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CATALOG                                     Aprons
                                            Back support
                                            Boots                              7
                                            Coveralls                          9
                                            Dust masks                        10
                                            Ear plugs                         10
                                            Eye protection                    10
                                            Fleece jackets, pants, & vests     8
                                            Freezer suits                      9
                                            Gloves, cut-resistant              4
                                            Gloves, disposable                 2
                                            Gloves, insulated                  3
                                            Gloves, knit                       4
                                            Gloves, lined                      3
                                            Gloves, unsupported                2
                                            Hairnets                           5
                                            Hard hats & liners                11
                                            Hats                               8
                                            Hearing protection                10
                                            Knives & sharpeners               12
                                            Long underwear                     8
                                            Raingear                           6
                                            Respirators                       10
                                            Safety goggles & glasses          10
                                            Sleeves                            4
                                            Socks                             11
                                            Sweatshirts & pants                8
                                            Work suits                         9
                                            Wrist wraps                       10

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  GLOVES: disposable

Semper Med Satari                             Semper Med Nitrile                              Best Derma Thin latex
Ambidextrous disposable latex examina-        Ambidextrous disposable nitrile examina-        5 mil 100% natural rubber latex; outstand-
tion gloves. powdered. S-XL, white or         tion gloves. powdered. S, M, L, XL, box         ing strength, wear, and dexterity. S, M, L,
blue; box of 100.        #SATARI              of 100. #INIPT                                  box of 100. #1005ML

 GLOVES: unsupported

Ansell-Edmont latex Canners                   Ansell-Edmont midweight latex                   Ansell-Edmont Chemi-Pro
12” 19 mil unsupported natural latex          12” 20 mil unsupported natural latex glove      Neoprene blend over latex provides pro-
glove. USDA accepted for food process-        offers superior tensile strength and protects   tection against a wide range of chemicals.
ing. Resistant to acid, detergents, salts,    against acids, detergents, salts, caustics,     The Chemi-Pro is 13” long and 28 mils
caustics, animal fats, vegetable oils, and    animal fats, and alcohols. Size 10 only,        thick for added protection, with a diamond
alcohol. Natural pebble finish. Half sizes,   blue. #25510                                    embossed grip and 100% cotton flocked
6-1/2 to 10, 11. #392                                                                         lining. Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10; blue with yellow
                                                                                              gauntlet. #224

Marigold 326Y midweight latex                 Marigold 2J heavyweight latex                   Marigold extra heavyweight latex
Flock-lined, medium weight latex, a good      Flock-lined heavy weight 31 mil latex liq-      Made of a compacted rubber compound for
general purpose glove at least 10% heavier    uid proof glove with superior insulation to     superior strength and wear, plus puncture
than most competitive styles. USDA ac-        hot and cold. Roughened palm pattern en-        and chemical resistance. Flock lined for
cepted. Diamond palm pattern; yellow, 21      hanced grip. 12-3/4” rolled cuff. Orange.       superior insulation to hot and cold. Dia-
mil latex. Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10. #326Y           S- XL. #2JO                                     mond palm pattern enhances grip. Black,
                                                                                              12”, 30 mil latex. S-XL. #173B

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                                                                                           GLOVES: supported

                                                                                                                              #6797R 

Atlas 620 Vinylove                           Atlas 660 oil-resistant                        Best Neoprene
A very comfortable, flexible PVC glove       For jobs handling chemical residues, oils,     Multi-dipped in neoprene these gloves
with a cotton knit liner. Liquid proof       or greasy materials. This glove is triple      provide protection against acids, caustics,
shell protects hands in messy cleanup        dipped for maximum protection, and lasts       oils, greases, and many solvents, as well
jobs. Flexibility reduces hand fatigue and   up to three times as long as regular PVC       as protection against abrasion and cuts.
thereby promotes productivity S-XXL.         gloves. M-XXL. #660                            The #6797R has an added rough finish
#620                                                                                        and provides a good wet grip. #6797 &
Atlas 640 Vinylove                           Atlas 690 oil-resistant
The same features as the 620 Vinylove with   The same features as the Atlas 660 with the    Ansell Neoprene “Crab Cooker”
the addition of a seamless shoulder length   addition of a seamless shoulder-length wa-     Multi-dipped neoprene protection with
watertight vinyl sleeve. Elastic closure     terproof vinyl sleeve. Elastic closure near    an extra long gauntlet (31”) to protect the
near the shoulder ensures dryness and        the shoulder ensures dryness and comfort.      arm up to the shoulder. Curved fingers
comfort. Sizes S, M, L, XL. #640             Sizes S, M, L, XL. #690                        and wing thumb provide a natural fit and

