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                                                                                                  Volume IX, No. II, April, 2005

                                                                       couture, while 2000 Graphic
                                                                       Design graduate Andy Abero
                                                                       exhibited a sampling from
                                                                       his award-winning collection
                                                                       of posters (featured along-
                                                                       side his other innovative
                                                                       designs during the months
                                                                       of July and August in an Art
                                                                       Institute solo show).
                                                                           A reception celebrating
                                                                       the art and artists of the
                                                                                                                                         Brian Shody
                                                                       2004 show was held June                 dazzled the crowd with duck
                                                                       3rd in the gallery. More than           confit, stuffed pattypans, and
                                                                       100 people were on hand to              crème fraiche with caper and
                                                                       marvel at the creativity, and           dill.
                                                                       listen in on a panel discus-                Art Institute Alumni
                                                                       sion on career development              Coordinator Mark Livingston
                                                           Alex Shiu
                                                                       featuring alumni Kelly

Alumni Show 2004
   More than 35 different             by Lamar Soderstrom (Vi-
                                                                       Tyson, Mark Byrnes, Anne
                                                                       Slack, and David Lemley.

artists, representing nearly          sual Communication, 1994),
every degree offering, exhib-         and a dramatic series of
ited work in the 2004 Alumni          portraits by Joey Robinson
Show on the campus of The             (Residential Design, 2000)
Art Institute of Seattle.             also drew high praise from
   Steve Klinkel (Visual              gallery visitors.
Communication, 1985) held                The show contained out-
center stage with his collage,        standing commercial work
                                      as well, including a catalog
                                      of greeting cards from artist
                                      Nora Weaver (The Burnley
                                      School, 1979), and packag-
                                      ing design for snowboarding
                                      gear from Shawn Bishop
                                                                                               Joey Robinson                            Katie Mineke
                                      (Graphic Design, 2002).
                                                                                                               called the show a success,
                                      Aaron Swar (Residential             Culinary alumni Kristy               saying the high quality of
                                      Design, 1994) showed slides      Wilkens, Bob Scribner,                  work was a tribute to the
                                      of a master bedroom/bath         Harry Mills, Mark Purtzer,              diversity and strength of the
                                      suite design, and Alex Shiu      Melissa Robinson, and                   alumni association. “For
                                      (Photography, 1998) and          Mimi Reed came together to              more than 50 years Art
                                      Jeff Schmitt (Photography,       create and prepare the menu             Institute alumni have made
                                      1991) provided stunning          for the reception. The team             creativity a way of life,” said
                      Steve Klinkel   commercial photography.
                                         Heather Williams               This edition of Alumni Focus:
“Isn’t It Nice.” The work was         (Fashion Design, 2000), Nina
one of three in the show for          Flowers (Fashion Design,          Editor: Mark Livingston                Photos: Katrina Welker
Klinkel, and one of many                                                                                               Liz Stinkeoway
                                      2001), and Katie Mineke
                                                                        Contributing Editor:
fine-art exhibits from alumni          (Fashion Design, 2003)                   Kelly O’Neill                   Layout: Colby Burrows
artists. A beautiful abstract         showed off their inspired
April 2005- Alumni Focus                                                                                                                          1
 Livingston. “This show was    2005 Alumni Show, being           Sage Parent - Graphic Design, 2001
 a celebration of living and   held from May 3rd to June         Nora Weaver - The Burnley School, 1979
 working as an artist.”        24th, please visit www.ais.       David Lemley - Visual Communication, 1985
    To learn more about        edu and click on “alumni          Kelly Tyson - Video Production, 2003
 getting involved in the       services.”                        Jeff Schmitt - Photography, 1991
                                                                 Samuel Sutauto - Graphic Design, 2003
                                                                 Cory Baker - V isual Communication, 1996
                                                                 Alex Shiu - Photography, 1998
                                                                 Aaron A. Swar - Residential Design, 1994
                                                                 Shane Coleman - Animation Art & Design, 2004
                                                                 Dave Carleson - Visual Communication, 1994
                                                                 Justin Lockhart - Photography, 2003
                                                                 Janell Edwards - Visual Communication, 1987
                                                                 Danielle Quirindongo - Layout & Production Art, 1995
                                                                 Catherine Bassetti - Graphic Design, 1999
                                                                 Lia Martin - Photography, 1996
                                                                 Matt Bain - Audio Production, 2003

