Depression by P-TaylorFrancis


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Author: Dorothy Rowe

Edition: 2
Table of Contents

Preface. Preface to the New Edition. Acknowledgments. The Prison. Inside the Prison. How to Build your
Prison. Why Not Leave the Prison? Why I Won't Leave the Prison. Outside the Wall: Living with a
Depressed Person. Suppose I Did Want to Leave the Prison, What Should I Do? Suppose I Decide Not to
Change? The Prison Vanishes. Notes. Index.

'This book has saved my life', say thousands of people who have changed their lives forever after reading
Depression: The Way Out of Your Prison over the past decade.
Depression is the experience of a terrible isolation, of being alone in a prison. But by understanding how
we build the prison of depression we can dismantle it forever. Dorothy Rowe gives us a way of
understanding depression, allowing us to take charge of our lives. She shows it is not an illness requiring
drugs but a defence we use to hold ourselves together when we feel our lives falling apart.
This completely updated second edition takes account of recent changes in the NHS and includes
information on services available for non-British readers. Those buying a further copy of this popular book
will be interested to see new case histories alongside news about some of the people mentioned in the
first edition.
Author of ten bestsellers on life and its problems, Dorothy Rowe is a clinical psychologist who now
devotes her time to research, writing and teaching. Her work is read across the world in fourteen different
languages and she is a sought-after speaker and commentator on depression and a wide range of
psychological conditions.

'Depression: The Way Out of Your Prison should be required reading for everyone: there are few of us
untouched by depression.'

'You can't go to a party without meeting at least two people whose lives have been changed by Dorothy

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