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User-defined Campaign types, sub-types, families and categories?
Ability to forecast Campaign benchmarks such as anticipated response, CPM (cost per thousand), revenue and ROI goals?
Ability to budget campaign financial results in advance (and thereby select the best campaign(s) for implementation)?
Ability to plan and schedule campaigns with tasks, resource assignments, start dates, end dates, priorities and reminders?
Ability to keep a running log of notes regarding the events and results of each campaign?
Target Marketing
Ability to define specific target markets for lists campaign (e.g. or complex queries?
Ability to generate precise campaign target each based on simplesmall business, middle market organizations, wholesale
companies, etc.)?
Ability to define specific target positions for campaign distributions (e.g. CEO, CFO, VP of Sales, HR and productDirectors)?
Ability to define which products or solutions are being promoted for each campaign and track individual Payroll promotion
Ability to 'freeze' the target population once the campaign commences (so that campaign statistics remain relevant)?
Ability to measure effectiveness of procured (third party) target lists?
Marketing Distributions
Ability to schedule multiple distribution events for a campaign (e.g. nurture marketing campaigns, drip marketing
Ability to send FAX broadcast distributions to defined target populations?
Ability to shoot off e-mail broadcast distributions to defined target populations?
E-mail distributions may include attachments?
E-mail distributions may be richly formatted HTML messages?
E-mail receipts, non-deliverables, opt-out requests and other statistics are reported?
Ability to mail merge a target population with a MS Word template?
Individual contacts can be designated not to receive campaign distributions?
Campaign distributions automatically update each account for complete account history and audit trail?
Ability to create multiple types of standard or custom mailing labels?
Marketing Automation
The ability to document and integrate your marketing processes and best practices?
Scheduled or recurring e-mail and event-activated alert automatically performed by the
Ability to create date sensitive or fax distributions can be notifications for each Campaign?system at specified dates and
E-mail templates can be used to send personalized e-mails to individual contacts based on activity or inactivity?
Alert notifications can be forwarded in the event campaign performance falls below or exceeds thresholds?
Web site marketing leads are automatically imported to the CRM system and assigned to a resource?
System can auto-fax, auto-email or create printed hardcopy letters from templates by clicking a button?
System can e-mail broadcasts to user-defined groups of accounts?
Reporting & Analysis
Campaign analysis for each campaign which includes account response rates, contact response rates, opportunity
conversion rates, forecast conversion rates, realized CPM and hard dollar values for realized sale opportunities, realized
Ability to drill-down on the campaign effectiveness figures to see the actual accounts, sale opportunities and closed deals
that comprise the figures?
System calculates gross margin, net contribution, ROI (return on investment) and IRR (internal rate of return) figures for
each campaign?
Campaign financial results presented in P&L (Profit and Loss) format; including budgeted performance, actual
Ability to track both number of accounts (i.e. explanations?contacts (individuals within entities) targeted and whom
performance, variance and variance analysis entities) and
Lead management capability to view the dates and times of all campaign lead receipts, the resources assigned to all leads,
the turnaround time consumed to first follow-up and the number of follow-ups made to each lead?
Ability to track all campaign activity and history in a single location by date, user, activity type, priority, status and more?
Campaign analysis reporting (e.g. data warehouse with OLAP (online analytical processing)) for slicing and dicing
campaign performance and results across multiple measures and dimensions?
Marketing reports offer searching, ‘drill-through’, ‘drill-down’ and one-click export to Excel, PDF, web pages, XML or CSV?
Marketing dashboard to show real-time campaign key performance indicators?
Includes a report writer for modifying marketing reports or creating new reports from scratch?
Call Scripts
Customizable call scripts for use by telesales, telemarketing or sales staff?
Ability to script openings, narratives, questions & answers and closing remarks?
Ability to limit answers to aquestion with as-needed additional information in the event specific questions are posed during
Ability to supplement each list of pre-defined values for selected questions?
the call?
Call scripts record the answers to posed questions for future reference?
Call conversations can be timed and call results can be identified?
Call script results are captured and integrated with each account's activity and history?
Marketing Encyclopedia
Centralized knowledge repository for sharing electronic files and documents (e.g. brochures, marketing collaterals, case
studies, powerpoints, etc.)?
User-defined security permissions for centralized collaterals?
Check-in / check-out document management?
Complete historical audit trail of document usage?
System Administration
In order to reduce learning curves and increase consistent performance, users can create marketing related policies,
procedures and best practices within richly formatted Web pages and position them at specific pages in the CRM system?
Non-technical users can create online knowledge-bases in order to reduce the repeated answering of FAQs by providing
the right answers in an on-demand fashion?
Able to globally secure all campaigns by campaign owner, user or role?
Able to over-ride global security settings and apply campaign specific security for any individual campaign?
Able to view a historical audit trail which displays all changes made to a campaign, including the user who made each
change and the date, time and exact fields that were changed?
Vendor provides a simple (non-technical) import wizard for importing campaign lists?
The user is able to create or use import templates for recurring campaign list imports?
Vendor provides a Mass Modify tool to make specific or global edits to data (e.g. reassign a series of campaigns from one
person to another person)?
Duplicate accounts can be automatically merged into a single account?
A non-technical user is able to customize tables throughout the system in order to user-define desired columns, column
order and column headings - by user or role?
A non-technical user is able to customize Web page forms without any technical syntax or programming knowledge?
A non-technical user is able to modify, add to or remove menu items throughout the system for individual users or roles
(in order to remove features and functions with don't apply to select users or roles)?
A non-technical user is able to define user profiles - CRM application CRM home Web-based applications? capacities and
The system administrator can link or integrate the such as default with other page, maximum file size
password rules?

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