 Enjoying the show

 David Gallo - Computer Animation, 2003
 Sean Wilkinson - Graphic Design, 1988
 Rob Schwartz - Visual Communication, 1985
 Kamilla K. White - Graphic Design, 2000
 Steve Klinkel - Visual Communication, 1985                      Alumni Show 2004
 Jaina Ridriguez - Visual Communication, 1996
                                                                 Alumni Chefs
 Jana Erikson - Photography, 2002
 Lamar Soderstrom - Visual Communication, 1994
                                                                 Bob Scribner, 2003
                                                                 Kristy Wilkins, 1997
                                                                 Harry Mills, 1997
                                                                 Mark Purtzer, 2000                              Steve Klinkel
                                                                 Melissa Robinson, 2002
                                                                 Mimi Reed, 2001

                                            Catherine Bassetti
 Andrio Abero - Graphic Design, 2000
 Gina Hanzek - Graphic Design, 1984
 Steven Hardin - Graphic Design, 2003
 Jessie Hawthorn - Animation Art & Design, 2003
 Anita Hodson Griffin - The Burnley School, 1975
 Nina Flowers - Fashion Design, 2001
 Joey Robinson - Residential Design, 2000
 Shawn Bishop - Graphic Design, 2002
 Brian Snoddy - Visual Communication, 1985
 Hatsumi Nakao - Graphic Design, 1994
 Heather Williams - Fashion Design, 2000                                                                          Jeff Schmitt
April 2005- Alumni Focus                                                                                                         2
Letter From the Editor
   April, 2005

   Greetings Alumni!

   Welcome to the first edition of the online newsletter – The Alumni Focus. Scroll down to see all the latest stories from the
campus of The Art Institute of Seattle, and share in the success of some of our outstanding graduates.
   This issue takes a look back at the 2004 Alumni Show – including the full list of artists and culinarians that made the show
such a success! The 2005 show is starting in May, and promises to be bigger and better, so take a moment to download an
entry form by visiting and clicking on the “alumni services’ link. You won’t want to miss out on this exciting
celebration of art and artists, so get your best work ready and be a part of the show!
   We hope you enjoy the new look of your Alumni Focus, and we want to hear what you think. Send us an e-mail at – our goal is to keep you informed and entertained, and we look for your suggestions to keep this news-
letter growing right along with the ever-growing alumni population.


