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									Dictionary of definitions of INSEE (National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies).
The on-line version of this dictionary regurlarly updated is at the following address :

DEFINITION - Mar 30 2010                      TEXT                                               NOTE
Abortion or Pregnancy termination             Under the terms of the 17 January 1975 law, renewed on 23 November 1979, any
Access rate (national education)              This gives the ratio between the intake to classes of level V and the total number o
Accreditation of prior and experimental learning constitutes a means to obtain diplomas in the same way as schooling, appren
                                              The ACEMO (Labour Activity and Employment Conditions) survey is conducted by
ACEMO survey / Labour Activity and Employment Conditions survey
Acquisition of French nationality             French nationality is "acquired" when a person becomes French after birth. The ac
                                              Foreign adults
Acquisition of French nationality for young people, foryoung people born in France become French citizens by right at 18 years
Active life expectancy                        The active life expectancy is the sum of activity rates at each age observed a perio
Activity incentives                           Activity incentives are one of the components of "expenditure for employment" (DP
Activity rate                                 The activity rate is the ratio between the number of active persons (occupied labou
Activity rate (population census)             The activity rate in the sense of the population census is the ratio between the num
Actual control rate                           In a group of companies, the link that exists between each of the companies that is
Actual social contributions                   A set of payments that individuals and their employers make to social security adm
Adaptation classes                            These classes are intended for children who, for various reasons, encounter difficu
Adaptation contract                           The purpose of the Adaptation Contract is to facilitate the hiring of young people be
Additional diploma                            Supplementary year of specialisation, leading to a diploma.
Address control list / ACL                    The address control list (ACL) is a geographic database including all the addresse
                                              For households, this
Adjusted disposable income of households (national accounts) is disposable income increased by social transfers in kind aga
Administrative account (local finances)       An account drawn up at the end of the fiscal year, tracing actual movements of the
Administrative jurisdiction                   These jurisdictions are responsible for judging matters opposing private individuals
Administrative tribunal                       This is an administrative court of first instance responsible for settling disputes bet
Age                                           Age is the amount of time passed since birth. It may be calculated according to two
Age (1999 population census)                  For the 1999 population census, age is calculated by difference in years (differenc
Age (census survey)                           For census surveys, age is calculated in years passed (age at last birthday).
Aggregate                                     An aggregate is a composite value measuring the result of economic activity. The
Agricultural holding                          For the purposes of the agricultural census, an agricultural holding is defined as a
                                               price index / IPAMPA
Agricultural means of production purchasing The agricultural means of production purchasing price index (IPAMPA) tracks tren
Agricultural producer price index             The agricultural producer price index measures trends in the prices of products so
Agricultural rent tribunal                    A special court held at the seat of each small claims court. Its competence is exclu
Agricultural workers                                                                             Source : on whether statistique et
                                              There are two notions of agricultural workers, dependingservice de lathe following
Agricultural workers (in the sense of Insee) In the sense of Insee, agricultural workers include all individuals who declare they
                                              In the sense of the Statistics and Forecasting Department (SSP)
Agricultural workers (in the sense of the Statistics and Forecasting Department of the Ministry of Agriculture) of the Ministry of
Agriculture                                   In the broadest sense, this sector of the economy includes crop farming, animal br
Amending finance law                          In the course of the budget year (year in which the budget is implemented), one or
Analysis by function                          Analysis by function aims to give an overview of the production of a given unit. Cer
Analysis by industry                          This is a type of economic analysis that processes data from statistical units, aggre
Analysis by production                        This is a type of economic analysis that is essentially interested in the unit of homo
Annual Business Survey / EAE                  The Annual Business Survey (EAE) is conducted each year on a sample of compa
Annual Declaration of Social Data / DADS The annual declaration of social data (DADS) is a declaratory formality that all com
Annual domestic migration rate                Within the national territory, two types of migratory flow are likely to affect changes
Annual duration of work                       The annual duration of work is the working time actually accomplished by employe
Annual work unit / AWU                        The annual work unit (AWU) is the unit of measurement of the quantity of human w
Apartment building                            An apartment building is a building comprising at least two dwelling units. Certain b
APE code                                      The INSEE assigns all companies and each of their establishments, when they reg
Apparent productivity of capital              The "apparent productivity of capital" only takes account of the factor of capital as
Apparent productivity of labour               The "apparent productivity of labour" only takes account of the factor of labour as t
Appeal court                                  Judicial court of second instance that re-examines a judgment delivered by a court
Apprentice                                    Young person aged 16 to 25 who is preparing a professional or technological diplo
Apprenticeship                                The goal of an apprenticeship is to give young people aged 16 to 25, having satisfi
Apprenticeship contract                       The Apprenticeship Contract is an employment contract the purpose of which is to
Approved hotels                               Hotels have "tourism" rating or approval by a Prefecture-level ruling after the depar
Aquaculture                                   Aquaculture is the set of activities that involve growing plants and breeding animals
Arrests for narcotics use                                                                          Source ministère de registered in
                                              All procedures for offences against narcotics legislation: in France are la Justice (si
Asian countries                               The newly-industrialised countries of Asia: China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indon
Assets                                        Assets are physical objects for which there is demand, on which property rights ca
Assisted contract                             An assisted contract is a special type of employment contract, for which the emplo
                                              From 2009, ASSEDIC
Association for Employment in Industry and Commerce / the National employment agency (ANPE) and Associations for employ
                                              The Association for the professional training of adults (AFPA) is an association sub
Association for the Professional Training of Adults / AFPA
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line / ADSL ADSL is an Internet access technology that uses high telephone line frequencies to
Audiovisual activities                        In the sense of NAF rev. 2 (in force since 1 January 2008), audiovisual activities in
Authorised housing project                    An authorised housing project is a dwelling that has not yet been built and which fa
Authorised joint collection bodies / OPCA Authorised joint collection bodies (OPCA - organismes collecteurs paritaires agréé
Average duration of stay (hotels, camping) Ratio of the number of nights to the number of customer arrivals.
                                              The number of years is calculated from the year the person moved to the residenc
Average years living in the dwelling (census survey)
Balance of opinion                            The balance of opinion is defined as the difference between the proportion of resp
Balance of payments                           The balance of payments is a statistical report that traces, in accounting form, all fl
Balance of trade                              The balance of trade is the account that details the value of exported goods and th
Balance sheet account                         A statement of the value of assets held and of commitments contracted by a unit o
Basic hourly wage of a worker / SHBO          This is the basic hourly wage before deduction of social contributions and before p
Basic hourly wage of a worker index / SHBOThe basic hourly wage of a worker (SHBO) index measures changes in the SHBO
Basic prices                                  The amount the producer receives from the purchaser per unit of goods or service
Beneficiary of the statutory minimum          Any person receiving benefits falling under the category of the statutory minimum i
Biodiversity                                  Biodiversity is defined by the Convention on biological diversity as: "the variability o
Birth                                         Any birth occurring on the French territory gives rise to a declaration to the registry
Birth order                                   A distinction is made between the biological order (or total order) and the order in t
Birth rate                                    The birth rate is the ratio between the number of live-born births in the year and the
Branch                                        A branch (or activity branch) groups together homogenous production units, that is
Budget coefficient                            A budget coefficient is the ratio of expenditure devoted to a particular good or serv
Budget settlement law                         At the end of each budget year, the budget settlement law sets the definitive amou
Building industry                             The building industry is essentially an activity of deployment or installation on the c
Business failure rate                         Ratio between the number of failures observed in a year n and the stock of busine
Business Outlook Survey                       Business Outlook Surveys are qualitative surveys to track the current economic sit
Business sector                               A sector includes manufacturing, commercial or service enterprises which have th
Business start-up rate                        Ratio between the number of business start-ups in a year and the stock of compan
Business survival rate in n years             The business survival rate in n years is the proportion of enterprises, started up or
Campsites (camping)                           Camping and caravan sites are approved by a Prefecture-level ruling. They are rat
Canton                                        A canton is a territorial subdivision of a district. It is the constituency in the framewo
Capacity subcontracting                       Subcontracting is termed "capacity" when the contracting enterprise, itself equippe
Capital taxes                                 Capital taxes mainly include succession and gift duties.
Carriage of goods                             Carriage of goods includes any movement of goods on board any means of transp
Carriage of passengers                        Carriage of passengers includes any movement of passengers on board any mean
Cash-flow                                     Cash-flow represents the gross resources remaining for a company at the end of t
Catches                                       Catches are quantities of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and algae fished by ships an
Categorial incomes                            There are 8 categories of income, each subject to specific tax rules : - wages, sala
Centiles                                      The centiles of a variable are the threshold values of that variable that, when the p
                                              The central
Central Agency of Social Security Associations / ACOSSagency of Social security associations is the national office of the Colle
Central and Eastern European countries        Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia
Centres with accommodation (minors)                                                                Source : mission des Études, de ty
                                              The educational collective hosting of minors with accommodation covers severall'O
                                                                                                   Source : mission des Études, de l'O
Centres without accommodation (minors) The educational collective hosting of minors without accommodation covers the tw
CFA franc zone                                Burkina Faso, Benin, Cameroon, Central African Republic, DR Congo, Ivory Coast
Chain hotels                                 Chain hotels are defined as all hotels under the ensign of a hotel group, whatever
Chained prices of the previous year (nationalIn the national annual and quarterly accounts, the magnitudes expressed in volum
Change in stocks                             Change in stocks corresponds to the value of entry into stocks minus the value of
Child (in the sense of household surveys) A child, in the sense of household surveys, is a single person, who is not in a coup
Child (in the sense of the census survey)    In the census of the population, is counted as child of a family any person living wit
Circulating productive capital               Circulating productive capital is defined as all goods and services used during a pr
Civil justice                                                                                  Source keep a general Justice (si
                                             Since the beginning of the 1980s, each civil court must : ministère de laregister of t
Civil service                                There are two definitions of public-sector employment depending on the approach
Civil Solidarity Pact / PACS                 The Civil Solidarity Pact (PACS) is a contract between two adult persons, of differe
Civil status registry                        Since the French Revolution, the registration of births, marriages, deaths and othe
Civilian employment                          Civilian employment is total employment with the exception of the armed forces.
