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									                                 MOGA NEWS
                                    March, 2009
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Executive Directors Report
Legislative Session
The legislative session is coming to a close. MOGA has been actively engaged on
numerous fronts and we have successfully navigated through the mine-field so far. Jean
Johnson represented the interests of the Outfitting industry very well this session. We
had lots of help from the membership and several other key groups. The member’s
response to Call To Action requests were unprecedented and effective. I can not cover
all the bills that we have had an interest in but here are some highlights:

Key Legislation that MOGA supported and passed
      HB 150 Montana Recreation Responsibility Act
      HB 418 Equine Slaughter bill
      HB 383 - MOGA's life threatening bill

Key Legislation MOGA opposed and defeated
      HB 558 (Rep. McChesney, D-Miles City) was the alternative to the block
      management program
      LC 1068 (Rep. Glaser, R-Billings) would have eliminated the variable-priced
      license – never actually brought forward as a bill
      HB 314 (Rep. Van Dyk, D-Billings) was the “harboring bill.”
      SB 183 – wolf revision

Still in the Hopper

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       SB 213 requires FWP to manage wildlife to prevent disease transmission.
       SB 436 is Sen. Gallus’ nonresident outfitter-sponsored antelope bill.
       SB 470 is Sen. Gallus’ bill to revise time limits on the use of mountain sheep
       HB 585 Rep. McClafferty & PL/PW’s “Coming Home to Hunt” bill

Keep in mind that members of the Governmental Affairs Committee have been meeting
telephonically each week for a briefing with Jean. These folks have done MOGA a great

Mark your calendar for the Legislative Luncheon scheduled for Wednesday April 1 at the
Capital. We can use all the servers and hands we can get. Karen Hooker (406) 793-5666
is coordinating the event. Please plan to come and help.

Other Stuff
I hope you had a chance to read my interview with Montana Sporting Journal this month.
They are to be commended for allowing the Outfitter voice to be heard. Sandy Sallee and
Pat Tabor were helpful in helping me prepare.

We have held five presentations of the DVD Montana Outfitters – We are proud to be
your neighbor. They are all well attended and received. If you have a Chamber or
sporting group meeting where you would like to have a presentation please let us know.

Spring Retreat is right around the corner April 23 and 24 and I hope you can find your
way to Chris Faber’s place in the Bear Paw Mountains. This is always an important
MOGA event and this year we stumbled a little on the dates. Please check your calendar
and make sure you have the correct dates listed.

The down turn in the economy is being felt by the Outfitter Industry. We are doing all
we can to give MOGA members a marketing advantage. The extension on the sales of
Outfitter Sponsored Licenses is required by law. We hope that you can make the most of
getting those late bookings in.

We are all working hard on behalf of MOGA. We hope you will have a safe and
productive spring season. I look forward to seeing you at Spring Retreat.

Important Dates
   •   Bitterroot National Forest Outfitter Meeting, Tuesday March 31, 2009
       Bitterroot River Inn
   •   Legislative Luncheon Wednesday April 1 – Helena
   •   Spring Retreat Feb 23 and 24 at Chris Faber’s Lodge at Bear Paw Hunts
   •   Pack Trip Planned for June 16, 17, and 18.
   •   2010 MOGA Winter Convention January 6- 9, 2010 in Billings

                                   MOGA NEWS

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MOGA Working For YOU!
The following is a list of activities and issues MOGA has been involved with as a service
to our membership.

   •   Governmental Affairs committee is meeting weekly on teleconference to discuss
       legislative issues and set strategy. Jean Johnson is serving as MOGA lobbyist and
       watching out for the Outfitting Industry “on the hill”
   •   MOGA has worked with others on a Families Afield Initiative to increase hunter
   •   Mac traveled to RMEF to staffed a MOGA booth March 5-8
   •   MOGA staff completed interview with Montana Sporting Journal for the spring
       addition – look for it.
   •   MOGA has put on five presentations in the last 2 months to Chambers of
       Commerce and Sportsmen’s Groups about Outfitting in Montana.
   •   Weekly Legislative updates have been distributed.
   •   MOGA Director Craig Fellin coordinates "Kids Day on the Big Hole"
   •   Plans for the Spring Retreat are being made
   •   MOGA representatives met with Senator Testers and Senator Baucus’ staff to
       encourage support for Montana wolf delisting decision.
   •   MOGA staff issues press release (distributed widely by SCI) concerning
       availability of Outfitter Sponsored licenses.

Outfitter and MOGA Outfitter Art Yadon Passes Away
Some sad news as longtime MOGA member Art Yadon passed away March 3. His
memorial service was held on Friday, March 20 at the Manhattan Bible Church. Several
MOGA member outfitters attended the service.

Art was another of the very colorful and dedicated outfitters who helped MOGA and the
outfitting industry grow.