                                                                                           GLOVES: insulated

Ansell Grab-it
Grab-it rubber coated gloves have an
excellent wet grip and high abrasion
and cut resistance. Two-piece jersey
lining eliminates seams from the work-
ing areas to prevent hand irritation and
premature wear-through. Handles ac-          Atlas 490 oil resistant                        Best insulated Super Flex
ids, caustics, alcohols, and many sol-       In addition to the same cold resistance        Sanitized PVC coated glove resists
vents. One size. Knit wrist #6660;           and other benefits as the #460, the Atlas      chemicals and abrasion. Foam insulation
12” gauntlet (not shown) #6622               #490 is triple dipped in PVC for maximum       provides outstanding protection from cold
                                             protection against chemical residues, oils,    while locking in warmth. Remains flex-
                                             and greasy materials. Blue, 12”, Sizes M-      ible in subzero temperatures; wrinkle finish
                                             XL. #490                                       ensures excellent grip. One size. #73

Atlas 460                                    Polarflex insulated Safety Cuff                Majestic 1513T
Textured PVC shell resists chemicals and     Doubly insulated for maximum protec-           Leather glove lined with 3M Thinsulate for
abrasions, yet remains flexible in below     tion against liquids in cold and freezing      maximum warmth. Thinsulate microfibers
freezing temperatures. Seamless acrylic      weather. Made of PVC with nylon foam           keep you warm because they trap warm air,
lining keeps hands warm and dry, and         insulation. 10-1/2” gauntlet. #789             and insulate. Keystone thumb and rolled
flexes with the glove, reducing hand fa-                                                    leather hem. M-XL #1513T
tigue. Orange, 12”, S-XL. #460                                                                                               Page 3
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  GLOVES: knit

Atlas #300 palm fit                             Criss Cross Gripper                             Ragg wool glove
Comfortable, seamless knit glove is coated      Coated with clear PVC in a criss-cross pat-     Heavyweight, preshrunk, ragg wool glove
on gripping surfaces with textured blue nat-    tern to enhance grip, with a smooth coating     is warm and durable with an extra long
ural rubber; uncoated back allows hands to      applied to thumb crotch and fingertips. M-      cuff for added comfort and warmth. 85%
breath. Ergonomic shaping reduces hand          XL; yellow. #951238-40                          wool, 15% nylon for strength. #GOLD-
fatigue; superior fit and dexterity; flexible
and durable. S, M, L, XL. #300

  cut-resistant                                 White poly-blend knit
                                                Polyester, nylon, polypropylene blend
                                                                                                Thermax™ gloves
                                                                                                Hollow core fibers reflect the bodyʼs heat;
                                                makes this a tough, long wearing glove.         wicking action keeps hands dry. One size.
                                                S-XL #GOLDLINER                                 #THERMAX


Atlas KV300 & KV350
Seamless DuPont Kevlar® shell and
tough latex palm (KV300) or nitrile                                                             PVC coated polyester
palm (KV350) provide cut, slash, and                                                            35 mil PVC coated polyester sleeve with
puncture resistance without sacrificing           66° North heavy duty PVC                      an elastic cuff at both ends. Available in
dexterity. Coatings provide excellent             Heavy duty PVC coated cotton/polyester        yellow or white. 18” long. #YPS18C2:
grip. Sizes M-XL. #KV300, #KV350                  with adjustable Velcro band at top. Soft      yellow, #WPS18C2: white
                                                  and flexible even in extreme cold. Elas-
                                                  tic wrist or neoprene cuff, fluores-cent or
                                                  flat orange. #B21230 or #B21231
                                                                                                Heat sealed sleeves made with 35 mil
                                                                       #GRUNSLEEVE              PVC. Lightweight, with elastic wrist and
                                                                                                top. Yellow. #S036
Forschner Cut Resistant
Made with Spectra® and other USDA/                        #CLIPPER26
FDA approved materials; extremely
lightweight with exceptional cut and              Grundenʼs heavy duty PVC
abrasion resistance and a high level of           PVC coated cotton with an elastic and
                                                  Velcro adjustable top. Elastic wrist or       Clear vinyl
tactile sensitivity. Washable and bleach                                                        Heat sealed sleeves made with 8 mil vinyl.
safe. Sold singly, S-XL. #82402-05                neoprene cuff, orange. #GRUNSLEEVE
                                                  or #CLIPPER27                                 eliminate problems with contaminants that
                                                                                                may be introduced by sewing, thread, and
                                                                                                exposed elastics. #VSC8HS