Claim to priority ("priority" application)                                                     Source : Office européen des an e
                                             The applicant for a European patent is entitled to and may claim the priority ofbrev
Class (education)                            The term "class", in the first degree, generally corresponds to a group of academic
                                             The Classification
Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose / COICOP of Individual Consumption by Purpose (COICOP) is one of the "
                                             The Classification PCS
Classification of professions and socioprofessional categories /of Professions and Socioprofessional Categories, or PCS, repla
                                             The classification of socioprofessional categories (CSP) was conceived by INSEE
Classification of socioprofessional categories / CSP
Classifications (activities, products)       Classifications of activities and products have mainly been drawn up to facilitate th
Clear-up rate                                The clear-up rate is the ratio between the number of events cleared up by the polic
Climate severity index                       The climate severity index is the ratio between an observed climate indicator and a
Closed educational centre                    Closed educational centres are aimed at minors who are persistent offenders and
Coal                                         This term covers fossil coal, lignite, coke, agglomerates and recovery products. Fo
Coercive detention                           Coercive detention applies in the case of a convicted person under the age of 65, s
Collection unit                              A collection unit is a unit from which the information required for statistical producti
Collective accommodation                     Housing in a collective building (apartment).
Collective education centres for minors                                                         holidays and for des Études, de h
                                             The name given to the hosting of minors duringSource : mission leisure activitiesl'O
Collective investment funds / CIF            Collective investment funds (CIF) are financial companies whose function consists
Collective investment scheme / CIS           Collective investment schemes (Organismes de placement collectif en valeurs mo
Combined Nomenclature                        The Combined Nomenclature (CN) is the classification used in the European Unio
Commenced dwelling                           A commenced dwelling is a dwelling that is part of a building whose foundations ha
Commercial court                             Court comprising non-professional judges elected by trading professionals from am
Commercial handicraft                        Commercial handicraft includes companies whose activity is cooked meats, bread
Commercial Rent Index / ILC                  The quarterly commercial rent index (ILC) created by Law n°2008-776 of 4 August
Common bird population index                 Common bird population indices are elementary indices tracking annual variations
Commonwealth of Independent States / CIS The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) was created in December 1991 b
Communication services                       In the sense of the NAF rev. 2 classification, communication services include servi
Community (census survey)                    A community is a group of residential premises falling under the same managing a
Community category (1999 population census)  Community categories are: 1 workers housed in a home ; 2 students in a residenc
Community category (census survey)           Community categories are : 1. The medium- or long-stay services of public or priv
Community Innovation Survey / CIS            The Community Innovation Survey is conducted by all the countries in the Europea
Community of municipalities                  A community of municipalities is an EPCI grouping together several municipalities
Community service                            When a misdemeanour is punished by a prison sentence, the court may choose, in
Commuting - Travel                           The term "commuting" refers to the daily trips between the home and the place of
Company                                      A company is a legal entity created for the purpose of producing goods or services
Company savings plan                         The company savings plan (PEE) enables employees to build up savings in the for
Company takeover                             Takeover occurs when a legal entity partially or totally takes over the business of o
Compensation of civil servants               The system of compensation explained below applies to civil servants, to military p
Compensation of employees                    The compensation in cash or in kind paid by employers to their employees in paym
Completed fertility                          Completed fertility is the average number of children born to a given generation of
Complex household (in the sense of census For census surveys, a complex household is defined in relation to other types of ho
                                             For household
Complex household (in the sense of household surveys) surveys, a complex household is defined in relation to other types o
Composite business climate indicator         The composite business climate indicator summarises the mood of the European
Composite household                          In the statistical sense of the term, composite households are those that contain m
Composite index number                       A composite index number measures the variation in the value of a composite num
Conditional release                          Conditional release may be granted to a person sentenced to one or more prison t
Confidence interval                          The estimates provided by a sample survey deviate slightly from the results that w
Consolidated employment contract / CEC The Consolidated Employment Contract (CEC), created in 1992, is a part-time em
Consolidated profit                          Consolidated profit is an accounting operation making it possible to establish group
Consumer goods industries                    The consumer goods industries cover activities whose "natural" outlet is final cons
Consumer price index / CPI                   The consumer price index (CPI) is the instrument to measure inflation. It is used to
Consumption unit                             A weighting system assigning a coefficient to each member of the household and u
Continuing professional training             Continuing professional training expenditure comprises training expenditure or trai
Contribution to GDP growth (national accounts) growth may be broken down into the sum of contributions from its various co
Control rate                                 When studying a group of companies, the control rate assesses the intensity of the
Conurbation                                  A conurbation is an agglomeration formed by the meeting of several urban centres
Conurbation community                        A conurbation community is an EPCI grouping together several municipalities form
Convergence criteria (Maastricht Treaty)     Convergence criteria (or "Maastricht criteria") are criteria, based on economic indic
Conviction appearing on the criminal record The statistical approach has to use conventions to classify convictions when they c
Core employment rate                         The core employment rate is the arithmetic average of employment rates by age d
Corporate enterprise                         A corporate enterprise is a Société Anonyme (SA) or a Société à Responsabilité L
Corporate network                            A corporate network is a set of enterprises maintaining formal relations between th
Correctional court                           A division of the court of first instance, responsible for judging misdemeanours and
Correctional imprisonment                                                                       not exceed 10 years (except for rep
                                             The duration of correctional imprisonment may Source : ministère de la Justice (si
Cost, insurance, freight                     Price of goods at the frontier of the importing country or the price of a service prov
Cost-of-construction index / ICC             The cost-of-construction index measures trends each quarter in the prices of new
Couple (in the sense of household surveys) A couple is comprised of two people aged 15 and older, living in the same househo
Couple (in the sense of the census survey) A couple is made up of two different sex persons, aged of 15 and older, living in th
Court of Cassation                           The court of cassation verifies that the decisions referred to it were made in accord
Court of first instance                      Common-law court responsible for judging ordinary civil cases involving sums high
Creations of establishments                  Statistics concerning creations of establishments are formed on the basis of inform
Crime                                        The felonies and misdemeanours recorded in France are evidentiary facts brought
Crime rate                                   The crime rate is the ratio between the number of felonies and misdemeanours rec
Criminal justice                                                                                Source : ministère de forms descr
                                             Data on the activity of the criminal courts is extracted from the printedla Justice (si
Current prices - constant prices             Current prices are those indicated at a given moment in time, and said to be in nom
Custodial sentence                           Custodial sentences include penal servitude and imprisonment. Penal servitude m
Custodial sentence                           The custodial sentences are listed in the Criminal Code (Article 131-6). They includ
Death probability                            The death probability at a given age measures the probability, for those persons su
Deaths of enterprises                        Deaths of enterprises refer to the total stoppage of the company's economic activit
                                             Debt in
Debt in the sense of Maastricht (national accounts) the sense of Maastricht covers all general governments in the sense of the
Deciles                                      If a distribution of salaries, income, turnover, etc. are put in order, deciles are the v
Declared income (or tax income)              The declared income (or tax income) of the household consists of the resources m
Definitive transactions (local finances)     Definitive transactions are those that will not give rise to a later repayment or that a
Deflation                                    Deflation is an increase in a currency's purchasing power which leads to a general
Deflator                                     Implicit deflators are calculated by dividing an aggregate measured in current price
Degree-Masters-Doctorate                     Since the start of the 2005-6 academic year, all universities except for that of the A
Demographic increase                         Demographic increase (or total change) is the variation of a population during the y
Department                                   A creation of the French Revolution (22 December 1789 law), the department beca
Department store                             A department store is a retail establishment deriving less than one-third of its sales
Departure rate                               The departure rate measures the proportion of the individuals in each population c
Derivative financial products                Financial assets based on or derived from another so-called "underlying" instrume
Designs and models                                                                              Source : Institut national de la prop
                                             The appearance of products is protected by "designs and models", "designs" refer
Discharge of penalty                         The defendant may be declared guilty and granted a discharge of penalty, for a mi
Discouraged unemployed person                Discouraged unemployed persons are persons who wish to work, are available to
Disposable income                            The disposable income of a household includes the income from its activity, the inc
                                             Income resulting from the distribution of added value, the distribution of income fro
Disposable income of households (national accounts)
Distributive transactions                     Operations whereby the added value generated by production is distributed betwee
Districts                                     Districts are administrative divisions of the State. They are geographic areas that h
Diverse bonuses and allowances                The system of allowances is highly complex and includes several hundred allowan
Dividends                                     Income from property paid to shareholders that have made capital available to a co
Division                                      The term "division" is used to refer to and count educational structures in which stu
Divorce                                       There are several forms of divorce: by mutual consent (by joint or accepted reques
Divorce rate                                  The divorce rate is the ratio between the number of divorces pronounced in a year
Domestic duty on petroleum products / TIPPDomestic duty on petroleum products (TIPP) is a domestic consumption tax on ref
Domestic electricity consumption              Domestic electricity consumption is all quantities of electric energy made available
Domestic expenditure on education             Domestic expenditure on education includes all expenses made, on the national te
Domestic expenditure on R&D / DIRD            Domestic expenditure on R&D (DIRD) corresponds to research and development (
Domiciled civil status event                  The place of residence is the conjugal dwelling for marriages, the mother's dwellin
Draft budget law (PLF)                        In the autumn of each year, the Government presents its draft budget for France fo
Dwelling occupancy index (INSEE standard) The dwelling occupancy index, or "INSEE standard", characterises the occupancy
Economic activity                             The economic activity of a production unit is the process that leads to the manufac
Economic and financial offence                Economic and financial offences cover fraud, forgery and counterfeiting, offences
Economic territory                            The French economic territory comprises Metropolitan France and the overseas de
Economic turning point indicator              The turning point indicator attempts to detect, as early as possible, the moment wh
                                              Education falling within the
Education falling within the scope of adaptation and school integration scope of adaptation and school integration is dispensed
Educational measure (criminal)                Depending on the case, juvenile courts impose the measures of protection, assista