MOGAWEAR is available!
Show your colors with vests and caps that are embroidered with the fresh MOGA logo.
These garments are outstanding quality and come in a variety of colors and sizes. They
will make outstanding gifts this spring and every MOGA member should have one.

       Brown sleeveless fleece vests - $33.00
       Black sleeveless fleece vests - $33.00
       Terra Tek reversible vest (navy or olive) - $45
       Denim Shirt - $20.00
       Caps - $10.00

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Inventory and sizes are limited so order now. You can pick them up at Spring Retreat or
we can ship to you. To order contact Kim at

New Scam from London
Scammers are now hijacking identities and sending personal email messages to their
friends and contacts. The emails look legitimate and use the U.S. postal address and a
hotmail account in their name. Our call to this AOA member found him feverishly
contacting his closest associates to assure them that he had not been “stranded in
London” and did not need a loan.

Here is the bogus message.

I had traveled to (London) United Kingdom for an Important (seminar) empowering youths to fight against
HIV/AIDS, but unfortunately my credit card and bag got stolen. I am stranded here, I need Your financial
assistance a loan of about $1,500.. So I could settle hotel bills and get a flight ticket back home. I have
already contacted the embassy and they aren't helping issues. I didn't bring my phone along as it doesn't
roam and the hotel's telephone line's was disconnected during the robbery incident, so I have access to only
I want you to please send the money through Western Union Money Transfer cause that's the safest and
fastest way for me to receive money from any where. So I could leave here so fast and i promise to pay you
back your Money when I get back home. Send it with my name and address Below.

(Name deleted)
3 Coborn Road,
London, E3 2DA
Thank you so much, once you are done sending me the Money, write out the Money transfer control
number (MTCN), and Sender's Name.

Outdoor Channel Outfitters makes offer to MOGA Members
The following letter came in from C.J. Brown, National Sales Manager with Outdoor
Channel Outfitters. We told him we would place it in the Newsletter as a service to
MOGA members. MOGA is not entering into any formal arrangement at this point but
individual outfitter members are welcome to explore any opportunities.

Mr. Minard,

The opportunity to work with MOGA and its members is an opportunity that the Outdoor Channel’s
Outfitter program is extremely enthusiastic about. We have a unique ability to expose the treasure of
Montana and MOGA to a tremendous audience of enthusiasts.

Our program is designed to help expose and promote the best of the best Outfitters, Guides, and
Associations. We recognize the outstanding job that MOGA has done to put together a qualified
association of Outfitters and Guides and we are excited about teaming up with you and your members.

We would like to extend the services that we can provide to your members at a wholesale pricing
opportunity. If you are a MOGA member and interested in partnering with the Outdoor Channel’s Outfitter
program give us a call today and we’ll welcome the opportunity with open arms.

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Best Regards,

C.J. Brown
National Sales Manager
Outdoor Channel Outfitters
(877) 686-1925 Office

Recent MOGA Board Actions

Committee Appointments
MOGA Committees serve a very important role within the Association. The table below
is a list of standing committees, the chairman and the members who have agreed to serve.
If you are interested in helping on any of the committees shown contact the Committee
Chairman directly.

                  Committee Chairman and Board Liaison Appointments for 2009

Committee                Chair                     Board Liaison       Signed at Convention 2008
Fundraising              Rob Arnauld               Rob Arnaud          Paul Ellis
                                                                       Len Howells
                                                                       Pat Tabor
Communications           Paul Ellis                Paul Ellis          Craig Fellin
                                                                       Jack Davis
Land & Water             Brett Todd                Brett Todd          Lee Hart
                                                                       Len Howells
                                                                       John Cargill
                                                                       Jack Davis
Membership               Greg Gilchrist            Greg Gilchrist      Rob Arnaud
                                                                       Karen Hooker
Government Affairs       Jack Rich                 John Wilkinson      Kelly Flynn
                                                                       Jean Johnson
                                                                       Pat Tabor
                                                                       Rob Arnaud
****************                                                       Paul Ellis
Government Affairs       ****************          ****************    *****************************
Sub Committee            Pat Tabor                 Pat Tabor           Greg Gilchrist
VP License Fact          Paul Ellis                Paul Ellis          Brett Todd
Finding                                                                Rob Arnauld
                                                                       John Wilkinson
                                                                       Chuck Rein
Convention               Paul Ellis                Paul Ellis          Eric Albus (awards)
                                                                       Paul Ellis (auction)
                                                                       Chuck Rein
                                                                       Rob Arnauld
Fish & Wildlife          MaryEllen Schnur          Donna McDonald      John Wilkinson
                                                                       Dave Kozub
                                                                       Pat Tabor
                                                                       John Cargill
                                                                       Ray Rugg

