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Y M C A Camp Colman

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									                                                                     Parent and Camper Handbook to
                                                    Y M C A Camp Colman
                                                                                              Summer Camp 2006

Mini Explorer•Young Adventure•Explorer•Leadership•Spy Science•Discovery•Drama•Rocket Blast
Building a community where all people, especially the young, are encouraged to develop their fullest potential in spirit, mind and body.

                                                                                                                                         Important Phone Numbers
 Dear Parents,
                                                                                                                                         Registration Information
 Thank you for choosing YMCA Camp Colman for your child. We are delighted
                                                                                                                                         YMCA Camping Services office
 at the opportunity to provide a memorable summer experience.
                                                                                                                                         206-382-4920 Fax
 YMCA Camp Colman is accredited by the American Camping Association, the
                                                                                                                                         Cheryl Rau, Associate Executive Director, Ext.
 national governing body of the camping industry.
                                                                                                                                         Cell Phone: 206-255-3514
 Camp is owned and operated by the YMCA of Greater Seattle, an independent
 association within the YMCA of the USA that has been providing camping pro-                                                             Camp Colman Office
 grams since 1885. For more than 125 years, the YMCA of Greater Seattle has                                                              253-884-3844 • Fax: 253-884-5757
 provided safe and caring environments, positive role models, creative activities
 and opportunities to serve the needs of others. These are the essential building                                                        Interim Director, Camp Colman
 blocks for strong kids, strong families and strong communities.                                                                         Steve Richter
 This “Parent and Camper Handbook” is intended to help you prepare for your                                                              206-255-3516
 child’s trip to camp this summer. Please read the material carefully and share it                                                       E-mail:
 with your child prior to their arrival at camp.
                                                                                                                                         Director, Camp Colman Summer Camp
 Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have. We look forward to                                                         Joanna Stark
 sharing our enthusiasm for the outdoors with your child this summer.                                                                    253-884-3844

                                                                                                                                         Food Services Manager, Camp Colman
 Joanna Stark                                                                                                                            Connie Menzia
 Camp Colman Summer Director                                                                                                             253-884-5772

                                                Emergency Phone                                                                          Group Executive Director, Camping Services
   For emergency situations, when the Camp Colman office is closed, you may                                                               Christopher Pierce
    get assistance by calling the cell phone number listed below. Please leave                                                           Seattle: 206-382-5009
   a short message or phone number and the Director on Duty will return your                                                             Orkila: 360-376-2678
         call. Please speak clearly and be sure to include your area code.
                                               Director on Duty: 206-883-5361
   Parent and Camper HandbookParent and Camper Handbook
   Parent and Camper Handbook
 What’s Inside
  Action Steps ........................................... 2          Transportation/ Reservations .................... 6
  Payments/Refunds.................................. 2                Map to Drop-off site ................................. 6
  Store ....................................................... 2     Cabinmates................................................ 6
  What to Bring/Lost & Found ................. 3                      Claim Check.............................................. 6
  Mail and Meals ...................................... 3             Drop-off/Pick-up Location........................ 7
  Staff ........................................................ 4    Check-In and Pick-Up............................... 7
  Behavior ................................................. 4        Typical Daily Schedule ............................. 8
  Values Programming .............................. 4                 Specialty Camps........................................ 9
  Visits to Camp ........................................ 4           First Time Campers/Homesickness........... 10
  Accommodations ................................... 4                Glossary .................................................... 11
  Emergemcy Procedures.......................... 5                    Open House / Orientation ......................... 12
  Medications ............................................ 5          Medication Form....................................... 12

Action                                            Payments
                                                  Final payment for your camper’s session must be received in the Seattle Camping Services
                                                  Office no later than June 1, 2006. After June 1, 2006, full payment is required at the time of
                                                  registration. Please make checks payable to YMCA Camping Services, 909 Fourth Ave.,
                                                  Seattle, WA 98104. There will be a $20.00 charge for all returned checks. Visa and Master-
                                                  Card are accepted.
                      Steps                       Refund Policy
                                                  Should your camper be unable to attend camp, please notify the Camping Services Office
We want you and your camper to have an            immediately. To receive a refund, you must notify the office in writing at least three weeks
exciting and positive camp experience from        prior to the start date of the session that your camper is scheduled to attend. A check or credit
beginning to end.                                 card refund, according to how you originally paid the fees, will be issued less the $100
The following action steps will provide for the   non-refundable deposit. If paid by credit card, you must supply us with your card number
safety and well being of your child in the most   and expiration date. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing refunds. If cancellation is due
successful manner:                                to illness or injury and is less than three weeks prior to camp, a refund will be given with a
                                                  doctor’s notice. Please call the Camping Services office immediately to cancel the session
             before June 1                        and mail the signed note from your doctor to: YMCA Camping Services, 909 Fourth Ave.,
     Provide all the health information           Seattle, WA 98104
     requested                                    Late Arrivals and Absentees
                                                  If your camper will arrive late to camp or be picked up early, please notify the Camping Ser-
     If available, provide a copy of a recent     vices office at least three weeks prior to the session to make arrangements. If a camper does
     camper physical in addition to the           not show up at camp by evening on opening day, camp staff will call the primary contact to
     Colman medical forms (See page 5)            determine the camper’s whereabouts. No refunds are given for late arrivals.
     Provide vaccination history required           Camp Colman Store
     on the health forms
                                                    The store opens two times each day. Snacks, juice, and souvenirs are available for
     Inform your emergency contact of any           campers to purchase.
     information necessary to care for your          Store Accounts
     child in your absence
                                                     All store purchases are made through your camper’s prepaid store account. Please include
     Be certain of your transportation plans         store money with your final payment check or credit card total. Specify on your invoice
     before returning the transportation             stub the amount to be allocated to the store account. Please do not let your camper come
     form                                            to camp with cash.
     By June 1, return the health and safety         Please discuss with your camper:
     return packet to the Seattle Office (See             • Amount in their account
     page 5)                                             • Product selection and family expectations
     Pay your balance and store money                    • We suggest $25.00 - $35.00 for Mini Camp
     before June 1.                                      • We suggest $40.00 - $55.00 for week long sessions
       1 week prior to session                       Store Items
                                                     Clothing                                         Beverages
     Label each item your camper will
     take to camp and work with them to              T-shirt                  $12.00-$15.00           Juice                          $0.70
     pack items and clothing appropriate             Sweatshirt               $28.00-$30.00
     for camp (See page 3)                           Hats                     $12.00-$18.00           Snacks                  $0.50-$1.50
     Discuss store purchases with camper             Sweatpants              $22.00- $25.00           Corn Nuts, Popcorn, Fruit Roll-ups,
     (See page 2)
                                                     Fleece Vest                     $40.00           Crackers
     Work with your pharmacist to get
     original containers for medications
     (See page 5)                                    Souvenirs                                        Other

