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                                       Welcome to the
                                        School Year.

                                      In this welcome we include returning children and their
                                      families, children who have returned to Mahora after
                                      attending another school, a special welcome to new children
                                      to the school and their families.
                                      We especially welcome new entrant five-year-olds. The first
                                      day at school is a milestone in a young person’s and their
                                      family’s lives. As I mentioned in my note on Monday that for
all of the children, both returning pupils and new pupils, a new school year is usually quite an
exciting event but for some it can be the cause of anxiety. It is important to us that your child
feels secure in their class. Please reassure them over this transition stage but if there is an
ongoing problem or concern then please contact us.
I would like to welcome all of our staff back for 2010. A list of staff: support staff, property staff
and teaching staff is set out in this newsletter.
Our purpose is to provide a learning environment where a child may have the opportunity and
encouragement to achieve their full potential. We can’t do this alone and recognise and
appreciate the important role families have in the education of a child. Together we can make a
difference for each and every child.

        WEDNESDAY 17th FEBRUARY                      The Board of Trustees sets a rate for a School
Each class teacher will hold a meeting with the      Donation. The School Donation is a voluntary
parents of the children in their class. This is      contribution made to the Board of Trustees by
not an individual interview with the teacher; if     parents to enable the Board to Provide items
you would like to discuss some matters or            and costs not covered by government funding.
concerns with a teacher please contact the
                                                     The rate per family is with:
school to arrange a mutually convenient inter-
                                                      One child                   $40.00 per year.
view time>                                                                         (or $10.00 Per term)

Schedule:                                              Two children                $50.00 per year
                                                                                   (or $15.00 Per term)
Team 1: Rooms, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 10 @ 3.15pm.
Team 2: Rooms 6, 7, 8 & 11 @ 3.45pm.                   Three children or more      $60.00 per year
                                                                                   (or $20.00 Per term)

Team 4: Rooms 12, 13, 14 & 15 @ 4.15pm.                  Your contribution is much appreciated.
   Requests have been made for a copy of the adaption of
   Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem IF that was a part of
   the end of year speech . The adaptation is below.

If you can keep calm especially when things are going
wrong and people are blaming you                                        HONESTY
If you know you can be relied on to do the right thing.
If you don’t lie about people even if they lie about you
If you are not spiteful and nasty to others even when
they are nasty to you, but not act like a goodie good or
a know-all.                                                           FRIENDLINESS
If you set goals for yourself and set about achieving
them and                                                               RESILIENCE
If you get things done rather than thinking about
getting them done                                           This term the emphasis is on
If you take winning and losing without boasting or          the value of:
If you can speak the truth honestly and fairly even                   FRIENDLINESS
when others are lying
If when things go wrong and it’s unfair you pick yourself       We act and speak
up and start again                                               politely and kindly
If you take a risk and you lose and you don’t complain           towards others.
but get on with life                                            We make others feel
If you keep trying when you are exhausted and, even
                                                                 We show concern for
when others have given up, you keep on trying to

                                                                 the feelings of
If you don’t follow the crowd especially when they want
you to be involved in something you know is wrong
If you are successful you don’t think you are better
than other people who are less well off
If you can keep good friends whom you can trust and
                                                            Learning is the best of
know others can trust you                                   all wealth; it is easy to
If you do not bother having enemies                          carry, thieves cannot
If you keep your body fit and active
                                                              steal it and tyrants
                                                            cannot seize it; neither
You have achieved the best anybody can hope to achieve
                                                              fire nor water can
This is the most important thing,
                                                            destroy it; and far from
                                                            decreasing, it increases
You will be an honest, courageous, responsible and
friendly person who is also RESILIENT.                             by giving.
                                                                      The Naladiyar
    Mahora School has a policy on dress set by the Board of Trustees and we seek your cooperation in
    complying with the code and schedules set out below. We expect your cooperation in this matter.

General Requirements;
The school has a compulsory uniform that is only available from the school. All dress items must be clean and in good repair.
Hats:           Children are required to wear (school uniform) hats in Term One and in Term Four.
Footwear:       Shoes and sandals must be black. Sneakers may be black or white. (No jandals).
Socks:          Black or gold. (Not black and gold)
Underwear:      T-Shirts, undershirts and boxers must not be seen.
Jewellery etc: The less the better. (The school will not take any responsibility for lost or damaged jewellery items.)
               Small, single ear studs are allowed (one per ear).
               No necklaces or bracelets (medical excluded).

                                                                                                                            Community Notice: Tennis Coaching
               Cultural or religious pendants must be worn under clothing.
Body Markings Tattoos, transfers etc must be covered.

Hair:          Hair needs to be tidy and clean. Long hair should be tied back and must be tied back for swimming.
               No colours, hair gels, waxes etc PLEASE.

The schedule of school dress uniform items is:

                                                                                                                            Mobile: 027 249 9738
Clothing       Gold long or short-sleeved polo shirt with school logo, (unisex);

                                                                                                                            Bensemann Tennis.
               Gold skivvy with school logo; unisex) Second hand only

                                                                                                                            Phone: 877 1302
               Gold sweatshirt with school logo, (unisex);
               Black skirt (girls);
               Summer weight dress “NEW” 2009
               Black shorts, (unisex)

               Black polar fleece vest, (unisex); Second hand only
               Black polar fleece top, (unisex)
               Black track pants (unisex).

