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     This publication is the Newsletter of the Western Australian Endurance Riders Association Inc.
                                         ABN No: 83 510 134 790

                                        May / June

             ONLINE EDITION

                  Please note: Due to technical reasons (file size) and copyright concerns,
this online edition of the WAERA Newsletter does not contain the photos and commercial advertising that
                                    are included in the printed version.
                      STATE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 2008

NAME                               ADDRESS                     CONTACT DETAILS
PRESIDENT, RISK MANAGEMENT,        Ross McCamish               Phone: 9530 1030 (home)
AERA DELEGATE, RIDE LIAISON        PO Box 161                  Mobile: 040 881 0910
OFFICER                            North Dandalup 6207         Email:
                                   Richard Jeggo               Ph: 9495 2183 (home)
                                   6 Mustang Road,             Mobile: 0438 584 344
                                   Armadale 6112               Email:
                                   Debra Jewell
                                                               Ph: 9523 2770
SECRETARY                          472 Young Road
                                   Baldivis 6171
                                   Meg Woodhouse
                                                               Ph: 9731 8208
TREASURER                          PO Box 250
                                   Donnybrook 6239
                                   Dr. Anne Barnes
                                   Division of Veterinary &
HONORARY VETERINARIAN                                          Ph: 9360 2643 (work)
                                   Biomedical Sciences
                                   Murdoch University
                                   Murdoch 6150
                                   Terry Jewell
COMMUNICATIONS,                                                Ph: 9523 2770
                                   472 Young Road
VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR,                                         Email:
                                   Baldivis 6171
                                   Ieva Peters                 Ph/fax: 9410 1014 (home)
                                   96 Battersby Road           Mobile: 040 3333 692
                                   Anketell 6167               Email:
                                   Joanne Zielono              Ph: 9397 0549
                                   3 Dew Street                Mobile: 040 659 8263
                                   Forrestdale 6112            Email:
                                   Catherine Paton
                                                               Ph: 9524 2098
PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER           574 Young Road
                                   Baldivis 6171
                                                               Ph: 9731 7060 (home)
                                   Liz Cullam
                                                               Fax: 9727 1883
CHIEF STEWARD LIAISON              PO Box 271
                                                               Mobile: 0417 187 815
                                   Capel 6271
                                   Ian Symington               Ph: 9574 7295
PROPERTY OFFICER                   971 Reen Road               Mobile: 0428 918 100
                                   Gidgegannup 6083            Email:
                                   Louise Gray                 Ph: 95354991
INSURANCE                          PO Box 1862                 Mobile: 0427 441 037
                                   Mandurah 6210               Email:

                                   Nicky Gusterson             Ph: 9455 2483
MERCHANDISE                        52 Morton Loop              Mobile: 0410 456 618
                                   Canning Vale 6155           Email:
                                                               Ph: 9044 1067
                                   Mick Caughey
                                                               Fax: 9044 1087
SPONSORSHIP                        P.O. Box 169
                                                               Mobile: 0429441067
                                   Merredin 6415
MEMBERSHIP & LOGBOOK               Richard & Lyn Summerfield
                                                               Ph: 9525 5993 (home)
REGISTRAR                          Lot 65 Robinson Street
(Non-Committee)                    Mundijong 6123
                                   Anita Fortsch
NEWSLETTER EDITOR                                              Mobile: 0409 081 667
                                   50 Powell Road
(Non-Committee)                                                Email:
                                   Baldivis 6171
POINT SCORES & EARLY WARNING       Ian Blucher                 Ph: 9525 1710 (home)
SYSTEM                             38 Pollard Cross            Mobile: 042 994 0397
(Non-Committee)                    Cardup 6122                 Email:

                            WAERA website:

Presidents Report
                                       What an Easter Marathon
Dear Members

Well the season is off and running. The opening ride at Wilga was a great way to start the season and the
cooler weather couldn’t have timed it better, making for very pleasant riding early in the day. There was a
great turn out of riders for so early in the season. Many thanks to Peryle and her band of helpers who did
a great job of manning the check points (and the water melon was just delicious), and to those members
who came along to lend a hand at the ride - it’s very much appreciated.

The Easter Marathon was a huge success. A very special thanks to Rebecca and Warren Wicks, Glen and
Linda Dix, Craig Hugall and all the other members who pitched in and helped to make it such a great
weekend. It was fantastic to see so many entries in the 240km marathon, 29 with 20 successful
completions. They tell me that it was a record in both departments, well done to all who started and
specially to those who completed. It was also great to see so many new members attending their first
marathon, welcome to you all.

Submissions for the new constitution have now closed. I would just like to say a special thank you to
those members who took the time and made the effort to send in your submissions. The constitution
committee will be meeting in the near future to consider all the submissions. We will keep you advised
of the progress.

Many thanks to Patrick and Allison Burns, Paul and Michelle Wilmot, and all the helpers on the day for
the Gnangara ride - it was a challenge again this year.

I am looking forward to the FEI ride at Collie. To all those who are entered for the 160km, I take this
opportunity to wish all riders good luck and hope that you all get a successful completion.

Regards, Ross

Editor’s Report

Hi All
They say that winners are made, not born – does the same apply to happy families? One thing has become
very clear to me as I have become more involved in endurance riding – club life is much like family life.
Just have a read of Robbie’s article in this issue. Like families, we also sometimes don’t seem to be
terribly good at getting along with each other, yet I am very clear in my mind that we need each other in
order to be able to do what we all love doing so much (why else would you have joined the club?). I have
also learnt that not everybody has the same reasons for participating in this sport, and some people have
very different goals to mine. I respect that and I am fascinated by the many different personalities that I
have met through endurance riding - after the horses, the people are definitely the most interesting and
fun aspect of the sport. Where the fun stops is when some individuals or groups forget to do the right
thing, either through negligence, bad manners or self-interest, and as a consequence, all of us - and the
club as a whole - have to suffer the consequences.
Stepping off my soap box... The good news is, we are officially clear of EI, and have just had interstate
horses and riders participate in the Collie FEI ride this weekend! Note, we still need to complete the
‘Horse Movement’ form for every ride, this form is included with this newsletter.
I hope you enjoy reading the ride reports on the first three rides of the season, as well as the report on
Kerry, Shannon and Kate Stanley’s progress on their ride to Queensland. It is an amazing adventure.
Thank you Tracey Lynne for gathering the international and ‘ride around the world’ information.
See you at Wundowie!

                       DEADLINE for the May/June issue: 19 June 2008.

                            W.A.E.R.A. RIDE CALENDAR 2008

Date             Distance                                   Contact Details
                                                            Ieva Peters
                 COLLIE FEI RIDE *                          96 Battersby Road, Anketell 6167
25th APRIL
                 160km ***, 90km**                          Ph/fax: 9410 1014 / 040 3333 692
    th                                                      Barbara O’Brien
                                                            Post Office, Burekup 6227
                 80km, 40km & 20km
                                                            Ph/fax: 9726 3320
                                                            Ieva Peters
 st              JARRAHDALE - Tony Duffy Memorial
1     JUNE                                                  96 Battersby Road, Anketell 6167
                 90km, 40km & 20km
                                                            Ph/fax: 9410 1014 / 040 3333 692
                 (long weekend)
                                                            Rosemary Corbin
                 GIDGEGANNUP *
22nd JUNE                                                   23 Hayes Ct, Gidgegannup 6083
                 80km, 40km & 20km
                                                            Ph/fax: 9574 6071 / 0417 092 309
                                                            Deb Jewell
 TH                                                         472 Young Road, Baldivis 6171
                                                            Ph: 9523 2770
                 160km, 80km
                                                            Patrick Burns
26th July        CANCELLED           Gnangara               259 Ellenbrook Road, Bullsbrook 6084
                                                            Ph: 0412907765 Entries Ph/fax 9571 3035
                                                            Deb Jewell
                 PINJARRA *                                 472 Young Road, Baldivis 6171
                 120km elevated, 40km & 25km                Ph: 9523 2770
                                                            Kate Caughey
                 MERREDIN                                   PO Box 169, Merredin 6415
                 80km, 40km & 20km                          Ph: 9044 1067, fax: 9044 1087
                                                            Kristy Rae
                 KOJONUP                                    PO Box 276, Katanning 6317
                 80km, 40km & 20km                          Ph: 9821 2493, fax: 9821 5430

                 WOKY CREEK *
27th SEPTEMBER                                              TBA
                 80km, 40km & 20km

                                                            Wagin Pony Club
    th           WAGIN                                      Anita Lunt, RMB 57, Wagin 6315
                 80km, 40km & 20km                          Ph: 98611334
                                                            Liz Cullam
25TH & 26TH      CAPEL                                      PO Box 271, Capel 6271
OCTOBER          2 day 160km, 80km & 40km                   Ph: 9731 7060, fax: 9727 1883

29th NOVEMBER                                               TBA
                 Golden Ponds, Mundijong

                            * Denotes W.A.E.R.A. fundraising events.

                          IMPORTANT NOTICE ALL MEMBERS
                                            Volunteer Roster
The start of this season has continued in the same vein as the last year with respect to the number of
volunteers helping at WAERA events. This has been an ongoing issue at our events and has put the
SMC under considerable pressure. In some cases rides have been very close to being cancelled.

We (the SMC) therefore have no other option but to introduce the item tabled and discussed at the
previous two AGMs and enforce a roster system. The members on the following list have been allocated
a ride and will be given instructions as to the delegated task by the ride organisers. If for any reason any
member cannot fulfil this obligation, the responsibility is theirs to find a stand-in or swap dates with other
rostered persons. This obligation will in all probability happen only once a year, and we thank you in
advance for your cooperation. There is unfortunately no alternative at this time.

Gidgegannup 22/06/08: Lynette Best, Michael Gill, Marianne Schofield*, Tania Foster*

State Championships Greenhills 5/07/08: Josephine Pearson, Otto Van Kampen, Gary Hutchins,
                     Nolene Cochrane, Vikki Hockley, Frances Overheu*, Amanda Rayner*, Tamara
                     Swan, Jenna Macrae, Dianne Nind, Kieren O`Driscoll.

Pinjarra 08/08/08:         Amanda Arkell, Jennifer Bear, Malcolm Shaw, Simon Slemint*, Carla Swift,
                           Penny Versteeg*, Julie Van Kampen, Anton Reid, Karen-Anne Waey, Paula
                           Davenport, Jodie Ferguson.
                                                                               * Denotes TPR Steward

NEW FORM - Horse Movement Declaration

There is no need to take horse's temperatures pre-ride anymore, so you no longer need to complete the
reverse page of the Horse Event Participation Declaration form.

We do however ask that the attached Horse Movement Declaration be filled in so that we can track
horse movements if necessary.

Please replace this document in your Master Copy file, and please complete and hand it in every time
you pick up your riding numbers.

See also the ‘EI Update’ on page 8.

                                        National Pointscore

             The 2008 AERA Pointscore has been re-instated and will be calculated as


This award is given to a rider who has successfully completed the Jarrahdale 80km + endurance ride five
times (the 2005 FEI ride is not counted).

If you believe that you are eligible for this award, please send your ride details to:
Ieva Peters, email:, ph/fax: 9410 1014 / 040 3333 692, by the 5th of May 2008.

                                          Anna Jermolajew, Byford          Sandra Garepo, Canning Vale
             WELCOME                      Jenna Macrae, Bertram            Sharon Clarke, Boyanup
                                          Andrea and Henry Strating,       Elizabeth Laurie, Fremantle
                                                                           Susan and John Anderson,
                                          Nony Vaughan, Oakford            Wellington Mill
           New Members
                                          Tanja Hanisch, Thornlie

Thefts at WAERA Rides

There has been a recent bout of items being stolen at WAERA events.

Members are reminded to keep an eye on their gear and please report any suspicions to the Chief
Steward or an SMC member.

                                                               FEI Ride 2008 Collie
                                                                 Our Sponsors
                                                             Roman and Tanya Stoffel
                                                      Rotan Endurance Arabians, Queensland
                                                              Worsley Alumina, Collie
                                                               Horseland, Bunbury
                                                                   Milne Feeds
                                                                   Dixon Smith

          WAERA Merchandise Pricelist 2008
Caps                                                              $15.00
Stubby holders                                                   $3.00ea
                                                   or 2 for        $5.00
Large float stickers                                              $12.00
Small car stickers                                                 $3.00
Logbook covers                                                     $2.00
Kooldri polos                                       Adults        $40.00
                                                     Kids         $30.00
Reversible navy/gold fleece vest                                  $40.00
Leagues windcheaters                                              $44.00
Competitor rain jacket/vest 3in1 royal blue/navy                 $100.00
Navy polar fleece vest                                            $35.00
Leagues grey polo, WAERA collar                                   $22.00
Kimberley 3/4 length navy waterproof coat
(Drizabone style)                                                $100.00
Wellington fleece-lined navy shower proof jacket                  $80.00
Navy/gold panelled polo shirts                                    $35.00
Long sleeved rugby jumper, varsity style
navy/gold                                                         $70.00
WAERA ladies’ jodphurs pull-on style                             $100.00
WAERA men’s jodphurs, zip/button style                           $130.00
Winter beanies, navy or gold                                      $15.00

See the WAERA website for photos of the merchandise
and a description of items!

