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					Administrative Office of The Courts

           Washington State
    Case Management System
     Mandatory Requirements

                    APPENDIX D

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Washington State Government - AOC Confidential                                                                                        Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements
RFP Response Sheet - Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements
Bidders must choose the appropriate selection from the drop-down list in the Response column and provide the detailed explanation in the Detailed Response column. Explanations
for the Response choices are listed in the table below.
       Supported (SUP) Supported as delivered “out of the box.” Provide screen examples, list of steps, or customer documentation.
                  Indicate if a separate module.
     Configurable (CFG) Supported via customer controlled configuration files or configuration functions provided with the base
                  application. Provide screen examples, list of steps, or customer documentation.
        3rd Party (3rd) Supported via a third party solution. If supported by a third party, describe how and by whom.
          Custom (CST) Supported via customization (a vendor change to the basic application which will be supported in future
                  releases). Provide an estimate of the complexity of the change (major, medium, minor).
           Future (FUT) Will be supported in a future release. If supported in a future release, describe when.
   Not Supported (NS) Not supported.
Category          Question                                                               Response                                      Detailed Response
Core Requirements
General           Notes. Can a user associate notes with a docket, case,               Select…
                  proceeding, calendar, financial transaction?
                  Notes. Can judicial officers and others create secure notes on a Select…
                  calendar, docket, person, and other case/person record entries
                  which are only viewable by themselves or a selected list of users
                  or roles?

Case               Case Type, Review Type, and Referral Type. Are screens               Select…
                   configurable by case type, review type, and referral type to
                   display and collect information relevant to that type? Case types
                   include: criminal, civil, small claims, domestic relations, probate,
                   mental illness, juvenile dependency, juvenile offender, truancy,
                   at-risk-youth, juvenile referrals, infractions, parking. Appellate
                   review types include: appeal of a trial court case, discretionary
                   review of a lower court case, personal restraint petition, petition
                   for sentence review, judge and attorney disciplinary actions,
                   attorney admissions, federal court certifications, death penalty
                   review, and motions against the state.
                   Case Type Based on Charges/Violations. Can the system              Select…
                   automatically generate the case type based on the charge?

                   Case Type Based on Charges/Violations. Can the system              Select…
                   automatically trigger business processes (e.g., schedule a
                   hearing, prevent forfeiture of bail) based on the charges or
                   violations entered?
                   Case Type Change. Does the system permit the changing of           Select…
                   case type at any time during the case lifecycle (e.g., a
                   dependency changes to a guardianship, then to a termination,
                   then child is adopted; a guardianship turns into a probate; a
                   divorce decree could have multiple modification actions)?
                   Case Number. Can the system handle multiple formats for case Select…
                   numbers? Currently, there are different formats for each court
                   level, and multiple formats for a single court level.

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Washington State Government - AOC Confidential                                                  Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements
                 Related Cases. Can groups of two or more related cases be          Select…
                 created, maintained, and the grouping identified throughout the
                 application? Relationships include: consolidation, linking,
                 associating a trial court case with an appellate case, associating
                 a court of appeal case with a supreme court case, transfer of a
                 case from one court to another, case type changes, and
                 associating juvenile referrals with legal cases.

                 Related Cases. Can docket information automatically                  Select…
                 propagate between related cases?
                 Case Activity Transfer. Are there facilities for transferring all or Select…
                 selected case activity and person information from one case to
                 another when transferring a case from one jurisdiction to another
                 with a means to identify transferred versus new information?
                 External Identifiers. Can a case be associated with unlimited Select…
                 external identifiers (e.g., citation number, booking number, arrest-
                 based identifier, federal case number)?
                 Case Search. Does the system provide for looking up and              Select…
                 retrieving cases by identifying specific case or party identifiers
                 (e.g., party names, attorney names, case numbers, court type,
                 filing date range, vehicle information, warrant numbers, warrant
                 issue date, no contact order #, Jail person Identifier, etc.)?

