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									                                         BULLDOG GAZETTE
                                                                    October 2009
October 2009                                                                        Published by the Butler High School PTSO

          From the Principal...                                                                                PSAT
Hello Butler Bulldogs,
                                                                                                             October 14
I am writing this on September 25th which is the 23rd day of school – more than 1 month is
under our belts! We have had an extremely smooth beginning, and life has continued to be         ALL students ins Grades 10-11
good. Last night was our PTSO Open House. We approved the budget, viewed a Student                    will take the PSAT.
Council skit on “Invest in Your Child,” and provided time for parents to meet the teachers
and hear about individual courses. In addition there was a meeting for senior parents about       NO registration is needed.
planning for life after Butler. I spoke with many parents individually and it certainly
seemed that students are on the right track.                                                            Powder Puff 09
                                                                                                       Junior Girls vs. Senior Girls
Speaking of being on the right track, many Butler students will be taking the SAT at Inde-              Wednesday, October 14
pendence High School on October 10th, and 10th and 11th graders will be taking the PSAT                     Bulldog Stadium
on October 14th. The PSAT is a valuable tool for us in helping students to choose the best                   Admission: $5
courses and it is also used to identify students for scholarships. Please make sure that your    Check the website for the official start time
sophomore or junior gets a good night’s sleep the night before. Freshmen and seniors are to
report at the regular time and will have a regular school day. Also, progress reports will be
distributed on September 29th and 30th. Be sure to ask your student for copies in addition to    It’s time to order your
monitoring progress with Parent Assist.                                                              2010 Yearbook!
I would encourage you to make it a habit to read the Bulldog Blitz as it is the most effective   The website is now ready
tool for up-to-date information about Butler. I would like to thank Amy Brisley, senior           to take orders! Go to:
secretary extraordinaire, for her devotion to making the Blitz so thorough. Also, Anne
Bucci and Stephanie Ferron, our Media Specialists, work very hard to have vital informa-
tion on the Butler Website. For example, the Graduation Project is in transition this year,
with the goal of being structured much more like CMS had it in the past. We will periodi-
cally be posting information about this on both the Blitz and Website.
                                                                                                        JROTC Bar BQ
Please let us hear from you with the good news as well as times where you may need some
                                                                                                          October 24
                                                                                                            In Front of the School
Respectfully,                                                                                               Starting at 10:30 AM
Theresa Hopkins                                                                                                  $8 a Plate
                                                                                                    Presale tickets available—see page 5
      Homecoming: October 16 Bulldogs vs. Ardrey Kell

                                    Please join Officer Archer, Ms. Andrews                          It’s Not Too Late….
                                    and the Butler D.R.E.A.M Team as we
                                                                                                    you can still join the PTSO
                                    kick off the first Butler Campus Crime
                                                                                                      and participate in our
                                    Stoppers Awareness Week. We want
                                                                                                        Capital Campaign.
                                    everyone to take part in the Crime Pre-
                                    vention efforts which helps in combating                                 See page 9
                                    crime and keeping Butler safe. Join us                          of this newsletter for details.
                                    Friday, October 16 at 6:15 PM for the pre-
                                    game show before the Butler vs. Ardrey
                                    Kell football game. There will be free
                Congratulations                                                     Parent University
         to these Outstanding Students
                                                               Parent University is a community collaborative led by Charlotte-
         Junior Marshals for 2009 -2010                        Mecklenburg School to help parents become full partners in their
                                                               children's education. CMS partners with community agencies and
           Tanner Fadero and Liliya Folksah                    organizations to offer free courses, family events and activities that
                 Co - Chief Marshals                           will equip families with new or additional skills, knowledge, re-
                                                               sources and confidence. If you would like more information about
       Jaclyn Avara                    Andrew Le               Parent University please contact the CMS Family and Community
                                                               Services Department/Parent University at 980-343-0318 or email us
        Matt Burns                    Nick LePore              at
     Thomas DeWolfe                    Alex Mabes
       Jeanne Dinh                 Courtney Metcalf                          About Parent University Registration:
       Ginny Fisher                   Tran Nguyen                               Three ways to register for classes:
      Lemuel Glover                H Blim Nie- Hmok
                                                                 1. Complete and return a registration form. Forms are available
      Garrett Guion                     Anna Parr                   at the back of any Parent University Catalog or at your school.
        Alli Halberg                Sarah Pederson
       Ryan Hodge                  Biranna Robinson             2. Register on line at click on the Parent
       Willl Jackson                  Chris Welch                  University link on the Parent section of the pull-down menu
     Katie Kinniburgh               Emily Winburn                  and click the link to on-line registration.
       Emily Larkin
                                                                 3. Register at the door on the day of the event.

 The Orchestras of Butler High School will present                      Contact Person for David W. Butler High School:
           their first concert of the season on                           Cynthia King, Student Services Department

                       Wednesday, October 21                                         October 8
                               7:00 PM                            Parent University “Substance Abuse” Workshop
                     Butler High School Auditorium                           Providence High School

                                                               Butler Cheerleaders Performing
Works featured in this concert include Telemann's
Viola Concerto in G Major with Victoria Albanese                    NASCAR Banking 500
as soloist, Mozart's Symphony No. 15 in G Major,                    YOU can get DISCOUNTED TICKETS!
Vivaldi's Autumn from the Four Seasons, and a
medley of favorites by the Beatles.                            Have you been waiting to buy tickets to the NASCAR Banking
                                                               500 on Saturday October 17th at Lowe's Motor Speedway?
                    Admission is free.                         Now's your chance to get discounted tickets! The Butler
                                                               Cheerleaders will be performing at the pre-race show and can
                                                               get you tickets for $30 instead of $49. Please contact Coach
                                                               Schimizzi for details.

