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Annual Report
Your Gifts
through Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation help
to meet the needs of young patients every day. Your support
also reaches into the future by making possible improvements in care
and medical discoveries that can help all children. Thank you.

$29.1 million was provided by the Foundation to the hospital
in Fiscal Year 2008. Funding went toward these broad areas:

             Other Transfers

                                            Patient Care,
                                            Teaching & Research

                          New Building

                                                                  Free Care

                                Free Care Since 2001
                          Free and Uncompensated Care Provided by
                           Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
     $ Millions

                   2001      2002   2003    2004    2005   2006     2007   2008

2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
Priorities                                                     Caring For tHousands oF CHildren
                                                               Constantly imProving tHe way we Care

Donors to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC traditionally have                     Faculty Recruitment
been supportive in whatever way the hospital has asked. We look forward                    For Children’s to maintain its status
to the opening of our new campus this spring, which will usher in a new era of pediatric   as one of the top pediatric hospitals in
health care in Pittsburgh. Even as we admit the first patients, we understand the          the nation, we need to recruit the best
continuing need for support from our friends and donors. “Business as usual” at            and the brightest physicians and scientists.
Children’s Hospital means not only caring for thousands of children — some of the          Those individuals, and the work they do
region’s sickest — but also constantly improving the way in which we care for them.        at the bedside and in the lab, form the
Here are just a few areas that will remain important in the coming year:                   backbone of a leading academic medical
                                                                                           institution. Endowing a chair will help
                                                                                           support the hospital’s mission, and help
New Building Fund                                                                          Children’s continue to attract the brightest
More than 100 years ago, the first Children’s Hospital was built in Pittsburgh. Our new    minds in pediatric medicine and research.
hospital, which we constructed from the ground up, has been a way to envision a hospital
that can meet children’s needs for another hundred years and                               Patient Family Support
contribute to our economy and our community in many ways.
                                                                                           Walk a mile in the shoes of a hospitalized
                                                                                           child’s parents, and you will confront
                                                                                           their many struggles, large and small.
Research                                                                                   In the past, donors have made possible
                                                                                           videophones for the Neonatal Intensive
As one of the nation’s leading pediatric
                                                                                           Care Unit, improvements to waiting
research institutions, Children’s has
                                                                                           areas, pocket money for emergencies,
an expansive team of investigators
                                                                                           and fulfilled other non-medical needs
engaged in several hundred projects
                                                                                           to help families on the journey to restoring
ranging from basic laboratory
                                                                                           a child’s health.
research to comprehensive multi-center
clinical trials in pursuit of new medical
therapies. The work supports efforts                                                       Community Health Care
to advance our knowledge about the                                                         Improving children’s health means
pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention                                                        reaching beyond the hospital walls.
and treatment of pediatric disease.                                                        Donors help us do that by supporting
To a great extent, our research areas                                                      Children’s mobile and neighborhood-
parallel our primary hospital divisions.                                                   based primary care, health care access
Each of our many research programs                                                         services, literacy programs and our
is focused on an important problem in                                                      hands-on education and printed resources
pediatric medicine and uses the most                                                       for parents and children to help prevent
advanced cellular and molecular                                                            injuries, poisonings and child abuse.
technologies and tools. Our physician-
scientists study conditions such as
                                                                                           Unrestricted Support
autism, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and
                                                                                           From year to year, the hospital’s greatest
liver disease, which afflict children
                                                                                           needs change. One year it may be
throughout the world who someday
                                                                                           a research opportunity; the next, a
may be cured as a result of the untiring
                                                                                           program dedicated to curing a specific
efforts of researchers whose work is
                                                                                           disease. Unrestricted gifts allow us to
supported by donors like you.               the John g. rangos sr. research Center
                                            in lawrenceville opening october 2008.         answer the call.

           2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
Endowed Chairs and Funds

  Endowments are significant gifts
  that are invested to provide the
  income to ensure that the hospital
  can sustain its mission of excellence.
  They cover the spectrum of pediatric care,
  and many have been named in honor of
  a hospital hero, in memory of a loved one
  or in recognition of a donor.

Endowed Chairs                                                      Endowed Funds
A fully endowed chair provides annual benefit to the                elizabeth Bachman research endowment Fund
distinguished chairholder by facilitating his or her work.          lee w. Bass, md, Community Pediatrics endowment Fund
Endowed chairs are the mark of a major academic medical center.     British Pediatric Fellowship endowment Fund
                                                                    Camp Chihopi endowment
Carol ann Craumer memorial endowment Fund
   and endowed Chair in Pediatric research                          Cardiac Care endowment Fund
Jamie lee Curtis endowed Chair in Pediatric transplantation         Caring for Kids — the Carrie martin Fund
william F. and Jean donaldson endowed Chair in                      the Child life endowment Fund
   Pediatric orthopaedics                                           Cochrane-weber endowed Fund in diabetes research
eberly Family endowed Chair in Pediatric otolaryngology             Patrick dick memorial Fund
Benjamin r. Fisher endowed Chair in Pediatric surgery               the down syndrome Center endowment Fund
Paul C. gaffney endowed Chair in Pediatric Hematology/oncology      endowed Fund for young investigators
marjory K. Harmer memorial Fund and endowed Chair                   endowed leadership Fund
   in Pediatric Pathology                                              Patti alpert Fund
vira i. Heinz endowed Chair in Pediatrics                              ruth and James Bachman Cardiac research endowment Fund
Henry l. Hillman endowed Chair in Pediatric immunology                 natalie s. Cantor Fund
aldo vincent londino, md, endowed Chair in Pediatrics                  mabel Kamens Fund
edmund r. mcCluskey endowed Chair in Pediatric                         ronni miller research Fund
   medical education
                                                                       mead J. mulvihill iii research Fund
the antonio J. and Janet Palumbo endowed Chair in Cystic Fibrosis
                                                                       steven ross seltman memorial Fund
Jack l. Paradise, md, endowed Chair in Pediatric research
                                                                       arthur simon memorial research Fund
the ronald l. and Patricia m. violi endowed Chair in
                                                                    endowment to establish an endowed Chair
   Child development
                                                                       in Cardiothoracic surgery

          2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
anthony evangelist Free Care endowment Fund                        Named Funds
steven Faloon memorial endowment Fund                              ashley Barrasso Cancer research Fund
noah samuel Fidel endowed Cardiology Fund                          sydney leigh Braksick Heart Fund
Charles and mary ellen Fischer annuity endowment Fund              alice Burford transplant Fund
Charles and mary ellen Fischer endowment Fund                      the Fisch Family Fund
the Paul C. gaffney, md, endowment Fund                            tabatha Foster Fund
gardiner Pediatric orthopaedic research endowment Fund             Francis Families Foundation grant Fund
gillespie endowment Fund                                           ron Francis Charities
girdany visiting Professorship endowment Fund                      evan Halford memorial Fund
lester a. Hamburg endowed Fellowship in Pediatric otolaryngology   Kellough resident Fund
the william randolph Hearst endowed Fund                           thomas F. King Hiv/aids Family assistance Fund
   for the Family Care Connection
                                                                   Kirkpatrick liver transplant Fund
Hillman endowment for Pediatric transplantation
   and the Hillman Pediatric transplantation Center                rickey manko memorial Fund for Juvenile diabetes research
the mary Hillman Jennings endowment Fund for the                   dr. Joseph marcy anesthesia Fellowship Fund
   Child advocacy Center                                           Carrie martin Fund
the James a. Kangos, md, memorial endowment                        matthew’s miracle Fund i
Kristian Keefer memorial Fund                                      matt’s media for Kids with Cancer Fund
ladd endowment Fund                                                medearis lecture and research travel Fund
la mole endowed Fund for Pediatric Hematology/oncology             david nicholas Fellowship Fund
the mario lemieux Foundation endowment for Pediatric               marty ostrow memorial Fund
   Hematology/oncology research                                    Pennies from Heaven Fund
the lohman Family support endowment Fund                           James Perry Heart Camp Fund
lillian a. mauro research endowment Fund                           acacia Puleo iCu/transplant equipment Fund
mcCluskey research endowment Fund                                  ronald mcdonald Care mobile Computer Fund
mellon endowed research Fund for young investigators               ronald mcdonald House Charities Fund
the Howard a. mermelstein, md, memorial lecture                    stacey saccomen Heart transplant Fund
   and award endowment Fund
                                                                   sanctis Patient Care Fund
r. Kenner michael Pediatric trauma endowment Fund
                                                                   sydney saul endocrinology research Fund
the Colonel Jean migliorino Free Care endowment Fund
                                                                   steven schneider Family assistance Fund
Jack l. Paradise, md, research endowment Fund
                                                                   strickland Hematology/oncology nursing scholarship
Pediatric environmental medicine Center
                                                                   marlaina susi Fund
Pediatric genetics endowment Fund
                                                                   trost/snyder ophthalmology Fund
Pediatric infectious disease Fellow Fund
                                                                   drew wiltsie respiratory therapy education Fund
John g. rangos sr. endowed research Center
research equipment endowment Fund
Kenneth d. rogers, md, memorial research endowment Fund
edwin F. scheetz annuity Fund
John a. and Patricia d. staley iv Family Fund
Julian and marjorie staples memorial Fund
the Henrietta F. and Carl g. tissue research endowment Fund
undesignated research endowment Fund
urbach-Horowitz Family endowment Fund
Clyde e. vogeley Jr. and Blanche w. vogeley
   Pediatric emergency medicine and trauma lectureship
louis F. weinman ii medical research endowment
the Katie westbrook and Friends Pediatric Cancer
   research endowment
moira whitehead, md, endowment Fund
the eugene s. wiener, md, memorial lecture
   and award endowment
wyckoff memorial endowment Fund

          2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
          ChIldrEn’s hosPItal oF PIttsburGh FoundatIon
           is pleased to acknowledge all those who have provided support
           with a gift of $500 or more during the past fiscal year, July 1, 2007,
           through June 30, 2008.

