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									                  The Ship’s Mail
                  The Ship’s Mail is a bimonthly publication of the San Diego Sail & Power Squadron, Inc.
 Vol. 61, No. 4                        A unit of the United States Power Squadrons®                       May/June 2009

                                  News From The Bridge
                   Allan Bombard, AP                            weekend in June. We’ll be sharing anchors, decks,
                   Commander, SDSPS                             great food, and camaraderie in La Playa cove.
                   S/Y Folie a Deux
                                                                We have much to offer the boating community this
                  I just love boating. More                     spring. Read about all that’s happening in this
                  specifically, I find the people that          edition of The Ship’s Mail. Safe boating week is
                  “mess around in boats” to be                  upon us; Sailing (101 and 102) just started; JN is
fantastic. They continually reinforce my passion for            well under way; and we are about to launch
boating and the boating community.                              seminars. Share your experiences with other boaters
                                                                by participating in these SDSPS activities – and
Paula and I were on a mission: find thread and                  stop by Whyte Cap Canvas on Canon when you
needles for my grandmother’s old Singer sewing                  need repair, materials, and an uplifting moment.
machine so that we could repair a recent tear in our
canvas. Naturally, we first visited our favorite                Wishing you fair winds and following seas.
haunts – the Jewelry Store (West Marine, as my
friend Fred refers to this wonderful resource),                                  Guest Speaker
Downwind Marine (where one can generally find
                                                                                 Tim Watt, M.D.
anything related to the water, and more), but we
                                                                            Emergency Room physician
struck out. Opting to put off the inevitable, we
                                                                Born in San Diego.
headed across Canon Street for a cup of coffee.
                                                                UCSD, Revelle College undergrad in
Procrastinators? Us? No, just checking out another
anchorage - where we found Whyte Cap Canvas.
                                                                Stanford Medical School
Peter Capozzi Whyte, Whyte Cap’s owner, greeted
                                                                Emergency Medicine residency back at UCSD
us that Saturday afternoon with a hearty welcome.
                                                                Medical Director of Emergency Services at
He offered us a few pieces of canvas and the thread
                                                                Sharp Memorial
we needed; in fact, he loaned us the whole 3 lb
                                                                I’ve traveled quite a bit to surf around the world –
spool with a friendly “return it when you’re done.”
                                                                (Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand,
And he refused to take any payment. Wow – and
                                                                Indonesia, South Africa, Morocco, Spain, Canaries,
typical of those in the boating community and the
                                                                Portugal, France, Madeira, Mauritius, El Salvador,
                                                                Costa Rica, maybe more….probably about 35
                                                                international trips to fairly remote areas looking for
In the SDSPS we commonly share our resources,
                                                                waves!) and have worked in many of these places
and get much in return for doing so. Our members
                                                                taking care of various water-sport related injuries.
teach all of the boating courses, sharing their time
and talents. When we borrow, we return – I even
returned the BBQ tongs I borrowed from Zoomie at                                 In This Issue
our last raft-up, and Marie returned the spoon she’d            Raft up                                         p. 2
been carrying in her purse for months. Smiles all               General Meeting                                 p. 3
around! Speaking of smiles, and raft-ups, plan now              Public Courses                                  p. 6
for our season opener scheduled for the last                    USPS Seminar Series                             p. 7
Page 2                                          The Ship’s Mail                                   May/June 2008

                                        SDSPS Raft Up
                                              June 26, 27, and 28

Location will be La Playa Cove.

Reservations are necessary. Call the Harbor Police to reserve your spot. You can call 30 days in advance.
Let them know that you are part of the SDSPS raft-up. Boats will begin to arrive on Friday afternoon. Food
and festivities will be on going until late Sunday afternoon. Paula Vance will be providing the education
portion of the weekend. Plan to bring some comfy clothing and get into your yoga position.

You're on your own for food and drink. Plan to bring things to share for "attitude adjustment" hour, and also
the Saturday night pot luck dinner.

Also be sure to have both a bow and stern anchor. First boat to arrive will put out the bow anchor, and the next
the stern. Each boat will have one or the other out. Last year, the last boat to leave had a tough time getting

See you On The Water!