           News from the Media Center
                                                               The following students are semi‐finalists for National 
Using links on the Butler Website                              Merit Scholarship Program and National Achievement 
The Butler website is a mirror of the       Scholarship Program 
CMS-generated Butler website with the address of If links do not work
properly at, either copy the URL to Favorites        National Merit             National Achievement                 
and open it in a separate window or use the CMS-generated
Butler website.
                                                                    Paul Horton                     Lindsey Barrett 
                                                                 Katherine Majeski 
Flash Drives for Sale – Price Reduced                                Jarrod Oliver 
Silver and red and engraved with the Butler bulldog, beauti-
ful new 1 gb flash drives are for sale for $16 in the Media         Hayley Paytes 
Center. Please send cash or a check made out to Butler            Cameron Rogers 
High School. We offer free engraving of student ID numbers
on each flash drive.
                                                                             Good luck to all of our students!
                 Math Department News                                         Graduation Project
                                                                 The North Carolina Graduation project that was intro-
I'sis Perry, Billy Gerhard, Lane Polk, Will Randall and
                                                                 duced last year has undergone many changes. Students
Nicole Savignac are the Butler Math Team members who
will compete in the Carolina Panthers’ Number Crunch Com-        will still complete the paper, product, presentation and
petition. The team must consist of 3 Calculus students and 2     portfolio with the changes outlined by CMS.
Pre-Calculus students. They will compete against other CMS
high school teams on Saturday, October 3rd. This is a compe-     ALL juniors will begin their paper with the assistance
tition that involves math concepts along with football. Their    and guidance of the English 11 teachers. No student
advisor is Morgan Olin, who is also the advisor for Mu Alpha
Theta, the math Honor Society.
                                                                 will be penalized because he or she has English second
                                                                 semester. At Butler, the 11th grade English teachers
The Math Department proudly announces our newest mem-            have developed specific guidelines and timelines so
ber. Kevin Dresser, a former student teacher here last year,     that the students will be able to complete the paper por-
is now a member of the Butler staff and is teaching Algebra 1,   tion of the project. To that end, the teachers work with
Algebra 2 and Geometry in Trailer 7. Welcome, Mr. Dresser!
                                                                 the students to help them pick a viable product that re-
Mu Alpha Theta's next meeting will be on Thursday,               lates to their topic.
October 8th. Students may still turn in applications and
dues to Mrs. Olin.                                               During the summer, we strongly suggest that the stu-
                                                                 dent complete the Product portion of the project. The
               PTSO Board Meetings                               focus of the overall product is service learning; so
 The PTSO Board meetings are held the 2nd Monday                 many students will choose a form of community
 of the month at Butler High School. Any interested              service that relates to their topic. Students would keep
 parents are welcome to attend. The next meeting                 a journal, take pictures as they worked and keep logs of
 will be Monday, October 12th in the Career Center               time spent. This is the portion of the project where the
 Conference Room. We’d love to see you there.                    mentor component would have been most helpful.
                                                                 However, the NEW program does not require that the
                                                                 students have a mentor, but the student will need an
News From The Choral Music Department                            ADULT supervisor (non family member) who can
                                                                 authenticate the time the student spends on the prod-
                                                                 uct. It would be beneficial if the supervisor/mentor
                                                                 (non – family member) would write a brief note about
                                                                 the student's participation in completing the product.
Congratulations to Joshua Simka who will rep-
resent Butler High School at the North Carolina                  Senior English teachers will help the students with the
High School Honors Chorus in Winston-Salem on                    portfolio portion and the presentation portion of the
November 7-8, 2009. The event will be held                       project. Students will have turned in the rough draft
                                                                 and 2 copies of the final paper into the English Teacher
during the annual convention for the North
                                                                 the previous year. Those papers will be returned to the
Carolina Music Educators Association. All                        student during Senior English for inclusion in the port-
participants in the 180-voice choir were selected                folio. Students will make their presentation to the com-
by audition from approximately 1200 students                     munity panels at designated times in either the Fall or
from across the state. The concert on Sunday                     Spring of their senior year.
will be presented at the Stevens Center under                    For the fall semester, senior panels will be held No-
the direction of Dr. Jefferson Johnson from the                  vember 16 - 20 after school. The time commitment is
University of Kentucky.                                          generally from 2:45 until 6 PM on any given day. Par-
                                                                 ents who are interested in serving on boards are asked
The choral music students are                                    to contact Mary Teal via e–mail
                                                                 or by calling the school 980-343-6300 ext 283.
selling cheesecakes and cookie
dough! Contact Lorna Graves at
for more information.
                                                                       Indoor Track Team Try-Outs
                   Looking for another way                                 Monday, November 9
                   to show Bulldog spirit??                               2:30 PM on the Track
    Coming soon are yard signs to show that you are a
    true Bulldog fan. Keep your eye out at upcoming Butler
                                                                           Indoor Track Information Meeting
    sporting events so that you can buy yours and show                          Wednesday, October 7
    more Butler spirit.                                                                2:30 PM
                                                                                       Trailer 2
                                                                    Open workout on the track after the meeting
                                                                    till 4:30 PM for those not in a fall sport.

                                                                    All Paperwork (Physical Packet, Eligibility Certification
                                                                    Form, and Honor Codes) MUST be turned into Coach
                                                                    Bethay before anyone can tryout on the 9th. We
                                                                    can NOT accept paperwork after Monday, November 9th.
                                                                    Make sure to get it done ahead of time or you will not
                    Science Olympiad                                be competing for indoor track.