Mark R. Livingston
Alumni Coordinator
The Art Institute of Seattle

                               Justin Lockhart                         Shane Coleman                                 Nina Flowers
April 2005- Alumni Focus                                                                                                       3
                                                                  products during his tenure                Mark Byrnes has been
A Long, Strange Trip                                              with Becker & Meyer, includ-
                                                                  ing an executive air-hockey
                                                                                                        all over the world and back
                                                                                                        again on his career path
                                                                  set that has sold more than           - and that suits him just fine.
                                                                  200,000 units in the opening          Diversity and flexibility are
                                                                  stages of production. By-             the keys to reaching career
                                                                  rnes says product ideas are           goals, and Byrnes has seen
                                                                  introduced in weekly staff            plenty of both. He does,
                                                                  meetings, and once green-             however, attribute some of
                                                                  lighted can take up to 5 or 6         his success to genetics, say-
                                                                  months to bring to fruition.          ing his son seems to have
                                                                  In the case of his air-hockey         inherited the family gene for
                                                                  set, Byrnes designed the              making things interesting.
                                                                  product “backwards” to fit                 “My 4-year-old asked
                                                                  the packaging and the cost            for help with digging a hole
                                                                  projections. Selecting mate-          in the backyard,” Byrnes
                                                                  rials and design components           recalls.
                                                                  usually happens first in prod-             “He wanted to use dyna-
                                                                  uct development, but Byrnes           mite.”
                                                                  has learned the importance
                                                    Mark Byrnes
   Former police officer Mark     a three-wheeled bicycle. A       of flexibility when it comes to
Byrnes has taken an unusual      “total disaster” by the young    turning an idea into a product
and diverse path back to         inventor’s standards, but an     in the marketplace.
his roots as a model-maker.      important first step toward
Byrnes, a 2002 graduate of       a bright career in industrial
the Industrial Design and        design.
Technology program, began            Byrnes’ resume includes
his fascination with model       panning for gold in the Yu-
making as the developer of       kon, driving logging trucks,
                                 working as a tracker for King
Be a Part                        County Search and Rescue,
of the Show!                     and serving as a combat
                                 arms instructor for the United
The Alumni                       States Army. It was during
Show – 2005                      an army deployment in Bos-
                                 nia that Byrnes discovered
   The deadline for entry into   information on the Internet      Mary Lokar accepting her award from the ACF Judges
the 2005 Alumni Show is          about The Art Institute of
fast approaching. Last year
saw more than 35 different
artists represented, and this
                                 Seattle, and set in motion the
                                 next chapter in his unique       ACF Student
year promises to be even
                                     Byrnes’ initial adjust-
                                 ment to school life was a bit
                                                                  Culinarian of the Year
   Anyone interested in be-      awkward. “The only experi-          Mary Lokar, a June 2004           focused on solid cooking
ing a part of the 2005 show      ence I’d ever had with that      graduate of The Art Institute        skills,” Lokar says about
should visit         age group was putting them       of Seattle, won the title of         winning the prestigious ACF
and click on “alumni ser-        in jail,” Byrnes says of his     “Student Culinarian of the           competition.
vices” to view the link to the   younger classmates. Fortu-       Year” at the 2004 American              Lokar began practicing the
downloadable entry form.         nately, his experience and       Culinary Federation National         recipes for the national com-
   Completed forms should        maturity soon helped him get     Conference on July 19th, in          petition in May. In June her
be received no later than        into the groove. His innova-     Orlando, Florida.                    training intensified and she
May 1st, 2005 to be consid-      tive designs grew more com-         Lokar competed against            began twice weekly practic-
ered for the show.               plex; and his talent caught      three other young culinarians        es, even flying in true Dover
   Remember, we are ac-          the eye of local design giant    in preparing a three-course          sole from England to experi-
cepting commercial or fine        Becker & Meyer. Byrnes was       meal in two hours. On the            ence working with the exact
art submissions - so send in     hired as a product developer,    menu: sole Florentine, com-          variety of fish to be used in
an entry form and join in this   and assists in manufactur-       posed salad, and chicken             the competition. However,
celebration of art and artists   ing/foreign-factory relations.   chasseur.                            the salad gave Lokar the
in 2005!                             Byrnes has designed many        “When I got there, I just         (continued on page 6)
April 2005- Alumni Focus                                                                                                                 4
                   A look at the show

                  A Letter from the President
                     Shelly DuBois

                     Greetings Alumni!

                      It is a pleasure to say hello, and it is my hope this message finds you well both personally
                  and professionally.
                      The college’s alumni population has grown to more than 15,000! A component of our
                  Alumni Services mission is to stay connected with you (yes, all 15,000), to find out what
                  you’ve been up to, and to help you stay connected to each other.
                      I believe you’ll enjoy this edition of Alumni Focus. It provides highlights of fellow alumni as
                  well as faculty. I ask that you tell us how you are doing, and stop by and see us when you’re
                  in the neighborhood. We love to hear what you’ve been up to.
                      And don’t forget - each spring the college hosts the annual Alumni Show. I look forward to
                  seeing your work on display in May, 2005!
                      So take a break from your busy life, sit back, read and enjoy!


