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									Site Governance Meeting
Date: Monday, Apr. 26, 2010
Called to order: 2:42 pm
Place: Staff Lounge

Members in attendance: Bruce Ferguson, Cindy Clippinger, Terry Klein, Petey
DeLuca, Annette Montoya-Fox, Karmen Vandegrift, Irene Delgado, Craig Wilsie,
Liz Mooney, Heather Williams
Guests: Elaine Hill, Dee Dee Patterson

Minutes recorded by: Craig Wilsie
Minutes were presented for approval.

Budget Update (Dr. Ferguson): Enrollment should be up next year (projecting
480) so we should be posting the position on the post & bid. This will allow us to
lose the 2/3 combination class.

We have $15,000 to spend by this Wed. or we will lose it. Some of it will be
going towards PE & Recess equipment that we will not have money because
next year’s magnet funding will only be enough to cover the pool program.

P.E Intervention: Ms. Klein felt that the intervention in this format (short term,
etc.) was working and the kids did not feel like they were being punished. Ms.
DeLuca agreed that with Jr. Olympics and other events has put the pressure on
teachers to pull up students (with testing coming up so soon). It was not clear to
many exactly how long the intervention period was supposed to last.

Dr. Ferguson explained that he has heard both sides from both teachers and
parents and that there is no clear-cut solution. He suggested that it go to a SSC
sub-committee to examine a more long-term solution to the situation. It was also
suggested that it be brought up whole staff for a brainstorming session.

Ms. Klein, Ms. Vandegrift, and Ms. Fox volunteered to work with Dr. Ferguson to
work on this issue.

Jr. Olympics: Some parents behaved poorly who over winners. It was suggested
that a letter be sent home explaining the “spirit” of the games.
Dr. Ferguson expressed how the timing of the Jr. Olympics (schedule-wise)
made him nervous because it is so close to the CSTs. It is something that
should be revisited by the schedule committee.

Magnet Resource Position:
We are looking at using the money for this position for a clerical/classified person
instead of a certificated person.
Norma Swenson’s name was brought up as a possibility for this position, but they
were questions as to whether she would want the position or if she would even
be available since she retired.

Employee Parking:
Staff spots are filling up sometimes by 7:05am. Assigning parking spots was
brought up as a possible solution, but even still parents would be likely to park in
staff spots unless they are “trained”.

Parking Lot Safety Before and After School:
Having a drop-off over on the blacktop was discussed as a possibility and having
parking lot duty (orange vests).

Round Table:
   Discipline Policy to be shelved until later.
   There are SGT positions to filled next year.

Meeting adjourned at 3:40.

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