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                                                                    Craig Fellin – River Issues
Website               Russ Kipp               Russ Kipp             Dan Hovermale
                                                                    Terry Search
Executive             Donna McDonald          Donna McDonald        Russ Kipp
                                                                    Brett Todd
                                                                    Mac Minard (non voting)
                                                                    Pat Tabor (vote on finance)
Finance Committee     Pat Tabor               Pat Tabor             Review of budget and finance
Election Oversight    Pat Tabor               Pat Tabor             John Wilkinson
Committee                                                           Mac Minard
                                                                    Jack Davis

News from David Brown at America Outdoors Association
Obama Administration Announces Plan to Free Up Credit and Streamline SBA Loans
Have you been rejected previously for an SBA loan? The goal of President Obama’s
small business 2009 Recovery Act is to make credit more available to small businesses
by underwriting $15 billion in loans, streamlining the application process and removing
some fees associated with applications. The President also announced a new “carryback
provision” that will enable some small businesses to claim a tax refund on previous
year’s taxes.,,id=205330,00.html
To read more about the announced SBA loan plan, go to
The additional provisions in the Recovery Act include:
• Microloan Expansion: Provides extra funding for loans and technical assistance to SBA
backed micro lenders
• ARC Stabilization Loans: Offers 100% guaranteed deferred payment of loans up to
$35,000 to help viable small businesses facing immediate economic hardship make
payments on existing qualifying loans
• Expanded 504 Refinancing Project: Allows borrows to refinance an existing eligible
loan as part of a new 504 small business expansion project.
• Surety Bond Program Expansion: Allows more small businesses to compete for
contracts by raising the maximum amount for contracts that qualify for SBA surety bonds
to $5 million and up to $10 million for certain contracts.
• SBIC Program Expansion: Increases the maximum levels of funding that SBA can
provide to SBICs.
• Secondary Market Guarantee for 504 First Mortgages: Provides liquidity to lenders by
allowing SBA to guarantee 504 first mortgage pools sold into the secondary market.
• 7(a) Secondary Market Lending Authority: Increases liquidity in the secondary market
for SBA loans by directly lending money to brokers to purchase SBA 7(a) loans.
For a list of SBA offices, go to

Tourism and Recreation Businesses Targeted for Taxation despite Drop in Demand for

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Despite hundreds of millions in money from the most recent economic stimulus
legislation, some states and local governments are trying to add taxes to tourism and
recreation businesses at a time when some in the tourism industry are struggling to
survive. Recently, a bill was introduced in Montana that would give local governments
the option to add a 4% tax on tourism goods and services, like lodging facilities, prepared
meals, alcoholic beverages, recreational services, auto and recreational vehicle rentals.
Montana received $625,913,635 from the economic stimulus bill passed in February for a
wide variety of state and local programs, including education and infrastructure. But
with opposition from the Farm Bureau, Montana Taxpayers Association and the Montana
Tavern Association, this tax bill may be in trouble. Local governments would have the
option to install the tax once authorized by the legislature. 35% of the tax would be used
to offset property taxes.
In Tennessee the legislature is proposing a bill to make it more difficult for businesses to
challenge taxes they believe are illegal. Taxing services and customers on navigable
rivers is currently illegal, but Polk County is said to be considering another shot at taxes
on rafting companies on the Ocoee River. In South Dakota the governor recently signed
a tourism tax increase to benefit the arts, raising it from 1% to 1.5%.
Today’s Wall Street Journal reports shows how dramatically travel and tourism
contracted in the final quarter of 2008.
• Spending fell at a 22% annualized rate in the October through December quarter,
compared with the prior three-month period. The decline was the sharpest since the
government's quarterly records began in 2001, topping the 19% drop after the terrorist
attacks that year.
• Leisure and hospitality establishments shed 33,000 jobs in February and employment in
the industry has dropped to 13.2 million from 13.5 million in February 2008, according to
the Labor Department.
• MGM Mirage warned earlier this week it could default on billions of dollars in loans
after losing $1.14 billion in its fourth quarter because of a 17% drop in gambling revenue
and a 21% drop in room revenue.
• According to the Department of Commerce shopping by tourist declined by 11.6% in
the last quarter of 2008.
• Prices fell 16% from October through December at an annualized rate as more
companies offered specials to boost demand.
Overall, while the private sector lost jobs in 2008, government employment expanded,
according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2008, the private sector lost 3.65 million
jobs, while government employment grew by nearly 150,000 in the same period. Growth
in government will accelerate even faster with the funds provided through the $787
billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which was signed by the President in
February. The positions created by the bill may lead to higher taxes down the line to
sustain them after the initial boost in spending.

Forest Service Finalizes New Priority Use Permit

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The Forest Service has a new all in one priority use permit (FS-2400-4i(02/09)) that gives
line officers the options to issue it as a
• Ten year priority use permit
• Transitional priority use permit
• Or a short term priority use permit (to enable them to complete permit documentation)
for up to 2 years.
The authorizing officer will check a box to identify which type of authorization is being
There are some other changes to the permit, including options for invasive species
management plans. We are still analyzing the new authorization and will let you know if
we find any issues that need addressing. We still recommend, when signing the permit,
that you submit a letter with it related to some liability clauses that are unreasonable.
These clauses appear to be similar to the previous permit. The new temporary permit will
not be finalized this year, so the agency will use the previous version. For more
information, contact David Brown at 865-558-3595.

