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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hi
Stranger: hi?
You: How are you?
Stranger: im alright, thanx..u?
You: I'm okay,
You: Oh"
You: remember when we were three, and we decided to go camping, but our moms
wouldn't let us so we camped in our backyards?
Stranger: lol what?
You: It was soooo much fun
Stranger: haha i think u have the wrong person here?>
You: And we got scared and made your mom stay with us?
You: No, you are Stranger, aren't you? You must remember. Classic us.
Stranger: okay, seriously?
You: You thought there was this wild Pokémon outside the tent.
You: You said you forgot your pokeballs in the house...
You: Really? Doesn't ring any bells?
You: None?
Stranger: not at all, lol srry
You: Okay, you must remember this time
You: when we were going to jump in my pool, and there was no water, and my mom
came screaming not to jump and slipped in her shoelaces and fell in the pool, she
twist her ankle pretty badly.
You: She had to go to the hospital and your dad patched her up.
Stranger: lol ur good at making stories?
You: How can't you remember?
Stranger: cause i wasnt there!
You: And waht about that party we went and everybody thought we were boyfriend and
Stranger: wait.. are u a guy?
You: So you got really pissed and kissed the nerdiest boy.
You: Of course I am! Sometimes I think you are like Dory, that fish from Finding
Stranger: what?! haha stop! lol i just wanna have a regular conversation with
someone! is that even possible?
You: Why, aren't you having fun?
You: Reminiscing our past...
Stranger: lol not really.. since i cant join in these memories
Stranger: haha and i thought i had bad deja vu
You: Ok, final story, and you'll see you were there.
Stranger: hmmph, fine give it a shot
Stranger: wait
Stranger: oh nevermind
You: Remember our first day at school, and I was crying a lot, and wanted my
mommy, because she tricked me to go color with some of our classmates and ran out,
even though she said she would stay? So you went straight to me, and took my hand
and kissed my chick, and said, Don't cry, everything will be okay, come sit with
You: And right then we were best friends.
Stranger: aww thats a sweet story.. u have the wrong person! lol, u searched this
off of google didnt you?
You: No, just made it off.
Stranger: lol ur good
You: HAHAHAHAHA, how old are you?
Stranger: haha well ima teenager... u?
You: I'm a teenager too.
You: I'm 18.
Stranger: haha but teenager, could mean two different ages
You: Oh yeah?
You: How so?
Stranger: are u from the US?
You: Nope.
Stranger: really?
Stranger: are u sure?
You: Yeap, so surprised
You: I'm brazilian.
Stranger: hmm okay nevermind
You: Why so surprised?
Stranger: hmm nothing
Stranger: nevermind
You: And you, where in the US?
Stranger: florida
You: Nice, Smoking a lot of Cuban cigars?
Stranger: haha no? thats a little stereotyped, dont ya think? considering the fact
that i am half cuban.. but i dont even look it?
You: Who cares, It's fun to use stereotypes.
Stranger: not if its offensive?
Stranger: jkjk
You: You could think that I'm really good at soccer and Have my skin brown.
Stranger: no?
You: But I'm a german descendent with two left feet
You: Don't be so uptight, it's just for good fun. Good for you you are half cuban,
you must have some ass, and is not a flat board.
Stranger: im the opposit of that description thank you very much
Stranger: *opposite
You: So, where is your lineage?
You: What part of your culture do you still have?
Stranger: ummm my mom? and her parents? they moved from there cause of castro
You: Isn't that worst than making fun of cubans in florida? Loose all of your
roots to your original people?
You: of your orig**
You: You should be ashamed of yourself, little girl.
You: I'm disgusted with your attitude
Stranger: excuse me?
You: And we were such good friends
You: All of the memories!!
You: I thought you were someone, but I think I was wrong.
You: Disappointment is a bitter feeling.
Stranger: u have no life do you?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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