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* on Reserve CASEBOOKS, HORNBOOKS & STUDY AIDS Areen Bird Cases and Materials on Family Law, 3d ed. Community Property KF 504 C37 1992 KF 526 B57 1998 Sound Recording in Koren KF 504 C55 1988* KF 479 A7 C48 2004 KF 505 K38 2003 KF 505 Z9 K7 2003* Ref Desk KF 503.6 L46 1996 KF 526 Z9 M46 1988* KF 505 P47 2002 Sound Recording in Koren KF 479 Z9 2003* KF 526 A7 R4 2004 KF 505 W374 2002

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Law of Domestic Relations, 2d ed. Children in the Legal System, 3d ed. Family Law in America Family Law in a Nutshell , 4th ed. Nolo's Pocket Guide to Family Law, 4th ed. Community Property in a Nutshell Domestic Relations

Ramsey Reppy & Samuel Wardle & Nolan

Children and the Law in a Nutshell Community Property in the United States, 6th ed. Fundamental Principles of Family Law

TREATISES / PRACTITIONERS' HANDBOOKS Barson Brown Carrad Investigative Accounting in Divorce, 2d ed. Valuing Professional Practices and Licenses, 3d ed. KF 8968.15 B37 2002 KF 524 V37 1998

The Complete QDRO Handbook: Dividing ERISA, Military, and Civil Service Pensions and Collecting Child Support from Employee Benefit Plans, 2d KF 3512 C37 2004 CD-ROM in Koren Letters for Divorce Laywers CD-ROM in Koren KF 533.5 C38 2006 KG 670 L39 2002

Church Dnes

The Law and Economics of Marriage and Divorce

Domestic Torts: Family Violence, Conflict & Sexual Abuse, Rev. Ed., 2 v. KF 9325 K37 2005 Feder Finley Valuation Strategies in Divorce, 4th ed. CD-ROM in Koren KF 532.7 V35 1997

Assigning Retirement Benefits in Divorce : A Practical Guide to Negotiating and Drafting QDROs, 2d ed. Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques & Applications

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Gold-Bikin Green Hardin Herman

The Divorce Trial Manual Marriage and Family Law Agreements Child Support Forms & Procedures

CD-ROM in Koren

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CD-ROM in Koren

101+ Practical Solutions for the Family Lawyer: Sensible Answers to Common Problems, 2d ed. Adoption Law and Practice, 2 vol.

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Lindey & Parley Lindey on Separation Agreements and Antenuptial Contracts, 2d ed. (2 v., forms included) Lyster Mayoue Child Custody: Building Parenting Agreements that Work Competing Interests in Family Law : Legal Rights and Duties of Third Parties, Spouses, and Significant Others The Complete Guide to Divorce Practice: Forms & Procedures for the Lawyer, 2d ed. CD-ROM in Koren Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook, 3rd ed. Qualified Medical Child Support Order Handbook The Military Divorce Handbook Marital Property Law, Rev. 2d ed. Equitable Distribution of Property, 3d ed. For Better or for Worse: Marriage and the Federal Income Tax CD-ROM in Koren

Ref KF 547 Z9 L97 1999 Disk in Koren KF 510 M39 1998


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Schulman Schulman Sullivan Tingley Turner US Congress LAY GUIDES ABA ABA

Family Legal Guide Guide to Family Law: the complete and easy guide to the laws of marriage, parenthood, separation and divorce Responding to the Needs of the Self Represented Divorce Litigant Divorce Help Sourcebook How to Write Your Own Premarital Agreement 2d ed. Teen Legal Rights Rev. ed. Living Together; A Legal Guide for Unmarried Couples 12th ed.