To place an order, contact Nicky Gusterson on: 0410 456 618 or
I can post it to you or see you at the next ride!

                                  Dogs at W.A.E.R.A. Events

Following the Harvey Marathon there were several complaints about dogs.
Members and visitors are reminded that:

•   Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
•   Dogs must not be a nuisance (i.e. barking at night, and barking whilst left unattended).
•   Dogs are not permitted in the vetting area.

Endurance is a family-oriented sport, and dogs are an important part of our family. However, if
the situation does not improve, WAERA will have no other alternative but to ban dogs from

                            ABUSE OF VOLUNTEERS AND OFFICIALS

There has been a recent spate of abuse directed at volunteers and officials at WAERA events by some

All members are reminded of the AERA Rules regarding Member Conduct and Membership Rights and
Responsibilities (M1, M2 - page 19 of the AERA Members Handbook).

Under no circumstances will this type of behaviour be tolerated. If you are a victim of, or witness to, this
kind of behaviour, please report it to the Chief Steward immediately.
                                                                  WAERA State Management Committee

                                          The Guy in the Glass
                                         By Dale Wimbrow, 1934

                           When you get all you want and you struggle for pelf,
                                 and the world makes you king for a day,
                                then go to the mirror and look at yourself
                                     and see what that man has to say.
                               For it isn't your mother, your father or wife
                                   whose judgment upon you must pass,
                           but the man, whose verdict counts most in your life
                                  is the one staring back from the glass.
                                          He's the fellow to please,
                                           never mind all the rest.
                                     For he's with you right to the end,
                                and you've passed your most difficult test
                                   if the man in the glass is your friend.
                            You may be like Jack Horner and "chisel" a plum,
                                     And think you're a wonderful guy,
                             But the man in the glass says you're only a bum
                                 If you can't look him straight in the eye.
                                       You can fool the whole world,
                                        down the highway of years,
                                  and take pats on the back as you pass.
                            But your final reward will be heartache and tears
                                  if you've cheated the man in the glass.

EI Update

From the DAFWA website

“From 17 March 2008 entry of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules and equine reproductive material from
all other Australian states is allowed. No equine influenza permits are required.

The movement of horses into Western Australia must comply with normal import conditions including the
provision of a signed “Movement of Stock to Western Australia” (AD 1071).

Imports of used horse equipment from all other Australian states are allowed provided they are clean of
weeds, seeds and pests.”

The WA Horse Council has developed a draft Event Contingency Plan for use by event
organisers. This is currently available through DAFWA’s website at and can be found under the
“Procedures for WA horse events” section.

Event coordinators are encouraged to review this document and work with the WAHC in
making sure that biosecurity protocols at WA horse events are best practice.

Biosecurity protocols and this contingency plan apply to endurance events. Information sessions were
held in early April in Byford and at the SEC, and were well attended by members of WAERA.

It's official: we're free of equine influenza

Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Andy Carroll has informed international animal health authorities of
Australia’s freedom from equine influenza (EI).

This advice to international authorities reinforces the message to our trading partners that Australia’s
horse industries are again "open for business”.

Speaking from Canberra yesterday, Dr Carroll said that formal notifications had been sent to the World
Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the Animal Health Trust and ProMED.

“On 14 March 2008 horses were again able to move freely within Australia - this is a significant animal
health achievement. It highlights Australia’s capacity to identify, diagnose and manage animal disease
incursions, as well as our highly developed and effective emergency management systems,” Dr Carroll

“Assuming no evidence of active EI infection is found, on June 30 2008 Australia will confirm that the EI
virus is no longer present. Monitoring and surveillance for EI will continue, consistent with OIE
requirements and as part of our ongoing surveillance for exotic disease.

“Since December 2007 over 32 000 horses have been tested with negative results.
The multifaceted surveillance program has included epidemiological, clinical and laboratory

Following the diagnosis of EI in late August 2007, Australia implemented a rigorous control and
eradication program.

The response included an initial national horse standstill, movement controls, trace-forward and trace-
back, strict biosecurity measures and strategic vaccination in buffer zones and infected areas.

Extensive surveillance was also undertaken in both affected and unaffected regions.

SOURCE: Rural Press national news service, Parliament House, Canberra.

My Wilga Ride
Bo and I travelled to Wilga on 7th March to have a go at our first 80km ride the next day. We are in a small
town called Watheroo which is about 2.5 hours north of Perth.

Endurance riding has always held an interest, but due to pervious work commitments and a young
daughter, and also not knowing where and how to find out, it got put on hold. That changed last year after
finally talking to the right people and the ball started rolling. We completed the 40km training rides at
Gidgegannup and Greenhills.

Could we, should we move on? It was a long hot summer of thinking, planning, wondering, riding. Therw
was only one way to find out. The 10 – 15 degree drop in temperature in Wilga was much appreciated by
both Bo and I – it hit 40 degrees in Watheroo last November and there hasn’t been a lot of respite since.

Riding out in the dark wasn’t too much of a concern. We’d had to do it several times before dawn while
training, as it was the only time of day when it was cool enough to ride. Bo travelled pretty well throughout
the first leg, although he wouldn’t drink, which was a concern, and there were definite signs of tiredness
throughout the last five kilometres. An apple was about all I could get him to eat back in camp, so gut
sounds were becoming a bit of a worry. No need for that – he got an A in that department and the all clear
for the second leg.

The second leg was very much harder for both of us, a definite reality check in more ways than one. We
tried to maintain a steady pace, and this time, Bo was drinking plenty at each checkpoint. Those last five
kilometres would have to be the longest five kilometres we have ever travelled.

Bo was very tired, so it was with a certain amount of anxiety that we headed for the vet ring. his heart rate
was 56, which shook me up a bit and is something to monitor and work on in the future. However, we ‘got
through’ and left the vet ring feeling slightly stunned. Several days later I’m still not sure if the reality of it
has sunk in!

Thank you very much to all concerned – it was a very well organised ride.

Ride Name: Wilga
Ride Distance: 80km
Date: 08-03-2008

Ride Distance: 80km
Place    Rider                         Horse                           Time                 Pre-Ride &
                                                                                          Leg Heart Rates
Heavyweight Division
  1     Otto Van Kampen                Arabika Pinelli                    5:12:00       33,42,50
  2     Gary Hutchins                  Moultan'n                          5:52:00       33,46,49
  3     Marcel Fortsch                 Rupert                             5:59:00       36,47,49
  4     Ross McCamish                  Hillbrae Kassie                    6:04:00       34,40,48
  5     Craig Hugall                   Sabtah Saiani                      7:01:00       34,43,56
  6     Peta Dobson                    Mirror Lad                         7:28:00       29,35,39
Middleweight Division
  1     Julie Van Kampen               Blue Plains Helene                 5:12:00       39,42,46
  2     Natasha Ellery                 Sundale Neptune                    5:20:00       29,39,50
  2     Christopher Haddon             West Coast Dayan                   5:20:00       28,42,45
  4     Stephen French                 Balgownie Anchor                   5:28:00       32,36,41
  4     Joanne Zielono                 Browtin Advocate                   5:28:00       31,40,50
  4     Frances Overheu                Poseidon Moon                      5:28:00       32,40,45
  7     Jenny McCamish                 Melara Najma                       5:58:00       30,38,39
  8     Simon Slemint                  Ralvon Jordan                      6:05:00       36,40,47
  8     Noelene Cochrane               Deep Forest Nahamani               6:05:00       33,44,46
  8     Harry O'Brien                  Big Joe                            6:05:00       32,43,51
 11     Jeanette Norman                Mariba Moontrip                    6:26:00       27,34,36
 12     Anton Reid                     Golden Pursuit                     6:38:00       41,47,56
 13     Debra Ryan                     Forestdew Karisma                  6:57:00       31,47,44
 14     Cassie Mulcahy                 Tanderra Saphire                   7:00:00       35,38,45
 15     Linda Yearbury                 Tiki Bey                           7:17:00       40,42,47
 15     Janice Raffaele                Morgan Bey                         7:17:00       34,41,49
 17     Jamie Summerfield              Tazsh Kamil Lea                    7:18:00       41,41,49
 18     Karen Waey                     Rivlyn Miraaj                      7:28:00       33,38,39
 19     Michelle Blight                Beau Moss                          7:32:00       34,37,50
  19     Tania Foster                   Shintaar                                7:32:00       32,37,45
  21     Vaughan South                  Deep Forest Olympic Prince              7:34:00       37,50,49
  22     Kelly Rooney                   Ruby Park Thomas                        8:08:00       37,47,55
  ---    Lynn Rodgers                   Aberdare                                Lame L1       36,40
  ---    Jo Pearson                     Gameelah                                Lame L1       35,39
Lightweight Division
   1     Rona Grant                     Bo                                      6:13:00       38,42,56
   2     Lyn Summerfield                Orchid Park Silver Mecca                7:18:00       42,39,37
   3     Carrie Meyers                  Jammah                                  7:32:00       30,40,51
   4     Joan Gill                      Sempre Vivashae                         7:53:00       36,38,52
   5     Lyn Best                       Shaylen Park Light My Fire              8:08:00       39,47,50
Junior Division
   1     Astrid Van Kampen              El Sherran Ricadonna                 5:12:00          32,40,43
   2     Shannon Parker                 El Cassa Lenauds Legacy              5:52:00          34,41,42
  ---    Jacinta Thomas                 Arovo Mini Harvest                 Metabolics L2      31,39,48

                                     No.           Total              %              Vet
                  Division          Riders      Completions      Completions         Outs      Withdrawn
                Heavyweight           6              6             100.00%            ---          ---
                Middleweight          24            22              91.67%             2           ---
                Lightweight           5              5             100.00%            ---          ---
                   Junior             3              2              66.67%             1           ---
                   Totals             38            35              92.11%             3            0

Best Conditioned Summary
        Place                     Rider Name                  Horse Name                  Logbook No.    Points

        BC Heavyweight Horse
          1      45     Otto Van Kampen                 Arabika Pinelli               ARA61755           462.5
          2      15     Ross McCamish                   Hillbrae Kassie               HIL42676           422.0
          3      10     Marcel Fortsch                  Rupert                        RUP61948           414.7

        BC Middleweight Horse
          1       25     Christopher Haddon             West Coast Dayan              WES61975           475.0
          2       44     Stephen French                 Balgownie Anchor              BAL61869           472.5
          3       47     Julie Van Kampen               Blue Plains Helene            BLU61946           465.7
          4       11     Frances Overheu                Poseidon Moon                 POS61974           456.7

        BC Lightweight Horse
          1        9     Lyn Summerfield                Orchid Park Silver Mecca      ORC61985           513.0

        BC Junior Horse
          1        46   Astrid Van Kampen               El Sherran Ricadonna    ELS61887                 468.0
          2        30   Shannon Parker                  El Cassa Lenauds Legacy ELC62035                 453.9

Ride Distance: 40km Training
Rider                          Horse                               Time                    Pre-Ride &
                                                                                         Leg Heart Rates
Di Rayner                      Karumba Topaz                              ---        46,43
Jodie Ferguson                 Tolilar Sentimental Value                  ---        43,32
Kristy Rae                     Rivlyn Kaleef                              ---        36,46
Chloe Radford                  Rivlyn Jazzik                              ---        35,50
Cathy Paton                    Denmark Zamaan                             ---        35,40
Deb Jewell                     Balgownie Berk                             ---        28,40
Anita Fortsch                  Yzner Viva                                 ---        35,44
Wendy Leach                    Russell                                    ---        31,46
Joanna McCord                  Amakhaya Gijima                            ---        36,41
Sue Webb                       Errahl Aqua Dawn                           ---        34,41
Stephanie Cornu                Sandine Artic Blast                        ---        36,44
Julia Lockwood                 Tora Archer                                ---        45,41
Karen Karlovsky                Maralinga Ellusive Bey                     ---        35,39
Bernie Morris                  Prediction's Princess Portia               ---        30,35
Jan Olliver                    Cheeky                                     ---        40,44
John Anderson                  Niarla El Salvador                         ---        37,49
Susan Anderson                 Archie                                     ---        37,42
Kevin Rodgers                  Hayla Shayla                               ---        33,42
Anna Jermolajew                Peoria Zyrana                              ---        28,48
Susan Jones                    Ska                                        ---        36,36
Andrea Strating                Chatahn Kalim                              ---        33,39
Henry Strating                 Endurowest Sharini                         ---        38,44
Sharron Tilbee                 Ronan                                      ---        53,39
                                No.          Total             %          Vet
                Division       Riders     Completions     Completions     Outs     Withdrawn
                Training         23           23            100.00%        ---         ---