                       JOIN AMERICA OUTDOORS TODAY
                               Call 800 524-4814.

                                 America Outdoors
                                   PO Box 10847
                                Knoxville, TN 37939
                        Phone 865-558-3595, Fax 865-558-3598

                     NEWS FROM AROUND MONTANA

Rehberg’s Bill Reduces Wildfires While Increasing Renewable Energy Production
Bill creates new market and jobs for Montana’s timber and energy industries
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Montana’s Congressman, Denny Rehberg, has introduced legislation
that would allow wood harvested from overgrown forests to be used as a renewable source of
energy. Congress is expected to vote on the FIRE Act this week – a bill which addresses the
skyrocketing costs of wildfires. Rehberg’s bill would help reduce those costs while
simultaneously increasing the production of renewable biomass energy.

“If nature was allowed to run its course, most of this wood would have already burned in a forest
fire,” said Rehberg, a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water.
“Instead, we put the fires out leading to unhealthy forests that burn hotter and faster. My bill
creates a market-based incentive to harvest wood that isn’t suitable for commercial use, and uses
it to create energy.”

The Wildfire Risk Reduction and Renewable Biomass Utilization Act revises the definition of
"renewable biomass" to include biomass removed from certain federal lands in connection with

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an authorized hazardous fuel reduction project. The current definition of “renewable biomass”
doesn’t include material removed from Federal or State forest lands in order to reduce wildfire
risks, except when the removal occurs in the “immediate vicinity of buildings and other areas
regularly occupied by people, or of public infrastructure, at risk from wildfire.” This bill doesn’t
grant access to new areas of land for resource harvesting nor does it advocate clear-cutting.
Instead, it creates a new energy market for wood that is currently left in the forest because it has
limited commercial value.

“We’re literally harvesting the energy of a forest fire,” said Rehberg. “This is one of those rare
opportunities to kill two birds with one stone for Montanans who are saddled with both the
expense of fire management and rising energy costs. We’ll also be creating new jobs in two of
Montana’s core industries.”

SCI Commends Interior Decision Affirming Wolf Delisting
03/12/2009 Print
Safari Club International (SCI) today commended the decision by Interior Secretary Ken
Salazar to affirm the delisting of the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Salazar’s announcement affirmed a decision reached by the U.S. Fish and Wildife
Service, based in a extensive review of the best available science, to remove gray wolves
from the list of threatened and endangered species in the western Great Lakes and the
northern Rocky Mountain states of Idaho and Montana and parts of Washington, Oregon
and Utah.

SCI President Merle Shepard hailed the announcement, saying “This decision is the right
one and we commend Secretary Salazar for reaching it so quickly. Delisting the gray
wolf came about as a result of years of effort involving the states, tribes, landowners,
academic researchers, sportsmen and other conservation groups, the Canadian
government and many other partners. All of these stakeholders can breathe a sigh of
relief today that our years of effort have not gone down the drain.”

In making the announcement, Secretary Salazar reviewed the numbers behind the
decision. “When it was listed as endangered in 1974, the wolf had almost disappeared
from the continental United States. Today, we have more than 5,500 wolves, including
more than 1,600 in the Rockies,” Salazar said.

Gray wolves were previously listed as endangered in the lower 48 states, except in
Minnesota where they were listed as threatened. The Service oversees three separate
recovery programs for the gray wolf; each has its own recovery plan and recovery goals
based on the unique characteristics of wolf populations in each geographic area. Wolves
in other parts of the 48 states, including the Southwest wolf population, remain
endangered and are not affected by the actions taken today.

“SCI’s nearly 50,000 members have been waiting for an indicator of how this
Administration will handle controversial conservation issues, and we are encouraged by
this announcement,” SCI President Shepard said. “We look forward to working with

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Secretary Salazar and the Interior Department on other conservation issues in the future,”
Shepard concluded.

Montana Recreational Liability Statute Passes Senate and is on the Governors Desk
for signature.
Many individuals and groups joined together to bring HB 150 through the process. The
bill bars providers of recreational activity from responsibility for claims caused by the
inherent risks of the recreation activity. Montana is one of few states in the nation that
bans the use of liability waivers. An amendment to HB 150 removed the exclusion for
accidents caused by inherent risks of activities on public lands. A complete copy of the
bill can be found at:

This is a huge victory for the recreational tourism industry. Representative Dee Brown,
who is part of the industry positively affected by this bill introduced and carried the
legislation. We called on Tracy Knutson, an attorney from Anchorage known for her
expertise in this area of law to assist in the effort. Bob Jordon with Wild River
Adventures helped quarterback the effort.

