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									               TOP HAT & TALES
South Eastern Dressage Association                    President           Vice President        Treasurer
Newsletter – July 2009                              Tracey Dihm           Nadyne Schipp         Naomi Grey
                                                     87 250 625           0412 632 012         87 232 207

 Hi Everyone,
What a great start we had to the 1st round of the Winter Series!
After some really wet weather throughout the week it was decided that we were in            Coming
need of a venue change from Millicent Showgrounds. Off to the Mt Gambier Pony
Club grounds we went. Here the arenas were great, Not a mud puddle to be seen!              Events!
The biggest challenge for the day proving to be remembering the new test!
Below are the top 3 competitors for each test on the day.

Elementary        3A                           Elementary       3B                         *July 18th – 20th
Rider             Horse                Place   Rider            Horse              Place   Mary Hovers Clinic.
R.Warneke         Bay Louie            1st     R.Warneke        Bay Louie          1st     See SEDA website
I.Dihm            Ragtime Fafferty     2nd     I. Dihm          Ragtime Rafferty   2nd     for more details.
A.Mitchell        High Society         3rd     A.Mitchell       High Society       3rd
Novice            2A                           Novice           2B                         *July 26th: MSEDC
J.Whitehead       Leonidas             1st
                                               J.Whitehead      Leonidas           1st     Round 3 Winter
L.Oxlade          Newington On Stage   2nd     J.Herring        Wynara Talk Of     2nd     Series
                                                                The Town
S.Widdicombe      W P Dakota           3rd     H.Kent           Warrawee           3rd     *2nd August:
                                                                Monarchee                  Round 3 Winter
Preliminary       1A                           Preliminary      1B                         Series
A.Riedel-Carrison Hi-Pine Orbinson     1st     L.Marcus         Oxford Street      1st     Penola PC
A.Lock            Absolut Harmony      2nd     A.Riede-Carrison Hi-Pine Orminson   2nd     grounds

                                                                                           *15th-16th August:
E.Hill            Casey                3rd     A.Whitehead      Bronze.Apollo      3rd
                                                                                           Ken Croser school
Prep              1                            Prep             2
H. Wegner         Cool King Ted        1st     R.Parker         Hali Berry         1st
Z.Halliday        Pepsi                2nd     C.Ashby          Rossington         =2nd    *23rd August
C.Ashby           Rossington           3rd     B.Rosman         Bailey             =2nd    MSEDC
                                               H.Wegner         Cool King Ted      =2nd    Round 4 Winter
                                               V.Goldsworthy    Friar              =2nd    Series

Mary Hovers will visiting us again on the 18th – 20th July.                                 26th – 27th
Mary is a full time level 3 coach, an A level dressage judge, NCAS Coach                   September
Educator/Assessor and an international eventing judge. Mary has trained                    Mt Gambier Horse
students to FEI level and is suitable for all levels and ages of horse and rider.          Trails. Mt Gambier
                                                                                           PC grounds
If you are thinking of getting a lesson with Mary it is very worth while!
Anyway happy and safe riding until next time.
Regards Sarah.

