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  APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2009            VOLUME 24 NUMBER 2

                                           CEO Comments
What’s Ahead?                                consistency of freight you will see in         forward to better times ahead. Like
                                             the second half of the year will be            every business cycle, sooner or later
I know we are all getting weary of           excellent, even in this recessionary           it will turn, as previous recessionary
what is going on in the economy              climate. We will continue to bring             cycles before this one have. We look
these days, myself included. This            on business by aggressively pursuing           forward to those times, but in the
week’s headline of note is from              new business with customers who                meantime, we will continue to
Journal of Commerce, which covers            value great service and are willing to         outwork the competition to make
the trucking industry. Let me just           pay a fair rate for that service. In           sure we win in this marketplace.
quote the first few sentences. “Truck        addition, some of the business we
Tonnage Plummets” is the title.              lost due to irrational pricing by some         We are planning on having our
                                             of our competitors I strongly believe          Driver/Employee Appreciation Week
  “Truck tonnage in the United               will come back to us in the months to          the last week in July. A number of
  States fell at its sharpest rate in 13     come, as they won’t be able to                 leaders will be out in the field that
  years as an apparent inventory             afford to handle high service freight          week to show our appreciation for
  correction hit in the midst of the         and lose significant money on every            the great job you do for us. As
  lowest point yet for demand                load.                                          always, we appreciate the ability to
  during the recession. The ATA For                                                         share information and get your ideas
  Hire truck index plummeted                 The industry is migrating to shorter           on how to make our company
  13.2% compared to the same                 length of haul, as customers continue          better.
  month a year ago, the lowest               to move their plants and distribution
  level for the index since 2001.”           centers closer to their customers, for         Thanks for your help, continue to
                                             service and cost reasons. Our new
                                                                                            provide great service, help us with
Rather than dwelling on the current          business wins are shorter lengths of
                                                                                            initiatives to drive to a competitive
negativity we are facing, let’s spend        haul than our normal freight, as such,
                                                                                            cost position and continue delivering
a minute and look forward. Most              it is imperative that we better utilize
                                                                                            stellar safety performance!
economists believe we have hit               every driving hour you have. You
bottom and the economy should                can help by making sure your PTA’s
                                                                                            Scott Arves
start moving out of recession later          are accurate and updated. We have
                                                                                            President & CEO
this year. We will continue to face          the fleet managers and planners
more and more irrational pricing by          focused on using every available
our competition, many who have               hour you have. While the new freight
even more difficult freight situations       is slightly shorter, it is clean freight for
                                                                                                 INSIDE THIS ISSUE
than we have faced, especially those         the most part, which should keep
reliant on automotive and heavy              you moving.                                      New Ops Director
industrial customers. With the
automotive companies shutting                I would be remiss if I didn’t thank              Attention Drivers
down for extended periods this               everyone in the organization for the             Top Gun Driver Instructor and
summer, many carriers will not be            shared financial sacrifice we have
able to survive.                             asked all of you to make. While                       Drivers of the Year 2008
                                             painful for all of us, together with the         TA: Carrier of the Year 2008
By now, you are seeing increased             new business wins, it positions us to
volume from major customer wins              get through what we anticipate will              VDDP3
with General Mills and Sears, as well        be a slow recovery from the current
as new opportunities with a number           recessionary cycle. In the 30 years
                                                                                              Driver Council Meeting
of other customers. We are one of            that I have been in trucking, this has                Highlights
the few companies that can say with          been the most difficult cycle I have             Corporate Culture
confidence that the quality and              witnessed. With your help, we look

                   SAFETY                    IS         OUR               CORE                VALUE
TRANSALL TOPICS                                                                                     APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2009

 Customer Profile: Metal Container Corporation
Metal Container Corporation                 market is produced by MCC, which             Lid Plants
A subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch              operates eight can and three lid             Gainesville, FL
Metal Container Corporation is a            manufacturing plants across the US.          Oklahoma City, OK
part of the Anheuser-Busch (A-B)            Their first plant began production in        Riverside, CA
Packaging Group. The subsidiary             Jacksonville, Florida in 1974. The last
makes aluminum cans and lids for            plant began production in Mira               Transport America began our
                                            Loma, California in 1995.                    partnership with Metal Container
Anheuser-Busch InBev’s domestic                                                          Corporation in May 1991, and we
beer operations, in addition to                                                          have done business with all of the
supplying the US soft drink container       Plant locations are as follows:
                                                                                         plants through the years. Recently
market. PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and              Can Plants                                   our concentration has been with
Hansen’s Natural Monster Energy                                                          the Mira Loma, CA, Jacksonville, FL,
beverages are major soft drink              Jacksonville, FL                             Columbus, OH, and Ft. Atkinson, WI
customers of Metal Container. MCC           Columbus, OH                                 plants, where we are able to
makes more than 25 billion cans             Arnold, MO                                   service MCC utilizing our over-the-
                                            Windsor, CO                                  road, intermodal and brokerage
and 27 billion lids annually, and           Newburgh, NY                                 offerings.
supplies nearly two-thirds of A-B’s         Ft. Atkinson, WI
cans and three-quarters of its lids.        Rome, GA                                     Paul Hufford
About 25% of the US aluminum can            Mira Loma, CA                                Regional Sales Manager

