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               Elementary School ___________________________________                                 Date: _____________
                  I.D. # ______________________                               OEN # ______________________

Name: ________________________________                            ________________________ ______ Sex                           M    F
                            Surname                                     Given Name                        Initial           Circle one

__________       _______________________________________________             ______________________________           ________________
  Apt#                           Street # & Name                                City & Province                        Postal Code

_________________                 ___________________               _______________           ________________________
    Home Phone #                      Date of Birth: (D /M / Y)           Parish:                    Home Email Address:

Was the student born in ONTARIO                             Yes___ No ___ If No. indicate province of birth _________________
Was the student born OUTSIDE OF CANADA                      Yes___ No ___ If Yes. indicate country of birth _________________
First Language: _______________________

  Transportation (If applicable)                      Yes               No
  Up to June 30 it will be returned to your current school & new secondary school. After June 30th it will be
  returned to your new secondary school ONLY with your transportation information on it.
                          PARENT/GUARDIAN INFORMATION
      Name of 1 Parent/Guardian                     Name of 2nd Parent /Guardian
Email:_________________________________    Email:________________________________
    ___________________________________        _________________________________
     ___________________________________                                         _________________________________
             Address if not the same as students’                                        Address if not the same as students’
Phone    (Hm) _________________________                                  Phone       (Hm) _________________________
Number (Wk) _________________________                                    Number (Wk) _________________________
Living With: Both Parents____ Parents Alternate ____ Mother Only ___ Father Only ___ Other (Specify)__________
Siblings attending RND Yes __ No ___
                                                    Parents Signature: ___________________________________

 Contact Name: _____________________________________                                   Phone: ________________________
 Doctor’s Name & Number: ____________________________Health Card #: ___________________
 Medic Alert or Disabilities: _____________________________________________________________
                                 Verification of Information by Feeder School Principal
I verify that the above-named student is currently in Grade 8 and eligible to proceed to Grade 9 in September 2009.
This student has been identified with a learning exceptionality (IPRC)
                                    and has an Individual Education Plan (IEP).                           Yes                   No

This student has NOT been identified with a learning exceptionality (IPRC)
                                   but has an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Yes                                              No

Signature of Principal or Designate of Feeder School: ____________________________________

         _________________________                                       ____________________________________
                    Date:                                                        Signature of RND Principal
                                       GRADE 9 OPTION SHEET

  Choose one:         French Immersion                            French Extended                             Regular

Name: _____________________________                  _____________________________                  ____________________
                     Surname                                    Given Name                             Elementary School
Academic courses: Emphasize theoretical, abstract applications. Incorporate practical applications, as appropriate. University
Applied courses: Emphasize practical, concrete applications. Incorporate theoretical applications, as appropriate College prep
Open courses:       One set of expectations. Appropriate for all students
Locally Developed:Essential skill upgrade.
IB Preparation:     Students wishing to graduate from high school with an IB Diploma begin their preparation by taking the
following IB preparation courses in grade nine: English, French, Mathematics and It is also recommended that students
include 1 of Art or Music and Phys Ed. in grade 9. The annual fee for this program is $300.00.

Students will choose compulsory courses in grade 9 at the Academic, Applied or Locally Developed level
              Each Grade 9 student shall take the following courses as part of their Grade 9 Program:
              English Mathematics Science Geography of Canada French Religion
                   Please choose the appropriate level for each of the following courses.