Ride Distance: 25km Social
Rider                        Horse                          Time                  Pre-Ride &
                                                                               Leg Heart Rates
Cameron Skerman              Sherwood                              ---      34,42
Lachlan Murray               Kel                                   ---      37,42
Diana Roberts                Top Fancy Dolce                       ---      38,47
Amanda Collie                Rivers                                ---      38,40
Elizabeth Laurie             Robmurty Jimminy                      ---      36,31
Malcolm Shaw                 Sabu                                  ---      40,43
Tracey Bannister             Al                                    ---      45,41
Dianne Nind                  Eleazar Sensation                     ---      50,44
Mick Leach                   Cruze                                 ---      44,52
Margaret Barnesby-Johnson    Bud                                   ---      28,42
Hilary Sugg                  Arrone All Jazzed Up                  ---      39,42
Frank Wilson                 Jester                                ---      42,48
Fiona Wilson                 Badgers Little Cutter                 ---      42,45

                                No.          Total             %          Vet
                Division       Riders     Completions     Completions     Outs     Withdrawn
                 Social          13           13            100.00%        ---         ---

                      How to get brownie points with the ride secretaries
                      Here are a few tips to make life easier for ride secretaries …

The “Do” list:
   Send your entry in on time.
   Send your non-refundable nomination fee.
   Fill out the entry form correctly and supply all the details.
   Bring your horse movement documentation (event participation form).
   If you have faxed your entry, bring the original with you.
   Fill out the relevant section in your logbook.
   Bring the right amount of money.
   Bring your membership card.
   Make sure you have all the current stickers in your logbook.
   Bring your good manners with you.
   Be patient.

The “Do Not” list:
   Ring the ride secretary before 7am or after 9pm.
   Expect the ride secretary to take your entry if you are late.
   Take it for granted that you will not be charged a late entry fee.
   Bring your dogs to the nomination area.
   Expect the WAERA membership and logbook secretary to process your
   membership and logbooks at short notice.

By Paula Davenport

Research? Yes, I did. You know, read articles, surf the internet, ask other marathoners, my mum even
bought me a few endurance magazines. Liz Cullam advised me “let your horse travel at his own speed”
and “be positive”, Lyn Summerfield discussed with me how much training she had undergone with
different horses she had ridden and an article I read said psychologically it is easier if you imagine each
leg as a training ride. All great advice.

Gee, I can’t wait to get to the ride. I have been totally marathon-consumed for months. My early
enthusiasm has diminished. I am sick of thinking, packing, food shopping (horse/human), in fact, I am
totally off any type of preparation toward the marathon. I just want to ride.

First day of the Marathon. “Frank hold my horse”, “Frank help me with my girth”, Frank, Frank, Frank,
poor Frank, it is only the beginning of the ride. Mount up, we must leave base by 4.15am. I am beginning
to worry, I am dawdling as Natasha Ellery (Tash) and Sundale Neptune (Ted) are walking around close
by waiting patiently for me to get organised. I call Ted the PacMan. PacMan is a computer game with a
munching blob that devours all in it’s path – that’s Ted.

My horse is getting fidgety. Obviously, my horse’s training and my training aren’t the same - because
why is he jigging... We stick close by Tash and Ted. The horses travelled well on the first leg. We
arrive back at camp, where is my strapper? Frank is out picking up a horse on course in the rescue float.
All is good, Nódin passes the first vet check. Out on leg two the day heated up and the horses continued
on. We finished the second leg and the horses vetted through fine again. I live on the coast, plenty of
sand and no hills, so I was pleased Nódin got through the first day with no problems on his first ride for
the year. First day over. Frank and I make sure Nódin isn’t missing out on anything, he is getting the full
treatment, massages, full hay nets, full feed bins - everything seems to be excessive. Don’t forget to get
everything ready for the morning, make it to briefing, Frank to feed me and off to bed. I will be nicer to
Frank tomorrow.

Day two of the Marathon. I’ve got the Franks again. “Frank, where is my CamelBak.” “Frank, where
are my gloves.” Frank, Frank, Frank. It is dark again and we are off on the first leg, Tash and Ted, Nódin
and I. It is wonderful travelling in the cool. We make it in from the first leg. Where is my strapper?
Frank is out on course again picking up a horse. Surely not again you say – exactly what I said. Anyway,
all is good, Nódin has vetted through fine and Frank turns up. Waiting, waiting, waiting, come on horse,
eat! I may as well saddle up and go out again. Tash and Ted are with me again on the second leg. The
afternoon is hot again and I am pleased the horses are eating and drinking well on course. At check
points, I sponge Nódin down with the strapping water provided. I am constantly worrying if my horse is
OK, since he did not eat a lot of hard feed after leg one. I get back to base and Frank is there to greet me.
Nódin vets through. Then, later that night, Nódin begins to stiffen up and his legs appear puffy. I can’t
possibly ride tomorrow. Nódin just isn’t used to the hardness under foot. I’m going to bed. Yes, I had a
‘hissy fit’.

Day three of the Marathon. I am in awe. Frank and Jan have been working on Nódin. Bandaging,
walking, massaging and Nódin responded well. Nódin is freeing up more and more as I watch Frank
walk him around. I got a touch of the Frank’s again. “Frank, Nódin hasn’t eaten any hard feed all night,
what’s going on?” Nódin looks OK, alert and happy, so I decide to go out on the first leg with Tash and
Ted. In off the first leg and we vet through, but my horse is very reluctant to trot out and he scores a ‘B’
for gait. Second leg and the horses are eating and drinking well and Nódin has a sleep at one of the check
points, tiredness is creeping in. We arrive back at base. Where is Frank? Jan tells me that Frank and
Glenn Dix are looking for me on course as I was supposedly lost. No, not now I say to myself as I plod
over to the water, hay and strapping gear Frank has left set up for me. I am just about to go to the final
vetting and Frank returns, all is instantly looking better. TPR is done by Richard Summerfield at the vet
ring, he says “good luck” as I move toward Dr Joan Deetman for the final vetting. I am nervous now. I
run out Nódin for the very last time, get the OK from Joan, score an ‘A’ for gait this time and a cheer
from the crowd.

Pinch me. I have ridden 240 kilometres. Wow, what a journey my first marathon has been.

Harvey Marathon 2008

I now know my horse likes Port!! And parties!!! God it was funny watching K (Forestdew Karisma) enjoy
the after-marathon vet ring party as much as I did. I had taken her for a walk after presentations and while
I was chatting to Jo from Northam, K fell asleep next to her horse. Oh how sweet! I didn’t want to wake
her up because she looked so peaceful and relaxed, so I took her lead off and went and shut the main
gate, then I took a wine to the vet ring party, intending to check on her in a while. I wasn’t there long when
Rebecca wanders in with an escaped horse...K! Everyone gathered around her making a fuss, with K
loving every minute of the attention. Anne Barnes was drinking Port and offered K a sip and yes she
loved it - much to my amazement she tried to lick the cup dry. We all cracked up and I have seen some
great photos of Anne and K enjoying a Port together. My horse is a party animal. I had to take her back to
bed and tuck her in before I could rejoin the vet ring party without her. Lizzy had us doing party games - I
laughed so much my mouth hurt the next day. It was the best way to unwind from a long three days of
riding. I was totally exhausted and slept like a log. So did K.

I can officially say I have two of the best strappers in my son Luke and my nephew Muzza. Luke who is
13 and Muzza, 14, have been riding since they were 8 or 9, having lessons for a few years and coming to
rides with me. They seem to have picked up a lot about endurance. I was pregnant with Luke when I
qualified my horse for the Toodyay Quilty in 1995! So you can say Luke has been doing 80k’s even
before he was born. Then of course I started the 95 Quilty while breastfeeding Luke in-between strapping
the horse and riding. (God, what was I thinking!) I vetted out at the end, lame, and I had completely run
out of milk! Talk about character building. So, some 13 years later Luke is still helping me at rides, and
I’m truly grateful for all his help on the weekend. Muzza and Luke got K and me though the Marathon with
their words of encouragement, the water they carried, the food they cooked me and the feeds they made
for K. I could not have ridden 240 kms without them. They are fantastic and very entertaining!

The start of the ride was very exciting. I focused on what I had to do - until I found myself behind Deb
Jewel and Cathy cantering up the gravel hill. Then Deb, who was the only one of us with her light on,
shouts out that she thinks she has missed a lime line back there and turns around, and sure as eggs we
wander back down the hill to see lights off to our right in the bush. A dead giveaway that we had missed
the turn and the other riders had not! ...I then decided not to turn my light off again, and to find another
rider doing a steadier pace to match with K’s stride.

Jo Zielono was riding her lovely gelding Patrick, so K and I fell into pace with them. K is a no-nonsense
kind of mare and does not take kindly to most horses, however on this occasion she stayed with Patrick
and seemed to enjoy his company. I certainly enjoyed Jo’s company. She is a great riding buddy and
horsewomen so we had the best ride together. All the first day we rode together, and then after the first
leg on the second day Patrick was judged lame. Bugger! was what I was thinking, knowing I would miss
Jo and Patrick. Stephen French was looking for a riding buddy, and we teamed up – well, sort of, but not
really. K couldn’t keep up with Anchor’s trot! So we wandered along to the first water stop. K now knows
that there is food, carrots, lollies, and conversation at the checkpoint and we loved staying there talking
and cooling down, as the days got hotter and hotter. The first day was 33 degrees, the second day I think
was hotter, but I did not find out the exact temperature. I didn’t want to know anyway.

I met up with Jamie and Lyn Summerfield and asked if they minded if I tagged along with them. Stephen
had left the water stop before me and I was not in a hurry. I will not compromise my horse just to ride with
someone. K is doing all the work and I needed to look after her. Lyn and Mecca – a baby compared to K
and Taaj, who was the most experienced of the three horses, doing his sixth marathon. I knew K and I
were in good company. Especially as it was her first attempt.

We were having a ball - that is, until the last check point on the second day!! We stayed at each
checkpoint, strapping the horses and watering and eating hay. As we started to warm the horses back up
for the trip down to ride base 8kms away, K was lame! Oh no!
I called out to Jamie next to me, “K’s lame can you pick the leg for me?” I thought the front, but both
Jamie and Lyn could see her sort of hiking her offside hip. Should I go back to the checkpoint and call it a
day? Or should I try to do something myself - after all this is what I have been doing all the ET (Equine
Touch) training for. So I told Lyn and Jamie to go on ahead and started working on K. We had 8 kms to
do and it was getting hotter by the minute. I continued walking K and every time I found a bite of food for
her I would work on her with ET. For eight hot kilometres we climbed down the hill back into camp. We
arrived with little to smile about and loads more work to do. In camp I found a cork in her hind leg and
worked ET on her until it was time to vet and I couldn’t do any more. I told K if she could just do this trot
out for me I would look after her. It brought tears to my eyes when the vet told me she trotted out the best
yet! I hugged her and pinched myself because this just doesn’t happen to us! Lyn and Jamie came down
to the vet ring to see how we went and we hugged with relief and disbelief. Thank God for ET and my
tough horse K.

We started the last day with finding Lyn and Jamie again to tag along with. K was nice and even in her
trot-out and felt really good, in fact too good at times. She was supposed to be tired, but was still pulling
my arms out every time she got in front, and when a particular group of riders cantered past us, she got
very stirred up and wanted to chase them down. Just about every other rider who passed us slowed down
to a trot and called out which side they would be passing on.

At one check point, while K was drinking, the same group rode in and demanded the carrots be opened
and the hay be spread about and just loudly got everyone moving!! No one said anything to them, except
to run around and open the carrots and spread the hay about. These checkpoint people are a blessing
and should be treated with respect for the many lonely hours they spend out in the bush just waiting for
us to rock up. I love them all.