Atlas 545                                         Heavy-duty PVC-coated cotton
Tough nitrile palm coating provides               Cotton coated with 65 mil PVC. Elas-          Ansell-Edmont disposable
puncture and cut resistance, excellent            tic or neoprene cuff with an elastic and      White embossed polyethylene disposable
fit, great grip and dexterity. Comfortable        Velcro top closure, orange. #S065ORN1         sleeve has elastic at wrist and top. 16” long,
seamless knit liner.Sizes M-XL. #545              or #S065ORN2                                  blue, 50 pieces per bag. #59201

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Protexall Mini Brute                             CPP PVC heavy duty, 20 mil                      CPP vinyl, 8 mil
Polyester based apron provides superior          These heavy duty aprons are made with           This 8-mil clear vinyl apron is 35” wide
protec-tion against abrasion, cuts, and          20 mil vinyl, with an added stomach patch       by 45” long with nylon serged edges.
tears; covers 60% more area than competi-        for extended wear. Resistant to chemicals,      Extra long nylon cross-over ties provide
tors. An added layer protects the midsec-        oils, grease, punctures, and abrasions. The     easy size adjustment and greater comfort.
tion. Quick-release metal buckle on neck         green apron is used in the aircraft industry    Grommets are permanently welded to
strap allows the apron to tear off if caught     and in the manufacture of batteries. The        apron for strength. #C45
in moving equipment. Grommets will not           white apron offers economical, heavy-
corrode or rust. USDA accepted. #W1480,          weight protection for the food processing
white; #Y1480, yellow                            industry. 35” wide, 45” long.
                                                 #PVC45G, green; #PVC45W, white

                                                                                                   White hair caps
                                                                                                   Soft polypropylene cap with elastic
                                                                                                   edging covers hair. Pack of 100. Sizes
                                                                                                   regular, large, or jumbo.
                                                                                                   #BOUFFANTW19, 21 or 24

                                                                                                   Black hair nets
                                                                                                   Heavyweight nylon hairnet with elastic
                                                                                                   edging, washable, pack of 12. Colors:
                                                                                                   black #15N, brown #1818B, white
Ansell Edmont disposable, 1.5 mil                Ansell Edmont disposable, 1 mil
Blue polyethylene smooth finish apron, 1.5       White polyethylene embossed apron, 1 mil,
mil. High quality virgin material combines       individually bagged. For light to medium-
flexibility and resistance to chemicals, fats,   duty use: combines the greatest flexibil-         Beard Covers
and oils. Easy to clean, conveniently pack-      ity, and resistance to chemicals, oils, fats,     Nylon net with elastic
aged. Component materials comply with            punctures, and abrasion in an inexpensive         edging, brown. Pack
FDA regulations for food contact. Pack of        apron. Made from FDA accepted materials
100. #DA46B                                                                                        of 100. #BGUARD
                                                 for use in all food handling applications, it
                                                 is easy to wipe down and keep clean. An
                                                 embossed finish helps prevent heat buildup        White polypropylene beard cover
                                                 and static cling. Pack of 100. #54299             #BEARDCOVERW112 (not shown)