Science Olympiad is a club for students who excel                   This paperwork (Eligibility Certification Form and Honor
in science and want to expand their science skills.                 Codes) must be filled out again even if it was done for a
The club meets every other Tuesdays during first                    Fall sport.
semester and every Tuesday in the spring semes-
ter. The upcoming meetings are Tuesday October
6th and Tuesday October 20th in room 209. Please
see Mrs. Schimizzi (room 209)for more details.                       Specialized Butler Sunglasses
                                                                            $20 Each
   OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS                                        Get them while they’re
The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics is now
accepting applications for the 2010-2011 school year. This is
a residential school for academically gifted students who
particularly excel in the areas of math and science. Students
who are accepted will transfer to the school for their junior and
senior years and graduate from the school. Applicants are
required to take the SAT I on one of the following dates as part
of the application process: October 10, November 7,
December 5, or January 23. The application deadline is
January 15, 2010. Please contact Ellen Mennitt in the School
Counseling Department for details.                                   To purchase these quality sunglasses contact Coach Bethay
                                                                     at, find one of the track
                                                                     coaches, or send your student to the women’s coaches
         GOVERNOR'S SCHOOL                                           office during the school day. They can also be purchased at
                                                                     sporting events.
The North Carolina Governor's School will be hosting an
                                                                     Make checks payable to: Butler Track Boosters
informational meeting for prospective students and their
parents on October 15, 2009 from 7:00 PM until 8:30                      Show your Bulldog Spirit !
PM. The meeting will be held in the auditorium of the
Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Professional Develop-
ment Center located at 428 West Boulevard. Please
contact Ellen Mennitt in the School Counseling Depart-
ment if you have questions.
                                JROTC NEWS                                      HOSA News
                The Butler Bulldog Battalion is off to a great start     (Health Occupations Students of America)
                this year. We have been extremely involved in the
                community by helping out a local elementary             HOSA is off to a great start this year. At our first meeting we
                school, Antioch Elementary, the Athletic Boosters       had over 98 students join. We also introduced the officers and
                with parking, and preparing for athletic competitions   announced there are several officer positions still needing to
                in the district.                                        be filled. Applications can be picked up outside rooms 402
                                                                        and 405. The students enjoyed playing HOSA games and
The Bulldog Battalion, now commanded by C/LTC John Lefor,               making ice cream sundaes. The next meeting will be
received requests from Antioch Elementary School to provide             October 8th. Anyone interested in joining can bring their ap-
volunteer support with school beautification and a festival for their   plications and dues of $25.00 to the meeting.
students. The Bulldog Battalion provided over 25 cadets on two
separate occasions for over 350 hours in community service               The HOSA chapter at Butler High School will be hosting an
support. Great job Bulldogs!                                            "Aerosoles Shoe Party" on Tuesday, October 6th from 2:30
Our Softball Teams captained by C/CPT Stephen Lasher and                until 5:00 PM. Stop by rooms 402, 405 and 503 to look at the
C/1SG Ericka Jernigan prepared very well for the CMS Softball           catalogs and come to the party to try on these fabulous
Tournament. The teams played very well but did not place in the         shoes. Monies raised will support the chapter’s activities and
top four. The leadership and organization provided by these two         competitive events. We appreciate your support.
outstanding cadets helped them earn Cadet of the Month honors for
the two higher level classes in JROTC.                                  October 10th is the Autism Speaks walk at Lowe’s Motor
                                                                        Speedway. Students should see Mrs. Beam if they are inter-
The cadets have worked extremely hard this fall supporting the Ath-     ested in walking and raising money for this event.
letic Department with parking for home football games and cleaning
the stadium after all home athletic events. Their hard work has                         Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the first
made the stadium look outstanding for all home competitions this                        Blood drive of the year to be held on
year.                                                                                   November 6th. It will start at 7:30 AM and run
The Bulldogs held their first monthly awards ceremony on the 30th                       through 12:00 noon. You must be 18 years old
of September at 8:30am. Cadets who attended the JROTC Summer                            and weigh at least 110 pounds. Community
Leadership Camp were recognized for their outstanding perform-                          members are welcome and will be moved to
ance. Cadet Zach Thompson was the 3rd highest cadet at the camp         the head of the line. Don’t forget to eat breakfast and drink
out of 250 cadets from 5 different states. Cadet Joe McNamara           plenty of water!
received special recognition from the Matthews American Legion
for attending North Carolina Boys State. Cadet Taylor Thompson
earned the Cadet of the Month honors for the freshman and sopho-          More Ways to Show Spirit!
more classes for his outstanding participation in all JROTC activi-     Everyone needs a “Pound” Shirt!
ties so far this year.
                                                                        Student Council is selling our annual Pound
The Bulldog Booster Club is supporting the battalion in all its en-     Shirts. This year we're also offering a long sleeve
deavors. They will be providing a tailgate for the cadets at the next   t-shirt for the BHS v Independence game. The
two drill meet competitions; October 3 at UNCC and October 17 at        short sleeve Pound shirts are red and are $10. The BHS v Indy
Olympic High School. Our booster club is an outstanding way for         shirts are black and are $12. Both shirts can be purchased to-
parents and family members to get involved with our program. Its        gether for $18. Contact Alyssa English at
fun, free, and an excellent way to show our cadets you care.   to purchase. Preorders end October 2,
Our Booster Club meets the second Thursday of every month at            but additional inventory will be ordered and delivered during the
6:30 PM in the JROTC room, room 517. Please come out and find           week of October 12. CASH ONLY PLEASE.
out how you can get involved with our cadets.

                                                                              The Butler Campus
Our Booster Club will be having their second BBQ here at the
                 school on the 24th of October. The cost will be
                 $8.00 per plate and will be open to the public.
                 You can buy your pre-sale tickets through
                                                                           Crime Stoppers Website.
                 any cadet or the JROTC department. The                 Students can report crimes that happen on
                 plate will include BBQ, cole slaw, chips, and 3        campus anonymously using this website.
                 buns. Come on out from 10:30 AM until the              Log on to
BBQ runs out on the 24th of October in the front of the school.         or you can access the website from the Butler website just
                                                                        click on the Butler crime stoppers link
The JROTC Battalion in conjunction with our Booster Club will be
holding a JROTC night at the Matthews Township Grill on 19 Octo-        If a report leads to an arrest, recovery of property or discipli-
ber from 5:00pm-8:30pm. 25% of the proceeds from the evening            nary action, the reporting student can receive a cash reward
will come back to the JROTC battalion. Please come out and sup-         ranging from $10 up to $1000.
port our JROTC cadets.
                                                                        We would like students to take an active role in preventing
    "Motivating Young People to be Better Citizens"                     crime in our school.
                                       SENIORS—CLASS OF 2010
                                                 COLLEGE CORNER:
 Representatives from the following colleges will meet                         SENIORS ONLY
 with interested JUNIORS & SENIORS for                       The following universities have given tentative dates
 information sessions. Please see Mrs. Ellis in the School              for ON-SITE ADMISSIONS:
 Counselor's Office for details or to sign up to attend.
                                                                                October 21
                       October 1                                          Winston-Salem University
               University of Connecticut
                     Virginia Tech                                              October 23
                                                                             Queens University
                    October 2
   Emory Riddle Aeronautical University (Florida)                 4th Week in October/Specific Date TBA
                                                                           Wingate University
                 October 5 @ 9 AM
           St Johns University (New York)                         1st Week in November/Specific Date TBA
                                                                              Western Carolina
                      October 6
           Iona College (New Rochelle, NY)                                      November 18
                   Duke University                                              East Carolina
            Wesleyan College (Connecticut)
                  Queens University
                                                              Parents of Seniors: Mark Your Calendars!!
                       October 7
                                                                 The School Counseling Department will host a
                     Barton College
                                                                            Financial Aid Night
                                                                          Monday, December 14,
                      October 8
                                                                                 6:00 PM
          University of Southern California
                                                                        in the Butler Media Center.
           Emory University (Atlanta, GA)
                                                             This program is for parents who will have
                       October 9                             students entering college in the Fall of
                     Roanoke College                         2010. The speaker will be a representative
                                                             from the College Foundation of North
                  October 28 @ 9 AM                          Carolina (CFNC). Make plans to join us for
                Northeastern University                      this incredibly informative meeting!!