Effective rainfall                                                                                   difference between total rainfall an
                                              Effective rainfall (or precipitation) is equal to theSource : institut français de l'enviro
Electronic commerce                           Sales transactions using the Internet or other IT networks such as the exchange o
Electronic data interchange                   The electronic data interchange (EDI) is a technique that replaces physical exchan
Electronic monitoring / EM                                                                          security ministère de la Justice im
                                              Electronic monitoring (EM) or GPS tagging is a Source : measure which may be (si
Employers' social contributions               The counterpart of social benefits provided directly by employers for their employe
Employment (ILO)                              Persons employed in the sense of the ILO are those who worked for any amount o
Employment (population census)                Employed persons in the sense of the population census are those who declared t
Employment conditions (1999 population census)employment conditions of employed persons having a job are presented acco
Employment contract                           An employment contract exists as soon as a person (the employee) undertakes to
Employment in number of people                Employment can be measured in the number of people having worked, even durin
Employment in the context of national accounts of people, employees and self-employed workers, carrying out an activity in the
Employment in the workplace (1999 population census) in the workplace should not be confused with the labour force having
Employment initiative contract / CIE          The Employment Initiative Contract (CIE), initially created in 1995 (when it superse
Employment on 31 December                     Depending on the usage, or according to questioning possibilities, employment ma
Employment promotion and employment creation  Employment promotion and employment creation, a component in the "expenditure
Employment rate                               The employment rate of a class of individuals is the ratio of the number of individua
Employment solidarity contract / CES          The Employment Solidarity Contract (CES) was created in 1990 to promote the pro
Employment status                             The notion of status applies only to the labour force with a job. For all the active pe
Employment support contract / CAE             The Employment Support Contract (CAE) is a fixed-term employment contract inte
Employment zone                               An employment zone is a geographical area within which most of the labour force
Endangered species                            Endangered species are taxons that are dying out or are unlikely to survive if the re
End-of-month job seekers                      End-of-month job seekers are persons registered with Pôle Emploi and having an
Energy                                        These industries correspond to code EG of the NES classification : - production o
Energy consumption corrected for climate variations consumption corrected for climate variations is calculated by using a clima
Energy self-sufficiency rate                  The energy self-sufficiency rate is the ratio between national primary energy outpu
Enforcement judge                             The Law of 9 July 1991, which came into force on 1st January 1993, reformed civil
Enrolment rate                                The enrolment rate is the percentage of young people of a given school age who a
Ensign                                        An ensign is what generally identifies a retail outlet and its network in the eyes of th
Enterprise bankruptcy                         A business is in a situation of failure or filing for bankruptcy from the moment when
Enterprise birth                              Statistics concerning enterprises births are formed on the basis of information from
Establishment                                 An establishment is a production unit that is geographically individual but legally de
Establishment creation rate                   Ratio between the number of creations of establishments in a year and the stock o
Euro                                         The Euro is the name of the European single currency created by the Maastricht T
Euro-direct                                                                                      goes directly through de Europea
                                             A euro-direct application is an application whichSource : Observatoire the la proprié
Euro-PCT                                                                                        Source : Observatoire patent appl
                                             A euro-PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application is an internationalde la proprié
European Coal and Steel Community / ECSC     The treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was sign
European Economic Area / EEA                 The purpose of the European Economic Area (EEA) is to extend the internal mark
European Economic Community / EEC            Created in 1957 by the Treaty of Rome, the European Economic Community pursu
European Free Trade Association / EFTA On the initiative of the United Kingdom, the Stockholm convention, signed by the B
European Monetary System / EMS               Created in 1979, the purpose of the European Monetary System (EMS) was to brin
European size unit / ESU                                                                         measure standard la statistique (S
                                             The European Size Unit (ESU) is a unit used to Source : service degross margin et
European Union / EU                          Created on 1st January 1993 by application of the Maastricht Treaty, the European
Eurozone                                     The eurozone (or Economic and Monetary Union - EMU) is the geographic area m
Examination success rate                     The success rate is the ratio of the number of people who pass an exam to the tot
Examining magistrate                         The examining magistrate is a judge of the court of first instance to whom the publ
Expectation of working life                  The apparent expectation of working life for a year is the sum of the activity rates o
Expected years of schooling                  Expected years of schooling are the number of years during which a child entering
                                             Expenditure on cultural and recreational services includes : - expenditure on show
Expenditure on cultural and recreational services
Expenditure on employment                    Expenditure on employment is a financial measurement of efforts made by the nat
Expenditure to protect the environment                                                          Source institut français environm
                                             Environmental protection activities primarily result from :the application ofde l'enviro
Exports (industry)                           Exports are the sales declared by the enterprises in the sector as being exports (m
Exports of goods and services                All the goods and services supplied by residents to non-residents, either free of ch
Family                                       A family is the part of a household with at least two persons who are : - a married
Family affairs judge                         Established by Law n° 93-22 of 8 January 1993, the judge of the court of first insta
Family benefits                              Family benefits are the social benefits intended to provide families with support to
Family reference person                      The family reference person is the man in the couple or the parent in a single-pare
Family structure                             Each person in a household may belong to only one family. A family includes : - ei
Felony                                       The most serious offence, judged by a jury and whereby the felon is given a senten
Fertility rate                               The fertility rate at a given age (or for an age bracket) is the number of live children
Filing a patent                                                                                 Source : Institut national de a max
                                             The filing of a patent makes it possible to obtain an operating monopoly (forla prop
Final energy                                 Final or available energy is the energy delivered to consumers for end consumptio
                                             This is the annual cost relative to the
Financial charge borne by households for the occupation of their main residence right to occupy the main residence borne by t
Financial companies                          Set of companies and quasi-corporations the main function of which consists in pro
Financial intermediation                     Activity whereby an institutional unit acquires financial assets and, at the same tim
Financial lease                                                                                 In the possible 1, the financial leas
                                             A financial lease is a financial operation that makes it NAF rev. to acquire a good th
                                             The Financial Links between Companies Survey is conducted each year by the INS
Financial Links between Companies Survey / LIFI
Financial operations                         All operations between two institutional units and relating to financial assets and lia
Financial saving rate                        The financial saving rate is the ratio between the net lending of households and (u
Financing of rental stock                    There are several types of financing arrangements declared when a programme e
Fines                                        Fines are a penalty that obliges the convicted person to pay a sum of money. In cr
Fiscal reference person                      The data available on tax households come from the declarations made by taxpay
Fishing (types)                              Sea fishing is subdivided into : 1. Offshore fishing: absence from port of 24 hours
Fixed productive capital                     Fixed productive capital includes relatively long-lasting means of production (excee
Fixed-capital consumption                    This is depreciation sustained by fixed capital during the period in question further
Fixed-term employment contract               A fixed-term employment contract (or CDD) is an employment contract by which a
Flow of funds table / TOF                    The flow of funds table (TOF) is the financial part of the national accounts. It prese
FOB (Free On Board) price                    Price of goods at the frontier of the exporting country or price of a service provided
Foreign Direct Investments                   These are investments made by an institutional unit residing in one economy with
Foreign trade balance (national accounts) The foreign trade balance is the difference between the value of exports and that o
Foreign trade coverage ratio                 The foreign trade coverage ratio is the ratio between the value of exports and that
Foreigner                                    A foreigner is a person who resides in France and does not possess French nation
Forest property                                                                                  on whether or not it comes under t
                                             Forest property includes two groups depending Source : service de la statistique et
Forest regime                                                                                    rules defined by the Forestry Code
                                             The forest regime includes all the managementSource : service de la statistique et
Former employed persons                      Non-working persons who have already had a professional activity: retired persons
France                                        In the dissemination of statistics, a distinction is made between three geographical
Frascati Manual                               The Frascati Manual is the benchmark methodology for collecting and using resea
Free urban zone / ZFU                         Free urban zones (ZFU) are districts of more than 10,000 inhabitants, located in se
French classification of activities           The classification of activities in force in France since 1 January 2008 is the Frenc
French classification of activities and products Classification of Activities and Products (NAP) was in force in France from 197
French classification of products / CPF       The CPF rev 1 includes seven levels, 17, 31, 62, 223, 502, 1,146, and 2,608 items
Full time employment rate                     The full time employment rate is the ratio between the number of full time employe
Full time equivalent employment rate          The full time equivalent employment rate is the ratio between the number of jobs c
Full-time equivalent employment               Total number of hours worked divided by the annual average number of hours wor
Future contract                               The Future Contract is a contract intended for the beneficiaries of the statutory min
Gas                                           Natural gas and industrial gases: refinery gas, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, c
                                              The / SEGPA
General and adapted vocational teaching section general and adapted vocational teaching sections attached to secondary scho
General decentralisation grant / DGD          Article 102 of the 2 March 1982 law stipulated that the increase in charges resultin
General equipment grant / DGE                 The general equipment grant (DGE) was created by article 103 of the 2 March 198
General government                            A set of institutional units whose main function is to produce non-market services o
                                                Activities within the European Communities / NACE
General Industrial Classification of EconomicThe General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities within the European Co
General operating grant / DGF                 The general operating grant (DGF) established by the 3 January 1979 law has bee
Generalised Social Contribution / CSG         Created in 1991, the generalized social contribution (CSG) is a tax payable by natu
Generation                                    A generation refers to all the people born in the same calendar year. E.g. "the 1946
Gini index                                    The Gini index (or coefficient) is a composite indicator of inequalities in wages (in i
Global warming potential / GWP                                                                     indicator aimed at including in a si
                                              Global warming potential or power (GWP) is anSource : institut français de l'enviro
Greenhouse gas (emissions)                    The main gases responsible for the greenhouse effect, emissions of which are gov
Gross domestic product at market prices       An aggregate representing the final result of the production activity of resident prod