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Mariner PVC/polyester raingear                Grundens heavy duty rain gear
Soft, yet durable PVC/polyester mate-         The Brigg 40 jacket is made of heavy cot-
rial offers excellent resistance to most      ton twill, coated with a specially formu-
chemicals, aging, and abrasion. This rain     lated PVC coating. It features an attached
suit has a three piece hood with an adjust-   hood, full cape sleeve design, double se-
able draw cord, double storm flaps with       cure storm flap and reinforced cuffs. It is
concealed nonconductive snaps, heavy          recommended for all heavy use activities.      66° North Heavy-duty Pro ra-
duty “key-in” suspenders, and a full cut      Hercules 16 heavy-duty bib pants feature       ingear
to maintain excellent mobility. Sizes S-      a side gusset for adjustable width, fully      Heavy-duty PVC-coated cotton/polyester
XXL; yellow. Sold as a set: jacket and bib    reversible design for extended wear, rein-     material remains soft and flexible in all
pants. #MARINER                               forced hems with riveted seams and speed       temperature ranges, with superior abra-
                                              clip suspender hook ups. Sizes XS-XXXL,        sion and oil resistance. Hooded jacket,
                                              flat orange. Jacket #BRIGG                     raglan cut sleeves, sturdy nickel plated
                                              Bib pants #HERC                                brass snaps storm flap, and reflective tape
                                                                                             on jacket shoulders. The bib pants have a
                                                                                             side gusset with a snap, a reversible front
                                                                                             and back for extended wear, and heavy-
                                                                                             duty suspenders with reinforced nylon
                                                                                             clips. Both jacket and pants have rein-
                                                                                             forced and welded seams. Sizes S-XXL;
                                                                                             order by color:
                                                                                             flat orange jacket #A11235
                                                                                             flat orange pants #A31205S
                                                                                             hi-vis fluorescent orange jacket #A11230
                                                                                             hi-vis fluorescent orange pants #A31202
                                                                                             green jacket #A11230G
Aleutian PVC/cotton raingear                                                                 green pants #A31202G              New!
PVC/cotton twill material treated to remain
pliable in cold conditions. Jacket features
comfortable, seamless reinforced cuffs, a     Helly Hansen PVC/nylon raingear                66° North
double storm flap with non-corrosive metal    Great for cannery workers! Lightweight         Extra heavy-duty Pro raingear
snaps, a form-fitting hood with adjustable    and mildew resistant, this sturdy raingear     Now 20% stronger than competitive
drawcord. Bib pants have reinforced           also resists most chemicals, oils, greases,    brands! Extra heavy-duty PVC-coated
ankle cuffs, non-corrosive snaps at the       acids, sea water and sunlight. Jacket fea-     cotton/twill material remains soft and
waist, reversible front and back for longer   tures hood, inside storm flap, and non-rust-   flexible in all temperature ranges, with
wear, strong, elastic suspenders with back    ing snap fasteners. Bib style pants can be     superior abrasion and oil resistance.
divider. Both jacket and pants are rug-       reversed for longer wear. Jacket, white or     Hooded jacket, raglan cut sleeves, sturdy
ged and durable with double welded and        yellow, sizes S-XXL #01003300                  nickel plated brass snaps with storm flap,
stitched seams. Sizes S-XXL; flat orange.     Bib pants, yellow, S-XXL #01014300             and reflective tape on jacket shoulders.
Jacket #ALEUTIANJ                                                                            The bib pants have a snapped side gusset,
Bib pants #ALEUTIANP                                                                         a reversible front and back for extended
                                               Raingear repair kits                          wear, and heavy-duty suspenders with rein-
                                               Kits include fabric patches, seal-            forced nylon clips. Reinforced and welded
                                               ant, and instructions. 66° North kit          seams throughout. Sizes S-XXL.
                                               #66REPAIR                                     flat orange jacket #A1013005
                                               Grundens kit #GRUNDREPAIR                     flat orange pants #A3010205
                                                                                             hi-vis fluorescent orange jacket #A10130
                                                                                             hi-vis fluorescent orange pants #A30102
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                                                                                                                              glove drying
                                                                                                                          (sold separately)

                                                                                               Peet boot & glove dryer
Northerner cannery boots                        Baffin Oilpatch insulated boots                Protect your boots and your feet! Electric
Injection molded seamless 100% water-           Designed specifically for use in oil fields    boot dryer dries boots safely overnight.
proof boots with steel shanks, cushion          and other industries where both chemical       Optional glove attachment available.
insoles, and ergonomic footbeds to fight        resistance and warmth are essential. 16”
                                                                                               Boot dryer #PEET
foot fatigue. Soft grey boot with black sole.   boot with drawstring closure; oil resistant
                                                neoprene coated nylon shaft, reinforced        Hipboot length dryer #PEETHIP
Mens sizes 4-14. #75122                                                                        Hipboot extension #PEETEXT
                                                heel protection, oil and acid resistant rub-
                                                ber base resists cold cracking. Remove-        Glove attachment #PEETGLOVE
                                                able three piece liner rated to -40°C; long
                                                wearing high grip lug sole, steel toe/steel
                                                plate, electric shock resistant. Mens sizes                BOOT LINERS
                                                6-13. #OILPATCH

