Deputy a Lifesaver ... Literally

				                                                                                                                    May 2005

Deputy a Lifesaver ... Literally
Dep. Anthony Monforte Honored for Helping Save 23 Drowning Children Aboard Church Bus
  Dep. Anthony Monforte of North Lauderdale is nothing short of a true         CPR on two children who
hero. He earned that distinction on August 7th, 2004, when he helped           had stopped breathing and
save the lives of 23 children involved in a tragic church bus accident         was instrumental in reviving
along the Florida Turnpike. For his efforts, he was recently honored with      them!
the Red Cross Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award, Turnpike’s              While three children died
Act of Heroism Award as well as a Florida Highway Patrol Certificate of        in that accident, nearly two
Appreciation.                                                                  dozen more were saved
                                                                               thanks in great part to Dep.
                                                                               Monforte’s heroic actions.
                                                                               In addition to the honors
                                                                               received from the Florida
                                                                                                              Dep. Monforte’s award is well deserved.
                                                                               Turnpike and Florida
                                                                               Highway Patrol, Dep.
                                                                               Monforte was named his district’s Employee of the Month in August 2004
                                                                               and Sheriff Ken Jenne presented him with a Gold Cross Award during a
                                                                               recent awards ceremony.

Dep. Anthony Monforte graciously accepts his award from the Red Cross.

  Dep. Monforte was on his way to work that night
when he was flagged down by people standing in the
southbound lanes of the turnpike. They told him that a
bus full of children had crashed into a canal alongside
the road and was fully submerged. Wasting no time,
Dep. Monforte dove into the murky water to try to save
the children. He found an emergency escape hatch on
the top of the bus and — with the help of some other
Good Samaritans, pulled several children to safety. He also
coordinated the formation of a chain to help rescue the other
children. As if that weren’t enough, he also helped perform

  Dep. Monforte (holding award) poses with BSO’s North
  Lauderdale district Executive Officer Lt. James Fondo (left
  to right), Chief Lou Cavallo, North Lauderdale Mayor Jack
  Brady and Chief Tony Varona of DLE Management.

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                                  the Sheriff                      5     BSO
                                                                         Biography        7      BSO Stars for
                                                                                                 April                          13             BSO Briefs
Message From the Sheriff
The Rest of the Story

  As the largest fully accredited sheriff’s office in the country, the Broward       that I supported you that day, I told your story and I will continue to tell it.

Sheriff’s Office is well known and widely recognized. I strive to do my best           Defense lawyers were undoubtedly thrilled when the news media

and I know that our 6,300 employees do, as well. I realize that when we              reported that BSO’s drunk driving cases were in jeopardy because tap

are less than perfect we are in for some criticism — after more than 30              water was used for monthly breathalyzer tests instead of distilled water.

years of public service I am aware of what comes with the territory.                 In May, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement determined that tap

  I want to remind you of a few recent incidents that local news media did           water made no difference. Not many news outlets ran the outcome.

not significantly cover when the Broward Sheriff’s Office was “exonerated”              And, when inmate Alvin Bell was complaining that deputies were

— yet while allegations were flying, these same stories generated big                beating him in the jail, news reporters were all over the story. After our

headlines and live coverage.                                                         deputies were cleared by independent investigation, the same reporters

  In March, a Margate apartment building went up in flames during a                  lost interest.

standoff between a holed-up gunman and our BSO SWAT team. Local                        I have always believed that a free press, as guaranteed by our

media were quick to blame our deputies for the inferno. Following an                 Constitution, is essential in a free society. In keeping with that ideal,

exhaustive investigation, the State Fire Marshal ruled last month that the           accuracy and fairness should never be too much to expect.

self-destructive, gun-firing suspect who had doused his apartment with                 It’s important that you — the men and women of the Broward Sheriff’s

                                              gasoline caused the building           Office – know how hard we work to provide timely, accurate information to

                                                    fire — not the BSO               the media. While I have no control over media reports, I can tell you that

                                                       SWAT team. BSO                I stand fully behind you and the exemplary work that you do every day

                                                         strongly conveyed           — and I will not stop telling your stories.

                                                          the conclusion               Thank you for the job you do — day in, day out — in this community.

                                                           to local media,           Your dedication and bravery are noted and very much appreciated.

                                                           but they were               So, now, you know the rest of the story …

                                                           not compelled

                                                           to put it on the

                                                         front page. I want

                                                         our SWAT team

                                                       members to know                 — Sheriff Ken Jenne

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BSO Babies                                                                           All in the Family
                                                                                     By Lynne Cunneen, Community and Media Relations
Congratulations to Dep. Tim Irvin of Countywide Operations and his
wife, Ruthie, as they celebrate the birth of their first child, Genesis Timia.
                                                                                        What with
Born on April 7th, little Genesis weighed six pounds, 10 ounces and
                                                                                     weddings and
measured 20 1/4 inches long.                                                         mergers, the
Another proud BSO grandpa! Dep. John Jenkins of the Courthouse is                    families just keep on
celebrating the birth of his grandson, Jake Edward. Jake was born on                 growing!
April 12th weighing four pounds, 15 ounces. Congratulations!                            Chief Roy
                                                                                     Liddicott from
Grandparents again! Meloide Sherman of the Chaplain’s Office and                     the Airport started
her husband, Kurt Sherman of DOD Maintenance, welcomed their                         his career in law
third grandchild, Frank Neil Morris, on April 15th. Baby Frank weighed               enforcement with
seven pounds, three ounces and measured 19 1/2 inches long.                          the City of North
Congratulations!                                                                     Lauderdale more
                                                                                     than 31 years ago,      Dep. Thomas Thyroff (left to right), Lt. John Thyroff,
Best wishes to Dep. Charles Barbot of the Conte Facility and his wife,               becoming a BSO          Chief Roy Liddicott and Dep. Chris Bernhardt
Huguette, on the birth of their son, Remi. Born on April 16th, Remi                  employee as a
weighed eight pounds, one ounce and measured 20 1/2 inches long.                     result of the 2001 merger. He has served in all areas of law enforcement
                                                                                     with the exception of the K9 unit. Chief Liddicott has three daughters, one
On April 19th, CSA Mario Calcagno of Port Everglades and his wife,                   grandson and has been married to his sweetheart, Karen, for 28 years. His
Rizalia, welcomed their baby boy, Giovanni. He weighed seven pounds,                 brother-in-law is Lt. John Thyroff from Port Everglades; it seems Chief
six ounces and was 21 inches long at birth. Best wishes!                             Liddicott and Lt. Thyroff married sisters! Lt. Thyroff married Kathy 33 years
                                                                                     ago and they have two sons. He has worked for BSO for 26 years and has
                                                                                     also worked in virtually all areas of law enforcement. Prior to joining BSO,
An early celebration! Congratulations to Karen Al-Dammagh of CPIS
                                                                                     he served at the Rochester Police Department.
and her husband, Paul, on the birth of their daughter, Brayla Kristina. She
                                                                                        Now here’s where the BSO family starts to grow: Dep. Chris Bernhardt
was born on April 17th (about three months early!) weighing one pound,
                                                                                     from Pompano Beach recently married Chief Liddicott’s daughter, Seana.
14 ounces and measuring 13 1/2 inches long.
                                                                                     He worked in Lauderhill prior to coming to BSO. Dep. Bernhardt has been
                                                                                     working side-by-side with Lt. Thyroff’s son, Dep. Thomas Thyroff. Dep.
The stork visited FF/PM Todd Brady of Fire Rescue and his wife,
                                                                                     Thyroff is a graduate of FSU and the 211th Police Academy. He joined
Kristina, for the first time on April 27th, delivering little Riley Elizabeth.
                                                                                     BSO in February 2004. That’s quite a family tree!
She weighed eight pounds, four ounces and measured 19 inches long.

Sgt. Rosa Farrington from the North Broward Bureau and her husband,
                                                                                     Breakfast With the Sheriff
Timothy, welcomed their son, Malik Xavier Farrington on March 21st.
Born at 6:20 p.m., Malik weighed eight pounds, 15 ounces and
measured 20 inches long. This is the happy couple’s second child.

