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 Invitation for Preliminary Proposal

2006-2009 Dance “Three-year Grant”


                      2006-2009 Dance “Three-year Grant”

                              Application Guidelines


(1)          Preamble                                                3

(2)          Application Procedure & Deadline                        3

(3)          Artistic Objectives and Plan of the Three-year Grant    4

(4)          Corporate, Artistic and Management Structure of the     4
             Three-year Grant Recipient

(5)          Funding Level                                           5

(6)          Conditions of Grant                                     6

(7)          Application Assessment Procedure                        6

(8)          Grant Monitoring                                        6

(9)          Freeze Policy                                           7

(10)         Prevention of Bribery Ordinance                         7

(11)         Treatment / Inquiry of Personal Data                    7

(12)         Review Procedure                                        8

(13)         Enquiries                                               8

Attachments Application Form                                         9
            Appendix 1 to the Application Form                       10


1.      Preamble

1.1     The Hong Kong Arts Development Council (hereinafter as HKADC) first introduced the
        Three-year Grant in 1998. The objective is to provide support for the long-term
        development of a number of distinguished professional arts organisations in Hong Kong,
        with the view to enhance artistic standard.

1.2     The HKADC invites qualified ballet companies and contemporary dance companies to
        submit proposals to compete for 2006-2009 Dance Three-year Grant. The grant period
        is from 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2009.

2.      Application Procedure & Deadline

2.1     For applicants who currently are not recipients of the Three-year Grant:

2.1.1   Applicants who currently are not recipients of the Three-year Grant must complete and
        submit the “Application Form for Preliminary Proposal” (attached at page 9 of this
        Invitation) with the required information in Appendix 1 of the Application Form (attached
        at page 10 of this Invitation). Applications, marked with “2006-2009 Dance Three-year
        Grant” on the envelope, must be deposited in the collection box at HKADC
        Administration Office (22/F, 181 Queen‟s Road Central, Hong Kong) by 6:30pm on 19
        July 2005 (Tuesday). Applications submitted by post will only be accepted if
        postmarked no later than the deadline. Late applications or applications via fax, e-mail
        or other digital form, or which do not fully meet and comply with the conditions of this
        Invitation, shall not be accepted or processed by the HKADC. Application forms are
        now available at the HKADC Administration Office or can be downloaded from
        HKADC‟s website (

2.1.2   Notes on application submission:
        a. Please ensure that:
                the application has been signed by the head of the organisation, with the official
                 chop affixed
                the application and its supporting documents have been photocopied and
                 retained by the applicant
        b. If the information supplied on the application is insufficient, or the requisite
            supporting documents are missing, the HKADC reserves the right not to process the

2.1.3   HKADC hopes to inform all applicants by September 2005 whether they have been
        short-listed for Final Assessment. Tentatively, no more than two Preliminary Proposals
        will be short-listed for Final Assessment. The HKADC reserves the right and absolute
        discretion not to shortlist any Preliminary Proposal for Final Assessment.

2.1.4   The Preliminary Proposal will be assessed based on (but not limited to) the following:

        Strategic Effectiveness    Artistic objectives and strategies which have profound and
        &                           positive influence on arts development
        Track Record               Distinguished achievement and track record
                                   Practical and feasible three-year plan
                                   Reasonable allocation of resources
        Operation                  Solid corporate governance
                                   Effective administrative support
                                   Good planning and sound financial management

2.1.5   Short-listed applicants will be required to submit more detailed information.

2.2     Current Three-year Grant Recipients

        Current Three-year Grant recipients will automatically be short-listed for Final

2.3     The HKADC reserves the right to amend or to supplement this Invitation at any time
        without further notice.

3.      Artistic Objectives and Plan of the Three-year Grant Recipient

3.1     Demonstrate a clear and long-term development direction, and support artistic pluralism
        and creativity.

3.2     Active in dance performance, outstanding artistic achievement / track record and artistic

3.3     Artistic director has vision, clear goals, distinguished skills, excellent track record and
        demonstrated creativity, and is prepared to commit enough time for the dance company.

3.4     Develop works/activities that can strengthen local/regional dance art, and broaden the
        perspectives of local dance artists and audiences.

3.5     Create an environment conducive to attracting high calibre talents to join (including local
        choreographers, dancers, and arts administrators), allowing both the dance company and
        the individual to develop.

3.6     The dance company can decide on its own artistic style, choice of programme and scale of
        operation. Its productions should be creative, attractive and mostly public performances,
        and be able to attract audiences and nurture loyal supporters. The dance company should
        also build new audiences/participants and promote the appreciation of dance through
        education and outreach programmes.