Gross fixed capital formation / GFCF          Gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) comprises fixed asset acquisitions minus dis
Gross operating surplus                       The gross operating surplus is the balance of the trading account for companies. I
Gross production of electricity               The gross production of electricity is that measured at the terminals of the generat
Gross reproduction rate                       If a (fictional) generation of 100 women were supposed not to be subject to the effe
Gross tonnage                                 Gross tonnage is deduced from the volume of all the spaces of the ship contained
                                              A grouping of municipalities with tax-levying powers is an inter-municipality structu
Grouping of municipalities with tax-levying powers
Growth overhang                               The growth overhang of a variable for a year N corresponds to the growth rate of th
Growth rate                                   The growth rate of a value (GDP, turnover, wages, etc.) measures its change from
Guaranteed minimum / SMIC                                                                         As opposed to the guaranteed min
                                              The guaranteed minimum is used for evaluating professional expenses (meals, tra
Guaranteed minimum growth wage                The guaranteed minimum growth wage (SMIC) is the legal minimum hourly wage i
                                              The guaranteed minimum monthly salary in the civil service is defined as a bottom
Guaranteed minimum monthly salary in the civil service
Handicraft                                    According to the law of 5 July 1996 relating to the development and promotion of tr
Hard discount store                           A hard discount store is an outlet for the sale of foodstuffs on a self-service basis,
                                              The System / HS
Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) is a classificatio
                                              The harmonised consumer price index (HCPI) is the indicator used to assess com
Harmonised consumer price index of the member State / HCPI
Harvested production (agriculture)            The concept of harvested production comes from the "annual agricultural statistics
Head of group                                 A head of group is an enterprise that is not directly or indirectly controlled by anoth
Head office                                   When an enterprise does not run its business in only one establishment, one of the
Health expectancy                             Health expectancy (at birth), or healthy life years (HLY), represents the number of
High voltage and low voltage (electricity)    Electricity is produced at voltages of around 15,000 volts. Uses in industry and in c
Higher education teacher                      Teaching staff in universities, including University Technology Institutes (IUT), High
Higher education teaching                     Higher education includes the teaching dispensed in universities, university techno
High-level sportsperson                                                                           Source : mission des the High-Lev
                                              The high-level sportsperson is recognised by the Sports Code and byÉtudes, de l'O
Holiday                                       According to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), since 1995, holidays hav
Holiday centre                                                                                    Source : mission des Études, yout
                                              Holiday centres (or colonies) are collective structures with accommodation forde l'O
Holiday placement                                                                                 Source mission des Études, cons
                                              Holiday placements cover placements in families when :they last for at least 6 de l'O
Hotel Occupancy Survey                        The Hotel Occupancy Survey allows the cyclical observation of occupancy in hotel
Hours of teaching per pupil                   The number of hours of teaching per pupil is the ratio between the total number of
Household                                     Generally speaking, a household in the statistical sense of the word designates all
Household (in the sense of census surveys) A household (or "ordinary household") in the sense of the census survey describes
Household (in the sense of household surveys)Since 2005, the definition of a household, in the sense of the household surveys co
Household (national accounts)                Individuals or groups of individuals considered in terms of their function as consum
Household final consumption                  Total household consumption. It is the sum of household consumption expenditure
Household main residence affordability ratio The affordability ratio is equal to the ratio between a household's expenditure on h
Household reference person                   The household reference person is determined from the family structure of the hou
Household resources                          Household resources consist mainly of the wages earned, income from property (i
Household Savings                            The portion of the disposable income (or adjusted disposable income) of househol
Housing                                      Housing is defined from the point of view of its use. It is a unit used as a dwelling w
Housing benefit                              Housing benefit (or housing allowance) is a group of social services whose purpos
Housing category                             Housing is divided into four categories : - main residences: housing occupied perm
Housing occupancy status                     Occupancy status defines the legal situations of households concerning the occup
Housing space                                The notion adopted is that of the living space including corridors, kitchen, bathroom
Housing Survey                               The Housing Survey is one of the main INSEE surveys in terms of its seniority (195
Hunting kill                                                                                       of animals killed in hunting territor
                                             Each year, hunting kill tables define the numberSource : institut français de l'enviro
Hypermarket                                  A hypermarket is a self-service retail store deriving more than one-third of its sales
ICS field                                    The term ICS field refers to all market sectors of industry, construction, commerce
Immediate placement centre                   Immediate placement centres take in minors for whom immediate accommodation
Immigrant                                    Under the terms of the definition adopted by the High Council for Integration, an im
Imports of goods and services                All goods and services supplied by non-residents to residents, either free of charge
Inactive person                              Conventionally, inactive persons are defined as being persons who are neither in e
Income inter-decile ratio                    Income inter-decile ratios are used to evidence the disparities (or differences) betw
Income poverty                               An individual (or a household) is considered to be poor when living in a household
Index                                        The index of a number is the ratio between the value of the number in the course o
Index bonus                                  Index bonuses are intermediate remuneration elements between index-based sala
                                             Indirectly SIFIM
Indirectly measured financial intermediation services / measured financial intermediation services (SIFIM) represent the share o
Individual or collective building            Buildings are distinguished according to their individual (house) or collective chara
Individual training leave / CIF              The purpose of the individual training leave (CIF) is to enable all employees, during
Industrial economy                           Generally speaking, the industrial economy concerns those activities combining fa
Industrial or urban population zone / ZPIU While the concept of urban unit is based solely on the criteria of continuity of habita
Industrial production index/ IPI             The industrial production index (IPI) is a statistical instrument that measures variat
Industrial property protection                                                                    Source : Observatoire de la proprié
                                             Protection is triggered by the date of filing. There are three forms of protection of in
Industrial tribunal                                                                               Source ministère de la Justice (si
                                             The elected industrial tribunal is a court of first instance:responsible for judging ind
Industry producing capital goods             The industries producing capital goods cover activities producing durable goods us
Industry producing intermediate goods        The industries producing intermediate goods cover activities producing goods that
Infant mortality                             Infant mortality designates the deaths of infants aged under one year.
Infant mortality rate                        The infant mortality rate is the ratio between the number of infants dying before the
Inflation                                    Inflation is the loss of purchasing power of currency, expressed through a general
                                             According to an international convention set by the OECD, the following are descri
Information and communications technologies / ICT
Initial Budget Law                           The Law defining and authorising all the resources and charges of the State for ea
Initiation class                             These classes were created to receive, on a full-time or part-time basis, non-Frenc
Innovation                                   The latest version of the Oslo Manual defines four categories of innovations : - pro
Input-output table                           The Input-Output Table (TES) is one of the tables in the national accounts. It analy
In-school population                         The in-school population includes the pupils in initial education in schools under th
Institutional research and development sectors the statistics on the resources devoted to research and development activities, t
Institutional sectors                        The various protagonists of economic life are grouped in sets considered to be rele
Institutional unit                           A basic economic decision-making centre characterised by the uniqueness of its b
Insurance companies                          Set of financial companies and quasi-corporations the main function of which cons
Intellectual property                                                                             Source : property. The purpose of
                                             Intellectual property covers industrial, literary and artistic Institut national de la prop
Inter-decile ratios                          The deciles of a distribution enable calculation of the inter-decile ratios : - the ratio
Interests                                    Interests are a form of income from property received by the owners of the followin
Intermediate consumption                     The value of goods and services that have been transformed or fully consumed du
Intermunicipal authority                        The intermunicipal authority allows municipalities to join together within a public es
Internal classification number / NIC (SIRENE) internal classification number (NIC) corresponds to the five figures added to th
International Labour Office / ILO               The International Labour Office (ILO) is a UN agency in charge of general issues r
                                                The United Nations' International
International standard industrial classification of all economic activities / ISIC standard industrial classification of all economic a
Internet                                        All the interconnected worldwide networks that enable computers and servers to co
Investment expenditure (local finances)         Investment expenditure concerns capital operations. It includes : - the repayment
Investment income (local finances)              This consists of contributions and subsidies such as the VAT compensation funds
Investment rate (national accounts)             The ratio of investment to value-added.
Irreducible period                                                                                   Source : ministère de of a lapse o
                                                The irreducible period is part of the custodial sentence which consistsla Justice (si
Job seekers                                     Job seekers are persons who register with Pôle Emploi. These job seekers are reg
Judicial jurisdiction                           These jurisdictions are responsible for judging disputes between private individuals
Judicial review                                 Judicial review (pronounced by the examining magistrate, the judge of freedoms a
Jurisdiction                                    This term refers to a tribunal or a court. There are two types of jurisdictions, admin
Jury                                            Competent body to judge felonies in the first instance and on appeal. It is made up
Juvenile affairs judge                          A judge of the court of first instance, specialised in juvenile affairs in civil cases (m
Juvenile court                                  The court responsible for judging minors prosecuted for 5th-class offences or misd
Known species                                   The National Natural Heritage Inventory kept by the National Natural History Muse
Kyoto Protocol                                                                                       Source : adopted at international le
                                                To combat climate change, two major agreements were institut français de l'enviro
Labour Cost Survey                              The Labour Cost Survey measures the average annual cost of an employee, and t
Labour force                                    The labour force includes the occupied labour force (also called the "labour force w
Labour force (ILO)                              The labour force "in the sense of the ILO" comprises the occupied labour force and
Labour force (national accounts)                The labour force is defined for the purposes of the national accounts as including a
Labour force (population census)                The labour force in the sense of the population census includes persons who decla
Labour Force Survey / LFS                       Conducted by the INSEE since 1950, the Labour Force Survey is the statistical sou
Large district                                  The notion of a large district is defined as a grouping of several adjoining statistica
Large family                                    A family is said to be large when it has three children or more.