Servus Pro steel toe boots                                                                       Felt insole
Injection molded seamless 100% water-                                                            Perfect footbed for waterproof boots;
proof boots with steel toes, steel shanks,                                                       provides thick cushioning that allows
cushion insoles, ergonomic footbeds to                                                           air and moisture to ventilate freely.
fight foot fatigue. Dark grey boot with                                                          Removable and washable. Mens sizes
                                                Tingley insulated Pac boot                       4-13. #INSOLE
black sole. Mens sizes 4-14. #75101             100% waterproof with Thinsulate insula-
                                                tion. Made with pure rubber -- ozone
                                                resistant to reduce premature cracking.
                                                Nylex inner liner and heel kickers make it
                                                easy to get on & off. Steel shanks, 6mm
                                                felt midsole, speed lacing system, and Bob-
                                                Trac™ sole. Mens sizes 7-14. #PAC

                                                                            New!                 Bama sockette
                                                                                                 Removable, insulating boot liners com-
Xtratuf neoprene boots                                                                           bine acrylic fiber with cotton tricot to
Triple dipped neoprene coating provides                                                          wick away perspiration and insulate.
extra tough, watertight protection against      Xtratuf neoprene slipper                         Mens sizes 5-15. #BAMA
acids, corrosives, and contaminants. 16”        Comfortable and durable, these slipper/
mens sizes 4-15. #XTUFF                         shoes have all the features of the regular
Also available with steel toe.                  Xtratuf boot except the leg covering. Mens
                                                sizes 4-13. #XSLIP


                                                Georgia Boots deck slipper
Xtratuf insulated neoprene boots                Traditional deck slipper --but better! Full
Same features as the standard Xtratuf plus      grain leather uppers, steel shank, cushion       Rainfair insulated boot sock
built-in layer of foam insulation for added     insole, stitched oil-resistant bumper guard,     Heavyweight polyester pile adds warmth
warmth. Mens sizes 6-15. #XTUFFI                lightweight crepe oil-resistant sole. Mens       and comfort to most boots. Wicks
Also available with steel toe. #XTUFF-          sizes 3-1/2 to 13. #DECKSLIP                     away moisture. Mens sizes XS-XL.
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                                                 We can embroider
                                                 your company logo
                                                   on fleece jackets & vests,
                                                    sweatshirts, and hats!

Kenyon Polartec® long johns
High performance underwear that wicks
perspiration away from the skin to keep                                                       Grundenʼs fleece garments
you dry. Keeps its color, softness, wicking                                                   These soft, cozy fleece garments wear
ability, and anti-odor stain resistant finish                                                 like iron. Pants are made with adjustable
through repeated machine washings. M, L,                                                      elastic waist; pullover is hooded with zip-
XL, XXL, olive green.                                                                         per opening and pouch pocket; vest has
Shirt #355TA Pants #356TA                     TriMountain fleece vest                         side pockets and zipper. Grundenʼs qual-
                                              Longwaisted polypropy-lene fleece vest          ity workmanship. Sizes S-XXl, in black.
                                              with a zip front closure, zippered pockets,     Pants #FP19BK, Pullover #FT18BK,
                                              an elastic waist, and extra large arm holes.
                                                                                              Vest #FV17BK
                                              Mensʼ sizes S, M, L, XL, & XXL in navy
                                              blue, grey, or dark green. #8300

Russell sweats
Russell quality 50/50% cotton/polyester
Nublend® fleece, wonʼt shrink, fade or pill.
Hooded pullover has a double fabric hood
with drawstring, handwarmer front pocket,
rib-knit waistband and cuffs. Nublend®         TriMountain fleece jacket                      Grundenʼs reinforced fleece pants
sweatpants have elastic leg openings, deep     Polypropylene fleece jacket has a zip front    Polar fleece pants with heavy-duty nylon
set-in pockets, and a drawstring waist.        zippered pockets, a high collar, and elastic   reinforced seat & padded knees: extra
Sizes S-XXL in navy blue, grey, or black.      at the waist and wrists. Mensʼ sizes S, M,     protection where you need it most! Sizes
Hooded sweatshirt #HOOD                        L, XL, & XXL in navy blue, grey, or dark       S-XXL, in black only. #FPC400L
Sweatpants #PANT                               green. #7600