                                   Academic                     Applied         Locally Developed           IB Preparation

       English:                      ENG1D1                        ENG1P1               ENG1L1                      ENG1DB

       French:                     FSF FIF FEF 1D1                 FSF1P1                                   FSF FIF FEF 1DB

       Science:                      SNC1D1                        SNC1P1               SNC1L1                      SNC2DB

       Geography:                CGC 1D1 1DI 1DE                   CGC1P1

       Mathematics:              MPM1D1                            MFM1P1               MAT1L1                      MPM1DB

       Religion:              HRE 1O1 1OI 1OE

                    Students will choose two (2) of the following Open Elective Courses:
Healthy Active Living Education                 PPl10F/M                           Visual Arts                AVI 1O1

Food & Nutrition                                HFN1O1                             Music                      AMU1O1

Computer Applications                           BTT1O1                      Construction Technology           TCJ1O1

I agree with course Selection             Yes              No                  ________________________________
                                                                                   Signature of Grade 8 Teacher:

My son/daughter has been identified with a learning exceptionality (IPRC)                             Yes           No

_____________________________                     ____________________________                       _____________
      Student Signature                                 Parent/Guardian signature                       Date:
                  130 Russell Street, Kingston, Ontario, K7K 2E9 * 613-545-1902 * fax: 613-548-4024
                   Student Services (613) 545-1907 * Fax: (613) 650-5486 Attendance (613) 545-1906
           Email: * Website: or
Mr. Wayne Hill                                                                  Ms. Kathy Cunningham, Vice-Principal
Principal                                                                              Ms Wendy Galant Vice-Principal

Parents and Student Applicants from Non-Feeder Schools:

Thank you for considering Regiopolis-Notre Dame Catholic High School as your secondary school destination for the
2009-2010 school year. We are very proud of our staff, facility and the variety and quality of our programs. I am
confident that you will have a rewarding and productive experience at RND.

It is important to note that we are a Catholic school with a mission to teach in a Catholic and Christian context and to
assist students to develop in their faith. Students of other denominations are welcome; however, it is very important
that they appreciate, accept and actively participate in this mission. If you are choosing Regiopolis-Notre Dame you
are also choosing to be a part of our faith journey.

RND is a popular destination for students, and as a result, we are not able to accommodate all students in the
program of their choice. In order to consider your application in a timely fashion we need a complete school
registration package including:

                 A course selection sheet
                 School registration form
                 Direction of School Taxes form

In addition you must submit the following information prior to your application being considered:

                 The most recent Individual Education Plan if the applicant is an IPRC student
                 Copy of the applicant’s most recent report card
                 Baptismal certificate (if Roman Catholic)
                 Birth certificate

The information that we have requested is vital to us if we are to develop an appropriate timetable for all new students
for next year. The sooner that we receive this information, the more likely we can confirm your placement prior to the
end of May. The deadline for submission of completed application packages is February 27, 2009. Please accept our
best wishes for a successful conclusion to your elementary studies, and once again thank you for considering RND.


Wayne Hill
Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board – 151 Dairy Avenue, Napanee, ON K7R 4B2 * (613) 354-2255
                                 Grade 9
                        Documents Required for RND
         RND Registration Form must be signed by elementary school Principal
         Option Sheet
         Catholic Baptismal
         Birth Certificate


         Kilt                                           $85. 00
         Slacks                                         $39. 95
         Blouse (long sleeve monogrammed)               $34. 95
         Blouse (short sleeve monogrammed)              $34. 95
         Fleece Vest                                    $49. 95
         Cardigan                                       $49. 95
         V Neck Sweater                                 $45. 00
         V Neck Vest                                    $40. 00
         Tights (navy, black, green, or dark gray)      $15.00
         RND Monogram                                   $ 3. 00

         Dress Shirt (long sleeve monogrammed)          $29. 95
         Dress Shirt (short sleeve monogrammed)         $29. 95
         Pants                                          $39. 95
         Tie                                            $15. 00
         Fleece Vest                                    $49. 95
         Cardigan                                       $49. 95
         V Neck Sweater                                 $45. 00
         V Neck Vest                                    $40. 00
         RND Monogram                                   $ 3. 00

         All acceptable uniform slacks and pants must bear the McCarthy tag.
         All kilts must be no more than 8 cm (3 inches) above the knee.

                    The Halpern’s store located in our Pop Shop will be open
                         Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30 to 3:00.
                               They can be contacted directly at

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