                 Case Flags or Alerts. Is a facility provided to display case         Select…
                 alerts (e.g., outstanding warrant, failure to appear, domestic
                 violence alerts, accelerated or sealed cases) prominently and
                 prevent conflicting action based on rules?
                 Skeletal Case Tracking. Can the system initiate a case with          Select…
                 skeletal/minimal information and track these cases for
                 completion (e.g., add a case when documents are received even
                 though the actual case filing documents have not been received
                 or screened)? What is the minimum information required to
                 initiate a case?
                 Batch Case Initiation and Maintenance. Does the system               Select…
                 accommodate both batch and single entry during the case
                 initiation and maintenance process (e.g., allow user to select
                 multiple cases and update all with like information)?
                 Court Official Assignment. Is there an option for multiple court     Select…
                 officials such as judges or case managers to be assigned to a
                 case based on pre-defined rules (e.g., retain/display primary
                 judicial officer with option for additional officers and begin and
                 end dates and reason for all)?
                 Problem Solving Cases. Can the system assign a case to a             Select…
                 problem solving court (specialty court, e.g., drug court, mental
                 health court, family court, etc.) and report on problem solving
                 court cases?
                 Case Records Destruction/Deletion. Is there a facility for           Select…
                 regulating automatic destruction/deletion of electronic case data
                 based on state rules?

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Washington State Government - AOC Confidential                                                    Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements

Person and       Person-centric. Can the system create and maintain a                   Select…
Participant      searchable and updatable collection of person records that
                 uniquely identifies each person record and allows that record to
                 be associated with one or many cases or orders?
                 Person Types. Can the system differentiate between well-               Select…
                 identified and non well-identified parties?
                 Contact Information. Does the system allow multiple                    Select…
                 addresses, telephone numbers, driver's licenses, and email
                 addresses to be associated with a person, allow the recording of
                 the source of the information (e.g., the address was obtained
                 from the Department of Licensing, or which court entered the
                 address), maintain a history of changes, and allow selection of
                 any specific item from the list?
                 Name Change. Can the system maintain an audit trail of person          Select…
                 name changes?
                 Confidential Person Information. Is it possible to make                Select…
                 specific information about a person confidential and therefore
                 allow access to authorized users?
                 Relationships. Can the system maintain relationships between           Select…
                 persons or between persons and organizations (e.g., aliases and
                 true names, trade names, organization or geographical
                 hierarchies, family relationships, court officials, and assigned
                 Attorneys. Does the system provide for maintenance of                  Select…
                 attorney information, (e.g., names, addresses, etc., including
                 those for out of state attorneys, names of law firms, active status,
                 email addresses, Bar Association attorney number)?
                 Business/Organization. Does the system allow a user to                 Select…
                 identify a party either as a business/organization or as an
                 individual, in order to apply the proper rules (e.g., Warrants and
                 Failure to Appear notifications are not generated for
                 Person Search. Does the system provide look-up and retrieval           Select…
                 by identifying specific party identifiers (e.g., names/alias names,
                 date of birth, driver license numbers, department of corrections
                 numbers, FBI, SID, and other user definable identification
                 Case or Party Name Search. When name searches are used                 Select…
                 to look up and retrieve cases or persons, are wildcard and
                 phonetic capabilities provided?
                 History. Can the system maintain and display a history of all          Select…
                 participation in a case or referral?
                 Participant Associations. Can associations and their effective         Select…
                 dates be maintained between case participants (e.g., link
                 multiple DBAs or garnishee defendants to a party, associate one
                 or more attorneys with a party, associate one attorney with
                 multiple parties, or withdraw an attorney from a case)?

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Washington State Government - AOC Confidential                                                 Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements
                 Statewide History for a Person. Does the system provide a           Select…
                 comprehensive, summary view of a person's data throughout the
                 application (e.g., all cases, accounting, warrants, etc.), across
                 court levels and jurisdictions?
                 Warrants. Does the system have the ability to receive and           Select…
                 respond to messages from outside systems and route
                 information to the appropriate parties? (See Appendix K -
                 Warrants/No Contact Orders. Does the system allow one or            Select…
                 more No Contact Order records associated with a single court
                 Person Alerts. Is a facility provided to display person alerts      Select…
                 prominently (e.g., create an alert that a person is dangerous)?

Basic            Judicial Assignment. Does the system handle assignment of a         Select…
Calendaring      panel of judges to a hearing in addition to handling assignment
                 of a specific judge?
                 Automatic Scheduling. Can the court define rules for                Select…
                 automatic scheduling (e.g., the maximum number of scheduled
                 events by judge, by department, per day, per timeslot, by case
                 type, by event type)?
                 Recurrence. Can a user schedule regularly recurring hearings        Select…
                 for a case (e.g., every six months)?
                 Schedule/Calendar View. Are views of case settings for each         Select…
                 court or judicial officer provided (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly,
                 specified calendar or resource)?
                 Hearing Without a Case. Does the system allow scheduling of         Select…
                 an event which is not associated with a case? Can that event be
                 associated with an originating agency (e.g., law enforcement
                 agency or prosecutor's office) number or another court's case
                 Judicial Conflicts/Recusals. Does the system track recusals         Select…
                 or conflicts between judges and parties? How does the system
                 use this information in case assignment and reassignment?
                 Schedule Changes. Can a user set and reset a group of cases         Select…
                 from one judge, judicial officer, or department to another as a
                 single action (e.g., if judge retires or moves to another court)?