Jim Sattler of Sattler’s Insurance and a MOGA business member graciously contributed
money to help bring Tracy to Helena to testify. We appreciate the efforts of all involved.

Economic Stimulus: $626 million for Montana
By Jonathan Weber, 2-14-09

       How much money will Montana see from the economic stimulus bill approved
       Friday by Congress, and where will the money go? Here’s a breakdown from the
       Montana Economic Developers Association (with thanks to Brent Campbell of
       WGM Group for passing this along):

       National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance: $247,461
       The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP):$261,650
       Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): $50,046,787
       Emergency Food and Shelter Program**: $172,693
       Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: $19,651,000
       Clean Water State Revolving Fund: $19,537,800
       Highway Funding: $211,793,391
       Transit Formula Funding: $15,611,710
       Public Housing Capital Fund: $4,451,699
       HOME Funding: $7,944,201
       Homelessness Prevention Fund: $3,750,116
       Community Development Block: $2,499,048
       Byrne/JAG: $5,000,000
       Crime Victims: $222,847
       Internet Crimes Against Children Grants: $403,670
       Violence Against Women Grants: $1,018,559

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       State Energy Program: $25,688,000
       Weatherization: $27,059,681
       Child Care and Development Block Grant $5,747,006
       Head Start: $2,081,661
       State Stabilization Fund: $121,371,174
       Title I Education for the Disadvantaged: $44,013,000
       Education Technology: $4,839,000
       Community Services Block Grant: $4,544,915
       Senior Meals Programs: $500,000
       Dept. of Labor - State Employment Service Grants: $2,945,782
       Dept. of Labor - Dislocated Workers State Grants: $1,728,009
       Dept. of Labor - Adult State Grants: $1,246,875
       Dept. of Labor - Youth State Grants: $2,947,500
       Dept. of Education - Vocational Rehabilitation: $1,880,400
       Dept. of Education - Special Education Part B, Section 611: $36,708,000

       MONTANA TOTAL: $625,913,635

Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation Seeks Packers
I’m pleased to announce that I have finally completed the Bob Marshall Wilderness
Foundation packing schedule for 2009. Phew!

As always, I am requesting your support to get our volunteer crews into the field by
packing food, tools and camp gear into the backcountry. Last year, with your help, we
were able to contribute about $370,000 worth of volunteer trail work to the US Forest
Service and users of The Bob. Please help us keep up our efforts. For 2009, we have
added a noxious weed program complete with an applicator-licensed Weed Crew Leader
to instruct volunteers in the "way of weeds".

Please take a look at the following link and send to all your horsemen (& women)
friends: Please note that you can access this site 24/7 for
updated information. Packers sign up on a first come-first pick basis so take a look and
sign up today! The schedule will be updated frequently so be sure to download the latest
version before signing up to check availability. On this site, you will find:
   •   2009 Packing Schedule:
   •   Pre-requisites for volunteering with the BMWF and the Forest Service
   •   Fuel Reimbursement/Tax Deduction Options for In-Kind Services
   •   Frequently Asked Questions related to our projects
Please do not hesitate to call me if you have more questions. Our volunteers greatly
appreciate your support (so they don't have to carry everything themselves) and I offer
my big thanks for your continued support. I look forward to working with you in The
Bob this summer!

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Shannon Freix, Program Director
Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation
406.387.3808 ph, 406.387.3889 fax

                                          FWP NEWS
Mary Ellen’s Report
May Ellen Schnur, chairman of the FWP committee, has been very active and follows the
Fish and Game issues very closely. If you have questions she is a great resource. Here is
her report: [Editors note: Much of this material is produced by staff within FWP and is reprinted from
news releases for your benefit]

About 500 wolves now inhabit Montana, equally distributed between the state's northern
and southern areas, according to the 2008 annual wolf conservation and management
report released today by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

FWP’s report, which is available online at , shows Montana's wolf population
increased about 18 percent in 2008, compared to a 34 percent increase in 2007. The
minimum Montana wolf population is estimated at 497 wolves, in 84 verified packs, and
34 breeding pairs.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced recently that it would delist the northern
Rocky Mountain’s gray wolves in Montana, Idaho and parts of Washington, Utah and
Oregon, but not in Wyoming. The decision was based in part on the USFWS’s
determination that the northern Rocky Mountain population in the approved areas has
exceeded recovery goals and potential threats to the wolf have been resolved.

FWP’s report is part of the annual federal recovery update required by USFWS. The end
of 2008 count also estimates that 302 wolves inhabited Wyoming and 846 wolves
inhabited Idaho. Annual reports from Idaho, Wyoming, and information about wolves in
Yellowstone National Park and the northern Rockies as a whole are available online at

The northern Rockies' "metapopulation" is comprised of wolf populations in Montana,
Idaho, and Wyoming. Today, about 1,645 wolves, with about 95 breeding pairs, live in
the region, where wolves can travel about freely to join existing packs or form new
packs. This, combined with wolf populations in Canada and Alaska, assures genetic

To learn more about Montana’s wolf population, visit FWP online at . Click
Montana Wolves.