Senior Yearbook Ads: Students or parents can purchase and create ads online using several
template options through Walsworth Publishing by going to
butleryearbook/ and clicking on the "Buy Your Ad" banner. If you want to create your own ad,
please save it digitally as a jpeg. All ads are in color. For questions about jpeg ads contact a year-
book staff member or
                                                              Attention Seniors: The LAST CHANCE for a
                                                              senior portrait is October 3rd at Herff-Jones.
  Full Page: $325          1/2 Page: $250                     Location: 9555 Monroe Road, Charlotte, NC
  1/4 Page: $175           1/8 Page: $95                      Please call 704-376-9889 to make an appointment
October 1
Talent Showcase Auditions                                                      Juniors and Seniors
2:30-5:30 PM                                                             Register NOW for the SAT or ACT
Auditorium                                                       It is best for students to take the SAT and ACT in
                                                               Spring of the Junior year AND Fall of the Senior year.
October 6                                                                    Don’t miss it! Sign up now!
Talent Showcase
7:00 PM                                                         Registration dates and testing dates for SAT:
Adults: $7.00 Students: $5.00                                       Register By:              Test Date:

October 20
                                                                    October 1                 November 7
The Playoffs: "The Imaginary Invalid" vs. "The Egg                  October 30                December 5
Play" (the winner goes to NCTC)                                     December 15               January 23
7:00 PM                                                             February 4                March 13
Auditorium                                                          March 25                  May 1
Adults: $5.00 Students: $3.00                                       April 29                  June 5
                                                                 Pick up registration materials from your school counselor
                                             October 21                or register on-line @
                                       Orchestra Concert          Cost is $45.00           High School Code = 342-531
                                                 7:00 PM
                                               Auditorium      Registration dates and testing dates for ACT:
                                              October 27            Register By:               Test Date:
                                            Band Concert
                                                 7:00 PM            November 6                  December 12
                                               Auditorium           January 5                   February 6
                                                                    March 5                     April 10
                                                                    May 7                       June 12
                                                                              Parents and Students:
                                                                You need to register for Writing part of the ACT also.
          Butler High School                                    Pick up registration materials from your school counselor
              presents                       BHS
                                                                            or register on-line @
       Festival of Bands                                          Cost is $47.00          High School Code = 342-531
     Saturday, October 3rd
Butler High School and the Butler Bulldog Marching Band will               Would You Like To Receive
host the 7th annual Butler Festival of Bands on October 3,
2009. Opening ceremonies will begin mid-afternoon and the
                                                                           This Newsletter By E-Mail?
Festival will continue through the evening with a number of
regional bands competing for outstanding band of the day.      If you gained access to this newsletter through the Butler
Come watch our new and exciting Butler Bulldog Marching        web-site and have not already signed up to have this news-
Band led by Band Director Mr. Josh Stevenson. They will        letter sent to you by e-mail, you can still get on our e-mail
perform their 2009 show music, “Under Construction.” Come      mailing list. All you have to do is go to the Butler web-site
watch and support our Butler Bulldogs Marching Band                       
                                                                      and sign up under “Join the Parent E-mail list”
                                                                  found in the “What’s New” section on the home page.
                       Admission                               By joining the Parent E-mail list, not only will you receive the
                      $5.00 for adults                         Bulldog Gazette each month, but you will also receive the
              $3.00 for students ages 10 - 17                  Bulldog Blitz—a weekly (quick read) update of what’s going
               $3.00 for ages 65 and older                     on at Butler.
            Free for children ages 9 and under

The Butler Band Boosters will sell a variety of food, baked       Keep Informed! Sign Up TODAY!
goods and beverages. Please join us on October 3 for a day
of fun, good music and spectacular marching.
                                     School Counseling Services Department
                                                      Mission Statement
The mission statement of David W. Butler High School’s Counseling Department is to promote academic excellence and career
development while ensuring personal and social growth through utilization of community and school resources as we prepare
students to be lifelong learners.
                                                    Philosophy and Beliefs
1. Every student can be and wants to be successful.
2. School Counseling services are a vital link to educational excellence.
3. The availability of support services are necessary for student achievement.
4. Students need a safe environment for self-exploration.
5. Collaboration among staff, students, parents, and the community are important to provide resources for students to reach
    their potential.