           on check-in day                           Jewelry
                                                                                $0.50 -$5.00
     Prepare medications for camp stay
                                                     Water Bottles             $5.00- $10.00          Cabin Photo                    $5.00
     Head lice check                                 Thermo Travel Mug                 $8.00          Crafts                  $0.50-$7.00
     Do not pack medications in luggage              Stuffed Animals           $7.00-$15.00           Beach Towels         $10.00 - $15.00
     (See page 5)                                    Carabiner                         $3.00
     Arrive at check-in location at appointed        Prices are subject to change.
                                                     Complimentary fruit is available each afternoon in the lodge.
     Be prepared to complete a brief health
     screening at check-in (See page 5)              Unless a refund is requested in writing by October 31, the balance of your camper’s
                                                     unspent store money will be donated to the YMCA Camp Colman Scholarship Fund to
     Check all medications in with camp              send kids to camp. We do not give refunds for $5 or less.
     staff at check-in table
                                                     If you would like a detailed report of your camper’s store expenses or a refund of
     Assure your camper you will pick them           unspent store money, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
     up and say goodbye with a hug and a
     smile                                                        YMCA Camping Services • 909 Fourth Ave • Seattle, WA 98104
                                                                   Please include your camper’s name and session on the letter.
                                                      Suggested Packing List
         It is best to be prepared for all kinds of weather during the summertime at Camp Colman.
                                            Use this list when packing for your child’s camp session.
                                    Campers must be able to carry their own luggage from the bus to their cabins.
        Warm Sleeping Bag                                  Warm jacket                                    Flashlight
        Pillow                                             Hat or cap                                     Self-addressed stamped envelope
        Towel(s) and washcloth                             Rain Gear                                      Old colored t-shirt for a craft project
        Shorts                                             Sandals/water shoes                            Optional items:
        Sweater or sweatshirts                             Close toed shoes                               Camera
        Jeans or long pants                                Extra pair of shoes                            Book, playing cards, etc…
        T-shirts                                           Swim suit and beach towel                      White T-shirt for Tie Dye
        Socks and underwear                                Toothbrush and toothpaste                      Sheets and blankets
        Night clothes                                      Shampoo and soap                               Costume item for skit
                                                         Sunscreen and Chapstick

                                                                              Clothing and Personal Belongings
      PLEASE DO NOT BRING:                              Since campers spend the majority of their time outside, please send clothing that is
       Alcohol / Drugs        TV’s                      not expensive or new. All items on the clothing list are important at camp, especially
       Tobacco products       Knives of any kind        the rain gear, warm jacket or sweatshirt.
       Matches or lighters    Electronic devices                                                  Mail
       Radios of any kind     iPod’s
       Cell Phones            Candy or Food               Campers love receiving mail ~ it’s a fun part of the day at Camp Colman!
       Pagers                 Expensive Make-up                    Campers and counselors, alike, sing to get their mail at dinner.
       Tape Recorders         Fireworks
       Expensive Clothing     MP Players               When sending mail, please allow enough time for it to arrive before the end of their ses-
                                                       sion. Mail call happens everyday, except Sunday.
          No Cash Allowed at Camp                      Campers are encouraged to write home. Sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope will
                                                       make it easier for your camper to write and tell you about their stay at Camp Colman.
                                                       To send mail to your child:        Camper’s Name
        No nes,                  These items will
             o                                                                          YMCA Camp Colman
        l Ph                     be collected and
     Cel lease!                                                                         20016 Bay Road KPS
         P                       mailed home.                                           Longbranch, WA 98351