                        The stork also recently paid a visit to Monica
                        Lynn (Lanza) Eaton from Communications and
                        her husband, Jody. They were blessed with five-
                        pound, four-ounce Ryen Lynn, who measured 18
                        inches long at her birth on February 6th. This was
                        a real touchdown for the family; it seems Ryen
                        arrived on Super Bowl Sunday!
Ryen Lynn Eaton

Congratulations to Kathy Risbridger-
Wilder of Pretrial Release on the birth of
her grandson, William Gordon Culberg,
on April 27th. William weighed in at six
pounds, 15 ounces and was 20 inches                                                  On Friday, April 22nd, Sheriff Ken Jenne’s longstanding tradition of inviting employees
long. Kathy’s son, Matthew, and his wife,                                            to join him for a monthly “Breakfast With the Sheriff ” continued. Those who attended
                                                                                     included (seated, left to right) Dep. Elaine Delpozzo, Countywide Operations; and Dep.
Staci Marie, are thrilled about the newest                                           Coryus D. Veal, Central Intake; (standing, left to right): Dep. Garvis Glen Gainey,
addition to the family.                                                              Cooper City; Dep. Stephen Bill, Pompano Beach; Dep. Jose Luis Campos, Weston/SW
                                                William Gordon Culberg is            Ranches; Dionne R. Scott, CPIS; Dep. Feroze Kahn, Stockade Facility; Dep. George
                                                pictured here being cuddled by       Williams, North Broward Bureau; and Dep. Adrian Prieto, North Broward Bureau.
                                                his great-grandmother, Evie.
Dear Sheriff Jenne
Thanks for the Loan                                                               BSO Makes Huge Burden Easier to Bear
  The City of Sunrise Fire-Rescue Department recently completed the                 Words cannot express the sincere and deep appreciation felt by
promotional examination for the position of rescue lieutenant. As part of         everyone at the National Forest and Grasslands in Texas for your help
the examination, we conducted an assessment center on April 8th and               following the recent helicopter crash that took the lives of Charles Edgar,
would like to thank you for providing an assessor on that day. Battalion          John Greeno and Jose Gonzalez. I know their loved ones also appreciate
Chief Rich Bramos was most helpful and professional in his contribution.          your thoughtfulness and selflessness during this trying time.
Please let us know if we can assist you in the future.                              I am humbled and fortunate to be associated with people who place
  Sincerely,                                                                      such a high regard on others. We consider you part of our extended family
  Norm Rynning                                                                    and your kind words and expressions of sympathy will not be forgotten.
  Deputy Chief                                                                      Again, thank you. Your contribution made the huge burden easier to
  Sunrise Fire-Rescue Department                                                  bear. I am proud of how you honored these men for their life, their work
                                                                                  and their ultimate sacrifice.
Pointing Out the Good                                                               Sincerely,
   On April 7, I had the misfortune of having a blowout at about 4 p.m. on          Fred Salinas
Powerline Road opposite Palm-Aire. Two separate cars with young men                 Forest Supervisor
stopped and offered to change my tire, but I had already called AAA for             National Forests and Grassland in Texas
road service.                                                                       Lufkin, Texas
   Then a sheriff’s deputy’s car pulled up behind my car with the lights
flashing. Dep. Gary Hauter of BSO’s Pompano Beach district came over              Making a Bad Situation Better
and asked me if I was all right. He remained with me until the AAA tow              In regards to my arrest that took place on March 21st at the Fort
truck arrived and took me to a tire center. Unfortunately, we always seem         Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, I would like to commend
to hear about the negative things, and this just points out the good in our       BSO Deputies, Troy Wilkins, Carl Scott, both from the Airport and Dep.
young people today. I sincerely thank the two young men and Dep. Hauter.          Michael Ware, Central Intake for the exceptional service they extended to
   (Editor’s Note: The above letter was originally featured in the Sun-Sentinel   me while doing their job.
Letters to the Editor on April 27, 2005. We felt it was worth repeating.)           Although being arrested was truly dismaying, the deputies treated
                                                                                  my situation and me with professionalism and they showed respect and
American Red Cross Appreciates BSO                                                compassion. I would like to extend my gratitude to these three deputies for
   On behalf of the people we helped through your support, the American           a job well done.
Red Cross, Broward County Chapter extends our deepest appreciation to               Sincerely,
the Broward Sheriff’s Office for supporting our disaster relief and recovery        Sasko Krstev
efforts for the victims of the Cross Creek and King’s Pointe multi-family
fires on March 14th and March 25th. Your extraordinary effort to support          Professional Actions Acknowledged
our relief operation was a magnificent expression of compassion and                 On behalf of the City of Plantation and the residents of Kings Point
concern for those so tragically affected by this disaster. We appreciate          Apartment complex, I wish to extend our sincere appreciation to your Fire
your willingness to put your caring and concern into action through the           Rescue department for its assistance in combating the challenging fire on
American Red Cross.                                                               March 24th.
   Supporters like BSO help the American Red Cross to fulfill its mission by        Although the fire severely damaged 16 units of the building, 47 units and
helping communities prepare for, respond to and mitigate disasters. On behalf     their occupants’ possessions were saved. This accomplishment was directly
of all those who have benefited from your support, we thank you for this          a result of your department’s quick response and their professional actions
outstanding contribution to the humanitarian work of the American Red Cross.      while working alongside the Plantation firefighters.
   Sincerely,                                                                       Please pass along our heartfelt appreciation to the members of your
   Jill A. Quick                                                                  department who responded to this incident, and thanks for a job well done!
   Emergency Services Director                                                      Sincerely,
                                                                                    Robert S. Pudney
Bad News, Good News                                                                 Fire Chief
  We were visiting from Fort Lauderdale from Texas recently when I                  City of Plantation
inadvertently locked my purse in my brother’s car at Butterfly World
(complete with keys, phone and everything else in it!). The good news,            Honoring One of Our Own
however, was that BSO was having its annual picnic by the entrance of               On behalf of the members of the Plantation Fire Department I extend
Tradewinds Park. Thank goodness! Members of the Fire Rescue team were             our sincere appreciation to your department’s participation in Plantation
kind enough to take time from their day off to come to my aid. Hoorah!            Firefighter Travis Long’s funeral procession on April 5th.
They got the car unlocked! They were all in a great mood and really                 It is heartwarming to know that firefighters can rely on others for support
seemed to enjoy their work! From what I could see, the SWAT team did an           in this time of need. Your department’s participation in the procession and
excellent job on their presentation at the picnic, too.                           the graveside services is deeply appreciated by our members.
  Thanks so very much for your kindness and help. You “done good” and               Please offer our gratitude to the members of your department who took
are greatly appreciated.                                                          the time to honor one of our fighters.
  Thank you, thank you!                                                             Sincerely,
  Jan Cook                                                                          Robert S. Pudney
                                                                                    Fire Chief
                                                                                    City of Plantation

                                                                                          BSO Biography
                                                                                          Sandra Hoke
                                                                                          Civil Deputy, Civil Division
                                                                                          Acquired by BSO:                         If I could have any job, I
                                                                                          December 1973                            would want to be:
                                                                                                                                   A news correspondent
                                                                                          To serve civil process                   If I had to sing a
                                                                                                                                   karaoke song, it
                                                                                          Born in:                                 would be:
                                                                                          Flint, Michigan on March 23rd            Crazy (although people would pay
                                                                                                                                   me not to sing!)
                                                                                          Currently living in:
                                                                                          Davie with my husband                    You can’t tell from
                                                                                                                                   looking at me that I:
                                                                                          Best decision I                          Used to show horses, specifically
                                                                                          ever made:                               jumpers
                                                                                          Marrying my husband 28 years ago
                                                                                                                                   Greatest fear:
                                                                                          Worst decision I                         Fire (my parents lost their home in
                                                                                          ever made:                               a fire)
                                                                                          Not finishing college
                                                                                                                                   Causes I most
                                                                                          In my spare time, I:                     believe in:
Mary Middleton (left) and Kimberly Williams are very thrilled about Probation’s new       Read, play cards and golf                Kids in Distress and the Majic 105
case management system.                                                                                                            (radio station) Children’s Fund
                                                                                          Best part of my job:
                                                                                                                                   Most treasured
Out With the Old,
                                                                                          Meeting interesting and unusual
                                                                                          people                                   possession:
                                                                                                                                   A picture of my grandparents’ 50th

In With the New                                                                           Education:
                                                                                          Broward Community College and
                                                                                                                                   wedding anniversary

By Juliette Shaw, Community Relations                                                     California State at Long Beach           Recent
  The Probation Division is ecstatic about their new case management                      Something you                            To England to
                                                                                          probably didn’t know                     visit friends
computer software. “We needed a change,” explains Administrative
                                                                                          about me:
Support Specialist Kimberly Williams with a smile. The new program                        I can cross-stitch

allows the Probation Division to keep a case history, thus eliminating the
                                                                                          My motto:
need to constantly reenter a probationer’s case history. Supervisors and                  Be nice to everyone

authorized employees can access up a case history, view the probation
                                                                                          Best advice I ever
officer’s notes and update it with additional case notes, if needed — all                 received:
                                                                                          Don’t gossip
with just the click of a mouse.