April 2005- Alumni Focus                                                                                                5
Lokar the most concern.           competed on the ACF Junior
“The salad is time-consum-        Hot Foods Team under the                 Alumni Hall-of-Fame
ing,” she said. “It is tough
in so many ways. It calls for
                                  guidance of coach/instructor
                                  Chef Harry Mills. Lokar and
                                                                         Call for Nominations
endive petals, tomato petals,     her teammates won three
asparagus tips and has to be      gold medals in 2002 and             If you, or an alumnus you
beautifully presented with        2003.                            know, is interested in being
each item cooked to perfec-          The ACF Student Culinar-      a part of the new alumni
tion.”                            ian of the Year award was        Hall-of-Fame, send your
   Being in the center of a       established in 1987 by the       story to mlivingston@aii.
heated competition is noth-       late Baron Galand, CEC, to       edu.
ing new to Lokar. As a high       help student members estab-         These profiles, framed
school senior from Ferndale,      lish their position within the   and mounted around
WA, she won fourth place in       American Culinary Federa-        campus, express the pride
The Art Institutes “Best Teen     tion. The award recognizes       we feel in our outstanding
Chef” 2002 competition,           an up-and-coming student         alumni. Send in your nomi-
and took home a $15,000           who possesses a high degree      nations today to be a part of
tuition scholarship to attend     of professionalism, culinary     the new Hall-of-Fame, and
                                                                                                     Recent Hall of Fame profile
The Art Institute of Seattle.     skill, and passion for the       help to inspire future genera-
As a culinary student at The      culinary arts.                   tions of Art Institute alumni.
Art Institute of Seattle, Lokar

One Frame at a Time
   Steve Crandall (Video          Seattle Men’s Chorus. Cran-      Crandall had succeeded            this time the scale would be
Production, 2004) believes        dall became known among          in producing an emotional         much larger. Crandall, acting
in changing the world, one        the members for his tech-        tribute that brought down         as producer, hired a dozen
frame at a time. His produc-      savvy, and for this reason       the house. A friend recom-        fellow students to create
tion company, ProMotion           they asked him to help edit      mended the video production       a multi-screen integration
Arts, uses that phrase as the     a tribute video for Artistic     program at The Art Institute      of video, still images, and
corporate motto, and Cran-        Director Dennis Coleman.         of Seattle, and Crandall          music. The piece, celebrat-
dall preaches it with enthu-      Crandall enthusiastically        jumped at the chance.             ing the 25th Anniversary of
siasm.                                                                                               the chorus, was a powerful
   It stands to reason that                                                                          success. World News Tonight
Crandall would believe in the                                                                        featured it on their Sunday
power of change. He has                                                                              broadcast, and the video
re-shaped his future many                                                                            received special recognition
times, always seeking to                                                                             at the 2004 AEGIS Awards.
challenge his limitations and                                                                        Crandall had created a
satisfy his creative spirit.                                                                         masterpiece, just in time for
   Crandall trained as a                                                                             graduation.
corporate lawyer, earning his                                                                           Today, ProMotion Arts
degree at Seattle University.                                                                        is growing steadily, continu-
He accepted a job in finance,                                                                         ing to dedicate time and
and quickly moved from                                                                               money to non-profit causes.
practicing law to consulting.                                                                        Crandall believes developing
The decision transformed                                                                             relationships through pro-
his world into one of security                                                                       bono work is an important
and privilege. His Connecti-                                                                         element of his success.
cut home was a subway ride                                                          Steve Crandall      And he continues to
from Wall Street, where he        accepted, and began a four-         At The Art Institute,          develop his emotional style
oversaw $500 million in           month project that would         instructors like Kenny Smith      - one frame at a time.
investments for his firm. The      again change everything.         challenged Crandall to think
work was rewarding, but he           As the scale of the project   differently. He became
missed the West Coast, and        grew, Crandall dedicated         interested in using video to
so decided to return to Se-       himself to its success - ter-    play with reality and change
attle to open his own consult-    rified by his inexperience,       perceptions. Nearing the
ing firm.                          but unwilling to say no. With    end of his studies, he took
   His return gave him an op-     the final editing finished just    on another project for The
portunity to audition for The     hours before show time,          Seattle Men’s Chorus, and
April 2005- Alumni Focus                                                                                                          6
Alumni Connections
   The first release from Ah-         cial children. Her conversa-
mita Publishing, When Two            tion with a friend’s daughter
Colors Make Three, hit book-         had somehow grown into a
shelves in January 2005.             full-length children’s book,
   This contemporary                 and now she turned her
children’s story is the brain-       attention to the hunt for an
child of Fran Thomas, a 2003         illustrator who could make
Culinary Arts graduate, who          the story come alive.
penned the book 10 years                 A chance meeting during
before seeing its publica-           Portfolio Review at The Art
tion. The idea sprang from a         Institute of Seattle brought
conversation with the young          Thomas together with artist