                                                          Please do not send any food to campers. Food in cabins invites
    Camp Colman is not
                                                                               unwelcome visitors.
    responsible for lost,
                                                       Things you can send are: books, cards, address books, small drawing
  damaged, or stolen items
                                                                           pads, small stuffed animals.
Lost and Found
Camp Colman makes significant efforts                                                           Meals
to minimize lost and found. You can
contribute to our success and increase your              Breakfast - 8:30 AM               Lunch - 12:30 PM                  Dinner – 5:30 PM
chances of having missing items returned                Breakfast meals may            The lunch entrée may            Our dinner entrée
if you take a few minutes and place a name              be pancakes, eggs and          be sandwiches, hotdogs,         may include lasagna,
on each piece of your child’s camp gear                 hashbrowns, hot cereal,        macaroni and cheese,            chicken, turkey,
and clothing.                                           rolls or muffins, or            spaghetti or pizza, with        hamburgers, stir fry,
At the end of each session, we will attempt             French toast.                  soup. Milk, water, fruit,       soup, bread, vegetables
to return lost and found items to campers               Cold cereal and fruit are      and vegetables will be          and more. A full salad
before they leave camp.                                 available each day.            served at every lunch.          bar including assorted
                                                        Milk and juice are                                             cold salads, vegetables,
• Lost and Found items will be returned                                                                                and dressings is
  to Seattle on the bus. Please check lost              served every morning.
                                                                                                                       available. Milk,
  and found bags before you leave the                                                                                  water, and a dessert
  pick-up site                                                                                                         complement this meal.
• All lost and found items will be kept in
  the Seattle Camping Services office for                         Nutritious meals are served three times a day in the Anderson Lodge.
  two weeks after camp session. After                                   Campers sit in cabin groups along with their counselors.
  two weeks, they will be donated to                                                 Meals are served family style.
Staff                                            Camp Colman Provides a                            Accommodations & Facilities
The Camp Colman staff is the heart of our        Values Based Program                              Campers stay in tree-house-style cabins
camp. All program staff have individual                                                            perched along a wooded ridge. These cab-
areas of expertise to share with campers.        The YMCA of Greater Seattle has identified         ins are enclosed and heated by wood stoves
Staff are selected for their experience work-    the six core values of respect, responsibility,   with bunk-beds for sleeping accommoda-
ing with children, judgment, maturity, and       honesty, caring, faith and fun as essential in    tions. Each cabin has a sundeck facing our
their fun and caring attitude. We have one       a child’s character development. YMCA             saltwater lagoon next to the Puget Sound.
staff to every five campers or better. We         Camp Colman provides a values based               Bathrooms are located inside the cabins
recruit staff that serve as proper role models   program incorporating these six core              with one toilet, one shower and two sinks.
for campers by demonstrating strong lead-        values into the overall camp experience.          Older teens are housed in a Yurt or a plat-
ership skills that reflect the six core values    Our approach toward values formation              form tent with bathrooms down the path.
                                                 has been designed to reinforce the lessons
of the YMCA of Greater Seattle.
                                                 that families teach their children everyday.      Anderson Lodge houses our dining hall
Staff Credentials                                Through staff and camper role modeling            where our professional food service staff
· All staff have current First Aid and           and simply living at camp, we provide             serves delicious family style meals.
    CPR certifications.                           campers with the opportunity to depart from
·   All staff must pass a WA State Patrol        Camp Colman with a better understanding
    background check.                            and recognition of these character traits in      Visits to Camp
                                                 themselves and in others.                         During the summer season Camp Colman
·   Staff must provide at least three written
    references.                                                                                    is very busy with campers and activities.
                                                 Camp Colman Values Awards                         If you need to visit camp during this time,
·   YMCA of Greater Seattle requires that
                                                 In addition to emphasizing the core values        please prearrange a time with the Camp
    phone interviews be conducted with
                                                 in daily life at Camp Colman, campers who         Director.
    two of the references.
                                                 exemplify these values are recognized in
·   All staff must complete the application
                                                 the fall at a gathering in Seattle. Values        Telephone Use
    and interview process as outlined by
                                                 Awards are given to campers who, through          The camp experience is one way to
    the YMCA of Greater Seattle.                                                                   help children develop a greater sense
                                                 words or actions, demonstrate tolerance
Teen Leadership                                  and kindness toward others as well as             of independence and self-sufficiency.
Leader in Training (LIT)                                                                           Counselors and Unit Directors work
                                                 showing an enthusiasm for camp. Coun-
Junior Leader                                                                                      diligently to provide the support campers
                                                 selors select the recepients and campers          need to overcome the occasional hardships
Counselor in Training (CIT)                      and their families are notified in the fall.       of camp life. No phone is available for
The Teen Leadership Programs at Camp                                                               campers to routinely make or receive calls
Colman provide opportunities for teens                                                             while at camp. However, should your
(9th--12th grade) to develop leadership skills                                                     child need to call home the following
while assisting with program. CITs may                                                             procedure is in place to do this:
assist with cabin supervision. Training                                                            • Camper asks the Unit Director to
covers topics such as behavior manage-                                                               arrange a call home
ment, age characteristics in children, risk
                                                                                                   • Unit Director will arrange the call with
management, child abuse prevention, group
                                                                                                     parent at a specific time
games and much more. Though not a pre-
requisite, many Teen Leaders have a long                                                           • Unit Director will get camper at
history with Camp Colman and have been                                                               arranged time and together they will
                                                                                                     make the call home
campers themselves.
                                                 Behavioral Problems                               If you should need to contact your camper
Staff Training                                   On occasion, campers have behavioral              for emergency circumstances, please do so
Since you are trusting us with your child,       problems at camp. It is our policy to con-        through the Camp Colman office at 253-
we want you to know how seriously we take        sult with parents on strategies for dealing       884-3844. A director will consult with you
this responsibility. Each cabin will have two    with such situations. Should the need arise,      and offer his/her advice as to the best way
or more counselors, usually two college-         camp staff will make every effort to call         to be in contact with your child. Contact
age or older and one teen leader. Both full      the family starting with the lives-with par-      #’s are on the front page of this Parent and
time staff and volunteers are well trained by    ent/guardian, secondary lives-with parent/        Camper Handbook.
camping professionals. Senior staff attend       guardian, or informed emergency contact in        Send a Child to Camp
an extensive nine-day training before camp       that order. When the welfare of the camper,       Each year, Camp Colman involves hun-
begins. The training includes: homesick-         other campers, camp or campsite property,         dreds of volunteers in the Partners with
ness, bedwetting, child abuse prevention,        or camp equipment is jeopardized, parent(s)       Youth Campaign to send children to camp.
ADD/ADHD, learning styles, self-esteem,          or guardian(s) will be notified to pick up         Please consider a scholarship contribution
behavior management, and more. The train-        their camper from camp at their expense.          to help kids who would otherwise be un-
ing is very hands-on and allows counselors       Travel arrangements will always be made           able to attend camp. It can be sent when
to apply their knowledge and experience          in advance with the parent or guardian.           you make your final payment. Thank you
while attaining new skills.                      Registration fees will be forfeited.              for your support.

