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          Welcome to the
     Maryland Master Gardener
       Annual Training Day
      May 26, 2010—UMCP                                                                     Master Gardener
• Keynote Speaker                                                                                                         Twelfth
• 33 Workshops to choose from
• Continental Breakfast                                                                              Annual Training
• Delicious Box Lunch
• Parking Included                                                                                        Day
• Tradeshow/Exhibits
• 500+ MGs from across the state                                                                        Wednesday, May 26, 2010
                                                                                                            8 am - 4:30 pm
             Registration Fee: $69
                                                                                                   Adele Stamp Student Union Building;
                                                       HOME AND GARDEN INFORMATION CENTER

           Use this brochure to:                                                                  Chemistry and Plant Sciences Buildings
                                                        UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND EXTENSION

                                                                                                   University of Maryland, College Park
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       • Order MG identity items
                                                              ELLICOTT CITY • MD 21042

                                                                                                   Registration Closes May 1, 2010
                                                               12005 HOMEWOOD RD.

• Registration must be received by 5/1/10.

• Go to
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        - online registration
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• If you need assistance to participate in this pro-
  gram, contact Robin Hessey at least 2 weeks prior
  to the program- 410-531-1754 (tel.); 410-531-                                             University of Maryland Extension programs are open to all citizens
                                                                                            without regard to race, color, gender, disability, religion, age, sexual
  5567 (fax);
                                                                                            orientation, marital or parental status, or national origin.
   Maryland Master Gardener Annual Training Day • Wednesday, May 26, 2010 • University of Maryland, College Park
7:45-8:30 AM       REGISTRATION                               tures, Frederick Co. MG. Learn the secrets to establishing      12:00- 1:00 PM LUNCH
                   REFRESHMENTS                               and maintaining a productive butterfly garden, design ideas     TRADESHOW /MARKETPLACE/ EXHIBITS
                   TRADE SHOW/EXHIBITS                        and proven tips for a beautiful and sustainable garden. (B-I)
                   Colony Ballroom, Stamp Student Union                                                                       1:15-2:45 PM      SESSION II
                                                              1F Going Green: Alternative Approaches and Products
8:30-8:55 AM      OPENING REMARKS
                                                              for Managing Pests in the Landscape - Michael J. Raupp,         2A Propagating Native Plants from Seed - Christopher
                  Colony Ballroom, Stamp Student Union
                                                              Ph.D., Professor and Ext. Specialist, Ornamental Hort.,         F. Puttock, Ph.D., Executive Director, Chesapeake Na-
• Dr. Cheng-i Wei, Dean & Director, UME
                                                              IPM; UMCP. Learn how to maximize your plant’s defenses          tives. We’ll discuss the fruits and seeds of local native
• Jon Traunfeld, Extension Specialist/State MG Coord.
                                                              and encourage natural enemies. Learn what chemicals can         plants as well as seed collection, cleaning, storage, and
8:55-9:15 AM       HGIC Players                               kill bad guys while minimizing harm to the good guys.           the tricks for good germination. Hands-on samples. (I)
9:15-10:15 AM       KEYNOTE ADDRESS
                   Colony Ballroom, Stamp Student Union       1G Stealth Invaders - Ellen Nibali, CPH, Horticulture           2B The Forgotten Annuals - Janet Draper, Horticultur-
“My Weedless Garden.” Lee Reich, Ph.D., farmdener,            Consultant, HGIC. How do invasive plants actually change        ist, Smithsonian Institution. What happened to growing
author, lecturer. Learn a novel “weedless gardening sys-      our environment—both overtly and covertly. Learn what           annuals from seed? Learn some basic and some uncom-
tem” that cares for the soil and results in fewer weeds.      they look like and techniques for getting rid of them. (B)      mon annuals and the easiest methods of growing them.