  The new program offers many shortcuts, one of which is the automatic                    My heroes:
                                                                                          The Apollo 13 astronauts and Bill
generation of appointment letters. This feature is a big time-saver for
the case manager, because each of the letters previously had to be

hand-written. The software also allows for a photo to be saved in the file,
                                                                                          Movie that best
                                                                                          describes my life:
which saves time from having to access an additional program to obtain                    Breakfast at Tiffany’s
a photo. “The new program reduces error rates and gives us a plethora
                                                                                          Best word to
of updated information and shortcuts — all at our fingertips,” says                       describe me:
Probation Manager Debra Lesniak.                                                          Outgoing
                                                                                                                          Civil Dep. Sandra Hoke

Broward Named Motor Mojo
Florida’s First
“Heart Safe”
  The Florida American Heart Association
recently named Broward County Florida’s first
“Heart Safe” community, thanks in great part to     The Motor Unit recently met with Sheriff Ken Jenne to present their trophies. Pictured here from left to right: Dep.
                                                    Kevin Anderson, Dep. Donnie Jackson, Captain Tony Varona, Sgt. Peter Geary, Dep. Bill Cox, Dep. Marty Chastain,
a 10-year effort spearheaded by the Broward         Dep. Mario Potvin, Dep. Doug Fitzgerald, Dep. Mike Fazio, Dep. Kerry Justice, Sheriff Ken Jenne, Dep. Warren Peltz,
Sheriff’s Office Department of Fire Rescue.         Dep. Steve Rossman, Sgt. Kevin McNesby, Dep. Donald Kirby III, Dep. Gary Fischer, Dep. Sam Pagano, Dep. Mark
                                                    Anniballi, Dep. Joe Ring, Dep. Terry Hanstein, Dep. Javier Morales, Dep. Mike Pianelli, Dep. Mike Powell and Dep.
  In partnership with a myriad of agencies,         Allen Adkins.
the department has tirelessly endeavored to
advocate public access defibrillation (PAD). In     Congratulations to BSO’s Motor Unit for its exceptional
1996, the department began advocating for the       achievement at the 2005 Motorcycle Rodeo:
placement of community-based defibrillation to
coincide with the American Heart Association’s      Overall Team
standards endorsing widespread PAD. To date,        1st Place: Sgt. Peter Geary, Dep. Kevin Anderson, Dep. Mike Fazio and Dep. Steve Rossman
BSO’s program has advocated, fostered, trained      3rd Place: Dep. Doug Fitzgerald, Dep. Art Licata, Dep. Mike Pianelli and Dep. Mark Shafer
and placed approximately 460 automated              5th Place: Dep. Marty Chastain, Dep. Gary Fischer, Dep. Terry Hanstein and Dep. Kerry Justice
external defibrillators (AED) throughout the
county. These venues include, but are not           Overall Individual
limited to:                                         1st Place: Dep. Mike Fazio
• Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International           5th Place: Dep. Kevin Anderson
• Port Everglades terminals                         Team Slow Ride
• regional courthouses                              1st Place: Dep. Mike Fazio, Dep. Art Licata, Dep. Mike Pianelli and Dep. Steve Rossman
• libraries
                                                    3rd Place: Sgt. Peter Geary, Dep. Kevin Anderson, Dep. Mike Elwell and Dep. Mark Shafer
• parks
• homeless centers and homeless assistance
                                                    Individual Slow Ride
                                                    5th Place: Dep. Mike Fazio
• Tri-Rail commuter trains
• police cars and substations
                                                    Bronfman Challenge
• schools
                                                    [This challenge is named after a generous benefactor who donates money to charity in the name of
• governmental centers
                                                    the deputy or officer that wins the Bronfman Challenge.]
• public safety buildings
                                                    1st Place: Dep. Mike Fazio
• alcohol treatment centers
• trauma services offices
• environmental offices
                                                    Division Two (Harley Davidson with a windshield)
                                                    1st Place: Dep. Mike Fazio
  In addition, the department was
recommended for approximately $110,000 in           5th Place: Dep. Kevin Anderson

grant monies for placing AEDs on mass transit
and the public waterbus.                            Riders Over 50 Years of Age
  This honor isn’t the first for BSO’s Department   1st Place: Sgt. Peter Geary
of Fire Rescue; in 2003, the agency earned          3rd Place: Dep. Bill Cox
the honor of being named the National Heart
Safe Community Award winner, a distinction
bestowed by the International Association of
Fire Chiefs.                                                                                           BSO’s Motor Unit made an impressive appearance at the recent
                                                                                                       Motorcycle Rodeo.

 BSO                                  Stars for April
                                      By Lynne Cunneen, Community and Media Relations

   Dep. Clarence “Andy” Blaszyk of Central                                                                                    When a call came in to Communications about
Broward is known for his keen observation skills.                                                                           a two-year old child found floating in a pool,
While on patrol recently, he noticed a suspicious                                                                           time was of the essence.
male loitering; this “loitering and prowling” stop                                                                            Communications Operator Sopi Mitil gave CPR
turned into a multiple case closure with stolen                                                                             instructions to on-scene bystanders, while others
                                                                                                                            dispatched units from BSO’s Fire Rescue Station
property recovered.
                                                                                                                            37, Engine 237 and units from BSO’s Lauderdale
   A little more than a week later, Dep. Blaszyk                                                                            Lakes District. Deputies were the first to arrive
responded to a domestic disturbance dispute,                                                                                on scene and immediately began CPR on the
which resulted in the search for an armed                                                                                   toddler. When Fire Rescue units responded, the
suspect and an established perimeter. Paying                                                                                child had no pulse and was unresponsive. FF/PM
close attention to the “be on the lookout”                                                                                  Joseph Habib successfully intubated the child,
supplied by Communications, Dep. Blaszyk was                                                                                while FF/PM Bertha Jenkins inserted an IV to
able to identify and apprehend the suspect.                                                                                 administer drugs. All advance life support (ALS)
It was later determined that the suspect was                                                                                procedures and protocols were successful. Due
armed with a plastic replica weapon.                                                                                        to the efforts of everyone involved, the young
   Dep. Blaszyk’s adherence to protocol ensures                                                                             patient is alive and fighting to recover.
                                                                                                                               The combined skillfulness, professionalism
no one gets injured and leads to the capture
                                                                                                                            and tireless efforts of BSO’s Communications,
of criminals. For his efforts, he was named the                                                                             Fire Rescue and Law Enforcement professionals
Central Broward Employee of the Month for                                                                                   during a highly stressful incident saved a life. For
April.                                                        Dep. Elijah Rodgers, Central Intake                           their heroic efforts, Acting Battalion Chief John
                                                                                                                            O’Berry, Lt. John Lang, Lt. Jonathan Termo,
                                   Dep. Andy Blaszyk,           When a suspect was brought into Central                     D/E Terry Faraone, FF Donald Parrish, FF/PM
                                   Central Broward            Intake recently on a robbery charge, there was                Joseph Habib, FF/PM Bertha Jenkins and
                                                              no physical evidence tying the suspect to the                 Communications Operator III Sopi Mitil were
                                                              crime — only an eyewitness account to implicate               named Countywide Operations Employees of
                                                              the suspect.                                                  the Month for April.
                                                                Dep. Elijah Rodgers of Central Intake                         [Editors Note: The following deputies from
                                                              conducted a full search of the suspect and his                Lauderdale Lakes are also credited for saving
                                                              clothing. He noticed a small bulge in the back                this toddler’s life and were named the district
                                                              of the suspect’s left shoe. Dep. Rodgers threw                employees of the month for May: Deputies
                                                                                                                            James Plante, Scott Schaefer and Marcus
                                                              the suspect’s shoes to the ground to dislodge
                                                              anything that might be in them. When one of
                                                              the shoes dropped, he heard a jingle, giving
                                                              him cause to dismantle the back of the shoe
                                                              where he found a gold chain wrapped in tissue.
                                                              Without the gold chain, there was no physical
                                                              evidence of the robbery. The detectives who
                                                              arrested the suspect were appreciative of Dep.
                                                              Rodgers’ findings.
                                                                Dep. Rodgers consistently conducts
                                                              thorough searches and remains cognizant of
                                                              his surroundings. His dedication to duty and
                                                              understanding of the importance of security has               Lt. Jonathan Termo, (left to right) FF/PM Joseph Habib, FF/
                                                              proven him a valuable asset to the Central Intake             PM Bertha Jenkins, Acting Battalion Chief John O’Berry and
                                                              Unit and earned him the April Employee of the                 Communications Operator III Sopi Mitil. Not pictured are FF
                                                              Month honors.                                                 Donald Parrish, Lt. John Lang and D/E Terry Faraone.