3.7     Create a reputation that will attract not only overseas invitations for regional and
        international touring, but also international dancers and choreographers for collaboration
        and exchange.

3.8     Has the ability and flexibility to perform at a variety of venues, including various theatres,
        school halls, community halls, etc.

3.9     Be well organized and demonstrate ability in business and marketing planning, so as to
        achieve the required artistic objectives and plans.

4.      Company, Artistic and Management Structure of the Three-year Grant Recipient

4.1     Companies selected must be registered Charitable Organizations and non-profit-making
        limited companies.

4.2     The Board comprises of no less than five members, and the term of directors does not
        exceed six consecutive years.

4.3     Broad meetings are held at least once every 4 months, and the quorum for decision
        making is no less than 50%.

4.4    Membership is open to the public.

4.5    Paid staff are not allowed to join the Board as Director or as an official member of any
       kind of management committee. That is, paid staff has no voting rights on the Board, at
       the Annual General Meeting, or on any sub-committee or in any monitoring system set up
       by the Board.

4.6    The Board must establish policies and regulations to prevent conflict of interest, and to
       ensure that decisions made are free from any conflict of interest.

4.7    A strong, dedicated, influential Board of Directors with broad experience in company
       governance. Under its leadership, the dance company is able to raise funds, other than
       HKADC support, from multiple sources.

4.8    The Artistic Director (or equivalent post holder) is responsible for all artistic matters
       (including artistic direction, programming and monitoring of artistic staff) and report
       directly to the Board.

4.9    Dancers should be employed on fixed term contracts (40-50 dancers for ballet company,
       15-20 dancers for contemporary dance company). The recruitment policy should offer
       priority to local dancers when candidates are of comparable standard. There should be
       regular review/assessment to ensure that the standard of the individual dancer lives up to

4.10   The company should maintain connection with qualified freelance dancers to augment the
       dance company when necessary.

4.11   The Administration/General Manager (or equivalent post holder) is responsible for all
       administrative matters and reports directly to the Board. He/she should work closely
       with the Artistic Director and the Board, and be supported by a team of highly skilled
       administrative and technical staff, including at least one staff with professional
       qualifications in accountancy to assist in such matters.

5.     Funding Level

5.1    The company is expected to derive its income from multiple sources, e.g. box office
       income, performance fees, tuition fees, tutor fees, advertising revenue, donation and

5.2    Due to resource constraints, HKADC expects that only two companies can be supported
       by the dance Three-year Grant.

5.3    The amount of grant awarded will mainly depend on HKADC‟s financial position.
       Other considerations include the company‟s track record, development direction,
       programmes and financial situation.

5.4    Successful companies may not apply to any other HKADC grant schemes during the
       Grant Period, unless exception has been specified in the Invitation for Proposals or
       Eligibility Criteria of the particular grant scheme.

5.5    If the Three-year Grant recipient‟s total income exceeds total expenditure at the
       conclusion of the Grant Period, HKADC reserves the right to demand the company to
       refund the surplus. However, to encourage the company to raise funds from multiple
       sources, it may automatically retain a surplus not exceeding 25% of the total expenditure
       of the Grant Year. Also, in the calculation of surplus, cash donation or sponsorship
      obtained from non-public sources will not be treated as income. Any surplus the
      Three-year Grant recipient is allowed to retain must be spent on company activities
      conducive to arts development.

5.6   If the company foresees any major deviation from the programme of activities stated in
      the Agreement, it must provide prior explanations to HKADC. HKADC reserves the right
      to demand full or partial refund of the grant if it does not accept the company‟s

6.    Conditions of Grant

      Companies selected to receive the Three-year Grant will be notified by the HKADC and
      be required to sign an Agreement, which lays down the conditions of grant and
      incorporates this Invitation for Proposals and the content of the application submitted by
      the company.

7.    Application Assessment Procedure

7.1   Assessment of applications will be carried out by HKADC and/or an assessment panel set
      up by HKADC.

7.2   If required, HKADC and/or the assessment panel may need to interview the Chairman/
      Directors/ staff of the company and other experts in the field.

7.3   Tentatively, assessment results are expected to be announced in early 2006, subject always
      to HKADC‟s right to postpone announcement.

8.    Grant Monitoring

8.1   One Council member and one staff member will be appointed by HKADC as its
      representatives to observe the Grantee‟s Board meetings.

8.2   Seven days before any Board meeting, the Grantee should submit notice, agenda and
      discussion papers of the meeting to HKADC. After the meeting, a copy of the minutes
      confirmed by the chairman should also be submitted to HKADC.

8.3   The Grantee should submit a list of the month‟s programmes/ activities to HKADC.

8.4   Assessors will be appointed by HKADC to review the Grantee‟s key performances and

8.5   The Grantee should submit an interim report seven months into the Grant Period. The
      report should summarise the progress of programmes/ activities held during the first six
      months of the Grant Period.

8.6   The Grantee should submit a year-end report within one month after the end of the Grant
      Period. The report should summarise the outcome of each programme/ activity carried out
      during the year, and should include quantitative data (such as the actual number of
      participants) and a financial report on the grant year.

8.7   The Grantee should submit its Audited Accounts and Annual Report within six months
      after the end of the Grant Period.

8.8   The Grantee should submit the proposed plan and budget for the following year six
      months prior to the 2 nd Grant Year (2007/2008) and 3 rd Grant Year (2008/2009).
       HKADC will decide on the grant amount taking into consideration the amount of
       resources allocated to HKADC by the Government for the year, as well as the budget
       needs of the Grantee.

9.     Freeze Policy

       If the applicant or the person(s) occupying the post of chairman, artistic director or head
       of administration (or equivalent post-holder) if the company is on the HKADC freeze list,
       the company‟s application for Three-year Grant will not be accepted for processing.

10.    Prevention of Bribery Ordinance

10.1   HKADC is a „public body‟ under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance Cap 201. All
       HKADC members, HKADC art advisors, Examiners/Assessors and staff must abide by
       the regulations related to the acceptance of advantages.

10.2   Under Chapter 201 Section 4 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, the offering of any
       advantage to, or the soliciting or acceptance of any advantage by HKADC members, art
       advisors, Examiners/Assessors and staff is strictly prohibited. Arts organisations should
       be aware of, and require their boards and employees to follow, the relevant regulations
       and without limitation, the HKADC Guidelines on “Board Members Accepting Fees”.

11.    Treatment / Inquiry of Personal Data

       Treatment of Personal Data

11.1   According to paragraph 2.3.3 of the Code of Practice on the Identity Card Number and
       Other Personal Identifiers issued by the Personal Data Privacy Commissioner (“The
       Code”), HKADC may collect the ID card number of the authorised signatory of the
       grantee to verify the granted party‟s identity and/or to identify grants related to the

11.2   Personal data contained in the application documents are used by HKADC to facilitate the
       processing and assessment of grant applications. Failure to provide such data may affect
       the assessment and result of the application.

11.3   If there is any amendment to the personal data on the application documents, the applicant
       should inform HKADC in writing to ensure that the personal data held by HKADC is
       correct at all times. To help promote arts development and be transparent, HKADC may
       publish information concerning successful grant applications in its annual report, website,
       newsletter and other publicity material; HKADC may also use such information for its
       own research or policy development purposes. The applicant must agree to allow
       HKADC to publish and use such information. The applicant may notify HKADC in
       writing if it does not wish to receive any publicity material from HKADC or related

11.4   To facilitate the process of grant assessment, the applicant must allow HKADC to reveal
       personal data contained in the application to HKADC members, advisors,
       Examiners/Assessors, the Home Affairs Bureau, other Government departments, and any
       other persons involved in the assessment of the applications.

11.5   Successful applicants will be assessed by HKADC members, Examiners/Assessors or
       consultants. The applicant must accept that the contents of such reports will be disclosed
       to the public.

     11.6        HKADC will not release information that would harm the applicant‟s personal or business

                 Inquiry of Personal Data

     11.7        According to paragraphs 18, 22 and point 6 in annex 1 of the Code, the applicant has the
                 right to know if HKADC holds personal data related to oneself and to the participants of
                 the project, and may obtain a copy of the data from HKADC and to amend any inaccurate
                 information contained. Such requests in writing should be addressed to the Chief
                 Executive, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 22/F, 181 Queen‟s Road Central, Hong

     12.         Review Procedure

     12.1        The decision of HKADC is final. However, HKADC reserves the exclusive discretion to
                 decide whether or not to entertain any query from any unsuccessful applicant about the
                 decision of the selection panel. Such queries, to be reviewed by an independent committee
                 assigned by HKADC, must be made in writing (by completing a standard form obtainable
                 from the HKADC) and submitted within one month from result notification.