                                                                                                                              Fran Thomas
                                                                     of the narrative into his many        forward to future projects for
                                                                     fine details. He worked                the fledgling company. Plans
                                                                     closely with Thomas to cre-           are underway to develop a
                                                                     ate the final watercolors – il-        series based on Colors, and
                                                                     lustrations that would inspire        Thomas is finishing work on
                                                                     strength, yet remain acces-           the text of a new children’s
                                                                     sible to children. The final il-       book.
                                                                     lustrations reflect McIntosh’s            When Two Colors Make
                                                                     own vision of storytelling in         Three is available starting
                                                                     design, and challenge the             January 2005 at www.ahmi-
                                                                     reader to see subtle, familiar, or by visiting
                                                                     things in a different way.   Illus-
                                                                                                           trations from the book and
                                                                                                           other work by artist Andrew
                                                                                                           McIntosh are available at

                                                                                                                  Help Wanted!
                                                                                                               We’re always looking for
Detail from When Two Colors Make Three by Andrew McIntosh
                                                                                                            stories of accomplishment
daughter of a friend – a girl        and fellow graduate Andrew                                             from our graduates. If you,
struggling to find her identity       McIntosh. Thomas was                                                   or someone you know,
as a biracial child. Thomas          supervising the catering for     Detail from When Two Colors Make      would make an interesting
saw the need to create some-         a mutual friend when a con-                Three by Andrew McIntosh
                                                                                                            profile for an upcoming
thing that would help parents        versation struck up regarding      “He wanted it to be what I          newsletter, let us know!
and their children open a            the book she had written.       wanted it to be,” says Thom-           Send your nominations to
dialogue on the subject; and         McIntosh (Animation, 2003)      as of her illustrator. “Our  
give biracial children, as           expressed his willingness to    partnership is effortless.”
Thomas says, “permission to          help, and a partnership was        Thomas and McIntosh
be themselves.”                      formed.                         founded their own publish-
   Thomas, a former jour-               McIntosh, a motion graph-    ing house to market and
nalist, relied on research to        ics artist for Luster Commu-    distribute the book. Ahmita
bring context and form to a          nications, began by develop-    Publishing was launched in
story portraying the cultural        ing color-pencil sketches for   2004, and both entrepre-
and social concerns of bira-         the book – weaving elements     neurs are already looking
April 2005- Alumni Focus                                                                                                                  7
                                                                      atmosphere of New York cu-        ing anything out.
Education in Motion
    Hayley Vause was hop-          plans for an internship in
                                                                      linary culture. The future is
                                                                      wide open for this ambitious
                                                                                                            “You just never know,”
                                                                                                        laughs Vause.
ing to find information on          Europe to focus her energy         rising star, and she’s not rul-
photography when she went          on this unique restaurant in
surfing through the website
of The Art Institute of Se-
                                   Washington, D.C.
                                      Her persistence paid off,        You Say You Want a
attle. Instead, she found the      and Vause – now a graduate
pathway to a brilliant career
in the culinary arts, and a
                                   of the Class of 2003 – was
                                   hired to work in the Garde
journey to the other side of       Manger station at Restaurant            David Lemley began           munication, 1985) began
the country.                                                            to realize his world had        constructing his vision of
    The decision to shift her                                           changed when he was             design while still a stu-
career path from photog-                                                handed a bag of his own         dent at The Art Institute of
raphy was a difficult one,                                               design at a Starbucks in        Seattle in the mid 1980’s.