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Montana’s 2009 big game auction licenses drew a total of $293,500.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, at its 25th Annual Elk Camp & Hunting, Fishing
and Outdoor Expo last week in Fort Worth, Texas, auctioned the 2009 Montana elk
license for $16,000 and the moose license for $14,000.

Three auctions occurred in February at the 32nd Annual Wild Sheep Foundation
Convention and the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo held in Salt Lake City.

The Wild Sheep Foundation auctioned the 2009 bighorn sheep auction license for
$245,000, surpassing the 2008 auction by $50,000. The 2009 mountain goat license went
for $10,000. The Mule Deer Foundation auctioned the 2009 mule deer license at the same
event for $8,500.

At least 90 percent of all auction proceeds go to state management of the species, and the
remainder goes to the auctioning organization.

                    NEWS FROM AROUND THE NATION
Court Reverses Rule Allowing Concealed Carry in National Parks and Refuges
Effective March 19th, 2009, a federal district court in Washington D.C. has set aside
recent regulations that allow the concealed carry of firearms in National Parks and
National Wildlife Refuges where permitted by state law. The Bush Administration
adopted the rules in December 2008 after soliciting public comment on the rule change.
In a case brought by anti-gun groups to challenge the concealed carry law, SCI
represented the interests of hunters by filing an amicus brief. After a flurry of briefing,
the D.C. Court granted a preliminary injunction in favor of the anti-gun plaintiffs, finding
that the federal government failed to conduct the proper environmental review before
adopting the new rules. Although the ruling is only a preliminary one, it prohibits the
government from implementing the law, at least until the Court issues a final order in the
case. The Court gave the government until April 20 to determine whether it will pursue
the case, prepare the environmental review the Court found lacking, or drop the rules
entirely. Prior to the ruling, the Obama Administration had independently decided to
conduct a review of these rules and will now have to decide whether it will defend the
regulations and appeal the decision. The NRA, who was also a party to the action, has
already noticed an appeal.

Under the Court’s Order, on March 19, 2009, the concealed carry of firearms in National
Park units and National Wildlife Refuges is governed by the regulations that applied
before the new rules went into effect last December. In other words, concealed carry is
prohibited except in those circumstances specifically allowed by the previous set of
regulations. SCI will continue to stay involved in this issue to protect the interests of SCI

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Second Amendment under Challenge?
Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder sparked a firestorm in the nation's
capital when he told the media that “As President Obama indicated during the campaign,
there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them
would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons." In recent debate on the
Senate floor, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) also stated her intention to re-open the
debate over banning millions of commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms. Since, the
"sunset" of the original ban in 2004, supporters of a renewed ban have repeatedly
expressed their intention to pursue legislation that would be far more sweeping, would
includes no sunset provision, and would also allow an unelected bureaucrat such as the
Attorney General to arbitrarily add guns to the banned list by regulatory fiat.

Hunters, Target Shooters and Industry Provide $336 Million for Wildlife and
03/12/2009 from SCI

It’s not only these most avid hunters who contribute to a system that has been responsible
for supporting healthy wildlife populations of both game and non-game species for the
last 70 years.

All hunters contribute in the form of excise taxes paid on sporting firearms, ammunition
and archery equipment that benefit every state. These taxes have generated approximately
$5.6 billion for wildlife conservation since 1939. The contribution for 2009 is a record --
nearly $336 million, according to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, which recently
announced the apportionment of these critical Wildlife Restoration funds.

“We want all Americans to know about and value the support that hunters, recreational
shooters and the firearms and ammunition industry make to wildlife conservation,” said
Steve Sanetti, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, trade association for
the firearms and shooting sports industry. “With wildlife populations professionally
managed and thriving, we can safely say that this is one investment guaranteed to not lose
Species such as the white-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain elk, pronghorn antelope, wild
turkey and black bear have made significant population gains due to research and
improved habitat funded by the Wildlife Restoration program. It’s a story that SCI has
been sharing with teachers and students for years through its Education Department.

In making the announcement, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said, "These investments,
which help create jobs while protecting our nation’s natural treasures, are particularly
important in these tough economic times."
Of the $336 million total, some $64.7 million will directly benefit hunter education and
firearms and archery range programs. SCI chapters often contribute additional funds,
volunteer time and in-kind support for local hunter education and other programs in their
local communities to stretch these state and federal funds.

The federal money apportioned to states are the result of the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife
Restoration Act, passed in 1937, which directs funds to states based on land area and paid

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hunting license holders, among other criteria. And while there is always a temptation for
governments to redirect funds, according to SCI President Merle Shepard, legislative
safeguards prevent these Wildlife Restoration monies from being diverted.
Both game and non-game species benefit as agencies use the money to manage wildlife
populations, conduct research, acquire wildlife lands and public access and carry out
surveys, among other uses. According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, more than 62
percent of Wildlife Restoration funds are used to buy, maintain and operate wildlife
management areas.

