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					                                          State of Washington
                                     Current Contract Information
                                     Revision date: March 01, 2010

Contract number:                10103                           Commodity code: Various
Contract title:                 Correctional Industries Umbrella Contract
Purpose:                        To add Telespar Products Perforated Tubing to be used with the signage
                                portion of the contract.

Term:                           November 01, 2003 through October 31, 2011
For use by:                     Convenience/Mandatory**
                                **Convenience (unless otherwise designated as mandatory on the Delivery
                                Time Schedule) for all State Agencies, Higher Education, and the legislature.
                                Other authorized but not mandated users include Political Subdivisions of
                                Washington and Oregon State, and Qualified Non-profit Corporations.
Contract type:                  This contract is designated as convenience/mandatory use (see Delivery
                                Time Schedule for designation).
SCOPE OF CONTRACT               This contract is awarded to one contractor.
Contractor :                    Washington State Department of Corrections
                                Correctional Industries
Address:                        Customer Service Dept.,                   Customer Service
                                Washington Correction Center              Phone: (800) 628-4738
                                2321 Dayton Airport Road                  FAX: (888) 535-0627
                                Bldg. “G”                                 Fed. I.D. No.: 91-0902133
                                Shelton, WA 98584                         Supplier No.: 8708
Products available:             Sandbags, validation tabs, sign recycling, sign refurbishing, sewing/apparel,
                                shoes, flat goods, engraving, printing, emergency products, signage (wood &
                                aluminum), CAD services, embroidery, screen printing, laundry services,
                                agricultural products & services, environmental services, garments
                                Added 02/10/05: laundry, dishwashing, floor care and cleaning chemicals
                                Added 06/14/05: bed linens and towels
Ordering information:           Contact CI Customer Service Department
Ordering procedures:            Field Orders mailed, faxed or e-mailed to CI Customer Service Dept.
CI website:           
This page contains key contract features. Find detailed information on succeeding pages. For more
information on this contract, or if you have any questions, please contact your agency Purchasing Office
or you may contact the contract manager at the number listed below

        Contracts Specialist:    Diane Donahoo           Alternate Contact:       Shawna Pettitt
        Phone Number:            (360) 902-7443          Phone Number:            (360) 902-7342
        Fax Number:              (360) 586-2426          Fax Number:              (360) 586-2426
        Email:               Email:         

                            Visit our Internet site:

Payment address:              DOC-Correctional Industries ATTN: CI Accounting
                              P.O. Box 41116, Olympia, WA 98504-1116
Order placement address:      DOC-Correctional Industries
                              Customer Service Dept.,
                              Washington Correction Center
                              2321 Dayton Airport Road, Bldg. “G”
                              Shelton, WA 98584
Minimum orders:               None.
Delivery time:                See table attached
Payment terms:                Net 30 Days. See also Page 12, Paragraph 6.
Shipping destination:         All prices quoted are FOB Destination
Freight:                      Prepaid and Added to Customer’s Invoice.
Contract pricing:             Customer Contract Terms, or
                              See web site @
                              For custom items contact CI Customer Service for a quote
Worth:                        $3,081,736.00/ 1 yr.
Current Participation:        $0.00 MBE $0.00 WBE $0.00 OTHER $3,081736.00/1 yr. EXEMPT
                              MBE 0%         WBE 0%        OTHER 0%           EXEMPT 100%

I.     Ordering: State Agencies: Submit Order directly to Contractor for processing. Political Subdivisions:
       Submit orders directly to Contractor referencing State of Washington contract. If you are unsure of your
       status in the State Purchasing Cooperative call (360) 902-7415.
II.    Authorized Purchasers: Only authorized purchasers included in the State of Washington Purchasing
       Cooperative (WSPC) and State of Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program (DASCPP/ORCPP) listings,
       which are published and updated periodically by OSP and DAS may purchase from this contract. It is
       the contractor’s responsibility to verify membership of these organizations prior to processing orders
       received under this contract. Washington membership list is available at OSP’s Internet site:, and Oregon membership list is available at Contractors shall not process state contract orders
       from unauthorized users.

Special Conditions:
       1. 02/10/2009 - CCI updated CI contact information, price sheet, and other information.
       2. 10/27/2008 - Granted price increase up to 21% on most janitorial products.
       3. 02/28/2007 - Update Office of State Procurement’s Contract’s Specialist and Office Assistant.

                                     SUPPLIER'S REPRESENTATIVES

Ordering of standard products, order status information, general information, or to arrange an
appointment with an Account Executive, contact:

               Contact                          Phone                 Fax                   Email

Customer Service Hotline                     800-628-4738        888-535-0627
Monday –Friday 8:00 am – 3:45 pm         360-426-4433 ext 5572
                                              (Mug. Line)

                                        CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION

               Contact                          Phone                 Fax                   Email

Tom Beierle, Assistant Director             (360) 725-9159       (360) 753-0219

Donna Gober, Brand Manager                  (360) 725-9110       (360) 753-0219

                                         ACCOUNTING INQUIRIES

               Contact                          Phone                 Fax                   Email

Joe Koval, Chief Financial Officer          (360) 725-9109       (360) 664-9329

After Hours Emergency Number                (360) 239-4493
3:45 pm – 8:00 am M-F
Sat & Sun – 24 Hour Coverage

                                           SALES DEPARTMENT

       Contact the customer service hotline (800-628-4738) for your assigned sales representative.
                                         Products Available

      CATEGORY                               PRODUCTS INCLUDED:
1.    Sandbags                               Sandbags
2.    Validation Tabs                        Vehicles, motorcycles, boats, parking, underground tank
3.    Sign Recycling                         Aluminum signage, hydro stripping
4.    Sign Refurbishing                      Environmentally friendly, hydro stripping
5.    Sewing & Apparel                       Jeans, work shirts and pants, uniforms, pajamas, kimonos,
                                             ladies shirts, dresses, shoes, fleece vests
                                             Flat sheets (percale and muslin), fitted sheets (percale and
6.    Textiles & Flat Goods
                                             muslin), blankets (snag free, thermal, wool and cotton), pillows,
                                             pillow cases (percale and muslin), towels (wash, bath, hand and
                                             bar), aprons, bags (laundry, hamper and property)