                  A-Ca Kim Preacher, Counselor                                            Cb-Gi Linda Ellis, Counselor
                  Co-Chair of Scholarships                                                PSAT Recognition Program Coordinator
                  PSAT Night for Parents Coordinator Summer Programs                      College Representative
                  Financial Aid Coordinator                                               College Application Week
                                                                                          On-Site Admissions

                 Gj-K Cynthia King, Counselor                                             L-Pa Ellen Mennitt Counselor
                 Hawthorne High School Liaison                                            Governor’s School Representative
                 NC Virtual High School Representative                                    NC/CMS Scholars
                 NCAA Counselor Representative                                            FAC Representative
                 Parent University Representative                                         Intervention Team Liaison
                                                                                          NC School of Math and Science
                                                                                          Summer Ventures

                 Pb-S Jann Kilgo, Counselor                                              T-Z Cynthia Shepard, Counselor
                 504 Coordinator                                                         Department Chair/Co-Chair of Scholarship
                 Foreign Exchange Student Liaison                                        Senior/Junior Day Parent Programs
                 Group Counseling Coordinator                                            Minority Programs
                 McKinney-Vento Representative                                           Senior Awards Night
                                                                                         Vertical Team Representative

                                              June Mancz, Career Development. Coordinator
                                                       Career Center Coordinator/Military Liaison
                                                       College Tech Prep and College Experience
                                                         Academic Internship Program Liaison

                                              School Counseling Support Staff
                                 Linda Horton, Guidance Secretary/Liz Mualem, Registrar
                                             Christopher Debiase, Psychologist
                                    Libby Guice, Student Assistance Program Counselor
                                 Lynn Bryan, Social Worker/Catherine Mull, School Nurse
                       Terrin Pigatt, Speech Pathologist/Michelle Carelock, Rehabilitation Counselor
In compliance with the federal law, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools administers all education programs, employment activities and admissions without discrimina-
tion against any person on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age or disability.
It’s Not Too Late….                    You can still join the PTSO or participate in our Capital Campaign.
Just print this page, fill out the forms below and return to the school.

           Butler PTSO Dues Form                                   Invest In Your Student Form
              Dues: $5 per member                      SUGGESTED DONATION: $25 per family
      We encourage all parents and students to join!
                                                    _____ I will make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE
 Number of persons joining:                                Donation of $______to help fund
  _____ Parent(s) _____Student(s) _____ Staff              Butler’s PTSO Budget.
 Parent Name(s):__________________________ _____ I will apply for a MATCHING FUNDS
 Student Name             Homeroom Teacher    Grade        gift from my employer:
 ____________/__________________/____ ___________________________________
 ____________/__________________/____                              (Employer’s Name)
 Address:                                           Name:_______________________________
 _______________________________________ Address______________________________
 Phone:__________________________                          ________________________________
                                                           Phone #: _____________________________
 E-Mail Address:_____________________________
                                                           E-Mail Address:_________________________
 Payment by: Check #__________ Cash_____                   Student Name(s)            Homeroom Teacher    Grade
 Total Paid __________

                                           We rely on dues and donations to:
            Provide equipment and supplies directly to classrooms over and above what CMS can provide.
                           Provide scholarships to students and staff for higher education
                                             Help supply the health room
                                            Help beautify Butler’s grounds
                     Provide hospitality days to show support for our excellent teachers and staff


           *Many businesses provide matching funds for “Invest In Your Student” donations.
                                     Check with your employer!

                                             Please make checks payable to: Butler PTSO
                                                          You may write one check
                                                    for dues and “Invest in your Student”
                                                Return to the school office or mail to:
                                                       Butler High School Attn: PTSO
                                                        1810 Matthews-Mint Hill Road
                                                            Matthews, NC 28106
                         PTSO MEMBERS FOR 2009-2010 as of September 30, 2009
    A huge thank you to the following staff, students and parents who have supported Butler High School by joining the Butler PTS0.
                    If your name is not on this list, we do not have your record of membership. Please call Cyndy Parr if you have any questions