Learning level                                  - Levels I and II: having completed a degree, a post-graduate qualification or a Gra
Legal marital status                            The concept of marital status refers to the conjugal status of a person in the eyes o
Legal status                                    Natural persons and corporate bodies have a legal status. Natural persons acquire
Legal unit                                      A legal unit is a legal entity of public or private law. This legal entity can be: - A lega
Legislative district                            Legislative districts are the territorial framework in which each MP is elected to the
Legitimate birth and Outside marriage birth The legal status of a child at birth refers to the marital status of its mother. "Legitim
Legitimisation                                  Until 2006, a child born out of marriage could be legitimised by the marriage of its b
Leisure centre                                                                                        accommodation that operate outs
                                                Leisure centres are collective structures withoutSource : mission des Études, de l'O
Life expectancy                                 Life expectancy at birth (or at age 0) represents the average lifetime - in other word
Limited-term employment                         Limited-term employment includes fixed-term contracts, temporary jobs, internship
Living zone                                     The division of France into "living zones" was conducted to facilitate the understan
Loans (local finances)                          Loans correspond to the overall volume of loans of over one year contracted durin
Local allowance                                 The percentage applied to a gross salary in order to calculate the local allowance v
Local court                                                                                          Source : ministère the Justice (si
                                                A local court is made up of just one, non-professional judge who isde lalocal magis
Local employment agency / ALE                   Local employment agencies (ALEs) represent the territorial intervention framework
Local government (national accounts)            Local government includes local authorities and miscellaneous local administrative
Local knowledge of the productive system / CLAPis an information system supplied by various sources with the aim of providing
Local taxation                                  Local taxation comprises direct taxation (property tax on buildings, land tax, tax on
Long-term job seekers                           Long-term job seekers are those who have been registered with Pôle Emploi for m
Long-term unemployed person                     A long-term unemployed person is a person who has been unemployed for more t
Long-term unemployment rate                     The long-term unemployment rate is the number of long-term unemployed as a pro
Loss of French nationality                      More often than not, the loss of French nationality is deliberate and made by decla
Low wage                                        By convention, low wages are wages lower than two-thirds of the median salary in
Madrid system                                                                                        Source : Organisation mondiale tra
                                                The Madrid System offers the holder of a trademark the possibility to have their de
Maghreb countries                               Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia.
Main residence                                  A main residence is accommodation usually occupied as the main home of the ho
Management account (local finances)           An account prepared by the public accounting officer, tracing the authority's debit a
Management savings (local finances)           The surplus of actual operating income over actual operating costs, the amount of
Manager of the agricultural holding           The manager is the natural person who oversees the routine management of the a
                                              Manufacture of
Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco / IAA food products, beverages and tobacco (or agrifood industries) corr
Manufacture of motor vehicles                 Manufacture of motor vehicles concerns specialised equipment manufacturers, as
Manufacturing industry                        The manufacturing industries are industries transforming goods, that is, mainly ma
Margin rate (national accounts)               Ratio of gross operating margin to added value.
Market capitalisation (of a company)          Market capitalisation is the value, at market price, of all of a company's securities.
Market goods and services                     Market goods and services are generally intended to be sold on the market at a pr
Market production                             Production sold or intended to be sold on the market. It includes : - products sold
Market services                               A unit is considered to render market services when it sells them (totally or partially
Market value of land                                                                            Source : service de the most comm
                                              The survey on the market value of farmland measures the prices in la statistique et
Marriage probability                          The marriage probability at a given age measures the probability, for unmarried pe
Marriage rate                                 The first marriage rate is the ratio between the number of marriages in the year an
Mean                                          The mean is the simplest indicator to summarise information provided by a set of s
Measurement unit (energy)                     Statistics on the production and consumption of energy are generally expressed in
Median                                        If a distribution of wages, income, turnover, etc, is sequenced, the median is the va
Median wage                                   The wage such that half of the employees in the population under consideration ea
Member States of the European Union           At present, the 27 member States of the European Union are the following: Germa
Micro-group                                   A micro-group is a group of companies with total headcount in France of less than
Middle East countries                         Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Ba
                                               1990 (1999 population census)
Migration - Place of residence at 1st JanuaryThe data on migration comes from the question on the individual bulletin at each c
Migration balance                             The migration balance is the difference between the number of persons having en
Minimum integration income                    The purpose of the minimum integration income (RMI), created in 1988, is to guara
Minimum wage in the European Union            A national legal minimum wage applies in nine Member States of the European Un
Misdemeanour                                  An offence judged by the correctional court as punishable by a prison sentence (w
Mixed income                                  This is the balance of the operating account for sole proprietorships. It contains tw
Monocentric municipality                      A monocentric municipality, or a monopolar peri-urban municipality, is a municipali
Monthly Guaranteed Wage                       The Monthly Guaranteed Wage (GMR) was introduced at the time of the switch to
Monthly salary                                The monthly salary of civil servants governed by index-based systems (or the mon
Mortality rate                                The mortality rate is the ratio of the number of deaths in the year to the average to
Motor trades and repairs                      Motor trade and repair includes the wholesale or retail trade, in all their forms, of n
Moving average                                A moving average makes it possible to "smooth" a series of values expressed acc
                                              If not all of the
Moving date to main residence (1999 population census) occupants present at the time of the census arrived at the same tim
Multicentric municipality                     Municipalities located outside of urban areas (urban hub and suburban rim), of wh
Multipollutant air quality index                                                                Source institut français de l'enviro
                                              The Atmo index or multipollutant urban air quality index:is an indicator intended to
Multiregional enterprise                      Enterprise having a number of establishments and with establishments in several r
Municipal districts                           Municipal districts exist only for Paris, Lyon and Marseille. The goal of the policy th
Municipal population (1999 census)            The municipal population includes : - the persons living in the houses of the munic
Municipality                                  The municipality is the smallest French administrative subdivision but is also the ol
National Distance Learning Centre / CNED Dependent on the Ministry of National Education, the National distance learning ce
National economy                              Set of resident units on the economic territory. The French economic territory inclu
National employment agency / ANPE             From 2009, the National employment agency (ANPE) and Associations for employ
                                              The National / SIRENE
National Enterprise and Establishment Register Database Enterprise and Establishment Register Database (SIRENE Register)
National expenditure on R&D / DNRD            National expenditure on R&D (DNRD) measures, without duplicate counting, the fi
National expenditure on the environment                                                         Source : institut français the enviro
                                              National expenditure on the environment includes expenditure to protectde l'enviro
National Forest Inventory / IFN                                                                 Source : to achieve a better under
                                              The National Forest Inventory (IFN) was created in 1958service de la statistique et
                                              Since Industry and Commerce / UNEDIC
National Interprofessional Union for Employment in2009, after the mergin of the networks of ANPE and ASSEDIC, Unedic cont
National Park                                                                                   Source : institut français de l'enviro
                                              A National Park is a territory within which the conservation of the fauna, flora, soil,
National wealth (national accounts)           National wealth is to be understood as comprising the assets of the residents withi
Nationalisation, privatisation, "respiration" These terms refer to movements of companies between the public sector and the
Nationality                                   Nationality is a legal link between an individual and a given State. This link gives ris
Nationality (1999 population census)           The population is broken down into two broad groups : French / Foreigners. In cer
Natural disaster                                                                                 Source : institut français de l'enviro
                                               A disaster is, according to the French environment institute (IFEN), "a serious inter
Natural Increase                               The natural increase (or natural population surplus) is the difference between the n
Natural person                                 Within the meaning of French law, a natural person is a human being with, as such
Natural population surplus rate                The natural population surplus rate (or natural increase rate) is the population grow
Naturalisation                                 To naturalise a foreign national as French is to grant them the status of full French
Nature reserve                                                                                   Source : institut of the fauna, flora,
                                               A nature reserve is a part of the territory where the preservationfrançais de l'enviro
Net banking income                             Net banking income is the difference between bank operating income and costs ex
Net electricity consumption                    Net electricity consumption is domestic consumption minus losses in transport and
Net farm result                                The net farm result corresponds to the "net value added at factor cost", i.e. the net
Net lending                                    Net lending is the balance of the capital account. This balance is equal to gross sa
Net production of electricity                  The net production of electricity is that measured leaving the power plants, i.e. afte
Net reproduction rate                          We will consider a (fictional) generation of 100 women from birth through to the en
Netsurfer                                      A netsurfer is an individual who accesses the internet, whatever the location they lo
New Enterprise Information System / SINE The purpose of the New Enterprise Information System (SINE) is to study the char
New orders index by value                      The new orders index measures the value of the orders received in the course of t
Nominal control rate                           When one company (A) has a holding in another company (B), the intensity of the
Non residents                                  Natural persons : - persons of any nationality, French or foreign, who have their m
Non-financial companies                        Set of institutional units which are market producers the main function of which con
Non-financial corporations under foreign control sub-sector of non-financial companies under foreign control covers all non-fin
Non-financial public corporations              The sub-sector of non-financial public corporations covers all non-financial compan
Non-market services                            A unit is considered to render non market services when it provides them free of ch
                                               Non-profit institutions serving households (NPISH) cover all private units endowed
Non-profit institutions serving households / ISBLSM
Non-tenured personnel                          The civil service employs tenured and non-tenured personnel. Non-tenured perso
                                               The North
North American Industry Classification System / NAICSAmerican Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the common econo
North Sea states                               The oil-producing North Sea states are the United Kingdom, Norway, the Netherlan
Number of consumer units in the tax household  In each tax household, the number of equivalent adults composing it is counted : -
Number of habitable rooms                      This notion refers to the rooms used for dwelling (including the kitchen if its surface
Number of persons in the tax household         The number of persons in the tax household is obtained by adding up the persons
Occasional dwelling                            An occasional dwelling is a dwelling or a self-contained room used occasionally for
Occupancy rate (hotels, campsites)             The occupancy rate is the ratio between the number of occupied rooms (pitches) a
Occupied labour foce (ILO)                     The occupied labour force "in the sense of the ILO" includes the persons (aged 15
Occupied labour force                          The occupied labour force includes all those with a job but its measurement differs
Occupied labour force (population census) The occupied labour force (or labour force employed) in the sense of the populatio
Offence                                        An act or behaviour prohibited by criminal law and therefore punishable by law: fine
Offences against narcotics legislation         Offences against narcotics legislation reported by the police and gendarmerie serv
Offences against persons                       Offences against persons include homicide, voluntary or involuntary battery and in
                                               Criminal investigation statistics record criminal deeds (either committed Justice (si
Offences reported by police services gendarmerie units                                           Source : ministère de la or attempt
OMPHALE                                        OMPHALE (methodological tool for forecasting inhabitants, labour force, housing a
One-family dwelling                            A one-family dwelling is a building that only comprises one dwelling (house).
