/03
1936                                                                                         Nan Nelson Gastler 8/1/03
Beatrice Bogin Levy 9/18/03                      Alexander R. Colwick 10/14/03                                                      Glen C. Phelps 10/29/03
                                                 Margaret Duggan Coughlan 9/24/03            Michael A. Grisko 10/3/03
Kathleen McCormick Moyne 7/29/03                                                             James J. Manderson 12/23/03            1985
                                                 Richard F. Neville, Sr. 3/1/04                                                     R. Paul Mueller 2/15/04
1937                                             William E. Snow 11/15/03                    1970
Lillian Malchiodi Bemont 2/28/02                 William E. Tansey 11/6/03                   Alfred J. Bresciano 6/26/03            1986
Myron C. Gorback 2/19/04                                                                     Loretta Hickey Devine 7/20/03          Terry Berube Michaud 4/11/04
Alice Souney Gritzmacher 3/27/04                 1955
                                                 Evelyn Ebb Johnson 12/19/03                 Nancy Dunfield Jackson 10/2/03         1987
Walter B. Holt 8/6/03                                                                                                               Grant D. Ellis 6/27/03
Elvira Solimene Jarvis 1/7/04                    1956                                        1971
                                                                                             Richard J. Jackson, Jr. 7/21/03        Mildred Rand Luddy 2/12/04
Josephine Wrasko Marsh 9/14/03                   Pauline Coady Goodwin 8/27/03
Anna V. Pustello 3/9/04                                                                      Thomas J. Kluska 8/15/03               1992
                                                 1957                                        Marilyn Wiehn McCarthy 8/24/03         Margaret Holley Dobush 1/14/04
Helen Norton Reilly 1/25/04                      Joseph F. Bradley 8/24/03
William Sneideman 4/14/04                                                                    Larry A. Tellar 10/21/03               1999
                                                 Phyllis West Libby 9/23/03                  Raymond P. Thibodeau 6/30/03
1938                                                                                                                                Doris Riggs Robichaud 3/27/04
                                                 1958                                        1972
David J. Erwin, Sr. 7/10/03                      Doris Stone Brennan 11/12/03                                                       2001
Elisabeth R. Ohde 3/15/03                                                                    Linda Peck DelPrincipe 12/30/03        Susan E. Spence 7/26/03
                                                 1959                                        Barbara A. Dressell 12/26/03
1939                                             Martha Bass Zwelling 1/2/04                 Evelyn Richards King 12/21/03          2002
Margaret Case Holcomb 9/22/03                                                                Marjorie Stone Murphy 3/12/04          Daniel F. Weisel 12/11/03
Grace Beecher Rathgeber 8/26/03                  1960
                                                 Marlene Doyle Skonieczny 2/24/04            William A. Winchester, Sr. 8/10/03
1941                                             Grace Church Smart 1/15/04                  1973
Henrietta Dubowy Sussman 10/4/03                                                             Margaret O’Neil Aloisi 1/11/04
                                                                                             Everard C. Walton, II 11/8/03

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