Firearm and ammunition excise taxes (FAET) are paid directly by the shooting and
hunting industry. Currently firearms and ammunition manufacturers must pay the FAET
bi-weekly, a schedule that forces many manufacturers to borrow money to ensure on-time
payment. Legislation introduced earlier this year by Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wisconsin) will
allow the industry to pay the firearms and ammunition excise tax (FAET) on a quarterly
basis, the same schedule on which taxes are due from other industries that support
Industry members spend thousands of man-hours administering the necessary paperwork
to successfully complete the bi-weekly payments -- monies that are due long before
manufacturers are paid by their customers. This legislation will not lower the amount of
conservation dollars collected by the tax.
"Shifting to quarterly payments would allow manufacturers to invest in new equipment
and product designs and enhance their marketing efforts," said Sanetti. "This in turn
could lead to greater participation in hunting and the shooting sports, providing even
more funding for wildlife conservation and hunter education."

We work hard with our MOGA Business Members to bring you meaningful MOGA
Member Discounts. Take a look at these lifted from the MOGA website.

       If you need a Service go with a MOGA Member First!
                         Zeiss Announces a Certified Guide Program
Zeiss Has Just Renewed MOGA Member Discounts!
This is a reminder that the Carl Zeiss Sport Optics company announced that MOGA members may now
apply for the Certified Guide Program. Under this program you may receive discounted prices on Zeiss
equipment and you will receive discount coupons to pass on to customers. To apply contact the Zeiss
Certified Guide Program Coordinator at 1 800-441-3005 extension 5842 or via email at

                          Schnee’s Offers MOGA Member Discount
Schnee’s is please to offer licensed guides 30% off the retail price of any Schnee’s Classic Pac Boot.
Visit our landmark retail store at 121 West Main Street in the heart of historic downtown Bozeman,
Montana, or stop in at Powder Horn Outfitters, outfitting hunters since 1946, located at 35 East Main Street
also in Bozeman.

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High Timber Log Homes
Add Value to Your Recreational Property

18'x24' Hand-Crafted Log Cabin / Guest House
- 3/4" T&G Fir Floor & Ceiling
- Insulated Roof with Metal Roofing
- (6) 3'x3' Windows & (1) 3'x6'8" Door
- Chinked Inside & Outside
- Logs & All Wood Sealed
- Options Including Decks -- Different Sizes, Etc. Available
- Includes Setup & Freight (50 Mile Radius)
   - Call for Quote Beyond 50 Miles

Specializing in Hand-Crafted Log Homes & Log Accents
401 S. Main, P.O. Box 168, Sheridan, MT 59749

Big Sky Horse Leasing
Moga Member Discount!! Big Sky Horse Leasing
12 BIG seasoned horses for back country or trail rides left for lease! These horses are 5-12 years old ready
to work for you. Will ride or pack! These are turnkey horses, saddle up and go! Best prices! Moga
members’ receive a 5% discount on summer rates. Call now to reserve your horses for the 2008 season
before they are gone!!

406-439-1803 John Vandenacre

Sattler Insurance Agency Announces its Outdoor Sportsman & Recreation
Insurance Program

We are proud to represent AdvenSure, McNeil and Company's Outdoor Recreation Insurance Program.

This program provides comprehensive insurance coverage for the outdoor sportsman & recreation industry.

The AdvenSure Insurance Program is designed to meet the unique needs of providers of outdoor sportsman
and recreation activities.
Eligible Exposures Include:

         •   Hunting Preserves
         •   Campgrounds
         •   Dude Ranches
         •   Bed & Breakfasts
         •   Resort & Lodges
         •   Outfitters and Guides
         •   RV Parks & Campgrounds
         •   Rod & Gun Clubs
         •   Trap, Skeet & Sporting Clays
         •   Hunting Leases

Day Wireless Systems

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Iridium Satellite Phone!
Special MOGA discount on purchasing a new Iridium 9505a satellite phone kit including the carry case,
portable magnetic antenna base and removable antenna and multi plug adapter kit.

Retail price $1,495     MOGA Member $1,375         You save $120
Activation $50          MOGA Member $25                   $25

Pre-paid Minutes        500 minutes ( 30,000 units ) ... $750.00 or
Post paid Monthly       $34.95/mth billed at $1.19 minute

Get the coverage you need when you need it most with the Iridium hand held satellite phone. Worldwide
coverage 66 satellites.

For a limited Time get a Pelican Case (Orange) for $50.00 (retail $99 / while supplies last)

Contact your Day Wireless rep Mitch Case, at 1.800.503.3433 ext 3004

When people request information regarding your outfitting business, you receive an email direct from the
MOGA website. This referral is archived by date and stored on the website for you to download as a text

We have created an interface which allows you to import this text file directly into Lodge-ical™. This will
save you lots of time and effort when entering a new client. Please contact us for more information.