but Vause made it with an                                               Zurich, Switzerland. He         He was drawn to designers
open mind. “Sometimes,                                                  was shocked to see his          like Tim Gervin, but knew
you have to take a risk,” she                                           design so far from home,        he must create his own
said. Armed with a winning                                              and marveled at the size of     identity to succeed in the
attitude, Vause enrolled in                                             the audience he could now       ruthless marketplace of
the culinary program, and it                                            reach.                          the late 20th Century.
wasn’t long before she began                                               Lemley’s philosophy              Lemley built his reputa-
to shine. Her enthusiasm                                                as a designer is complex,       tion on using design as a
and growing talent helped                                               but the results are easy to     means to communicate
her secure a spot on the high-                                          measure. Success comes          beyond cultural or lan-
                                                       Hayley Vause     in “getting a mass-audi-        guage barriers - a means
ly competitive Art Institute
of Seattle Student Culinary        Nora. The restaurant caters          ence to eat it, live it…what-   to express humanity as a
Team. The team represents          to exclusive business events         ever it,” says Lemley. And      condition we all share, and
the college in the prestigious     and private parties, hosting         today, in America and           a language we all speak.
American Culinary Federa-          the likes of President Clinton,      across the world, Lemley’s      “Regardless of the prod-
tion student team competi-         and WWII National Monu-              designs give customers at       uct,” says Lemley. “For
tions each year.                   ment artist Leo A. Daly, as          Starbucks and R.E.I. and        example, do you want to
    The Art Institute of Seattle   well as senators and foreign         Home Depot (to name a           talk about candy? My job
team moved quickly through         dignitaries. Vause knew the          few) plenty of reason to        is to show you how human
the local and regional             challenges of working in such        “buy it” as well.               beings talk about candy.”
competitions, ultimately           a demanding environment                 Lemley’s success (“I’m             Candy or coffee,
taking home the gold medal         would be many, but jumped            one of the only designers I     backpacks or teabags
in Portland, Oregon, at the        at the chance to work                know whose parents know         - Lemley’s designs enhance
qualifying level for entry to      alongside the talented staff         what they do”) is a direct      the user experience, and
the national competition.          at Nora. “I knew that I’d be         result of his way of look-      strive to create status for
Vause and the team traveled        learning every day,” recalls         ing at the world of visual      the consumer by connect-
to Washington, D.C. – captur-      Vause of her decision to start       communication. Lemley           ing them to the culture
ing 3rd place overall, and         her career at Nora. “I knew          and his staff at Seattle’s      a product represents.
changing Hayley Vause’s life       I’d be busy, and I knew I’d be       LemleyDesign approach           Lemley attempts to design
forever.                           having fun.”                         projects with a highly com-     the user experience around
    It was in Washington D.C.          The Art Institute of Seattle     petitive, results-oriented      interpreting the product in
that Vause happened upon           gave Hayley Vause an oppor-          philosophy. Lemley credits      a specific way and, in doing
one of the most interesting        tunity to pursue her options         the “real reason to believe”    so, design the expecta-
restaurants in the country.        to the limit of her imagina-         as the basis of his designs.    tions.
Restaurant Nora was mak-           tion. She credits many of her        In other words, how the             “I like revolution,” says
ing a name for itself as the       instructors with instilling in       design inspires belief in the   Lemley, of his bold ap-
nation’s first certified organic     her the passion and desire           product, rather than the        proach.
restaurant, and Vause want-        needed to follow in the great        artist. “It’s not about you,”       “I like it when people
ed to be a part of the action.     tradition of American culi-          states Lemley in explain-       say, ‘wow’.”
Upon returning to Seattle,         nary artists.                        ing the difference between
Vause began a campaign                 Vause hopes to one day           applied and creative art.
to persuade the Restaurant         continue her education               “Design should be evangeli-
Nora owners to grant her an        in Europe, and eventually            cal.”
interview. She abandoned           experience the one-of-a-kind            Lemley (Visual Com-
April 2005- Alumni Focus                                                                                                                8
Class Notes
    Justin Barrett (Animation,    with supplemental touches.           Nathan Phillips (Graphic    ing under the Levi-Strauss
2000) recently completed             A full-flavored graphic        Design, 2000) is traveling to   license, designing outerwear
production for a tutorial         design show, “Robust - The       France for a year to design     for the famous label; and
CD-ROM on facial anima-           Design of Andrio Abero,”         for the Biblical Literature     recently visited Honduras
tion. The two CD set contains     was featured in July as          Fellowship. The missionary      to research manufacturers