Robin Abernathy              Samantha Brosso                    Jerry Crowe                         Candice Farrington              Brynn Hall
Neely Abernathy              Robbie Brower                      Jo Crowe                            John Farry                      Eric Hall
Tanya Allison                Anne Brower                        Dan Culicerto                       Kelly Farry                     Becky Hall
Andrew Allison               Parent Brown                       Kathy Culicerto                     Ryan Ferrell                    Jennifer Hansell
Keith Anderson               Adam Brown                         Pam Cummins                         Stephanie Ferron                JT Harkey
Susan Anderson               Norman Brownstein                  Lea Curlee                          Susan Fields                    Jill Harkey
David Anderson               Lisa Brownstein                    Denae Currie                        Mike Fisher                     Annice Harrelson 
Tommy Arnold                 James Brownstein                   Kydaryune Currie                    Elaine Fisher                   Margaret Harrelson
Tara Ashcraft                Anne Bucci                         Jessica Dalton                      Kristina Fisher                 Andrew Hatch
Vivencio Austero             Dennis Burgoon                     Patrick Davitt                      Edwin Flemmings                 Rhonda Hatch
Robyn Avara                  Sarah Burgoon                      LyseDavitt                          Barbara Flemmings               Julie Hayes
Jim Bailer                   Doug Burkhart                      Ebony Davitt                        Paula Floyd                     Karen Haynes
Caroline Bailer              Margaret Burkhart                  Chris Debiase                       Cindy Foley                     Melissa Haynes
Pamela Baker                 Ben Burkhart                       Jackie Debiase                      Count Fosdick                   Joseph Healy
Johnny Baker                 Ryan Burns                         Ashlyn Debiase                      Vickie Fosdick                  Regina Healy
Luann Baker                  Mickie Burns                       Zach Debiase                        Gary Franks                     Katherine Healy
Eric Barrett                 Steve Burton                       Morian Debo                         Linda Franks                    Molly Hedrick
Lisa Barrett                 Beth Burton                        Betsy Delzell                       Kelli Franks                    Susan Helms
Breana Barrett               Maria Butler                       Morgan Delzell                      Devin Funderburke               Paul Hemphill
Michele Barrett              Stephanie Butler                   Dee Demirovic                       Ray Gaines                      David Hemple
Ashle Basden                 Michelle Calkin                    Andrew Denton                       Paula Gaines                    Gloria Hemple
Debbie Beam                  Jackson Canaan                     Bonnie Denton                       Alan Gaines                     Linda Hendley
Richard Beasley              Arlene Caputo                      Mendy Deviney                       Anna Gallup                     Wesley Hendley
Laurie Beasley               Ann Carlough                       Don DeWolfe                         Rose Genet                      Michael Hendley
Alain Bealey                 Ann Carlton                        Cathy DeWolfe                       Lori Gerhard                    Laura Hickson
Luba Belcak                  Cynthia Carter                     Thomas DeWolfe                      Billy Gerhard                   Scott Hilborn
Megan Berkey                 Ken Carter                         Hollis Dickenson                    Carol Gifford                   Karin Hill
Jean Berrier‐Tate            Dru Carter                         Laurie Dickenson                    David Gilbert                   Jacob Hindman
Jordan Bertke                Steve Chan                         Michael DiMaggio                    Kenny Gilmore                   Dianna Hinkle
Debbie Bethay                Matt Clary                         Stephanie DiPaolo                   Betty Gilmore                   Alex Hinkle
Janet Bevis                  Annette Clary                      Leslie Doby                         Robin Girardi                   Annette Hiser
Aaron Bevis                  Ellis Clary                        Diane Doherty                       Cheryl Glass                    Sue Hodge
Kim Blair                    Tim Clingenpeel                    Jim Donovan                         Sandra Glass                    Blake Hodge
Vince Blardony               William Coconato                   Kim Donovan                         Joyce Godwin                    Patrick Hogan
Daniel Bloom                 Michael Colitti                    Calvin Easter                       Kristen Godwin                  Marguerite Hogan
Susan Blouin                 Ellen Colitti                      Sharon Easter                       Matthew Good                    Lauren Hogan
Janee Blue                   Christy Colombo                    Dolly Esparagoza                    Lorna Graves                    Parker Hogan
Michelle Borden              Paul Comer                         Nicholas Estes                      Tony Gray                       Kim Honeycutt
Max Bost                     Jeanette Comer                     Chris Estes                         Shirley Gray                    Teresa Hopkins
Amy Bost                     Janet Conboy                       Shelia Estes                        Tracy Gross                     Linda Horton
Patrick Bowes                Dell Conner                        James Estes                         Darby Gross                     Brett Howie
Melanie Bowser               Theresa Conner                     Blake Estridge                      Ron Guice                       Brandon Hucks
Richard Boyle                Josh Conner                        Susan Evans                         Nancy Guice                     Arnold Huffstetler
Tammy Boyle                  Marty Conte                        Barbara Everitt                     Mark Guion                      Kitty Huffstetler
Morgan Boyle                 Jodie Conte                        Tanner Fadero                       Amy Guion                       Trevor Huffstetler
Sandy Brenner                Terrilynn Cook                     Chandler Fadero                     Garrett Guion                   Johnny Huggins
Lauren Brisley               April Coolidge                     Michael Fairfax                     Pam Gwaltney                    Carla Huggins
Jerome Brooks                Vea Cornwell                       Christina Fairfax                   Deron Hablutzel                 Adam Huggins
Sherry Brooks                Rich  Cornwell                     TravisFairfax                       Jim Hagwood                     Helms Hugh
Frank Brosso                 William Courter                    Regina Famey                        Lisa Hagwood                    Marie Humphrey 
Cathy Brosso                 Edith Courter                      Nadia Famey                         Debbie Halberg                  Debbie Hunter
                       PTSO MEMBERS FOR 2009-2010 as of September 30, 2009
    A huge thank you to the following staff, students and parents who have supported Butler High School by joining the Butler PTS0.
                  If your name is not on this list, we do not have your record of membership. Please call Cyndy Parr if you have any questions