                              H E A L T H                          A N D                  S A F E T Y
IMPORTANT! The health and safety of your camper is our primary concern. Please complete the health and safety return packet completely
and accurately. Be certain as parent/guardian that you have signed the four required signature lines on the forms.
Camp Colman also encourages families to include a copy of a recent camper physical completed by your camper’s physician. The more health
information we have the better equipped our health service staff is to respond to your child’s needs. Not required, but recommended.
This information must be received in the Seattle YMCA Camping Services Office by June 1 or immediately upon registration if registering after June 1.
This is very important, as we will be entering important health and contact information into the camp’s database prior to their arrival at camp.
At check-in parents will be asked to complete a brief written health screening form to update camp on any recent changes in camper’s health
or medical routine.
If you have not sent in your health and safety return packet prior to check-in day, we can not get your child’s health and emergency contact
information entered into the database, the busy check-in process is significantly delayed and undue stress is created for campers and parents.
Therefore, it is imperative that you return the forms listed below to the Camping Services Office by June 1. Staff will not be prepared to accept
forms at check-in.
          •   Acknowledgement of Risk and Camp Policies Form with signature              • Insurance Information Treatment Release with signature
          •   Waiver and Release of Liability Form with signature                              • Current Medical Information Form
          •   Health History                                                           • Parent Information Form
          •   Transportation Arrangement Form with signature                           • Authorization of Pick up Persons Form with signature

                                                  Emergency Procedures                                    Evacuation Procedures
Medications to Camp
All over-the-counter and prescription             Camp Colman has an experienced Health Care              In the unlikely event that for the health and
                                                  Manager on staff. All staff are First Aid / CPR         safety of campers the YMCA would make
medications must be sent in their original
                                                  Certified and the Emergency Response Team                the decision to evacuate Camp Colman,
container with the original pharmacy label.                                                               we will attempt to contact the family
Only send the exact dosage your camper            is only seven miles away. The Urgent Care
                                                                                                          starting with the primary lives-with parent/
will need during his/her session. Exact           Clinic is twenty-five minutes from camp in               guardian, secondary lives-with parent/
directions for administering the medicine         Gig Harbor. There is a designated emergency             guardian or informed emergency contact
along with the time that it should be taken       vehicle on site at all times. Camp Staff use            person in that order. At that time, the person
must accompany the medication. (Use form          two-way radios for activities when campers              we make contact with will be given further
on the last page) Medications will be col-        are away from the main lodge. Safety drills             instructions as to how the evacuation
lected at check in.                               including fire, water, and earthquake readiness          will proceed. For this reason, it is truly
                                                  are in place and are conducted throughout               important for your child that we have
Preparing Medication                                                                                      accurate contact information for parents
If you will be sending medications (over the      the summer. Should the need arise, staff will
                                                                                                          and informed emergency contact persons
counter and/or prescription), please follow       make every effort to contact the family start-          during your child’s camp experience.
                                                  ing with the primary lives-with parent/guard-           Based on the type of emergency, the YMCA
the instructions below:
                                                  ian, secondary lives-with parent/guardian or            will make a decision on the most prudent
• Complete the Medication Information             informed emergency contact person in that
Form on the last page. Please include all                                                                 way to safely return campers to their
                                                  order, listed on your health and safety return          homes. Such an emergency may require
medication being sent to camp.                    packet.                                                 parents or contact persons to come to
• Count the number of pills of each medi-
cation for your camper’s stay. Place these         Communicable Diseases.                                 Camp Colman to pick up their child. If the
                                                   Children with communicable diseases will               need arises, general information regarding
pills in their original container.                                                                        evacuation will be listed on the website
• Regulations require us to only dispense          not be allowed to attend until they are free of
                                                                                                          at on the “What’s
medication from the original container             the disease, or until such time as it is no longer
                                                   contagious, as determined by a doctor. Chil-           New” page.
according to the prescribed dosage. Your
local pharmacy can provide you with an             dren with fractures, breaks, or stitches must          Head Lice
extra container.                                   have permission from the Camp Director                 Head lice can become an issue anytime
• Place Medication Information Form and            and written permission from their physician            you gather children together at school,
medications together in a plastic baggie,          to attend camp.                                        day care, or camp. It is not indicative of
and bring them with you to check-in.                                                                      un-cleanliness and anyone can get them.
                                                   Camp Hygiene Standards                                 Because lice are very easily transmitted and
• Medication will be turned in at check in.
                                                  Cleanliness is a key component to keeping               require several steps to eliminate, we can
Please inform staff if your child requires        campers healthy. Campers will be encouraged             not keep children at camp who are found to
an Epi-Pen.                                       to wash their hands prior to every meal.                have nits or head lice. To help assure your
“Medical Holidays”                                (Your pre-camp support of this concept is               camper will have a positive experience at
We strongly discourage parents whose              appreciated.) Bathrooms are also inspected              camp, it is your responsibility to check your
children are on medication throughout             and sanitized each day by a member of our               child for nits or head lice the day before
the year from putting them on a “medical          facilities staff. Camp clean up takes place each        camp begins. We will work with you to
                                                  morning when campers assume responsibility              solve the problem before the camper gets to
holiday” while they are at camp. It is not
                                                  for maintaining a specific area of camp. Unit            camp. If your camper arrives at camp with
always in the child’s best interest to take       directors will check cabins for neatness. To            nits or head lice, you will be responsible
time off from his/her medication. We will         model responsibility for the care of camp,              for picking them up at camp and we will be
be as accommodating as possible with your         counselors are active participants in helping           hesitant to discuss any type of refund.
physician’s recommendation.                       with these tasks.
  T          R           A          N           S        P          O          R          T          A          T           I         O          N
   For your convenience, Camp Colman offers round trip transportation from the Seattle area and from Olympia (sessions D and E only) on
   First Student School Buses, or you may choose to drive your camper directly to Camp Colman.
    W Based on your registration form and payment of the transportation fee, we will place your camper on a bus or expect you to drive
NE       your camper directly to Camp Colman. Please confirm your choice for transportation on the transportation arrangement form included
   with the health and safety return packet. If you have not previously paid the $15.00 transportation fee, please include payment with your
   confirmation. In order for us to enter the information into our database and create accurate travel rosters, it is necessary for you to make your
   choice and return the form to the Seattle Office by June 1, or immediately upon registration if registering after June 1. We ask that you do
   not change your transportation arrangements. We reserve buses based on your registration information and the transportation fees; therefore,
   we cannot give refunds of transportation fees.
   It is imperative that we receive your Camper’s health and safety return packet and transportation arrangement form prior to check-in.
   Return them to the Camping Services office prior to June 1. This will allow us to prepare for any health needs your camper might have.
   We will not accept them at check-in because it does not allow us time to get your camper’s information into our database prior to their
   arrival at camp.