                 Hearing Notices. Are hearing notices (with details of required Select…
                 appearances, submission and other obligations) generated
                 (manually and/or batch) when a hearing is scheduled,
                 rescheduled, or cancelled?
                 Draft Calendars. Can the user maintain draft calendars that       Select…
                 defer subsequent actions such as notice generation or docketing
                 functions until calendar is finalized?
                 Calendar Setup. Does the system allow the user to set pre-        Select…
                 defined parameters for calendars (e.g., type of proceedings, type
                 of case, duration, number of cases allowed)?

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Washington State Government - AOC Confidential                                                Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements
                 Case Screening. Can a user enter additional criteria to           Select…
                 contribute to efficient scheduling of a case for a hearing (e.g.,
                 priority, complexity of the case, suggested geographic location,
                 issue/nature of proceeding identification)?
                 Confirmation. Does the system allow a user to mark that a         Select…
                 case participant has confirmed his/her presence at an upcoming
                 scheduled hearing?

Hearings         Minutes. Does the system provide for in-court minute entry       Select…
                 processing or summary of proceedings?
                 Hearing Participants. Does the system track                      Select…
                 parties/participants present at hearings? This includes check-in
                 date and time, when the hearing began and ended, when the
                 party was called into the hearing, whether the party actually
                 appeared in the hearing.

Docketing        Register of Actions. Is the docket configurable by case type,      Select…
                 so that it is automatically updated when specific actions (such as
                 hearings, trials, financial transactions, disposition events,
                 warrant and paper activity, and filings) occur on the case?
                 Document Viewing. Can electronic documents (either                 Select…
                 documents generated by the CMS or linked to a third party
                 system) be identified, retrieved and viewed from related records
                 within the CMS (e.g., the docket entries)?
                 Sealed Documents. Are facilities provided to identify a            Select…
                 document or a portion of a document as "sealed" and to limit
                 access to these documents throughout the system?
                 Event Relationships. Can a user relate case events to each         Select…
                 other to establish a “chain of events”?
                 Docket Search. Can a user search and/or filter the docket by       Select…
                 document or docket type (e.g., warrants, orders, decisions,
                 phone calls, accounting, hearings) or by significant words or
                 Docket View. Does the system provide customized views of the       Select…
                 docket (e.g., for judges, the public, accounting)?

Basic            Integration. Are basic accounting, financial management, and Select…
Accounting and   collections monitoring functions fully integrated with the core
Receipting       case management system? Integration includes links between
                 accounting functions and case activities for the purpose of
                 providing automatic edits or warnings. It also includes automatic
                 generation of docket entries for key financial transactions.
                 Universal Cashiering. Does the system support "universal          Select…
                 cashiering," (i.e., receipting a payment on a case at any court
                 with automatic transfer to the accounts of the court)?
                 Payment Types. Does the system handle credit card and on-line Select…
                 payment processing?
                 Payment Plans. Does the system allow establishment of             Select…
                 payment plans for an individual case and by combining all or part
                 of a person's obligations on multiple cases?

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Washington State Government - AOC Confidential                                                   Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements
                  Receipting. Does the system handle non-case related            Select…
                  payments and unidentified payments and later allow association
                  to a case when unidentified payment is resolved?