Individual                                       Coding:
                                                   ♥ = Children’s Circle of Care member calendar 2007 or 2008 thru June 30, 2008
                                                 CHP = Current employee or medical staff member

                                                    * = deceased

Children’s Circle of Care
and $10,000 and Above
We gratefully recognize the following
donors who have contributed $10,000
or more between July 1, 2007, and
June 30, 2008, and Children’s Circle of
Care members (indicated by the ♥), who
participated in this extraordinary effort for
calendar year 2007 and calendar year 2008
through June 30. Children’s Circle of Care
is 23 pediatric hospitals in North America
that jointly recognize the critical role of
philanthropists in advancing pediatric
health. Its members are individuals,
privately held companies and family
foundations that have made a gift of            suzy and Jim Broadhurst ♥                    mr. and mrs. roy g. dorrance iii
$10,000 or more in a calendar year to           mike and Kathryn Bryson ♥                    ms. marguerite d. dougherty ♥
participating hospitals.                        Buncher Family Foundation ♥                  anna and ed dunlap ♥
                                                mr. and mrs. Joseph l. Calihan ♥             the eberly Foundation ♥
anonymous (2) CHP                               Jeanne and leon Casilli CHP                  ms. laura e. ellsworth ♥
anonymous (12) ♥                                mr. Jason e. Chappell ♥                      the Fine Foundation ♥
dr. miriam anixter CHP                          the anne l. and george H. Clapp              Jill and Peter Fisch ♥
mr. and mrs. thomas P. Barrasso ♥                  Charitable and educational trust ♥        Charles and mary ellen Fischer ♥
the John and Frances Beck                       mr. and mrs. Jay w. Cleveland Jr. ♥          mrs. lilian H. Fisher ♥
  Family Foundation ♥                           david and noelle Conover and Family          mr. and mrs. Curtis d. Fleming ♥
ms. elaine m. Bellin ♥                          dr. eric C. Cooper and ms. naomi l. siegel   mr. and mrs. michael Forgas ♥
mr. and mrs. dennis g. Bennett                  ms. rebecca Cost snyder ♥                    the gaffney Family:
Henry a. Bergstrom Jr., esq. ♥                  mr. and mrs. george H. Cox ♥                     m. ellen gaffney and lou odette
mr. and mrs. thomas g. Bigley ♥                 ms. diane depew ♥                                maureen gaffney mcCann
mr. and mrs g. william Bissell ♥                douglas and laura dick ♥                           and Paul mcCann
the william Block* Family ♥                     mary Jo and lane dively ♥                        dr. michael and nina gaffney CHP
dr. and mrs. Charles d. Bluestone ♥ CHP         drs. steven and                                  dr. Paul C. gaffney
tom and linda Boyle ♥                              anne Boland docimo ♥ CHP                      Frances gaffney-Comeau
matthew and leslie Braksick ♥                   mrs. Jean w. donaldson ♥                         louise gaffney-gross

           2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
mr. and mrs. mark giaquinto CHP           mr. John g. rangos sr. ♥                     mr. and mrs. louis w. gephart
drs. george and elissa gittes ♥ CHP       ms. alexandra raphael ♥                      Peg and dan Hamilton
mr. and mrs. william s. goodman ♥         mr. and mrs. James e. rohr ♥                 gerry Harper
the gumberg Family ♥                      mr. and mrs. Clifford r. rowe Jr. ♥          mr. John Harrity
ms. Joan Halford ♥                        Catharine m. ryan and John t. ryan iii ♥     mr. eric d. Hess CHP
Kenneth w. Hammel Foundation inc. ♥       ernest and mae sanctis Foundation ♥          sam and Joanie Kamin
Kimberley and theodore Hammer CHP         mr. Joseph C. scaletta Jr. ♥                 albert lexie Campaign
mr. and mrs. Howard w. Hanna iii ♥        mr. and mrs. edwin F. scheetz Jr. ♥          mrs. mary m. medearis
ms. nancy K. Hansen ♥                     ms. Bernadette m. scheid CHP                 mr. and mrs. armour n. mellon
mrs. d. m. Harris                         mr. and mrs. richard P. simmons ♥            mr. Kevin e. miller
dallas Hartman, esq. ♥                    leslie and richard snow ♥                    mr. and mrs. John w. riesmeyer
mrs. teresa Heinz ♥                       mark and Carolyn snyder ♥                    James and Kim schwab
mr. and mrs. robert P. Herrmann ♥         sandy and edgar snyder ♥                     mrs. roberta l. sciulli-Carlson CHP
mr. and mrs. Henry l. Hillman ♥           mr. and mrs. damian soffer ♥                 mr. and mrs. steven shangold
raphael and Jodi Hirsch CHP               mr. and mrs. John a. staley iv ♥             mr. and mrs. Herbert s. shear
mr. and mrs. r. l. Hite ♥                 Jocelyn Benes-stickle and John stickle CHP   mr. and mrs. tim wiebe
gertrude & Philip Hoffman                 szalay Family Foundation ♥                   ms. lorina w. wise CHP
   Philanthropic Fund ♥                   Carol tabas ♥                                dr. and mrs. Basil J. Zitelli CHP
mr. and mrs. Peter m. Holway              mr. John tippins ♥
milton g. Hulme Charitable Foundation ♥   mr. and mrs. Charles H. turner ♥             Frank LeMoyne Society
diane s. Hupp CHP                         mr. and mrs. walter m. turner ♥              Patrons $2,500–$4,999
mr. and mrs. John w. Jacob ♥              Cindy and andrew urbach CHP                  anonymous (4)
dr. and mrs. timothy Kane ♥ CHP           dean and Claudine walters CHP                ms. lindsay agnello
mr. russell m. Keith ♥                    Jeff and suzanne watters                     mr. and mrs. Jack Baker
mr. and mrs. douglas s. Kelly             mr. Jeff wiener ♥                            dorothy J. Becker, mBBCh CHP
mr. and mrs. michael r. Kuhn ♥            mr. Justin d. wiener ♥                       Karen and tom Bernstein
the mario lemieux Foundation ♥            wilson Friends and Family                    thomas and elaine Carver
mr. robert C. levin ♥                     mr. Peter o. Zeidner ♥                       m. l. Casselbrant, md CHP
mr. and mrs. Joseph lohman ♥
                                                                                       lisa m. Cibik, md
richard J. madden ♥
                                          Frank LeMoyne Society                        mr. Kenneth C. Cohen
thomas marshall Foundation ♥
                                          In the late 1800s, Pittsburgh physician      Carol and gary Cozen
mr. and mrs. Brian m. mcinerney ♥
                                          Dr. Frank LeMoyne envisioned a hospital      mr. and mrs. Fredrick K. dalena
mr. and mrs. david mcKamish ♥
                                          devoted to the needs of sick children. To    mr. and mrs. ralph dallier
mr. and mrs. dennis r. mcKamish ♥
                                                                                       mr. and mrs. william H. davis
richard King mellon Foundation ♥          honor Dr. LeMoyne’s vision and commit-
                                                                                       mr. richard e. deitrick Jr.
the mermelstein Family:                   ment to children, we recognize individual
   Paul and margery dubner ♥ CHP                                                       mr. and mrs. Kevin m. dougherty
                                          donors who contribute $1,000 to $9,999
   Beverly s. mermelstein                                                              Charles r. Fitz, md,
                                          as members of the Frank LeMoyne Society.        and K. anna rusztyn-Fitz CHP
   elinore B. mermelstein*
                                                                                       david t. Foster
   robert and merle mermelstein ♥         Frank LeMoyne Society                        Barbara a. gaines and
   donald and Jan shaw ♥
                                          Benefactors $5,000–$9,999                       richard d. King Jr. CHP
martha H. and richard J. munsch ♥                                                      ms. lorrie giventer and mr. adam Braff
                                          anonymous (3)
mr. and mrs. Francis a. muracca ii ♥                                                   mr. and mrs. robert i. glimcher
                                          Barbara and marcus aaron ii
mary and Jim murdy                                                                     mr. John H. goodish
                                          mr. william r. ansell
mr. and mrs. william r. newlin ♥                                                       mr. gary and mrs. Heidi Henry
                                          mr. and mrs. ronald Cindrich
mr. and mrs. roger a. oxendale ♥ CHP                                                   mr. and mrs. ronald n. Herring Jr.
                                          ms. leah Cohen
mrs. Janet Palumbo ♥                                                                   ms. Beverly e. Kelly
                                          mr. and mrs. lawrence J. dailey Jr. CHP
richard and suzanne Paul ♥                                                             mr. and mrs. Bryan d. Kocher
                                          mr. and mrs. robert a. demichiei
mr. and mrs. John H. Pelusi Jr. ♥                                                      mr. and mrs. michael H. levin
                                          mr. and mrs. robert C. denove
drs. david H. Perlmutter                                                               mr. and mrs. anthony w. liberati
                                          mr. and mrs. robert e. Feldman
   and Barbara ann Cohlan CHP
                                          mr. Harris B. Freidus                        mr. and mrs. l. douglas lioon
mr. and mrs. Jon r. Perry ♥
dorothy and neal Pollon ♥
mr. and mrs. Paul e. Puleo ♥                 ♥ = Children’s Circle of Care member calendar 2007 or 2008 thru June 30, 2008
John r. raese ♥                            CHP = Current employee or medical staff member
                                             * = deceased