Employees of the Month — April 2005
Department of Law Enforcement                 • Deputies Luis Rivera and Adam Rubin,             John Lang, Lt. Jonathan Termo, D/E        • Mary Jo Williamson, In-Custody
• Deputies John McCabe and Christopher          Lauderdale Lakes                                 Terry Faraone, FF Donald Parrish, FF/PM     Treatment*
  Ortis, Airport                              • Dep. Nicholas Talarico, North Lauderdale         Joseph Habib, FF/PM Bertha Jenkins        • Beverly Seto, Inmate Classification Unit
• Dep. Clarence “Andy” Blaszyk, Central       • Dep. Holly Tucker, Oakland Park                  and Communications Operator III Sopi      • Dep. Thomas Amerson, Main Jail
  Broward                                     • Dep. Jorge Bonilla, Parkland                     Mitil, Countywide Operations              • Deps. Marilyn Williams and Karen
• Deputies Samuel Samaroo and Joseph          • Dep. Julio Rodriguez, Pembroke Park/           • Capt. Sharon Snyder, EMS Operations         Anderson, North Broward Bureau
  Gautieri, Civil Division                      West Park                                      • Lisa Muggeo, Fire Marshal’s Bureau        • Sandra Estenoz, Pretrial Release*
• Arline Kammerer, Tangela Boston,            • Deps. Christopher Bernhardt and Pedro          • D/E Kevin Kenney, Port Everglades         • Sylvia Perez, Probation Division*
  Shedly Casseus, Yolanda Damiano,              Cordero, Pompano Beach                         • Lt. Roy Antonucci, Lt. Philip             • Dep. Donald Randell, Sheriff’s North Jail
  Kristin Huber and Cassie Pietranton,        • CSA Ava Rattray, Port Everglades                 Chamberlain, FF/PM William Fucci, FF/     • Dep. Nathieo Jackson, Stockade Facility
  Communications                              • Dep. James Lee, Tamarac                          PM Stephen Kinsley and FF/PM James
• Cmdr. Gary Palmer, Lt. Barry DeRose, Lt.    • Veronica Love, Warrants                          Shetter, Weston                           Department of Administration
  Robert Manfre, Sgt. Ramon Collazo, Sgt.     • Dep. Mouda Mashnouk, Weston/SW                                                             • Irina Povolotskaya and Dorothy
  William Berthiaume and Sgt. Michael           Ranches                                        Department of Detention and Community         Mancebo, BIRM
  Rosenthal, Court Services                                                                    Control                                     • Dep. Charles Gilbert, ICJS*
• Dep. Christopher Lewellen, Cooper City      Department of Fire Rescue and                    • Dep. Elijah Rodgers, Central Intake       • Dep. George McCord, ICJS/Training
• Nixon Leonard, CPIS                         Emergency Services                               • Dep. Orlando Muniz-Bueno, Conte
• Dep. Christopher De Giovanni, Dania         • Batt. Chief Thomas Mitchell, Airport             Facility                                  *Denotes quarterly employee of the month
  Beach                                       • Lt. Omar Valiente and FF/PM Thomas             • Lynne Levine, Day Reporting and Reentry   (January - March 2005)
• Dep. Robert Kahn, Deerfield Beach             Gasbarro, Cooper City                            Division*
• Dep. Guntis Treijs, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea   • Acting Battalion Chief John O’Berry, Lt.       • Sandra Shields-Dutton, Drug Court*

Longevity of Service Awards
The Broward Sheriff’s Office is pleased to congratulate the following employees for reaching a milestone of service during the month of April:

5-Year Award                                          Dep. Richard Hoffman, Dania Beach; Dep.                  Scott Buss, North Broward Bureau; Lt. John
Joan Alexander, Human Resources; Maritza              Timothy Irvin, Countywide Operations; Marvin             Callaghan, North Broward Bureau; Dep. William
Beckford, Purchasing; Jessie Castillo, Pompano        Miller, Crime Lab; Jean Jordan-Mitchell,                 Garrison, Civil Division; Sgt. Van Hamlin,
Beach; Kinya Coleman, Inmate Property;                Drug Court; Dep. Donald Kirby, Weston/SW                 Central Broward; Dep. Terriace Hester, Court
Yolanda Damiano, Communications; Janice               Ranches; Dep. Robert Palumbo, Oakland Park;              Services; Sgt. Frank Hinkle, Dania Beach;
Dougherty, Port Everglades; Steven Florio,            Court Dep. Andrew Panico, Courthouse; Dep.               Dep. Kendall Kerrigan, Civil Division; Lt.
DOD Support Services; Stephen Gude, Inmate            Debra Robinson, Cooper City; Court Dep.                  Lauri Marino, Staff Inspections; Sgt. Robin
Banking; Dep. Roger Haberman, Training; Dep.          Albert Rosen, Courthouse; Dep. Jose Setien,              McCormes, Main Jail; Sgt. Irene McPhaul,
Robin Jones, Main Jail; Donnamarie Madden,            Deerfield Beach; and Dep. Rhonda Wardlaw,                Central Intake; Sandra Moss, Pompano Beach;
Inmate Banking; Dep. Jeffrey Mellies, Criminal        Port Everglades.                                         Dep. Leo Schappert, Countywide Operations;
Investigations; Shanika Mulkey, Main Jail; Irina                                                               and Dep. Albert Smith, Criminal Investigations.
Povolotskaya, BIRM; Dep. Mark Sallins, Conte          15-Year Award
Facility; Wendy Seiden, Communications;               Dep. Donnie Bostic, Main Jail; Dep. Pieter               25-Year Award
Meloide Sherman, DOD Management; Mary                 Bryant, Central Intake; Arlene Coopersmith,              FF Sebastian Aloi, Fire Rescue; Dep. Richard
Sue Smith, Airport; Valerie Ward, Parkland;           Crime Lab; Dep. Susan Edgar, Sheriff’s North             Askintowicz, Criminal Investigations; Lt. John
and Dep. James White, Oakland Park.                   Jail; Lt. Willie Ford, North Broward Bureau;             Burton, Fire Rescue; Dep. Joseph Hoffman,
                                                      Catherine Fulton, Pompano Beach; Dep.                    Deerfield Beach; D/E Kevin Kenney, Fire
10-Year Award                                         Alfred Guastalli, North Broward Bureau; Janet            Rescue; Vanessa Koushel, Records; FF
Dep. Craig Bachan, Criminal Investigations;           Kearse, Probation; Anna Letizia, Courthouse;             Charles Morris, Fire Rescue; Ann Pasternak,
Donna-Riche Black, Communications; Dep.               Dep. Harry Munniksma, Port Everglades; Dep.              Professional Compliance; Capt. Richard Scheff,
Winston Blackman, Countywide Operations;              Anthony Smiley, Central Intake; Sgt. Pete                Countywide Operations; and Denise Stockdale,
Lt. Philip Chamberlain, Fire Rescue; FF/PM            Sudler, Central Broward; Dep. Kevin Trollinger,          Records.
Joseph Costanzo, Fire Rescue; Dannette                Central Intake; and Dep. William Wall, North
Estes, DODCC Administration; Sgt. Frederick           Broward Bureau.                                          30-Year Award
Ferrara, Parkland; Court Dep. Edgar Fielding,                                                                  Batt. Chief John Cotton, Fire Rescue; FF/PM
Courthouse; Sgt. Holly Greene, Dania Beach;           20-Year Award                                            Stephen Hookstra, Fire Rescue; and Batt. Chief
Dep. Elias Guadalupe, Countywide Operations;          Sgt. Russell Budden, Marine Unit; Dep.                   Joseph Hosford, Fire Rescue.

With Our Deepest Sympathies
Sheriff Ken Jenne and the entire BSO organization extend deepest sympathies to the following employees on the recent loss of their loved ones:

Battalion Chief Kelli Allen,             Dep. David Kimbrough,                       Vera Reynolds, Main Jail              Meloide Sherman, Chaplain’s Office
Fire Rescue                              Central Intake                              (mother Shirley Johnson; Mrs.         (mother Joan Mayhew; Mrs.
(mother Barbara Joan Woodard)            (father Herman Kimbrough)                   Johnson was also the grandmother      Mayhew was also the mother-in-law
                                                                                     of Dep. Derek Johnson, North          of Kurt Sherman, Maintenance)
Dep. Dawna Austin-Gaines,                Dep. Barsolino LeConte, Main Jail           Broward Bureau)
Central Intake                           (grandmother Virginia Fontaine)                                                   Sgt. Anthony Thompson,
(father Willie Lee Austin; Mr. Austin                                                Dep. Neal Richter, Airport            Central Intake
   was also the father-in-law of Dep.    Dep. Richard Lee, Jr.,                      (father Al Richter)                   (sister Janice Bryant)
   Tommy Gaines, Main Jail)              Central Intake
                                         (father Richard Lee, Sr.; Mr. Lee           Maj. Willis Robinson,                 Lt. Mike Tocco and
Dep. Bernadette Brinkley,                was also the grandfather of Dep.            DOD Management                        Sgt. Steve Tocco, Conte Facility
North Broward Bureau                     Frederick Lee, Countywide                   (mother Mattie Robinson; Mrs.         (grandfather Salvatore Tocco)
(grandmother Florence Holloway)          Operations)                                 Robinson was also the grandmother
                                                                                     of Darcelle Robinson,                 Detention Aide Melinda White,
Dep. Kristy Frederick,                   Tracy Lofton, Inmate Property               Communications)                          Sheriff’s North Jail
Cooper City                              (mother Elnora Lofton)                                                            (stepmother Cynthia Graham)
(grandmother Phyllis Nell Martin)                                                    Dep. Steve Rossman,
                                         Dep. Richard Long,                          Deerfield Beach                       John Yanni, Crime Lab
Derek Granata, Classification Unit       Lauderdale-By-The Sea                       (father-in-law Clifford Applegate)    (son Douglas Yanni, Sr.)
(grandfather Henry Bremer)               (father John William Long, Jr.)
                                                                                     Dep. Michael Samad, Main Jail         We also regret the passing of:
Dep. Yolanda Hobbs-Pickering,            Civil Dep. Patricia Loughan                 and Sandy Samad, Criminal
Main Jail                                (father Frederic Charles Pearce, Sr.)       Investigations                        Dep. John Andrews, Sr., DOD
(mother-in-law Emelda Lewis Pickering)                                               (brother William Samad)               (retired)
                                         Sgt. Ed McCardle,                                                                 Manny Berkowitz, Civil (retired)
Rony Jacob, Probation                    Criminal Investigations                                                           Dep. David Farnsworth,
(grandmother Elidia Richard)             (mother Ann Dom)                                                                  Courthouse (retired)