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Ref KF 505 Z9 A47 1996 Ref KF 535 Z9 R42 1994 Ref KF 535 Z9 D58 1994 Ref KF 529 Z9 H35 1998 Ref KF 479 H46 2000 Ref KF 538 I35 2004 Disk in Koren Ref KF 510 J37 1994 Ref KF 538 C87 1999 Ref KF 529 S76 2004

ABA Engel Haman Hempelman Ihara, et al

Jasper Nolo Press Stoner

Marriage and Divorce A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples, 10th ed. Prenuptial Agreements: How to Write a Fair and Lasting Contract

STATUTES Uniform Laws Annotated (Vols. 9, 9A, Matrimonial, Family and Health Laws) Consult state statutes for all 50 states LOOSELEAF SERVICES BNA Family Law Reporter KF 501 A3 F3 Online at KF 9320 A15 D66 New York 2nd Floor KF 165 A5 1968* All other states 3rd Floor

Domestic Violence Report TAXATION

BNA Tax Management Current online at (Portfolio 515: Divorce & Separation) Looseleaf KF 6289 A1 T35 Rabkin & Johnson Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis Taft Tax Aspects of Divorce and Separation Ref KF 170 R3 KF 6428 A4 T28 1984

CHILDREN’S RIGHTS ABA Angel Appenzeller Jacobs Kramer PLI Skaine NCJJ WOMEN ABA Hauser NOW Legal Guide for Women Women’s Legal Guide The State by State Guide to Women’s Legal Rights Ref KF 390 W6 A46 2004 Ref KF 478 W674 1996 Ref KF 478 Z95 S73 1986 Child Law Practice (Newsletter) The International Law of Youth Rights Youth Sport and the Law : A Guide to Legal Issues Children and the Law: Rights & Obligations, 3 vol. Legal Rights of Children, 2d ed. 3 vol. Children’s Law Institute (Annual) Paternity and American Law KINDEX: An Index to Legal Periodical Literature Concerning Children (1965-2001) KF 479 A59 A23 Ref KF 639 I57 1995 KF 3989 A965 2000 KF 479 J33 1995 KF 479 L44 1994 KF 479 Z9 C49 KF 542 S58 2003 K 33 K56

MISCELLANEOUS Gerstmann Mayoue Same Sex Marriage and the Constitution KF 539 G47 2004

Balancing Competing Interests in Family Law: How to Handle Alternative Relationships, Third-Party Interests, Interspousal Torts, Privilege, and Privacy Issues KF 510 M39 2003

Strasser Warren

On Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Unions, and the Rule of Law Grandparent Visitation Rights: A Legal Research Guide

KF 539 S769 2002 KF 241 D65 W37 2001

JOURNALS (Selected) American Journal of Family Law* Equitable Distribution Journal Fairshare Family and Conciliation Courts Review Family Law Quarterly Family Law Reporter Family Law Review - N.Y.S.B.A. Journal of Family Issues Journal of Family Law Journal of Marriage and the Family Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Juvenile and Family Court Journal Law Guardian Reporter - N.Y.S. App. Div. Violence Against Women Women's Rights Law Reporter* *Current Issues on Reserve KF 1 M442 KF 532.7 A15 E68 KF 506 A3 F34 K3 A43 K6 A437 KF 501 A3 F3 KFN 5115A15 N4 HQ 1 J463 K 10 O86 HQ 1 J48 US 13.99 J788 K 10 U84 KFN 6196 A15 L38 HV 6250.4 W65 V5 S65 KF 478 A45 W6 6th Floor 6th Floor 6th Floor 6th Floor 6th Floor 6th Floor 4th Floor 7th Floor 6th Floor 7th Floor 4th Floor 6th Floor 4th Floor 7th Floor 6th Floor

UB LIBRARIES CATALOG SUBJECT HEADINGS (Selected) adoption--law and legislation child support--law and legislation children--legal status, laws, etc. custody of children divorce divorce settlements divorce suits divorce-law and legislation domestic relations domestic relations--law and legislation equitable distribution of marital property family; family mediation family violence feminist jurisprudence juvenile justice, administration of marriage marital property--valuation matrimonial actions negotiation women’s rights

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