Fleet Operations
My name is Brett Terchila. I am happy to introduce                   and damage free. Holding each other accountable –
myself as your new Director of Operations. At the writing            recognize good performance and do not let poor
of this note, it is only day 11 at my new job. I have                performance go unnoticed. Report both to your Fleet
worked in trucking for the last 16 years. In fact, it is all I       Leader or Support Center Manager. Safety – we have
have done since finishing school in Pittsburgh, PA in 1993.          improved our safety scores dramatically over the last 12
Since then, I have held a number of positions with                   months thanks to your application of Value Driven
Mayflower Transit and Celadon Trucking. My                           Driving.
operational responsibilities have ranged from driving a
truck to senior management, and most everything in
between.                                                             There is a lot of doom and gloom in the trucking industry,
                                                                     as well as for all Americans right now. There is hardly
                                                                     anyone anywhere who has not felt, in some part, the
In my 16 years, our business has changed considerably.               effects of our weak economy. As we move into the
I think most people feel in some way that the                        summer, I am confident we will see an improvement in
“brotherhood” of trucking is disappearing. I thought so              the miles available for you to run due to additional
too until I came to TA. Over the last 2 weeks, I have seen           freight awards from our customers. We were only able to
a unique combination of professionalism, a commitment                secure the additional freight because of the sacrifices
to excellence, a responsibility to hold peers                        and commitment each of you make on a daily basis to
accountable and a passion for safety. But most of all,               position TA as a leader in our industry.
and what makes me rest easy in my decision to join TA,
is seeing an unmatched desire from people to work as a
team. Everyone associated with TA is working together                I recognize it is you who is earning my paycheck, not the
for the benefit of all. That is something each of you                other way around. My #1 job is to support you so that
should be proud of. And, it is the heartbeat of our past             you may support your loved ones. I thank each and
and future success.                                                  every one of you from the bottom of
                                                                     my heart for your hard work and
                                                                     commitment to excellence.
In the coming months, I am going to ask that each of us              Because of this, I am proud to call
continue to display the qualities I have seen in my first            TA my new home.
two weeks. Professionalism – we have the most highly
qualified people driving our trucks in the industry.
                                                                     Brett Terchila
Commitment to excellence – our service is unmatched.
Customers know they can count on us to be on time                    Director of Fleet Operations

TRANSALL TOPICS                                                                             APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2009

              Drivers of the Month for                                         Recruiting Bonuses
              February, March & April                                     The following individuals received referral
                                                                          bonuses in March, April & May for referring a
                                                                          Company Driver or Owner Operator to
Each one of these professional Drivers provided outstanding service       Transport America.
to TA and our customers and has been selected as a Driver of the
Month. Please take every opportunity to thank them!                       Thanks to all of you for putting our name out
                                                                          there and helping us to recruit quality Drivers.
 February 2009
                                                                          March 2009
 Company Driver Lance Pritchard, Fleet Leader LeaAnne Taylor.             Bill Mullinax, Don Hudzik (office),
 Contract Driver Douglas Gardner, Fleet Leader Jan Mueller.               Mike Thomas, Asamnew Anbessie,
                                                                          Robert Johnson
 March 2009
                                                                          April 2009
 Company Driver Steve Job, Fleet Leader Kevin Curtis.                     Derrick Finney, David Pickard, David Dady,
 Contract Driver Norm Deserano, Fleet Leader Sarah Lindquist.             Donald Knisley, Mike Thomas (2), Ali Botan,
                                                                          Jim Armstrong, Robert Johnson
 April 2009
                                                                          May 2009
 Company Driver Malcom “Keith” Hill, Fleet Leader Marv Stoltz.            Donald Knisley, Ali Botan, Sarah Ragland,
 Contract Driver Ricky Stevenson, Fleet Leader Chad Henzen.               Don Hudzik (office), David Highsmith,
                                                                          Robert Renton

                                      ATTENTION DRIVERS
Currently, Transport America is in need of additional quality Drivers in order to fill open trucks in our fleet.
Getting these new Drivers on board now is important as we are poised to take on significant new business
soon; in the summer, Driver vacations typically increase, which can potentially strain our capacity.

I want to take a minute to remind everyone about our Driver “Referral Bonus Program”. It’s a great way for
you to put some extra dollars in your pocket, as well as help our company get some good quality people on

You are “out there” every day and get to meet and work alongside Drivers from other companies. That’s an
advantage we in recruiting don’t have. You see the Drivers who are skilled, have a good attitude and who
could be an asset to our organization. Take a minute to ask them if they would be interested in working for
Transport America. You’ll probably get some questions about our company and the interest will hopefully
build. You would be surprised how many calls I get from folks that want to apply at TA based on
conversations they’ve had with our Drivers out on the road.

When sending in a referral, be sure to get a name, phone number and location. Then submit a MACRO 35
message. That’s all you need to do. You will get a message back from someone in recruiting (probably
me), thanking you for the referral and advising that someone will be contacting that Driver. We follow up
quickly on these leads. One word of caution, be sure that the Driver you are referring is in our hiring area. If
you have questions on what is or isn’t a good area, please feel free to ask. Either your Fleet Leader, or I can
help (my extension is 4423).