          2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
mr. Chronis manolis
mr. and mrs. ralston merchant
mr. and mrs. thomas d. mooney sr.
mr. robert C. moulis*
Joseph e. and Carolyn m. o’leary
mr. and mrs. dean r. owrey
mr. and mrs. Jay Presley sr.
mr. and mrs. mark r. rendulic
mr. Kenneth a. scheer
in memory of Brady schmidt
mr. and mrs. evan segal
the snedden Family
mr. and mrs. larry e. teel
ann e. thompson, md CHP
mr. and mrs. Joseph C. walton
mr. and mrs. James H. weber
drs. lawrence weber and ellen mandel CHP
mr. and mrs. daniel m. wholey
mr. John d. wills

Frank LeMoyne Society
Members $1,000–$2,499
anonymous (19)
John and sally adkins CHP
mr. Christian l. allison
  and ms. Jane K. France
dr. miya asato and george Childs CHP       mr. and mrs. John P. Curran               dr. richard Falk and dr. elaine geris
marty and Carol ashby CHP                  mr. michael r. daniels                    mrs. tiffany m. Fanelli
dr. and mrs. stefano Bartoletti CHP        Peter J. davis, md CHP                    dave and Janet Fawcett
mrs. marian s. Bass                        Bonnie and eric dean CHP                  mr. Frank P. Ferris
laima Pauliukonis Bendel, md CHP           mr. richard P. dean                       Jonathan d. Finder, md CHP
mr. gregory a. Beresik                     mr. tim deane                             dr. donald r. and nora Barry Fischer CHP
drs. r. Bruce and rebecca Bickel CHP       mr. and mrs. donald w. dearment           mr. george Fowler
mr. and mrs. Joseph a. Bigler              mr. and mrs. John P. deBlasio             ms. Kimberly a. Franco
mr. John a. Black                          ms. mary Beth Pfohl deemer                mrs. Judith a. Freedy
mr. and mrs. Charles r. Blackburn          dr. and mrs. vincent F. deeney CHP        dr. and mrs. gilbert a. Friday Jr. CHP
mr. david Blank                            mary ehrlinger demmler                    mr. and mrs. albert e. Friend
dr. and mrs. a’delbert Bowen CHP           dan and tammy destefano                   ms. Janice m. Frye CHP
mr. george C. Bowers                       mr. Herman J. dieckmann                   ms. marilyn y. Furno
Barbara w. Brandom, md CHP                 mr. and mrs. John dimarsico               mrs. Paul C. gaffney
mr. and mrs. william H. Brown Jr.          robert e. dimichele                       mr. John l. galley and dr. lori J. galley
mr. and mrs. robert Burchianti             Joseph e. dohar, md CHP                   mr. and ms. gary gentile
mr. and mrs. albert g. Carapellotti        mr. and mrs. scott dolinich CHP           mr. and mrs. saleem ghubril
mr. and mrs. gene Carothers                reverend James and sara donnell           mr. and mrs. Philip a. giannetti
mr. and mrs. James r. Carpenter            ms. Cynthia sullivan dougan               alice and Karl gibson CHP
mr. gregory r. Casten                      mr. and mrs. daniel s. drawbaugh          mr. John gioia
ms. yvonne y. F. Chan                      gabriel and elaine durkac                 mr. and mrs. John P. gismondi
Karen Christman CHP                        ms. Carolyn d. duronio                    mr. lawrence v. gleason
dr. and mrs. Jeffrey P. Cianflone          mr. william elliott                       mr. and mrs. Bruce w. goodman
mr. and mrs. robert J. Cindrich            mr. and mrs. scott m. elste               mrs. ellen r. goodman
william i. Cohen, md CHP                   mr. and mrs. damian a. eonta              Karen B. greb
dr. lee ann e. Conard CHP
mr. and mrs. edward g. Conley
mr. Jere and dr. sharon Cowden CHP          CHP = Current employee or medical staff member
                                              * = deceased

          2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
mr. and mrs. robert F. Hammel            mr. daniel J. mcgreevy                    mr. gary session
ms. Claudia l. Hammerman                 Charles and Celia mcleigh                 mr. and mrs. Joseph P. sharp
mr. robert F. Hanson Jr.                 mr. and mrs. eric J. mcmahon              mrs. alane s. siem
lothar and Barbara Hanusa                mr. and mrs. John meek                    mr. steven simkin
mr. david e. Hardesty                    ms. Judith a. metcalfe CHP                mr. John d. simon
mr. Christopher J. Haver                 manuel P. meza, md CHP                    ian and margaret simpson
steve and lynn Hecht CHP                 mr. and mrs. george e. mezey              mr. and mrs. david F. skoloda
mr. and mrs. Peter a. Hendricks          dr. marian michaels CHP                   mr. and mrs. Bert l. smith
ms. Catherine v. Herridge                mr. and mrs. david r. miller              mr. dustin smith
  and mr. J.d. Hayes                     Kelly a. miller, md CHP                   mr. and mrs. daniel r. snyder
mrs. Bahar B. Heusey                     Janice anne mills, rn CHP                 mr. gordon e. snyder Jr.
mr. Kenneth m. Hoff                      victor o. morell, md CHP                  mr. Kenneth J. spangler
ann and Henry Holmes                     mr. and mrs. dean mosites                 mr. and ms. samuel w. spanos
Carole Horowitz and Family               mr. and mrs. andrew murphy                drs. mark a. sperling
ms. lynette C. irwin                     mr. and mrs. Hugh w. nevin Jr.              and vera r. sperling CHP
david and terry Jancisin                 steve and Patty nicola                    mr. and mrs. John lee sperry
mr. mark r. Johnson                      ms. luanne o’Brien                        mr. and mrs. mark sponholz
mr. and mrs. thomas r. Johnson           lois Pounds oliver, md                    drs. rob and Janet squires CHP
mrs. anastasia Kangos                    mr. and mrs. michael and sarah olsen      mr. and mrs. thomas stanesic
drs. raymond and denise Karasic CHP      James r. and Judith F. olson              william and mary ann starr
mr. lee K. Karayusuf                     mr. and mrs. donald r. owrey              Jon and Judy stipanovich CHP
mrs. roberta Karp                        mr. and mrs. Peter t. Paladino Jr.        robert and eileen stovash
mr. robert J. Kelly                      dr. and mrs. Jack l. Paradise CHP         mr. Brian l. sullivan
ms. ada r. Kennedy                       mr. and mrs. william Parish Jr.           Pamela J. swent and Paul maniago
tom and Janice Kennedy                   sang C. Park, md CHP                      dr. and mrs. sameh s. i. tadros CHP
Ken and Judy Keppel CHP                  ms. susan B. Park CHP                     mr. and mrs. John s. taggart Jr.
mr. Kurt J. Kharouf                      david H. J. Pavasko, dmd                  ms. dawn taylor
mr. and mrs. James v. Kilmer             rachel and shamus Petrucelli CHP          ms. Jennifer agnew terry
leni Klaimitz & mitch Berg               dr. and mrs. Joseph m. Pilewski CHP       mr. and mrs. angelo g. theofanous ii
dr. and mrs. mark a. Koenig CHP          mrs. Janet a. Polhamus                    dawn C. thomas, rn CHP
mr. saul Kurtz                           drs. ed and denise Prochownik CHP         mr. and mrs. dennis m. thompson
ms. Christine e. laffey                  mrs. Katherine m. Pyros                   mr. william s. thompson
scott and susan lammie                   mr. James Queen                           mr. and mrs. david e. todd
dr. and mrs. stephen landay CHP          dennis and mary ranalli                   Carl and nicole traud and Family
Paul w. lane Jr.                         mr. Paul and mrs. susan rankin            mr. and mrs. Charles H. turner Jr.
ms. ann marie langerholc                 Jayne rasmussen CHP                       mr. and mrs. walter w. turner
daniel leffell and Julie domonkos        mr. Charles s. rath                       mr. and mrs. Paul r. uhler
mr. walter F. leinhardt                  mr. and mrs. robert reale                 the venturella Family
ms. deborah a. lesniak CHP               anitha r. reddy                           mrs. deborah l. vingin
dr. and mrs. James e. levin CHP          mr. and mrs. P. Jerome richey             Cate and Jerry vockley CHP
mr. and mrs. gary e. lichius             ms. Bobbi rodino                          saralyn and victor vogel CHP
mr. and mrs. Philip K. liebscher         mr. Joseph a. rossman                     mr. robert g. voinchet Jr.
mr. and mrs. Kurt limbach                mr. and mrs. Phillip J. rouce             mr. daniel vukmer
ming s. lin, md, Phd CHP                 mr. and mrs. steven t. rowe               mr. Bruce C. walton
mrs. Paula m. lockhart                   mary louise russell, md CHP               mr. and mrs. richard t. weaver
mr. michael e. lorenz                    mr. and mrs. John schiller                mr. and mrs. gregory J. weimer
mr. douglas J. lucas CHP                 mr. gregg schmidtetter                    mr. and mrs. Howard weiss
mr. vincent J. maggio                    mr. stephen F. schneider                  mr. and mrs. richard s. wellins
mr. John d. marino                       Pamela l. schoemer, md CHP                mr. and mrs. Bruce wiegand
deann and John marshall CHP              mr. dean r. schoenfeldt                   arlene Carbone-wiley and
dr. Brian s. martin and                                                              Clayton a. wiley CHP
                                         mr. robert B. schumer
  dr. amy gates nevin CHP                                                          dr. and mrs. John P. williams
                                         anna sepelyak
James C. and Jennifer l. martin
mr. and mrs. dennis C. marzano
                                          CHP = Current employee or medical staff member
mr. and mrs. Kevin r. mcCloskey             * = deceased