The only other thing about the checkpoints is those worried riders who think they have to bully the horse
already at the water to get their own horse a drink - NOW!! Please stop this practice right now. The
etiquette at the water stop is, you wait until the horse that is drinking has finished before you attempt to
put your horse near the water. Riding in and saying sorry to the rider who was there first and barging their
horse out of the water is not on, and those riders that continue to do this will be read ‘The guide to
drinking politely at watering points’ by me, Chief Steward number 61! Barging in, calling out “Can my
horse drink?” is not on either - you will slow down, walk in and wait until it is your turn. The rider whose
horse is drinking will let you know when the horse has had its fill. They don’t hang around at the water to
stop your horse from drinking. They are looking after their own horse. You can cause all sorts of
unnecessary stress for the rider whose horse doesn’t happen to like other horses near them.
A rider found this out when K tried to eat her horse when she rode straight in to the checkpoint and up to
K while she was drinking, and in mid-drink K spun her head around and had all her teeth flashing at the
horse who was trying to barge into her water container. The horse did a quick back-paddle to avoid a
nasty bite. Please start thinking, people.

The last leg was tough. Again it got hotter as the day went on and as we got to the hills coming out of the
dam, I led K up to the top to get more water before continuing with Lyn and Jamie who had waited for me.
They are a lot fitter than I am, so every hill we walked up I would fall further and further behind. They
waited for me up the top and I would join them in the trot to the next hill, only to fall behind on the walk up
again. I can’t thank them enough for helping K and me through those hills. It is a very special rider that
keeps an eye on a mate and K and I appreciated the support Lyn and Jamie gave us.

My first ever marathon completion is the most challenging riding I have ever done, and I’m so happy and
proud to have finally completed this one on my favourite mare Karisma. I can still remember the first
attempt 13 years ago, when me and old Swag made it through to the third day of the four-day marathon
back then, only to be vetted out on the fourth morning, lame. How bitter that vet-out was. I had strapped
Swag out of the ride by applying swelldown all over his legs, creating a nice warm spot for greasy heel to
start. How I just collapsed and cried for hours with Swag because I had hurt my horse after all the work
he did. The big-hearted 14-hand big boy is still my great mate and the best teacher I will ever know in

This time it was K’s turn. I had waited until she had turned 10 years old to ride her in the 240kms on the
advice of fellow rider Ady McIntosh, who said that the young horses don’t do so well, and you can cook
their brains if they aren’t seasoned to endurance. With this completion, we are now aiming to get to the
Shazahda next year - this has been the first step for us to complete another long-held dream! I love
endurance and I love my horses. I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world.

Our thanks to all the people who were involved in running the Marathon - it is a huge job and you did us

Deb Ryan and “K”

The Harvey Marathon
By Robert Burns

We had quite got out of the habit! Medical problems, sometimes acute for both of us, stopped us riding at
all for most of last year. Neither of us can bear to watch others do what we cannot. We did not attend any
of last year’s rides – save for Gidge, where we were presented with our 5-year plaques for the Jarrahdale

Determined to decide once and for all whether we would have to give up horses, we set our sights on the
Mini-Marathon and stated a regular weights prorgamme in June 07, and regular riding – slow but steady –
in October last year.

So out with the truck, pack the gear, board the horses and off we go on Easter Thursday. A good run to
Harvey, a good spot to camp and quite moving warm welcomes from lots of old friends. We really
appreciated this.

Up at 4.30am, lots to do, but finally got away on time at 6am. I will carry to old age the memory of once
again seeing the dawn come up in these Harvey Hills. We had both completed the very first Marathon
and a few since, and it was absolutely fabulous to be back – for me especially as I have just two weeks
ago had my cataracts removed and can see again in colour and detail long faded.

The course was varied and avoided repetition – the views particularly on the last day were spectacular
and the terrain challenging from time to time. The horses wend splendidly and vetted almost straight A’s –
we took another painkiller and managed! We will be back – not to all the rides, but to most of them this
season, and will work to improve on our times, which were woeful.

We feel privileged and lucky to be back, and to enjoy the company of as fine a group of people as may be
found anywhere.

Harvey Marathon 2008 - A Volunteer's Observations
Having put our hands up at the AGM to help run and mark the course, Rebecca Wicks and I, along with
our other halves, Warren and Linda, decided about mid-January to spend a day in the bush, familiarising
ourselves with all those tracks out there. The tracks were all too familiar, having done the ride some 10
times between us, so it was a matter of roughing out a course and marking up some maps, approximating
two 40km legs. This we thought was the best way to go, as we could place check points at common track
intersections, avoiding the need to move checkpoints throughout the weekend. This proved to be the way
to go as checkpoint volunteers were at a premium. Many thanks to all those who spent time on a
checkpoint (- it wasn't so bad after all was it!?!)

A big thank you must go to Rebecca, this being her first go at organising a ride. Little did she know that
when putting up her hand to volunteer to help organise, she'd become ‘chief cook and bottle washer’.

Another big thank you to Warren, who spent the entire weekend carting water, filling tubs, putting out hay
and carrots, and for being available to do all the little things that were needed throughout the weekend.

Thanks also to Linda, who helped me finetune the course and seemed to know and remember all the
intersections and tricky bits on the course. (You get that when you've done a 320km and a couple of
240km marathons!)

Volunteers. Deb Jewel was flat out for weeks trying to get a volunteer roster organised, for all facets of
the ride. We were all working on the ‘she'll be right on the night theory’, and as it turned out, it was.
However it would have been great to know prior to the ride that we were overrun with volunteers and
would only be left with organising the roster! Come on members, put your hand up to volunteer for one or
two rides a year, that's all it would take.

Marking and de-marking. It's a big job. Many thanks to Linda, Craig Hugall, Dave and Corey Lunt, Otto
van Kampen and Aidan, and Chris Haddon. The de-marking was a breeze, with all that help on the
Monday morning we were finished by 11.00am, and on our way home.

With close to 100 riders over the weekend, all but a few made it round the course without any trouble or
mishap. Almost forgot. Thanks to Frank and Ross for manning the rescue float, and to Ross and Jenny
for providing their float for this purpose.

Constructive criticism is good and welcome and makes for improvements in the future - however bitching
behind someone's back does no good at all, as by the time you hear about it, it has usually blown out of

The future. As you all probably know, Logue Brook Dam has been closed for public recreation, the
Easter weekend being the last time it could be used. It is to become a freshwater catchment dam. Logue
Brook Rd. has been the northern extent of the marathon ride for years. This will change. When we made
our application to run this ride, the Dept. of Environment and Conservation (DEC) made it clear that the
catchment area would extend way south, and this extension was to take place by May 2008. They
wouldn't specify a line, but I wouldn't be surprised if the catchment area extended south to at least
Honeymoon Rd. Those who did the marathon would have no doubt seen the freshly made ‘haul roads’ off
Clarke Rd. to the left. Government won't miss out, they'll rip all the good timber out of there before the
deadline, you can be sure of that.

The bottom line is that we may be restricted to the area south of Honeymoon Rd. for future rides in the
area. Or look for another marathon venue. Food for thought.

There were many others over the weekend who lent a hand in many small ways, and for this I and our
fellow riders are very appreciative. Thank you.

See you on the track, Glenn Dix

From the Head Vet: Harvey Easter Marathon 2008
This event is well and truly cemented into the calendar as a great way to spend Easter. There was a
changing of the guard with Rebecca Wicks taking on the organising and doing a fabulous job. Glenn and
helpers had arranged a good course, Deb had roped in lots of volunteers, Lizzy took over the desk, and
with a myriad of off-siders we were ready to rock! Pre-ride vetting Thursday night went quite smoothly in
spite of there only being one vet at that time, and everyone was very patient - thanks. There were 39
horses in the mini-marathon and 28 in the big ride. All the horses got a start, but one horse decided that it
was all too exciting for it on Friday morning, and proceeded to slice its leg, meaning no start, and an early
morning hunt around for bandaging to stop it bleeding over the vet ring. The Harvey wind proceeded to

blow steadily for lots of the weekend, meaning there was a nice film of dust over everything, but the tent
with its solid frame stood fast – thanks Harry. Then when it wasn’t windy, it got really quite warm, so there
were weather challenges for horses, riders and workers. The vet ring was dusty and had chunks of
limestone artfully scattered about, which made for a few interesting moments in the trot-outs, but we
coped, and made good use of the shady trees for initial examination of the horses.

Riders as usual left on Friday morning at 4am for the big marathon, and 5 or 6am for the mini, and
managed to spread themselves out well so we had little congestion in the vet ring. Joan and Rita came
and vetted as well, and as always were a pleasure to work with. Thanks to our chief stewards – Meg,
Debbie and Ian, and Joanna, our TPRs – including Ken who decided it was much more fun to regale the
vet ring with jokes than to ride his wild horse, and the pencillers. We had lots of wonderful helpers making
sure everything operated like clockwork, and most of the horses cooperated, too. Saturday there was an
influx of vet students – some were doing an assignment on the thumps, and were hoping to see a case –
we told them we were hoping they would be disappointed! Luckily there were no cases of thumps, but
they had a great time anyway. We did have one interesting case for them to see – one horse came down
after doing 40 km and really looked most like it had been into the Bundy big time – Ian Blucher tells me
that ‘vet out – wobbly’ isn’t in the official rule book, but that is what it was, totally uncoordinated legs –
very strange, thankfully it appeared to recover fully. I really don’t know what caused it; I can tell you lots of
things that it wasn’t.

Other unsuccessful completions were generally for lameness, but there was an excellent completion rate
– overall over 70% in the 240 km, and 67% in the mini - and most of those that didn’t complete the mini
were withdrawn rather than vetted out. It was great to see people making those smart decisions for their
horses to withdraw when they thought the horse had done enough. Generally the horses looked excellent
– good condition, eating and drinking well – which tells me the food and water on track was well
positioned and supplied, and that the horses are coping well with camping away from home – you must
be doing it all right. There is a proposal before the AERA for body condition of the horses to be recorded
as part of the examination, and that isn’t to penalise anyone, it is just so there is a record of how the
horse is at each ride – sometimes when we see the horse every day it is harder to notice a gradual drop
in condition, so a record over the season will be useful. Someone was worried that they would be laughed
at if their horse was fat – that isn’t what it is for. The bigger concern is horses that start to drop weight as
training intensity increases. Anyway, the horses here looked great, just what you would hope for at the
start of the season, in good condition. I was also really impressed with how well people are managing the
horses’ backs, there were very few problems, compared to some years ago. We had a few horses go
barefoot – some without any foot covering at all, and some wore boots at various stages, and there were
no issues with these horses and the rocks, so there has obviously been done a lot of hard work
conditioning. Metabolics looked great, well done in the heat.

In case you don’t want to do the statistics, we had 20 successful completions in the 240 km ride, a
tremendous effort, and the horses looked good. The Best Managed Horse award went to Tanderra
Saphire, ridden by Cassie Mulcahy; a wonderful effort again from Cassie. The lowest heart rate horse
also looked magnificent all the way through, and that was Sundale Neptune, ridden by Natasha Ellery. In
the mini marathon, 26 were successful. Cheeky, ridden by Dave Malatesta, was awarded Best Managed
in that ride, with Rowallan Ramada ridden by Luke Annetts as runner up. There sure are some
magnificent horses here in the west, and riders and strappers are looking after them beautifully, well

On Sunday there was also a 40 km ride, with 20 starters and 17 completions, and it was nice to see some
new riders and new horses coming through this training ride too.

As always, the Easter weekend was also about hanging out and partying a bit with the endurance family,
and in spite of the weather – blowing a gale! – the vet ring/tent party happened again on Sunday night,
enlivened by drum rolling – that’s where you try and balance on a 44-gallon drum and walk it along -,
pass the bottle – not to drink from, just as an excuse to make rude motions I think – and a great deal of
laughter. Deb’s horse came for a visit and a drink too, but it was really bad at the games!

It was a very successful event again, and thanks so much to everyone who participated and helped and
made it such fun. If you weren’t there this year – make sure you mark it on the calendar for next year!