more than 3 1/2 hours of          the solo exhibit in The Art      organization hired Phillips     and production materials. In
fully narrated video. In addi-    Institute gallery. Abero’s       to design book covers and       addition, Brady continues to
tion, Barrett supervised the      exhibits include the Seattle     inside-layout for French        work as a freelance designer,
animation of some of the CG       Art Museum’s community           Christian literature, printed   and devotes much of her
creatures for a live action       art space, contributions to      and distributed throughout      spare time to her other artis-
Disney Channel special,           the Transformer Gallery of       Europe and Africa.              tic outlet - sculpture.
HalloweenTown 3. Barrett’s        Washington, D.C., the Experi-        Karina Moller (Fashion          Leann Raschke (Photog-
next project will be another      ence Music Project’s north-      Marketing, 1999) does pro-      raphy, 2004) is currently
long-form video based on the      west poster retrospective,       duction work for Ellen Tracy,   designing layouts and helping
Action Man property - the         “Paper, Scissors, ROCK,”         a division of Liz Claiborne,    restore and re-touch digital
British G.I. Joe.                 and the recently published       from her office overlook-        images for Calypsis Photog-
    Natasha Lakos (Graphic        Art of Modern Rock anthol-       ing Times Square. Moller        raphy of Seattle. Raschke
Design, 2001) still finds time     ogy. Abero (Graphic Design,      previously worked for Calvin    joined Calypsis after a stint
for freelance graphic design      2000) was recently honored       Klein, Report Footwear,         as an assistant with Big
work, in spite of her demand-     with the Art Director’s Club     and a PR firm where she          Cheese Photography. She
ing schedule as Wall Décor        of New York’s prestigious        represented Steve Madden        also finds time to work as a
Product Designer for Cana-        “Young Guns” award - an          Shoes and David Aaron           staff-photographer for local
dian based Art In Motion          international competition        Footwear. Moller stays          indie-newspaper Musica
- one of the world’s leading      in celebration of designers      active in the Alumni Associa-   - a monthly publication that
art publishers and framers.       under thirty.                    tion, occasionally speaking     explores local and national
Lakos designs for both the           Rita Lomas (Graphic De-       on campus to help better        hip-hop culture. A portfolio
regional and national lines of    sign, 2003) leads the graphic    prepare students for life in    of Raschke’s dynamic work
the 700-employee company,         design department at the         the fashion industry.           can be found at www.lrenee-
started by a husband and          Helix Design Group (former-          Roy Rohlman (Industrial
wife in their garage in 1985.     ly Helix Architecture). Lomas    Design, 1992) is working as         Rachael Teigrob (Anima-
Lakos lives and works in Van-     continues to design, as well     a Senior Packaging Designer     tion, 2004) works in logo,
couver, British Colombia.         as manage projects, mar-         and Graphic Artist for the      product, and package design
    Maranda Mayberry              ket services to clients, and     Weyerhaeuser Company.           for A.M.F. Farms Teigrob
(Graphic Design, 2000) and        maintain the brand identity.     Recent projects include         is the In-House Illustrator
Jordan Ekdahl (Graphic            Pro-bono work for The Boy        display work for Litehouse      for her company, designing
Design, 2000) were married        Scouts of America and The        Foods, Powers Candy &           characters and doing book
September 25th at the May-        Seattle Center Founda-           Nut Co., and the Nelson Ir-     illustration for marketing
berry farm in Lyndon, Wash-       tion are recent projects from    rigation Corporation.           based initiatives. Keep an
ington. Ehdahl works as a         Lomas, who plans to con-             Melissa Hammock             eye out for her enchant-
graphic designer for Ilum         tinue employing Art Institute    (Graphic Design, 2003) is       ing designs on Halloween-
Associates of Bellevue, and       interns at Helix, and possibly   helping publish 13 maga-        themed products, coming to
Mayberry is a self-employed       hire a full-time employee by     zines a month as a Produc-      your local supermarket this
graphic designer working in       the end of the year.             tion Artist for Homes and       holiday season.
Seattle.                             Katie Mineke (Fashion         Land Magazine. Hammock              Keith Henry (Audio Pro-
    Interior Arrangements         Design, 2001) showed off         is continuing to pursue         duction, 2004) spent the
by Anne MacArthur recently        her dynamic line of couture      freelance design work of        month of August running live
opened on Bainbridge Island,      at Gothique Fashion, 2004        her own, as well as creating    sound for the rock opera,
Washington. MacArthur (In-        (www.gothiquefashion.            fine-art projects - including    “Diana Moves.” A Quick-
terior Design, 2004), through     com). Mineke was among           a modern-art style flower        Time movie clip is available
the use of her innovative         more than 300 attendees,         series that she expects to be   online by visiting www.
designs, achieves new and in-     and received rave reviews        completed very soon.   Henry
viting interior solutions using   for her inspired line. Mineke        Pacifc Trail Outerwear      plans to add a version for
the clients’ existing furnish-    continues to work for Pacific     has promoted Nikki Brady        Windows Media Player and
ings, and making recommen-        Trail as well, busy finishing     (Fashion Design, 2004) from     Real Networks in the near
dations when appropriate for      up the Fall 2005 season for      Technical Design Associate      future.
enhancing the new ambiance        samples.                         to Designer. Brady is work-