                  Billing Accounts. Does the system have a means to prepare            Select…
                  and send billing statements?
                  Payments. Does the system track dishonored checks to prevent
                  future check payments from the party?
                  Cashier Close Out. Does the system handle balancing of               Select…
                  individual cash drawers?
                  Joint and Several. Does the system handle joint and several          Select…
                  receivables and not count the amount more than once in
                  financial reports?
                  Batch and Single Entry. Does the system accommodate both             Select…
                  batch and single entry during accounting and receipting
                  Bail and Bonds. Does the system record and track cash and            Select…
                  non-cash bail and bonds (e.g., set, forfeit, exonerate,
                  Chart of Accounts. Are functions provided to automatically           Select…
                  update and maintain a centralized chart of accounts and map to
                  local accounting code information?
                  Bank Account Management. Are basic bank account                      Select…
                  management functions provided (e.g., interest earning deposits,
                  posting of interest accruals to bank accounting records and
                  associating accruals with proper bank account, reconciliation of
                  court and bank balances, identifying and processing dishonored
                  payments [i.e., returned payments/items, counterfeit currency])?
                  Unclaimed Property. Does the system account for                      Select…
                  identification, tracking, and return of unclaimed property?
                  Collections. Does the system provide for collections                 Select…
                  management (e.g., identifying delinquent accounts, sending
                  them to an outside organization for collection, automatic
                  application of funds to the appropriate account receipted from
                  outside collection organization, allow monitoring of payment
                  compliance, generating reports)?
                  Remittance. Does the system have the means to identify               Select…
                  distribution of monies based on type of receipt (e.g., fines and
                  fees are distributed to specific local and state accounts based on
                  statutes and court rules)?
                  Accounts Receivable. Can the system automatically create             Select…
                  accounts receivables based on business rules (e.g., case
                  initiation, by charge, by person, or case type)?

Adjudication and Disposition. Does the system record a separate disposition for Select…
Disposition      each action and/or party (civil, appellate), referral reason
                 (juvenile referral) or defendant/charge (criminal)?
                 Subsequent Disposition. Does the system allow a case to            Select…
                 have multiple subsequent dispositions that trigger new statistical
                 and time standards tracking?

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Washington State Government - AOC Confidential                                                   Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements
                 Conditions. Does the system allow multiple conditions (e.g., jail   Select…
                 time, fine, community service) to be associated with the
                 disposition of each charge? Does it allow a user to associate
                 court-imposed outcomes (e.g., waives, suspended) with a
                 specific condition?
                 Opinion Decision. Can the system handle decisions where             Select…
                 multiple opinions may be filed with that decision?
                 Opinion Judges. Does the system allow one to nine judicial          Select…
                 officers to be associated to an opinion and identified as
                 concurring and/or dissenting?
                 Orders/Rulings. Can the system be configured by court level to      Select…
                 record and enforce who or what type of official signs orders,
                 rulings or opinions (e.g., only appellate judges sign orders and
                 opinions, and only appellate court clerks and commissioners
                 sign rulings)?
                 Case Closure. Does the system accommodate automatic, as             Select…
                 well as manual, closure of a case (i.e., when certain conditions
                 are met)?
                 Audit Trails. Does the system maintain an audit trail of modified   Select…
                 or amended charges?
                 Record Plea. Does the system record a plea/change of plea for       Select…
                 each charge?
                 Send Notification to Comply. If an appeal mandate is issued         Select…
                 and further action is required by the trial court, can the system
                 generate automatic notification to the trial court?

Pre- and Post-   Automatic Out-of-Compliance Reporting. Does the system              Select…
Disposition      provide for automatic "out-of-compliance" reporting?
                 Compliance Status. Does the system track pre- and post-             Select…
                 disposition compliance with court ordered sanctions (e.g., full,
                 partial, or non-satisfied)?

System           Security Administration. Does the system provide for                Select…
Configuration    decentralized security administration?
                 Confidential Case Information. Does the system support the Select…
                 following types of confidentiality: 1. confidential case types (e.g.,
                 juvenile dependency, adoption) 2. draft work (e.g., appellate
                 writing assignments and opinions in progress) 3. specific case
                 components (e.g., confidential names, notes, events) 4. cases
                 sealed by court order?
                 Configuration Administration. Does the system provide for             Select…
                 decentralized application configuration?
                 Configuration Levels. Does the system allow configuration of Select…
                 processing rules and codes selectively, where some apply to all
                 courts, some apply only to a court level (supreme court, courts of
                 appeal, superior court, district court, municipal court, juvenile
                 court), some apply only to a case type, and finally some apply
                 only to an individual court?