Anne Barnes

I Must Be Crazy - An American Vet Student in Australia
Emily Barrick, one of the vet students who came to Harvey on the Saturday, writes an internet blog/diary
about her experiences in Western Australia. Check out her report and photos in the ‘March Archive’ of her
website on

Ride Name: Easter Marathon
Ride Distance: 240km Marathon
Date: 21-03-2008

Ride Distance: 240km Marathon
Place   Rider                  Horse                      Time             Pre-Ride & Leg Heart
Heavyweight Division
   1     Otto Van Kampen       Arabika Pinelli              24:12:00      39,43,58,42,52,50,51
   2     Marcel Fortsch        Rupert                       26:12:00      34,43,52,50,45,53
  ---    Deb Jewell            Balgownie Berk               Lame L3       35,38,49,50
  ---    Peta Dobson           Mirror Lad                   Lame L1       35,39
Middleweight Division
   1     Harry O'Brien         Arabika Freedom              22:06:00      42,42,57,40,44,36,43
   1     Noelene Cochrane      Big Joe                      22:06:00      35,44,51,51,50,40,49
   1     Kate Jenour           Ralvon Jordan                22:06:00      45,42,44,42,42,38,43
   4     Christopher Haddon    West Coast Dayan             24:38:00      34,44,44,44,42,48,46
   5     Frances Overheu       Poseidon Moon                25:55:00      32,37,41,36,35,35,40
   6     Cassie Mulcahy        Tanderra Saphire             27:35:00      34,36,45,43,44,37,42
   7     Corey Lunt            Assiff                       28:49:00      32,39,44,48,43,44,49
   7     Ady McIntosh          Ruby Park Eastwick           28:49:00      36,36,47,44,45,44,45
   9     Linda Yearbury        Tiki Bey                     29:54:00      35,42,48,42,45,43,46
   9     Janice Raffaele       Morgan Bey                   29:54:00      35,41,47,43,47,44,48
  11     Jamie Summerfield     Tazsh Kamil Lea              30:18:00      37,40,48,40,47,43,54
  12     Natasha Ellery        Sundale Neptune              30:35:00      32,37,39,37,38,34,38
  13     Tania Foster          Shintaar                     30:53:00      40,36,43,38,46,40,48
  14     Debra Ryan            Forestdew Karisma            31:19:00      34,40,53,48,52,47,51
  ---    Stephen French        Balgownie Anchor             Lame L4       32,39,44,40,50
  ---    Joanne Zielono        Browtin Advocate             Lame L3       31,42,45,45
  ---    Kelly Rooney          Ruby Park Thomas             Lame L2       42,39,46
  ---    Anton Reid            Golden Pursuit             Heart Rate L2   37,47,64
Lightweight Division
   1     Cathy Paton           Denmark Zamaan               28:51:00      42,36,48,41,47,39,44
   2     Lyn Summerfield       Orchid Park Silver Mecca     30:18:00      33,38,40,41,39,37,40
   3     Paula Davenport       Deep Forest Nodin            30:50:00      40,45,47,44,47,45,45
  ---    Lynn Rodgers          Hayla Shayla                    ---        34,41,44,40,54 (Wdn)
  ---    Marianne Schofield    Kainui Park Bint Kazareh        ---        33,32,41,40 (Wdn)
Junior Division
   1     Astrid Van Kampen     El Sherran Ricadonna         24:12:00      35,42,48,41,43,41,47

                                  No.          Total             %         Vet
                  Division       Riders     Completions     Completions    Outs    Withdrawn
                Heavyweight        4             2             50.00%        2         ---
                Middleweight       18           14             77.78%        4         ---
                Lightweight        5             3             60.00%       ---         2
                   Junior          1             1            100.00%       ---        ---
                   Totals          28           20             71.43%        6          2

Ride Distance: 120km Mini-marathon
Rider                         Horse                          Time           Pre-Ride & Leg Heart Rates
Dave Malatesta                Cheeky                             ---       40,40,47,42
Bruce Scott                   Dinewani Limited Edition           ---       33,38,43,39
Elizabeth Laurie              Deep Forest Nahamani               ---       32,38,42,36
Luke Annetts                  Rowallan Ramada                    ---       35,39,40,40
Susan Anderson                Archie                             ---       40,41,42,43
Jo Pearson                    Gameelah                           ---       39,40,42,40
Nicky Gusterson               Yaldon Rival                       ---       35,35,36
Linda Dix                     Shaylen Park Allusion              ---       38,40,48,47
Diana Roberts                 Amakhaya Gijima                    ---       36,39,45,42
Sue House                     Aranita Pepper Rose                ---       48,47,40,43
John Dandie                   A. J.                              ---       36,39,40,43
Amanda Arkell                 Chimanimani                        ---       32,40,43,36
Gary Hutchins                 Moultan'n                          ---       30,38,40,41
Shannon Parker                El Cassa Lenauds Legacy            ---       42,39,37,39
Laura Inauen                  Nyora Crystal                      ---       30,40,40,42
Amanda Rayner                 Boramin                            ---       35,40,42,38
Jacinta Thomas                Golden Treasure                    ---       35,41,40,38
Penny Versteeg                Megawindi                          ---       32,39,43,49
Joanne Patterson              Gambela Matoskah                   ---       38,46,42
Anna Jermolajew               Peoria Zyrana                      ---       44,36,36,36
Sara Thompson                 Deep Forest El Kahdahr             ---       51,36,44,42
Jeanette Norman               Mariba Moontrip                    ---       31,36,35,44
Robert Burns                  Rumpole                            ---       30,39,40,38
Miriam Burns                  The General                        ---       31,39,45
Eric Bentley                  Simeon Shoyeb                      ---       36,49,50,37
Geoff Phillippe               Marvin                             ---       44,45,48,51
Stephanie Cornu               Sandine Artic Blast                ---       40,37,37 (Wdn)
Janice Skinner                Yaldon Hajeel                      ---       34,40,45 (Wdn)
Vicci Hockley                 Top Fancy Siraj                    ---       36,46,40 (Wdn)
Michael Wood                  Callad                             ---       42,41,46 (Wdn)
Jennifer Inauen               Starwyn Cool Dude                  ---       47,43,51 (Wdn)
Bethwyn Gandy                 Broadway                           ---       36,40,46 (Wdn)
Julia Lockwood                Tora Archer                        ---       36,51 (Wdn)
Ken Hobday                    Ted                                ---       34,40 (Wdn)
Shannyn Bissaker              Zayla                              ---       33,45 (Wdn)
Joan Gill                     Aqua Renee                         ---        (Wdn)
Craig Hugall                  Flametree Sunrise               Lame L2      28,37
Julie Thomas                  Tom Tom                         Other L2     38,48,48
Ellen Bissaker                Cassarina                       Lame L1      38,41

                                    No.           Total          %           Vet
                   Division        Riders      Completions   Completions     Outs    Withdrawn
                   Training          39            26          66.67%         3          10

Ride Distance: 40km Training
Rider                         Horse                          Time           Pre-Ride & Leg Heart Rates
Sandra Garepo                 Endurowest Kumari                 ---        37,42
Karen Karlovsky               Maralinga Ellusive Bey            ---        33,40
Bernie Morris                 Prediction's Princess Portia      ---        32,39
Michael Blight                Arabika Comet                     ---        35,38
Joce Niven                    KT Shaker                         ---        44,49
Suzanne Fimmano               Marbling Natarah                  ---        36,37
Jayne Lockyer                 Noran Whyte-Lace                  ---        34,37
Christine Watson              Aranita The Jazzman               ---        25,35
Sarah Doughty                 Georgia                           ---        34,43
Julia Young                   The Sundance Kid                  ---        37,46
Jenna Macrae                  Astana Stattik                    ---        30,43
Stephen French                Shangri La Strut Your Stuff       ---        46,48
Elsye Brandis                 Sunshine                          ---        44,48
Vanessa Sudholz               Deiva                             ---        51,44
Tanya Ladyman                 Tazi Haiyala Heaven Sent          ---        36,44
Linda Poad                    Maralinga Shahteena               ---        38,36
Tina Nicholson                Mariba Khalil                     ---        40,44
Sharon Tilbee                 Ronan                             ---        37,48 (Wdn)
Lachlan Murray                Kel                             Lame L1      32,52
Tony Brandis                  Top Fancy Sundance              Lame L1      43,50

                                    No.           Total          %           Vet
                   Division        Riders      Completions   Completions     Outs    Withdrawn
                   Training          20            17          85.00%         2          1
                                        Gnangara Ride Report
                                              By Jane Radny

At last… Endurance ride! It had been 6 months since our last ride and I had almost forgotten the
mechanics of packing for horses, children, husband and ‘cat’.

However, force of habit after 15 or so years came into play and I don’t think I forgot anything – except to
read the Speedway ground rules!

The kids had been at school camps at Nanga and Fairbridge that week and luckily
were dropped off near home on the South West Highway to save me the 2 hour round
trip to school. Norb had arranged to meet me at Gnangara after he had finished work.
He had even positioned the truck so that it was facing down the hill at home to save
me the trouble of negotiating/crashing into the stables and power junction box. Even
with those two obstacles out of the way it was still a tight turn out the rammed earth
front gates, narrowly missing the ever enlarging tree on the opposite side of the road
and down the steepest hill in the world (an excellent double diamond black run in
skiing terms!). A quick call to Norb to remind me where 2nd gear was - and we were on our way! I really
must draw a diagram of the gears on that gear stick.

Arrived at ride base with few problems. Norb had told me to take Ellenbrook Road off the Gt. Northern
Hwy (and being a racing car hoon I never doubted him). Anyway, once I got to Geraldton I began to
wonder if I had missed the turn. Another quick call to Norb, and mistake sorted out. Doing a uey (or
rather 10 point turn!) on Gt. Northern Hwy is pretty scary stuff.

Arrived at camp and was issued with instructions about where to/ not to park, to prevent obstructions of
vet ring viewing by certain campers! Well, once I park that truck, there is little chance of me having the
skill/nerve to move it!! Set up yards in the usual flamboyant crash and burn style.

Ride start time was 4am and pre-ride briefing was the night before. Patrick showed us this new state of
the art glow in the dark reflective spray paint that had been sprayed on all the arrows to guide us around
the course. I think the paint manufacturers may need to retest their claims! Needless to say it was
difficult to find the arrows in the dark.

The weather was perfect for the first leg and the horses were very relaxed and seemed to be enjoying
themselves. In fact, the first leg of a night ride is my mostest bestest favourite time for riding Shelley –
she goes so beautifully – no shying, balking, just very bold and confident and she is magic! So for the
most part of the first leg, she put a HUGE smile on my face. Both horses vetted through well at the first
check. We were very spoilt by the checkpoints who provided us with ample water for horses and humans
and most importantly lollies, and watermelon, also carrots and hay.

The only time our horses work on sand (apart from Collie!) is at the Gnangara ride and by the end of the
second leg they were starting to search for firmer ground. It is a credit to them that they managed the
terrain so well.
Unfortunately the presentations were marred by accusations of rider abuse that caused the organising
committee to leave the site. However, according to the ride organisers this was not the case and there
were other factors at play.

Thank you to Patrick and Alison, Paul and Michelle, their families and all their helpers for organising this

Gnangara Ride – Vet’s Perspective

Friday dawned to a lovely flourish of magpie calls and in the distance I could hear the quiet chuckle of a
kookaburra laughing at some bird-ly joke. The sun rose without much ado, and warmed the damp ground,
sending thin streams of steam off into the air. As my poor old dog and I walked our regular track around
the park (at a snail’s pace, now he is so incredibly old and dottery) I wondered whether the next day was
going to be another scorcher.

Because tomorrow was the Gnangara endurance ride. And tomorrow there were going to be stablesful of
horses competing in the 80km event, and another string competing in the 40km and 20km rides, through
the thick Gnangara sand. If it was going to be hot there were bound to be some very tired horses at the
end of the event. Even if it wasn't hot, there were going to be some very tired horses...

The thought of a pleasurable weekend of happy, healthy horses and their crazy riders kept my spirits
buoyed as I scoffed a meal of Lean Cuisine poorly heated in the microwave at work. Then I sped off to
the Ellenbrook speedway, where teams of TPRs, our fine chief stewards - Ian, Deb, Rich and Lyn -
and Drs Toni Cockburn and Tanya Ladyman had already made a start on the seemingly hundreds of
horses at pre-ride vetting. A few more hours of stethoscope manipulation and equine palpation saw the
line dwindle from a thick stream to the occasional horse.

Nothing more to do than catch up with friends before retiring to the communications van to catch a few
winks with the soothing crackle of the UHF radio and the sound of Patrick puttering around on his quad
bike, ensuring everything was set for the 3am wakeup call.

A crispy morning well deserving of a beanie and ugg boots, or at least a thick doona on a soft
mattress, saw the 80km competitors trot out of camp. The night was clear, the sound travelled very well
and a steady stream could be heard clip-clopping up the bitumen road heading for the dreaded Gnangara
sands. It was far too chilly to stay out and gossip so Toni and I retired again to the van to listen to Janet
Cameron establish communications with the check points and hear the clot of numbers radioed
through as the horse and rider teams streamed through the first and second check points.

A fairly uneventful first leg ensued, despite some of the riders missing a loop in the circuit and some
reported difficulty with following the markers. This was the toughest leg, with the most of the heavy sand,
and it was a good thing to get it over with early on, while it was still cool. By mid-morning it had become
much warmer, steamy even, because of the rain earlier in the week. That made the riding conditions
more difficult, and the riders' skill in understanding their mounts and measuring their ability came into
play. Despite the trying conditions, most of the horses at the end of the first leg looked happy. The horses
who looked most tired, or had the higher heart rates seemed to be horses trained on more solid terrain.
Their enthusiasm did not wane, though, and most went on to complete the entire 80km, arriving at the
final vetting with tired eyes and tired gaits.