One-parent family                              A one-parent family comprises a parent alone and one or more single children (wh
Open custody (justice)                         Convicted persons serving their sentence in open custody are subject to various o
Open-ended employment contract / CDI           The open-ended employment contract (or CDI) is the normal form of employment
Opening of hypermarkets or supermarkets The Raffarin Law of 5 July 1996 (relating to the development and promotion of com
Operating expenditure (local finances)         These are expenses related to the routine operations of a local authority. They pri
Operating income (local finances)              Operating income (or operating product) comes from : - direct taxes (furnished ac
Ordinary jurisdiction                          An ordinary jurisdiction has general competence to settle all types of disputes in al
Organic law relating to the finance laws / LolfThe organic law relating to the finance laws (Lolf) of 1st August 2001 provided in-d
                                               Development / OECD
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and In 1961, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) su
                                               The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) created in 1960 (Bagd
Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries / OPEC
Orientation contract                           The Orientation Contract is a non-renewable fixed-term employment contract base
Oslo Manual                                    The Oslo Manual is the foremost international source of guidelines for the collectio
Other government bodies / ODAC                In the national accounts, Other government bodies (ODAC) are bodies to which th
Other municipalities in the rural space       This category is made up of municipalities (or urban units) that do not belong to the
Outdoor Accommodation Occupancy SurveyThe Outdoor Accommodation Occupancy Survey allows the cyclical observation o
Out-of-school type teaching                   Out-of-school type teaching includes continuing training, correspondence courses,
Overnight stay                                The total number of nights spent by paying guests in an establishment; two people
Overseas department / DOM                     Overseas departments (DOM) are territorial authorities integrated into the French R
Overseas territorial authority / COM          Since the constitutional revision of 28 March 2003, the term overseas authority (CO
Overseas territory / TOM                      The overseas territories are an integral part of the French Republic, but have differ
Own brand                                     An own brand is a brand which is exclusive to a network and distributed by the ens
Owned retail outlets                          Owned retail outlets are stores belonging to the network head company or to one o
                                              The CNAM
Paris National Conservatory of Arts and Trades / national conservatory of arts and trades (CNAM) is financed by the Ministry of
Parity between men and women                  The purpose of the principle of parity is to combat the inequalities suffered by certa
Part time employment rate                     The part time employment rate is the ratio between the number of part time emplo
Particular forms of employment                The term particular forms of employment (or sometimes casual employment) cove
Passenger-kilometre                           Unit of measurement equivalent to the transport of one passenger over a distance
Patent                                                                                           a product or a process that provide
                                              A patent protects a technical innovation, that is,Source : Institut national de la prop
Pedagogical integration units                 Created initially by certain middle schools for pre-teens or teenagers (aged 11 to 1
Penal institution                             Penal institutions include : - remand prisons receiving remand and convicted priso
Penal servitude                                                                                  Source : ministère de la Justice (si
                                              Penal servitude is a penal, custodial sentence in common law for a period ranging
Personal services                             These activities correspond to the code EP of the NES classification : - hotels and
                                              For the definition of persons aged
Persons pursuing their studies - level of studies (population census of 1999) 15 and over "pursuing their studies", account is
Plough lands                                                                                     Source : service (COP), industrial
                                              Plough lands include lands for cereal crops, oilseeds and pulsesde la statistique et
Police court                                  A single-judge division responsible for judging fines. Fines of 1st to 4th class are h
Population                                    The population of a municipality includes : - the population of the main residences
Population census                             The aim of the population census is to count the homes and the population living in
Population counted apart (1999 census)        The population counted apart includes : - the military personnel of the French Arm
Population projection                         A population projection gives a picture of what the future population may look like,
Population pyramid                            The population pyramid represents the breakdown of the population by gender and
                                              The population without double counting (PSDC) includes : - the population of dwe
Population without double counting (1999 census)
Post and telecommunication services           Communication services include two main categories : - telecommunications, whic
Poverty gap                                   The intensity of poverty (or poverty gap) is an indicator used to assess the extent t
Poverty rate                                  The poverty rate corresponds to the proportion of individuals (or households) whos
Precautionary biomass                         Precautionary biomass is the effective population threshold (in number of reproduc
Pre-tax profit/loss                           Pre-tax profit/loss is equal to operating revenue (in particular the sums received fro
Primary education                             Primary education covers pre-elementary and elementary education, including spe
Primary electricity                           Primary electricity is nuclear, hydraulic, wind, solar, photovoltaic and geothermic el
Primary energy                                Primary energy includes all energy products not transformed, directly exploited or i
Primary income                                Primary income corresponds to the income directly related to participation of house
Primary sector                                The primary sector includes all those activities the end purpose of which consists i
Primary teacher                               Primary teachers are primary-school and other teachers taking primary classes, he
Primitive budget                              A budget voted by the local assembly at the beginning of the fiscal year. It sets cre
Principal activity                            The principal activity is determined according to the breakdown of the company's v
Priority education                            Priority education covers two specific aid structures: priority education networks (R
Prison population                             The prison population includes all the persons, in custody and sentenced, held in p
Private education                             Private schools are under a simple contract (staff paid by the State), under an asso
Probation                                     Courts pronouncing a prison sentence of a duration of 5 years or more may order
                                               the procedure for the                             Source ministère court is applica
Procedure for immediate appearance beforeThe court for minors immediate appearance of minors: before thede la Justice (ht
PRODCOM Survey                                The PRODCOM Survey is a European Union statistical survey on the volume of in
Producer price index / PPI                    Producer price indices (PPI) in industry for the French market measure trends in tr
Product of the manufacturing industry         This concept covers the goods and services resulting from the activity of manufact
Production (national accounts)                Activity performed under the control and responsibility of an institutional unit which
Production at basic price (agriculture)       The value of production at the basic price is equal to the value of production exclus
Production capacity usage rate                The production capacity usage rate (machinery and facilities) is the ratio between t
Production excluding subsidies (agriculture) The value of production at the producer's price is the value of production sold, stor
Production for final own use                  Goods or services that an institutional unit produces and keeps for its final consum
Productivity                                  In economics, productivity is defined as the ratio, in volume, between production a
Productivity of resources                     Productivity of resources is equal to the GDP measured at constant prices divided
Products of the european community            PRODCOM is a list of products from the extraction and manufacturing industries a
Professionalisation contract                  The professionalisation contract is aimed at all young people between the ages of
Profit or loss for the year                   The profit or loss for the year, or period, is measured by the difference between pro
Property income                               Income received by the owner of a financial asset or of a non-produced tangible as
Property tort                                 Property tort includes theft, handling stolen goods, destruction, damage, embezzle
                                              This is the proportion
Proportion of a generation of pupils passing their baccalaureate of people passing their baccalaureate within a fictitious gene
Prosecuting Chamber                           The prosecuting chamber is the appeal court for the decisions of the examining ma
Protection of species                         The French strategy for the preservation of the biodiversity is based, for its legislat
Proved reserves                               Proved reserves are the quantities of hydrocarbons and coal which, according to th
Provincial France                             Provincial France covers all the regions of Metropolitan France less the Ile de Fran
Provisional central product classification    The provisional central product classification (CPC) is the United Nations' product
Provisional custody                                                                              Source : freedoms and detention
                                              Provisional custody is a measure ordered by the judge ofministère de la Justice (si
                                              The provisional population of a municipality consists of : - the population of the m
Provisional population (annual census of 2004, 2005, 2006,2007)
Pseudo-canton                                 Unlike a canton, a "Canton-ou-ville" (or pseudo-canton) is a grouping of one or mo
Public deficit (national accounts)            The public deficit corresponds to government net borrowing (institutional sector S1
Public deficit and public debt ratios         The public deficit and public debt ratios are the two main public finance indicators t
Public development aid / APD                  Public development aid (APD) is the set of donations and loans under highly favou
Public head of group                          An enterprise directly controlled by the State, or controlled indirectly by the State by
                                              Public inter-municipal cooperation establishments (EPCI) are groups of municipalit
Public inter-municipal cooperation establishment / EPCI
Public or ministerial officer                                                                    Source : ministère by the State an
                                              A public or ministerial officer is a person holding an office awardedde la Justice (si
Public prosecutor's office                                                                       Source : ministère de la Justice (si
                                              The Public Prosecutor's Office is composed of all the judges working in the judicia
Public research sector                        The public research sector includes public scientific and technological institutions (
Public sub-group                              Set of enterprises controlled by an enterprise under the majority control of another
Public-sector firm                            A public-sector firm is an enterprise over which the State can directly or indirectly e
Public-sector SIRENE                          It was in 1983 that the mission for registration with the directory was extended to th
Purchaser's prices                            The amount actually paid by the purchaser per unit of goods or service bought. It in
Purchasing power of currency                  The purchasing power of currency is the quantity of goods and services that can b
Purchasing power of wages                     The purchasing power of wages is the quantity of goods and services that can be b
Purchasing power parity / PPP                 Purchasing power parity (PPP) is a money conversion rate used to express the pu
Qualification contract                        The Qualification Contract is a fixed-term employment contract for the employmen
Quartiles                                     If a distribution of wages, incomes, turnover, etc. Is arranged, the quartiles are the
Rare species                                  Rare species are taxons whose worldwide populations are low and which, although
Real estate activities                        In the sense of NAF rev. 2 (in force since 1 January 2008), real estate activities gro
Recomposed family                             A recomposed family comprises a couple of adults, married or not, and at least on
                                              Complementary use serves to census)
Reference person of the household - complementary use (1999 population show the family links within households and to defin
                                              In (1999 population census)
Reference person of the household - main use the main use of the 1999 census, the reference person of the household is auto
Referencing centre                            Unlike the trading group, the referencing centre does not purchase products but on
Region                                        The region, as the most recent structure in French local government, became a te
Regional Adapted Education Institutions / EREA Regional Adapted Education Institutions (EREA) created by Decree n° 54-46 o
Regional enterprise                           Enterprise having all its establishments located in the same region.