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Washington State Government - AOC Confidential                                                  Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements
                 Court Configurations. Does the system handle multiple court          Select…
                 configurations (e.g., a court with multiple locations where some
                 functions are centralized and some are not)?
                 Fines/Penalties. Does the system allow the association of a          Select…
                 fine with a specific charge?
                 Statistics. Does the system support case load statistical            Select…
                 reporting (e.g., how many felonies, how many DUIs, how many
                 Type of Law. Does the system allow the recording of the type of      Select…
                 law (e.g., agency regulation, local ordinance, statewide law)?
                 Effective Dates for Laws. Does the system allow the recording        Select…
                 of a date range with the various elements associated with a
                 charge so that the effective date range can be tracked (e.g.,
                 crime changes from a gross misdemeanor to a felony, a felony
                 goes from a C to a B felony)?
Technical Requirements
System           Architecture. A CMS should provide well-defined interfaces to        Select…
Requirements     enable application functionalities. Interfaces should be provided
                 to the presentation layer, the business logic, and the database or
                 other data resources. Highlight how this is architecturally
                 addressed in the CMS?
                 Architecture. The CMS architecture should enable easily              Select…
                 extending functionality through rapid integration of new
                 components. Highlight how the CMS ensures common
                 infrastructure for integration rather than ad-hoc methods?
                 Capacity. The current systems support 400 users and 100+             Select…
                 concurrent users. The AOC envisions the system to support
                 15,000 users and peak load of 2400 concurrent users. The
                 computing environment and system software platform should
                 support the load mentioned above. How will the peak load
                 requirement be ensured by the CMS?
                 Capacity. The total data volume should be approximately 0.5          Select…
                 Terabytes with increments of 20% every year. The CMS should
                 comply with the service specific non-functional requirements
                 mentioned in the next section. The CMS should also consider
                 the scalability factor for the next 5 years. What is the data
                 storage mechanism in the CMS environment? How is availability
                 and redundancy of critical judicial data ensured by the system?
                   Capacity. How does the system manage concurrent access to Select…
                   case/persons and prevent conflicting activity from multiple
                   Capacity. A CMS should be able to gracefully take up the          Select…
                   system load both in terms of rise in transaction and user volume.
                   It should have enough headroom to include vertical capacity and
                   openness to accommodate horizontal capacity without any
                   system downtime.
                   • Does the system have the ability to scale well for 15,000
                   • How does the system address vertical and horizontal

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Washington State Government - AOC Confidential                                                  Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements
                 Recoverability. What will be the data and document backup-           Select…
                 restoration strategy within the CMS? Will there be configurable
                 backup/restoration facility within the CMS? If this is outside the
                 system, highlight how the same will be addressed. Explain how
                 the backup strategy fits into the existing Disaster Recovery
                 model of the AOC.
                 Availability. An integrated CMS should be available 24x7x365. Select…
                 The architecture of the system should ensure NSPOF (No Single
                 Point of Failure). The system should provide state preservation
                 so that critical information is not lost during fail-over mechanism.
                 • Does the CMS support clustering, load sharing, and fail-over?
                 • How does the CMS ensure session state persistence?
                 • How does the CMS ensure server state persistence?

                 Infrastructure. Describe the optimal hardware configuration to     Select…
                 implement your CMS solution with the following in mind:
                 • Centralized environment (up to 90, 180, 270 courts)
                 • Distributed environment (up to 90, 180, 270 courts)
                 Infrastructure. Describe the software requirements necessary       Select…
                 to implement your CMS solution with the following in mind:
                 • Operating systems
                 • RDBS
                 • Third party software
                 Infrastructure. Describe the optimal network configuration and Select…
                 bandwidth capacity necessary to implement your CMS solution
                 with the following in mind:
                 • Shared networks
                 • Geographical diversity
                 • Remote locations
                 Performance. System should be able to provide optimum          Select…
                 request-response time of 3 seconds or less through industry
                 standard solution stack and best practices and provide the
                 mechanism to monitor and manage the performance
                 parameters. Describe the environment in which the system will
                 meet this performance parameter.
                 Performance. Operational management of a CMS platform          Select…
                 should be through a system management framework that
                 includes system operation, monitoring of resource utilization,
                 performance, as well as control through browser based
                 management console.
                 • Does the CMS have a centralized system management
                 • What is the process for handling upgrades?
                 • What is the process for hot deployment, if any?

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Washington State Government - AOC Confidential                                                  Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements
Integration        Data Exchange. For reporting, the CMS should be able to ship Select…
Requirements       data using standard data extraction tools to a separate reporting
                   data mart and the central Judicial Data Warehouse. Briefly
                   describe how the CMS will present data for loading into the data
                   warehouse system, including tools and technologies used for
                   extract, delivery, and data representation and translation.