Making a Difference                                                                      BSO Shows Support for
in Iraq                                                                                  Employees Serving in
By Juliette Shaw, Community and Media Relations
                                                                                         National Guard
                                                                                         By Juliette Shaw, Community and Media Relations

Pictured along with some of the items donated for shipment to Iraq are: Col. James
Wimberly, Capt. Antone Bradley, Sgt. Patrick Lambert, Maj. Winnifred McPherson,
Lt. Marques Gibson, Lt. Madelaina Garrison, Lt. Col. Rick Frey, Capt. William            Frank Scruggs (seated, left to right), Vice-President of Human Resources for Office Depot
Hitchcock, Capt. Mary Kopp, Capt. William Lawhorn, Capt. Walter Laun.                    of Delray Beach; Jeff Crowe, Chief Executive Officer of Landstar System of Jacksonville;
                                                                                         Mel Hall, Chief Executive Officer of Comprehensive Health Services at Kennedy Space
   A few years have past since                                                           Center; BSO Maj. Larry Rogers; and George Cadman, Chairman of the Board at
Lt. Colonel Rick Frey attended
                                       Dear Family and Friends:                          Baptist Health of South Florida during the signing ceremony held in conjunction with
                                                                                         the McDonald’s National Salute to America’s Heroes.
the FBI National Academy in               A special thank you to the Broward
Quantico, Virginia, where he           Sheriff’s Office (Lt. Col. Rick Frey and             Maj. Larry Rogers of DLE Patrol Services signed a “5-Star” Statement
developed a friendship with a          crew), The Two Prayers Group, The                 of Support for the Guard and Reserve on Thursday, April 28th during a
U.S. Army officer named Ross           Galvan family and the Wholean family              ceremony held in conjunction with the McDonald’s National Salute to
Guieb. Even though these                                                                 America’s Heroes. The statement of support confirmed that BSO publicly
                                       for all the donations to the Mother
friends are worlds apart, they still of Theresa Orphanage. I will tell you               supports its employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve. At
keep in contact and try to make                                                          press time, BSO has 14 active military personnel.
                                       it was one of the most fulfilling days               Those who are a part of the 5 Star Statement of Support review their
a difference in people’s lives.
                                       for some of our soldiers. I hope and              organizations’ human resources policies to ensure compliance with the
   Last month, Lt. Colonel Frey
                                       pray that you are all in good health              Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act Law
received an e-mail from Ross,                                                            (USERRA); promote training for managers and supervisors to effectively
who wanted to share a little           and spirits. Thank you again for all the
                                                                                         manage its employees who serve in the Guard and Reserve; adopt polices
bit of his travels in Baghdad,         support.
                                                                                         and programs that are “Above and Beyond” what is required by the
where he is currently stationed.          Yours always,                                  USERRA Law; advocate for employee service in the National Guard and
“Yesterday, I visited the Order of        Ross T. Guieb                                  Reserve; and help to promote the mission of Employer Support of the
Mother Theresa Orphanage in               MAJ, MP                                        Guard and Reserve (ESGR). The ESGR is a Department of Defense agency
Baghdad, a facility for “special          S3, TF 720                                     established in 1972; its mission is to gain and maintain active support from
needs” children. All of the               Camp Rustamiyah, Iraq                          all public and private employers for the men and women of the National
children that I met here are all so                                                      Guard and Reserve.
                                          “Soldiers of the Gauntlet”

                                                                                         Educators Help Inmates
loving. There are seven nuns who
tend to the 25 children and they
do an outstanding job and have a strong compassion for what they do,”
Ross writes.
   Upon reading this e-mail, Lt. Colonel Frey took it upon himself to
start a donation drive at the Main Jail for the “special needs” children
                                                                                         Receive GEDs
                                                                                            Sheriff Ken Jenne recently thanked the numerous Broward County
to whom Ross referred. Many BSO employees took the time to donate                        School Board teachers and assistants who help inmates to receive
much-needed goods,                                                                       their GEDs while in jail. During the 2004/2005 school year, these
including diapers, wipes,                                                                educators assessed 551 students. Of those,
bandages, vitamins, etc.                                                                 73% passed the math portion, 87%
Along with the needed                                                                    passes the writing portion, 90%
supplies, a total of $316                                                                passed the social studies portion
in cash was donated, as                                                                  and 94% passed the science
well. Afghans and quilts                                                                 portion. Sixty percent
hand-made by Fire Rescue                                                                 of the students passed
                                                                                         all portions and were
Deputy Chief Wayne
                                                                                         awarded their GEDs. This
Mailliard’s wife, Donna, will
                                                                                         is a perfect example of a
add to the comfort of these                                                              great partnership at work
children. Thanks to all who                                                              to improve all of Broward
participated for helping to     BSO received a grateful thanks from the troops who       County.
make a difference in the        requested donations for the orphanage in Baghdad.
lives of many.
Institute for Criminal Justice Studies Graduates
10th Academy Class
By Major Timothy Gillette, ICJS Director

                                                                                                                                     A Special Thanks...
                                                                                                                                     and appreciation are extended to the
                                                                                                                                     following BSO staff members who provided
                                                                                                                                     valuable training and assistance to Detention
                                                                                                                                     Academy Class #10:

                                                                                                                                     Captain Antone Bradley, Conte
                                                                                                                                     Lt. Mike Bechard, ICJS
                                                                                                                                     Lt. James Bishop, Fire Rescue
                                                                                                                                     Sgt. William Carter, ICJS
                                                                                                                                     Sgt. Tim Langelier, Training
                                                                                                                                     Sgt. Howard Martzall, Training
                                                                                                                                     Sgt. William Pennypacker, Training
                                                                                                                                     Dep. Jean Bernard Amedee, ICJS
                                                                                                                                     Dep. Scott Ashley, Training
Members of BSO’s 10th ICJS Academy class included (front row, left to right): Ernie Williams, Juan Balceiro, Wilinne Renard,
Marva Richards, David Snyder (second row, left to right): Victor Flores, Richard Landis, Eric Colon, Kenneth Giles (back row, left   Dep. Scott Bures, Training
to right): Leroy McDowell, Lincoln Smith, Julie Keaton, Walter Shephard, Jr., Bruce Budwig, Lawrence Donovan, Eduardo Chavez,
                                                                                                                                     Dep. Richard Leitner, Crime Scene
Brian Kimotek, Gerard Matos, Barbara Laing, Alricka D’Oyley, Carlos Villalona, Derek Diaz and Nicole Graves.
                                                                                                                                     Dep. Kelly Masi-Klepser, ICJS
  On April 28th, BSO’s Institute for Criminal Justice           requirements for graduation. He recognized them                      Dep. George McCord, Training
Studies (ICJS) celebrated the graduation of its                 for coming together as a team and helping each                       Dep. Freddy Scott, Training
10th detention academy class with yet another                   other meet the many demands and challenges                           Field Training Dep. Michael Bilodeau,
inspirational ceremony at the African American                  they experienced in the academy. He also                               Main Jail
Research and Library Cultural Center in Fort                    acknowledged the many sacrifices they made                           Field Training Dep. Christopher Brinson,
Lauderdale. Approximately 300 family members                    and assured the audience that the class would                          Stockade Facility
and friends gathered at the evening event to honor              continue its commitment to providing the very                        Field Training Dep. Philip Cerulli,
the 23 graduates for successfully completing their              best service possible. On behalf of the class, he
                                                                                                                                       Stockade Facility
basic training academy. Col. James Wimberly                     presented plaques to the class advisor, Dep. Jean
                                                                                                                                     Field Training Dep. Charles Gilbert,
and numerous command staff members from the                     Bernard Amedee, and the ICJS staff members in
                                                                                                                                       Main Jail
Department of Detention and Community Control                   appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication
                                                                                                                                     Field Training Dep. Pam Gore, Main Jail
were on-hand to personally recognize and honor                  in training the class.
                                                                                                                                     Field Training Dep. James Gosnell,
the graduates. Maj. James Clonch served as the                    During the ceremony, ICJS academy commander
                                                                                                                                       Conte Facility
principal speaker and commended the graduates                   Lt. Mike Bechard recognized the graduates for
for their outstanding accomplishment in completing              the “blood, sweat and tears” they put into their                     Field Training Dep. Fred Lindeman,

their academy training; he encouraged them to                   academy training and wished them the best in their                     Conte Facility
“control their future” by demonstrating a strong                future endeavors. The graduates became the sixth                     Field Training Dep. George Orband,
work ethic and continuing their education. He                   consecutive ICJS academy class to achieve a 100%                       Conte Facility
also emphasized the importance of demonstrating                 pass rate on the state certification exam on the                     Terrence Lynch, Legal Affairs
leadership by maintaining the code of ethics,                   first attempt. Top performers in the class included                  Patricia Windowmaker,
taking an active role in the community, striving for            Dep. Juan Balceiro (“Sheriff’s Excellence” award),                     Sheriff’s Administration
perfection, being enthusiastic in their work and                Dep. Kenneth Giles (“Outstanding Achievement in                      Judy Couwels, EAP
being loyal to their profession.                                Academics” award), Dep. David Snyder (“Physical                      Debbie McGonigle, ICJS
  Class president Dep. Kenneth Giles gave the                   Training” award), Dep. Derek Diaz (“Firearms                         BSO Honor Guard
class response; he commended his classmates                     Proficiency” award) and Dep. Gerard Matos
                                                                                                                                     Police Pipes and Drum Corps
for their hard work and efforts in meeting the                  (“Company Commander” award).