The mainly soft tracks in the Pines makes this ride suitable for unshod horses, and quite a few 20km
horses went barefooted. It was also forgiving on the couple of horses who lost a shoe during the riding
leg. On the whole this was ok, though some trotted out a bit short on the gravelly vet ring. When given the
opportunity to trot on softer ground many were not lame and earned their completion. Again I was
impressed by those riders who felt their horses were “not quite right" despite passing the vet check and
who chose to withdraw from the competition. These riders, who choose to retire rather than continuing to
compete and risking a major injury are to be applauded for putting their horse’s health first. The overall
the completion rate was high, a testament to the riders’ skills in judging their mount's fitness.

I'm sure the results speak for themselves. Congratulations to the best conditioned mounts, who all looked
amazing at the end of their ride. Congratulations all those who succeeded in riding the track and earned
their completion.

Thank you Patrick, Paul and Janet for spearheading the ride, to Alison and Michelle, who put in so much
at the ride conception then unassumingly again at the ride desk in the wee and unsociable hours of the
morning, to Marcel who sat quietly behind the laptop recording the ride details and providing the ride
statistics, to the amazing people who volunteered their time at the checkpoints and to the riders and their
helpers for making this event such a success.

A very big thank you for all who helped in the vet ring - our chief stewards who coordinated the smooth
running of the vet ring, the TPRs and pencillers who helped ease the congestion, and of course, thank
you to the horse handlers for their patience and consideration to others.

Thank you also to Ross and Ieva who co-hosted the presentations.
Until the next one...

Ride Name: Gnangara
Ride Distance: 80km
Date: 12-04-2008

Ride Distance: 80km
Place     Rider                  Horse                             Time                Pre-Ride & Leg
                                                                                        Heart Rates
Heavyweight Division
   1     Norbert Radny           West Coast Acharon                  6:11:00         40,34,46
   2     Gary Hutchins           Chatahn Kalim                       6:11:02         36,42,49
   3     Deb Jewell              Balgownie Berk                      6:11:03         40,44,54
   4     Otto Van Kampen         Arabika Pinelli                     6:34:00         40,49,48
   5     Ross McCamish           Hillbrae Kassie                     7:00:00         33,43,49
   6     Julia Lockwood          Tora Archer                         8:38:00         38,49,53
  ---    Richard Jeggo           Maralinga Fanfare                       ---         30,45,50 (Wdn)
  ---    Craig Hugall            Sabtah Saiani                           ---         54,53 (Wdn)
  ---    Eric Bentley            Simeon Shoyeb                     Heart Rate L1     47,60
Middleweight Division
   1     Jane Radny              Arbour Grange Shalifa               6:11:01         35,39,55
   2     Natasha Ellery          Sundale Neptune                     6:29:00         32,40,56
   3     Jenny McCamish          Melara Najma                        6:41:00         32,37,48
   4     Nicky Gusterson         Yaldon Rival                        6:42:00         39,36,56
   5     Linda Yearbury          Tiki Bey                            6:52:00         35,40,49
   5     Janice Raffaele         Morgan Bey                          6:52:00         36,41,48
   7     Harry O'Brien           Big Joe                             7:02:00         41,42,52
   8     Jeanette Norman         Mariba Moontrip                     7:20:00         30,39,38
   9     Joanne Zielono          Yaldon Raazan                       7:25:00         43,40,48
  10     Jamie Summerfield       Tazsh Kamil Lea                     7:30:00         41,36,48
  11     Bruce Scott             Dinewani Limited Edition            8:15:00         35,37,41
  12     Vaughan South           Deep Forest Olympic Prince          8:29:00         39,46,57
  13     Kerryn Willing          Kaisi View Seduction                8:36:00         35,34,43
  13     Sara Thompson           Deep Forest El Kahdahr              8:36:00         30,40,46
  ---    Julie Thomas            Tom Tom                                ---          38,44 (Wdn)
  ---    Vanessa Crispe          Trehaven Thunder Clappin               ---           (Wdn)
  ---    Joan Gill               Sempre Vivashae                     Lame L2         32,43,59
  ---    Cassie Mulcahy          Tanderra Saphire                    Lame L1         36,37
  ---    Kelly Rooney            Ruby Park Thomas                    Lame L1         42,46
  ---    Anton Reid              Golden Pursuit                      Lame L1         36,52
  ---    Karen-Anne Waey         Rivlyn Miraaj                       Lame L1         32,39
Lightweight Division
   1     Cathy Paton             Denmark Zamaan                      6:11:04         33,42,59
   2     Jo Pearson              Endurowest Sharini                  7:08:00         56,40,48
   3     Jayne Lockyer           Noran Whyte-Lace                    7:25:00         36,38,41
   4     Amanda Rayner           Boramin                             7:30:00         44,42,46
   5     Paula Davenport         Kazbah                              8:15:00         30,37,56
   6     Stephanie Cornu         Sandine Artic Blast                 8:39:00         37,44,56
   7     Lyn Best                Shaylen Park Light My Fire          8:51:00         48,44,55
   7     Laura Inauen            Nyora Crystal                       8:51:00         28,42,47
  ---    Rona Grant              Bo                                  Lame L2         36,42,60
  ---    Anita Fortsch           Rowallan Ramada                   Heart Rate L2     46,42,66
Junior Division
   1     Shannon Parker          Endurowest Kumari                    7:08:00        34,41,45
   2     Jacinta Thomas          Golden Treasure                      8:33:00        35,42,57

                                    No.          Total               %          Vet
                    Division       Riders     Completions       Completions     Outs     Withdrawn
                  Heavyweight        9             6               66.67%         1           2
                  Middleweight       21           14               66.67%         5           2
                  Lightweight        10            8               80.00%         2          ---
                     Junior          2             2              100.00%        ---         ---
                     Totals          42           30               71.43%         8           4

Best Conditioned Summary
        Place                    Rider Name                   Horse Name           Logbook No.        Points

        BC Heavyweight Horse
          1      R3     Norbert Radny                 West Coast Acharon           WES61833           466.7
          2      50     Otto Van Kampen               Arabika Pinelli              ARA61755           450.3
          3      38     Deb Jewell                    Balgownie Berk               BAL61299           444.0
          4       7     Gary Hutchins                 Chatahn Kalim                CHA61579           431.7

      BC Middleweight Horse
        1       15     Jenny McCamish            Melara Najma                 MEL61588         446.2
        2       29     Natasha Ellery            Sundale Neptune              SUN61909         432.0
        3       42     Jane Radny                Arbour Grange Shalifa        ARB61801         429.3
        4       41     Nicky Gusterson           Yaldon Rival                 YAL62027         401.0

      BC Lightweight Horse
        1        4     Cathy Paton               Denmark Zamaan               DEN61597         447.0
        2       36     Jayne Lockyer             Noran Whyte-Lace             NOR62094         424.3
        3       11     Jo Pearson                Endurowest Sharini           END62040         411.6

      BC Junior Horse
        1        10   Shannon Parker             Endurowest Kumari            END61578         475.4
        2        14   Jacinta Thomas             Golden Treasure              GOL62068         347.0

Ride Distance: 40km Training
Rider                   Horse                              Time                  Pre-Ride & Leg
                                                                                  Heart Rates
Sandra Garepo                 Arovo Mini Harvest                 ---          33,37
Rebecca Wicks                 Rhondarosa's Just That             ---          39,39
Julie Van Kampen              Chimanimani                        ---          32,44
Christine Watson              Aranita The Jazzman                ---          28,37
Sarah Doughty                 Georgia                            ---          32,44
Tom Hugall                    Flametree Sunrise                  ---          24,31
Carly Arnason                 Malika                             ---          38,55
Pru Bowman                    Jejucha Djessika                   ---          44,39
Susan Jones                   Ska                                ---          34,44
Peta Dobson                   Red San Rose                       ---          41,41
Ken Hobday                    Sabtah Sarifa                      ---          43,50
Tanja Hanisch                 Montana Blue Velvet                ---          42,42
Vicky Jeggo                   Maralinga Summer Breeze            ---          28,44
Caroline McShane              Maralinga Fable                    ---          36,55
Tanya Ladyman                 Hydail                             ---          40,41
Vanessa Sudholz               Sharbolane Shadow Dancer           ---          44,50
Mike Gill                     Cherox Tadarraja                   ---          36,41
Sharon Clarke                 West Coast Haifa                   ---          36,40
Steven Link                   Isham Calligh                    Lame L1        40,40
Carolyn Brookes               Surmo Princess                   Lame L1        35,44

                                   No.        Total           %              Vet
                   Division       Riders   Completions    Completions        Outs     Withdrawn
                   Training         20         18           90.00%            2           ---

Ride Distance: 20km Social
Rider                      Horse                                Time                   Pre-Ride &
                                                                                    Leg Heart Rates
Kellie Daley                     Ginger Spice                          ---          62,44
Roger Willcox                    Artic Waif                            ---          24,30
Kerrin Dorizzi                   Andelian Desert Storm                 ---          37,38
Dianne Nind                      Eleazar Sensation                     ---          38,43
Malcolm Shaw                     Sabu                                  ---          38,47
Amanda Collie                    Larrapinda Miss Tes                   ---          33,40
Simone Hughes                    Simonda Park Celtic Warrior           ---          41,40
Jenna Macrae                     Astana Stattik                        ---          37,42
Louise Atkinson                  Savvy                                 ---          46,35
Brittany Keating                 Maggie                                ---          32,38
Angela Wright                    Melara Seaview                        ---          32,31
Tana Burgess                     Joey                                  ---          35,39
Carol De Grauw                   Amberville Speculation                ---          36,40
Philip Hoskins                   Oscar                                 ---          35,55
Jacob Martin                     Logan                                 ---          38,53
Tania Oosterhof                  Poppy                                 ---          35,40
Sarah Connor                     Valley                                ---          44,43
Kevin Hoskin                     Gandolf                               ---          62,53
Judith Boyes                     Oaky                                  ---          33,38
Annika Groote                  Abe                                     ---         45,48
Hillary Sugg                   Arrone All Jazzed Up                    ---         30,47
Sharleen Hall                  Mackie Jet                              ---         30,48
Margaret Barnesby-Johnson      Bud                                     ---         32,45
Anne Airey                     Tanilba Limited Edition                 ---         40,38
Sue Dawson                     Niagra Park Desert Prophet              ---         52,40
Skye Fondacaro                 Danni                               Lame L1         34,42
Noni Vaughan                   Mullingar Zircon                    Lame L1         41,44
Cassie Pope                    Baby                                Lame L1         29,47
Debbie O'Connor                Top Fancy Sharo                     Lame L1         40,54
Fiona Wilson                   Badgers Little Cutter              Late Vetting     34

                                No.          Total             %            Vet
              Division         Riders     Completions      Completions      Outs      Withdrawn
               Social            30           25             83.33%          5            ---
               Totals            30           25             83.33%          5             0

Did you know...? Found in the WA Horse Council Newsletter:

                                             Yamegi Adonis
                                              Roll of Merit Supreme
                                            18-08-1981 to 21-02-2008
                                       Galloping in eternally green pastures
                            His beauty and fantastic temperament lives on in his foals.
         We are sad to report the loss of a true friend. Adonis was laid to rest last month.
         Successful in his own right in hand and under saddle, his career was cut short by injury.
         His progeny include many successful endurance horses. Sundale Neptune and Flametree
         Sunrise are currently competing with those lovely low heart rates. What you may not know
         is that both can be ridden and handled by children, and that is the wonderful nature of so
         many of his foals. Those of us who knew him will miss his enthusiasm for life and
         companionship. Thank you old man, you were a great teacher and a wonderful friend.
         Our sincere thanks must go to Sundale Stud and Jan for their loving care of him over the
         last few years of his life. Your knowledge and experience made his last years, happy ones.
         Thank you.

World endurance Championships
Malaysia, 6-9 november 2008

The AERA International committee is calling for Expressions of Interest from
members of the Australian Endurance Squad who aspire to represent
Australia at the upcoming World Endurance Championships to be held at
Terengganu, Malaysia.

The FEI requirements for qualification are available from the AES Manager,
Barb Timms, upon request. Please note that this event requires a horse and
rider qualification as a combination.