          2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
mr. and mrs. thomas g. wilson            mr. Christopher d. Cady                    mr. Bart C. dingfelder
mr. daniel P. wright                     ms. Karen a. Calhoun CHP                   mr. Joel J. dobos
ms. sharon B. yeager CHP                 mr. and mrs. John m. Campbell Jr.          mr. and mrs. John m. donovan
mr. and mrs. dunmore young               mr. and mrs. russell P. Campbell           mr. richard m. dorman
mr. william young                        michele and rich Carlson CHP               mr. michael drnach CHP
mr. and mrs. dennis l. Zeitler           ms. mary ann C. Casciato CHP               mr. H. lee dunn
david and Janice Zimmer CHP              Jacqueline l. Casey and Family             mr. and mrs. James g. dunn
mr. scott F. Zimmerman                   mr. and mrs. richard w. Cashdollar CHP     ms. marilyn J. dunn
ms. theodora Zimmerman                   Paul and dede Caton                        mr. and mrs. Cameron dwyer
                                         mr. and mrs. dave and terri Cepicka        mr. and mrs. Christian echavarria
Champions for Children                   elmer and dolores Chatak                   mrs. Paula m. eicker CHP
$500–$999                                dr. Kenneth P. Cheng and                   mr. and mrs. tom P. ellsworth
                                            Janice Kelchner-Cheng CHP               mr. william w. ellsworth
anonymous (35)
                                         mr. and mrs. david P. Chervenick           mr. and mrs. Frank B. emmerling
mr. michael J. accetta
                                         mr. robert Christiana                      mr. and mrs. richard m. erenberg
ms. Kathleen acie CHP
                                         mr. robert r. Chupa                        mr. James C. evans
mr. glenn e. ahrens
                                         mr. Henry F. Churilla CHP                  ms. anita d. Falce
mrs. susan l. alexander
                                         mr. arthur r. Cipriani Jr.                 mr. and mrs. thomas F. Fallon
mr. daniel aloe
                                         Franklyn P. Cladis, md, and                ms. linda Farley
ms. maria d. alonte martin                  Joseph e. losee, md CHP
mr. and mrs. stephen alpart                                                         mr. richard Feczko
                                         mrs. diane e. Cline CHP                    mr. thomas F. Ferrence
michael l. and svetlana K. amodeo        Craig g. Cochenour, esq.
mrs. melissa madura anderson                                                        ms. teresa Ficara
                                         mr. James e. Cochran                       alan and elizabeth Finegold
the angeletti Family CHP                 mr. Phillip J. Coffin
mrs. diane ankney CHP                                                               mr. and mrs. Christopher and
                                         mr. Kenneth J. Como                          melanie Finnigan CHP
mr. Craig antonelli                      mr. william Cory                           robert and rhonda Firek, in honor
dr. silva arslanian CHP                  mr. Bernard Coventry                         of raeann Firek
ms. rebecca e. aten                      the davie Craft Family                     mr. Joseph m. Fisher
mr. Peter Babej                          mrs. linda s. Crawford CHP                 mr. and mrs. Kenneth a. Fishter
Frances w. Baker, md CHP                 mr. James J. Crisci                        mrs. regina m. Fleming
ms. Constance w. Balthrop                mr. Peter Croke                            mr. robert B. Fleming Jr.
mr. and mrs. melvin Bandzak              mr. david r. Curley                        mr. and mrs. John P. Foster
ms. Brenda Batenburg                     ms. sharon Czyzewski                       ms. Chrissy Franey
  and mr. Curtis Beeson
                                         mr. and mrs. ronald d’alessandro           reverend and mrs. richard l.
mrs. darlene l. Baumgart                                                              Freeman sr. CHP
                                         mr. and mrs. John J. daley
lee and Janet Beerman CHP                                                           mrs. leona a. Fritsch CHP
                                         mr. anthony J. d’amico
mr. timothy Bell                                                                    michael Froman and nancy goodman
                                         mr. m. Patrick daniels
dr.* and mrs. thomas m. Bender CHP                                                  mrs. Carolyn J. galante
                                         dr. toni darville and david darville CHP
mr. timothy a. Bendig                                                               mr. thomas F. garbe
                                         mr. ronald davenport
ms. Janet Benec                             and dr. Judith davenport                luigi r. garibaldi, md CHP
amy and terry Biddle CHP                 dr. and mrs. robert a. davis CHP           mr. and mrs. robert garvin
dr. F. tremaine Billings Jr.             mr. salvatore J. dedola sr.                mr. and mrs. glenn a. gates
mr. richard J. Blackburn                 mr. andrew defide                          mr. delwyn e. gealy
mrs. Henry v. Blaxter Jr.                mr. michael delon                          mr. alan w. gearhard
mrs. amanda J. Blevins CHP               mr. Peter dePasquale                       mr. and mrs. mark r. gensheimer
ms. laura J. Blose                       mr. and mrs. egbert devries                mr. david gerschultz
mrs. nadine Bognar                       drs. James and stephanie dewar CHP         mr. and mrs. John t. getkin, Jr.
mr. and mrs. gregory a. Bosner           ms. marian dezelan                         mrs. susan m. gilbert
ms. Christine l. Boyer                   mr. and mrs. matthew d. diandreth          mr. and mrs. Paul a. giusti
ms. Bridget a. Boyle CHP                 mrs. elizabeth m. diecks                   ms. susan a. glenn
the Breitkopf Family                     mr. and mrs. rick digeronimo               mr. John d. goetz
lynn and marie Broadman CHP              mr. thomas r. dillis                       mr. Jeffrey s. goff CHP
mr. James m. Buchin
mr. and mrs. Harry J. Buckel
mrs. robin l. Bugni                       CHP = Current employee or medical staff member
                                            * = deceased