Regional grant for school equipment / DRESAs of 1 January 1986 (and given that teaching and personnel expenses remain the
                                              The register of enterprises with a majority control by the State (RECME) was creat
Register of enterprises with a majority control by the State / RECME
Registered civil status event                 The place of registration is the place where the event occurred: place of marriage,
Registered job vacancies                      Total job vacancies registered over a given period (year, month) are the permanen
Reinforced educational centre                 Reinforced educational centres are educational structures designed to take in delin
Relative price of tobacco                     The relative price of tobacco corresponds to the nominal price of tobacco divided b
Renewable energies                            Renewable energies include energy of solar origin, wind, hydraulic or geothermal e
Rent                                          Rent is the amount paid by a tenant in exchange for use of a dwelling. Rent does n
Rent reference index - Law 2005 / IRL 2005 The quarterly rent reference index - 2005 law (IRL 2005 law the text of which was
Rent reference index / IRL                    The quarterly rent reference index (IRL) created by Law n°2008-111 of 8 February
Reported public debt                          Reported public debt is evaluated based on the national accounts table of financia
Reported public deficit                       The reported public deficit corresponds to "government net borrowing" in the sense
Reproduction rate                             The reproduction rate measures the conditions under which generations are replac
Research and development (R&D)                Research and development work has been defined and codified by the Organisatio
Resident occupied population                  The resident occupied population has its residence on the national territory but ma
Residents                                     Natural persons : - persons, irrespective of their nationality, who have their main h
Rest of the world                             The accounts of the rest of the world trace the economic relations between the uni
Retail outlet                                 A retail outlet or store is a retail sales establishment which has a genuine sales act
Retail outlets under affiliation-commission contract are all the retail outlets of companies which are legally independent and link
Retail outlets under brand licence contract These are all the retail outlets of companies which are legally independent and link
Retail outlets under concession contract      These are all the retail outlets of companies which are legally independent and link
Retail outlets under franchise contract       Franchise networks are made up of legally independent companies which benefit,
                                              These are
Retail outlets under leasing management agreement all the retail outlets of companies which are legally independent and link
Retail outlets with membership to a groupingThese are the retail outlets of companies that are legally and financially independe
Retail sales network                          The term retail sales network refers to a set of retail outlets (companies or establis
Retail trade                                  Retail trade consists of selling merchandise in the state that it is purchased (or afte
Retirement incentives                         Retirement incentives are one of the components of "expenditure for employment"
Retraining plan                               Retraining plans are designed to prevent long-term unemployment; they consist of
Rim of a rural employment cluster             The rim of a rural employment cluster is composed of the municipalities (or urban
Road accidents                                A road accident refers to any accident involving at least one road vehicle, occurring
Roundwood                                                                                         Source : service de industrial proc
                                              Roundwood includes any felled and fashioned wood before the first la statistique et
Rural cluster                                 A rural cluster consists of municipalities (or urban units) which do not belong to the
Rural employment area                         A rural employment area is an unbroken series of municipalities without enclave, c
Rural employment cluster                      A rural employment cluster includes the municipalities (or urban units) belonging to
Rural municipality                            A rural municipality is a municipality that does not belong to an urban unit. The oth
Rural space                                   The rural or predominantly-rural space comprises all the small urban units and rura
Rural suburbs                                 The rural suburbs include municipalities (or urban units) that do not belong to the p
S80/S20 ratio                                 The S80/S20 ratio measures the relative disparity in the distribution of a given orde
Safety measure                                                                                     judge : ministère to la Justice (si
                                              When a person has a dangerous character, theSourcemay decide de apply a preve
Sailors (employment)                          The employment situation of sailors is measured by the number of sailors of all na
Salaried hours                                Salaried hours are the contractual volume of hours (including unpaid absences) en
Salaried job                                  Salaried workers refers to all persons who work, under the terms of a contract, for
Sales area                                                                                        The size of a sales carry out gene
                                              Covered or open area given over to the circulation of customers to floor areatheir p
Sandwich contracts                            Sandwich contracts are employment contracts including training leading to a diplom
Sanitary facility (census survey)             Bath or shower located in a room which is set aside or not for toilet purposes.
Satellite account                             A satellite account is a framework of presentation for the economic data of a partic
Saving rate                                   The saving rate is the ratio between household savings and (unadjusted) gross dis
Saving rate (local finances)                  Share of actual operating income assigned to investment expenditure, making it po
Savings (national accounts)                   The balance of the use of disposable income account or of the use of adjusted dis
School age                                    School age is the age reached on 1 January inclusive in the school year in questio
School integration class / CLIS               These classes are for pupils presenting a physical, sensory or mental disability, bu
Schoolable population                         The schoolable population is evaluated on January 1 of each year according to the
School-type teaching                          School-type teaching is full-time education in an annual course.
Scout centres (minors)                                                                            Source : mission des Études, de l'O
                                              Scout centres host at least 7 minors, with and without accommodation, organised
Seasonal adjustment                           The development of a statistical series may in general be broken down into three f
Second home                                   A second home is accommodation used for the weekends, leisure or holidays. Fur
Secondary activity                            A secondary activities is an activity performed by a unit in addition to its principal a
Secondary education                           Secondary education covers the education given in general and technological seco
Secondary energy                              Secondary energy is all energy obtained from transforming primary energy (in part
Secondary sector                                 The secondary sector covers all those activities consisting in varying degrees of pr
Secondary teacher                                Classroom and other teachers in secondary education establishments. This includ
Secure custody (justice)                         Secure custody covers all prison establishments.
Self-financing rate                              Ratio of gross savings to gross fixed capital formation (GFCF).
Sensitive urban zone / ZUS                       Sensitive urban zones (ZUS) are infra-urban territories defined by the authorities a
Services                                         A service activity is essentially characterised by the act of making a technical or int
Services to businesses                           These activities correspond to the code EN of the NES classification : - post and t
Share of long-term unemployment                  The share of long-term unemployment is the proportion of long-term unemployed i
                                                  of households
Share of other income in the taxable income The share of other income is the percentage represented by the asset base incom
                                                 The households
Share of pay and wages in the taxable income of share of pay and wages is the percentage represented by the wages earned in
                                                 The share of pensions and
Share of pensions and annuities in the taxable income of households annuities is the percentage represented by the pension
                                                 The share of profit is the percentage represented by the income of non-salaried pr
Share of profit in the taxable income of households
Share of taxed households                        The share of taxed households is the percentage of taxable households which pay
Share of the unemployed                          The share of the unemployed is the proportion of the unemployed in the total popu
Short-term economic indicator                    An instrument used to measure an economic activity (or set of activities) and to pro
SIREN number                                     The SIREN number is a nine-figure identifier attributed to each enterprise. The firs
SIREN unit                                       Each SIREN unit identifies a legal unit: a craftsman, a trading corporation, but also
SIRET number                                     The SIRET number is an identifier of establishments. This 14-figure numerical ide
SIRET unit                                       In the SIRENE database, the SIRET unit is the establishment, defined as a distinct
Slack work                                       When a company reduces its activity below the legal hours or periodically stops all
Small claims court                               A court with a single judge in charge of settling civil cases concerning sums up to 7
Small Industrial Business Survey / EPEI          The Small Industrial Business Survey is conducted every four years by the Insee o
Social benefits (national accounts)              Transfers, in cash or in kind, to households and intended to lighten the financial bu
Social benefits (or social transfers)            Social benefits (or social transfers) are transfers made (in cash or in kind) to perso
Social Debt Repayment Contribution / CRDSThe social debt repayment contribution (CRDS) is a tax created in 1996 to eliminat
Social housing stock                             Dwellings in the social housing stock (in the sense of the Ministry for Housing) are
Social integration contract / CIVIS              The Social Integration Contract (CIVIS), and in particular its "employment support"
Social sector housing                            Social sector housing is : - housing that belongs to HLM (low-cost housing) organi
Social Security ceiling wage                     The Social Security ceiling wage is used to differentiate certain rates of employee
Social security contribution collection office / The function of the URSSAF is to collect social security contributions. These organ
Social transfers in kind (national accounts) Social transfers in kind correspond to individual goods and services supplied to ho
Sole proprietorship (national accounts)          Sole proprietorships are non-financial enterprises that do not have the legal status
Special court                                    A special court has competence only for matters that are assigned to it by a particu
Speciality subcontracting                        Subcontracting is termed "speciality" when the contracting enterprise calls upon a
Sphere                                           Spheres are defined according to the logic leading to the location of the activity. Th
Spontaneous labour force                         The spontaneous (or self-declared) labour force includes those persons asked to p
Sports "Hopeful"                                                                                    Source mission des Études, de i
                                                 The list of sports "Hopefuls" includes sportspeople of at: least twelve years of agel'O
Sports federation                                                                                   Source : mission des Law of de l'O
                                                 A sports federation is a union of sports associations (governed by theÉtudes, 1901
Sports licence                                                                                      federation allowing the holder to l'O
                                                 A sports licence is a unilateral deed by a sports Source : mission des Études, de pr
Sportspeople recognised by the Ministry                                                             Source : mission des Études, de l'O
                                                 The Ministry for Sport recognises three lists of sportspeople : - high level sportspe
Standard deviation                               The standard deviation is used to measure the dispersion, or the spread, of a set o
Standard gross margin / SGM                                                                         Source service de la statistique t
                                                 The notion of standard gross margin (SGM), defined at :European level, is similaret
Standard of living                               The standard of living is equal to the disposable income of the household divided b
Standardised mortality index                     The standardised mortality index (SMI) is calculated, for a given group, as the ratio
State debt                                       State debt is all loans that the State has issued or backed and the amount outstan
                                                 The professional training and social advancement fund (FFPPS) groups together c
State-Aided Professional Training Agreement / FFPPS
State-convention moderate rent housing           State-convention moderate rent housing is a dwelling that falls under an agreemen
Statistical block                                Statistical block was the basic geographical unit for census statistics and dissemin
Statistical block database                       The statistical block database is a geographic database that is jointly developed an
Statistical block groups 2000 (IRIS 2000)        The statistical block groups 2000 (IRIS-2000) each form a "small district" that is de
                                                 The classification of products by activity (CPA) is the European Union's official clas
Statistical classification of products by activity in the EEC
Statistical unit                                 A statistical unit is a unit of observation or measurement for which data are collecte
Statutory minimum                              The statutory minimum is designed to provide a minimum income to a person (or t
Stay                                           The journeys break down into "stays" defined by the fact of having spent at least a
Still birth                                    In general, a child must be declared with the births, deaths and marriages register
Structuring effect                             When a population is divided into sub-populations, a figure may evolve in one direc
Subcontracting (industrial)                    According to the French Standardisation Association (AFNOR), "subcontracting is
Subsidiary corporation                         A subsidiary corporation is an enterprise that is more than 50% controlled by anoth
Subsidies                                      Standard transfers without any consideration that general government or institution
Suburb                                         Municipalities that are not town centres are suburbs of the urban unit.