Macie Imholt               Doris Larkin                       David Meyer                         Chris Pierce                       David Rumble
Mike Ingersoll             Richard Laughlin                   Aquilla Miller                      Joe Pisano                         Laurie Rumble
Cynthia Ingersoll          Zachary Lea                        Carlos Miller                       Judy Pisano                        Matthew Rumble
Joy Jackson                Lolla Lea                          Deborah Miller                      Kaitlyn Pisano                     Greg Rushing
Paul Jackson               Tyra Lea                           Ed Moore                            Esperanza Plaza                    Leslie Rushing
Carol Jackson              Lynne LeBlanc                      Sharon Moore                        Risa Polk                          Rebecca Rushing
Dale Jackson               Larry Lee                          John Morgan                         Jeff Polofsky                      Lawrence Rushing
Kristin Jackson            Linda Lesley                       Jean Morgan                         Lori Polofsky                      Jeremy Russell
Beverly Jackson            Chris Lewis                        Sharon Mudd                         Grant Polofsky                     Jim Ryder
Trevor Jackson             Ethan Lewis                        Melanie Muehl                       Alex Polofsky                      Rick Sambrotto
Thomas Jacky               Christian Lewis                    Mallory Neal                        Robert Poore                       Jay Santero
Michele Jean‐Jumeau        Shawn Lichacz                      Adam Nicholas                       Dana Poore                         Kenny Sarfaty
James Jenkins              Mary Beth Lichacz                  Thomas Niels                        Alex Poore                         Cecilia  Scanga
Charlene Jenkins           Andrew Lichacz                     David Niels                         Wendy Porter                       Joanna Schimizzi 
Melanie Jerman             Tim Ligon                          David Niels                         Spouse Porter                      Jane  Schley
Ennis Johnson              Karen Ligon                        Charlene Niels                      Joseph Porter                      Alan Schmitt
Debra Johnson              Amanda Ligon                       Chuck Norton                        Kim Preacher                       Joan Schumacher
Leslie Johnson             Stephen Lloyd                      Lisa Norton                         Janet Prevatte                     Don Secrist
Marrianne Johnson          Cynthia Lloyd                      Trey Norton                         Laura Prince                       Carol Secrist
David Johnson              Beth Loxton                        Karen Nunziata                      Klye Prince                        Mary Shanley
Julie Johnson              Rodney Lynn                        Clara Ogletree                      Susan Putnam                       Paul Shaver
Sarah Johnson              Beth Lynn                          Jon Ogorek                          Mike Quan                          Karen Shaver
Sam Jolly                  Tyler Lynn                         Cynthia Orengo                      Peggy Quan                         Jane Simpson
Galyah Jones               Alex Mabes                         Taylor O'Steen                      Meghan Quigley                     Joanne  Sivak
Erika Jones                Chuck MacLaughlin                  Karen Packy                         Sean Quigley                       Jacob Sivak
Bob Jones                  Jackie MacLaughlin                 Stacy Park                          Hamid Rabiipour                    Carolyn Sloan
Janet Jones                Phillip MacLaughlin                Jeff Parker                         Tina Rabiipour                     Craig Sloan
Melanie June               Miles Madden                       Teresa Parker                       Maggie Rabiipour                   William Smallwood
Student June               June Mancz                         Keith Parks                         Tom Radzicki                       Sondra Smallwood
Dan Kell                   Maria Marshall                     Jane Parks                          Eric Randall                       Sandy Smith
Dana Kell                  Nate Marshall                      David Parr                          Kelly Randall                      Maria Smith
Deidre Kelly               Karen Mayer                        Cyndy Parr                          William Randall                    Scott Sobolewski
Daniel Kennedy             Sean McDeson                       Anna Parr                           Gary Rawlings                      Sharon Sobolewski
Denise Kennedy             Molly McDeson                      Kevin Parsons                       Vannessa Rawlings                  Katie Sobolewski
Katrina Kennedy            Mary McDuffie                      Julie Parsons                       Mitchell Rawlings                  Stephen Sobolewski
Nicole Kennedy             Jimmy McGill                       Colin Parsons                       Dennis Ritchie                     Phil Spratt
Jessica Kennedy            Melissa McGill                     Anna Parsons                        Becca Ritchie                      Sandi Spratt
Tonya Kerr                 Bernadette McMa‐                   Karen Parsons                       Lou Ann Rives                      Zack Standley
Mike King                  hon                                Courtney Paschal                    Michael Robelotto                  Juli Standley
Gayle King                 Grant McNeely                      Debbie Payne                        Brandi Robelotto                   Jeff Stark
Diane King                 Connie McNeely                     Chris Payne                         Marion Roberts                     Dolores Stark
Marsha Kinniburgh          Kent McNeely                       Norman Paytes                       Julia Robinson                     Kevin Stephens
Steve Kinslow              Roger McWhirter                    Leslie Paytes                       Andrew Robinson                    Stacy Stephens
Betsy Kinslow              Margaret McWhirter                 Deanna Peck                         Michael Roden                      Brandon Stephens
Steve Kiser                Frank Meeske                       Sal Pecorella                       Christopher                        Judith Stewart
Julie Kiser                Donna Meeske                       Janet Pecorella                     Rodriquez                          Candace Stiffel
Lauren Kiser               Bronwyn Megginson                  Anna Pecorella                      Maria Rogers                       Carly Stitz
Cindy Klingberg            David Megginson                    Kim Pellicone                       Toni Rohrbach                      Steve Stothart
Pat krikorian              Parker Megginson                   Lorraine Perricone                  Neva Romahn                        Margaret Stothart
Lynn Kulikowski            Ellen Mennitt                      Jan Phillips                        Mike Rose                          Callie Strachan
Mickey Larkin              Christina Metcalf                  Logan Phillips                      Susan Rose                         Linda Surratt
                        PTSO MEMBERS FOR 2009-2010 as of September 30, 2009
     A huge thank you to the following staff, students and parents who have supported Butler High School by joining the Butler PTS0.
                   If your name is not on this list, we do not have your record of membership. Please call Cyndy Parr if you have any questions

Rudy Sutis                  Mary Teal                          Verna Wade                          Dawn Whetstone                     Bill Winburn
Pamela Sutis                Justin Timblin                     Kalli Wade                          Kari Coconato Wig‐                 Regina Winburn
Jessica Sutis               Mitzi Torkildson                   Buddy Wainwright                    gins                               Emily Winburn
Elizabeth Swaringen         Angelica Torres                    Suzanne Wainwright                  Eddie Wiggins                      Steve Woitovich
Daniel Swaringen            Diane Tracy                        Cheryl Wlaker                       Marianne Wiggins                   James Woody
Kareena Sweat               Mark Tregde                        Patricia Walsh                      Sean Wiggins                       Linda Woody
Najah Sweat                 Donna Tregde                       Tracy Webber                        Mitch Wiles                        Terry Wright
Kareena Tallent             Jonathan Tregde                    Valerie Webber                      Crystal Wiles                      Robin Wright
Naoko Tanaka                Benita Turner                      Carol Weddle                        Robert Williams                    Damian Wright
Fred Tannenbaum             Lori Van Horn                      Amanda Welsh                        Monica Williams                    Jim Yorio
Lana Tannenbaum             Abby Van Horn                      Michael Welych                      Frank  Williams                    Debbie Yorio
Luke Tannenbaum             Susan Van Sickle                   Thomas Werts                        Kristen Williams                   Tony Yorio
Clint Tate                  Ashley Varnadoe                    Becky Werts                         Adam Williams                      Devan Young
Camille Tate                Jeannette Vasquez                  James Westley                       Chris Williams                     Aubrey Young
Paul Taylor                 Taylor Vita                        Deborah Westley                     Nichole  Williams                  Heather Yungbluth
Jill Taylor                 Michael Von Cannon                 Oliver Westmoreland                 Sharon Williamson                  Debbie Zuber
Stacey Taylor               Donald Wade                        Doug Whetstone                      Cameron Wilson