Wool watch cap
Traditional warmth in a navy blue knit cap.
One size #1015
Microfleece watch cap
Lightweight warmth in a black fleece cap.
One size #1673
                                                                                              Grundenʼs heavyweight pullover
Microfleece balaclava                                                                         Combines heavy PVC waterproof cotton
Lightweight, breathable microfleece                                                           twill, on sleeves and front panel, with the
covers nose & mouth, keeps neck warm.                                                         warmth of Polartec fleece for the ultimate
Black, one size #1683                                                                         in protection and comfort. Features hood
                                                                                              with drawstings and cordlocks, neoprene
Wool balaclava                                                                                cuffs, and large handwarmer pockets. M,
The warmth of wool in a dark blue knit,                                                       L, XL, XXL. #LH98
nose flap and mouth opening. One size                                       #NOSEY

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                                                                                                         WARM GEAR

lightweight                                     insulated                                      freezer
  coverall                                      work suit                                      worksuit

Walls poly-cotton coveralls                    Walls Insulated coveralls                      Walls Blizzard Pruf freezer suit
Made with tough, 50/50 poly-cotton twill.      Made with 50/50 poly-cotton twill, these       Designed for extremely cold working
Features include: two-way front zipper         sturdy coveralls are insulated with 4 oz.      conditions with a 430 denier nylon shell,
with snap-over fly, banded waist with          Hollofil® inside a smooth nylon taffeta lin-   water-resistant urethane-coating, 12 oz.
elastic inserts, two zippered chest pockets,   ing. Two-way front zipper with snap-over       Hollofil® insulation, and nylon taffeta
two zippered back pockets, bi-swing action     fly; take-up snaps on cuffs; knee-length leg   lining. Features a pile collar, knit cuff
back, and side entry. Machine washable.        zippers; pleated back; two zippered chest      around the face, hook and loop closure at
Sizes 36-60, navy blue. #COVERALL              pockets. Machine washable. Sizes S-            neck, two-way front zipper with snap fly,
(Short or tall sizes available by special      XXXL, green. #2480                             an elastic back waist, and heavy-duty leg
order.)                                                                                       zippers with snap-over storm fly.
                                                                                              Sizes S-XXXL. #FREEZER

                                                                                                     SLEEPING BAGS

                                                                                                Wenzel flannel-lined sleeping bag
lightweight                                     insulated                                       Flannel lining and 4 lbs. of DuPont Hol-
  coverall                                      deck suit
                                                                                                lofil combine to keep you snug to 25°
                                                                                                F. Cotton blend outer bag, with 2 elastic
                                                                                                straps for rolling. 33ʼ x 78”, assorted
                                                                                                colors. #49668

Pioner coverall                                Pioner Fishermenʼs suit                                   DUFFLE BAGS
Made of tough 67% polyester 33% cot-           Silicon treated 100% nylon outer shell
ton fabric, this suit has a concealed front    makes this suit water repellant. It has a
zipper, a banded waist, two back pockets,      removable hood, quilted lining, concealed
two chest pockets, ruler and pencil pockets,   front zipper secured by Velcro, flap cov-
                                                                                                Duffle bags
and pass through pockets with buttons. The     ered chest pockets, back pockets, and pass
                                                                                                Carry a lot of stuff in
back has a pleat for easy movement. Made       through pockets, all with Velcro closures.
                                                                                                these sturdy canvas G.I.
in Norway. Red, royal blue, or navy blue,      Heavy duty leg zippers. Reflective tape
                                                                                                style duffle bags.
sizes 36-54. #PIONER                           front and back. Orange with black accents,
                                                                                                24” x 36” #726CBK
                                               sizes XS-XL. #PIONER180
                                                                                                30” x 50” #FT95B


                                                                                               (#726CBK not shown)

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                                              3M ear plugs
                                              Convenient, disposable ear plugs provide
                                              comfortable and effective noise reduction.
3M #8500 comfort mask                         Noise Reduction Rating: 29dB. #3M1100;         3M safety goggles
Provides comfortable relief from nontoxic     with cords #3M1110                             Designed to fit individual face sizes; will
nuisance dusts. Not for use in spray paint                                                   fit over most prescription glasses. Venti-
operations. Note: the 8500 is not a respi-                                                   lation holes help prevent fogging. Opti-
rator and offers no respiratory protection.                                                  cally correct lens and clear side panels
#3M8500                                                                                      provide peripheral vision and protection.