Suburban municipality                          Suburban municipalities are municipalities from suburban rims and multicentric mu
Suburban rim                                   The suburban rim covers all of the municipalities in the urban area with the exclusi
Summary economic classification / NES          The summary economic classification (NES), adopted by INSEE in 1994, is an agg
Summer holiday                                 By convention, the summer holiday period for a given year covers a period of five m
Supermarket                                    A supermarket is an establishment for self-service retail sales with more than two
Survival table                                 An annual survival table follows the path of a fictional generation of 100,000 newbo
Suspension                                     The term suspension involves the total or partial suspension of enforcement of a s
Sustainable development                        Sustainable development is "development that meets the needs of the present with
Tax at source                                  Tax at source (or pay as you earn) is a mode of tax collection consisting of having
Tax domicile                                   Considered as having their tax domicile in France are people who : - have their ho
Tax household                                  The term tax household refers to all the people included on the same income tax d
Tax household                                  A tax household is a household comprising the grouped tax households listed in th
Tax income                                     Tax income corresponds to the sum of the resources declared by taxpayers in thei
Taxable income                                 Taxable income includes all the income, profits and gains of all kinds received by t
Taxes on income                                For households, this tax mainly comprises income tax, general social contributions
Taxes on production                            Taxes on production mainly comprise professional tax, property tax and the transp
Taxes on production and imports                Compulsory, unrequited payments in cash or in kind, levied by general governmen
Taxes on products                              Taxes on products mainly comprise value added tax, domestic tax on petroleum p
Taxon                                          A taxon is a unit of any kind (genus, family, species, sub-species, etc.) in the hiera
Teaching staff                                 Teaching staff are counted as natural persons. Each teacher counts for one perso
Temporary employment                                                                              Employees temporary working are
                                               Temporary employment (or "interim" or "temping") operations consist in temporaril
Tenured personnel                              The civil service employs tenured and non-tenured personnel. Tenured personnel
Terms of trade                                 Terms of trade are the ratio for a given product between the export price index and
Territorial authority                          Territorial authorities are French administrative structures, separate from State adm
Territorial correction                         In the national accounts, territorial correction represents the expenses of residents
Tertiary sector                                The tertiary sector encompasses a vast field of activities ranging from commerce t
The Hague system                                                                                  Source : Organisation mondiale de
                                               The Hague System gives the owner of an industrial design or model the possibility
                                               The penitentiary
The penitentiary service for integration and probation / SPIP service for integration and probation (SPIP) is a decentralised ser
Time series                                    A set of observations in an economic statistical variable made at regular intervals (
Ton-kilometre                                  A measurement unit corresponding to the transport of one ton over a distance of o
                                               The concept
Total charges related to operation of the main residence of total charges covers all expenses related to the operation of the ho
Total domestic debt / EIT                      Total domestic debt (EIT) measures all the financing of non-financial resident agen
Total employment                               Total employment includes salaried employment and non-salaried employment. Se
                                               This is the annual cost relative to the right
Total financial charge borne by households for the occupation of their main residence to occupy the main residence borne by t
Total general government liabilities (national This total covers all general government liabilities posted in the financial balance s
Total period divorce rate                      The total period divorce rate indicates the number of divorces in an imaginary clas
Total period fertility                         Total period fertility measures the number of children a woman would have in the c
Total period marriage rate                     The total period marriage rate measures the proportion of non-single men and wom
Total population (1999 census)                 The total population is the sum of the municipal population (in the sense of the 199
Total population (national accounts)           All the persons, nationals or foreigners, established in a lasting fashion on the econ
Total primary energy consumption               Primary energy consumption is equal to all of the economy's energy consumption i
Total tax burden                               The total tax burden is the effective taxes and social contributions collected by gen
Tourism                                        Tourism includes activities by people in the course of their travels and vacations in
Tourist accommodation                          Tourist accommodation means any facility providing accommodation for tourists ei
Town                                        Towns and urban agglomerations, also called urban units whereby delimitation is b
Trade                                       Trade consists of purchasing products from third parties to resell as is, without tran
Trademark                                                                                      is a "sign" which precisely distingui
                                            In the sense of industrial property, a trademark Source : Institut national de la prop
Trading group                               A trading group is a structure managing the purchases of its affiliates, which may b
Training levels                             - Level VI: having stopped schooling in the first three years of secondary education
Training partner                                                                               Source : mission des Études, de l'O
                                            Training partners are those who take part in preparing members of the French nat
Transfers received (local finances)         These include various contributions paid by the State (general operating grant, gen
Transported passenger                       A transported passenger corresponds to a natural person transported over all or p
Travel                                      Travel is a period including at least two nights spent away from home for leisure pu
Trip                                        A trip is defined as any departure from home, with a return to home, and with at lea
Turnover                                    Turnover represents the amount of business (excluding taxes) done by the compa
Type of construction (census survey)        The type of construction is information specific to French overseas departments. It
Type of construction (census survey)        Dwellings are located in one of the following types of construction : - residential b
Type of family                              The distinction is made between : - one-parent families, composed of a father or a
Type of Farming / TF                        To compare agricultural output of different kinds, each of them is translated into a
Under-employment                            Under-employment includes active persons who are employed in the sense of the
Unemployed person (ILO)                                                                        An in 1982 by the International Lab
                                            In application of the international definition adoptedunemployed person (ILO) is not
Unemployed person (population census)                                                          An unemployed are persons (aged
                                            Unemployed persons for the purposes of the population census person (population
Unemployed persons                          An unemployed person is a person who does not have a job and is looking for one
Unemployed, job-seeking population (PSERE) distinction can be made among the unemployed (in the sense of the ILO) for a c
Unemployment                                                                                   Since 2003, Labour have Survey i
                                            Unemployment represents all people aged 15 and older who do not Forcea job and
Unemployment rate                           The unemployment rate is the percentage of unemployed people in the labour forc
Unemployment rate (ILO)                     The unemployment rate in the sense of the International Labour Office (ILO) is the
Unemployment rate (population census)       The unemployment rate in the sense of the population census is the ratio between
Unskilled job (PCS classification)          Qualified/unqualified jobs are described explicitly in the detailed classification of pr
Urban area                                  An urban area is a group of municipalities, all adjoining and without enclaves, mad
Urban cluster                               An urban cluster is an urban unit offering at least 5,000 jobs and which is not situa
Urban community                             An urban community is an EPCI grouping together several municipalities that are j
Urban municipality                          An urban municipality is a municipality that belongs to an urban unit. The other mu
Urban space                                 The urban space refers to several urban areas and their related multicentric munic
Urban unit                                  The notion of urban unit is based on continuity of habitat : an urban unit is a series
Usual residence                             This is where one is accustomed to live irrespective of the frequency and duration.
Utilised agricultural area                  The utilised agricultural area (UAA) is a standardised notion in European agricultur
Vacant dwelling                             A vacant dwelling is an unoccupied dwelling corresponding to one of the following
Value added                                 Balance of the production account. It is equal to the value of production minus inte
VAT Compensation Fund / FCTVA               The VAT Compensation Fund (FCTVA) is used by the State to compensate local a
Vulnerable species                          Vulnerable species include the taxons which are considered likely to join the categ
Wage bill                                   The wage bill is the total sum of gross wages of an establishment (excluding emplo
Wage costs                                  Wage costs include all expenses that a company must bear for the employment of
Wage income                                 Wage income corresponds to the sum of all the wages, net after all social contribu
Wage Structure Survey                       The Wage Structure Survey evaluates the effects of the characteristics of employe
                                            Goods, services or other perquisites granted free or at a reduced price by employe
Wages and compensation in kind (national accounts)
Wages and salaries                          Wages and salaries constitute the payment of the work agreed upon between an e
Wholesale food price index / WFPI           The wholesale food price index (WFPI) measures trends in the prices of food prod
Wholesale intermediaries                    Wholesale intermediaries are that form a link between professional vendors and b
Wholesale trade                             Wholesale trade consists of purchasing, storing and selling goods, generally to ret
Winter holiday                              By convention, the winter holiday period for a given year commences at the beginn
Wood balance                                                                                   Source : compare la French prod
                                            The wood balance assessment represents an attempt toservice dethestatistique et
Wood harvest                                                                                   Source : service de la statistique o
                                            The harvest of wood marketed by foresters is known thanks to the annual surveyet
Wooded area                                                                                    Source : service de la of reaching
                                            Any plot of land of at least 5 ares (500 m²) with forest species capablestatistique et
Year on year change and average             A year-on-year change compares a value at two dates, generally a year apart, or s
Young people in enterprise contract / CJE orThe Young People in Enterprise Contract (CJE) which is also defined by the "Supp
Youth employment contract / CEJ or NSEJ Youth Employment Contracts (CEJ, or NSEJ for "new youth employment services
Zone for study and development / ZEAT   In 1967, Insee, in relation with the National Economic Planning Agency and the DA
Zoning into urban areas / ZAU           Zoning into urban areas (ZAU) splits the territory into four categories. The first repr

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