Bus Reservations                                    Seattle Drop-Off &                                   Unauthorized Pick-Up
Bus transportation is scheduled based on            Pick-Up Location                                     In the event that someone not listed as an
the number of reservations we receive in the        The Seattle drop-off site is the Boeing              authorized person attempts to pick up your
Camping Services Office. Reservations are            Oxbow Parking Lot across from the Boeing             child, we will not release the child unless
made by completing the Transportation Ar-           Development Center and just south of the             we have obtained signed authorization from
rangement Form included with the Health             Museum of Flight. It is located on South             the custodial parent or legal guardian prior
and Safety Return Packet. To make your              102nd Street, between East Marginal Way              to pick-up.
reservation, return your packet by June 1,          and West Marginal Way. Directions are
2006 or immediately upon registration if            included on the next page as well as the             Communication on
registering after June 1, 2006. To prevent          map at the bottom of this page.                      Transportation Days
traffic congestion on the narrow camp               As you enter the lot, look on the left side
                                                                                                         Since most Camp Colman transportation
roads, we strongly encourage you to take            of the parking lot for our white tent and the
                                                                                                         days are on Saturday and the Camping
advantage of our Seattle or Olympia bus             YMCA directional signs.
                                                                                                         Services office is closed, you may call the
transportation. The cost is $15 per camper
per session.                                        Olympia Drop-Off &                                   Transportation Hotline for directions and
                                                                                                         delay information. Delays will be posted
                                                    Pick-Up Location
                                                                                                         after 10:30 AM. Hotline: 206-382-5009.
                                                    For Sessions D and E, we will provide                For emergency situations, you may reach
                                                    transportation to and from:                          the Associate Executive Director by cell
                                                           Briggs Community YMCA.                        phone at 206-255-3514.
                                                        1530 Yelm Hwy SE. Olympia, WA
                                                               98501 360-753-6576
                                                    From I-5 take Exit #105 (traveling North-                    YMCA Camp Colman
                                                    bound) or Exit #105B (traveling South-               Seattle Drop-Off and Pick-up Location
                                                    bound). Turn left onto Henderson. Con-                          Boeing Oxbow Parking Lot
                                                    tinue on Henderson Blvd., past North Street                           S. 102nd Street
                                                                                                            Between E. Marginal Way & W. Marginal Way
                                                    SE to the corner of Henderson Blvd and
                                                    Yelm Hwy. SE.