If the referral is hired, you receive $250 when they run the first load. After 45 days of their employment, you
will receive an additional $250 for a total of $500.

Thanks for the great job you’re all doing out there, and thanks in advance for the referrals.

Duane Ward
Driver Recruiting Manager

TRANSALL TOPICS                                                                                              APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2009

Please help me congratulate both of these very successful                      •   Fuel in route compliance (Company Drivers Only)
Drivers; this is a great accomplishment!                                       •   Equipment utilization (miles)
                                                                               •   Missing logs
The areas of performance reviewed when determining Driver and                  •   Log violations
Contractor of the Year Awards included:                                        •   Missing paperwork
                                                                               •   MVR
1. All candidates for Driver of the Year must have been a Driver               •   Roadside inspection reports
   of the Month during 2008.                                                   •   Driver Database for complaints or complements
                                                                               •   Fleet Manager input
2. Their level of performance in the following categories was                  •   Manager of Support Center input
   • On-time performance
   • Pre-plan acceptance                                                   3. All Drivers of the Month were reviewed by the Team Leaders,
   • On-time PTA                                                              the Director of Safety, and the Director of Operations. This
   • QualComm usage                                                           group then chose candidates for the Driver of the Year
   • Working percentage                                                       Award. The chosen candidates were then voted on by the
   • Preventable accidents                                                    group and a winner for both Company Driver of the Year and
   • Day time Planner accuracy                                                Contractor of the Year were elected.

Donald Wilson, Eagan Company Driver, is on Ryan Frederick’s board and has been driving at TA for 14 years!
Don currently lives in Long Prairie, Minnesota with his wife, Kristin. They have three children, Rebecca (17), who is
graduating from high school this year, Tim (23), and Alice (24), who is graduating from the University of
Minnesota-Morris. While at home, Don enjoys cooking, organizing and fixing up his home, and working outdoors.
He also enjoys singing and playing guitar. Throughout the year, Don graciously helped with a weekly FedEx load
that delivered into and shipped out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Not only has he been an exceptional Driver for these
FedEx loads, but also has made a name for himself as a very reliable and consistent Driver.

Tom Warrick, North Jackson Owner Operator, is on Brian Hudzik’s board and has been driving at TA for 15
years! Tom started as a Company Driver and drove for 2-1/2 years before becoming an Owner Operator. He has
been on the Kmart Dedicated board for the last 3 years. In April 2009, Tom purchased his fourth tractor with TA.
Tom has four children and two grandchildren. When Tom is not driving, he enjoys going to the drag strip to watch
the races. Tom is also an avid deer hunter. Tom was Contractor of the Month in June 2007, September 2007 and
July 2008.

Top Gun Driver Instructor for 2008
Transport America would like to congratulate Driver Instructor, Mike Goodman, for being named the Top Gun Driver Instructor for 2008.

In order to qualify for a Top Gun nomination, the Driver must successfully train no less than 6 students, and neither Driver nor student can
have any accidents, incidents, service failures, written or verbal warnings or citations. Once this criteria is met, the following criteria is
used to select the Top Gun recipient:

• Minimum of 26 weeks of student training in a calendar year              • % of students passing written exam 1st time
• Student retention                                                       • Students’ performance as solo pro
• DI survey scores                                                        • DI’s overall performance
• FL and Team Leader approval

                                                 Mike has been with Transport America for 3 years, has 17 years accident-free driving and
                                                 is one of our Million Mile Drivers. He also plays an intricate role as one of our Driver

                                                 Mike is always willing to help other Drivers. His cell phone rings constantly with calls from
                                                 his fellow Drivers, new and veteran, asking for help and guidance. Mike is a valuable
                                                 asset to the Mechanicsburg facility and to Transport America. He volunteers to work with
                                                 Jeff Grossman in Safety and is always willing to help out around the support center. Mike
Mike Goodman –                                   is a true leader.
TAME Company Driver
Sara Gundry - Fleet Leader                       Mike is married to his wonderful wife Susie. They have two boys, Michael and Tony, and
Jill Buhl - Team Leader                          a grandson Michael the 3rd. Mike enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and riding his new
Steve Kohl - Manager of Support                  motorcycle.
Jeff Grossman - Field Safety Support

      Other Support Center Top Gun Instructors for 2008 are: TANJ – Dan Patterson, TAGC – Robert Harp, TAAT – Byron Pritchett,
      TANL – Don Menke, TAJA – Mike Tangman, TAKC – Ronnie Reed, TAEA – Joseph Wayne. Congratulations to all of you!!

TRANSALL TOPICS                                                                                                    APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2009

Milestone Anniversaries!
Congratulations to the following individuals who have celebrated a milestone anniversary between April 1 - June 30,
2009. We would like to thank all of you for your dedicated service and continued contributions. It takes everyone work-
ing together to achieve success and we applaud your commitment!