Fire Rescue Explorer Program Graduates 15
By Lt. Michael Kane, Fire Rescue and Emergency Services

   On Sunday, April 30th, BSO’s Department of Fire                                                                               Congratulations,
Rescue Explorer Program graduated 15 new recruits                                                                                Fire Rescue
from its “First Responder” medical training program.                                                                             Explorer Grads!
   During a six-week period, Explorer recruits met
                                                                                                                                 Scott Allen
one day per weekend at the Public Safety Building
                                                                                                                                 David Alvarez
and trained alongside seasoned veterans of the Fire
Rescue Division. They learned skills and techniques                                                                              Daniel Bidney
for treating respiratory, cardiac and obstetrical                                                                                Andreas Colon
emergencies, as well as trauma — just to name                                                                                    Steven D’Andrea
a few. Classroom education included Powerpoint
                                                                                                                                 Nicholas Fatjo
presentations as well as many hours of hands-on
                                                                                                                                 Jordan Jurgrau
scenario-based skills stations. All studies were
taught under the guidance of Lt. Michael Kane with                                                                               Corey Ledbetter
assistance from FF/PM Joseph Habib and FF/PM                                                                                     Edward Marlowe
Chris Gillman. All educators involved in the Explorer                                                                            John Newton
program teach off-duty and on their own time. In                                                                                 Ryan Rasberry
total, the Explorers received more than 56 hours of
                                                                                                                                 Franklin Smith
free training.
   With their newly acquired education, the new                                                                                  Aaron Solomon
recruits now have the ability to continue their                                                                                  Omar Valiente
career development skills and will soon ride                                                                                     Luis Villacampa
alongside departmental firefighters and paramedics
on real emergency calls. Their education will
continue throughout the year to include such fire-
based training as fire attack, ventilation, building
construction, extrication and rappelling.

BSO Participates in Corrections Equipment
Donation Effort to Haiti
  In a combined effort with the American Correctional Association (ACA),           Haiti is the poorest
Institute for Criminal Justice Healthcare’s Health Through Walls program         country in the Western
and the Florida Department of Corrections, the Broward Sheriff’s Office          Hemisphere with more
recently participated in an effort to donate correctional equipment and          than two-thirds of the
                                                 supplies to the Haitian         workforce unemployed.
                                                 Prison Authority.               More than 2.8% of the
                                                    “Haiti is not only our       adult population is infected
                                                 neighbor, but our law           with HIV — the highest
                                                 enforcement partner,” says      prevalence of that disease
                                                 Sheriff Ken Jenne. “These       in the Caribbean. Health
                                                 donations will mean so          conditions impact the
                                                 much to the Prison Authority,   inmate population in Haitian prisons in even greater numbers. The Haitian
                                                 and I’m proud the Broward       Prison Authority operates 15 facilities throughout the country with a
                                                 Sheriff’s Office can help.”     population of nearly 2,200 inmates.
                                                 Florida Department of             Items donated included computer equipment, medical supplies,
                                                 Corrections Secretary James     sanitation products, an x-ray machine and equipment for the prison
                                                 V. Crosby, Jr., concurs. “Our   infirmary. BSO and the Florida Department of Corrections collected the
                                                 officers understand the         donated items and helped coordinate their delivery to Haitian prison
                                                 danger of being without the     officials in late May. Financing for these shipments was made available
supplies they need. The profession of corrections creates a brotherhood          through the Green Family Foundation of Miami and Armor Correctional
and sisterhood and that is why we always try to respond when we are              Health Services.
called upon.”

How BSO’s Use of Force Review Committee
By Capt. Keith Neely, Main Jail and Capt. William Lawhorn, Compliance Unit

   In an effort to establish consistency throughout the six various commands       Statistical Data
in reviewing situations involving subject control, the Department of Detention       With the extra level of scrutiny this committee brings, it’s understandable
implemented the Use-of-Force Review Committee in the Fall of 2004. The             that concern would arise. The committee has recognized this and works
committee was established to ensure that all applications of subject control       diligently to identify and recognize those deputies and supervisors who
in the Department of Detention — including the use of security equipment           perform exemplary in use-of-force incidents. This includes the use-of-
— are in accordance with Florida State Statute, Policy and Procedure and           force event and the all-important documentation that accompanies it.
DOD Standard Operating Procedure. The committee is comprised of all                Moreover, all deputies need to be commended for their daily efforts
DOD captains, one representative from the Office of Professional Compliance        quelling incidents and keeping our jails orderly. In reviewing the number
and one representative from Training; it is chaired by the Commander of            of 2004 use-of-force incidents, some interesting facts were noted. All total,
the Compliance Unit. On May 12th, the Executive Director of the FOPE was           there were 568 use-of-force incidents, of which the Office of Professional
implemented as another component of the review committee.                          Compliance investigated 59 incidents with the following results:
                                                                                   • 34 exonerated — alleged actions occurred but were lawful and proper
The Committee’s Role                                                               • 17 unfounded — allegations are false or not supported by facts
   This committee was designed to provide a supplemental review to                 • three sustained — evidence sufficient to prove allegation
existing measures. It is not the function of the review committee to make          • five pending
determinations as to whether policy, procedure or law has been violated,             Since its inception, the Use of Force Review Committee has met seven
but rather to analytically review all use-of-force reports based upon policy,      times and reviewed a total of 310 use of subject control reports. Of these
recommendations from case law, recommendations from federal expert                 reports, 117 were referred back to commands for better documentation
witnesses and to consider whether the actions of detention staff in the            and corrective action or to Professional Compliance for further inquiry.
application of subject control require training for poor documentation,
training in the application of control, counseling and/or further investigation.   Identifying Training Opportunities
The committee may consider — among other factors — the judgment                      In addition to the above statistics, the Use-of-Force Review Committee
used by detention staff in the application of control, such as whether other       recommended and created a use of force training video, which depicts
less restrictive alternatives existed or the control used was necessary and        scenarios for the proper and improper use of force. This video was filmed
appropriate to accomplish legitimate correctional objectives.                      within a detention facility and displays total scenarios ranging from the
                                                                                   use of interpersonal communication skills to the deployment of a cell
Recommendations the Committee May Make                                             extraction team.
  As a result of these reviews, the Use of Force Review Committee may                One recommendation from the Use-of-Force Review Committee was for
make recommendations for changes to policy and/or procedure, changes               the Training Division to develop a remedial training course. This remedial
to the training curriculum, issuance of training bulletins, referral of use-       course was designed as a tool for the commands and for the committee
of-force incidents to command for counseling and/or remedial training              to refer an individual who displays a pattern of behavior that is contrary to
and referral of use-of-force incidents to command and/or the Office of             the detention philosophy in the application of subject control, a pattern of
Professional Compliance for further review and investigation.                      poor documentation or as an initial means of corrective action.

BSO Celebrates National Telecommunications Week
  National Public Safety Telecommunications week was celebrated                Who am I?
April 10th through the 16th. During that week, we offered thanks and           By Tracy Cameron, Orlando Fire Department
recognition to all of BSO’s Communications Operators for their skill,          • I am the voice that calms the mother into             • I was there, though unseen by my comrades in
expertise and commitment to providing rapid and critical emergency               breathing life back into her infant son who             the field, during the most-trying emergencies.
                                                                                 momentarily stopped breathing.                        • I have tried to visualize the scene to coincide
response every day. We hope you enjoy these scenes from that                   • I am the invisible hand that holds and comforts         with the voices I heard. I usually am not privy to
celebration. Keep up the excellent work!                                         the elderly man who woke up this morning to             the outcome of a call, and so I wonder...
                                                                                 find his wife of 50 years had passed away during      • I am the one who works weekends, strange shifts
                                                                                 the night.                                              and holidays.
                                                                               • I am the friend who talks the disgruntled             • Children do not say they want my job when they
                                                                                 teenager out of ending her own life.                    grow up. Yet, I am at this vocation by choice.
                                                                               • I sent help when you had your first automobile          Those I help do not call back to say thank you.
                                                                                 accident.                                               Still there is comfort in the challenge, integrity
                                                                               • I am the one who tried to obtain the information        and purpose of my employment.
                                                                                 from callers to ensure that the scene is safe for     • I am thankful to provide such a meaningful service.
                                                                                 those I dispatch to emergencies all the while         • I am a mother, father, sister, brother, son or
                                                                                 anticipating the worst and hoping for the best.         daughter.
                                                                               • I am the psychologist who readily adapts my           • I am where you need me and still here when you
                                                                                 language and tone of voice to serve the needs of        don’t.
                                                                                 my callers with compassion and understanding.         • My office is never empty, and the work here is
                                                                               • I am the ears that listen to the needs of all those     never done. I am always on call. The training is
                                                                                 I serve.                                                strenuous, demanding and endless. No two days
                                                                               • I have heard the screams of faceless people I will      at work are ever the same.
                                                                                 never meet or forget.
                                                                               • I have cried at the atrocities of mankind and         Who am I?
                                                                                 rejoiced at the miracles of life.                     • I am an emergency dispatcher, and I am proud.