Hat            Gold hat (Narrow or broad brim bucket hat.))
Footwear       Low heeled shoes, sneakers or sandals. (Gumboots may be worn on wet days but must be removed before entering the
Optional Items Socks should be in keeping with the school uniform.
               T-Shirts etc should not be seen under polo shirt.
               Black tights. (Leggings cannot be worn.)

The schedule of Physical Education and Sports Dress is:
                                                                                                                                K.A.S. CARE offer a quality affordable and reliable after school

Phys. Ed.      No special clothing required.
Swimming       Swimwear that has a bottom section that is above the knee and if open-legged must have an inner section.*
               * For health and hygiene reasons snug fitting swimwear is required.
                                                                                                                                Available Monday to Friday till 5.30pm at the school hall.

               The top half has to be reasonably modest.
               Sun protection items must be purpose designed. (Not a T-shirt.)
                                                                                                                                Please contact Julie on 8776345 for more information

General sports (T Ball, Cricket,, mid week inter-school etc)
               Gold long or short-sleeved polo shirt with school logo, (unisex);
                                                                                                                                Community Notice: Need After School Care?

               Black shorts or skirt.
Inter-School Athletics / Tabloids
               Black and gold sports top (school provided)
               Black shorts
Cricket        Gold long or short-sleeved polo shirt with school logo
               Black Shorts
Netball        Black and gold sports top (school provided) OR
                                                                                                                                WINZ Subsidies available.

               Gold long or short-sleeved polo shirt with school logo
               Black netball skirt (provided by school)
Hockey         Black and gold sports top (school provided) OR
               Gold long or short-sleeved polo shirt with school logo
               Black shorts
               Black or Black and gold hooped socks.
                                                                                                                                care service.

Rugby          Gold and Black hooped jersey (school provided)
               Black shorts
                                             PLEASE NAME ALL CLOTHING
                                                                   SCHOOL DIARY Term One 2010
SUMMER SPORTS                                                      Mon 08 Feb         Yachting Yr 6 (Mon—Fri)
Cricket                                                            Wed 17 Feb         Meet the Teacher Meetings
Teams are being formed. Yr 3 & 4 play after school on Fridays .    Mon 01 March       Inter-school Swimming Sports
Yr 5 & 6 play on Saturday mornings.                                Wed 17 Mar         Year 5 Camp Omatua (Wed—Fri)
T-Ball                                                                                       (Subject to BOT approval)
Teams are being formed. Games are played after school on
Inter-School Swimming Sports (1st May—10.00am—2.30pm)              There was an error in the letter sent home to Room 13, Mrs
A team will be selected from Yrs 4, 5 & 6 children.                Blair’s email address is :

                                                                                   STAFF LIST 2010
                                                                   Principal                        Mr Michael Taaffe
                                                                   Deputy Principal                 Mrs Frances Flynn
                                                                   Assistant Principal              Mr Wayne Stent
                                                                   Teacher Room 2                   Mrs Helena McEntee
                                                                   Teacher Room 3                   Mrs Margaret Musson
                                                                   Teacher Room 4                   Mrs Jill Webby
                                                                   Teacher Room 5                   Mrs Kim Gempton
                                                                   Teacher Room 6                   Ms Ingrid Meulenbrugge
                                                                   Teacher Room 7                   Mrs Janene Maloney
                                                                   Teacher Room 8                   Mrs Robyn Perry
                                                                   Teacher Room 10                  Miss Jenny Hall
                                                                   Teacher Room 11                  Mrs Sue Blair
                                                                   Teacher Room 12                  Mrs Janie Bell
                                                                   Teacher Room 13                  Mrs Jackie Gregory
                                                                   Teacher Room 14                  Mrs Jackie Cottrell
                                                                   Teacher Room 15                  Mr John Willoughby
                                                                   Teacher Reading Recovery         Mrs Jane Hill
                                                                   Teacher Special                  Miss Hayley Pierson
                                                                   Secretary / Reception            Mrs Jenny Warren
  Year Six children learning the ropes (literally) about sailing   Secretary / Teacher Aide         Mrs Ann Williams
  in the school swimming pool They are getting ready for the       Teacher Aide                     Mrs Gill Reiter
  real thing next week.                                            Teacher Aide                     Mrs Belinda Read
                                                                   Teacher Aide                     Mrs Tracy Ingpen
                                                                   Teacher Aide                     Mrs Julie Ladbrook
Dear Parents
                                                                   Caretaker                        Mr Ron Scott
It was clear that the children were very happy to                  Cleaner                          Mrs Ngaire Scott
be back at school after the summer break (if we                    Cleaner                          Mr Johnny Wheeler
can call it summer!!).                                             RTLB (Based at Mahora)           Mrs Shona McDonald
I believe our policies of:
         Where practical making sure each child
          has at least one friend in their new
          classroom; and
         Telling the children which classroom and
          teacher they will have the next year,                                        THOUGHT I MIGHT BE ON
makes for a smooth and less stressful start to                                         THE LIST ABOVE BY NOW.
the school for our children.                                                             I’VE BEEN HERE A LOT
                                                                                        LONGER THAN SOME OF
Educationally the year has started with a flurry                                                THEM .
of words about “National Standards”. If you are
confused or wonder what it’s all about then you
are in good company—everybody is. I will try to
keep you informed in future newsletters as to the
impact this issue will have at this school.
We are looking forward to another very good
year with very positive outcomes for our children.
Hopefully we will have a fine weekend.
Michael Taaffe (Principal)