Buy Sell and Trade - Classifieds
Each month we get numerous requests to pass along information to the members
concerning items for sale, work opportunities, businesses for sale or purchase. These
listings can be found on the MOGA website under Classified Listings at: Check it out. As a service
to our membership we will post these inquiries for you to follow up on if you so desire.
Each ad will be listed for 3 months unless we are asked to extend it or delete it.

Message from Bison Buildings – a MOGA Member!
MOGA Members,
It was truly a pleasure to meet and visit with all of you attending the MOGA convention. Congratulations
to Sun River Outfitters for placing the winning bid on our custom working outhouse.

Bison Buildings continues to meet the ever growing needs of our customers. It feels as though our product
line grows daily with fresh ideas and new buildings. We have recently expanded our cabin line from
merely shop built, to building them start to finish right on your site. Our cabins can be designed for the
simplest uses to as complex and intricate as you desire. If your needs extend past cabins, we
have also added larger structures to our building capabilities.
Whether a pole barn, pavilion, garage, or storage shed, nothing is too big or too small for us.

Check us out online at or stop by our shop in Park City, Montana. We?re just off exit
426 on I-90, right next to the truck stop.

If you have any questions, give us a call or email at

Thanks for your time and have a great year,

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Bison Buildings
20 1st St. NW
Park City, MT 59063
                                  Employment Opportunities
Each month we get calls and emails from folks looking for employment. As a service to
our membership we will post these inquiries (for 3 months) for you to follow up on if you
so desire.

Guide Job Wanted
Experienced guide looking for change of scenery. I have over 20 yrs experience as guide both fishing and
hunting in Montana (former outfitter as well) looking for short gig (2,3 mo's), spring bear, turkey or fishing,
can start ASAP, contact 406 925 1481 or email

Seeking employment
Former outfitter experienced with all aspects of outfitting. Will work as packer, guide, camp tender and
wrangler. Available for 2009 season. Call for references and further information.
Bob Smith
42246 Rolling Road
Ronan, MT 59864
(406) 676-4459

A husband and wife team looking for summer employment on a ranch.

Jon A. Newton Virginia Class A Building Contractor         D.O.B.    06/29/1949

Joan B. Newton Virginia Licensed Real Estate Broker D.O.B. 03/20/1956

Both of us are self-employed with a flexible schedule. Due to the slow down in the economy we have
decided to rent our personal home and spend some time in the northwest which has long been a dream of
ours. Neither of us like being a “tourist” and would much prefer working on a ranch. Both of us are
physically fit and use to a day’s work. We have built and renovated numerous properties over the years
doing the work ourselves.

Jon has a hands-on, working knowledge of every aspect of building from the foundation to the roof. He
can do plumbing, electrical, carpentry, roofing, irrigation systems, fences, barns and loves to garden. He
would be very handy to have around the ranch for any and all maintenance or repairs.

Joan has been Jon’s helper in all of the above. She is especially good with people, has reared two children,
opened and operated a private school, taught in a private school and been involved in real estate in a
Virginia rural market for the past ten years. She would be great with the guests and willing to do whatever
work is needed around the ranch. Children and photography are her heart!

We are much more interested in the experience than the salary and are open to all offers of summer
employment. Our home is rented as of May 1, 2009 and we are free to leave anytime after that. Also note
that we are flexible in our work arrangements. We realize that the economy may impact the ranches
bookings this season. We are willing to be paid to work the weeks we are needed and be unpaid the weeks
we are not. We would like to continue with room and meals on off weeks.

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When we are not working we will be enjoying all of the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside. We
are especially interested in spending some time on horseback if the ranch permits employees to use the

** Note: I am attaching a picture of us just to assure you that even though we are both in our 50’s we are
still young and fit enough to be hard working and an asset to your ranch.

Please contact us at the following:
Jon Newton cell         804-513-9879
Joan Newton cell       804-513-8446

Camp Cooks Available
Hello everyone. I operate a camp cook school during the spring and summer months (May, June and July).
If you are looking to hire a camp cook for your summer and/or fall hunting trips please contact me as I have
current and previous students looking for work. Thanks for your time.
LeRee Hensen
406 859-5138

Guide Looking For Work
Individual with over thirty years experience in all aspects of
wilderness outfitting looking for position with reputable outfitter.
Currently attending the University of Montana, for the past five years
has majored in tourism at the University of Montana Western at Dillon,
Montana and Recreational Management at University of Montana Missoula,
Montana. Needs position where the "Practicum" requirements for
graduation can be perused. Willing to fulfill the needs of the
outfitter until the end of the season in late November.
Cell Phone (406)239-5647
Home Phone (406)793-5727

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