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					Payment Processor Account
What is a Payment Processor – Well most of you know what a merchant account is. It is a way to accept
credit cards for payment and after the funds are received by the processor they send the funds to your bank
account. Well this is just about the same thing BUT no credit cards are involved. What is done is the client
or customer sends a wire transfer to your account with the payment processor and the payment processor
then sends the funds on to your bank account. The concept is exactly the same as processing credit card
payments but instead you are processing payments by wire transfer.

Value of Payment Processor – It allows you to provide bank wiring information to clients and customers
that is not your bank account. After you receive the funds in your payment processor account you can
forward the funds by wire transfer to your offshore bank account. This allows you to store profits in your
offshore corporate, foundation or trust bank account anywhere in the world without ever revealing the bank
account to any of your clients or customers. This is important for asset protection since one cannot attack
something one does not know even exists. The beauty of the payment processor is that you can do money
in and then take it out the next day. You can also receive money in many different currencies making it
easy for your clients to do business with you cost effectively in their own currency. An excellent addition to
any asset protection package.

Online Banking – Yes there is full secure online banking. You can log in and see your account on line and
even order wires to be sent out online.

Currencies That Can be Used – There are over 12 currencies that can be used. You will be able to receive
funds in virtually any major currency making it easier for your customers to do business with you.

What Country are Funds Received In – You can receive funds in the UK, or New Zealand. Only major
banks are used.

How Long Must the Funds Remain in the Payment Processor Account – One day is all. A payment
processor is set up to do money in and money out. That is the purpose of a payment processor. You are free
to leave funds in your payment processor account longer of course. It is not the same thing as a bank
account but it is close.

What Are the Wire Charges – There are no percentage fees. The fee to send out a wire is $20.00 and less
than $10.00 to receive a wire. If the wire is over $49,000.00 then there is an additional fee of $50. Wires
can be as large as $3,000,000 in one wire.

SWIFT and IBAN – Both are possible to be used for wires.

Due Diligence on Wires Over $49,000 – Any incoming single wire over $49,000 will require some
explanation and could possibly require documentation of the source of funds. This is generally
accomplished by email. Scans of contracts could be necessary with larger amounts.

Prohibited Activities - We do not accept any form of pharmacy – herbal or otherwise. So to be clear no
pharmacies of any sort. No trademark or copyright violating goods. Nothing illegal in your jurisdiction or
the jurisdiction they are being sold in. We have no interest in dealing with any scenario involving Medium
Term Notes, Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Bearer Bonds, CD's, and other similar high dollar
financial transactions (think scams). If a major bank will not take your account neither will the payment

What Type of Accounts are Possible – There are no personal accounts, just corporate accounts. If we did
not form the corporation we cannot open an account for you. We only work with corporations we have
formed. The account is in the name of the corporation but you are listed as the signatory on the account
only. We are not the signatory. The wires coming in and going out will only reveal the name of the
corporation, your name will not appear anywhere in any wire information incoming or outgoing. There is
no blanket reportage of any information about the account to any government anywhere.

Can You Give Me the Name of the Payment Processor – Yes, but only after you have paid the fee.
Please do not ask until the fee is paid. Thank you for your cooperation.

What is the Due Diligence – We require a notarized copy of a passport and driver license. These can be
sent as a scan in an email.

Time Frame – It takes about 2-3 days to have an account opened after the corporation is formed. You must
be using a corporation we have formed. Corporation formation time can be under one week. If we use a
shelf corporation we can have the payment processor account open in about one week.

Cost – Using a Nevis LLC to open up the payment process account costs $3000 for the payment processor
account and the Nevis LLC corporation. The Nevis LLC corporation is more anonymous than the Panama

For an additional $495 we can open up a Belize Bank account with the package bringing the total to $3495.
The $3495 includes the Nevis LLC, Payment Processor Account and Belize bank account for the Nevis
LLC with you as the signatory.

                           Click Here For more info on Belize bank account

If you open up a Hong Kong Corporation and Bank Account we can use that corporation to open up the
payment processor. The Hong Kong Corporation and Bank account is $3995 plus $1495 for the payment
processor account making the total $5490.