                                              Peltor H7A hearing protector
                                              Designed for maximum attenuation in
                                              severe noise environments. Features a
                                              stainless steel spring headband wire, two
3M 8210 particulate respirator                low mounting points for even, comfortable
Comfortable to wear and easy to use,          alignment, and soft ear cushions that are
                                              easily replaceable by a press-and-snap func-   Willson Spectra® safety eye wear
disposable mask has an adjustable nose                                                       Features a single, replaceable lens which
clip and lightweight construction. Meets      tion. Comfortable enough for continuous
                                              use. #H7A                                      offers an unobstructed panoramic view.
NIOSH 42 CFR 84 N95 requirements.                                                            Side shields add protection. Anti-scratch
#3M8210                                                                                      coating protects lens. Low cost replace-
                                                                                             ment lenses available. #11130031

dust mask with exhalation valve
Comfortable to wear and easy to use, dis-
posable mask has an adjustable nose clip
                                                                                             Willson Polysafe® eye wear
and lightweight construction. #RP1740                                                        Polysafe eyewear offers low cost poly-
                                                                                             carbonate impact protection. One-piece
                                              Decade Economy back support                    contour style fits over most prescription
                                              Helps reduce the potential for injury on       eyewear. Visi-Wear eyeshields keep dust
                                              heavy lifts. Made with lightweight, pre-       and particles out of the eyes. #11180031
                                              mium grade Lycra Power-knit elastic.
                                              Features two-way stretch binding, plas-
                                              tic-coated steel stays, and 1-1/2” elastic
3M half facepiece respirator                  shoulder straps. Machine washable.
Designed to help provide respiratory pro-     Sizes S-XL. #44A
tection against certain airborne contami-
nants. #3M8732
Organic vapor cartridges, #3M7251                                                                  We also carry
                                                                                                  North respirators
                                              Neoprene wrist wraps
                                              Uniquely designed to add maximum wrist
                                                                                                   & cartridges.
                                              support these wraps are made of neoprene
                                              rubber with nylon webbing. Velcro™ clo-
                                              sure allows for good fit. #701

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                                                                                                                 HARD HATS

Arkon A-safe hard hats                          All the features and benefits of the A79 with   tection against bumps, scalp lacerations,
Made of high density polyethylene, with         the addition of a ratcheted nape strap that     and other injuries resulting from contact
reinforcing ribs on the shell for added         can be adjusted vertically and has a foam-      with low overhead pipes, passageways and
strength. Cap has side slots to easily at-      backed perforated vinyl sweatband which         other objects. Cool and lightweight; made
tach or detach accessories: welding helmets,    cushions the head. Red, orange, yellow,         of polyethylene, Red or orange. #BC89
ear muffs, face shields, etc. Rain trough       blue, black, or white. #A79R
is designed to shed rain out over the peak      Arkon A-Safe bump hat                           Arkon A-safe chin strap
rather than down the neck of the wearer.        The low hazard area bump cap is ideal pro-      Keeps Arkon hard hats on your head. Ny-
Weighs less than 12 oz. The headband can
be adjusted vertically for a comfortable fit;
a foam-backed perforated vinyl sweatband
cushions the head; a comfortable fit is as-
sured with a combination head-hugging
nape strap and sizing adjustment. Meets
or exceeds ANSI Z.89.1-1981 standards as
well as Canadian C.S.A. standards. Red,
orange, or yellow. #A79                           lon hook engages inside plastic shell         Arkon winter liners for hard
Arkon hard hat with ratchet                       to ensure proper fit. One size fits all.      hats
                                                  #A79C                                         Deluxe Arkon winter liner has a quilted
                                                                                                green tricot outer shell and a heavy red
                                                                                                fleece lining. It is flame retardant and
                                                                                                completely dielectric. A Velcro strap
                                                                                                ensures secure fit. #WL4

