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					                                                    South Dakota Master Gardener Log Sheet
                                   (Enter hours in appropriate column, see definition sheet of categories for assistance)
    Name:                                                                                      Email:
   Phone:                                                                                     County:

                                                                                           Length of Time (Hrs)
   Date                                                                                                   Your Own
                Brief Description (including location) of                      Educational Support        Continuing                Number of
                          Project or Activity                                   Outreach   Activities     Education     Other        Contacts   Mileage*

                                                                                         0            0            0            0           0          0

* Keep track of mileage for your own tax records. Check with IRS for deduction rates. (See below for guidelines on what counts towards your 50 hrs.
payback.) Keep a copy of this sheet for your own records. Please turn these sheets into your local Cooperative Extension Office by November 1.
Examples of Educational Outreach or support activities:
Taught a workshop or class                                                Local MG meetings: Count 1 hr. per mtg, not to exceed 10 hrs./year.
Demonstration Garden planning, planting & maintenance                       (Exception: If you are planning or presenting at meetings, count the full time,
Preparation and Presentation Time                                         including prep time)
Writing newspaper articles or newsletters
Radio or Television Spots or Interviews                                   Booth at seminars promoting the Master Gardener Program
Extension office calls/ contacts                                          Preparation and planning for Annual State Convention
Telephone calls at home to answer questions                               Garden Tours for promoting gardening, horticulture, flowers etc.
Writing articles for newsletters, or handouts for a talk

Your Own Continuing Education                                             Number of Contacts
Remember, this does not count as volunteer payback                        Newspaper article, television or radio: list the number or viewers or readers.
Attending tree care workshops                                             Each newspaper can tell you an average number.
Attending programs or seminars at state meeting                           Garden Fairs, seminars etc: . use an attendance sheet
Attending regional workshops                                              Conventions: Check with event coordinators. Booths or
Educational meetings or seminars put on by Extension                      educational displays can be averaged from attendance.


The following are some examples of activities that qualify if you find a way to make them educational:
Helping pruning shrubs or trees at church, neighbor - if you explain what you are doing and why to those you are helping or working with
Planting flower beds for city parks, flower planting along streets, beautification program - if you also label varieties or make a handout
talking about the varieties, ways to care for flower beds, or some other way to share your knowledge (not just your sweat!)
Helping plant trees at school, park or someone's yard - again, if you are teaching others how to plant or care for them, or they will be used for education
(as in an arboretum)

TRAVEL TIME: You may count no more than 10 hrs. travel time towards your 50 hrs payback
         After you have fulfilled your 50 hrs., report all travel time