WORKSHOPS: When known, presentation level is indi-            1H Know Your Weeds - Scott Glenn, Ph.D., Associate              2C You Can Grow Home Again - Creating Commu-
cated: (B=Beginning) (I=Intermediate) (A=Advanced)            Professor, UMCP. Learn the secrets and importance of weed       nity Gardens with a Heritage - Michael Twitty, Afro-
                                                              identification as you practice weed ID on live samples. (All) Join Michael Twitty, a culinary historian
10:30-12 noon SESSION 1                                                                                                       and avid heirloom gardener, for discussion and dialogue
                                                              1J Tree Branch Anatomy - Richard Murray, Arborist,              about how to engage communities through ethnic or
1A Luscious Landscaping - With Fruit! - Lee Reich,            Shannon Tree and Landscaping, Inc. The design of branches       historical heritage gardens. (All)
Ph.D., author, lecturer, farmdener. Learn about beautiful     allowed trees to dominate the terrestrial world for 200
plants that bear luscious fruit and how to grow and use       million years. The attachment, a structural phenomenon, is      2D Preserving Your Garden’s Bounty - Lynn Little,
them to beautify your yard. (B-I)                             strong yet weak. Using samples, we’ll examine this funda-       Wash. Co. and Rebecca Davis, Mont. Co. - Ext. Educa-
                                                              mental aspect of the tree system, (Limit 25) (I)                tors, FCS. Learn which preservation technique is best for
1B Organic Weed Management in Vegetable Gardens                                                                               what foods, which foods preserve well, safe guideline,
- Laura Hunsberger, UME Educator, Agriculture. Weed           1K Tour of UMCP Arboretum & Botanical Garden -                  resources, and money-saving tips. (B)
management tactics for small scale vegetable gardens. (B)     Karen Petroff, Manager of Operations, Landscape Services
                                                              and Adjunct Professor, UMCP. Learn about the plants that        2E Rain Gardens - Grow with the Flow- Ann English,
1C Alternatives to Common, Overused, and Invasive             comprise the campus arboretum and botanical garden while        Rainscapes Program Planning Specialist, Mont. Co. How
Plants - Phil Normandy, Plant Collections Manager,            enjoying a stroll through the heart of campus. (Limit 25) (B)   rain gardens meet multiple garden goals ranging from
Brookside Gardens. Get creative in the garden! Learn                                                                          managing stormwater to providing beautiful habitats. (A)
about great plants that will serve as good substitutes for    1L Diagnosis of Common Landscape Diseases - Dave
invasives and other too-common plants. (B)                    Clement, Ph.D., Extension Specialist, Plant Pathology and       2F The Scale of the Problem - Stanton A. Gill, Ext.
                                                              Karen Rane, Ph.D., Director, Plant Diagnostic Lab, UMCP.        Specialist, IPM Nursery and Greenhouse, CMREC.
1D Effect of Cultivars on Native Plant Species -              Learn how to diagnose common landscape diseases and dif-        Scale insects go mostly unobserved, slowly sucking the
Michele R. Dudash, Ph.D., Evolutionary Ecologist, As-         ferentiate problems caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses.     life out of your plants. Improve your diagnostic skills as
sociate Professor, UMCP. How do cultivars effect the long     (Limit 25) (A) (Lab) (Repeated in 2K.)                          you learn how to recognize and stop them. (I)
term sustainability of native plant communities? Learn
about the fascinating implications current research has for   1M- Plant Diagnostic Walk- Mary Kary Malinoski,                 2G Woodland Management - Nevin Dawson, UME
conservation and restoration strategies. (A)                  Extension Specialist, Entomology; Debra Ricigliano, CPH,        Forest Stewardship Educator. Learn about basic forest
                                                              Horticultural Consultant, HGIC. We will walk and examine        and wildlife ecology principles, popular management
1E Butterflies and Native Plants- the Perfect Combina-        and diagnose insect, disease and abiotic landscape problems.    objectives (with examples) as well as common woodland
tion - Jim Gallion, Owner, Wildlife Gardening Adven-          (Limit 20) (I)                                                  pests and pathogens. (B)
                                                                                          Master Gardener Identity Items...Let’s Show Our Colors!
2H Growing Healthy Habits – A Youth Nutrition and
Gardening Curriculum - Lisa Lachenmayr, Acting                 We would like to increase awareness of the Maryland Master Gardener Program as a powerful and important and growing
Director, FSNE and Erin Braunscheidel, Special Projects        program, so we are offering goods and clothing that we can use to promote our program that will be consistent throughout
Coordinator, FSNE. Learn about Growing Healthy Habits          the state. Let’s wear our MG apparel at all MG events and activities and create a favorable image for the MG program.
(GHH), a new UME curriculum that uses growing food
as the teaching vehicle to link nutrition and gardening        FLEECE VEST                                                              GARDENING CAP
concepts in youth educational settings. (B)                    (Men’s and women’s sizes). Un-                                           Unconstructed crushed cotton
                                                               lined micro fleece. Super light-                                         twill, khaki. Embroidered MG
2J Bed Bug Essentials - What Everyone Should Know              weight, contrasting side panels,                                         logo; adjustable strap; one
- Richard D, Kramer, Ph.D., President, Innovative Pest         zippered pockets, shock cord                                             size fits all. Price: $13.
Management. Learn the behavior, habits and manage-             drawstring. Embroidered logo.
ment of bed bugs as well as the reasons for reoccurrence,      Sizes S, M, L, XL: Price $49;                                            GARDEN APRON
preventive measures, and how to identify infestations. (B)     (2X-$52; 3X-$54)                                                         100% cotton twill with stain
                                                               Women’s color: celery                                                    protection, 3 pockets. Measures
2K Diagnosis of Common Landscape Diseases - Dave               Men’s color: sagebrush                                                   22”w x 24”l .
Clement, Ph.D., Ext.Specialist, Plant Pathology and Kar-       DENIM SHIRTS                                                             Color: Hunter Green.
en Rane, Ph.D., Director, Plant Diagnostic Lab, UMCP.          Ultraclub, 100% cotton, classic                                          Price $18
Learn how to diagnose common landscape diseases and            denim blue shirt. Long-sleeved
differentiate problems caused by fungi, bacteria, and          with embroidered MG logo.
viruses. (Limit 25) (A) (Lab) (Repeat of 1L)                   Men’s shirt has pocket, wom-                                             GARDEN TOOL BAG
                                                               en’s does not. Light blue.                                               12”X9”X7-1/2”, 600 Denier
3:00-4:30 PM      SESSION III                                  Sizes S, M, L, XL: Price $28                                             Polyester with Carry Handle
                                                               (2X-$31, 3X-$33)                      (Women’s shirt; Man’s shirt has    and multiple side pockets
3A The Sustainable Sites Initiative - Nancy C. Somer-                                                    a pocket below logo.)          for tools. Embroidered Logo
ville, Executive VP and CEO, ASLA. The Sustainable             T-SHIRTS (Short Sleeved)                                                 Color: Gray w/ black trim
Sites Initiative, seeks to transform land development and      Heavy cotton Fruit of the                                                Price: $20.
management practices through the nation’s first voluntary      Loom 5.6 oz; screened logo.
guidelines and rating system for sustainable landscapes.       Coral or Black for MG logo;
This is the essential missing link in green design. (I)        Sand for Grow It Eat It              Logo on coral   Logo on black       WATER BOTTLE
                                                               Sizes S,M,L,XL,2X Price $13                                              25 Oz. Black Stainless Steel BPA Free
3B Landscaping with Conifers - Fran McClure, Land-             (3X – 5X in coral and black                                              Bottle - Composed of food grade 18/8
scape Designer, MG, Montgomery Co. Solve your land-            only - $15) Unisex sizes.                                                stainless steel. Easy to grip hourglass
scaping problems with these captivating year round easy-                                                                                shape. Wide mouth makes adding ice easy.
to-maintain evergreens. Conifers can provide screens,                                                                                   Black MG logo. Price: $11
focal points, 4-season interest, and cut energy costs. (I)      If you would like larger sizes than those listed, please
                                                                call Robin for availability and price. 410-531-1754                    Ordering Disclaimers:
3C Growing Vegetables in Containers: Thinking Inside                                                                                   1. We have limited ability to handle returned items. Please select
                                                                  Please refer to this chart when choosing shirt size
the Box - Cynthia Brown, Assistant Director at Green                                                                                      your size carefully using the sizing chart provided.
                                                                           S        M         L      XL      2XL
Spring Gardens. Containers—all sizes shapes and materi-                                                                                2. Order fulfillment based upon minimum order quantities being
                                                                 Womens 6-8        10-12 14-16 18-20 22-24
als. Learn what edibles to grow, unusual ways to grow                                                                                     met. If insufficient orders are received, you will be reimbursed
                                                                 Mens    34-36 38-40 41-43 44-46 48-50                                    for the amount of items not delivered.
them, and do it all with style! (B-I)

3D Ecology of Insects - Mark Hardin, IPM Specialist           • Tax is included in purchase price. Use order form below. All orders must be postmarked by 5/1/10.
Howard Co. Public Schools. Find out just how amazing          • Items can be picked up on Annual Training Day (5/26/10). You can order items even if you do not plan to attend event. Items not picked
insects are. We’ll learn how they fit into the environment,     up on site will be delivered to county/city extension offices.
their incredible diversity and importance as well as their    • See color pictures of above items by going to the Master Gardener website: Click on Annual Training Day.
                                                              • Any questions? Contact Robin Hessey at 410-531-1754;
ability to defend, communicate, see, taste and hear.
Fabulous live samples! (All)
                                                                          Master Gardener Annual Training Day Registration & Order Form
                                                                       Registration must be postmarked by 5/1/10. **No Refunds after May 15, 2010**
3E Gardening for Pollinators - Alonso Abugattas,                      Please include fee of $69.00 if postmarked by May 1; $79 if postmarked after May 1.
Director (Acting), Long Branch Nature Center. Pollina-
tors are important, and they are in trouble. Find out how    Space is limited. Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Parking, morning refreshments, lunch with a drink is included . You
to make your garden more attractive to pollinators, and      will receive a campus map and confirmation letter in mid-May giving you information on which classes you have been assigned and where to park.
how to a have positive conservation impact. (B-I)
                                                                   REGISTER ONLINE! Go to and click on Annual Training Day 2010
3F Using Plants to Improve Building Performance
- Michael Furbish, President, Furbish Co. Learn about
                                                                                                                                Registration Form
ecosystem service that plants offer and how we can de-
                                                             Would you prefer: rregular lunch                  rvegetarian lunch                 Please list your first, second and third choices for each ses-
ploy them to improve building performance. Examples:
green roofs, living retaining walls, interior biofilters.                                                                                        sion using letter codes (2A, 3B etc.)
                                                                                                                                                 Confirmation of your choices will be sent by mail.
3G Garden Writing - Nancy Taylor Robson, Writer,             Address:__________________________________________                                                1st Choice   2nd       3rd
Queen Anne’s Co. MG. Hone your garden writing skills
as we discuss format, focus, and philosophy of garden                                                                                            Session #1
                                                             _________________________________________________                                   ____________________________________________
writing. Learn how to grab attention and deliver a clear
message. Feel free to bring in your own work. (B)                                                                                                Session #2
                                                             County: ___________Phone __________________________                                 ____________________________________________