                                                    SEDA Classies
                                                    To place a classie e-mail        HOT GOSSIP!
                                                                                    Get Well Soon
                                                                                    to Naomi Grey, who has
                                                            FOUND                   broken her leg! (this
                                                     1 Pair of Prescription         wasn’t a horse related
                                                     Glasses. Blue Rim,             accident!)
                                                     Clear Lens. Found at
                                                                                    Naomi, we hope you’re
                                                     Hi-Pine grounds.
Robyn Gail Parker                                       Contact Andrea              feeling better soon and
                                                            87268 202.              all the best with your
                                                                                             Andrea 87268 202.
How old were you when you began riding?                                             recovery.
6 but I only rode until I was nearly 18. Then a
gap of 23 years before I took it up again.
                                                                                    Condolences to
How many horses do you have?
Ha, just ponies! At the moment 6.                                                   Committee Member Nat
What's you favorite TV show on TV at the                                            Goldsworthy on the loss
moment?                                                                             of her beloved horse
Grays Anatomy                                                                       Duart Rise Finnigan
What do like most about the Winter Series?
                                                                                    who sadly passed away.
I love Winter series, because of the
competition you HAVE to get out & ride even                                         Our thoughts are with
though it is cold and wet and you would rather                                      Nat during this sad time.
If you got the K Rudd bonus tomorrow and                                            Congratulations to the
had to spend it tomorrow what would you
buy?                                                                                Schipp family who horse
Oooh tough! Lining boards for the stable, after                                     Westbury Park Irish
not very much thought oh & if any left over           17” Dressage Saddle
                                                                                    Grove aka ‘Bosco’ came
some nice red wine!                                   Brand is Zilco made in        4th in the Sydney CNC**
Your dream horse?                                       Argentina. Quality          Event. His rider Megan
I should say Hali Berry ha, but probably             leather. Lovely to ride in
Casino Royale K a very special German riding                                        Jones is also very
                                                       wide gullet, long girth
pony I am in love with, sadly he lives in                 points, excellent
                                                                                    thrilled with Bosco as it
Germany & my budget doesn’t stretch to get               condition used for         was his 7th Event and his
semen.                                                    showing. $250             first ** Event!
 People may know that my first love are my                   Also New
Afghan hounds, although I don’t bring them           New Derby Show helmet
out to dressage days. Some horses seem to                 black small. $80
think they are aliens! Not to mention that long        Ph:0422 492 514 AH
& wet grass is the natural enemy of Afghan                   Mt Gambier
hound hair! People may not know that as a
child and teen I was showing, at royals &             SEDA merchandise - with SEDA logo embroidered...
breed shows. My mother & I traveled miles              Look out for merchandise at winter series rounds, or
also doing show jumping, CC and PC up until                          On the SEDA website
I was 17 when I moved to NSW & after a                     *Sky Blue Polar Fleece Zip up Jumper - $45
short stint track riding I left horses behind for              *Navy Blue Polar Fleece Vest - $35
a husband, dogs and kids.(Note the order!)                  *T-Shirt- $30 * Scarf $16 * Beanie $12
Finding horses again has been just wonderful
& the best thing I have done, not sure the           Rug up this winter in affordable and practical SEDA clothing!
hubby would agree on that point!
                              At “Hi-Pine Equestrian Centre”
                                     Clark Road OB Flat
                  Saturday 18 July, Sunday 19 July & Monday 20 July 2009
Mary is a full time level 3 coach, an A level dressage judge, NCAS Coach Educator/Assessor and an
international eventing judge. Mary has trained students to FEI level and is suitable for all levels and
ages of horse and rider.

      Fees per 45 minute lessons are:                        Please check with Nat Goldsworthy on
      SEDA Member - $80 private                              8726 8123 if you are unsure of your
      Non member       - $85 private                         membership status!

   A time will not be scheduled for you without prior payment. No shared lessons are available.

Cheques to be made out to The South Eastern Dressage Association Inc and received by Nat
Goldsworthy at PO Box 9227, Mount Gambier West, SA 5291 by 5pm on Friday 10 July 2009.
Please fill out a separate form for each horse and rider. Disclaimer form must accompany entry form if
not already submitted with SEDA membership for 2009 (disclaimer available on SEDA Website).

                      For further details contact Nat Goldsworthy on
                              8721 1922 (bh) or 8726 8123 (ah)
                        Times will be emailed to participants and posted on website
                by Thursday 16 July 2009
Rider’s name ______________________________________________________________
Horse’s name _____________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________
Phone/fax numbers: _______________________________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________________

           Saturday am/pm                         Sunday am/pm                         Monday am/pm

     Please circle your preferred lesson times. Full school applications and members will be given time preference.
              In the event that you are not able to attend, please refer to SEDA website for refund policy.

                       Total of cheque ___________________________________

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