25 Years                                                                        Maurice Jones, TAAT Owner Operator (January)
Dan Erenberger, TANL Shop Supervisor                                            Johnny Fiu, TAJA Owner Operator (February)
                                                                                Dean Patterson, TAEA Owner Operator (March)
20 Years                                                                        Kevin Curtis, Fleet Leader
Thomas Canilla, TAEA Owner Operator (January)                                   Gregory Crow, TAKC Company Driver
Ron Shrout, TANJ Company Driver (March)                                         Donna Mills, TAEA Company Driver
Linda Delander, Compliance Supervisor                                           Mark Hentze, TANL Company Driver
David Lepak, TAEA Company Driver                                                Larry Meyer, TAEA Owner Operator
Leroy Garcia, TAKC Company Driver
Thomas Freeman Jr., TANJ Owner Operator                                         5 Years
                                                                                Melinda Creed, Fleet Leader
15 Years                                                                        Evan Stensrud, Customer Manager
Thomas Teske, TAEA Company Driver (January)                                     Richard Woulfe, ERS Coordinator
Robert Westbrook, TAAT Owner Operator (January)                                 Gerald Day, TAJA Mechanic
Patrick Whitley, TAKC Owner Operator (March)                                    Tim Porter, TAGC Company Driver
James Spaeth, TAGC Company Driver (March)                                       Kenneth Trammell, TAGC Company Driver
Thomas Warrick, TANJ Owner Operator (March)                                     Tanga Smith, TAKC Company Driver
Betty Skime, TAJA Owner Operator (March)                                        Marie Wasilefsky, TAME Company Driver
John Skime, TAJA Owner Operator (March)                                         Dennis Kolle, TAGC Company Driver
Jerry Baird, TANL Company Driver                                                Michael Lowrie, TANJ Company Driver
Donald Saul Jr., TAEA Company Driver                                            Larry Prexler, TAAT Company Driver
Blane Chase, TANJ Company Driver                                                James Womack, TAME Company Driver
Charles Quick, TAEA Owner Operator                                              Aiah Tumoe, TAGC Company Driver
Richard Heimdal, TAEA Owner Operator                                            Michael Strachan, TAKC Company Driver
                                                                                Eric Ritari, TAME Company Driver
10 Years                                                                        Alan Baumann, TAEA Owner Operator
Jerry Conard, TAKC Owner Operator (January)                                     Christopher Diallo, TAME Owner Operator
David Hughes, TAAT Owner Operator (January)                                     Everett Redway, TANJ Owner Operator

Perfect DOT Roadside Inspections
Congratulations to the following Drivers for their perfect DOT roadside inspections during February, March and April 2009.
In order to receive a perfect inspection, these Drivers had to be in compliance with hours of service, record of duty status,
shipping documents, qualification records and maintaining safe equipment. Completing a DOT roadside inspection with-
out receiving a violation is only achieved by being prepared and aware of all the safety measures of this occupation.
Thank you for your professionalism while representing Transport America on the road.

          February 2009                                           March 2009                                                April 2009
Timothy Bauer        Franklin Mejia      William Anderson (2)   Raymond Gibson       Brent Madden           Joseph Boothe              Ron Kestel
Gary Bolden          William Merritt     Jimmy Armstrong        Keith Glidden        William Mansourzadeh   William Bowen              Sean Lindsley
Donald Campbell      John Miller         Jerry Baird            David Griffin        William Mason          Clinton Brown              Robert Longstreth (2)
Ray Childers         Michael Mohr        James Bartlebaugh      Richard Grondahl     Kenneth Mathis         Thomas Canilla             David Means
Christopher Diallo   Guy Olsen           Richard Blakley        Richard Hall         Raymond McWilliams     Melvin Carlton             Kenneth Morton
Edward Eason         James Palmer        Terrence Bolden        David Hester         Larry Meyer            Edwin Chamberlain          Timothy Nicewonger
Robert Gauss         David Pelowski      Mike Bostic            Ollie Hollis         Charles Montiel        John Cline                 Greg Payne
Jeffrey Green        Brian Rozum         William Bowen (2)      Thomas Hunt          Emily Perla (2)        Russell Cox                Ruth Phillips
David Grimes         Leonard Sanger      Wayne Clarke           Dorothy Ivery        Kevin Selvig           Ramona Crody               Erwin Shaffer
Ron Kestel           Bruce Schleicher    Robert Cockrell        Harvey Johnson (2)   Daniel Smith           Jeffrey Eggenspiller (2)   Adam Steiner
Michael Kilgore      Nathern Short       Lisha Davis            Jay Jones            Linda Snyder           Ronald Fielder             Steeves, Thomas (2)
Daniel Kluck         Siad Abdisalam      David Dubois           Charles Kingery      Victor Travous         Dale Gower                 Melvin Thomas
Jim Maloney          Larry Vandevender   Robert Dulgar          John Kupfer          Daniel Walsh           George Haywood             Daniel Walsh
William Mason        Robert Wilson       Donald Dunmire         Bart Langendorfer    Cornelius Warren       John Hemingway             Marie Wasilefsky
Michael McClellan    William Yingst      Paul Flynn Sr.         Michael Langley      Wayne Wichert          Steve Job                  Eric Zedaker
James McMahon (2)                        David Fowler           Jeffrey Lloyd        David Yoder            Harvey Johnson
                                         Donald Freude          Michael Lowrie                              Zachary Johnson

We want to say a special thank-you to those of you who received multiple perfect roadside inspections. Superb results and an absolutely
splendid job! Keep the exceptional work going!