          2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
                                                                                   Peggy C. Knott
                                                                                   mr. Jason a. Kollar
                                                                                   michael a. Konosky sr.
                                                                                   michael Krak, md CHP
                                                                                   ms. georgia Krastek and Family
                                                                                   mr. and mrs. Cory s. Krebs CHP
                                                                                   dr. Prema Krishnamurthy CHP
                                                                                   mr. and mrs. randy Krug
                                                                                   Bob Kruppa
                                                                                   dr. vefa Kucukboyaci
                                                                                   mr. and mrs. Jerry Kuhn
                                                                                   ms. Kathryn Kuszaj
                                                                                   miss Pamela l. Kwiatkoski
                                                                                   grace laCarte
                                                                                   margaret and John lagnese CHP
                                                                                   margaret a. lamouree CHP
                                                                                   sally J. and george t. lawry
                                                                                   Joyce s. leifer, md CHP
                                                                                   ms. Karen leskowak CHP
                                                                                   mr. and mrs. robert s. lewis
                                                                                   mr. and mrs. timothy K. lewis CHP
                                                                                   mrs. Joanne a. londino CHP
Pete and Julie golden                    mr. william Hoos                          mr. david and mrs. debra longhini
mr. and mrs. eric s. goldstein           david and Colleen Horn                    mr. louis longo
the goodison Family                      ms. sally a. Horrell                      mr. and mrs. larry g. lorigan
ms. Courtney greathouse                  mrs. Kathy a. iurlano CHP                 mr. alvin loring
dr. and mrs. michael d. green CHP        mr. Jeffrey Jackson                       ms. martha K. lottman
James K. greenbaum, md CHP               dr. timothy and mrs. Fran Jackson         mr. and mrs. richard lounder
david P. greenberg, md CHP               ms. lynda Jamison                         ms. lorraine lubbert
ms. suzanne greenberg                    mr. and mrs. Bryan r. Johanson            Charlotte and robert lucks
william and susanna greene               drs. lawrence and martha John CHP         mr. and mrs. william lukac
mrs. Patricia B. grimes                  wendy and Jamie Johnson                   mr. michael and mrs. annmarie lyons
mr. Jesper groenvold                     mr. and mrs. gerald P. Johnston           david t. magrish
miss vivian r. gusky                     Frances C. Johnston                       ms. Karen malik
mr. robert l. guy                        ms. valerie B. Johnston                   dr. Bernard and mrs. stephanie mallinger
mrs. therese Haan                        Brian and sandeepa Kaleida and Family     mr. milan and mrs. maureen mamula
Jeanne m. Hanchett, md CHP               Kimberly s. Kaloz, rn CHP                 Paul d. and elissa a. manka
ms. mary Hardgrove                       mr. Frank J. Kaminski                     mr. edward J. markey ii
mr. and mrs. raymond J. Harding          mr. and mrs. leo r. Kane                  ms. Caroline s. markfield
terri l. Hartman CHP                     mr. Charles e. Kaufman                    mr. and mrs. Frank massari
mr. thomas o. Haugh                      ms. geraldine t. Kelly                    mr. Bruno mastropasqua
thomas and stacey Haught                 mr. Kent a. Kelly CHP                     Jorge and maria mazariegos
mr. william e. Hefley                    ray and Beth Kemerer                      ms. ellen mazo CHP
mr. roger w. Heins                       mr. mike Keys                             mr. Keith J. mcallister
ted and Joanne Hervol                    suneeta and sharad Khetarpal CHP          daniel g. mcCartan
mr. william J. Hevia                     mr. andrew g. Kimball                     mr. and mrs. m.C. mcClure
robert w. Hickey, md                     mr. and mrs. Kurt e. Kimmich              ms. regina mcCollum CHP
   and wendy west Hickey CHP             mr. david w. Kirtz                        H. william mcghee and
mr. Chris Higbee                         mr. george C. Klebingot                      elaine K. mcghee, md CHP
mr. Bernard P. Hilterman                 mr. matthew Klevemann CHP                 ms. antoinette J. mcginley
ms. Francine Hixenbaugh CHP              mr. gregory r. Kline                      dr. Barbara mcnulty
mrs. dennis t. Ho                                                                     and mr. Kenneth love CHP
mr. Herbert w. Holder
mr. raemone n. Hollins
                                          CHP = Current employee or medical staff member
Paula and neal Holmes                       * = deceased

          2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
mrs. amy l. meade                       mr. and mrs. mark e. re                   mr. Francesco g. staltari
mr. donald J. meade Jr.                 mr. arthur a. rectenwald                  mr. william m. starr
mr. william C. messner                  ms. shayne reed                           mr. troy stephenson
ann and richard meyer                   mrs. anne m. reichner                     mr. and mrs. Patrick B. stewart
mr. edward e. michalek Jr.              Kent and eleanor reigel CHP               ms. sharon l. stewart
robert J. mientus*                      mr. william and mrs. debra rice           mr. and mrs. daniel d. stofko
mr. and mrs. Harry a. miller            mr. James H. rich                         James stover and Connie stover
ms. Cassandra J. milliken               mr. and mrs. lawrence rich                mr. Bruce a. stubbs
teresa mingrone, rn, msn CHP            ms. sara e. richard                       mr. and mrs. Henry B. suhr Jr.
mr. and mrs. scott m. mishic            mr. roy B. riggleman                      mr. edward J. sunoo
mr. and mrs. gary m. montebell          mr. John P. riggs                         mr. sean suomela
mr. and mrs. alan r. montgomery         dr. and mrs. a. Kim ritchey CHP           Bill and laura swisher CHP
mr. thomas d. mooney                    mr. Juan rivera                           mr. aidan synnott
mr. and mrs. Paul K. morrison           mr. and mrs. daniel m. rooney             mr. michael tarr
dr. and mrs. etsuro K. motoyama CHP     mr. and mrs. James P. rosenbloom          mr. william a. tassone
mr. and mrs. michael a. moze               and Family                             mr. Brian d. teyssier
nancy and Joseph a. murray Jr.          dr. and mrs. Paul l. rowland iii CHP      mr. John m. thomas
Pamela murray and Chris Horwitz CHP     Ceil ruane CHP                            mrs. alice J. thompson CHP
dr. and mrs. ross musgrave CHP          mr. nathan t. rupnik                      mr. and mrs. John a. timney
ms. lauren necastro                     mr. david J. russo                        robert J. and deborah a. trombold
mr. nicholas w. neil                    mr. and mrs. ralph russo                  mr. david e. trunzo
mr. and mrs. Karl nejak                 ann d. sapida                             ms. Kalan turner
daryl B. nelson                         ms. tammy sue scalise                     Bill and Jessica urbanik and Family CHP
Joann nickleach, md CHP                 ms. Kathleen a. schenkel CHP              mr. ralph a. valvo
wayne and darleen noah CHP              mr. Kenneth m. schneider                  rajiv r. varma, md CHP
thomas and diane o’Connor               in memory of John nathan schutte          mr. david a. vayansky
mr. and mrs. Fred g. olguin             John and Joan schutts                     James and stefanie wahl
mr. and mrs. Joseph P. o’rourke         matt and Jessica scott                    ms. tiffany wainwright
ms. Kendra orr                          grace and ralph scott                     mr. Hepburn H. walker
ms. Janice a. osborne CHP               mr. richard scott                         mr. Preston g. walsh
ms. danielle osleger                    mr. salvatore scudiero                    ms. michelle ward
ms. shirley a. owens                    the seyler Family                         mr. and mrs. thomas r. weakland Jr.
ms. alexandra r. Panseri CHP            mr. Jack B. shaffer                       dr. david weber and Kimberly s. Kaloz, rn
mr. thomas m. Panza                     mr. larry shank                           dr. Jennifer weglowski
mr. John J. Pascarella                  ms. mary Beth shimko                         and mr. viktor Bana CHP
mr. and mrs. John J. Pasteris           dr. and mrs. dwayne t. shuhart CHP        mr. and mrs. mark weichey
mr. mark e. Patterson CHP               mr. and mrs. ernest g. siddons            mr. Craig r. wenzel
mr. and mrs. Joseph w. Paul             mr. richard siget                         edward and andrea wieszczynski
mr. and mrs. william w. Payne iii       mr. Paul F. sikora                        mr. michael s. wild
ms. margaret u. Pearl CHP               william H. and gayle g. simpson           mr. Joe m. wodarek
mr. and mrs. rob Peirce iii             george and Katy skaryak                   david and nancy wolfson CHP
ms. lisa Peternel                       dr. and mrs. eric sklarew                 Barbara and michael wollman CHP
tracy Petras CHP                        mr. timothy sloan                         mr. dwayne d. woodruff
ms. Carleen m. Petronio                 Francis r. smith                          drs. Kristina and Charles yang CHP
dan and mary Pickle CHP                 dr. and mrs. Jan d. smith                 ms. tacie H. yoon
mr. Herbert J. Pinckney                 mr. and mrs. Jon a. smith                 mrs. susan m. Ziders CHP
ms. stephanie e. Pisula                 mrs. tina smith                           mr. and mrs. mark J. Zinsky
dr. and mrs. ian Pollack CHP            richard g. and Barbara a. snyder          ms. Jill a. Zynosky
mr. and mrs. william C. Pollard         mr. and mrs. robert snyder
mr. C. J. Puhala                        ms. Carrie sousa
ms. amanda r. ranalli CHP               mr. Jeffrey w. spear
goutham rao, md CHP
mr. david F. rath
mr. and mrs. John ratti                  CHP = Current employee or medical staff member
                                           * = deceased

         2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
Corporations, businesses,
associations and Groups
$100,000 and Above
anonymous (1)
american diabetes association
Buchanan ingersoll & rooney PC
Centimark Corporation
dick Corporation
eat’n Park Hospitality group, inc.
gateway Health Plan
gnC live well Charities, inc.
Howard Hanna real estate services
Kohl’s department store
mcKamish inc.
PnC Financial services group inc.
the PnC Foundation
united way of allegheny County

aaa west Penn/west virginia
american Heart association
american lung association
Combined Federal Campaign/
  state employees Combined appeal
Crothall Healthcare, inc.
Fedex ground
Forbo Flooring north america
giant eagle, inc.
Handee marts inc. dba 7-eleven
the Hite Company
Johnson Controls Foundation
the employees of merrill lynch-western
mine safety appliances
  Charitable Foundation
PPg industries Foundation
race for virginia and Friends
vector security, inc.                                          the new Children’s will have one of the largest Family resource
                                                               Centers of any pediatric hospital: 20,000 square feet.

alcon laboratories, inc.                     michael Baker Corporation                     $10,000–$24,999
apple american group                         nF golf Challenge of the neurofibromatosis    the 88th infantry division association
applebee’s neighborhood grill & Bar             Clinics association (nFCa)                 amvets Post 8
Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery                      Penn united technology, inc.                  ansys, inc.
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of uPmC    Pittsburgh area Hyundai dealers               avonworth Junior/senior High school
  Physicians                                 roomful express Furniture                     Baker employees Combined Charities
dancing with the Celebrities of Pittsburgh   sherpa software group                         Baskets for Braden
                                                                                           Biomarin Pharmaceutical, inc.