                                             Name plates and holders, name badges, signs (desk top, doors,
7     Engraving
                                             inside directional hallway)
8.    Printing                               Office supplies, business cards, brochures, posters, catalogs and
                                             directories, multiple part forms, folders, envelopes, booklets
9.    Emergency Products                     Office/vehicle biohazard spill kits, infectious disease personal
                                             protection packs, first aid kits (standard or custom made), safety
10.   Signage,    Wood     (Indoor    and    Sandblasted (redwood/cedar), engraved
11.   Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Copy drafting, specialized drawings, office furniture layouts
      Services, related CAD/GIS support (panel systems, free standing systems, conference rooms,
      services                          training centers, etc), office layout drawings (overhead, floor
                                        plan and 3-D view), classroom layout drawings, blue print
                                        digitizing, city/county vital records digitizing, property plat
                                        card conversions

12.   Embroidery                             Patches, caps, silk screening
13.   Screen Printing                        Apparel (screen printing on T shirts, pants, uniforms,
                                             sweatshirts, polo shirts, jackets, caps/hats, flags, bags/totes,
                                             banners) accessories (aprons, robes, towels) Eco fiber products
                                             (sport shirts, T shirts and caps)
14.   Services                               Laundry, dry cleaning
15.   Agricultural Products & Services       Composting – processing, bagging, Hay (for elk herds);
                                             Pheasant breeding, Pheasant Food

16.   Environmental Services                 Environmental cleanup, storage tank removal, lead and/or
                                             asbestos abatement, renovation, restoration, demolition and
                                                 hazardous materials handling and removal
17.       Chemicals                              Dishwashing, floor care, all purpose cleaning, laundry

18.       Sign Post                              Telespar Products Perforated Tubing

Quantity discounts do not apply to these categories

Ordering Procedures:

Correctional Industries Contract 10103 is a convenience/mandatory (see Delivery Time Schedule for
designation) contract. This contract offers various products and services. For those products designated as
“convenience”, if the products/services available on this contract do not meet the customer’s needs, then
purchaser may proceed with other available Office of State Procurement contracts (or alternate sources when no
other OSP contract is available) without using the Exemption Application Process. For those products
designated as “mandatory”, the Exemption Application Process applies.
Note: for “mandatory” purchase items, quicker delivery and/or lower price do not qualify as reasons for not
purchasing CI’s products.
If you choose to purchase non-contract item, you are not required to provide a justification with your purchase

                                        Delivery Time Schedule
Product/Service       Mandatory/          Delivery ARO            Additional Services Call For      Considerations
                      Convenience                                           Details                 Affecting Prices
                                                                                                    & Delivery
 Emergency Orders
Minimum Order        Mandatory       Puget Sound Region        Yes. Consignment options available   Yes. Seasonal
100 units                            delivery 6 hours. Up to                                        Considerations &
Maximum                              10 days to build from                                          Purchasing
Available 25,000                     scratch.                                                       Cycles
Stickers – Authorization Stickers

Parking               Convenience    14 days-ARO               Yes. Design Services available       Yes
Underground Tanks     Convenience    14 days-ARO               Yes. Design Services available       Yes
Sign Recycling
Aluminum Signage      Mandatory      4 weeks                   Yes. Welcomed                        Yes
Hydro Stripping       Mandatory      4 weeks                   Yes. Welcomed                        Yes
Sign Refurbishing
Hydro Stripping       Mandatory      4 weeks                   Yes. Welcomed                        Yes

Product/Service      Mandatory/        Delivery ARO             Additional Services Call For   Considerations
                     Convenience                                          Details              Affecting Prices
                                                                                               & Delivery
Jeans Size Med &     Convenience                             Yes. Welcomed                     Yes
Large Minimum                      45 days for standard
Order 5 pairs                      orders
Maximum Order 20
Work Pants           Convenience                             Yes. Welcomed                     Yes
                                    45 days depending upon
                                   product mix & volume.
                                   45 days for standard
                                   orders within full
Work shirts          Convenience   As mutually agreed        Yes                               Yes
Uniforms             Convenience   As mutually agreed        Yes                               Yes
Pajamas              Convenience                             Yes. Welcomed                     Yes
                                   45 days for standard
                                   catalog orders.
Kimonos              Convenience   45 days for standard      Yes. Welcomed
                                   catalog orders.
Ladies Shirts        Convenience                             Yes. Welcomed                     Yes
                                    45 days for standard
                                   catalog orders.
Dresses              Convenience                             Yes. Welcomed                     Yes
                                   45 days for standard
                                   catalog orders.
                                                             Alyssa Eyre, Supervisor
Fleece Vests         Convenience   30 days                   For Women                         Yes. Per Quote
                                                             9601 Bujacich Rd. N.W.            (RFQ) or
                                                             Gig Harbor, WA 98332              Proposal (RFP)
                                                             Tel: (253) 858-4200 xt 362
                                                             Fax: (253) 858-4642

Shoes                Convenience   As mutually agreed        Yes                               Yes

Textiles and Flat Goods
Sheets, fitted and
flat (muslin &
percale)             Mandatory     Same as above             Same as above                     Same as above
                                                             Order from:
                                                             2321 Dayton Airport Rd
                                                             Shelton, WA 98584
                                                             Tel: (800) 628-4738               Yes. Per Quote
                                                             Fax: (888) 535-0627               (RFQ) or
                                                             E-mail: cicustsrvc@doc1.wa.gove   Proposal (RFP)
Pillow Cases
(muslin & percale)                 45 days for standard      Website:
                                   catalog orders. 
Product/Service        Mandatory/         Delivery ARO            Additional Services Call For   Considerations
                       Convenience                                          Details              Affecting Prices
                                                                                                 & Delivery

Blankets (snag free,
thermal, wool and
cotton)                Mandatory     Same as above             Same as above                     Same as above

Pillows                Mandatory     Same as above             Same as above                     Same as above
Towels (wash, bath,
hand & bar)
                       Mandatory     Same as above             Same as above                     Same as above

Aprons                 Mandatory     Same as above             Same as above                     Same as above
Bags (laundry,
hamper, property)      Mandatory     Same as above             Same as above                     Same as above
Nameplates &           Convenience   1-10 units in 7 days.     Yes                               Yes
Holders                              Greater than 10 units -
                                     30 days.
Name Badges            Convenience   50 units in 7 days.       Yes                               Yes
                                     Greater than 50 units -
                                     30 days
Signs (desk top,       Convenience   1-10 units in 7 days.     Yes                               Yes
doors, directional)                  Greater than 10 units -
                                     30 days.
Business Cards         Convenience   10 days from receipt of   Yes                               Yes
                                     signed proof.
Office Supplies        Convenience   10 days from receipt of   Yes                               Yes
                                     signed proof.
Brochures              Convenience   As mutually agreed or     Yes                               Yes
Posters                Convenience   As mutually agreed or     Yes                               Yes
Catalogs               Convenience   As mutually agreed or     Yes                               Yes
Directories            Convenience   As mutually agreed or     Yes                               Yes
Multiple Part          Convenience   10 days from receipt of   Yes                               Yes
Forms                                signed proof.
Folders                Convenience   10 days from receipt of   Yes                               Yes
                                     signed proof.
Envelopes              Convenience   10 days from receipt of   Yes                               Yes
                                     signed proof.
Booklets               Convenience   As mutually agreed or     Yes                               Yes
Product/Service       Mandatory/          Delivery ARO          Additional Services Call For   Considerations
                      Convenience                                         Details              Affecting Prices
                                                                                               & Delivery
Emergency Products
Office/Vehicle     Convenience                               Yes. Customization                Yes
Biohazard Kits                      Call for quote

Infectious Disease    Convenience                            Yes. Customization                Yes
Personal Protection                 Call for quote
First Aid Kits        Convenience                            Yes. Customization                Yes
(Standard or                        Call for quote
Safety Products       Convenience                            Yes. Customization                Yes
                                  Call for Quote
Signage Wood (Indoor & Outdoor); Metal & Plastic
Sandblasted        Mandatory      4 weeks                    Yes. Customization welcomed       Yes
(redwood & cedar)
Engraved              Mandatory     4 weeks                  Yes. Customization welcomed       Yes

CAD Services
Copy Drafting         Convenience   RFQ                      Yes                               Yes
Specialized           Convenience   RFQ
Drawings                                                     Yes                               Yes
                                                             Yes. Designs, modifications and
Furniture Layout      Convenience   RFQ                      customization welcomed.           Yes
Office Layout         Convenience                            Yes. Designs, modifications and
                                    RFQ                      customization welcomed.           Yes
Classroom Layout      Convenience
                                    RFQ                      Yes                               Yes
Blue Print            Convenience

                                    RFQ                      Yes                               Yes
City/County Vital     Convenience
Records Digitizing
                                    RFQ                      Yes                               Yes
Temporary Housing/Storage Sheds
Tents                 Convenience   As mutually agreed       Yes                               Per Quote
                                    upon and/or contracted
Converted Shipping Convenience      As mutually agreed       Yes                               Per Quote
Containers                          upon and/or contracted
Embroidery & Screen Printing
Patches            Mandatory        RFQ                      Yes. Welcomed                     Yes
Caps               Mandatory        RFQ                      Yes. Welcomed                     Yes
Apparel (T-Shirts, Mandatory        RFQ                      Yes. Welcomed                     Yes
Uniforms, Pants,
Product/Service      Mandatory/          Delivery ARO          Additional Services Call For     Considerations
                     Convenience                                         Details                Affecting Prices
                                                                                                & Delivery
Accessories          Mandatory     RFQ                      Yes. Welcomed                       Yes
(Aprons, Robes,
Eco Fiber Products   Mandatory     RFQ                      Yes. Welcomed                       Yes
Laundry              Convenience   RFQ                      Yes. For example; water proofing,   Yes
                                                            tailoring, design & construction,

Dry Cleaning         Convenience   RFQ                      Yes                                 Yes
Environmental        Convenience   As mutually agreed
Cleanup                            upon and/or contracted
Storage Tank         Convenience   As mutually agreed
Removal                            upon and/or contracted
Lead/Asbestos        Convenience   As mutually agreed
Abatement                          upon and/or contracted
                     Convenience   As mutually agreed
Renovation                         upon and/or contracted
                     Convenience   As mutually agreed
Restoration                        upon and/or contracted
                     Convenience   As mutually agreed
Demolition                         upon and/or contracted
Hazardous            Convenience   As mutually agreed
Materials Handling                 upon and/or contracted
and Removal

Agricultural Products & Services
                    Convenience    As mutually agreed       Yes                                 Yes
Hay (Elk Herds)                    upon and/or contracted
                     Convenience   As mutually agreed       Yes                                 Yes
Pheasant Breeding                  upon and/or contracted
Pheasant Food        Convenience   As mutually agreed       Yes                                 Yes
                                   upon and/or contracted
Dishwashing, floor   Convenience
care, all purpose
cleaners and
laundry chemicals                  Contact CI               Contact CI                          Contact CI

                                 Telespar Products Perforated Tubing

                                For quotes or questions, please contact:
                            Ron Dixon - 509.526.6498 -

    Part Number                                            Description
16D12-20-PG       1-3/4" SQ 14GA X 20' PERFORATED TUBING
16D12-24-PG       1-3/4" SQ 14GA X 24' PERFORATED TUBING

16D12P-10-PG      1-3/4" SQ 14GA X 10' PERFORATED TUBING
16D12P-12-PG      1-3/4" SQ 14GA X 12' PERFORATED TUBING
16F12-20-PG       1-3/4" SQ X 20' PERFORATED TUBING
16F12-24-PG       1-3/4" SQ X 24' PERFORATED TUBING
16F12P-10-PG      1-3/4" SQ 12GA X 10' PERFORATED TUBING
16F12P-12-PG      1-3/4" SQ 12GA X 12' PERFORATED TUBING
20D12-20-PG       2" SQ 14GA X 20' PERFORATED TUBING
20D12-24-PG       2" SQ 14GA X 24' PERFORATED TUBING
20D12P-10-PG      2" SQ 14GA X 10' PERFORATED TUBING
20D12P-12-PG      2" SQ 14GA X 12' PERFORATED TUBING
20F12-20-PG       2" SQ 12GA X 20' PERFORATED TUBING
20F12-24-PG       2" SQ 12GA X 24' PERFORATED TUBING
20F12P-10-PG      2" SQ 12GA X 10' PERFORATED TUBING
20F12P-12-PG      2" SQ 12GA X 12' PERFORATED TUBING
22F12-20-PG       2-1/4" SQ 12GA X 20' PERFORATED TUBING
22F12-24-PG       2-1/4" SQ 12GA X 24' PERFORATED TUBING
22F12P-10-PG      2-1/4" SQ 12GA X 10' PERFORATED TUBING
22F12P-12-PG      2-1/4" SQ 12GA X 12' PERFORATED TUBING
23D10P-10-PG      2-3/8" RD 14GA X 10' ROUND TUBING
23D10P-12-PG      2-3/8" RD 14GA X 12' ROUND TUBING
24F12-20-PG       2-1/2" SQ 12GA X 20' PERFORATED TUBING
24F12-24-PG       2-1/2" SQ 12GA X 24' PERFORATED TUBING
24F12P-10-PG      2-1/2" SQ 12GA X 10' PERFORATED TUBING
24F12P-12-PG      2-1/2" SQ 12GA X 12' PERFORATED TUBING
20F12A-2.5-PG     2" SQ 12GA X 30" PERFORATED ANCHOR
22F12A PG         2-1/4" SQ 12GA X 18" PERFORATED SLEEVE
22F12A-2.5-PG     2-1/4" SQ 12GA X 30" PERFORATED ANCHOR
24F12A PG         2-1/2" SQ 12GA X 18" PERFORATED SLEEVE
25K12A-2.5-HG     2-1/2" SQ 7GA X 30" HEAVY DUTY ANCHOR
30K12A-2.5-HG     3" SQ 7 GA X 30" HEAVY DUTY ANCHOR
VCR231            (VCR-231) 3/8" STEEL RIVETS WITH WASHERS
CB516-M-Z         5/16" MEDIUM CORNER BOLT THROUGH 2-1/2"

                                 Updated Price Sheet Contract #10103
            Janitorial Products – CorrectPac (formerly branded and offered as PortionPac)

                                                                        Price per   Pacs per
ScrubPac     Heavy Duty All Purpose Detergent                             Case       Case
CP102        ScrubPac/2 Each pac makes 2 gallons of heavy duty           $381.15     528
             scrubbing or 1 quart cleaning solution with No.
             CP3201 Spray Bottle.

CP104        ScrubPac/4 Each pac makes 4 gallons of heavy duty            $349.20    288
             scrubbing or 1 quart of cleaning solution with CP3201
             Spray Bottle.

Germicidal Detergent
CP201        Germicidal Detergent/1 Each pac makes 1 gallon of           $177.29     528
             quaternary disinfectant/detergent solution.

CP202        Germicidal Detergent/2 Each pac makes 2 gallons of          $178.20     288
             quaternary disinfectant /detergent solution.

CP204        Germicidal Detergent/4 Each pac makes 4 gallons of          $138.30     144
             quaternary disinfectant/detergent solution.

CP232        Germicidal Detergent Each pac makes 1 quart of              $239.40     528
             quaternary disinfectant/detergent solution.
             Use with No. 3202 Spray Bottle.

CP264        Germicidal Detergent Each pac makes 6.5 gallons of          $171.19     96
             quaternary disinfectant/detergent solution. Use with
             No. CP6402 Stock Solution Bottle and No. CP1602
             Spray Bottle.

CP304        Degreaser Each pac makes 4 gallons of floor degreaser       $338.40     120
             or 1 quart of surface degreaser. Use with No. CP3203
             Spray Bottle.

StripPac     Floor Finish Remover
CP314        StripPac/4 Each pac makes 4 gallons of solution for         $352.80     104
             removing floor finish.

NeutraPac    Floor Conditioner/Neutralizer
CP404        NeutralPac/4 Each pac makes 4 gallons of solution for       $250.47     432
             floors after stripping. Ideal for removal of snow melt

BowlPac      Toilet Bowl and Bathroom Cleaner
CP532        BowlPac Each pac makes 1 quart of non-corrosive bathroom    $291.60     312
             cleaner. Use with No. CP3205 Applicator Bottle.

LaundryPac Commercial Strength Laundry Detergent
CP940        Laundry Pac Use 1 pac per load for general wash.            $208.80     288

             Phosphate free, fresh scent.

GlassPac     Glass and Mirror Cleaner
CP1432       GlassPac Each pac makes 1 quart of Heavy Duty Glass          $279.00   528
             Cleaner with “Lite” fragrance. Use with No. 3214 Spray

CP1432L      GlassPacLite Each pac makes 1 quart of Heavy Duty Glass      $174.60   288
             Cleaner with “Lite” fragrance. Use with No. 3214 Spray

Pot and Pan Detergent
CP1525       Pot & Pan Detergent Each pac makes up to 25 gallons          $280.00   160
             of usable solution. Also use with No. CP3215 Applicator

CP1617       Sanitizer Each pac makes 17 gallons sanitizing solution      $192.60   128
             200 ppm. Also use with No. CP6416 Stock
             Solution Bottle and No. CP3216 Spray Bottle.

AirFreshPac Air Freshner – Odor Counteractant
CP1732       AirFreshPac Each pac makes 1 quart of Air Freshener/         $320.17   480
             Counteractant. Use with No. CP3217 Air Freshener Spray

MopPacLite pH Neutral Floor Cleaner
CP1802       MopPacLite/2 Each pac makes 2 gallons of rinse-free          $320.17   720
             solution with pH of 7 to 7.2. Leaves no residue.

CP1804       MopPacLite/4 Each pac makes 4 gallons of rinse-free          $296.21   432
             solution with pH of 7 to 7.2. Leaves no residue.

Floor Care Program
CP2464       Acrylic Floor Finish Each pac makes ½ gallon of              $136.80   12
             ready-to-use acrylic floor finish. Exceptional durability,
             gloss and slip resistance. Maintain with burnisher (up to
             1500 rpm) and natural hair floor pad.

CP2132       Spray Buff Each pac makes 1 quart of spray buff              $277.20   160
             floor finish restorer. Use with No. CP3221 Spray Bottle.

Food Service Sanitation and Special Products
CP2202       Biologically Enhanced Detergent Each pac makes 2             $407.29   240
             gallons mopping detergent to eliminate daily accumulation
             of organic wastes on floors and in drain lines. Also makes
             one quart solution to digest organic wastes from hard
             surfaces and carpets. Use with No. CP3222 Spray Bottle.

CP105        DepotPac Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser Use with               $415.80   36
             No. CP3201 Spray Bottle.

CP205        DepotPac pH Neutral Germicidal Detergent Use with            $157.91   120
             No. CP3202 Spray Bottle.

CP505        DepotPac Toilet Bowl and Bathroom Cleaner Use with           $293.40   18
             No. CP3205 Applicator Bottle.

CP1405       DepotPac Glass Cleaner Use with No. CP3214 Spray             $263.54   36

CP1705       DepotPac Air Freshener Use with No. CP3217 Spray      $358.20      36

CorrectPac Color-Coded Bottles and Accessories_____________ Price            Items/Unit
CP1602     16 oz. Germicidal Bottle/ Sprayer                       $4.27        3/pk

CP3201     32 oz. Heavy Duty Cleaner Bottle/Sprayer                $5.13       3/pk

CP3202     32 oz. Germicidal Detergent Bottle/Sprayer              $5.13       3/pk

CP3203     32 oz. Degreaser Bottle/Sprayer                         $5.13        3/pk

CP3205     32 oz. Bathroom Cleaner Bottle/Cap                      $5.13       3/pk

CP3214     32 oz. Glass Cleaner Bottle/Sprayer                     $5.13       3/pk

CP3215     32 oz. Pot & Pan Detergent Bottle/Cap                    $5.13      3/pk

CP3216     32 oz. Sanitizer Bottle/Sprayer                         $5.13        3/pk

CP3217     32 oz. Air Freshener Bottle/Sprayer                      $5.13       3/pk

CP3221     32 oz. Spray Buff Bottle/Sprayer                         $5.13       3/pk

CP3222     32 oz. Biologically Enhanced Detergent Bottle/Sprayer    $5.13       3/pk

CP6402     ½ gallon Germicidal Detergent Stock Bottle/Pump         $5.16        Ea.

CP6416     ½ gallon Sanitizer Stock Bottle/Pump                     $5.16       Ea.

50640      Depot Pac 5 Gallon Dispenser                            $11.44       Ea.

43107      Pac Cutter w/Tie                                         $1.35       Ea.

43114      Clip Pac Closer for Floor Finish Envelopes               $ .90       Ea.

60000      White Sprayer for 32 oz. Bottles                         $ .90       Ea.

43103      Distribution Tray                                        $3.83       Ea.

43104      Inspection Mirror W/Light                                $4.14       Ea.

AT00019    WASH “Fill To” Bilingual Stickers for Sink Labels       $ .54        Ea.

AT00020    RINSE “Fill To” Bilingual Stickers for Sink Labels      $ .54        Ea.

AT00021    SANITIZE “Fill To” Bilingual Stickers for Sink Labels   $ .54        Ea.

AS000166   QT10 Sanitizer Test Strips                              $4.77       1 Roll

                             SPECIAL TERMS & CONDITIONS
   This contract is for the purchase of Correctional Industries' (CI) products/services not otherwise covered under any
   other Office of State Procurement Contract(s). This contract is a convenience/mandatory use contract for all state
   agencies, higher education, political subdivisions, and non-profit organizations.
   Although there may be existing mandatory/convenience contracts with the Office of State Procurement, the usage
   volumes included on the existing contracts did not include historical CI convenience sales volumes. Therefore, CI
   convenience sales volumes are expected to remain flat and are not intended to compete with existing mandatory
   Authorized Users: All state agencies, institutions, community colleges, universities, political subdivisions, and non-
   profit organizations will have access to purchase from this contract.
   All orders from such eligible customers are subject to the same contract terms, conditions and pricing as state
   The contract term is from November 1, 2005 through October 31, 2011.
   The parties agree to meet, if necessary, every 24 months to negotiate any modifications of any terms or conditions
   that may be of concern to either party. If a concern over a term or condition arises prior to the regularly scheduled
   meeting, the parties will schedule a special meeting and negotiate in good faith over a modification of that term or
   In the event of on-going non-performance of contractual requirements, the OSP may do one or more of the
   following: terminate this contract, impose liquidated damages, or exercise any remedy provided by law.
   The OSP and CI reserve the right to extend this contract for additional contract terms or portions thereof. Contract
   extensions shall be subject to mutual agreement between OSP and CI. OSP or CI shall respond within thirty (30)
   calendar days following receipt of a request for extension.
   Responsibility: CI’s Customer Service agents and sales representative(s) shall function as the primary point of
   contact, ensuring all supervision, coordination and corrective action be taken as necessary to meet contractual
   Availability: CI’s Customer Service agents and sales representative(s) shall be readily available during normal
   business hours (8:00 AM- 3:45 PM Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday) throughout the term of this
   contract. The representative(s) shall respond to a customer call within one business day from their initial call.
   CI shall maintain sufficient sales representatives to ensure adequate coverage throughout the state. Sales
   representative will be responsible for providing correct order/product information. Sales staff shall be capable of
   assisting customers with product information, technical data, compatibility, order status information, etc.
   CI shall maintain sufficient internal office staff to assist in price, availability, order processing, modifications,
   accessories, options, customizing, changes, etc., and to review orders for accuracy prior to order entry. The contract
   users will be provided a toll free number for the purpose of answering technical questions.
   Net 30 days. Payment should be made after receipt of product/service and the receipt of an acceptable invoice from
   CI. When there are damaged item(s) or there are other factors making replacement of item(s) necessary, payment
   should be made on all undamaged goods received and invoiced for without regard to the resolution of the item(s) in
   question. Payment for item(s) in question is to be processed upon satisfactory fulfillment of CI’s contractual
   obligations and receipt of invoice.
   Authorized users of this convenience purchase contract have various locations where goods are to be shipped;
   therefore, CI will ship to any location throughout the state upon customer’s request; based on the freight terms
   identified herein.

   CI shall update and distribute a contract specific catalog/brochure (via mail or electronically) to each principal
   contract user, at CI's sole expense. The catalog/brochure shall include all items available on contract, contract
   pricing, all applicable literature, and samples. CI is solely responsible for catalog/brochure count, based on
   historical data. However, a distribution list will be provided to CI by OSP. Original set and subsequent
   distributions are to be provided for OSP’s approval prior to distribution with a minimum of thirty (30) day notice.
   Initial catalog/brochure must be kept current. Periodic distribution of subsequent catalog/brochure changes shall all
   be made in the same format.
    CI will acknowledge orders in writing within five (5) business days after receipt of an accurate and complete order.
    An order is not considered received until all information provided by the customer for the product, billing, and
    shipping data is complete and accurate. Order acknowledgments will be sent to the customer's “Bill to” address,
    unless otherwise requested by the customer.
    The acknowledgment shall include field/purchase order number, ship to address, items ordered, contract pricing,
    and ship date. CI shall send only one order acknowledgment per order (unless subsequent changes need to be
    acknowledged), which shall be a consistent form recognized by their customers, and checked for accuracy prior to
    Written field orders mailed or faxed to CI are preferred. Due to the possibility of errors, CI may refuse to accept
    telephone orders.
    Alternate or additional terms and conditions accompanied with a purchase order submitted will be
    considered, otherwise; the terms and conditions incorporated herein prevail.
   CI will accept fax orders, provided:
       a)     Customer must send their order with a cover sheet showing how many pages are included in the fax and
      verify fax transmission report reflects the correct number of pages sent via fax.
       b)     If a written confirming order is mailed to CI, it must be marked as a "confirming order" and specify the
      date that the fax order was previously transmitted to CI.
       c)     Customer is responsible for cancellation or return charges should a double order occur because the written
      order was not properly identified as a "confirming order".
   The customer may cancel or change orders for standard contract items without penalty within five (5) business days
   from postmark date of order acknowledgment. After this period, CI may impose a 25% penalty of the item(s) being
   canceled and/or changed. Delivery/installation is exempt from cancellation penalties.
   If a customer cancels an order for custom items, CI may impose up to a 100% penalty of the item(s) being canceled.
    Specifications: Unless otherwise specified, goods are to be shipped in new and undamaged condition and packaged
    in accordance with shipping industry standards. Goods shipped in other than industry standard packaging, as
    requested by the customer, shall be at an additional cost and risk to the customer.

    Labeling: Individual shipping cartons shall be labeled with the name of the ordering customer, order number,
    contractor and product number. Product will be identified with the date of manufacture and batch number. If
    requested by the customer, carton labels shall include tag or location numbers and floor/room numbers.

   All goods are to be shipped F.O.B. destination in any amount to any delivery location within the state of
   Washington. Freight will be prepaid and added to customer’s invoice as a separate line item when applicable.
   Products shall be delivered to customer’s loading dock or nearest safe approach. Inside delivery is offered at an
   additional charge.
   Loading Dock Deliveries: No charge for loading dock deliveries. All goods are to be removed from the delivery
   vehicle by the driver and placed on the loading dock. Under no circumstances are customer personnel to assist
   driver in unloading vehicle, otherwise the customer will be liable for damage or customer personnel's safety,
   resulting from assisting driver to unload. If driver refuses to unload, shipment will be rejected at CI's expense.
   Exception: If no loading dock is available or if the loading dock is not adequate to handle shipment, then all goods
   are to be unloaded at the nearest safe and secured approach. A proper delivery location is defined as immediately
    inside the doors of the building, outside of the weather and a location where the goods would safe and
    secured from any potential damage. Goods are not to be left outside of the building. No additional charges shall
    be applied for this type of delivery. However, the customer must identify on their Field Order or in writing that
    there is a problem with the loading dock. If customer has not properly notified, then the customer may be charged
    inside delivery charges.
    Inside delivery: For inside delivery an additional charge of four percent (4%) will be charged. CI will provide
    inside delivery as requested on the customer’s field order on an as-needed basis by the contract users. Inside
    delivery is defined as the delivery of the item(s) to exact location(s) as requested, remove packaging, assembly (if
    necessary, however assembly may not take place at the time of delivery, in the event of numerous items to
    assemble), and dispose of packaging. Any orders requiring inside delivery service shall be clearly on Field Order.
    Partial shipments: Partial shipments are acceptable unless the purchaser indicates otherwise on the order document
    or by subsequent written or faxed communication received ten (10) business days prior to acknowledged delivery
    See attached delivery schedules. In situations where goods are not designated as shipped FOB Destination, freight
    will be prepaid and added to customer’s invoice as a separate line item.

   Telephone Contact Prior to Delivery: Customer should identify a delivery contact person and their telephone
   number on their order. If telephone notification prior to delivery is required (usually 24 hours prior), the field order
   must clearly state so and identify the contact person and phone number. Telephone contact shall be construed as
   direct communication with the contact person or appropriate agency representative (voice mail is unacceptable
   notification). If CI neglects to provide telephone notification prior to delivery when requested, the customer may
   refuse delivery. If this occurs, the goods shall be redelivered as mutually agreed, but no later than the next
   scheduled route delivery.

   Anytime damaged or defective merchandise is discovered it should be brought to the immediate attention of
   Customer Service. CI will complete a Quality Control Report to request repair or replacement. Such customer
   inspection shall not be construed as final acceptance or as acceptance of the materials or equipment if materials or
   equipment do not conform to contractual requirements. In the event that CI does not respond within a timely
   manner, contact OSP, the contract administrator, Tim L. Shay at (360) 902-7431 for further assistance.

    Delivery of Damaged Goods: When damage is identified at the time of delivery it should immediately be brought to
    the attention of the delivery driver and noted on the receiving report/delivery manifest. Customer will need to
    notify Customer Service of damages within three (3) days. Concealed damage or shortages are to be reported
    within ten (10) business days of receipt of merchandise or date of installation. Customer should keep a copy of the
    signed freight bill to facilitate CI’s corrective action.

    Receipt of Incorrect Merchandise: Anytime receipt of incorrect merchandise is discovered it should be brought to
    the immediate attention of Customer Service. Prior to reporting receipt of incorrect merchandise, the customer
   should check delivery document against order initially submitted. CI will complete a Quality Control Report to
   request replacement with the correct merchandise.
   Corrective Action Steps
   CI shall expeditiously take the following steps, at no cost to the customer:
       a) Investigate extent of the damage or incorrect goods.
       b) Arrange for repair or replacement whether at customer's location or CI's repair shop.
       c) Pick up merchandise to be repaired or replaced after freight inspection.
       d) If repair is not practical, order replacement merchandise on an expedited manufacture and shipment basis
            (within 30 calendar days, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon. Otherwise the customer may choose to
            purchase elsewhere).
       e) Prepare and submit all reports or claims to the delivery carrier as necessary.
       f) Coordinate fully with the customer on steps being taken and time frame for problem resolution.
       g) Once CI is notified of receipt of damaged or incorrect merchandise, CI shall notify customer within three
            (3) business days of a corrective action being taken and timeframe, which is mutually agreed upon.

   Any standard item may be returned within five (5) business days after receipt, provided:
       a) The item is new, and
       b) The item is in unused condition.
       c) The item must be in the original packaging, provided CI has not disposed of original packaging.
       d) The item is not a modified or custom built item for the customer.
   The customer will pay a restocking charge equal to 25% of the net purchase price (before taxes) when the above
   conditions are met. The customer will be responsible for return freight costs. However, if CI caused error, there
   will be no restocking charge.
   Washington State Department of Corrections, Division of Correctional Industries provides warranties for all of its
   products. The complete warranty statement for each item can be obtained in the CI catalog or by contacting
   customer service. CI warrants its products to be free from defective materials and construction. The terms of the
   warranty shall provide for repair and/or replacement free of charge to the customer (which includes labor, materials,
   freight, and travel costs associated with repair and/or replacement).

   A.    General Requirements: The OSP, in conjunction with contract users, monitors and maintains records of CI
         performance. Said performance shall be a factor in considering further extensions of this contract. Customers
         are provided with product/service performance report forms that are forwarded to CI and to the contract
   B.    Damages: Damages caused by a failure to perform the obligations of this contract will be assessed in
         accordance with Special Terms & Conditions paragraphs 11 (Order Cancellation & Change Orders) and 14
   $10,000,000/2year period. Estimated usage data as stated herein shall not bind the state (OSP and the customers) to
   the purchase of said quantities. Usage estimates are based strictly upon past historical data and may not reflect
   future requirements.
   A quarterly Sales and Subcontractor Report shall be submitted in the format provided by the Office of State
   Procurement. You can get the report electronically at Total purchases for
   each State Agency, University, Community and Technical Colleges must be shown separately. Total purchases for
   all political subdivisions and non-profit organizations may be summarized as one customer.
   Additionally, all purchases by the State of Oregon or other purchasers must be reported as an aggregate total. The
   report shall include the market price history for quarterly sales. Reports are due thirty (30) days after the end of the
   calendar quarter, i.e., April 30th, July 31st, October 31st and January 31st. CI shall submit reports of sales on this

     contract in the format provided (refer to Attachment entitled Usage Report). Such reports will be submitted on a
     quarterly basis. OSP may require additional reports to support management of this contract.
     CI shall retain all records relating to this contract for a period of five (5) years following the date of final payment
     or completion of any required audit, whichever is earlier. Any authorized representative of the state or federal
     government (where federal funds are involved) shall have access to and the right to examine, audit, excerpt, and
     transcribe all said records within a reasonable time.
     In the event of any inconsistency in this agreement, unless otherwise provided herein, the inconsistency
     shall be resolved by giving precedence in the following order:
     a) Applicable Federal and State Statues and Regulations;
     b) Special terms and conditions; and
     c) Standard terms and conditions.
     CI and OSP may mutually amend this agreement. Such amendments shall not be binding unless they are in writing
     and signed by personnel authorized to bind CI and OSP.
     CI shall be required to furnish all materials, equipment and/or services necessary to perform contractual
     requirements. Materials and workmanship in the construction of equipment for this contract shall conform to all
     codes, regulations and requirements for such equipment, specifications contained herein, and the normal uses for
     which intended. Materials shall be manufactured in accordance with the best commercial practices and standards
     for this type of equipment.
     It is the policy of Correctional Industries to provide its customers with products and services that conform to their
     specifications and quality requirements. CI’s goal is to achieve a constant high standard of quality while
     maintaining economical operations. Adherence to the precepts of this directive will ensure a level of quality
     consistent with management’s objectives and CI’s mission.
     CI agrees to comply with conditions of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Acts of 1970 (OSHA), as may
     be amended, and, if it has a workplace within the state of Washington, the Washington Industrial Safety and Health
     Act of 1973 (WISHA), as may be amended, and the standards and regulations issued thereunder and certifies that all
     items furnished and purchased under this order will conform to and comply with said standards and regulations. CI
     further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless customer from all damages assessed against customer as a result of
     CI's failure to comply with the acts and standards thereunder and for the failure of the items furnished under this
     order to so comply. All products shall meet ANSI standards and applicable federal and state laws.
26. TAXES:
     WAC 458-20-189 governs state sales tax from state agencies or institutions. Office of Code Reviser

    Contract prices shall remain unchanged for at least one hundred and eighty days after the effective date of the
    contract. Adjustments in contract pricing will be allowed on a pass-through basis only. CI shall provide adequate
    documentation to justify said increases. Documentation must be based on US published price indexes such as the
    Producers Price Index published by the US Department of Labor. Approved price adjustments shall remain unchanged
    for at least one hundred and eighty days thereafter. A minimum of sixty (60) days advance written notice to the OSP
    is required for adjustments. The OSP shall review the pricing adjustment request and respond to CI within fourteen
    (14) working days of submission of the request with the adequate documentation attached.

                                  STANDARD TERMS & CONDITIONS

     This document, including all addenda and subsequently issued change notices, comprises the entire agreement
     between the State of Washington and the Contractor and shall be governed by the laws of the State Of
     Washington incorporated herein by reference. The venue for legal action shall be the Superior Court for the State
     Of Washington, County of Thurston.
     Conflict. In the event of conflict between contract documents and applicable laws, codes, ordinances or
     regulations, the most stringent or legally binding requirement shall govern and be considered a part of this
     contract to afford the state maximum benefits.

        Severability. Any provision of this document found to be prohibited by law shall be ineffective to the extent of
        such prohibition without invalidating the remainder of the document.
     Acceptance of this contract binds the contractor to the terms and conditions of Section 601, Title VI, and Civil
     Rights Act of 1964, as may be amended:
         In that "No person in the United States shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex or age,
         be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any
         program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance." In addition, "No otherwise qualified
         handicapped individual in the United States shall, solely by reason of his handicap, be excluded from
         the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or
         activity receiving Federal financial assistance."
     Unless exempted by Presidential Executive Order #11246, as may be amended or replaced and applicable
     regulations thereunder, Contractor shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment.
     WAC 296-62-054 requires that all manufacturers/distributors of hazardous substances, including any of the items
     listed on this bid/quote/contract bid and subsequent award must include with each delivery completed Material
     Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each hazardous material. Additionally, each container of hazardous material must
     be appropriately labeled with:
              -The identity of the hazardous material,
              -Appropriate hazardous warnings, and
              -Name and address of the chemical manufacturer, importer or other responsible party.
     Appropriate fines may be levied by Labor and Industries against employers for noncompliance and agencies may
     withhold payment pending receipt of a legible copy of the MSDS. It should be noted that OSHA Form 20 is not
     acceptable in lieu of this requirement unless it is modified to include appropriate information relative to
     "carcinogenic ingredients" and "routes of entry" of the product(s) in question.
      In accordance with RCW 43.19.1937 and 1939, it is unlawful for any person to directly or indirectly offer, give or
      accept gifts, gratuities, loans, trips, favors, special discounts, services, or anything of economic value in
      conjunction with state business practices.
      In the event of any claim for default or breach of contract, no provision in this document or in the bidder's offer
      shall be construed, expressly or by implication, as a waiver by the state of any existing or future right and/or
      remedy available by law. Failure of the state to insist upon the strict performance of any term or condition of the
      contract or to exercise or delay the exercise of any right or remedy provided in the contract or by law, or the
      acceptance of (or payment for) materials, equipment or services, shall not release the Contractor from any
      responsibilities or obligations imposed by this contract or by law, and shall not be deemed a waiver of any right of
      the state to insist upon the strict performance of the contract.
      Contractor shall indemnify, defend and save harmless the Department of General Administration and all other
      contract users from any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, proceedings, losses, costs and damages of every
        kind and description, including any attorneys' fees and/or litigation expenses, which may be brought or made
        against or incurred by the Department of General Administration on account of losses of or damage to any
        property or for injuries to or death of any person, caused by, arising out of, or contributed to, in whole or in part,
        by reasons of any act, omission, professional error, fault, mistake or negligence of Contractor, Contractor's
        employees, agents, representatives or subcontractors, their employees, agents, representatives, and inmates in
        connection with or incidental to the performance of this agreement
     It is agreed by and between the parties hereto that in no event shall any official, officer, employee or agent of the
     State of Washington be in any way personally liable or responsible for any covenant or agreement herein
     contained whether expressed or implied, nor for any statement or representation made herein or in any connection
     with this agreement.
     Contractor shall not advertise or publish information concerning this contract in any form or media without prior
     written consent from the Contract Administrator.
      A. Taxes. Contractor shall pay for and maintain in current status any and all taxes which are necessary for
         contract performance. Unless otherwise indicated, the purchaser agrees to pay all State of Washington sales or
         use taxes. No charge by Contractor shall be made for federal excise taxes and the purchaser agrees to furnish
         Contractor with an exemption certificate, where appropriate. Sales tax shall not be included in bid pricing
      B. Fees/Licenses. Prior to bid opening the Contractor shall pay for and maintain in a current status, any license
         fees, assessments, permit charges, etc., which are necessary for contract performance. It is the contractor's
         sole responsibility to monitor and determine any changes or the enactment of any subsequent regulations for
         said fees, assessments or charges and to immediately comply with said changes or regulations during the
         entire term of this contract.
       All materials, equipment or services shall be free of all liens, claims, or encumbrances of any kind and if the state
       requests, a formal release of same shall be delivered to the state.
       Regardless of FOB point, Contractor agrees to bear all risks of loss, injury or destruction of goods and materials
       ordered herein which occur prior to delivery and acceptance. Such loss, injury or destruction shall not release
       Contractor from any obligation hereunder.
      Acceptance by the purchaser of unsatisfactory performance with or without objection or reservation shall not
      waive the right to claim damage for breach nor constitute a waiver of requirements for satisfactory performance of
      any obligation remaining to be performed by Contractor.
       All invoices, packing lists, packages, instruction manuals, correspondence, shipping notices, shipping containers
       and other written documents affecting this contract shall be identified by the applicable purchase order or field
       order number. Packing lists shall be enclosed with each shipment, indicating the contents therein.
      No charges will be allowed for handling which includes but is not limited to packing, wrapping, bags, containers
      or reels, unless otherwise stated herein.
        Invoicing: contractor shall provide one copy of invoice which shall reference the contract and field order
        or purchase order number. Invoices shall be properly annotated when necessary. Customers are also
        encouraged to remit payment electronically to reduce paper and postage expenses.
      Payment will be made by the purchasers indicated on ordering document. Any bid that requires payment in less
      than thirty (30) calendar days need not be considered. Prompt payment discount periods of thirty (30) calendar
      days or more will be considered in determining the apparent lowest responsible and responsive bid. Invoices will

        not be processed for payment nor will the period of cash discount commence until receipt of a properly completed
        invoice and until all invoiced items are received and satisfactory performance of Contractor has been attained. If
        an adjustment in payment is necessary due to damage or dispute, the cash discount period shall commence on the
        date final approval for payment is authorized. Under "Chapter 39.76 RCW", if purchaser fails to make timely
        payment(s), Contractor may invoice for 1% per month on the amount overdue or a minimum of $1.00. Payment
        will not be considered late if a check or warrant is mailed within the time specified. If no terms are specified, net
        30 days will automatically apply. Payment(s) made in accordance with contract terms shall fully compensate the
        Contractor for all risk, loss, damages or expense of whatever nature and acceptance of payment shall constitute a
        waiver of all claims submitted by Contractor.
      No alteration in any of the terms, conditions, or contractual requirements herein shall be effective without the
      written consent of the Contract Administrator as evidenced by issuance by the state of current contract
      The state reserves the right to add or delete items, authorized purchasers or locations as determined to be in the
      best interest of the state. Added items, agencies or locations will be related to those on contract and additions or
      deletions will not represent a significant increase or decrease in size or scope of the contract. Such additions or
      deletions will be by mutual agreement, will be at prices consistent with the original bid price margins, and will be
      evidenced by issuance of written current contract information from the Contract Administrator.
      A. Definition: Except for payment of sums due, neither party shall be liable to the other or deemed in default
          under this contract if and to the extent that such party's performance of this contract is prevented by reason of
          force majeure. The term "force majeure" means an occurrence that is beyond the control of the party affected
          and could not have been avoided by exercising reasonable diligence. Force majeure shall include acts of God,
          war, riots, strikes, fire, floods, epidemics, or other similar occurrences.
       B. Notification: If either party is delayed by force majeure, said party shall provide written notification within
          forty-eight (48) hours. The notification shall provide evidence of the force majeure to the satisfaction of the
          other party. Such delay shall cease as soon as practicable and written notification of same shall be provided.
          The time of completion shall be extended by contract modification for a period of time equal to the time that
          the results or effects of such delay prevented the delayed party from performing in accordance with this
      C. Rights Reserved: The state reserves the right to cancel the contract and/or purchase materials, equipment or
          services from the best available source during the time of force majeure, and Contractor shall have no
          recourse against the state.
      D. Force Majeure shall include prison facility lock-downs or similar type of circumstances.