                                                                                                                                                             BSO Briefs
Retiree Update                                                                 Fire Rescue, Law
Congratulations and best wishes to the following BSO employees
who recently retired:
                                                                               Enforcement Go
Dep. James Anderton, Courthouse
Capt. Philip Benincasa, Fire Rescue                                            Hand-in-Hand
Court Dep. John McDermott, Courthouse                                          By Lynne Cunneen, Community and Media Relations
Doris Norman, Communications
Katie Reid, SID                                                                   Every day, law enforcement and fire rescue personnel rely on each
Stephen Sanzare, BIRM                                                          other to provide immediate response to the community. After review of
Betty Trammell, Probation                                                      several employee-of-the-month submissions, there is no doubt having
                                                                               two different disciplines of public safety under one umbrella benefits the

First BSO Retiree Reunion                                                         Deputies John McCabe and Chris Ortis from the Airport used their life-
                                                                               saving skills when responding to an unresponsive female airline passenger.
                                                                               The deputies immediately used the AED machine and performed CPR
   On Saturday, September 24th, the First BSO Retiree Reunion will take        until the arrival of BSO Fire Rescue units. The passenger was saved, thanks
place at the Lauderdale Lakes Moose Lodge #2267 located at 6191 Rock           to the quick thinking and professional actions rendered by the deputies
Island Road in Tamarac (approximately one and a half blocks north of           and fire rescue personnel. A similar situation occurred at the Courthouse
Commercial Boulevard on the west side of the road). The event will begin       when a visitor collapsed from respiratory distress and struck his head on
at 6 p.m. and the ticket price is $15 per person, which includes an Italian    the edge of a filing cabinet, causing a sever laceration. Commander Gary
buffet, a cash bar and entertainment.                                          Palmer, Lt. Barry DeRose, Lt. Robert Manfre, Sgt. William Berthiaume,
   All retired BSO personnel and their guests are invited to attend. A block   Sgt. Michael Rosenthal and Sgt. Ramon Collazzo rendered life-saving
of 20 rooms is reserved at the Hampton Inn in Tamarac at a rate of $69         first aid and prepared the AED for possible use by the emergency medical
for that Saturday night; the cut-off date for reservations is September        service, which arrived within minutes and transported the victim.
10th. You can contact the hotel at (954) 735-7575 or via e-mail at FLLTM_         In BSO’s Weston/SW Ranches District, Dep. Mouda Mashnouk; please refer to “BSO Retirees” to receive the              responded to a call about a 17-month-old girl who had fallen into the
appropriate rate.                                                              family swimming pool. Upon arrival, the baby was blue and unresponsive.
   To purchase a ticket to the reunion, please make your $15 per person        Dep. Mashnouk began CPR on the child, revived her and rushed the baby
check or money order payable to BSO Retiree Reunion and mail it to BSO         to the front yard to hand her off to arriving BSO Fire Rescue responders.
Retiree Reunion, c/o Eileen Forrester, 9362 Newnan Circle, Port Charlotte,     The child was transported to Memorial Hospital West where she was listed
FL 33981 for receipt no later than September 1st.                              in good condition.
   Please contact to add your name to the                Dep. Chris Lewellen was first on-scene to a residential fire in Cooper
retiree website for future news and help us contact the retirees who do        City. Upon arrival, he came across a child and an adult female outside
not have e-mail to share the information about the reunion.                    yelling because her husband was still inside. Dep. Lewellen entered
                                                                               the residence, found the husband unconscious and brought him safely
                                                                               outside. He proceeded to fight the spreading flames with his own fire

Dania Beach                                                                    extinguisher until BSO’s Cooper City Fire Rescue arrived. Dep. Lewellen
                                                                               was commended by the State Fire Marshal for his act of bravery by saving

Beautification Project                                                         the life of the unconscious victim and preventing extreme damage to the
                                                                                  These are but a few examples of the dedicated professionals that prove
By Juliette Shaw, Community and Media Relations
                                                                               BSO truly is a full-service public safety agency.

BSO Dania Beach
Executive Lieutenant
Barbara Stewart of
Dania Beach, city
                                                                               Chief ’s Daughter Named
officials and members
of the Dania Beach
Heights Homeowner’s
                                                                               Dolphins Cheerleader
Association planted
2,000 plants for the                                                           Congratulations to Kelly Lynn Cavallo, 20, on her
Broward Beautiful                                                              acceptance to the Dolphins Cheerleaders. Several
Park Project in the                                                            hundred girls auditioned and went through a
southwest area of                                                              two-week process involving interviews and dance
Dania Beach on                                                                 routines. Kelly is currently enrolled at Palm Beach
April 9th. The park,                                                           Community College and will be starting the dental
which was formerly a                                                           hygiene program this fall. She is the daughter of
vacant piece of land                                                           Chief Lou Cavallo, North Lauderdale and the niece
that people would congregate on, was purchased by the Dania Beach HOA          of D/E John Cavallo, Fire Rescue. Kelly poses here
and turned into a community friendly park for all to enjoy.                    with her brothers, Louie (far right) and Chris, after
                                                                               being chosen to be a Dolphins cheerleader.

BSO Briefs

             Concerned and Caring CSA Outstanding
             Port Everglades
                                      Achievement Honors
               When a colleague didn’t return from a scheduled break at Port
                                      Purchasing Division
             Everglades, CSA Ava Rattray felt something was wrong. She knew the
             employee had medical problems, took the initiative to look for her and                 Congratulations to
             subsequently found her unresponsive and in need of medical assistance.               BSO’s Purchasing Division
             The employee was immediately transported to Broward General Medical                  for earning the National
             Center. Thanks to CSA Rattray’s concern and quick thinking, a fellow                 Institute of Governmental
             employee’s life was saved.                                                           Purchasing (NIGP)
                                                                                                  Outstanding Agency

             Entrepreneurship                                                                     Accreditation Achievement
                                                                                                  Award. The award formally
                                                                                                  recognizes excellence in

                                                                                                  public procurement by
                                                                                                  establishing a body of
                                                                                                  standards essential for a
                                                                                                                                      Pictured from left to right are: Rick Torres, Pat
                                                                                                                                      Callagy, Jason Spaide, Mike Brady, Haleema
                                                                                                                                      Mohammed, Sheriff Ken Jenne, Edward Witkowski,
                                                                                                  solid purchasing operation.         Maritza Beckford, Sandy Kent, Auret Gil, Susan
             Congratulations to Karnisha Chantel Noel for winning                                 Great job!                          Kuzenka, Rona Sandler and John Curry.
             the Business Plan Competition from Entrepreneurship

                                                                                                  American Legion’s
             Florida. Karnisha is the daughter of Communications
             Duty Officer Tracy Northern. Tracy is proud of all of
             Karnisha’s accomplishments and looks forward to seeing

                                                                                                  Law Enforcement
             her off to the University of South Florida in August.

             Equipment Earnings                                                                   Officer of the Year
             DUI/BAT Unit                                                                         By Juliette Shaw , Community and Media Relations
             By Lynne Cunneen, Community and Media Relations
                                                                                                  Dep. Randy Graham of Dania Beach’s
                BSO’s DUI/BAT unit was recently awarded equipment valued at more                  Crime Prevention Unit was chosen by
             than $8,000 by the Institute of Police Technology and Management                     American Legion Post #304 as Law
                                                                                                  Enforcement Officer of the Year for 2004.
             (IPTM) and the “You Drink & Drive, You Lose” program. The unit earned                “Dep. Graham has demonstrated a true
             the award for the number of DUI-related checkpoints and saturation                   commitment to the community and to
             patrols conducted last year. There were many levels of awards and we are             those we serve,” says Chief Bryan Cowart.
             proud that BSO scored the highest with regards to DUI enforcement. The               Dep. Graham attends all homeowner
                                                                                                  association meetings in his jurisdiction
             equipment generously given included:                                                 and has established an excellent rapport
             • An Intoxilyzer 8000 and printer (both are used for breath testing)                 with association members and business
             • A portable breath tester                                                           owners throughout Dania Beach. Along with his partner, he oversaw the district’s
                                                                                                  holiday food program that helped raise a large amount of food, toys and financial
             • A Canon digital camcorder to videotape DUI checkpoints and crash sites
                                                                                                  contributions for 50 needy families. On December 18th — while participating in a
             • A Gateway laptop computer used on the DUI command truck for report                 holiday program for underprivileged children — Dep. Graham responded to a bank
               writing                                                                            robbery. Upon his arrival at the scene (in civilian clothing), Dep. Graham assessed the
                                                                                                  situation, conducted a walkthrough of the building in an effort to locate the suspect and
                                                                                                  was able to positively identify the suspect. Once back-up personnel arrived, the suspect
             Angel on Earth?                                                                      was apprehended. “Through his hard work, dedication and willingness to get involved
                                                                                                  throughout the year, Dep. Graham has demonstrated his commitment to the Broward
                                                                                                  Sheriff ’s Office and the residents of Dania Beach,” stated Chief Cowart.
             By Juliette Shaw, Community and Media Relations