           2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
Blackbelt tae Kwon do Centers               turner dairy Farms, inc.                      Continental Building systems
Bob’s Bar                                   united way of greene County                   Continental rod and gun Club, no. 2
Boomerang Bar                               watco Companies, inc.                         Corvette Club of western Pa
C.u.e., inc.                                woodland Hills High school                    Cresson Community sportsmen’s
the Capital grille                                                                           association
Clarion university students association                                                   dance for life
FraXa research Foundation                                                                 dance workshop by shari, inc.
                                            anonymous (3)
g.e. Fund                                                                                 dCi dialysis Clinic, inc.
                                            aeC group, inc.
greer industries, inc.                                                                    dickie, mcCamey and Chilcote, PC
                                            aes Beaver valley, inc.
Highmark                                                                                  dmJm + Harris, incorporated
levin Furniture                                                                           duquesne university-the law school
                                            allin Consulting of Pennsylvania, inc.
Phi theta Phi alumni association and                                                      e*trade Financial Corporation
                                            american warming and ventilating, inc.
   youngstown state Penguin ice Breakers                                                  easley & rivers, inc.
                                            amish Community of smicksburg
Pittsburgh Post-gazette                                                                   edison local FFa
                                            anderson insulation
Pittsburgh steelers sports, inc.                                                          equitable resources Foundation
                                            anheuser-Busch, inc.
wdad radio                                                                                Fedex ground employees
rosen, louik & Perry, PC                                                                  First Commonwealth advisors
                                            aramark management services, lP
edgar snyder & associates, llC                                                            Fission Communications
                                            arms Club
spirit Halloween                                                                          Flexsys america lP
                                            l. d. astorino & associates, ltd
sunoco Chemicals                                                                          Form architectural group
                                            avega Health systems, inc.
                                                                                          Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church
                                            avonworth elementary school
$5,000–$9,999                               Ballroom Central by Bill and denise
                                                                                          Fred alger & Company, incorporated
armstrong world industries                                                                Freeport Junior/senior High school
                                            BasF Polyurethane Foam enterprises, llC
atria’s Bar & restaurant                                                                  Frenkel & Co., inc.
                                            employees of Baw Plastics inc.
Bechtel Plant machinery, inc.                                                             Friends of Bob o’Connor
                                            Bayer Heritage Federal Credit union
Chatterbox                                                                                Fushicho trading Co. ltd. inc.
                                            BCi equipment specialists
Columbia gas of Pennsylvania                                                              ge employees of the grove City diesel
                                            Beaver area Junior/senior High school
                                                                                             engine Plant
the Continuous learning group, inc.         Belle vernon area High school
                                                                                          giffin interior & Fixture, inc.
Coordinated group of Companies              Bennett supply Company employees
                                                                                          glen Carbide, inc.
derry area middle school                    Bible Baptist Church
                                                                                          the goddard school
deutsche Bank americas Foundation           Big Bang Bicycles
                                                                                          goldberg, Persky & white, PC
dunkin’ donuts                              Blackrock Financial management, inc.
                                                                                          grand street Boys’ Foundation
entaCt                                      Bny mellon–working Capital solutions
                                                                                          greater Pittsburgh orthopaedic
Federated                                   Boscov’s                                         associates, inc.
Fraternal societies of greater Pittsburgh   Bradco supply                                 greenbriar treatment Center
genCo                                       Bridges & Company, inc.                       grubb & ellis management services
Hilb, rogal & Hamilton Company              Buffalo elementary school                     H. J. Heinz Company
italian miners society                      Burchick Construction Company, inc.           H. J. Heinz Company Foundation
Kta-tator, inc.                             Carabella oakmont, inc.                       High House Hedgehogs and Friends from
laborers’ district Council                  Carbon steel inspection, inc.                    Brnich’s Bar
   of western Pennsylvania
                                            Carrick High school                           Highlands High school national
lebanon shops-Foodland                                                                       Honor society
                                            Carroll middle school
lifeCell Corporation                                                                      Hillandale Farms
                                            Center High school
minteq international inc.                                                                 Hiller volunteer Fire department
mosites Construction Company                                                                 Bingo Players
                                            Chicago title insurance Company
Phoenixx international, lP                                                                Hoffman electric, inc.
                                            Children’s Community Pediatrics
ryan memorial Foundation                                                                  Hoffstot’s Cafe monaco
                                            Children’s Community Pediatrics – Jeannette
sase Company, inc.                                                                        Holey Jeans inc.
                                            Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of uPmC
schneider’s dairy, inc.                        trade union workers                        Hunt Construction group, inc.
schwebel Baking Company                     City of Pittsburgh Police station – Zone 1    independent Players Baseball association
the smile train                             Classic Conveyor Components Corporation       indsPeC Chemical Corporation
smith Brothers advertising llC              Clearview mall merchants association          industrial rubber Products Co.
the Frank e. rath–spang & Company           Cleveland Brothers equipment Company          ingomar elementary school
   Charitable trust                                                                       ino therapeutics
                                            Concurrent technologies Corporation

           2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
                                                                                        south side elementary school
                                                                                        spectra Contract Flooring
                                                                                        sports Haven Bowl
                                                                                        ssm/Bryan mechanical
                                                                                        standard air & lite Corporation
                                                                                        star electric Company, inc.
                                                                                        state street elementary school
                                                                                        straub Brewery, inc.
                                                                                        susan yadamec dance Company
                                                                                        svedala industries, inc.
                                                                                        swanson group, ltd.
                                                                                        thompson decorators, inc.
invesco ltd.                                  northland lincoln mercury                 three rivers management, inc.
ionadi Corporation                            norvelt open Pantry Food employees        triangle Fastener Corporation
iPsCo                                         nova Chemicals, inc.                      tri Boro Federal Credit union
J & d supermarkets llC                        oakland elementary school                 trio/Pittsburgh Chapter
J & J tavern                                  online stores, inc.                       united ways of:
Joy mining machinery and employees            our lady of mount Carmel PtC                 Beaver County
Kendrew’s lounge, inc.                        oxford development Company                   Bergen County
Kickline dance Center                         Paragon strategic solutions inc.             mon valley
Kicks for Kids soccer Camp                    Paramount Flooring assoc., inc.              new york City
Kids and Cancer Benefit motorcycle run        Parkview Community Federal Credit union      southeastern Pa
Knickerbocker russell Company, inc.           Pennsylvania Culinary institute              washington County
Kolman Jewelers                               Peters township High school                  westmoreland County
Kta relay team                                Pharma Care                               university of Pittsburgh medical Center
laurel Jr./sr. High school                    Pinsonault associates, llC                university of Pittsburgh Physicians
law enforcement Charity softball              Pittsburgh Penguins                       usa dance, Pittsburgh Chapter 3007
   tournament                                 Pizza roma, inc. dBa domenico’s           valley tire Company, inc.
leonard F. Polk & Co., PC                        ristorante & Pizzeria
                                                                                        van dyk Business systems
lighthouse electric Company, inc.             PnC Bank, n.a. Foundation
                                                                                        van Kampen investments, inc.
the little gym of Pittsburgh                  Purchase line north elementary school
logical automation                            Purchase line south elementary school
                                                                                        vocollect, inc.
in memory of Joe “Zip” lubovinsky             Quaker Capital management Corporation
                                                                                        volatile Free incorporated
luma restaurant                               rectenwald Brothers Construction, inc.
                                                                                        w. w. grainger, inc.
mcdonald’s Corporation                        restoration management services, inc.
                                                                                        weleski transfer, inc.
magellan Health services                      rockwood manufacturing Company
                                                                                        wellington Power Corporation
mainstay                                      roger green & associates, inc.
                                                                                        west Penn laco, inc.
manion Plumbing, inc.                         royal oil & gas Corporation
                                                                                        western Beaver Junior/senior High school
markem enterprises, inc., and mark milovats   runnion equipment Company
   — “Just in time For Christmas”                                                       westmoreland mall
                                              ruprecht schroeder Hoffman architects
marshall elementary school                                                              willis
                                              ruthrauff inc.
masterson design, inc.                                                                  winchester thurston school
                                              ruthrauff service, llC
mattos Pro Finishes                                                                     wyatt incorporated
                                              rycon Construction, inc.
medco Health solutions                                                                  the Zitter group
                                              saint Bartholomew elementary school
medrad                                        the samuel group of Companies
mohawk Construction & supply                  schneider downs & Company, inc.           $500 – $999
   Company, inc.                              sears associates of uniontown #2614       anonymous (3)
moon area middle school                       seligman advisors, inc.                   allegheny–Kiski valley Chapter
moreale Chiropractic                                                                       of the usa Federal Credit union
                                              shadyside Chamber of Commerce
Friends of mt. lebanon Percussion                                                       allstate giving Campaign
                                              sheetz, inc.
mylan laboratories inc.                                                                 armstrong group of Companies
                                              solenture, inc.
mylan Pharmaceuticals, inc.                                                             avon Products, inc.
                                              in memory of andrew “sonny” Pugar
national Children’s alliance                                                            the Bank of new york mellon
                                              south Fayette Junior/senior High school
north Braddock volunteer Fire department                                                Beer run golf Club
                                              south Park middle school