Marie Baer
Boating Activities Chair

                                               Ship's Store
Hello and Wecome. The Ship's Store carries a variety of items on sale which can be purchased during our
quarterly meetings. Here are some items in stock and ready for purchase:

SDSPS Ensign (12X18)                                                                                    $30
SDSPS Ensign (16X24)                                                                                    $35
SDSPS Burgee                                                                                            $30
Hats (navy, blue, tan, grey)                                                                            $12
Men's Pique Knit Sport Shirt (navy, green, lt blue in sizes S-XXL)                                      $30
Women's Pique Knit Sport Shirt (lt blue, pink in sizes S-XXL)                                           $30
Men's Sweatshirt 1/4 Zipper Style with Collar (grey, royal blue, navy S - XXXL)                         $35
Mens Polar Fleece Vest with full zipper (grey, royal blue, navy S-XXXL)                                 $35
Coffee Mugs with LOGO (SDSPS w/flags)                                                                    $5
Small Totebags with LOGO (SDSPS w/flags)                                                                $10
Page 3                                            The Ship’s Mail                                          May/June 2008

                  The San Diego Sail & Power Squadron
                             Cordially Invites You and Your Guests to Attend the

               May 16th General Members Meeting and Dinner

                       FIRST AIDE ON THE WATER
                                         Tim Watt, M.D.
                                           Emergency Room physician

                                      SATURDAY, MAY 16,2009
                       6 pm: No-Host Cocktails & Dinner orders placed individually from the menu

                                              7 pm: Meeting and Program

                                             at the Point Loma Cafe
               located adjacent to the Holiday Inn, at 4875 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA

                                                  (619) 226-0255

               Members and their guests may attend the meeting and presentation free

                           Please call today to reserve your place at dinner:

Lt/C Kathleen Romero, (619) 465-8633. Or reserve your seat(s) by e-mail

                                              Happy Birthday!
 The following members are celebrating upcoming birthdays. Let’s wish them well and many happy returns.

                 May Birthdays                                                     June Birthdays
Richard L. Beveridge          Elizabeth Pokerwinski            John A. Anderson                    Kathleen M. Johnson
Robyn L. Burns                Ray V. Rhoten                    Sandra Anderson                     Dennis M. Kenneally
J. Brockway Clark             Nicole Swanson                   Bob Blevins                         Larry J. Kohmescher
Kenneth L. Glaze Jr.          Vance Randy White                Peter K. Gantzel                    Rhoda Mones
Matthew S. Grob               Steven Zisser                    Michael C. Grinnell                 Edwin E. J. Mraz
Charles W. Lombardi           Zachary Zisser                   Spencer Grob                        Gordon Parham
David Robert Mangold                                           Kent Wilson Hildreth                Michael M. Sampsel
Michael R. Philbrook                                           Rosemary E. Hutzley
Page 4                                           The Ship’s Mail                                        May/June 2008

                             Our San Diego Connection
                                           By P/C Kenneth Maskulinski, SN

Anne and I were planning a trip to San Diego for the first week of March and while we were at the gym we
were telling a friend about our upcoming trip. She was interested and asked us a question that we never
expected. Are you going sailing? She floored us. We live in Buffalo and never gave it a thought that people
actually use their boats 365 days of the year. Well that set the mind a working.

We were leaving the Saturday coming up and it was Thursday that I got the idea to look up the San Diego
Power Squadron on line. So on my lunch I found SDSPS web sight and started looking for the names of the port
captains. Finding three listings complete with email addresses, I sent the following message: “Hello fellow
boaters. I know this is short notice but my wife and I are flying into San Diego this Saturday Feb 28 and staying
until March 7th. If any of your members would like to take pity on two P/C’s that cannot put their 18 foot boat
into Lake Erie due to 18 inches of ice cover, and take them out sailing or boating, they would be more than
appreciative. We are available any day that week and will work around any schedule. We need an answer by
Friday evening as we leave early on Saturday. Thanks for your help.” What did I have to loose. When I arrived
home that night, Anne greeted me with “I see you were begging in San Diego”.” How did you know I asked”?
“You have offers was the reply”.

Two of the port captains, Katharine Law and Marie Baer not only answered me but they also forwarded my
request to a number of members. Marie could not take us on her boat because of her husband being in Europe
on business, but did offer to take Anne to the Ladies luncheon at the Yacht Club. But one member, Bob Gibbs,
wrote us to leave his mobile phone number with instructions to call him Sunday or Monday when we got settled
in as he would love to take us sailing. I made sure that we had more than one copy of all these phone numbers
and off we went.