Cabin Mates                                         Claim Check
                                                    For the safety of your camper, you will
The day of arrival, Camp Colman assigns             receive a claim check when you check your
campers to cabins based on grade and                camper in at the drop-off site or at camp.
gender . As assignments are announced,              On pick-up day, you must present this claim
campers should tell staff if they have a            check before we can release your camper.
cabin mate request. Providing they are              Campers will be anxious to see you; please
within one grade level and registered in the        bring your claim check with you or send
same program, we do our best to honor each          it with your authorized pick-up person to
request. When there is a grade difference,          avoid delays.
campers will be placed with the younger             Without the claim check, you or your au-
cabin group. We do not place three or more          thorized pick-up person will be asked to
friends in the same cabin group as this tends       present a photo ID to the staff in charge to
to limit interactions with other campers.           receive a replacement claim check before
                                                    your camper can depart the bus. Thank
                                                    you.                                                                     South
    DROP                    OFF                AND                PICK                      UP             LOCATIONS
Roads at camp are designed for kids, not cars; there is limited parking space and only one narrow
child-friendly access road. To avoid “traffi c congestion” we strongly encourage parents to take
advantage of our bus transportation from Seattle.
                   Seattle                                                                           Camp Colman
          Boeing Oxbow Parking Lot                                                                   20016 Bay Road KPS
                Located on South 102nd Street                                                       Longbranch, WA 98351
       Between East Marginal Way and West Marginal Way
             Across from the Development Center                               If you find you do need to take your camper directly to camp,
                                                                              please follow the check-in and pick-up procedures below.
  From I-5 North or South take Exit # 158 (Airport Way/East Mar-
   ginal Way) to the West. Stay in the right lane. Proceed to East            It is especially important that you do not arrive at camp before 10:00AM
Marginal Way. Turn north (right) onto East Marginal Way. Follow               when dropping off or picking up your child. To eliminate congestion
       East Marginal Way to the next light at S. 102nd Street.                in and around camp, the gates will be closed until 10:00 AM.
Turn west onto S. 102nd Street. Proceed through the 4-way stop and
cross the Duwamish River. Once you cross the bridge you are in the            Driving directions to Camp Colman: I-5 South to Tacoma. Hwy 16
Oxbow parking lot. Follow the YMCA directional signs to the left.             West over Narrows Bridge. Take Purdy Exit. Turn left at light. Follow
Look for the White tent and YMCA banner.                                      through the towns of Key Center and Home. Make no turnoffs until 1.5
            Check-in Time:           8:15 AM                                  miles after the bridge in Home and turn right on Whiteman Rd. Proceed
            Pick-Up Time:           12:15 PM                                  2.3 miles to Bay Road & take a right. Camp is at the end of Bay Rd.
                                                                                           Check-in Time:          10:00 AM
     Olympia (Session D and E only)                                                        Pick-Up Time:           10:00 AM
        Briggs Community YMCA
            1530 Yelm Hwy SE. Olympia, WA 98501                               Check-in Procedures
                        360-753-6576                                          •   Drive into camp, park in the lot and proceed to the ballfield.
From I-5 take Exit #105 (traveling Northbound) or Exit #105B                  •   Check-in with camp staff at the check- in station. Complete
(traveling Southbound). Turn left onto Henderson. Continue on                     your health screening form. Please do not leave until you are
Henderson Blvd., past North Street SE to the corner of Henderson                  certain that all paperwork is complete.
Blvd and Yelm Hwy. SE.
                                                                              •   You will receive a camper claim check with your child’s name
            Check-in Time:           8:15 AM
                                                                                  on it. You will need to present this card when picking up your
            Pick-Up Time:           12:15 PM                                      child.
Check-in Procedures
                                                                              •   When the buses arrive from Seattle, all campers will move to the
•   We will normally have three (one for Olympia) buses. Two for
    campers and one for luggage.                                                  Pavilion. This is usually a good time to say good-byes and let
                                                                                  camp begin.
•   At check-in time, you will be given a brief health screening form
    to complete before your camper can board the bus.                         Pick-up Procedures
•   Once this is complete and your medications are turned in, your            •   Send someone you have listed as an authorized pick-up person
    camper may board the bus of his/her choice.                                   to meet your camper. Give them the claim check you received
Getting on the bus:                                                               at check-in. Only persons listed on the Authorization of Pick-
•   Put luggage on the designated luggage bus                                     Up Persons Form included with the Health and Safety Return
•   Camper may board either of the other two buses                                Packet are authorized to pick up your camper.
•   You will receive a camper claim check with your child’s name              •   Drive into camp and proceed to the ballfield.
    on it. You will need to present this claim check when picking
    up your child                                                             •   Present your claim check to the camp staff.
•   Check all medication in at the medication check-in table.                 •   Anyone without a claim check will be required to present photo
    Please inform staff if you are turning in an Epi-Pen. Do not
    pack medications in your child’s luggage                                      ID to the camp staff before the camper can depart. Person must
                                                                                  be listed as an authorized pick-up person.
Pick-up Procedures
•   Send someone you have listed as an authorized pick-up person              •   Immediately leave camp to allow space for buses to arrive from
    to meet your camper. Give them the claim check you received                   Seattle.
    at check-in. Only persons listed on the Authorization of Pick-
    Up Persons Form included with the Health and Safety Return
    Packet are authorized to pick up your camper.
•   Authorized person must present the camper claim check to the
    bus leader before camper can depart the bus.
•   Anyone without a claim check will be required to present a
    photo ID to the staff in charge to receive a replacement claim
    check before the camper can depart the bus. Person must be
    listed as an authorized pick-up person.
                                           Arrival day at Camp Colman
                                                           Arrival at Camp
                                   Counselors line the pathway showing the direction to the Pavilion
                                                     Welcome to Camp Colman
                                 Campers are welcomed by camp staff and given their cabin assignment.
                               Campers who are within one year of each other and wish to be cabin mates
                 should let staff know and they will be placed in the same cabin. Only three friends per cabin please.
                                                             Camp Tour
Campers will move into their cabin, learn the names of their cabinmates, and take a tour of camp. Campers will become familiar with
                                      the layout of camp, take a cabin photo and visit the store.
                         Campers will eat lunch with their cabin group and learn the dining room procedures.
                                              Waterfront Orientation and Swim Check
           Cabin groups will visit the waterfront, learn basic camp rules for swimming and boating, and take a swim check.

                                           Health Check- includes a Head Lice Check
  Campers discuss any allergies, medication, special dietary needs, bumps and bruises with the Health Care Staff and Unit Directors.
                                                           Cabin Rotations
                                        Cabin group rotations that include games and activities.
                                        Campers will eat with their cabin group and counselors.
                                                         All Camp Game
Campers will participate in a game with the whole camp, learn the names of other campers and staff, learn camp guidelines, and learn
                                                           safety rules.

   All campers will participate in campfire where they will introduce each cabin, learn songs, do yells, and begin to understand the
                                             uniqueness of Camp Colman campfires.

                          All campers will return to their cabins to get ready for bed. Embers (see glossary).

                                         A Typical Day at Camp Colman
                                A camper’s day will be full of great activities both challenging and fun.

                                                 Typical daily schedule
                                                 Typical daily schedule
     7:30 AM Wake Up                        2:00 PM Store
                             7:30 AM Wake Up                         2:00 PM Store
     8:10 AM Chapel/Thought for the Day3:00 PM Mixers
                             8:10 AM Chapel/Thought for the Day      3:00 PM Mixers
     8:30 AM Breakfast                      4:00 PM Cabin group activities
                             8:30 AM Breakfast                       4:00 PM Cabin Group Activities
     9:00 AM Camp Clean Up                  5:15 PM Dinner line up and mail call
                             9:00 AM Camp Clean-Up                   5:15 PM Dinner Line-Up and Mail Call
     9:45 AM Individual Recreation #1       5:30 PM Dinner
                             9:45 AM Individual Recreation #1        5:30 PM Dinner
   11:00 AM Individual Recreation #2        6:15 PM Store
                            11:00 AM Individual Recreation #2        6:15 PM Store
   12:15 PM Lunch line up                   7:00 PM All Camp Games
                            12:15 PM Lunch Line-Up                   7:00 PM All Camp Games
   12:30 PM Lunch                           8:15 PM Campfire
                            12:30 PM Lunch                           8:15 PM Campfire
    1:00 PM Cabin Time                      9:15 PM Posting/Bedtime
                              1:00 PM Cabin Time                     9:15 PM Embers/Bedtime
We begin each day with a brief chapel, “thought for the day”, before breakfast. Topics for these sessions might include recycling, making
friends, or encouraging others. After breakfast, campers will clean an assigned area of camp and their cabins. Next, they will participate
in cabin and individual choice activities such as archery, crafts, climbing wall, boating, athletics, and environmental games.
During the afternoon, cabin time will give campers a chance to rest, read, and write letters. Groups also have a chance to practice for
campfire skits. Following cabin time, the store will be open to purchase souvenirs or a snack. Next, during mixers, you will get to select
the afternoon activity you want to participate in from the choices available for the day. This is a great time to have fun with campers
from other cabins.
Evenings will be spent at all-camp games and campfire. Each day is brought to a close with embers facilitated by the cabin counselor.