April 2005- Alumni Focus                                                                                                       9
   Monica Hanlin (Graphic        grown into a $125 million an-    eveningwear for both men       film – a cinematic discussion
Design, 1991) is working as      nual business, with licenses     and women. Fears designs       about preconceived notions,
an Associate Art Director for    in eyewear, fragrance,           and fabricates the line, as    misconceptions, and stereo-
Milesmedia Group – the           jewelry, as well as a home       well as produces the shows     types of lesbians and lesbian
third largest travel-magazine    collection. Grib will be work-   and organizes funding. Visit   dating.
publisher in the country.        ing out of the flagship store     www.fearlessproductions.          Siu Yan Mok (Fashion Mar-
Hanlin unwinds from the          at The Shops at Columbus         com for information on up-     keting, 2003) is working as
fast-paced environment by        Circle in New York City.         coming shows and events.       a marketing executive with
relaxing at her Siesta Key,         Karen Fears (Fashion             Tan Vo (Video Produc-       Hang Sing Printing & De-
Florida home – five blocks        Design, 1995) is proud to        tion, 2000) celebrated the     sign co., Ltd. – a full-service
from the beach.                  announce the formation           release of her mini-DV film,    commercial printing com-
   Alla Grib (Fashion Design,    of Fearless Productions          “Not Straight Forward” with    pany with a 25 year tradition
2002) is working as a Assis-     2001, her all-purpose fashion    a premiere at the Gay and      of printing excellence. Mok
tant Designer for the Joseph     production house. Fears’         Lesbian Film Festival held     develops overseas clientele,
Abboud label. Since 1993,        line includes executive and      in Seattle in October. Vo      and works to increase mar-
the Joseph Abboud brand has      casual wear, lingerie, and       produced and starred in the    ket share in Hong Kong.

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