Please submit your Expressions of Interest by no later than the 31st May 2008 to:

Australian Endurance Squad Manager
Barbara Timms
Ph/fax: (07) 4163 1568
Mobile: 04177 46749

The AERA International committee is calling for Expressions of Interest from members of the Australian
Endurance Squad for the following positions:

•   Assistant Chef d'Equipe
•   Crew Manager
•   Crew members (AES membership not compulsory)

A position description is available on request from the AERA IC Secretary.
Please submit your Expressions of Interest by no later than the 31st May 2008 to:

AERA International Secretary
Ieva Peters
Ph/fax: (08) 9410 1014
Mobile: 040 3333 692

            AERA Meeting Reports

            A reminder that the minutes of AERA Meetings are available on the AERA

            Topics discussed in the March meeting include microchips for all horses, age of
            junior riders, Nanango Quilty 08, vet assessment of body condition score.

                         National Pointscore for 2007
Heavyweight Horse
Points                                           Lightweight Horse
Thowra Park Cadellac                64.75        Points
Shannonwood Sub                     49.5         1.     Noran Camry                     80.75
Die Kinder Spyder                   45.0         2.     Chip Chase Knight               63.5
Sundale Neptune                     39.5         3.     Tazsh Kamil Lea                 51.0
West Coast Acheron                  39.5         4.     Bremervale Bandyt               48.0
Bozo                                38.0         5.     Crysari                         47.5
Balgownie Berk                      35.5         6.     Shaaqa                          46.5
Markus Zen Galaxy                   34.5         7.     Cruz                            45.0
Devonwood Fame N Fortune            34.0         8.     Hillbrae Kazsan                 44.0
Genet Zac                           33.0         9.     Tanderra Saphire                44.0
                                                 10.    Veloce Mamma Mia                36.0
Distance                                         11.    Wesswood Willow                 36.0
Shannonwood Sub                     804          12.    Stanpark Simone                 36.0
Thowra Park Cadellac                801.6
Die Kinder Spyder                   561          Distance
Sundale Neptune                     642.1        1.     Noran Camryy                    1124.5
Rahal                               489          2.     Tazsh Kamil Lea                 961.4
Warren Park O.B. One                489          3.     Tanderra Saphire                882.4
Hirstglen Maybe                     482          4.     Chip Chase Knight               688
Balgownie Berk                      481.5        5.     Cruz                            656
Markus Zen Galaxy                   480          6.     Orchard Park Silver             601.4
Tanus                               480          7.     Dueco                           567
                                                 8.     Mirriyindi Leia                 562.4
Middleweight Horse                               9.     Hillbrae Kazsan                 562
Points                                           10.    Shaaqa                          561
1.     Poseidon Moon                80.0
2.     Warabong Challenge           74.0         Junior Horse
3.     Malali                       67.0         Points
4.     Endurowest Kumari            56.75        1.     Warabong Pioneer Raffles Espirit 60.0
5.     Top Fancy Chacassi           54.0         2.     Thalara                          56.5
6.     Ferrymaster at Webbs Creek   49.25        3.     Clovelly Park Kimba              52.5
7.     Sha’ahmalih                  49.0         4.     Assiff                           51.5
8.     Bagheera Bethany             46.5         5.     Kargra Naadan                    44.5
9.     Fabio                        46.5         6.     El Sherran Ricadonna             41.0
10.    Gayland Mariah               46.0         7.     Stanpark Simone                  39.0
                                                 8.     Carnarvon Cavalier               38.5
Distance                                         9.     Blake’s Heaven Ventura           34.25
1.     Top Fancy Chacassi           1083         10.    Max                              32.0
2.     Warabong Challenge           982
3.     Poseidon Moon                883.5        Distance
4.     Sarisha                      880          1.     Clovelly Park Kimba              792
5.     Gayland Mariah               874          2.     Warabong Pioneer Raffles Espirit 780
6.     Mantuka Lea                  842.9        3.     Assiff                           642
7.     Malali                       812          4.     Thalara                          640
8.     Crystabarbara                747          5.     Spring Ridge Bungendore          589
9.     Bagheera Bethany             724          6.     Kargre Naadan                    561.4
10.    Tiki Bey                     681.4        7.     Blake’s Heaven Ventura           525
                                                 8.     Bramall Jazzmin                  522
                                                 9.     Meroo Downs Dolly                514
                                                 10.    Max                              500

Heavyweight Rider                         Lightweight Rider
Points                                    Points
                                          1.     Sue House             80.75
1.     Liz Cullum            72.75        2.     Angela Hawks          52.5
2.     Julie White           63.0         3.     Robin Gossip          52.0
3.     Mark Cameron          58.5         4.     Brittnee D’Hondt      51.5
4.     Noel Weismann         58.0         5.     Jamie Summerfield     51.0
5.     Peter Norman          53.0         6.     Michelle Chapman      50.5
6.     Greg Garred           49.5         7.     Kerryn Willing        49.5
7.     Allan Caslick         47.25        8.     Emma Kirby            48.0
8.     Jarrod Robinson       46.0         9.     Sally May             46.5
9.     Jonnie White          45.0         10.    Liz Mulcahy           46.0
10.    Mark Nimon            43.5
11.    Norbert Radny         43.5         Distance
                                          1.     Sue House             1124.5
Distance                                  2.     Liz Mulcahy           1043.9
1.     Allan Caslick         1140         3.     Amily Daw             1022
2.     Liz Cullam            961.6        4.     Brittnee D’Hondt      980
3.     Noel Weismann         928          5.     Jaimie Summerfield    961.4
4.     Natasha Ellery        883.5        6.     Lyn Summerfield       924.5
5.     Greg Garred           804          7.     Cheryl Bullock        770
6.     Alwyn Torenbeek       752          8.     Kerryn Willing        763
7.     Mark Cameron          740          9.     Robin Gossip          745
8.     Peter Toft            688          10.    Michelle Chapman      736
9.     Peter Norman          685
10.    Otto Van Kampen       643.1        Junior Rider
Middleweight Rider                        1.     Corey Lunt            69.5
Points                                    2.     Owen Hamilton         66.0
1.     Frances Overheu       80.0         3.     Allix Jones           63.5
2.     Gail Hamilton         74.0         4.     Blake Pilley          58.5
3.     Jennifer Gilbertson   71.25        5.     Brianne Weier         56.5
4.     Meg Wade              68.5         6.     Zoe Locke             47.0
5.     Cheryl Bullock        67.5         7.     Amaya Fenech          45.0
6.     Maureen Feltham       67.0         8.     Aime Newton           44.5
7.     Stephen Gray          64.5         9.     Shannon Parker        44.5
8.     Anton Reid            63.25        10.    Jade Vergis           41.5
9.     Tony Purton           56.0
10.    Cassie Mulcahy        54.0         Distance
                                          1.     Allix Jones           1015
Distance                                  2.     Blake Pilley          914
1.     Vanessa Tiffen        1406         3.     Corey Lunt            884.5
2.     Cassie Mulcahy        1083         4.     Samantha Cubbin       879
3.     Gail Hamilton         982          5.     Owen Hamilton         862
4.     Kristie McGaffin      965          6.     Ingrid Ambrosiussen   728
5.     Noelene Cochrane      923.1        7.     Jessyca Dakin         692
6.     Jennifer Gilbertson   920          8.     Alexandra Toft        688
7.     Frances Overheu       883.5        9.     Samantha Noble        674
8.     Dale Hargreaves       882          10.    Zoe Locke             670
9.     Kerryn Mahoney        880
10.    Jan Scholes           874

                                             Horse Yards
        Can be used as free-standing yard or attached to the float. Panels are 2 metres long by
        1.2 metres high with three bars across. All with pins to attach together. Any panel can be
        used as gare when set up. $50 per panel, $75 for fittings to attach to float and approx.
        $50 to attach fittings to float if required, as each float is different. See advert on WAERA
        website for picture.
        Ph. 9526 2656 or email

Young stock related to Aquanitor:
    • gelding, 3 yrs old (broken)
    • gelding, 2 yrs old
   • yearling filly
Also, Anglo mare, 10 yrs old, has blue book.
Ring Joan on 9573 1031 (mornings, or leave a message)

         Advertising rates                 WAERA members                 Non-members
         for small ads up to 8 lines       Free                          $5.50 (inc GST)
         quarter page                      $5.50 (inc. GST)              $11.00 (inc GST)
         half page                         $11.00 (inc. GST)             $22.00 (inc GST)
         full page                         $22.00 ( inc. GST)            $44.00 ( inc GST)

                      NANANGO QUILTY NEWS
   2008 Tom Quilty Gold Cup including the Australian National Championships

As most endurance riders are aware, this show has only been on the road
officially since March 1st, when AERA granted Nanango Heritage Endurance
Riders Assoc. Inc. (NHERA) permission to stage the Quilty.
Since then a dedicated group of some eight people consisting of Nanango folk
and local endurance riders, plus a larger local community, have been rather busy gathering information
and hitting the road with many submissions for sponsorships, and fortunately some have been most

Quilty Ride Week
Venue: The venue is the well appointed Nanango Showgrounds within easy walking distance to all shops
etc. These grounds do not become available until Monday Sept 15th (the beginning of Quilty week) due to
other local organisations using the grounds. If any travellers need to arrive before this date, you will need
to contact committee members to arrange private accommodation -see details at the end of this message.

Official Quilty celebrations and the serious business of ride entries will commence on Thursday 18th Sept.
The AERA distance and point score presentations will be held in the early evening, followed by a dinner
with country and western music and party night.
On Friday the 19th will be the acceptance of entries and pre-ride vetting, followed by the pre-ride briefing
in the evening. Saturday 20 May will be ride day, and on the Sunday 21 May will be the BC workouts,
presentations and the fabulous Quilty dinner in the evening, wrapping up four days of experiencing the
great event

Interesting additions this year will include a visit to the Quilty from people who, in the past, have been
responsible for firstly having the foresight and grit to get this event off the ground against much
opposition in 1966, and then to have the determination to ensure its place in history, not only in Australia
but worldwide. Thanks to the AERA and NHERA, there will be an opportunity to meet the “Living
Legends” of the Quilty. Later newsletters will have more on the actual Legends; however, NHERA feels
that the EI outbreak and the subsequent recovery brought home to us how much we owe those who were
responsible for getting endurance riding started in Australia some 42 years ago, and how EI nearly put an
end to endurance riding life as we know it. This is a time and a year to celebrate and recognise our
legends and our history.

The course: Suffice to say it is befitting a Quilty course, not too hard but challenging. Course director
Colleen Shaw has various alternatives depending on weather conditions. Colleen proved the ability to
remark a 160km course at very short notice last June following 3 inches of rain 36 hours before ride start.
Hopefully this will not be necessary this year as we have the best and most interesting trails in Australia,
traversing the East Nanango forest, from spectacular views from the ridge tops to interesting forest trails
with hoop pines and Bunya pines that only grow in this part of the world .The 1st and 2nd vet checks will
be away. There will be a mini village in place to cater for all requirements, this will be approximately
8km on a bitumen road from the ride base with excellent radio and phone reception.

Enquiries: For general enquiries contact course director/secretary Colleen Shaw: (07) 4171 0835 or For all enquiries relating to entries, camping etc contact Quilty ride
secretary Carol Jarvie (07) 4171 0193 or Entry forms are available from our

Barb Timms
President 2008 Tom Quilty Committee                      

           2009 Tom Quilty Gold Cup National Championships Tonimbuk, Victoria


WAAHA Intro Seminar

I sometimes wonder how active I would be if it wasn't for Shelley (wife) saying things like “Hey look at
this ad for doing something different with your horse. The West Australian Arabian Horse Society is
running a Youth & Adult Seminar. It would be a good way to spend a Sunday, playing with your horse!”

Karen Woelms, a West Australian national panel judge started us off with a very interesting talk on horse
conformation using two different types of horses for the demonstration. We were then split into small
groups and rotated from class to class. Steve Muco from Khizmeht Arabians demonstrated the art of
showing a horse. Our horse certainly smartened up while in the hands of an expert! Nancy and Kylie Wall
(Noran Arabians) also shared their skills at showing and handling horses in the show ring and by now our
gelding was starting to show off.

Lunch was provided and we all had a nice little break, our horse had by now realised he wasn't going on a
long ride after all. He generally only goes in the float if it’s for an endurance ride. Kiley Galbraith from
Khanahmar Lodge ran the next class on what to expect when taking part in a dressage test at preliminary
or novice level. We were in the saddle for this.

Chloe Radford had come from Kojonup to give us our final class on plaiting and grooming. We had a
very patient anglo-arab gelding stand for us and Chloe transformed the horse into a real picture. We didn't
stay for the saddlefitting, but I believe that was also very informative.

The event certainly was well organised and the expertise of the instructors who donated their time and
skills was a treat. We left with a show bag of handouts, vouchers and DVDs, and a good insight into the
skills required for halter showing.