                                                                                                Seneca Thermal 7 boot socks
                                                                                                The blizzard sock! 75% wool, 15% stretch
                                                                                                nylon, 10% polyester. Features a 14” leg,
                                                          #2913                                 heel & toe construction, full terry with nylon
                                                                                                reinforcement and elastic top. #T7

                                                                                                Seneca Thermal boot socks
                                            #710BLUE                                            Wool/polypropylene thermal boot socks
                                            #710RED                                             with terry loop inside, red or blue elastic
                                                                                                top. #710RED, #710BLUE

                #T7                                                                             Seneca Cotton Casual socks
                                                                                                52% cotton, 35% polyester, 11% stretch
                                                                                                nylon socks, shaped heel & toe; natural
                                                                                                color. #2913

                                                                                                Cotton crew socks
                                                                                                White socks , 85% cotton/15% nylon for
                                                                                                strength. Fit mens sizes 10-13; 6 per pack-
                                                                                                age. #6PAK


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Victorinox “Vicky” net knife                                                                Russell diamond sharpening steel
Serrated stainless steel 3-1/4” blade; ny-                                                  Lightweight diamond-coated oval sharpen-
lon handle. Red handle, #882WR; black                                                       ing steel with molded nylon handle. Two
handle, #882WB; long-handle, #881                                                           sizes: 10” #DDS10, 12” #DDS12
                                               Sani-Safe® boners
                                               Polypropylene handle. 5/8” x 6” narrow,
                                               stiff #S136N, 7/8” x 6” wide, stiff #S136;
Victorinox serrated utility knife              6” flexible #P94819; 4-1/2” #S154HG          Forschner combo sharpening steel
Serrated stainless steel 4-1/2” blade, round                                                Half fine cut, half polished. 10” #40582
tip; black nylon handle. #40503

                                               Sani-Safe®fillet knives
                                               Polypro handle. 7” narrow #S133-7;           Edgemaker knife sharpener
Forschner 7” butcher knife                     8” narrow #S133-8, 8” wide #S138             Gives a professional edge; works on ser-
Fibrox handle, 7” blade. #40635                                                             rated knives and scissors, too. #64012

                                               Sani-Safe® utility slicer
Forschner Granton butcher knives               Polypropylene handle. 8” slicer,
Fibrox handle, Granton-edge blades.
8” blade #40533; 10” #40638; 12”                                                            Accusharp knife sharpener
                                                                                            Hand-held model #001; wall-mounted (not
                                               Dexter Russell roe knife                     shown) #004; replacement blades #003
                                               Stain free, high-carbon steel blade &
                                               spoon. Yellow polypro handle. #P11893
Forschner stiff boning knives
5” narrow, #40510; 6” wide, #40612
                                                                                            Aladdin wall mounted sharpener
                                               Sani-Safe® net knife                         Tungsten carbide sharpener gives a razor
                                               Stain free, high-carbon steel blade. Tex-    sharp cutting edge in seconds. #27010
                                               tured, polypro handle; super cutting Tiger
                                               Edge. Comes with sheath. #S151SC
Forschner breaking knives
Fibrox handle. 8” #40537; 10” #40538

                                                                                            DMT diamond whetstones
                                               Sani-Safe® boning hooks                      6” long, in a plastic storage box. Coarse:
                                               Stainless steel rod, orange polypro han-
                                               dle. 3” hook, #S191H; 5-1/2” hook,           #W6CP, fine: #W6FP

Forschner fillet knives
Fibrox handle. 6” #40714; 7” #40538;
6” flexible blade #40618
                                                                                            Traditional whetstone
                                                                                            8” long. Medium/fine #08223; medium/
                                                                                            coarse #108
                                               Knife sheaths
Sani-Safe® butcher knife                       Choose from 3 styles: molded plas-
Stain free, high-carbon steel blade. Tex-      tic #881SHEATH; nylon webbing
tured polypro handle. NSF certified. 6”        w/logo #882SHEATH; plain webbing
blade: #S112-6, 8” blade: #S112-8, 10”
blade: #S112-10, 12” blade: #S112-12

                                                                                            Forschner multi-stone
                                               Utility belts                                11-1/2” long, 3 grits: fine, medium, and
Sani-Safe® sliming knife                       Web belt #BELT; Grundenʼs woven              coarse #40997; replacement stones: fine
Polypropylene handle. 4-1/2” blade             elastic belt #GRUNBELT                       #40994, medium #40999, coarse #40998.

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