3H 1001 Worms: A Vermicomposting Primer, Susan                                                                                                   Session #3
                                                             Email:___________________________________________                                   ____________________________________________
Levi-Goerlich, Howard Co. MG. Transform your
kitchen waste into a valuable soil amendment. In this        Sales tax is included in purchase price.                  Order & Payment Form                                    All orders must be postmarked by 5/1/10.
hands-on class expore the basics of setting up, maintain-      Item                                                             Quantity        Size        Amt. Enclosed   To pay by credit card:
ing and harvesting an indoor worm composting bin. (B)                                                                                                                       Check one:
                                                               Annual Training Day Registration Fee (before 5/1/10)                                         $69.00          Visa___     MC__       Discover__
                                                                 Fee for registrations mailed after 5/1 - Add $10.00
3J Ethnic Gardening: Growing and Using Tradi-
tional Asian/Indian Vegetable Crops. Jon Traunfeld,            Fleece Vests         S,M,L,XL- $49                                                                           _____________________________
                                                               Men’s - Sagebrush 2X-$52 3X-$54                                                                              Your Name (as it appears on card)
Ext. Specialist in Fruits and Vegetables; Center Director,
HGIC; State MG Coordinator. Let us introduce you to            Fleece Vests                S,M,L,XL- $49                                                                    ______________________________
vegetable crops grown in Maryland by natives of vari-          Women’s- Celery             2X-$52 3X-$54                                                                    Credit Card Number
ous Asian countries. Learn how to identify, grow, har-         Denim Shirt                 S,M,L,XL- $28
vest and store 10-15 specific crops. Recipe’s too! (B-I)       (with pocket) - Men         2X-$31; 3X-$33                                                                   _____________          _______________
                                                                                                                                                                             Security Code         Expiration Date
                                                               Denim Shirt                 S,M,L,XL- $28
3K Social Media - It’s not as scary as you think! - Ria
                                                               (no pocket) - Women         2X- $31, 3X-$33
Malloy, Business Manager, HGIC; Lynn Jacobson, Web-
master, HGIC. Learn about Facebook, Twitter, Blogging          MG Logo T-shirt             S,M,L,XL,2X- $13             Coral
and how to use them to connect with other gardeners            Coral or Black              3X- 5X- $15                  Black
                                                                                                                                                                            To pay by check:
and the public. Hands-on class in a computer lab. (B)          GIEI T-shirt - Sand         S,M,L,XL,2X- $13                                                                 Make all checks payable to the
                                                                                                                                                                            University of Maryland.
                                                               Garden Cap (MG logo) one size - $13.00                                          one size
3L Getting to Know Bugs Up-Close and Personal -
                                                               Apron -Hunter Grn. one size - $18.00                                            one size                     Please mail form & payment to:
Stanton Gill, Extension Specialist, IPM for Nursery and
                                                               Tool Bag                    one size - $20.00                                                                MG ATD • 12005 Homewood Road
Greenhouses, CMREC. Improve your insect identifica-                                                                                            one size
                                                                                                                                                                            Ellicott City, MD 21042
tion and diagnostic skills using dissecting microscopes.       Water Bottle                one size - $11.00                                   one size
                                                                                                                                                                            Or fax with credit card info to:
Delight in flipping over scale covers, searching for
larvae, insects, mites and other hidden surprises. (Limit
                                                                                                                                     Total Enclosed:                        Questions? Call Robin at 410-531-1754
25) (Hands-on Lab) (I-A)