Eric Bentley

                                        KERRY’S RIDE 4 LIFE

As most of you will know, Kerry Stanley is riding from Bindoon in Western Australia, to Beau Desert in
Qld. to raise funds for breast cancer. Kerry is a single mother with four daughters and a family history of
breast cancer.

About 18 months ago, I was up at Kerry’s for a training ride. Kerry had recently had a lump removed from
her breast and also visited her hearing specialist. The specialist told Kerry that her hearing was
deteriorating, she would be completely deaf within the next few years and there was nothing that could be
done about it. Kerry said to me that before she went completely deaf, she would like to do something to
raise money for breast cancer with her girls and she thought she would ride to Qld! At the time I thought
this idea would never get off the ground. How could a single mother with little financial backing
contemplate such a task? I should have known better! For the next 14 months Kerry sought sponsorship,
organised fundraising activities to purchase a truck and raised money for breast cancer. She never
wavered from her goal. Our friend Helene Parker from Bindoon was constant support and helped
organise fundraising activities. It has been a huge credit to Kerry and Helene to have got this project off
the ground.
Finally after months of preparation, Kerry, Shannon and Kate left Bindoon on 1 March 2008. The Lions
Club of Gingin organised a breakfast in the main street of Bindoon to see Kerry off on her trip. A large
crowd (by Bindoon/Gingin standards!) gathered at 8.00am for breakfast to see her off, including some of
her sponsors. Unfortunately Kerry’s horses sensed the excitement on the morning (they had all been
washed the day before and were sporting new rugs to keep them clean) and didn’t want to go on the truck
into town for the start so she was a little late for breakfast! At that point Shannon became quite ill with a
tummy wog she had picked up and it was obvious that she would not be a starter that morning. Poor
Shannon. She was so disappointed. All her school friends were there to see her off and there was such a
build up to their departure. Kerry’s Mum took Shannon home with her. Shannon recovered by the next
day to rejoin the ride.

The first day, a few local riders from Bindoon rode out with Kerry and Kate but retired about half-way to
Toodyay. Kerry’s Ride 4 Life spent the first night at Toodyay race course. The next day they proceeded to
Grass Valley. Unfortunately, after only two days the truck driver decided that life on the road with one
dog, three girls and seven horses in a big pink truck was not for him!! Things were looking grim for a day
or so, as without a truck driver, the ride could not go on. Again the Lions Club provided huge support, with
a relay of drivers until they found the current driver, Russell, who is prepared to go all the way to Qld.

Kerry said Russell is great. The girls love him. He is very good with the horses. Sets up camp every day
and generally keeps the ride on the road.

From when Russell joined the girls until after Kalgoorlie, things seemed to go smoothly. Some other
friends of ours from Bindoon, Jenny and Lizzie Wharton, met Kerry and the girls in Kalgoorlie. Jen said
everyone was well and the horses looked fantastic. The truck broke down 10km from Kambalda - starter
motor or some such thing. The last time I actually spoke with Kerry was on Good Friday when they were
approaching Norseman. From then on her phone has been out of range and the only news has been from
our friend Helene who Kerry has rung on payphones along the way. Apparently two horses went walk
about one night near Forest Station out of Norseman but were recaptured with some help from local
people a day or so later. Kerry sent an SOS out for doonas about this time as they were getting really
cold at night. Helene managed to find a friendly truckie going that way who dropped them off along with a
set of hobbles! Still trying to get some more hobbles to her as the same two horses got away again at
Cockelbiddy on Tuesday night and were only recaptured on Friday. Kerry spent a couple of days tracking
them to a watering point and then Russell camped there the night and caught them when they came in.

This all reminded me of a story that Otto told me at the AGM about when they lost their horses on the way
across the Nullarbor, only the Van Kampens were not so lucky.

Kerry has a hand held two-way radio with her that she uses to talk to the passing traffic and try and get
them to donate money. She had raised $3,000 for breast cancer from when she left home to before she
reached Kalgoorlie. I don’t know how much money she has raised since then.

If anyone can make it to Qld., it is Kerry. Just to get as far as she has is an amazing achievement for one
very exceptional woman. Makes you wonder what she will do next!! Not many of us could have done the
Quilty whilst pregnant with one child and the backed up two years later and done the Marathon with a 15
month old and pregnant with the next child. That’s our Kerry!

To look at Kerry’s website visit . It is updated when information becomes
                                                                                            Janet Cameron

Ed. – Kerry, the girls and Russel were at Nullarbor Roadhouse (South Australia) on 15th April and due in
Ceduna on 20th April.

From the Internet

37 Year Old Horse Closing in on Trail Mileage Record

Pushing the envelope of equine athletic prowess, 37-year-old half-Arabian Elmer Bandit
is gearing up to start yet another competitive trail ride season.

In 2007 Elmer's certified lifetime competitive miles stood at 20,240, nearing the national
record of Saddlebred Wing Tempo's 20,710 miles.

Elmer's lifelong owner and rider, Mary Anna Wood of Independence, Mo., said she plans to enter Elmer in
eight rides this year, depending on her schedule and Elmer's health, but she said she isn't chasing any

New Zealand: Jenny Champion Wins National Endurance Championships
by Annie Studholme, March 27, 2008

North Islander Jenny Champion has made it two from two on South Island turf taking out the coveted
CEI*** 160km National Endurance Championship held at Kurow Racecourse, in the upper reaches of the
Waitaki Valley, last weekend.

A surprise winner of the event when it was last held in the South Island two years ago at Hawarden, the
Eketahuna-based rider took the honours with a gutsy performance on her talented little part-Arab mare
Freckles ahead of some of the more favoured competitors.

                                             Both articles reproduced with permission

Imagine a competition which is equally a vacation and exploration, amidst the beauty and storied heritage
of Andalucía. A point-to-point ride across the breadth of the province, where all stabling, bedding, and
forage was ready for your horse at the end of each stage. Where food and drink for riders, crews and staff
were amply and deliciously provided, and discounted fine hotel rooms awaited you each night. Where
special excursions awaited after the horses were bedded down and all things settled for the morrow. And
to turn on the television to find video feeds on the nightly news about the day's results.

That is Tierra del Al Andalus, the brainchild of José Manuel Soto, in its second year, a first class
extravaganza for horses and riders, and a showcase for the sport of endurance. A popular singer and
television star, Soto is passionate about horses and distance riding, and like those who initiate new rides
everywhere, wanted to share the beauty of his home with the world. In our case, that's a ride manager, in
this he was the nexus for a first class operation with major sponsors including Kaliber non alcoholic beer,
the region of Andalucía, most if not all of the provinces included in the ride, Coca Cola, Purina, as well as
some of the resorts which housed the participants, crews and staff.

Rider entry fees were approximately $1300US if solo ("tandem"), twice that for two riders ("pairs"), two
horses, and $2,000 for two horses, one rider ("trio".) That included welcome and farewell dinners, ride
meals after each day as well as vet check food for crew as well as riders. Stabling, hay and straw for the
horses, special pricing on nearby top hotels, some ride attire, and some of the complementary activities
like tours.

Miscellaneous ride rules which overrode the FEI ones if I understood correctly: each day's ride's end was
a vet inspection for the next at 7pm, and a rider meeting at 9. Horses presented at the mid-ride vet check
had two possible presentations to the vet within 20 minutes of arrival. The heart rate criteria was 56
throughout! 154 lbs was in the rules as the minimum weight carried. Approved helmets were required.
Rider bibs were issued and were to be worn over at least a t shirt or polo. No draw reins, no whips and
spurs were permitted. A properly fitting saddle was in the requirements, too. Riders needed to have
personal liability insurance, they were not covered by ride insurance!

Each night the riders got a spreadsheet with the day's results and standings per division, quite
impressive. A rider could be disqualified for not attending more than one of the ride briefings
Terrain varied immensely both within the days and throughout the ride: single track trails, two track cart
trails, rural roads, and some paved roads. This time of year, the mountains and valleys are so green, and
the flowers were gorgeous, especially the amapola/red poppies and alpine woodland. The participants got
detailed guides that that far exceeded any ride maps I've seen in the U.S.

Altitude ranged from sea level to about 6,500 feet-- the Sierra Nevadas. The trail markings were of metal
signs, lime or plaster, and riders knew ahead of time how dangerous places were marked. There were
designated crew assistance points that had management-provided water. Crews could help with
mounting, eating, washing horse, shoeing, electrolytes, etc.

323 miles all together. Shortest day was the last, at 30 miles. Longest was 48 miles on the 5th day. Road
control points all manned by civil and state police units.

Lynne Glazer
(Reproduced in part with permission from

For photos and results visit website

                         J ARRAH DAL E -
                   TONY DUFFY MEMORIAL RIDE

                                     Sunday, 1st June 2008

                                    Jarrahdale Oval
                             Corner Nettleton & Millar Roads

      Start times:    90km – 6:30am Sunday       (Riders are asked to bring their torches/
                                                 headlamps for the first part of the course)
                      40km – 8am Sunday
                      20km – 10am Sunday

      Vetting times: Saturday from 2pm until 6pm (90 & 40km horses)
                     Sunday from 6am (40 & 20km horses)

      Pre-ride briefing (90km) Saturday 6.30pm

      Entry fee:      90km - $80
                      40km - $45 (+$10 insurance fee for non-members)
                      20km - $30 (+$10 insurance fee for non-members)

Cheques payable to: Southern Metropolitan Trail Riders Club Inc. (SMTRC)

Entries including a $20 non-refundable nomination fee must be in no later than Monday,
26th May 2008. Late entry penalty of $20 will be strictly enforced. The ride organisers reserve the
right to refuse entries once the horse/vet ratio has been met.

Send entries to:        Ieva Peters,
                        96 Battersby Road, Anketell 6167
                        Ph/fax 9410 1014, Mobile 040 3333 692

                     Please make sure that you clean up your camping area.

  Facilities: Camping available at the oval (BYO yards), toilets and water available. Canteen will be
  operating. All hay, manure, etc. must be removed and deposited in the bins provided. Rubbish bags
  available from the office. No horses on the oval. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
  Children must be supervised at all times. Radio-controlled checkpoints will be operating during the

                               GIDGEGANNUP RIDE

                                       Sunda y 22nd June

                                    Gidgegannup Showgrounds
                                    Toodyay Rd, Gidgegannup

                Vet check:     Saturday pm
                               Please note due to the grounds being used on the Saturday for
                               another competition, vet checking will commence late PM into
                               the evening, and Sunday am

               Start times:    80km – 7am Sunday
                               40km – 8am Sunday
                               20km – 9am Sunday

               Entry fees:     80km - $65
                               40km - $45 (+$10 inc. GST, for non members)
                               20km - $25 (+$10 inc. GST, for non members)

All entries are to be received by mail and must be accompanied with the $10 nomination fee. – Phone &
Fax entries will not be accepted
Entries close – Monday 16 June 2008 a late entry fee of $10 will be charged for entries received after
this date. Your entry may not be accepted if the vet ratio has been reached.

Cheques payable to:     WAERA

Enquiries/ entries to: Rosemary Corbin / Natasha Ellery
                       23 Hayes Ct, Gidgegannup 6083
                       Ph:    9574 6071
                       Mob: 0417 092 309 – Rosemary
                              0417 942 378 – Natasha

Facilities: Camping, toilets and water available. Canteen will be operating.
BYO yards, or stables can be booked with Jan Lawrie on 9574 7129 or 0402 760 860.
Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Children must be supervised at all times.
Radio controlled checkpoints will be operating during the event.

            ALL MANURE AND HAY IS TO BE BAGGED and all rubbish removed.

                  WAERA State Championships 2008

                                       Saturday 5th July 2008

                                Adjacent to the Greenhills Hotel
               Greenhills turnoff is on the York/Quairading Road, 16km from York.

                Start times         160kms       Friday midnight
                                    80kms        Saturday 7.00am
                                    Best Conditioned work out: Sunday 9.00am

                Pre ride briefing 160km            Friday 6.00pm
                                  80km             Saturday 6.00am

                Entry fee           160kms         $150
                                    80kms          $70
Please send your $20 nomination fee by no later than Monday 23 June 2008.
Please note that a late entry fee of $20 will be charged for nominations received after that date.

Cheques payable to: WAERA

All enquiries and entries to:             Deb Jewell
                                          472 Young Road,
                                          Baldivis WA 6171
                                          Phone/fax 9523 2770

Canteen supplied by Rosemary and Phillip Corbin.
Facilities: Camping, toilets, BYO yards, children supervised at all times, dogs strictly on leads.
Leave your campsite as you find it, clean and tidy.

The 2008 WAERA State Championships are proudly
supported by Outback Power and Kentucky Equine


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