          2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
                                                                                              the mall at robinson
                                             the new campus reuses several buildings          mcKeesport Hospital Foundation
                                             from the site of the old st. Francis Hospital.   medco employee giving Campaign
                                                                                              metz lewis, llC
                                                                                              miller Fall Protection
                                                                                              model Cleaners, uniforms and apparel, llC
                                                                                              mountain state Blue Cross Blue shield
                                                                                              thomas l. nied Funeral Home, inc.
                                                                                              nss life
                                                                                              office depot disaster relief Foundation, inc.
                                                                                              ogg, Jones, Cordes & ignelzi
                                                                                              oncology nursing society
                                                                                              Paper Products Company, inc.
                                                                                              t.d. Patrinos Painting & Contracting Co.
                                                                                              Penn state Cooperative extension–
                                                                                                 washington County
                                                                                              PHH arval
                                                                                              Phi Kappa theta alpha Xi
                                                                                              Plsa logistics inc.
                                                                                              Propel east–discovery aces
                                                                                              ransil, inc.
Best Buy store #586 at south Hills village     duplications, inc.
                                                                                              raymond James Financial, inc.
Bethel Park Flowers, inc.                      enez magnetics
                                                                                              red Hat society–Brackenridge Chapter
Big dog vending                                ePmg
                                                                                              mark roberts Holiday event
Bon meade elementary school                    exeter Health resources, inc.
                                                                                              saint elizabeth elementary school
Cardworks servicing, llC                       First national Bank of Pa
                                                                                              sewickley academy
Carlow College Campus school                      employee’s Charity Fund
                                                                                              shank Bus Company, inc.
Carlow university                              Fitness Fanatics, inc.
                                                                                              sigma tau gamma, delta Xi Chapter
Carlynton Junior/senior High school            Fullard environmental Control
                                                                                              skyview volunteer Fire Company
Centerline Boring, inc.                        geibel Catholic High school
                                                                                              slavic Citizens Club of north Charleroi
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of uPmC      greenleaf group llC
   emergency department employees              greenprints inc.
                                                                                              staley Capital advisers, inc.
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital                 Hanks Frozen Custard
   medical Center                                                                             summit apartments, inc.
                                               Herbein + Company, inc.
Clairton City school district                                                                 sunrise Pto
                                               Higbee music Center
walter P. Cline wishing well                                                                  s.w. randall toyes and giftes
                                               Homeville elementary school
Cynthia grant Jewelry                                                                         taylor allderdice High school
                                               Hosack elementary school
Consol energy inc.                                                                            tim urick Consulting, inc.
                                               innovative Benefits Consulting, inc.
Consolidated graphics Communications                                                          trans associates engineering
                                               interform solutions
                                                                                                 Consultants, inc.
Control design, inc.                           irvine Presbyterian women’s association
                                                                                              union orthotics & Prosthetics Co.
Conveyor services Corporation                  J. west Corporation
                                                                                              united ways of:
Coyle auto Body, inc.                          Jaguar Club of Pittsburgh, inc.
                                                                                                 Bank of america united way Campaign
Custom Casework Cabinetry                      Janney montgomery scott llC
                                                                                                 valley of the sun
dad’s Pet Care                                 Johnson Controls inc.
                                                                                              wal-mart, north versailles
dance Pittsburgh                               Kaplan Career institute–student
                                                                                              wealth transfer solutions
deckman Company                                   medical assistant Club
Pittsburgh south suburban alumnae              ladies auxiliary of the Berlin Fire
   Chapter of delta delta delta                   department                                  western Pennsylvania laborers Building
                                                                                                 and defense
dentistry for Children and teens, inc.         lee supply Company, inc.
                                                                                              westinghouse electric Company
deutscher sport verein von 1924                leonard labriola italian stores, inc.
                                                                                                 (rras employees)
donegal Construction Corp.                     g. nicholas Casey & J. thomas Clark,
                                                                                              westwood elementary school
down syndrome group                               lewis, glasser, Casey & rollins, PllC
                                                                                              william Penn association
   of western Pennsylvania                     lincoln Financial group
                                                                                              winfield u.m. Church Cub scout Pack 202
doyle For Congress Committee                   living Faith Fellowship
                                                                                              yale industrial trucks Pittsburgh
dravo seniors                                  magee Plastics Company

           2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
Children’s Hospital of
Pittsburgh of UPMC is
proud to be a member
hospital of Children’s
Miracle Network. Since
1983, the nonprofit Children’s
Miracle Network has helped
support the work of its 170 member hospitals by raising more than $3.4 billion
through radiothons, telethons, sales of paper “Miracle Balloons” and hundreds
of volunteer events across North America.

In western Pennsylvania, all funds raised through the Children’s Miracle
Network campaign stay local and support a wide range of vital patient care needs
at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. The 2007 campaign total was
nearly $805,000. Thanks to our dedicated and energetic sponsors:

      Children’s Miracle Network
      (Calendar 2007 Sponsor List)
                                                                                   Matching Gifts
      $100,000 and Above                    $10,000–$24,999                        These generous corporations and
      wal-mart and sam’s Club               giant Food stores, inc.
                                                                                   foundations gave gifts totaling $500
                                              (martin’s Food markets)
                                                                                   or more, matching the individual gifts
      $50,000–$99,999                                                              of their eligible employees, directors
      Brooks/eckerd Pharmacy                                                       and retirees.
      Carmike Cinemas                       $5,000–$9,999
      dairy Queen                           greek Partners                         avon Products, inc.

                                                                                   Bridges & Company, inc.
      $25,000–$49,999                       $1,000–$4,999
      anonymous (1)                         aCe Hardware                           deutsche Bank americas Foundation
      First student (laidlaw)               american legion                        equitable resources Foundation
      marriott international                auntie anne’s Pretzels
      re/maX international                  great Clips                            ge Foundation
      rite aid Corporation                  usa gymnastics                         glen Carbide, inc.

                                                                                   liz Claiborne Foundation
                                            $500 – $999
                                            Circle K midwest (mclane Co.)          mcKinsey & Company
                                            Co-oP Financial services
                                                                                   merrill lynch & Company
                                            Credit unions for Kids
                                            CrossmarK                              microsoft matching gifts Program
                                            golf galaxy
                                            Kroger-turkey Hill                     minteq international inc.
                                            Penn traffic                           PnC Foundation
                                            talking rain (via Costco)
                                                                                   standard air & lite Corporation

                                                                                   wachovia Foundation

                                                                                   weleski transfer, inc.

       2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
anonymous (4)
ao research Fund of the ao Foundation
michael Baker Corporation Foundation
the John and Frances Beck
   Family Foundation
Beckwith Family Foundation
Buncher Family Foundation
the Butterfly Foundation
otis H. Childs Charitable trust
the anne l. and george H. Clapp
   Charitable and educational trust
the Cleveland Foundation
   the digeronimo Family Foundation
the Community Foundation
   of westmoreland County
      westmoreland now & Forever Fund
the Cooper – siegel Family Foundation
the Charles l. Cost Foundation
Craige Pepper Family Foundation
the darling Family Foundation
eden Hall Foundation
Fair oaks Foundation, inc.
the Herbert g. Feldman Charitable
the Fine Foundation
Fisa Foundation
the nina Baldwin Fisher Foundation, inc.
Fund for Charitable giving
the william F. and lynn d. gauss
irving and aaronel deroy gruber
   Charitable Foundation
lawrence and ina gumberg Foundation
                                              mario lemieux Foundation                   goldberg Family Fund
Kenneth w. Hammel Foundation inc.
                                              Jas. H. matthews & Co. educational         susannah and rebekah Harris Fund
Hansen Foundation
                                                 and Charitable trust                    Jonathan m. Houy memorial Fund
the Heinz endowments
                                              mcFeely-rogers Foundation                  Joan and george Fund
Henry l. Hillman Foundation
                                              glen and diane meakem Foundation           simeon m. Jones Jr. and
the orris C. Hirtzel and
                                              richard King mellon Foundation               Katharine reed Jones Fund
   Beatrice dewey Hirtzel memorial
     Foundation                               eleanor d. merrick Foundation              austin d. Kelly Fund
margaret mellon Hitchcock Foundation          Charles m. morris Charitable trust         robert n. Kohman trust
Honkus-Zollinger Foundation                   musculoskeletal transplant Foundation      Julie marie lamanna memorial Fund
the Hoyt Foundation                           nagin Foundation, inc.                     Chester H. lehman memorial Fund no. 2
milton g. Hulme Charitable Foundation         the new york Community trust               isaac and esther lipsky Family Fund
samuel J. Foundation                          orthopaedic research and                   william Bruce mcCrory Fund
                                                 education Foundation                    Helen m. sakraida and laura m. sakraida
John e. and sue m. Jackson Charitable trust
                                              the Pittsburgh Foundation:                   Charitable trust Fund no. 2
robert and mary ann Jacob Foundation
                                                 F. e. agnew Family Fund                 John a. vuono Family Fund in memory of
the rona Jaffe Foundation
                                                 raymond r. and edna giles artz Fund       Carl and rose vuono
roy F. Johns Jr. Family Foundation                  no. 2                                richard t. and Janice a. weaver Fund
Juvenile diabetes research                       Charity Packer Buchanan Fund            thomas l. weill Fund
   Foundation international
                                                 Calihan Fund                            samuel and Carrie arnold weinhaus Fund
earl Knudsen Charitable Foundation
                                                 albert B. Ferguson Jr., md,               memorial Fund no. 2
laurel Foundation                                   orthopaedic Fund                   Bobby rahal Foundation