TRANSALL TOPICS                                                             APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2009

                       CARRIER OF THE YEAR - 2008
TA Receives the 2008 “Mid-Sized Carrier of the Year Award” from Limited Brands, the
press release reads:


           Eagan, MN. – Limited Brands (NYSE: LTD) in Columbus, Ohio, recognized
           Transport America as the company’s Mid-Sized (Class II) Carrier of the Year
           for 2008. The annual award is based on a number of criteria, including on-
           time performance, strength of the relationship, damage-free merchandise
           delivery, billing accuracy and overall exceptional customer service.

           “Every year through our truckload service provider score card process we
           honor a carrier of the year,” said Rick Jackson, Executive Vice President of
           Limited Brands Logistic Services. “We are proud and honored to announce
           and have Transport America as our Class II Truckload Carrier of the Year.”

           “Transport America gratefully accepts this honor,” said Scott Arves, President
           and CEO of Transport America. “We truly appreciate the business
           partnership we have with Limited Brands.”

           About Transport America

           Transport Corporation of America, Inc., based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul
           metropolitan area, will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 2009.
           Transport America provides a wide range of truckload and logistics
           services to customers in the United States, Mexico and Canada. The
           Company focuses on providing time-definite and other responsive services
           through its team of dedicated employees, supported by state-of-the-art
           technology and information systems.

           About Limited Brands

           Founded in 1963, the Limited Brands sells lingerie, personal care and
           beauty products, apparel and accessories through its Victoria’s
           Secret, Pink, Bath & Body Works, C.O. Bigelow, La Senza, White Barn Candle
           Co. and Henri Bendel brands. The Company’s products are available
           in more than 3,000 specialty stores nationwide, through catalog
           and online at,,
  and Through its La Senza brand,
           products are also available in Canada as well as approximately 45 other
           countries around the globe.

TRANSALL TOPICS                                                                     APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2009

                                                           Trucker Buddy
Value Driven Driving                          I am a Trucker Buddy for a class at Noah’s Ark Preschool. My
                                              youngest granddaughter, Alexa, attends this school and
Phase 3                                       asked me to write and
Our third Phase of Value Driven Driving is    send postcards to them.
in full swing. This Phase will run April      And, as you can see,
through November. We are highlighting         they have enjoyed the
                                              exposure to the truck
Slow Maneuver Accidents, and would
                                              and lifestyle we enjoy.
appreciate any feedback Drivers can
                                              Happy Trucking to
give regarding their successes with these
                                              everyone and please
incidents. How do you avoid a Slow            think about
Maneuver Accident? Please contact             joining Trucker Buddy.
your Support Center Manager, Field
Support Specialist or Fleet Leader to         Jewell Holloway, TAKC
share your experiences and best prac-         Company Driver
tices. Please plan to pick up and com-
plete the Literature and Action Plans for     Hi! Pete and I recently spent our days off showing our truck to
each of these Slow Maneuver Accidents:        our Trucker Buddies at Coldwater Middle School in Coldwater,
                                              Ohio. We have been corresponding with the 5th grade, 107
• April: Left Turn                            students, this year. We had to split our visit up into two days
• May: Right Turn                             because they had D.A.R.E. graduation the last period on
• June & July: Backing                        Friday and the teacher was unable to get those students into
• August & September: Roadside                the earlier classes.
                                              We talked about safety
• October & November: Railroad
                                              getting in and out of the
                                              truck before we took
                                              each class out and then
Value Driven Driving is now an ingrained      explained about things
part of Transport America’s culture           on the outside of the
because our Drivers have embraced this        truck before getting
decision making process. The Seven            inside. Pete took three
Essentials for Safe Driving are crucial for   students at a time and
maintaining a safe driving record,            showed them the inside
preventing injury and saving lives.           of the truck, and I took a
Again, they are:                              picture of each one in the driver’s seat. After each one had
                                              been inside, Pete took a group picture of us, and then we
• Yield Right of Way                          answered questions. They had a variety of good questions.
• Avoid Distractions                          They were also very impressed with the room inside our truck.
• Maintain Proper Following Distance
• Be Attentive to the Road Ahead              We have really enjoyed sending postcards and emails to the
• React Properly to Hazards                   class. We also enjoy looking for roadside items to show the
                                              class, such as cotton right out of the field. We’ve gotten a lot
• Observe Proper Speed for Conditions
                                              of support from the classroom teacher, Mike Seitz. He put a
• Maintain One Lane
                                              large map in the hallway and has tracked our trips. He
                                              displays our postcards and pictures around the map. The
Thank you for supporting Value Driven         classes really liked the Transport America items that we gave
Driving.                                      them.