                      In the late ‘70s, Airport Safety Officer Mary Smith visited a
                     Shriner’s Hospital in South Carolina where she met a young child
                     born without legs. It was at that moment she realized she would join
                                                                                                  By Juliette Shaw, Community and Media Relations
                       the Shriners and make it a lifelong commitment. She served as
                                                                                                  While working an off-duty detail, Dep. Christopher
                          President of the Broward County Chapter of the Ladies Oriental          DeGiovanni of Dania Beach observed a suspicious vehicle
                            Shrine in 1984-1985 and was appointed the Grand High                  parked in the vicinity of the Red Carpet Inn. Dep.
                              Priestess in 1999-2000. Because the Lady Shriners required a        DeGiovanni determined through using the tag teletype
                                lot of her time to travel around the nation to visit hospitals,   that the registered owner had an in-state warrant. Dep.
                                 she made the decision to resign from BSO so she could            DeGiovanni saw that the suspect fit the description that
                                                                                                  was dispatched and watched the suspect exit his vehicle
                                 commit 100% to needy children. After serving her one-
                                                                                                  and enter his room. Shortly thereafter, Dep. DeGiovanni
                                 year term, she was rehired by BSO and has been back              knocked on the suspect’s door and found him smoking
                                    at the airport ever since with her trademark smile and        cannabis. A brief contact interview with the suspect revealed
                                    positive attitude. She maintains her status with the Lady     375 grams of cannabis and $2,676 in US currency, which
                                    Shriners as a board member and vows to never give up          was then seized. For his keen observations and excellent work,
                                    as long as there are children that need assistance.           Dep. DeGiovanni received Employee of the Month honors.

                                 CSA Mary Smith, Airport
                                                                                                                                                                             BSO Briefs
Lt. Wins Victim Rights                                                                      Training Division
Award                                                                                       Celebrates Administrative
Congratulations to Lt. Sherry Schluter of
BSO’s Criminal Investigations Division.
                                                                                            Professionals Week
Lt. Schluter was recently named the Victim                                                  By Ana Rouhana, Training Division
Assistance Law Enforcement Officer of the
Year. She is pictured here holding her award                                                Have you ever wondered
with Victim Advocate Lori Gerber of the
                                                                                            how many Employee
Margate Police Department and Lt. Col.
Danny Wright.                                                                               Application and Training
                                                                                            Agreements (TG7s) are

Dania Beach Hosts COP                                                                       processed on a daily
                                                                                            basis? Or the number of
                                                                                            individuals submitting
Appreciation Picnic                                                                         and receiving college
                                                                                            tuition reimbursement?
                                                                                                                         Those who helped celebrate Administrative
                                                                                                                         Professionals Week in the Training Division
                                                                                                                         included (front row, left to right): Lilliana
By Juliette Shaw, Community and Media Relations                                             And how about the            Bukata, Trellis Moreland and Debbie McGonigle
                                                                                            information posted           (back row, left to right): Pat Little, Bethaney
   Every year, the Dania Beach District Office hosts an appreciation                                                     Scalf and Beverly Scott. Also celebrating but not
                                                                                            on the BSOInformant
picnic for their Citizens on Patrol (COP) program, which is the second                                                   pictured were Susan O’Rourke and Shari Rall.
                                                                                            Training site — how is
largest at BSO. This year’s picnic took place at the I.T. Parker Center
                                                                                            that information updated? These and many more functions related
with 150 people in attendance. Local businesses donated gifts, trips,
                                                                                            to processing training requests, reimbursing tuition costs, booking
dinners and hotel stays to be used as raffle prizes, and Dep. Melissa
                                                                                            classrooms and answering the many incoming calls are all handled by
Fuller volunteered her DJ services. A good time was had by all.
                                                                                            the Training Division’s administrative support staff.
                                                                                              In recognition of Administrative Professionals Week, the eight
                                                                                            individuals who guide, initiate and follow-up on tasks related to the many
                                                                                            functions of the Training Division were recognized for their hard work.
                                                                                            During the week, staff was surprised with various gifts of appreciation
                                                                                            and a “thank you” luncheon at the Olive Garden Restaurant.

                                                                                            From Our Troops
                                                                                            Roger Frey, the son of Lt. Col. Rick Frey of DOD
Lt. Barbara Stewart serves up great Dep. Randy Graham keeps a log of all the lucky          Administration and brother of Jennifer Miller of
food and smiles.                    raffle prize winners.                                   DLE Majors Office, is stationed outside of Baghdad
                                                                                            with the Marine Corps. Coincidentally, his family
                                                                                            received this photo on Roger’s 21st birthday! We hope
                                                                                            to have Roger back in the U.S. soon.

                                                                                            Volunteer Spotlight
                                                                                              My name is Tom Esposito and it has been my privilege to serve in
                                                                                            the Prison Ministry for the past seven years. My involvement began
                                                                                            when the son of a family friend was incarcerated for a very serious
                                                                                            crime. My wife asked me to go through the training program for
Dania Beach Vice Mayor Patricia Flury (left)       Sgt. Jeffrey Cirminiello and Sgt.        Prison Ministry at our church (Calvary Chapel) so that I
and resident Lee Lavery enjoy the festivities in   Frank Hinkle enjoy good food and         would be available to visit this young man on a regular
their city.                                        conversation.                            basis. I planned to do it just to achieve our goal,
                                                                                            however, God had different plans. Since that time, I
          Future Fugitive Fighters                                                          have been visiting prisoners on a weekly basis (first at
                                                                                            the Stockade and now at the Main Jail) and consider it
                                                                                            such a blessing in my life to be able to bring the gospel
                    Sgt. Ed Sileo of Criminal Investigations brought his children
                     Vincent (11) and Bianca (6) to BSO during “Bring Your Kids             of Jesus Christ to the inmate population in Broward
                     to Work Day.” Sgt. Abby Tiger of the Fugitive Unit quickly put         County. I have seen many lives transformed. God
                       them to work shredding old warrants — it seems kids enjoy            used a personal circumstance in my life to birth a
                        destroying things! Perhaps 15 years down the road we’ll be
                         writing an “All in the Family” article about the Sileos!           deep desire in my heart to continue sharing the
                                                                                            gospel and preaching to these inmates.
                                                                                                                                          Tom Esposito
Fleet Services
By Lynne Cunneen, Community and Media Relations

  The group recently met                                     Locations, hours of operation                          Plans for the future:
with Sheriff Ken Jenne                                       and contact numbers:                                   To develop and implement a one-stop service
and were presented                                           Administrative Office                                  center; this new facility would put Fleet
with the certificate for                                     840 N.W. 5th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale                   employees in one centralized location with
earning the Larry Goil                                       8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday                additional space to provide tags, titles and
Award for Quality Fleet                                      (954) 765-4430                                         registration; a designated area for receiving new
Management Ideas;                                                                                                   vehicles and assigning them as well as a location
their development of the                                     Central Service Center                                 for pool and loaner units would be incorporated
mobile emergency response unit earned them                   2001 N.W. 31st Avenue, Lauderdale Lakes
this honor.                                                  7 a.m. to Midnight, Monday through Friday              Interesting statistics:
                                                             (954) 497-3663                                         Fleet services wrote more than 20,000 work
Administratively responsible to:                                                                                    orders last year, drove more than 32.9 million
Purchasing Director Ed Witkowski                             Pompano Service Center                                 miles and purchased more than 2.4 million
                                                             150 N.E. 3rd Avenue, Pompano Beach                     gallons of fuel
Managed and supervised by:                                   7 a.m. to Midnight, Monday through
Fleet Manager Denise Guzzi and Assistant Fleet               Friday
Manager Michael Lynn                                         (954) 786-2107

Number of employees:                                         Goals:
14                                                           To continue to provide the highest
                                                             quality of vehicle service and work
Primary responsibility:                                      closely with command staff and
To maintain more than 3,100 units in readiness               administration to procure specialty
mode; Fleet Services maintains two repair                    vehicles best suited for each
facilities and five vehicle-fueling stations;                department or unit
responsibilities also include repair and
maintenance to vehicles, ordering and purchase               Greatest challenge:
of new vehicles, assignment of vehicles and all              Providing mobile field force support
fuel related issues; in addition, the department is          during unusual occurrences, such as
responsible for the disposal of vehicles and the             hurricane strike zones                    Members of Fleet Services include (left to right): Rey Cabrera, Mike Scanlon,
storage and maintenance of seized and forfeited                                                        Troy McHatton, Glenn Persad, Steve Cantley, Ron Coleman, Denise Guzzi,
vehicles                                                                                               Michael Lynn, David Mack, Scott Barnett, Justo Falcon and Anthony
                                                                                                       Pounders. Team member Bob Savage is not pictured here.

     Broward Sheriff’s Office
     2601 Broward Blvd.
     Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312

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