                                                           Driver’s Ed Information
Driver Education is an important part of your student's                          704-566-9900. They offer classes on Saturdays at their
high school experience. In conjunction with Jordan Driv-                         office.
ing School, Butler offers afterschool classroom instruc-
                                                                                                   Any questions can be sent to
tion for all students who are 14 1/2 years of age or older.
Driver Education Registration is handled through on-line
                                                                                         or directed to Mary Teal, Butler site coordinator
registration only.
                                                                                 When you have completed your entire Driver’s Ed course,
•   Students may register for class by going to
                                                                                 your must get a Driver’s Eligibility Certificate from the and clicking on the Driver Ed link
                                                                                 school. Those are available from Ms. Mualem in the Regis-
    on the left side of the page.
                                                                                 trar’s office in Student Services. To get one, your MUST
•   Parents or students should send name, date of birth
                                                                                 bring with you:
    and student ID # by using the “contact me” link on
    located on the Driver’s Ed home page.
                                                                                 ORIGINAL Driver’s Ed Certificate
•   Students will be assigned to class based on their date
                                                                                 ORIGINAL Birth Certificate
    of birth.
                                                                                 ORIGINAL Social Security Card
•   Classes are held monthly and last from 2:30 PM
                                                                                 CURRENT Report Card
    until 5 PM.
•   Parents will need to make arrangements to pick up
                                                                                 There are two other conditions you must meet. You MUST
    their students promptly at 5 pm in the student
                                                                                 already be 15 years old, and you may not have more than
    parking lot.
                                                                                 one F on your report card.
Students who are interested in Saturday classes may contact
Jordan Driving School at 704-566-9900. Jordan Driving                            In the event that you have lost your driving privileges due
School offers Saturday classes at their location off of Idlewild                 to bad grades, your privileges are restored in the same
Road and Independence Blvd. Students may attend these
                                                                                 manner, BUT only at the end of the semester with the SE-
classes at no cost.
                                                                                 MESTER report card.
Behind the Wheel instruction is coordinated through
Jordan Driving School. The instructor will contact the                           All Driver’s Eligibility Certificate issues are handled
student by phone to set up a driving schedule. If after                          before or after school or during the student’s lunch
school classes do not meet your student's need, you may                          hour. Passes from class will not be honored for this
contact Jordan Driving School directly at                                        purpose.
                                       PTSO INVEST IN YOUR STUDENT 2009-2010
                                                  LIST OF DONORS
                                                As of September 30, 2009
Thanks to the following list of people who have supported the Butler High School PTSO’s Invest In Your Student capital campaign for
2009-2010. Thanks to your generosity the Butler PTSO can continue to fund projects that directly benefit the students and staff of David
W. Butler High School. THANK YOU!!!

Anderson, Mark and Janet           Esparagoza, Alan and Dolly         Jacky, Tom and Anita               Rumble, David and Laurie
Bailer, Jim and Caroline           Estes, Chris and Shelia            Jean-Jumeau, Michele               Sanchez, Izzy and Susan
Balder, David and Barbara          Estes, John and Jane               Johnson, David and Julie           Sansury, Darryl and Andrea
Barrett, Michele                   Farry, John and Kelly              Jolly, Debbie                      Santero, Jay
Bartlett, David                    Fields, Susan                      Jones, Bob and Janet               Schley, Brian and Jane
Beasley,, Richard and Laurie       Flemmings, Edwin and Barbara       Kelly, Deidre                      Schmitt, Eric and Karen
Berkey, Breck and Margaret         Franks, Gary and Linda             Kinniburgh, Robert and Marsha      Secrist, Don and Carol
Bevis, Janet                       Funderburke, Jewell                Larkin, Mickey and Doris           Smallwood, William
Borden, Michelle                   Gaines, Ray and Paula              Lea, Zachary and Lolla             Stark, Jeff and Delores
Bowes, Patrick and Nancy           Gallup, Robert and Anna            LeBlanc, Brian and Lynne           Stevens, Charles and Andrea
Boyle, Richard and Tammy           Garrett, Lynn                      Lewis, Brian                       Strachan, Paul and Elizabeth
Brant, Dawn                        Garruto, Raymond                   Lichacz, Shawn and Mary Beth       Strickland, Jeff and Beth
Brower, Robbie and Anne            Gesner, Bob and Lisa               Lynn, Rodney and Beth              Sutis, Rudy and Pamela
Brown, Parents of Adam Brown       Gigante, Teresa                    Mabes, Timothy and Rita            Tate, Clint and Jean
Burkhart, Doug and Margaret        Gilmore, Kenny and Betty           McNeely, Grant and Connie          Taylor, Paul and Stacy
Burns, Ryan and Mickie             Gross, Tracy and Darby             Miller, Carlos and Deborah         Turner, Benita
Burton, Steve and Beth             Guice, Ron and Nancy               Muehl, Bruce and Mary              Van Sickle, Susan
Caldwell, Jackie                   Guion, Mark and Amy                Neal, Fred and Sherrie             Vita, William and Trendi
Calkin, Rob and Michelle           Halberg, Debbie                    Norton, Chuch and Lisa             Wahl, Mark and Regina
Canaan, Walter and Joetta          Hall, Becky                        Nunziata, Karen                    Walker, Tom and Cheryl
Carlton, Ann                       Harrelson, Annice                  Packey, Matthew and Karen          Walsh, Patricia
Chan, Steve                        Hatch, Rhonda                      Parker, Jeff and Teresa            Weddle, Carol
Clary, Matt and Annette            Hayes, Dennis and Julie            Parr, David and Cyndy              Werts, Becky
Colitti, Michael and Ellen         Healy, Joseph and Regina           Paytes, Norman and Hayley          Westley, James and Debbie
Conner, Dell and Teresa            Hemphill, Paul and Pamela          Pellicone, Nick and Kim            Westmoreland, Jeff and Heidi
Courter, William and Edith         Hemple, David and Gloria           Poore, Robert and Dana             Whitley, Cody and Chelsea
Crowe, Jerry and Jo                Hickson, Laura                     Prince, Phillip and Laura          Wiggins, Eddie and Marianne
Cummins, Pam                       Hill, Karen                        Randall, Eric and Kelly            Wiggins, Stacy
Debiase, Chris and Jackie          Hinkle, Dianna                     Rawlings, Gary and Vannessa        Wiles, Mitch and Crystal
Debo, William and Jennifer         Hogan, Patrick and Marguerite      Robaina, Rene and Fatima           Williams, Nichole
Delzell, Megan                     Huggins, Johnny and Carla          Robinson, Craig and Julia          Wilson, James and Belinda
Denton, Andrew and Bonnie          Hunter, Rob and Connie             Rogers, Andrea                     Winburn, Bill and Rebina
DeWolfe, Don and Cathy             Jackson, Dale and Kristin          Rohrbach, Toni                     Wright, Terry and Robin
DiMaggio, Vince and Miriam         Jackson, Joy                       Romahn, Neva                       Yorio, Jim and Debbie
Donovan, Jim and Kim               Jackson, Paul and Carol            Rose, Mike and Susan

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   your BONUS CARD, to the cashier the
   next time you shop at BI-LO to sign up.                                     Re-link to Harris-Teeter’s
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     Butler High School PTSO
                                                                           Butler’s number is #1243.
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