        S       P       E        C       I      A        L        T       Y                  C      A        M        P       S

               Drama Camp
Drama Camp is an interactive program intended to expand your interest in the art of drama. As a drama
camper, you will participate in daily camp activities plus spend half your day exploring different aspects of the
theatre. Actors of all skill levels are welcome. Improve your skills on stage or spend one-on-one coaching time
with trained leaders.
On the final night of the session, your group will perform for camp. We invite Drama Camp parents and family
to come to camp and enjoy the performance. Please RSVP to Camp Colman at 253-884-3844. If you will be
checking your camper out after the performance, you can tell us as you RSVP. Please remember to bring your
claim check and indicate “camp” as your pick-up choice on the transportation information page of the Health
and Safety Return Packet.

                                        Navigator and Pioneer Week
During Session G, Young Adventure, Discovery, Explorer and Teen Camp alike will have the opportunity to join us for
a week full of group games, challenges and special activities. This action-packed week is a celebration of teamwork
and good sportsmanship. Activities such as raft building, traditional water balloon games and a grand finale relay
race will highlight the week. Campers will have the opportunity to participate in traditional camp activities during the
morning and all-camp Navigator and Pioneer fun in the afternoon.

                             Brought to you in conjunction with the Pacific Science Center

                            Spy Science
All is not what it seems at Camp Colman! Your mission: uncover the truth by exposing
the enemy agent hiding in the ranks! Crash through a survival course in spy training, then
go undercover with your own secret identity. Build spy gadgets and master spy tricks and
techniques. Gather information, interrogate spies, then make and break codes. At the end
of the week expose the enemy agent and become a certified Spy Science agent!

                                                      Rocket Blast
                                                 Get ready for an amazing astronomy adventure! Venture through the
                                                 galaxy as you explore black holes, planets and comets. Become a rocket
                                                 scientist as you create and launch a rocket 50 feet into the air! Use a
                                                 telescope and star chart to locate constellations under the night sky and
                                                 learn stories that have been shared for generations. Cabins will be shared
                                                 with campers in other programs.

    First Time Campers

    Sometimes the most difficult decision about a child attending camp is not
    whether the child wants to go , but whether mom and dad can be away from
    the child for a whole week or more! Here are a few suggestions from previ-
    ous first timer parents:

    1. Visit camp before your child’s session. An open house is scheduled for
        April 30, 2006. For more information call 206-382-5009.
    2. Attend the complimentary overnight for families of first-time registered
        campers. Scheduled overnight is April 29 - 30, 2006. Reservations can
        be made by calling 206-382-5009.
    3.. Contact the Camping Services office if you have any questions, and talk
        with other camp parents in your area.
    4. Send a letter from home the day before the session begins so that your
        camper will receive it on their first full day at camp.
    5. Do not tell your campers that they can call home, and please resist
        even suggesting that if they are unhappy at any time that you will come
        pick them up. This does not normally help campers have a successful
    6. Talk to your camper about the exciting activities they will experience
        while at camp.
    7. Encourage your camper to pursue interests and skills he/she picked up
        at camp. Many activities can be continued at your local YMCA or in
        other YMCA programs.

A few children may experience                  What can you do to prevent or help your          What do staff do to help a homesick
homesickness on their first or even             camper through homesickness?                     camper?
their fifth trip away from home.               • We suggest that new campers                    • Our staff is well trained in evaluating
Sometimes a camper will send an “I                experience a few nights away from                your child’s situation and identifying
                                                  home to prepare them for camp.                   solutions.
want to come home” letter the first
                                               • Attend Parent Orientation or Open              • Parents will be kept informed if
day of camp. By the time parents                  House prior to camp.                             their child is suffering from extreme
receive the letter, the camper is              • Reassure your child that you will be              homesickness and solutions will be
usually adjusted and having a great               at the bus to meet them when they                discussed.
time at camp. Symptoms of missing                 return.                                       • Most situations tend to cure
home vary from a sad or lonely                 • Write letters to your camper.                     themselves.
feeling at bedtime, crying, or in              • Do not make reference to how much              • Help camper get involved in camp
extreme cases a loss of interest in               you miss your child, how much fun                activities.
all activities.                                   you’re having while they are away,
Counselors are trained to help                    or that your child’s pet is really
campers stay active and interested                lonely without them.
in camp activities rather than focus           • Tell your child you love them.
on being homesick.

                  Camper’s parents and guardians will sometime experience their own unique version of homesickness. We call that
                  “Kidsickness”. We understand how difficult this experience can be for you and encourage you to contact Joanna Stark,
                  Summer Camp Director or Steve Richter, Interim Camp Director, at 253-884-3844. They will return your call as soon
                  as possible.