We connected with Bob and made plans to go sailing with him on that Friday. Bob keeps his 23 foot Columbia
on Mission Bay, but insisted that we sail on the San Diego Harbor, so he made plans to meet us at Anthony’s
Restaurant which has a dock that he could pull up to.

Bob was just a little late showing up at the dock as he got caught up in a kelp bed entering the SD harbor. We
helped him tie up, introduced ourselves, stowed our gear and we were off. It turns out that Bob was actually
Lt/C Bob Gibbs, AP who was also studying JN at the time. It was like meeting an old friend. The common
bonds of boating, USPS and the gray beards made conversation easy and plentiful. . We spent a lot of time
comparing the two squadrons and we were both amazed at how much we shared the same problems.
The SDSPS has a small group of core people just the same as Buffalo. They are recycling a few folks just as we
do. Lesson learned, just because they enjoy the water 365 doesn’t mean that their members have anymore time
to participate in everything, they have work and children and are committed to a lot of things just like our
members. Life today doesn’t leave all that much time for clubs.

We finally set the sails and Bob gave me the tiller. I was in heaven. March 6th and I have a deck under my feet
and a tiller in my hand, I did not give it up until we were ready to dock. What a sail. On the way out to the
Pacific, Bob arranged to have a Naval Cruiser come into port. As she blew by us flanked by security vessels,
she made an impressive sight. Out to the Pacific and past the sea lions lounging on the buoys. We were sailing
on the Pacific, and I was at the tiller, too cool. Turning back into the harbor past the seals again, listening to
them bark at us as we passed by, enjoying the conversation we discovered Bob’s underlying reason for taking
                                                                                       Continued on page 5
Page 5                                        The Ship’s Mail                                   May/June 2008

us out. Bob has an idea that one way to keep members and maybe even a way to attract members would be to
get members out on boats. Not a squadron thing but a personal one on one thing. It could be something as
simple as letting members know that he goes out on most weekends and if you want to go along call. This just
might be the edge to get people to stay in and maybe even do more. Not a bad idea. The rest of the sail was
terrific and Bob “arranged” to not only have a Naval Frigate come in but he even arranged to have aircraft
carrier come past us on the way in to port. I didn’t catch her name but she was # 6 and she was moving. While
Anne and I visited the USS Midway Museum that Monday, you don’t realize how big these ships are until they
go by you for a while.

It seemed like we just started the day and it was time to go back to port. Evening was coming and Bob needed
to get to his transient dock on the SD harbor before darkness set in, so we found ourselves back at Anthony’s
dock. After tying up and saying our thanks to Bob for his most generous gift of his time, we realized just how
lucky we were for this chance of a lifetime. If it weren’t for our membership in the BPS, we never would have
known that these organizations exist in other cities. If the port captains of the SDSPS hadn’t helped out, we
never would have connected with Bob. Our thanks go out to all of the members of the SDSPS for keeping that
organization alive and instilling the educational values and the camaraderie in its membership. Anne Marie and
I extend to all of members of the SDSPS the chance to boat on Lake Erie, should you ever come to Buffalo NY
in the summer time. It would be our pleasure to show you around. Email us at or call
716-675-6288. Until then, Thanks Bob and best wishes on your wedding day.

P/Cs Ken & Anne Marie on the harbor                  Lt/C Bob Gibbs, the most gracious host

                    Article originally published in the Buffalo Power Squadron Newsletter

                                 Scuttlebutt, Vol 8, No.1, March – April2009
  Page 6                                                         The Ship’s Mail                                      May/June 2008

                                                         Public Boating Courses
                                               These classes are FREE* to the boating public!
   Course     Dates                             Instructor(s)      Location
   The Squadron Boating Course
     Tuesdays / Sept 15 - Nov 3                  Mike Philbrook          Boy Scouts of America/Youth Aquatic Center
   Boat Smart
     Tuesdays / Jun 9 - Jun 30                    Ed Mraz                Instructor's Home

                                                              Advanced Grades
                                          To enroll in these courses you must be a SDSPS member
      Tuesdays / Mar 310 – Jun 2                  Ken Glaze              Maritime Institute of San Diego
      Tuesdays / Jun 30 - Sept 15                 Katie Law              Maritime Institute of San Diego
   Advanced Piloting
      Tuesdays / Sept 29 - Dec 15                 Mike Sampsel           Maritime Institute of San Diego
                                                  Shelly Bakalis
   Junior Navigation
      Mondays / Mar 2 - Jun 8                     Mike Sampsel           Maritime Institute of San Diego
                                                  Dave Baer
     Mondays / Jul 20 - Dec 7                     Stephen Bakalis        Ideal Industries