Kelly Kilgore                                 Sallyanne & Pete Calvert
TAKC Support Center Manager                   TAGC Company Driver Team

TRANSALL TOPICS                                                                         APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2009

                           Driver Council Meeting Highlights
                                                April 15, 2009
I would like to thank the panel of     have a great deal of focus on            Several actions were initiated
Drivers who met with a group of        providing excellent service to our       based upon this feedback,
corporate employees to engage in       customers. We will take care of our      including a termination appeals
some meaningful dialogue by            Drivers by paying a competitive          process. The majority of the appeal
providing honest and open              rate per mile, but more importantly,     review panel will be comprised of
feedback at the Driver Council         by providing you with above              fellow Drivers. They noted that a
Meeting.                               average miles, giving home time          bigger issue is the level of respect
                                       and treating you well.                   that they receive from their fellow
                                                                                Drivers. As an example, they talked
The Driver participants were:                                                   about the lack of respect that
                                       The good news is we have a strong        happens at the time of a relay
Troy Kasprowicz – Company Driver       pipeline of new business                 when one Driver is waiting for
Scott Walmsley – Company Driver        opportunities as well as an excellent    another Driver to arrive. Let’s be
Larry Long – Company Driver            reputation in the industry to            patient and respectful out there as
                                       continue to provide you the quality      at any given time you could be
Martin Sankey – Company Driver         and consistency of miles that many       one of the Drivers on either side of
Nancy Woodward – Owner                 carriers aren’t seeing right now. The    a relay.
Operator                               Diver Council participants were very
                                       appreciative of the insight of what is
Steve Racinowski – Owner
                                       going on in the market and how the       There are a number of action items
Operator & CO-OP Vice President
                                       company was responding.                  that are in progress as a result of
                                                                                the meeting. These should help us
The ideas exchanged allowed for a                                               achieve the ultimate goal of
                                       Kevin Curtis and Keith Klein             “Delivering Excellence”. Action
thorough evaluation of processes
                                       reviewed the service watch and           items include:
and a review of where the
                                       high value processes, which were
company is at with respect to its
                                       developed to provide clear and
culture, Vision and Values. As a
                                       concise expectations to be               • Expanding the number of High
result of the dialogue, a number of
                                       successful. Driver feedback was            Value safe-haven locations to
positive action items have been
                                       that these processes helped to             improve utilization while
identified to allow for continual
                                       elevate awareness and a request            maintaining load security.
improvements in our processes, to
                                       has been made to expand the              • Consistent communication of
maximize productivity and to help
                                       number of “safe-haven” locations to        Driver scorecard information.
us to “Deliver Excellence”.
                                       help improve utilization while             Drivers want to know key
                                       maintaining load security.                 measurements like on time
Scott Arves and Keith Klein                                                       performance, idle %, out of route,
presented the business update,                                                    and mileage averages to see
                                       Gary Johnson conducted a values
which stressed that now is a time to                                              how they compare to their peers.
                                       exercise around Transport America’s
deal with the facts and put                                                       A cross-departmental team has
                                       Vision and Values. Drivers engaged
emotions aside. October of 2008                                                   been formed to help develop
                                       in discussions about how TA is
was a pivotal time when GDP was                                                   and integrate new tools so that
                                       currently doing, how TA is trending,
down 6% and freight volumes were                                                  we can communicate weekly
                                       and how TA can make continued
down 15-20%. However, our freight                                                 Driver scorecard information.
                                       improvements on each of the
volume would’ve been down 120
                                       Visions and Values. The members of
loads a day, but the load count is
                                       the Driver Council stated that there     Once again, thanks to the panel of
only down 70 loads a day due to
                                       has been an improvement in our           Drivers who represented their peers
being aggressive in the market and
                                       Safety culture, and we are “walking      to provide meaningful and honest
utilizing brokerage opportunities.
                                       the walk and talking the talk” in the    feedback on the decisions we are
                                       area of safety. The Driver Council       making to navigate these difficult
We have taken steps to reduce          identified several areas for             economic times as well as the
costs to allow us to be more           improvement opportunities around         Vision, Values and processes at TA.
competitive on bids for new freight.   the value of Integrity & Respect.        We appreciate the efforts of
For example, our Value Driven          While they noted that, in general,       everyone as we strive to “Deliver
Driving and speed reduction            they feel a solid relationship and       Excellence”.
initiatives have proven to be very     mutual respect for the operations
successful. In addition, we have       group and others in the company,
been very diligent about taking        there are still incidents that occur     Kevin Curtis
cost out of the business. We also      that could use some improvement.         Sr. Fleet Leader

TRANSALL TOPICS                                                                                         APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2009