                                                                 - 10 -
  G                      L                    O              S                    S                A                  R                     Y
Some of the words or phrases that are used        Camp Store – The store opens two times           Teen Leadership – Leader in Training,
at camp are unique. This glossary will help       each day (2:00 PM and 6:15 PM). Snacks,          Junior Leader and Counselor in Training.
you and your camper learn the language            pop, juice, and souvenirs are available. Use     Leadership programs offered for teens 13
of camp.                                          the spending guide in the packet to budget       to 17 years of age.
                                                  wisely. Remember don’t send cash to
All-Camp Game – Most evenings we will             camp. Store money can be sent with your          Values – The core values of the YMCA, re-
play a large group game with the entire           final camp payment, paid by phone with a          spect, responsibility, honesty, caring, faith,
camp. The “Pig Hunt” and “Great Escape”           credit card or paid on check-in day.             and fun, are modeled by staff and campers
are just some of the traditional Camp Col-                                                         throughout our daily activities.
man games. Some of them date back more            Campfire – Every camper will have the
than 50 years.                                    opportunity to participate in a cabin skit one
                                                                                                   Volunteer Specialists - As part of the daily
                                                  evening at campfire. There will be lots of
                                                                                                   program, camp occasionally has volunteers
Assistant Summer Director – The as-               fun and traditional camp songs. We close
                                                                                                   or guests on site to share their special talents
sistant summer director is responsible for        each campfire with a special song that has
                                                                                                   and enhance the value of the camper’s
organizing and planning each session so           been sung at Camp Colman since 1912.
                                                                                                   experience. Examples of this might be
everything is fun and safe. The assistant                                                          teen leaders, a storyteller, a pottery expert,
summer director is another adult who can          Detail – After breakfast a representative
                                                  from your cabin will spin the “Wheel of          a musician or camp alumni.
be helpful at camp.
                                                  Detail” to determine which area of camp
                                                  your cabin group will clean. This is one         Waterfront – In adddition to activities
BOB (Body On Bunk) – After lunch we                                                                in the mornings, everyday you will have
have a quiet time to rest. Lots of campers        way we respect the environment and make
                                                  sure camp is in good shape for a full day        the chance to visit the waterfront in the
take a nap, write letters to friends or family,                                                    afternoon. At the waterfront you can try
read a book, or talk quietly. This will also      of activities. “Inspectors” will check your
                                                  work and award the “Golden Rake” and             swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking or
give your group time to practice for the                                                           even take a ride down the waterslide. To
evening camper skit.                              “Golden Broom” to the cabin groups that
                                                  do the best job working together to do           determine swimming ability, each camper
                                                  their detail.                                    will be given a “swim check” (swimming
Buddy Board - A safety system for the                                                              two lengths of the dock) on the first day
waterfront area.                                                                                   of camp.
                                                  Embers– After campfire, counselors will
                                                  lead a session where they ask a question of
Cabin Counselor – Counselors live in              the group and each person gets a chance to
the cabins with campers and help plan fun         answer. (Example: What was the highlight
activities. They know a lot about camp, so        of your day?) Counselors may sing bedtime
they are great people to talk to.                 songs, play music, tell age appropriate sto-
                                                  ries, or read a book before lights out.
Camp Director’s Mailbox – Got a prob-
lem? Having a hard time with something            GOOP – A cinnamon “frosting” for your
or someone? If your cabin counselor is not        French toast that has been a tradition at
able to help you, a Camp Director’s mail-         Camp Colman for decades. You will love
box is located outside the Camp Store. Just       it!
put a card in the box and your message will
get to the Camp Director promptly.                Hand Clap – You will learn a special hand
                                                  clap. If the entire camp can master it, one
Cabin Names – Cabins are named after              of the Camp Directors gets thrown in the
families and organizations who have helped        lagoon on the last day!
to build YMCA Camp Colman. As you visit
places such as Anderson Lodge, the Morris         Individual Recreation – On the first day
Room and the Barney Holder Shelter, you           of camp, you will have a chance to sign up
will become familiar with the rich history of     for the activities you would like to do with
YMCA Camp Colman. During the annual               other leaders in camp. You might sign up
Salmon Bake, you may even meet members            for kayaking, archery, boating, basketball
of the families that the cabins and buildings     and many others.
are named after. Camp Colman cabins are:
Beers, Bentrott, Calvin, Christy, Ebert,          Mail Call - Every night before dinner
Henderson, Kiwanis, Leckenby, Markey,             cabin groups will line up to receive their
Pierce, Rotary, Sleem, and Yarrow.                mail. Watch might have to sing
                                                  for some of it!
Cabin Recreation – Every day at 4:00
PM your cabin group will participate in an        Mixers - In the afternoons, you will have
activity just for you and your cabin mates.       the chance to have fun with kids from other
You might have the chance to play games,          cabins. You will get the chance to choose
go on a beach walk, try the climbing wall         from the activities that are offered, such as
or challenge course, or learn new camp            field games, waterfront, crafts and maybe
skills.                                           capture the flag!
                                                                      - 11 -
                                                                                               Parent and Camper
                                                                                               Information Nights

                                                                                                      Northshore YMCA
                                                                                             Wednesday, March 22, 2006, 7:00 PM
 Everyone is welcome
                                                                                                      Fauntleroy YMCA
 The YMCA is a member organization open to all people.                                         Thursday, April 27, 2006, 7:00 PM
                                                                                                     Lake Heights YMCA
 Special accommodations                                                                         Monday, May 22, 2006, 7:00 PM
 If you cannot afford the full cost of a YMCA program or membership, please
 ask for a confidential scholarship application. Financial assistance, to the extent
 possible, is available to those in need. If you have a disability and need further          You will have the opportunity to view a
 assistance or information, please contact your local YMCA at 206-382-5009 or our            slide show of YMCA Camp Orkila and
 TTY line at 206-382-5346 and identify the YMCA branch you wish to contact.                  Camp Colman. Directing staff will be
                                                                                             available to address any questions or
                                                                                             concerns that you may have.
 It is the member’s or participant’s responsibility to provide his or her own accident
 and health insurance. The YMCA does not provide any coverage for members                     To make your reservation, please call
 or participants.                                                                                the Camping Service Office at

                                                                                                                     Cut on dotted line
                                   Medication Information Form
Place this form and all medication in its original container, in a zip lock bag and bring to check-in. Check all medications in with
staff at check-in.
This form is used to administer your camper’s medications. It must accompany the medications, be ledgible, and give clear
directions for administering each medication. Please take time to prepare before you arrive at check-in. Do not mail in advance.
Camper’s Name ______________________________________Session ______________ Program _____________
Please provide us with complete information for all medications you are sending to camp.

Medication                 Dosage              Frequency (B, L, D, BT, PRN)                    Prescribed For

             B= Breakfast          L= Lunch           D= Dinner           BT= Bedtime           PRN= As Needed

                                                                - 12 -

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