                                                              Elective Courses
                                          To enroll in these courses you must be a SDSPS member
   Marine Electronics
     Thursdays / Aug 13 - Nov 12                  Steven Bakalis         Maritime Institute of San Diego
                                                  Virgil Pattin
      Mondays / Jun 8 - Aug 31                    Bill Bridge            Instructor's Home
   Instructor Development
      Thursdays / Jun 4 - Jun 18                  Karen Glaze            Maritime Institute of San Diego
   Engine Maintenance
      Thursdays / Sept 17 - Nov 19                Mike Fontaine          Instructor's Home
   Operations Training
      Thursdays / Feb 12 and 26                   Katie Law              Maritime Institute of San Diego
                        *There is a nominal cost for course materials for all classes, this varies by class
   Course schedule last update 2-14-2009
The Bridge (2009-10)
Cdr Allan T. Bombard, AP   510-595-9010
ExO Don Litzenberg, JN     858-487-8491
Katharine Law, SN          619-281-3410
AO Kathleen Romero, P      619-465-8633
Sec’y Diann Nephew,        619-692-4482
Treas’r Robert Gibbs, AP   858-232-3728
Education Department
SEO Kathleen Law, SN       619-281-3410
ASEO Dan A. Carlin, AP      858-792-9942
Ch/LB/B Dan A. Carlin, AP 858-792-9942
Ch/LB/AG Mike Sampsel, SN 619-421-8136
Ch/LB/Elec. Bill Bridge, SN 858-277-2916
The Ship’s Mail
The Ship’s Mail is published bimonthly for the members of the San Diego Sail
& Power Squadron, Inc. The purposes of the squadron are to promote safe
boating and provide civic service in an atmosphere of fellowship.

Editor & Mailing Agent: Daniel Nephew, 619-692-4482;
Roster Changes:
Page 7                                 The Ship’s Mail                                May/June 2008

                             UNITED STATES POWER SQUADRONS ®
                                               Sail and Power Boating
                                                  America's Boating Club

                                              DISTRICT 28
                           Balboa                                                      South Bay
                                      Lake         Phoenix    San Diego    San Luis
                                     Mohave                                  Rey

         The USPS SEMINAR Series
         1)   Using MARINE GPS – May 11, 2009
         2)   Onboard Weather Forecasting – June 8, 2009
         3)   Using VHF & VHF/DSC Marine Radio -- July 13, 2009
         4)   Sail Trim & Rig Tuning -- August 10, 2009

     Here is a great opportunity to learn, or brush-up, on a marine topic to
      help make your boating safer and more enjoyable!
     Presenters are knowledgeable and active boaters!

Presented by:            San Diego Sail & Power Squadron
                            (a not-for-profit National boating organization)

Location:                West Marine
                         1250 Rosecrans Street
                         San Diego, CA 92106

Day:          Monday evenings from: 7 to 9 PM
Cost:         FREE (or $35 per Seminar to purchase reference books, powerpoint
              notes   & handy laminated “quick-guides”)

National Website :         & Local Website :
Note : Classes will be limited in size, please call Bob Gibbs at 858-232-3728
Page 8                                         The Ship’s Mail                                 May/June 2008

                                        SDSPS CALENDAR
                                          May/Jun 2009
4        Monday   7:30 pm    ExCom Meeting                       SDYC    All welcome!
9        Saturday 12:00 pm   Sail Fleet Race                     San Diego Bay
16       Saturday 6:00 pm    General Membership Meeting          Point Loma Café 4875 North Harbor Drive
                                                                 To Make Reservations
16       Saturday TBD        Cruiser Nav Contest       
16-22 Sat-Fri 8 AM – 6 PM National Safe Boating Week             Nationwide, National Safe Boating Council

6        Saturday 8:30 am    District 28 Summer Council    Southbay Power Squadron
                             Hosted by South Bay Provisional Squadron
8        Monday   7:30 pm    ExCom Meeting                       SDYC    All welcome!
13       Saturday 12:00 pm   Sail Fleet Race                     San Diego Bay
20       Saturday TBD        Cruiser Nav Contest       
26-28 Fri-Sun     TBD        June Raft-Up                        La Playa Cove

The Ship’s Mail
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