     12.2        Queries about artistic appraisal and judgement will not be entertained. The independent
                 committee will review cases only on grounds of improper processing procedures and/or
                 rejection of proposal due to the decision being based on inaccurate information. The
                 unsuccessful applicant may make such claims only if it can be substantiated with concrete

                 Mediation And Domestic Arbitration
     12.3        Any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with this Invitation shall first be
                 referred to mediation at Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and in
                 accordance with its Mediation Rules. If the mediation is abandoned by the mediator or
                 is otherwise concluded without the dispute or difference being resolved, then such dispute
                 or difference shall be referred to and determined by arbitration at the HKIAC and in
                 accordance with its Domestic Arbitration Rules.

     13.         Enquiries

                 For enquiries, please call Ms Susanna Lui at 2820 1059.

                The Hong Kong Arts Development Council reserves the right, in its absolute
               discretion, not to accept any proposal submitted in response to this Invitation.
              The HKADC also reserves the right to amend or to supplement or to cancel this
                                 Invitation at any time without further notice.

7 June 2005
Hong Kong Arts Development Council

[In case of discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.]


                          初選申請表格 Application Form for Preliminary Proposal

                              香 港 藝 術 發 展 局                   Hong Kong Arts Development Council

                                   邀請提交初選計劃書 Invitation for Preliminary Proposal
                                    2006-2009 舞蹈「三年資助」Dance Three-year Grant


Name of Applicant: _________________________________________                          _____________________________
                              英文 (English)                                                   中文 (Chinese)
Office address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Registered address(if different from above) :
Legal status of organisation: __________________________________________________________________
Amount of grant sought:_________________(2006/07)_______________(2007/08)______________(2008/09)
Name & title of contact person(s): _____________________________________________________________
Contact telephone no. & fax no.: ______________________________________________________________


(a)   我們現確認本申請乃是在收悉藝發局於 2005 年 6 月 7 日所發出的《邀請提交 2006-2009「三年資助」初選計劃書》後而作出的
      We hereby confirm that this Application is made in response to the Invitation for Preliminary Proposal for 2006-2009 Three-year Grant
      issued by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council on the 7th day of June, 2005 and subject to the Application Conditions therein and
      received by us and which we have read and fully understand and agree as of set out herein.

(b)   我們特此聲明及保證,申請表上所有資料全部屬實。如有更改,須事先獲藝發局書面同意。
      We declare that all information given in this application form and attached documents are true and correct to the best of our knowledge
      and will not be amended without the written approval of the HKADC.

(c)   (如適用)我們列出所有參與本申請的藝發局委員、藝術顧問、審批員及職員姓名: ___________________________
      We hereby list out all (if any) current ADC Member(s), Arts Advisor(s), Examiner(s) and staff who will be involved in this application:

團體蓋章                                申請團體董事局主席簽署                                               :
Official Chop                       Signature of Chair-person of Applicant
                                    申請團體董事局主席姓名                                               :
                                    Name of Chair-person of Applicant

                  申請團體最高行政人員簽署                                    :
                  Signature of Highest Administration Post-holder
                  申請團體最高行政人員姓名                                    :
                  Name of Highest Administration Post-holder
                  日期                                              :

                                             Appendix 1 to Application Form for Preliminary Proposal

                    Hong Kong Arts Development Council

                   2006-2009 “Three-year Grant” Preliminary Proposal
                            Appendix 1 to the Application Form
     (Only applicable to applicants who currently are not Three-year Grant recipients)

Information to be included in the Preliminary Proposal:

[Deadline for Submission: 6:30pm on 19 July 2005 (Tuesday)

1.           Completed application form for Preliminary Proposal

2.           Brief introduction to the company, eg. background and history, structure and

3.           Objectives, mission statement and marketing strategy

4.           List of Board members and staff

5.           Outline of the annual* programme for the three years between 2006 and 2009

6.           Outline of the annual* budget for the three years between 2006 and 2009 (the
             following categorization can be used as reference)

                Salary (for each department and rank)
                Production cost
                Marketing and promotion
                Office / Administrative expenses
                Other expenses
                Box office income
                Performance fees for programmes presented / sponsored by Leisure and
                 Cultural Services Department
                Income from hired engagements by other government departments
                Fund-raising, sponsorship / donation from commercial / private sources
                Other income (e.g. tuition fees)

7.           2003/04 Audited Accounts (if any)

8.           Achievement of previous major performances / activities (e.g. self-evaluation,

           data analysis, reviews)

9.         Proof of status as non-profit making limited company, copy of Memorandum
           and Articles of Association, company constitution, list of key members, copy
           of business registration certificate / proof of charitable status (if any)

Remarks: * each year starts on 1 April and ends on 31 March the following year


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