           2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
donald & sylvia robinson                      In-Kind Donations                         Kohl’s department store
  Family Foundation                                                                     mr. Brent r. Krug
                                              These individuals, organizations
rockwell Family Foundation                                                              mr. and mrs. armour n. mellon
Jewell rodgers Foundation trust
                                              and businesses have provided in-kind
                                                                                        mr. Jason d. meyers
ronald mcdonald House Charities               support valued at $500 or more.
                                                                                        mr. nathan a. miller
  of Pittsburgh                               anonymous (1)                             nemacolin woodlands resort & spa
ryan memorial Foundation                      air Force recruiting office               mr. stephen neustein
the Fan Fox and leslie r. samuels             allegheny Country Club                    the Club at nevillewood
  Foundation, inc.
                                              anthropologie                             newburg Baptist Church
the san Francisco Foundation
                                              astellas Pharma inc.                      mr. sean Pellegrino
ernest and mae sanctis Foundation
                                              avon district 4386                        Perry Highway lutheran Church
leonard a. and mary Jane schafer
                                              ms. Holly Baer                            Pittsburgh Chapter – international
                                              BBs Publishing Company                       game developers association
ralph and dorothy Hartwell schugar
  Charitable Foundation                       Best Buy #882                             dorothy and neal Pollon
the Paul d. schurgot Foundation, inc.         Beyond the Classroom                      Pop stop
schwab Charitable Fund                        mr. alfred o. Bontros                     Project Hope – Zelienople
the evan & tracy segal Family Foundation      mr. James a. Cannin                       Project ian
shelburne Charitable Foundation               Carnegie library of Pittsburgh            rita’s italian ice – west view, millvale
                                              mr. gary Celovsky                            and Cranberry locations
the Juliet lea Hillman simonds
  Foundation, inc.                            Central Catholic High school              ms. Jacqueline J. schneider
the Katie swaney Foundation                   Children of the american revolution       ms. diane B. seltzer
szalay Family Foundation                      Christian Fellowship academy              sons of american legion
                                                                                           and Clearfield Cycle Club
teammates for Kids                            the Church of Jesus Christ of
                                                 latter day saints                      southwest airlines Co.
thomas marshall Foundation
                                              mr. and mrs. david Conover                starlight starbright
tippins Foundation                                                                         Children’s Foundation – mid-atlantic
edith l. trees Charitable trust               mr. and mrs. destin Cook
                                                                                        the Katie swaney Foundation
united Jewish Federation of                   ms. Katherine Cook
                                                                                        mr. and mrs. douglas a. tennyson
  greater Pittsburgh:                         mr. ron darak & Friends
                                                                                        mr. and mrs. william tony
      sanford s. and Patricia g. Berman       diamond run golf Club
        Philanthropic Fund                                                              treesdale golf & Country Club
                                              dollar general
      the marci lynn Bernstein                                                          unilever ice Cream
                                              dunham’s sports
        Philanthropic Fund                                                              union High school
                                              duquesne university athletic department
      milton and sarita eisner                                                          valley Brook Country Club
                                              mrs. adrienne Fogel
        Philanthropic Fund                                                              waldenbooks #228
                                              ganz, inc.
      the robert i. glimcher                                                            Jeff and suzanne watters
                                              mr. eric graf
        Philanthropic Fund                                                              wendy’s old Fashioned Hamburgers
                                              mr. and mrs. marc grant
      gertrude & Philip Hoffman                                                         mr. david m. wilke
        Philanthropic Fund                    mr. david m. Hall
                                                                                        mr. and mrs. ron wolfe
      latterman-sugarman                      Hampton inn & suites,
        Philanthropic Fund                       downtown Pittsburgh
      richard and suzanne Paul                Hickory High school
        Philanthropic Fund                    mr. and mrs. mark a. Hooker
      the rogalsky – ringold Family           mrs. lisa Hruska
        endowment Fund                        i mortgage services
      the rhoda and seymour sikov             mr. and mrs. robert ingram
        Philanthropic Fund
      alexander and rosalyn silverman
        Philanthropic Fund
      soffer Family Fund
      the samuel, Fannie and irwin a. solow
        endowment Fund
vanguard Charitable endowment Program
robert and mary weisbrod Foundation
Phillip H. and Betty l. wimmer
  Family Foundation

           2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
  and trusts
anonymous (1)
Ben and Fannie applestein Charitable trust
Jane B. Beltz irrevocable trust
mattie g. Blayney trusts
estate of Clara Brant
Charles a. Brooks trust
estate of John Conte
trust of Clara Crawford
ruth e. donnally Charitable trust estate
estate of mary K. dugina
estate of Carl J. eidenmuller
the Family Charitable Foundation trust
Katherine e. Fawcett Charitable Foundation
violet e. Fulton trust
                                                               of hope
estate of ann s. Hegner
margaret e. Hinchman Charitable trust
Joseph Horne trust
James and Florence lockhart trusts
                                                            The Guardians of Hope Benefactors Society was
Harry m. marcus trusts
                                                            established to recognize the generous individuals
Fernal r. marlier trust
                                                            who have committed to leaving a legacy for the
trust of Floren e. martin
                                                            children by making a planned gift. Through their
martha lockhart mason trusts
                                                            bequests, charitable trusts, gift annuities and other
william J. mcalister Charitable trust
                                                            deferred gifts, they are partners with Children’s
mrs. r. J. mcCombs
                                                            in planning for the future.
estate of ruth m. morrison
                                                            anonymous (3)
estate of robert C. mulhattan
                                                            Charles and Patricia Bluestone
Julia gleason murphy trust
                                                            Frederick* and Jane Bowers
elizabeth t. Patterson trust
                                                            mr. and mrs. Paul r. Bridges
estate of leona F. Phillips
                                                            dr. william F.* and Jean w. donaldson
estate of irene d. Poluha
                                                            Helen s. Faison
salene B. Porter irrevocable trust
                                                            Charles m. and mary ellen Fischer
the norman C. ray trust
emelie renziehausen trusts                                  mr. larry d. Fullerton

edward e. rieck Charitable trust                            Phillip a. and virginia m. Kimmins

mendel e. and sylvia g. solomon Charitable trust            Beverly Fife Krieger

trust of Charles spang                                      mr. and mrs. ronald lawrence

ruth a. succop education trust                              mr. and mrs. ralph s. michael iii

leona talbot Charitable trust                               Colonel Jean m. migliorino

estate of eva anne vogeley, m.d.                            rhonda and dennis norman

trusts of Harry weiss                                       lois Pounds oliver

elizabeth d. and ralph e. woodburn Charitable trust         dorothy e. wallace
                                                            louis F. weinman iii
                                                            steve whetstone

    2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
Financial statements
                                                                            Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
                                                                            is the sole fund-raising arm of Children’s Hospital
                                                                            of Pittsburgh of UPMC. The Foundation exists to
                                                                            provide financial support for the hospital’s mission
                                                                            of excellence in patient care, teaching and research.
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation                                The Foundation is a public charity under 170(b)(1)(A)(vi)
                                                                            of the Internal Revenue Service Code and is an exempt
for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2008 (U.S. Dollars)                      organization under federal income tax section 501(c)(3).

           Balance Sheet
               Cash & equivalents                                                   $         1,677,149
               Pledges & grants receivable                                                   24,368,149
               investments & securities                                                     280,302,132
               Beneficial interest in trusts                                                 17,115,083
               Fixed assets, net                                                                539,727
           Total Assets                                                             $      324,002,240

                Payables                                                            $           888,297
                due to Children’s Hospital – investments & trusts                            45,849,625
                annuities                                                                       118,354
                Total Liabilities                                                   $       46,856,276

           Net Assets
               unrestricted                                                         $       159,957,588
               temporarily restricted                                                        61,238,962
               Permanently restricted                                                        55,949,414
               Total Net Assets                                                     $      277,145,964
           Total Liabilities and Net Assets                                         $      324,002,240

           Statement of Operations
               donation revenue, net                                                $        22,478,132
               government Funding                                                             1,108,105
               investment income                                                             11,929,900
               Contributed services (from Children’s)                                         4,514,405
               trust receipts and valuation                                                     243,183
               Total Revenue                                                        $       40,273,725

                operating expenses                                                  $          4,135,917
                Funding to the Hospital
                     annual Financial support                       12,320,274
                     Free Care support                               1,829,336
                     new Hospital Building Funding                  14,934,769               29,084,379
                net realized and unrealized loss on investments                              29,648,118
                Total Expenses                                                      $       62,868,414
           Change in Net Assets                                                     $      (22,594,689)

       2008 Annual Report | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation