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           Website:               VOLUME XXVII                         MAY 2009                                       NO. 188
     Brian Patrick
       President                                      New 5-Year Comprehensive Plan
     Bert Reyes                                     By Wendy Ihde, MAEMSP immediate Past President
     Beth Gerhart
       Past President                   The new 5-Year Comprehensive Plan framework is being rolled out by OPI. I have been
                                     impressed by the work that has been done to develop this new plan. The OPI team has used
    Dan Johnston
                                     the Effective Schools Correlates as the basis for the 5-Year Plan. The new plans will be web-
      President                      based and will be dynamic. We will not submit them in notebooks, as we did the last time,
    Keith Campbell                   but they will be saved online and accessible from there. Changes can easily made as we set
      1st Vice President
                                     and meet goals. I really feel that with the new layout and framework, these will truly be-
      2nd Vice President             come documents that can and will guide districts in their improvement plans.
    Daniel Farr
      Past President
   MAEMSP                                This past week I was fortunate to attend the Effective Schools Conference with Larry
    Sharon Redfern                   Lezotte in Billings. Corvallis Schools sent a team of 11 staff members including administra-
      President                      tors, teachers, and even a secretary. The excitement these two days produced is phenomenal.
    Robin Bedford
      1st Vice President             We have already begun planning how we are going to share this with rest of our stakeholders
    Vickie Donisthorpe               and use the information to improve the way we do business. Dr. Lezotte has a no-nonsense
      2nd Vice President             way of presenting his information in a very engaging way. His information is greatly grounded
    Wendy Ihde
      Past President                 in theory but is also presented in a very practical way. He gives real-life examples and ideas
    Sue Johnson                      about applying this theory.
    and Matt Lewis
                                        The Corvallis Schools have a great reputation. We pride ourselves in the programs we
    Alvin Buerkle                    offer our students. We give our students a quality education; however, we are also in our
      President                      second year of not making AYP. While we are hopeful, we are expecting to be short of AYP
    Ron Whitmoyer                    for another year. One of the big ideas of Dr. Lezotte is that every school has the potential to
    Jule Walker                      be even better. The correlates can help us to focus our energies in ways that are productive.
      Past President                 The information and materials we gathered in Billings are going to help us to focus our
    Bruce Messinger
                                     school and district improvement plans.

    Mary Ellen Fitzgerald               Each school in the state will be receiving a set of materials from the state to use in the
      President                      implementation of our 5-year plans. If you were not able to attend the two days in Billings,
                                     look for these materials to arrive. You will find information that is practical and easy to use.
    Dale Lambert

                                                        SAM’s Mission Statement
Darrell Rud         Julie Sykes                  Educational leaders, advocates for youth
Executive Dir.      Associate Dir.
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         2009-2010 Membership                                             2009 MASSP Principal of the
               Renewals                                                             Year
    This month current members will be receiving an invoice for          At the 44th Annual Montana Association of Secondary School
the 2009-2010 affiliate membership renewals. The invoices are         Principals (MASSP) Conference in Helena recently, the MASSP
sent out in hopes that you renew your memberships BEFORE              Principal of the Year was announced.
you leave your school for summer break. Please DO NOT pay                Mr. Joseph Paine, Principal at Wolf Point Jr. and Sr. High
your membership via the national affiliates. We ask that your         School in Wolf Point was recognized as the MASSP 2009 Prin-
dues be sent to the SAM office and we will transmit the national      cipal of the Year. The Montana Principal of the Year program
dues portion to the correct national affiliate. If you are leaving    recognizes and honors outstanding school leaders who have suc-
your administrative position, please advise the SAM office so         ceeded in providing high-quality learning opportunities for stu-
that a membership application can be mailed to the new admin-         dents.
istrator.                                                               Mr. Paine’s educational career in Wolf Point dates back to
   The membership year for SAM is July 1, 2009 through June           1991 when he began as an Industrial Arts Instructor. He became
30, 2010. Membership in SAM is automatic when joining any             Dean of Students in 2003 and 9-12 Principal in 2005.
affiliate (MASS, MASSP, MAEMSP, MCASE, MACSS). We                        Mr. Paine was honored for his knowledge and utilizing data
encourage you to send in your membership in a timely fashion          and input from others on his team to initiate and bring about
in order to begin receiving membership benefits.                      conclusions in his decision-making efforts. “His efforts are for-
   We also encourage you to join not only your state affiliate,       ward thinking and he is able to maintain an educational focus
but your national affiliate as well. The national affiliates en-      while balancing the administrative needs of his building and
hance your state memberships with additional publications, an         personnel”.
additional national legislative voice, additional legal assistance,       He was acknowledged for his strength in community rela-
and a greater capacity to improve the educational experience          tions as well. “He represents the school district on several com-
for the youth of Montana.                                             munity groups and during the summer directs the youth activi-
   We also ask you to list your e-mail address on the renewal         ties and program in the recreational area for the city. His in-
notice, enabling us to communicate with you in a quicker and          volvement with the youth in our community goes far beyond the
more efficient manner. If you ARE NOT on the different affili-        school walls and his volunteerism efforts for other programs such
ate list-servs, we strongly encourage you to request that service     as AAU wrestling are unmatched by any other in Wolf Point”.
by marking the appropriate line on the membership invoice form.          One of Mr. Paine’s reference letters states: “He involves all
The list-servs are wonderful vehicles to utilize on important mat-    stakeholders in meeting the goals of the school by providing
ters with your colleagues.                                            direction to ensure that every student reaches academic achieve-
   SAM membership applications will be posted mid-May on              ment as set by local, state, and national standards”.
the SAM website ( for your convenience.                     Another reference states: “He has implemented comprehen-
   The leadership of SAM looks forward to a continuing part-          sive, school-wide research strategies to meet academic success
                                                                      and goal attainment. He has been instrumental in implementing
nership with you as the new membership year begins. If you
                                                                      a reading program that has resulted in a rise in test scores in that
need any assistance with membership information please con-
                                                                      area. He has initiated a program of student/teacher mentorship
tact the SAM office.
                                                                      and has instituted the formulation of a School Improvement Team
                                                                      consisting of faculty and administration”
                                                                         As the Montana recipient, Mr. Paine is eligible for the Na-
                        Pre-register for the                          tional School Principal of the Year Award. The state Principal
                                                                      of the Year Award program is sponsored by MetLife and the
                       Montana Educators’                             National Association of Secondary School Principals in asso-
                                                                      ciation with the United States Department of Education.
                           June 15-17 !
                         Bring your team!
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        Montana Joins Principals From Around the Nation to Restore
                        New Orleans Communities
    To help New Orleans complete its comeback from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, representatives of Montana Association of
Elementary and Middle School Principals, joined 100 elementary and middle school principals from around the nation for the
National Association of Elementary School Principal’s (NAESP) inaugural Community Service Day. The principals rolled up their
sleeves to prepare clean and safe learning environments, bringing hope to New Orleans communities by restoring schools that are
still desperate for assistance three years after the storm.

   The service day was a significant component of the NAESP convention that was held in New Orleans, which was themed
“Transforming Learning Communities.” “Principals are extremely compassionate and our members jumped at the chance to help
schools rebuild,” said NAESP Executive Director Gail Connelly. “This service project is in line with our mission to support princi-
pals in their commitment to leading learning communities and helping all children reach their highest potential.”

  NAESP’s Community Service Day was made possible through the generous support of Landscape Structures, Lifetouch, and
Welsh Products Inc, and Camp Restore arranged for the work sites.

  The service day occurred on Thursday, April 2 as a part of NAESP’s 88th Annual Convention & Exposition, which took place
April 2-6 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. The principals did landscaping at two school sites and a park:
Ben Franklin Elementary, Eleanor McMain High School, and New Orleans City Park.
   Montana participants: Wendy & Brian Ihde, Sharon and Mark Redfern, Christi Johnson, Jennifer Luoma, Dale & Nancy Ahrens,
Julie Sykes

   For more information about NAESP’s annual convention, visit
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                 Kathy Johnson Described as Having ‘Kindred Spirit’
                             By KRISTEN CATES • Tribune Staff Writer • April 30, 2009

   When Principal Kathy Johnson received the call at Lincoln Elementary on Wednesday that she was dubbed the “No. 1 Lady” in
Great Falls, she thought it was a mistake. “I thought, ‘you’ve got the wrong school,’” she said. Johnson won the first-ever essay
contest for the “No. 1 Lady” in Great Falls, sponsored by the YWCA.

  Debbie Stewart, a math tutor and parent volunteer at the school, wrote the essay on behalf of Johnson. “It was just sincere from
my heart,” Stewart said. “I could have written a lot more, but I didn’t want to write a book.”

   Contest entrants had to give a good description of why they chose to nominate the woman they did. Deanna Small, education
coordinator at the YWCA, said the selection committee for the award received numerous essays, but the description of Johnson
stood out. “The one thing that stood out is how she illuminated herself to other people,” Small said. “It seemed like it was very
effortless for Kathy as far as helping someone or sharing with her students.”

   Stewart said the minute she heard about the essay contest, she knew she would nominate Johnson, a woman she described as
having a “kindred spirit.” “When you meet somebody (like her), you just feel close to them for a certain reason,” Stewart said. “I
admire her sincerity and honesty.”

   In her essay, Stewart described Johnson’s passion for music in the classroom and her upbeat personality in the face of uncommon
adversity as two strong reasons for her being the “No. 1 Lady” in Great Falls.

   Johnson started teaching in Sunburst in 1973. She and her husband raised two children there and she was a middle school
principal for six years. In 1999, her husband died suddenly, and she decided to move to Great Falls, where she has been principal at
Lincoln Elementary since.

    More than a year and a half ago, Johnson lost her 5-month-old granddaughter Lauren Beck to sudden infant death syndrome.
“My faith is everything that gets me through it,” she said. But music is also one of her passions. She plays piano at Christmastime for
her students, plays piano for her church, and encourages
all of her teachers and staff to include music into lesson
plans any time they can. “There’s a lot of joy in this
building,” she said. “We really do believe in the total

    Being an educator was not on Johnson’s list of career
choices when she was a young girl. “I wanted to be a
telephone operator or a ballerina,” she said. With four
younger brothers she babysat, Johnson said she quickly
learned how to take charge. “I’m not sure I was a natu-
ral-born teacher, but I was a natural-born leader,” she
said. “I would never want you to hold me up based on
my first year of teaching. I’m just very grateful for what
I have.”
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              Homework Assignment, Goodbyes, Thanks, and Renew!
                                             By Darrell Rud, Executive Director
   AWESOME members of the School Administrators of Montana and its affiliates,
   At a recent meeting of the Ed Forum, Superintendent Denise Juneau offered me a challenge to further engage you, the educa-
tional administrator leaders of our state, in the political process from this time forward. I would guess that some may say….”enough….I
can’t add one more thing to my plate”! I respect that but also know in my heart that without the right level of educational
administrator leadership, there is a void in the important advocacy for students which helps insure that the guarantee of their
constitutional right to a quality education is fulfilled. I did ask Superintendent Juneau to provide me with a legal list of “advocacy
do’s & don’ts” that will keep you from taking unnecessary risks with your careers and positions within your learning communities.
   Several Montana legislators are term limited! Controversy abounds over whether term limits are a good thing…..or not! Never-
theless, several members from both parties have fulfilled their limit of legislative experience and are, for the most part, returning to
public life in your communities. Whether they’re from your preferred party or not or whether they’ve mostly voted for you and your
constituent issues is important, but equally as important is your willingness to say “thanks for serving”.

   Term Limited Legislators
   Senate                                                          House of Representatives
   Aubyn Curtiss, Fortine                                           Dee Brown, Hungry Horse
   Greg Barkus, Kalispell                                           Deb Kottell, Great Falls
   Trudi Schmidt, Great Falls                                       Bill Wilson, Great Falls
   Joe Tropila, Great Falls                                         Sue Dickenson, Great Falls
   Jerry Black, Shelby                                              Dave Kasten, Brockway
   Kim Hansen, Harlem                                              Bob Bergren, Havre
   Keith Bales, Otter                                              Dennis Himmelberger, Billings
   Kelly Gebhardt, Roundup                                          Penny Morgan, Billings
   Dan McGee, Laurel                                               Scott Sales, Bozeman
   Bob Story, Park City                                             Scott Mendenhall, Clancy
   John Esp, Big Timber                                             Jill Cohenour, East Helena
   Gary Perry, Manhattan                                           Ron Stoker, Darby
   Mike Cooney, Helena                                             Bob Lake, Hamilton
   Rick Laible, Victor                                             Ray Hawk, Florence
   Carolyn Squires, Missoula

   BOTH parties have plans as to how to claim (or reclaim) the Senate and House majorities. They are recruiting candidates as we
speak. As part of your homework project, please engage in these discussions and encourage open-minded Montana citizens that you
know and trust to consider running for these open seats!

    Words cannot express how grateful my wife, Judy, and I and our extended family are for the kind words, cards, flowers, memo-
rials and other acts of kindness sent our way after the recent death of my mother-in-law. In spite of everyone’s fast-paced lives, you
are there when help is needed and provide an incredible lift during times of sorrow. THANKS, friends!
   I will cross paths with several of you at various meetings prior to your well-deserved summer breaks but for all of you, I hope that
the coming weeks and months give you ample opportunities to renew and recharge so that 2009-1010 proves to be an incredibly
positive year for you, your families, and your learning communities.
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                         The Un-Comfort Zone - The Main Ingredient
                                                  By Robert Evans Wilson, Jr.

         In 1907, during a major league baseball game, second base was stolen 13 times by the winning team. The catcher for the
losing team, Branch Rickey, was unable to pick off even a single runner. That record stands to this day. It also spelled the end of
Rickey’s career as a baseball player after just two short seasons. With nothing else to do, he went to college and law school.
        Six years later, he returned to major league baseball. This time as a manager – and what a manager he turned out to be! He
created the modern baseball farm system which enables major league teams to nurture and develop future stars through their minor
league teams. He was the first to establish a permanent spring training facility in Florida. He changed the way statistical analysis
is used in baseball by proving that on-base percentage is more important than batting average. Branch Rickey is best known,
however, for breaking the color barrier by bringing African-American Jackie Robinson into the major leagues. It earned him a spot
in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
        Rickey offers this as his recipe for success, “Success is where preparation meets opportunity.” A simple formula that
reminds me of the old joke: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” The answer: “Practice. Practice. Practice.” Obviously, you can’t
take advantage of an opportunity if you don’t have the skills. It’s a good recipe for success, but it doesn’t reveal the secret main
        A funny old song from Frank Sinatra gets us little closer to the answer. Do you remember these lyrics from High Hopes ?
        Just what makes that little old ant
        Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant
        Anyone knows an ant, can’t
        Move a rubber tree plant!
        I love that song because a stanza later we learn the ant CAN: “Oops there goes another rubber tree plant.” Is having “high
hopes” the secret ingredient? No, but it gets us closer to it. You see, the ant succeeds because he doesn’t know that he can fail.
        Think about some of the people you know who are successful. What is it that makes them big achievers? What traits do you
associate with them?
        When I ask this question of my audiences I frequently hear the following ingredients: Courage, Perseverance, Enthusiasm,
Discipline, Confidence, Decisiveness, Self-reliance, Responsibility, Focus, Ambition, and Optimism.
        All of these are certainly traits of successful people, but which one is the overriding characteristic? Which one is the main
        None of the above!
        That’s right – none! Yes, they are all important, but there is one ingredient that makes the cake, and that is simply your
belief that you will succeed. It’s called Self-Efficacy. Your belief in your ability to achieve what you seek is the biggest part of
actually getting there. The best part is that self-efficacy is a trait that can be acquired at any age.
         We acquire a sense self-efficacy in four ways. The first way is cumulative. With each success we achieve we add a new
layer of confidence in ourselves. The second way is through observation. When we see someone similar to ourselves succeed, we
realize that we can too. The third way is controlled by our attitude. A positive attitude enhances our belief in our abilities whereas
a negative one destroys it. The fourth way is from the encouragement of others who believe in our ability to succeed. This is where
you as an effective manager can help your people succeed. Tell them that you believe they can meet their goals and you will help
them believe it too.

    Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. is a motivational speaker and humorist. He works with companies that want to be more competi-
tive and with people who want to think like innovators. For more information on Robert’s programs please visit
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                                                Asthma Updates
  Resources and Information
  LISTSERV: The Schools IAQ Connector Listserv makes it easy for you to drive the conversation about IAQ manage-
ment by connecting directly with your peers to share information, best practices, and communicate over e-mail and on the
Web. Join the listserv today-send a blank e-mail message to Then, check
your e-mail inbox for your confirmation and membership details.

   New Webpage from CDC-DASH: Parent Involvement, Student Involvement, and Caring Faculty: Strong Connections
at School Can Lead to Healthier Choices

    House Dust Yields Clue to Asthma: Roaches...Asthma is the most common chronic disease of childhood, one that
strikes the poor disproportionately. Up to one-third of children living in inner-city public housing have allergic asthma, in
which a specific allergen sets off a cascade of events that cause characteristic inflammation, airway constriction and wheez-
ing. “For inner-city children,” said the lead researcher, Dr. Daniel G. Remick, a professor of pathology, “the major cause of
asthma is not dust mites, not dog dander, not outdoor air pollen. It’s allergies to cockroaches.” For the full article, visit:

   NSBA Best District Practices
NSBA is pleased to announce a new web-based resource, Promising District Practices. This new website shares success
stories related to district-level school health policies and practices. The website features a searchable database of local
school district successes in developing, implementing, and evaluating policies and practices that address health risk behav-
iors and health promotion issues. The stories are submitted by school districts and schools across the country. If you have
effective policies and practices that you would like to share with your peers, please submit them using the website’s online
submission form. By providing your story and guidance, you can help others build effective school health approaches that
may strengthen students’ health and education outcomes. To explore the Promising District Practices website, please visit:
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                                        A Tribute to Our Supporters
School Administrators of Montana would like to thank the following businesses for their support of administrators and students
 in Montana. Their contributions to SAM programs and events are essential to developing strong administrators and student
leaders. (Sponsorship levels: Big Sky Sponsor - $10,000 or more, Glacier Sponsor - $5,000 to $9,999, Mountain Sponsor -
$2,000 to $4,999, Meadow Sponsor - $1,000 to $1,999 yearly)
If you are looking for school necessities or services, etc., please check this listing of our supporters.
MUST/MSSF - Montana Big Sky Sponsor                                     Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc.-
Health Insurance                                                        Montana Mountain Sponsor
P O Box 4579                                                            School portraits, yearbooks, sports portraits
Helena, MT 59601                                                        2110 Overland Ave., #115A
Email:                                                 Billings, MT 59102
Phone: 406-457-4400                                                     Email:
SchoolWires Inc. - Montana Glacier Sponsor                              Phone: 800-862-7183
Website                                                                 Dakota Fence - Montana Meadow Sponsor
Innovation Park at Penn State                                           Playground & Athletic Equipment
200 Innovation Blvd., Ste. 201                                          1110 25th Ave. No.
State College, PA 16801                                                 Fargo, ND 58107
Email:                                         Email:
Phone: 814-689-1046 Ext. 304                                            Phone: 800-726-4064
Walden University - Montana Glacier Sponsor                             Measured Progress - Montana Meadow Sponsor
Providing on-line graduate degrees to educators                         Standards-based assessment resources
650 South Exeter Street                                                 P O Box 1217
Baltimore , MD21202                                                     Dover, NH 03821
Email:                                       Email:
Phone: 443-514-5272                                                     Phone: 603.749.9102 x.2295
VALIC - Montana Mountain Sponsor                                        JGA Architects, Engineers, Planners -
Annuities, life insurance                                               Montana Meadow Sponsor
430 Ryman St., #102                                                     Architectural design
Missoula, MT 59892                                                      3395 Gabel Road
Email:                                              Billings, MT 59102
Phone: 406-329-5500                                                     Email:
LifeTrack Services - Montana Mountain Sponsor                           Phone: 406-245-6363
Graduate Follow-up                                                      Western States Insurance - Montana Meadow Sponsor
845 Port Way                                                            School property & liability insurance
Clarkston, WA 99403                                                     P O Box 5207
Email:                                   Helena, MT 59604
Phone: 800-738-6461                                                     Email:
Panasonic - Montana Mountain Sponsor                                    Phone: 406-457-4531
Panasonic digital copiers/printers
1350 Cherry Ave.
Helena, MT 59601
Phone: 406-442-6686
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              Montana Educators’ Institute
                                    Achieving With Data
                                 Reaching Montana Students
                                          June 15-17, 2009

                                Conference Highlights:

                                 Monday, June 15, 2009
                                    8:30am - 4:00pm
       Dr. Dan Mulligan - Learning in the 21st Century: THINKING Goes to School

                                   Tuesday, June 16, 2009
                                       8:30am - 12:00n
                    Dr. Mike Schmoker - The Opportunity for Results - NOW

                                   12:45pm - 4:00pm
      Dr. Tom Roy - Assessment and Grading that Work/Formative Assessment Part 1

                                 Wednesday, June 17, 2009
                                       8:30am - 12:00n
                        Erin Gruwell - Becoming a Catalyst for Change

                                   12:45pm - 4:00pm
      Dr. Tom Roy - Assessment and Grading that Work/Formative Assessment Part 2

 For the complete details - see the conference brochure on the SAM website at the following
                                                                                                              Page 11

Conference Registration
                         Institute Fees                                           Montana
                June 15 Dr. Dan Mulligan—Only
  Member and Non-Member                                       $100
                                                                              Educators’ Institute
  Undergraduate Student                                       $30
                                                                                         June 15-17, 2009
         June 15-17 Institute—Includes Dr. Dan Mulligan
  Member and Non-Member                                       $225
  Undergraduate Student                                       $90                       Red Lion Colonial Hotel
                                                                                         2301 Colonial Drive
Attendee Information                                                                      Helena, Montana

                                                                                          Days Attending:
Name: _____________________________________________
                                                                     __    $100   June 15—Dr. Dan Mulligan
Title: _______________________________________________               __     $30   June 15—Dr. Dan Mulligan—
                                                                                  Undergraduate Student
School: ____________________________________________                                       OR
                                                                     __    $225   June 15-17—Conference
Address: ___________________________________________                 __     $90   June 15-17—Conference—
                                                                                  Undergraduate Student
City, State: _________________________________________
                                                                     $_______Total “Conference Registration Fee”

Zip/Postal Code:    ___________________________________              PAYMENT:
                                                                     __ Check         __ Purchase Order # ____________
Email:    _____________________________________________
                                                                     Please make check or school district purchase order pay-
Phone: _____________________________________________                 able to MASCD • 2724 Delmar • Great Falls, MT 59404.

                                                                     SEND     your registration and check or purchase order to:
Is this registration part of a team? ___________________
                                                                                          Cassie Huntley
  Receive $10 off per registrant for schools sending teams.                                633 Leslie #3
              A team is a group of 3 or more.
                                                                                         Helena, MT 59601

         College & Continuing Education Credits                      FAX     your registration and purchase order to:
                     are available.                                                        1.866.847.7757
Cancellation Policy:
                                                                     REGISTER ONLINE at
Full refunds will be granted for cancellations received by
May 15, 2009. $25 will be assessed for cancellations after                   
May 15, 2009, until May 31, 2009. NO REFUNDS will be                       For more information contact: Cassie Huntley at
given after May 31, 2009. No refunds will be given for no                    406.461.5018 or
shows. Non-payment does not constitute cancellation.
                                                                                      Lunch is provided daily!

Hotel Reservation Contact: BOOK EARLY!!!
    If you need room accommodations at the MEI Conference site, please contact the Red Lion Colonial Hotel •
    406.443.2100. Indicate you are attending the Montana Educators’ Institute in order to receive “conference rates.”
                Page 12

                                   5th Annual (actually “delayed”)
                                            Da Rud Cup
                                          A Golfing Event

                                               SAM Golfers Needed

  Our June Montana Summer Educators Institute is just around the corner, and we will once again have the
world famous Da Rud Cup Open. Some of you will remember last year’s event was snowed out. Just like our
Executive Director, no experience is required. Have a golf swing, no swing, but just love to beat that little white
ball to death? Then this event is for you. No handicaps are required, no long standing club membership, and
definitely no sense of honesty. Join us for a golfing adventure, have a few beverages, and simply enjoy a GREAT

WHO:          SAM members who like to golf and would like to golf in a fun scramble full of prizes for all abilities.

WHAT:         This is a four-person scramble event. All four players hit from the tee box, choose a “best” ball for
              your second shot, everyone move up to that best ball and continue to hit your second shot from that
              position. This continues until that little ball is in the big cup! You must alternate shots; no person
              may hit two consecutive shots in a row. Record your score and move on to the next hole.

WHERE:        June 15th at Fox Ridge G.C. following our Executive Director’s blessing for a 5PM starting time.

TEAMS:        Teams will be formed by two methods. The first requires you to complete the golf tournament entry
              form. You may have a team of one, two, three, or four. For those teams needing additional players, I
              will pair you up prior to the conference or you may sign up at the conference as an individual and I
              will find a team for you. If you need help prior to the conference, call the Tournament
              Director…Jerry House at 862-8640.

Cost:         $23 per person for golf payable to Jerry House
              Fees include - cart, green fees, prizes & awards
              $20 per person for BBQ (at time of printing - we are working on a sponsor for this)

Prizes:       Tee prizes, golf balls, hats, etc., and of course, the main prize of a lifetime, drum roll please…
              the Da Rud Cup…given to the SAM team with the lowest score that was honestly earned.
                                                                                          Page 13

                                     SAM’s 5th “delayed”Annual
                                        Da Rud Cup Open
                                        Golf Tournament
                                      Monday, June 15, 2009
                                                    Fox Ridge G.C.
                                                  Helena, Montana
                                                  4-Person Scramble
                                          SHOTGUN START – 5:00pm
                                        Green Fees, Cart, Prizes, BBQ

Awards and Random Prizes given at end of play and the BBQ, approximately 7:00pm at Red Fox Restaurant at the Golf
                                             ENTRY FORM
                                             $23 per person
    GOLFER’S NAME                        SCHOOL          PHONE

    1. __________________________________________________________                                   $23

    2. __________________________________________________________                                   $23

    3. __________________________________________________________                                   $23

    4. __________________________________________________________                                   $23

                                                                        TOTAL -     $92
           BBQ Ticket @ $20.00 ___________
           Extra GUEST BBQ ticket @ $20.00              ______________

Return Entry Form and Check to:
•   Jerry House, 600 East 2nd Street, Whitefish, MT 59937
•   Make Checks Payable to Jerry House

For Further Information, Contact Jerry House at 862-8640
                   SAM’s Da Rud Cup Open Golf Tournament
             Driving Directions to Fox Ridge G.C. will be distributed on-site
               2009 - 2010 Meetings Dates
May             6               1/2 Day School Law for PRINCIPALS   Kalispell
                8               School Law for PRINCIPALS           Glasgow
                11              Aspiring Administrator Workshop     Bozeman
                14              School Law for PRINCIPALS           Billings
                19              School Law for PRINCIPALS           Helena

June            15-17           Montana Educators’ Institute        Helena

August          3-4             New Leaders’ Workshop               Helena

September       17-18           MASS Fall Conference                Billings
                17-18           MCASE Fall Conference               Bozeman

October         14-16           MCEL                                Missoula

January ‘10     27-29           MAEMSP Conference                   Missoula

February ‘10    11-13           AASA Convention                     Phoenix

March ‘10       12-14           NASSP Convention                    Phoenix

April ‘10       8-12            NAESP Convention                    Houston
                21-23           MASSP Conference                    Helena

                        900 No. Montana Ave., Suite A-4
                            Helena, Montana 59601

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