                   Collaboration and Integration. The CMS Application should        Select…
                   be able to integrate with applications or services and data
                   warehouse systems within the Judicial System Domain. Bidder
                   should highlight the approach to integrate with above systems at
                   application level and/or data level. Service based approach
                   should be the preferred mechanism to collaborate with the
                   external systems. Describe how the above will be achieved.
Non-functional Requirements
Non-functional   Security. Does the system have the ability to encrypt                Select…
Requirements     communications and transmissions between the computing
                 services within and outside the domain of the AOC? If yes,
                 highlight how this encryption is achieved?
                 Security. For access control, the CMS must comply with user          Select…
                 data management as in a third party LDAP security structure.
                 For critical data communication between the AOC and the
                 courts, the CMS should support certificate-based authentication
                 using a standard PKI infrastructure. Describe your product’s
                 interface with the LDAP v3 and PKI infrastructure.
                 Security. Access privileges and authorization to different           Select…
                 functional attributes of a CMS should be based on user roles.
                 Identity management framework should control the profiles
                 under specific groups and corresponding policies (e.g. external
                 public, court clerk, judicial officer, attorneys, law enforcement,
                 etc.). What is the authentication/authorization mechanism within
                 the CMS?
                 Manageability and Monitoring. Can application jobs                   Select…
                 (examples: reports, extracts, data loads) be scheduled for
                 unattended operation?
                 Manageability and Monitoring. Does the system create audit           Select…
                 logs of user actions, transaction data details, and the result of
                 those actions?
                 Manageability and Monitoring. Are logs accessible to court           Select…
                 users and AOC technical support?
                 Manageability and Monitoring. Does the system facilitate             Select…
                 review of audit records in real-time or near real-time?

                   Usability and Customization. How will the CMS handle the           Select…
                   following requirements?
                   • Addition of new data elements to the application database
                   • Associating new element to an existing dataset
                   • Limit allowable data values for the new data element
                   • Allowing new data element to be rendered through the
                   reporting tool
                   • Secure the new data element throughout the application

                                                                                                                               Page 11
Washington State Government - AOC Confidential                                                    Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements
                 Usability and Customization. How will the CMS allow                    Select…
                 configuration of business logic within the application?
                 Usability and Customization. How will the configurations be            Select…
                 maintained through application patches and upgrades?
                 Usability and Customization. Can users navigate throughout             Select…
                 the system using only the keyboard?
                 Usability and Customization. Can default values for fields             Select…
                 (e.g., current date for filing date, begin effective dates) be
                 defined, and over-written if allowed for by business rule?
                 Usability and Customization. Does the system facilitate                Select…
                 working or viewing information on multiple cases or multiple
                 people concurrently?
                 Usability and Customization. Are all required fields visually          Select…
                 Usability and Customization. Does the system allow the                 Select…
                 configuration of alerts, flags, ticklers, and notifications? (See
                 Glossary in Appendix C)
                 Usability and Customization. Does the system provide spell-            Select…
                 checking for free form text?
                 Usability and Customization. Does the system adhere to                 Select…
                 established accessibility standards or guidelines (e.g., the Web
                 Content Accessibility Guidelines published by the World Wide
                 Web Consortium [W3C])?
                 Support. Within one year after a new release of development            Select…
                 tools used in the application or technical framework (e.g.,
                 Microsoft.NET or Sun J2EE) Software Support must provide any
                 Updates or Upgrades that are necessary to develop or run the
                 Software on the new tools or framework. Highlight how the
                 above will be addressed.
                 Support. Describe your proposed customer service plan,                 Select…
                 including expected response times broken down by priority
                 levels, hours of operation and emergency availability, and
                 services included and excluded. If alternative plans exist, please
                 explain in detail.
                 Support. Does the system provide advanced notification for             Select…
                 Support. Is there an established, documented process for               Select…
                 reporting and prioritizing bug fixes and functionality
                 Support. Does online documentation meet established Help               Select…
                 guidelines, (i.e., Table of Contents, index, fully searchable, field
                 and screen-sensitive)?
                 Support. Explain to what extent the plan supports vendor               Select…
                 supplied databases and software, client applications provided by
                 the vendor system administration and operations scripts and
                 utility programs.
                 Support. Describe your proposed release strategy for updates,          Select…
                 enhancements, and major releases. How quickly changes will be
                 made, how they will be delivered, and any other pertinent
                 Support. Explain the impact of product upgrades on the base            Select…
                 implementation of your solution.

                                                                                                                                 Page 12
Washington State Government - AOC Confidential                                         Appendix D - CMS Mandatory Requirements
                 Support. Describe the Quality Assurance/Testing processes   Select…
                 you follow to determine suitability for release.

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