                4 Interesting Health Benefits of Watermelons
Think back to when you were a child when the pinnacle of              less often and it also slows down aging and medical
summer cookouts and family gatherings was always the                  conditions such as cataracts.
cold juicy watermelon that was for dessert. When you were
young, eating watermelon was about taste. Now that you’re             Health Benefit of Watermelons #4: Vitamin A
older, it’s more than just taste that should inspire you to eat       Vitamin A works much like Vitamin C in that it helps boost
lots of watermelon each year when the season arises. It’s             immunity, but it also helps your body fight off infection. It
because watermelons have tremendous health benefits that              also helps to prevent blindness.
anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle should be determined
to take advantage of every year. Let’s take a closer look at          As you can see, eating watermelon is almost the equivalent
some of these health benefits this fruit has to offer.                to taking a multivitamin every morning, but with a much
                                                                      better taste. Watermelons are seasonal, which means that
Health Benefit of Watermelons #1:                                                     they are not available all year long. It
Lycopene                                                                              means that when they are in season, you
Lycopene is an antioxidant found in most                                              should make sure to take advantage.
red colored fruits, with the exception of a
few things such as strawberries. Scientific                                              When you go to the store to purchase one,
studies have shown that Lycopene reduces                                                 you want to try and find one that is ripe and
the risk of prostate cancer and heart                                                    ready to eat. The best way to do this is to
disease in people. People who eat a diet                                                 knock on the outside of the rind. If you hear
high in Lycopene are much less likely to                                                 a hollow sound, the melon is ready to eat.
suffer a heart attack than people who don’t.                                             If you hear solid thud put it back. The fruit is
                                                                                         over ripe and you won’t be getting very
Health Benefit of Watermelons #2: Vitamin B6                          good flavor from it. When you buy your watermelon, eat it
Vitamin B6 is an important attribute to have in a healthy diet        within the first few days of getting it home. Everything about
because it promotes chemicals in the brain that help                  it is healthy, and in addition, it won’t leave you feeling over-
people to cope with anxiety and panic; these are two                  stuffed if you eat too much.
psychological disorders that are on the rise in America
today.                                                                The weather is getting warmer and summer is fast
                                                                      approaching. Don’t forget about watermelons; eat up and
Health Benefit of Watermelons #3: Vitamin C                           get the extra boost they will add to your healthy lifestyle.
If you thought oranges were the only fruit that could provide
you with Vitamin C, think again. Vitamin C is important to not
only being healthy, but remaining attractive all your life.           Catherine Axtelll
Vitamin C boosts the immune system so that you get sick               Safety and Health Administrator

                            Safety is everybody’s business!!                                        Safety can
Red Wing Shoe Voucher                                                                             distinguish you.
With the summer months upon us, we want to encourage all Drivers to wear
the proper footwear (not sandals, flip flops or open toed shoes). Slip resist-
ant footwear should always be considered for those in the trucking industry
because of the various walking and working surfaces encountered at the
shipper, the consignee and even our company support centers.

In our continued efforts to create a safer working environment, and to help
                                                                                              Lack of safety can
eliminate our slip and fall injuries, we will be offering the Red Wing Shoe
vouchers and payroll deduction from May 18th to June 29th.                                      extinguish you.
This offer is for the Drivers that did not use their vouchers in the past year.
Payroll deduction will be offered for those Drivers that have already used the
voucher but would like to purchase a second pair of shoes on their own.

Remember, you need the proper footwear to perform safely. Check out your
shoes. Do they adequately protect your feet and help you from slipping,                               Catherine Axtell
falling and from other hazards (such as dropping something on your foot,
piercing your foot with a foreign object or spills)? If not, take advantage of                       Safety and Health
this great opportunity.                                                                                Administrator
Catherine Axtell
Safety and Health Administrator

TRANSALL TOPICS                                                                               APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2009

 News and Notes
Company Culture
What is “company culture”? Many of you know what it            excellence and working together to meet company
is, but struggle to put it into words. Culture is a ‘set of    goals and compete externally, not internally. We know
habits, attitudes, beliefs & expectations shared by a          we’re not there yet and have a lot of work to do, but by
group and communicated from one                                               working together, we’ll be able to reach
generation to the next.’                                                      this goal and be stronger together.

Thus, culture ends up being what is                                           We all play a part in contributing to a
normal and how things are done in the                                         “constructive” company culture. Are you
company. It influences how decisions are                                      willing to focus on improving our company
made and how people act under                                                 culture? This means delivering excellence,
pressure. It’s the glue that holds the                                        setting and achieving bigger goals, willing
organization together.                                                        to take risk, holding yourself and others
                                                                              accountable (not blaming), focusing on
If you think of an iceberg, only a small                                      the customer, establishing positive relation-
portion of it is visible, while the vast                                      ships and focusing on cooperation.
majority of it is hidden under the water’s
surface and moves on its own. Culture is                                    This doesn’t mean that we sit around every
much like an iceberg. We see some of it                                     day and sing ‘kumbaya’ around a camp
on the surface, but underneath the                                          fire. However, it does mean that we work
surface it controls how we act. It’s the                                    as a team, constructively challenge peo-
unwritten rules of the organization and                                     ple and behave in a way that is respectful
can be very powerful.                                          and builds people up versus tearing them down.

TA is making a lot of effort to improve our culture to         The bottom line – live TA’s Vision & Values every day!
drive more collaborative, empowered, goal
oriented and accountable behaviors. We believe in              Mikki Chadwick
open and honest communication, leading with                    HR Director

2009 TA Golf Outing                                                Retirements
We will be having a scramble type golf outing event
again this year for anyone interested in participat-
ing. Details are as follow:                                                                   Dick Griffith, TANL
                                                                                              Mechanic, retired on
   When:                 July 18th, 2009                                                      March 31st, after 25 years
   Where:                Valleywood Golf Course in                                            of dedicated service with
                         Apple Valley, MN                                                     Transport America.
   Time:                 Shotgun start at 7:30 AM
                         (come as early as 6 AM to
                         practice/warm up)
   Cost:                 $55 to golf, plus $11 for lunch

Following the golf portion, we will be having an
optional lunch and social hour (beginning around
12:30 or 1:00 pm). You can choose to participate in
both or only one. We can accommodate up to 144                                                Lynn Schulte, TANL
golfers and even more for lunch, so get your teams                                            Mechanic, retired on
ready and we look forward to seeing you on the                                                April 30th, after 23 years
links.                                                                                        of dedicated service with
                                                                                              Transport America.
If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact
Tom Short at x4457 or Stefanie Collis at x4732 for
more information.

TRANSALL TOPICS                                                                            APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2009

In Deepest Sympathy
Sincere sympathy is extended to the following employees and independent contractors who recently lost a
family member.

 David Brown, TAKC Owner Operator, on the                      Lori Stout, TAJA Support Center Assistant, on the
 passing of his father, Harold Brown, March 22nd.              passing of her mother, Patricia Garske, May 7th.

 Steve Blair, Sr. Director of Sales, on the passing of         David Lindsey, TANJ Company Driver, on the
 his father, Kenneth Blair, March 27th.                        passing of his mother, Paulette (Eshbaugh) Lindsey,
                                                               May 8th.
 Caron Tweet, Accident Claims Rep, and her
                                                               Bill Piktel Sr., TANJ Company Driver/Trainer, on the
 husband Rick on the passing of Rick’s mother,
 Verna Tweet-Prindle, April 1st.                               passing of his mother, and Bill Piktel Jr., TANJ
                                                               Company Driver/Trainer on the passing of his
                                                               grandmother, Jean Piktel, May 16th.
 Keith Foster, TAJA Support Center Manager, on the
 passing of his uncle, Larry Finch, April 10th.                Kimberly Dove, TAGC Company Driver, on the pass-
                                                               ing of her grandfather, Wallace Vickers, May 18th.
 Karen Smith, Executive Assistant, and husband Jim
 on the passing of Karen’s mother, Lydia Johnson,              Matt Goldade, Financial Analyst, & Maggie
 April 15th, and the passing of Jim’s mother, Sue Ann          Goldade, Switchboard Operator, on the passing of
 (Demcho) Smith, May 2nd.                                      Matt’s grandfather, Max Erhardt, May 19th.

 Penny Froehling, Administrative Assistant, on the             Timothy Sommer, TAJA Company Driver, on the
 passing of her father, William Follmer, on May 6th.           passing of his father, David Waggoner, May 27th.

Exceeding Expectations
A big THANK YOU to Transport America employees & contractors that went above and beyond the call of
Customer Recognition

        Mattel Inc. recognized Kelly Rainville for “exemplary customer service and dedication provided to
        our account”. The award stated, “Kelly helped me understand claims from the carrier perspective.
        She provided proofs of deliveries promptly and efficiently. Any questions were responded to very
        quickly. She is a hard worker and a pleasure to work with.”

        TA prides itself on outstanding customer service. The Claims department is proud to have Kelly
        continue the company tradition.

New Arrivals
Congratulations to the following employees and independent contractors who recently became parents or

Tim Redick, TAGC Company Driver, and his                 Melvin Key, TAGC Company Driver, proudly announces
wife, Mai, celebrated the birth of their first child,    the birth of his grandson, Curtis Michael Templeton, born
Leah Redick on March 8th.                                on May 30th. He was 6 lbs, 13 oz, and was 19 inches long.

                                                                                                       Presort Standard
                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
                                                                                                          Permit #16
                                                                                                         Hastings, MN
       EAGAN, MN 55121

TRANSALL TOPICS                                                                                 APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2009

                         2009 Driver Appreciation Week...
Transport America’s 2009 Driver Appreciation Week                  speak, and appreciate everyone’s efforts in stepping
(DAW) is planned for the week of July 27, 2009. Most               up to the plate by taking care of our customers,
trucking companies participate by honoring their                   trimming waste and controlling costs.
                                                                   Each year we try to deliver excellence to you during
This year Transport America will again have folks in               DAW and show our appreciation for the hard work
the field to talk to you, our valued Drivers. The topic            you do for us every day of the year. We are asking all
for this year’s event will be “It’s Your Business”. We will        of you for your ideas and suggestions on what you
have various giveaways/prizes, activities and food at              would like to do differently this year. Please call us no
our support centers, but most importantly, we are                  later than July 3rd with your suggestions.
looking forward to talking with all of you.
                                                                   Finally...mark your calendars and let’s celebrate your
Even during this current economic climate, we are                  daily contributions!
going to make DAW a meaningful time to get out
and appreciate all of our employees and                            Steve Kohl & Mary Ann Walker-Bartolet
contractors. We are in the planning process as we                  Managers of Support Centers

         Do you have a story to tell                                        If so, please send it to
                                                                     Mikki Chadwick in Human Resources.
         about people, places, or
          things going on at TA?                          


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